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    09.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    the Boys

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    09.05.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Rabbit stew @ Johnny Garlics years ago.

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  • bloodsweatandpotato
    07.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Whumpay day 7

    Alt prompt: Apologies

    Fandom: DHMIS

    Characters: Harry (red guy), Robin (duck guy).

    Tw: Panic attacks. Mention/description of body horror.

    Summary: Harry’s been having a bad day and just wants to take a shower. Robin’s unable to clear his mind, and just wants to spend some time alone. Could be Fluffybird if that’s your thing. I just wanted to write a little bit of comfort for my bois. Also... uh... in my interpretation/AU, puppet trio’s in a simulation so.... yeah.

    The smell of fish lingered long after the day was over. He wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. One one hand, it convinced him that he wasn’t insane. The clock, (Tony, he had called himself), had really come alive, and no matter how reality bent and warped, the stench of fish grounded him.

    On the other hand, when he said that the smell of fish lingered, he meant that it coated the house. It coated the house in a way that only fish could. It stuck to the roof of his mouth, clung to his long, red hair. It permeated the air and the water and the warmed can of beans that Harry had numbly prepared for dinner after the day’s events.

    It clung to his nightclothes and bedsheets, small splatters of fish slime scattered about the house as a reminder of the lesson.

    Harry needed to get away. He needed to get clean. And he needed to do it now. If he didn’t now, he was sure that he would never be clean again. He took a calming breath, ignoring the way his hands shook by his sides.

    He walked to the bathroom door, sock covered feet dragging on the floor. His hand lingered over the doorknob, ear pricked to the sound of fast, shallow breathing.

    Harry knocked.

    “Robin, that you?”

    “Don’t come in!” Robin squawked in the way that he often did.

    Harry pushed open the door.

    Robin stood staring into the mirror, hands braced on the edge of the counter, clutching it with a white knuckled grip. His brown eyes were wide, fixed on his reflection with an almost inhuman focus.

    “Go-go away!”

    “Robin?” Harry stepped through the doorway, reaching out to lay a hand on Robin’s bare shoulder. Robin flinched away.

    “I’m sorry.” The brunette gasped.

    Harry’s frown deepened, eyebrows knitting in concern.

    “Robin, what are you doing here? I thought you went to bed.” Harry withdrew his hand, deciding that letting Robin be was the best course of action at the moment.

    Robin squeezed his eyes shut, reaching up to grope at his own face.

    “I can’t... I’m sorry. I’m sorry! I- I can’t get it... I- I’m sorry! Sorry! S-sorry!”

    Robin kept his eyes closed, but his hand lowered to clutch at the side of the toilet. He shook, repeating his one-word mantra like it was all he knew.

    Harry reached out to grab at Robin’s shoulders, not wanting to distress him anymore, but afraid that Robin’s shaking legs would give out.

    “Robin, Robin. What are you saying story for?”

    Robin didn’t seem to hear, staying stiff and still except for his rapidly rising and falling chest. Robin’s white undershirt slipped off of one shoulder in his panic, the strap handing limply against his upper arm. Harry gently adjusted it, lifting it back into its correct position.

    Robin had always been fussy about his appearance.

    “Robin. Talk to me.”

    “It hurt so much...”

    Harry was silent. Rubbing circles onto Robin’s shoulder.

    “It hurt so much when I... when he pulled us apart...”

    Harry said nothing. He had nothing to say. Tony hadn’t been kind to them, yelling until Manny’s ears bled, demonstrating the power of time in a way Harry would much rather forget.

    What Robin said was true. It had hurt. It wasn’t a burning hurt, but a slow, aching agony that radiated from his very bones. That seeped through his body, stealing his breath and stilling his heart until he couldn’t move or think or do anything but feel himself rot.

    Feel his hair pull away from his scalp and his scalp pull away from his skull, falling into his lap in matted, fleshy clumps. Feel his flesh pulling away from bones, tears slipping out of his eyes until they too, succumbed to age and shriveled like raisins in the sun.

    Harry kept rubbing.

    “I’m sorry...” Whispered Robin. “I know we all felt it... It’s silly, how worked up I’m getting.”

    Harry grasped Robin’s chin, running a thumb over his jawline. “It’s not silly...” Harry just wished he could figure out what he was missing. It wasn’t silly, the teachers weren’t normal... but he couldn’t quite grasp what normal was... The smell of antiseptic seeped into his nostrils. Leather straps against his wrists.

    Robin reached out, burying his head in Harry’s chest. Harry returned the hug, letting the smell of books and tea and the faint scent of mahogany overpower the fish.

    They stayed like that for a long time, neither one acknowledging the wetness that trailed down their intact, unwrinkled faces.

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  • almaruspuppetz
    06.05.2021 - 3 days ago
    "Now before we begin our journey,I just need to get some information from you!"

    (Reblogs appreciated!!)

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  • bimb0ner
    06.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Come on guys, stop fucking around. We only have five fucking minutes until our fucking show's on.

    Sorry this isn't my usual LazyTown meme but fun fact: I used to be OBSESSED with Don't Hug Me I'm Scared when I was 13, it was my top special interest and I loved it so much, I thought about it all the time.

    Another fun fact: At that time I also made the most embarrassing headcanons that I cringe when I think about.

    #dhmis #dont hug me im scared #dhmis red guy #dhmis duck #dhmis yellow guy #dhmis paige#dhmis tony#dhmis shrignold#dhmis colin #dhmis healthy band #dhmis lamp#dhmis roy
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  • justanartisticduck
    06.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Heya!! It’s me again! Today I have brought you all some art (finally) anyways this is for an event on the don’t hug me I’m scared amino and that event was for MerMay!! Anyways for this event I drew my (humanized) Robin/Duck and Harry/Red except as mermaids! I made Robins design based off of a lionfish and off of fluorescent fish/overall animals, I based Harry’s design off of an octopus cuz I found it fitting for him! (plus it was totally not inspired by hank the septopus from finding dory- nooooo who said that- 😂) Anyways thats all for now, I hope you all liked this piece from me!! Also sorry I have been on the longest art block ever I promise I will post more art

    Oh also I added a piece with and without the sun rays cuz I couldn’t decide which I liked better (also for some reason sun rays auto corrected to Sunday’s I am so sorry about that XD)


    #dhmis #dont hug me im scared #don’t hug me i’m scared #dhmis human#dhmis humanization#fluffybird#dhmis robin#dhmis duck #dhmis red guy #dhmis harry#mermay
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  • bloodsweatandpotato
    05.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Whumpay day 5

    Collapse/Keeps getting back up

    Fandom: DHMIS

    Characters: Robin (Duck guy), Manny (Yellow guy), Harry (Red guy)

    Tw: None

    Summary: Robbin and Manny have the flu. Harry tried to shield them from the teachers, take care of them, and let them rest, but everyone has a breaking point. I’ve never done a fic like this before so... sorry if I just word vomited garbage at you. This is just self indulgent fluff cause I’ve been a stressed potato. Don’t hate me.

    Harry closed his eyes, pinching his forehead in an attempt to soothe his blossoming migraine. He sniffed, before prying his eyes open and moving to grab a mug from the cupboard.

    As the clock often reminded him, ‘there’s a time and a place for mucking about.’ This was not one of those times. The whistle of the kettle sliced through his head, taking an ice pick to the left side of his forehead. He had had migraines before, but this was just adding insult to injury.

    He lowered his hand from his temple, reaching out to pour the hot water into Robin’s favorite mug. It was brown with little gold and green swirls, and Robin was a bit territorial over it. It was really quite funny watching Robin squawk indignantly whenever Harry or Many made the mistake of being seen with the cup.

    Harry splashed some water onto the counter, staring down blearily at his shaking hands. He should really clean that up... it could drip onto the floor and make it slippery. He wouldn’t want Robin or Manny to slip. They already had the flu. Slipping and falling wouldn’t help. Then he would have to bandage them up. And Manny would pick at his bandages. He always did that. He picked at things, and that wouldn’t be good...

    Harry opened the cupboard again and riffled around for a tea bag. He finally found one he deemed suitable for Robin (he really was quite picky), and smiled in a tired show of triumph.

    Harry grabbed the tea bag, holding it up and staring at it for longer than was probably necessary.

    He dropped it on the counter, next to the puddle, before picking up the half full mug of hot water and making his way out of the kitchen.

    He stumbled down the hall, before realizing he was faced with the daunting task of scaling the stairs. Harry coughed, jostling the mug just enough that a few more drops of water splashed on the floor.

    He looked down at his feet in silent resignation, before sitting down on the floor to contemplate his options. He could either climb the stairs, or just sit down here at the bottom. Laying down at the bottom of the stairs and not moving for the next week sounded like a good option, but then who would take care of Manny and Robin?

    Manny was only a little kid, and he couldn’t possibly leave Robin to take care of the house by himself. Robin had the flu. No. Harry was sure of it by now. Scaling the stairs and delivering Robin his tea was the only option.

    He wondered if Manny was done with his coloring book yet. Maybe Harry should get him another one from the toy basket, just to be safe. Yes. He wouldn’t want Manny getting bored in bed. Robin said he wasn’t bored, but maybe Harry should bring him a coloring book as well. Or maybe just a book. Robin liked books.

    Harry stood up, leaning onto the wall as his vision greyed. He blinked it off, grimacing at the fresh wave of migraine-induced nausea. He took a few steps towards the toy basket, reached down

    -he sat up from laying sprawled on the ground, coloring book grasped tightly in his hand. That was odd, he hadn’t remembered laying down. Never mind. He needed to get the coloring book to Manny. Harry stood up, vision once again going fuzzy.

    He needed to get Manny his coloring book. And Robin needed a book too. He stumbled over to the bookcase. What book would Robin want?

    Robin was smart. He would want a smart book. Harry tried to read the titles, but his vision was blurry and swaying, and he was sure if he tried to read another word his head would explode. Smart books were big, right? Harry grabbed the thickest book he could find.

    It was big and blue. Robin would like that book. It was heavy. Harry wasn’t sure if he had read this book before, but he was sure books weren’t supposed to be that heavy.

    Never mind that. He needed to get the book to Robin, and the coloring book to Manny, and Robin would want tea as well. He always seemed to want tea when he was reading.

    Harry made his way back to the stairs. He stopped to lean against the wall, as one does when carrying a giant, heavy book. He sniffed, blinking slowly before looking down at his feet. A mug sat there next to his feet, still steaming.

    Oh. Tea. Tea for Robin. Yes. That was a good thing. He should thank the stairs sometime.

    “Thanks stairs” He mumbled. Where the stairs alive? That wouldn’t be the strangest thing that has happened. The notebook was alive, and the clock, and a bunch of other objects he didn’t have enough mental energy to mention. The stairs might be too.

    Harry hoped the stairs wouldn’t come alive. He had been taking the brunt of this week’s “lessons”. It was the least he could do with Manny and Robin sick in bed. Clay sculpting with Paige, time management with Tony, he was sure something happened with Larry, but he wasn’t sure. Every day seemed to run together.

    He tucked the giant blue book under one arm, along with the coloring book for Manny. He picked up the mug in the other hand, rumpled sleeves splashed with a bit of the liquid as he straightened.

    By the time Harry had made it halfway up the stairs, he was ready to sit down and sleep. He was ready to sleep for a very long time and not wake up until Manny and Robin were better.

    But he kept climbing. He was the only person in the house who wasn’t sick, and it was his duty as both the oldest and the most firm of health to take care of his friends.

    He reached the top of the stairs after what seemed like hours.

    Harry glanced around with unfocused eyes, before slumping against the wall and sliding into a siting position. That had been exhausting. Harry wondered how many stairs there were on the staircase. There had to be at least a hundred.

    He turned back to look at the staircase, glazed eyes roaming over the steps. He nodded in silent agreement. Definitely a hundred, and all moving. It was a wonder he had even managed to make it up the staircase. He wondered how anybody would build stairways that moved like that. Maybe it was the same way they made elevators.

    It would be nice to have an elevator. Then he could just sit down and let it do the work for him.

    Speaking of work, he needed to get the tea to Robin.

    Harry pushed himself to his feet, discarding the books. He would pick those up later. Manny and Robin would be thrilled to see them.

    His bare feet dragged against the floor as he stumbled towards Robin’s bedroom door. He reached out with a shaking hand, the doorknob shifting at the last moment so that his hand hit the door with a dull thud. Harry frowned, before trying again.

    It opened this time.

    Harry stepped in, tripping over the edge of the rug and landing face first in a heap on the floor, right in front of Robin’s bed.

    “Harry!” Robin screeched, blankets twisting as he tried to drag himself out of bed. “Are you alright!? What’s going on!?”

    “Hi Robin.” Harry smiled, pushing himself up onto his elbows. “I brought you tea.”

    “Tea?!” Robin still seemed indignant, but had ceased his flailing.

    “Mhm. Here y’ go...” Harry picked up the mug, which (astonishingly), still had some liquid in it. He offered it to Robin, who reached down off the side of the bed to grab it.

    Robin looked down at the cup, face twisting into a worried frown the longer he stared.

    “This is warm water...”

    “Hmm.” Harry hummed in what could be classified as agreement, before pushing himself up again. He coughed.


    “One second. I’mma go get you something.”

    Harry turned and made his way to the door, stopping to to grab the doorway for support. His head was really spinny. Odd. He couldn’t be sick. Manny and Robin were sick, not him. Him being sick just wouldn’t make sense.

    He grabbed the giant book (which had seemed to have grown even heavier since the last time he held it), and toted it into Robin’s room. Unable to hold it up anymore, Harry pushed it into Robin’s arms, before collapsing against the bed.

    Robin frowned deeper, looking confused. “Historical Thesaurus of The Oxford English Dictionary volumes I and II?”

    Harry gave a slight nod, before slumping over, eyes rolled back and half lidded.


    “Harry? Are you awake?” Robin’s voice seemed to originate from all around Harry. Of course he was awake, with Robin practically shouting in his ears like that.

    Harry opened his eyes. “Yes.”

    Robin seemed relived. “Good. I was getting worried.”

    Robin held something in front of Harry’s face. Harry reached out and grabbed it, slightly surprised at how steady his hand was. It was cool and smooth in his hands, a glass of water. Harry lifted the glass of water to his lips and drank it all in one gulp.

    “You were asleep for a long time.” Manny’s voice commented. Oh, Manny was there. Harry lowered the glass and looked over at Manny, who was sitting at the foot of the bed. Oh. He was in Robin’s bed. Robin’s bed? That was odd. Robin should be in this bed...

    “You were to heavy for me to carry.” Robbin said, seemingly sensing Harry’s confusion. “You had a fever of over 40 degrees!” Robin exclaimed, crossing his arms. “But it’s gone down some now.”

    “Oh.” Harry murmured. He paused, before continuing. “Are you two alright?”

    Robin’s frown softened. “We’re fine, while you were in and out for two days our fevers broke.”

    “Oh.” Harry said again. He closed his eyes.

    Manny reached out to poke Harry’s nose. “Are you going to sleep again?”

    Harry didn’t say anything, but his silence was answer enough.

    Robin gave a small smile. “Come on Manny, let’s go color while Harry sleeps some more.”

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  • ruins-mourner
    05.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    I think it’s actually really sexy of me to be not only taller than most cis women, but also taller than a majority of cis guys

    #6’3 with just my feet babeyyyy #with my docs or my hiking boots that’s like another inch and a half #I also wanna get some platform Mary Janes or boots if I can find a pair in my size so #I’m an Amazon that is gonna mega-evolve some day #the hardest part of being this tall #besides having to duck for many more average sized doorways and branch levels on sidewalks #and having difficulty in getting into and out of and being comfortable in anything smaller than an suv #is that my ideal guy type is taller than me #which obviously is a quite rare thing to find! #I don’t only date/fuck taller men but #it’s such a turn on to me #suck it manlets #honestly it’s such a good tool to weed out guys who are intimidated by tall and self-assured women?? #like if your manhood is so weak that you’re scared of a girl being taller than ya #I don’t want you anyway #my little brother is about 6’5 I believe so he actually dwarfs me #my dad is 6’2 and my mom is 5’8 so they were already tall to begin with #to be fair no one in my family is short? not just on my Norse and irish side but also the Italian? #like no one is below average height #my cousins in California are about 6’6 and 6’8 or 9ish respectively #again the younger one is the taller one
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    03.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    hot colleague is bringing me lunch tomorrow 🍲😊😊😊👏👏

    #today was soo ahhh #everything made me melt #him winking at me?? him touching me on the back? him taking me w him to go see a mama duck w baby eggies #can this guy just uhh like pls I want himmmm
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  • ladysophiebeckett
    02.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    i just watched ‘modern persuasion’ on hulu (it just dropped) and let me tell u they take that title very literally. it was fine. 3\5. 

    #on the 10 scale imdb style this would be a 6.7 #duck philips fm mad men is in this #just in case u watch this and u wonder where youve seen this old guy like i did the whole time #i think some of the lingo used in it by young characters is outdated?? i think the writers were trying really really hard to make this a mod #*modern story and it comes off a little cringey #the most attractive guy wasn;t the main guy and that was another mistake #i will say there is a lot east asian talent in this #and yet...somehow....this take is still about two white ppl #again they took 'modern' literally and yet its still a little bit outdated #i give them an A #for effort #honestly i think the biggest mistake that was made was referencing the actual book #like they wanted to make it meta #again--i get what they were going for. i get it. #and if i was 19 i would love this #its just...it doesn't hit all the way #but it was still cute
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  • gatergirl
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Okay, they maybe over did the nostalgia a pinch 👌 It felt a little forced and honestly, that bit about Charlie....😒 Whatever. I'm still peeve at them taking away Adam's pro career but hey at least Connie and Guy are still together. 💛💚💛💚

    But overall it was an alright episode. I can't wait for Bombay to take the duck's back. (Because if he doesn't, then why the fuck is these even called the mighty ducks)

    #the mighty duck series #mighty ducks game changers #gordon bombay #connie x guy
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  • honeyca
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Well, I think that this post with old drawings will be the last, and then newer drawings will go.

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  • trishabeakens
    25.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Redrew this from HIMYM with Bud and Kimbra.

    #darkwing duck #darkwing duck oc #dwd oc#bud flud#bud flood#kimbra flud#my art#my oc#trishabeakens #the old guy is mr barksdale #aka buds competitor that was his first arson victim
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  • xzumichannn
    25.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Ah, imagine dhmis but it’s bates motel, ugh, smh. Work in progress.

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  • demonboyhalo
    25.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #now i'm not going to say milkshake duck #but i'm saying milkshake duck #i find the situation very funny at the moment bc the guy tagged ranboo in some selfies #(that's a fucking power move) #after ranboo spammed about missing the pretty man in tubbos chat #and i think it could continue to be comedy gold of tubbo capitalizes off ranboos chat messages to bleed him dry (in the gold digging sense) #through guilt tripping on the DSMP. #but also we...dont know this guy? Tiktok has shown us breaking gender norms isnt as indicative of nonbigoted beliefs as it used to be #he's just?? some rando british teen?? and the internet is far too ready to give guys like that a platform #i can't stress enough how Much we lucked out with Ranboo. he had the right content at the right time and thank god it was him #bc if it was any other teenage white boy in gaming who WASNT as vocally accepting and actively involved in charity work? #we could have had a very different Internet Sensation taking over social media that *didnt* care about important issues or general empathy #absolutely no hate to this guy just- mcyt fandom at large? plz be Aware #/nm just a fact of society #/lh#tubbo#ranboo#mcyt#pretty man #<
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  • sunnflower-clouds
    25.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Hello dhmis fandom have some ugly doodles i made 1 AM

    Kill me

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    23.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago


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  • fandom-thingss
    21.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    DHMIS Alignments

    Lawful good: Manny

    Neutral good: Harry

    Chaotic good: Robin

    Lawful neutral: Sketch

    True neutral: Colin

    Chaotic neutral: Shrignold

    Lawful evil: Tony, Lars

    Neutral evil: Steak, Spinach

    Chaotic evil: Roy

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  • awkwarddreamer31st
    21.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Working on something :)

    #dhmis#dhmis au#dhmis fanart#dhmis human#dhmis art#dhmis fandom #dhmis red guy #dhmis yellow guy #dhmis duck #dont hug me im scared
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