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  • mishacoding
    30.11.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    ken gazing lovingly upon roman’s cruelty..... he love his brother....... wah........

    #okay ken really is just a little boy and he wants his family back but he can never go back. no it's fine #succession #moment immediately ruined by roman saying squanch like a duck that got stepped on <3
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  • rynohazardproductions
    30.11.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    want 2 play game computer no work :((

    #will today stop #duck shut up
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  • animationeditss
    30.11.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Huey Duck from DuckTales! part.2

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    click here to see part.1

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    #but likes and shares are appreciated using or not! #huey duck #huey duck icons #ducktales#ducktales icons #ducktales 17 icons #ducktales 2017#ducktales2017#ducktales edit#cartoon icons#animation icons#disney icons#Disney edits #dewey duck icons #louie duck icons #donald duck icons #scrooge mc duck icons #scrooge icons#goldie icons #Disney channel icons #Disney animation #Disney animation icons #huey dewey and louie
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  • seddair
    30.11.2021 - 16 minutes ago


    #i appreciate everyone trying to make something out of this #but to me they’ve very clearly drawn a line in the sand #they’re not going down the b*ddie road anytime soon (and probably never) #i have zero reason to believe buck didn’t mean it when he said ily #if they wanted us to doubt it they would have made it very obvious #and putting them in a montage with other happy couples doesn’t exactly scream that lol #and maybe b*cktaylor will be endgame maybe they won’t #but honestly? doesn’t really matter imo #they wouldn’t have buck fall in love with a whole other person if that was the intent #this is very likely going to last until the end of the season and possibly beyond #and buck being the sap he is he won’t be immediately getting over it #so that extremely limits the timeline (some actors duck out after the 6th season and it wouldn’t surprise me if ryan did) #and eddie? who knows? who cares? the show sure doesn’t! #i have no clue what the point of a lot of shit from s3 s4 or even earlier this season was but yk heteronormativity >>> #some ppl have never watched a poorly written tv show before and it shows #anyway ignore me i’m being very negative since this is likely it for me for a while
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  • lasnevadaslaborunion
    30.11.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Hey, whatever you do, don’t imagine Foolish being the one to find Quackity at the bottom of Purpled’s death trap

    Don’t imagine Quackity believing, if only for a moment, that Foolish was going to take his (fully understandable) revenge too by leaving Quackity to die there

    And definitely do not imagine Foolish breaking the cycle by choosing to pull Quackity out of the pit, even though he had every right not to involve himself, because he understands that it isn’t about what people deserve or what they’ve done in the past, it’s about choosing to be a better, kinder version of yourself every day no matter what

    #dsmp #c!quackity #c!foolish #i know big q had a ton of sand blocks and would have been fine #(physically not emotionally) #but... come on. it would have been beautiful. #foolish and quackity's dynamic has so much potential #that moment when you try to sabotage someone else's redemption arc... #but end up starting your own redemption arc #lol get rekt ya silly duck man #now GO GET THERAPY
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  • enbysealkie
    30.11.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Donald: ARE YOU- Daisy: Fucking. Donald: KIDDING ME?! YOU- Daisy Fucking. Donald: IDIOT! Minnie: …What was that? Daisy: Mickey banned Donald from swearing, so I’m helping them out.

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  • daylighteclipsed
    30.11.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    playing kh for the first time i was gonna comment on how all these adults just let a kid go world hopping without any supervision but then i realized. donald and goofy are sora’s adult supervision

    #they’re technically like his chaperones??? lmao #kingdom hearts #pov: darkness took your mom out and your babysitters are donald duck and goofy
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  • penandinkprincess
    30.11.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    okay but jaskier 1000% tries to keep baby monsters

    geralt, returning to camp, exhausted: hey

    jaskier, suspiciously bright and cheerful: my love! my darling! you return at last! i awaited your return with great-

    geralt, deadpan, so extra tired suddenly: what is it and where is it

    jaskier, trying to keep up the act: whatever could you mean, darling of my heart? light of my world? spice of my-

    geralt, Over It: what. and. where.

    jaskier, slowly dragging the blanket off of the baby griffin he was trying to hide: so HERE’S THE THING-

    #geraskier#geralt#jaskier #jask as a baby child 1000% brought home strays #soft hearted baby just toddling up with a fucking baby bear cub like can we keep him?? #while every single adult is just !!! where did you find it!! put it back but wait don't!!! #transfers to jask as a grownup #he has a weakness man #hear him out geralt!! #let jask have baby monsters 2k21 #jask being mama duck to just a ton of monsters #is everything to me #'oh yeah don't fuck with that bard' #'why? the witcher he travels with?' #'no the witcher is fine but he's always got monsters with him. trains 'em. must use magic or something' #/cut to jask smooshing a baby wyvern's face and cooing 'who's the cutest lil big lizard! is it you? it is!/ #/while geralt is just shoving his head in his hands and resisting the urge to scream/
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  • xxjessabugxx
    30.11.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Ahaha yup the damn autocorrect ruins my social life no matter who I text lol duck that shit #funny #damnautocorrect #autocorrect #duck https://www.instagram.com/p/CW4hCYeLI7u/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • somethingthatsaysbubbles
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • cyrah-is-cool101
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Characters in Ace Attorney #7

    Here’s another sequel of the main series, it’s called Aro Attorney: Electric Justice!  

    In this new sequel, our next new protagonist Elmo Sputterspark (Megavolt) (Darkwing Duck) (Role: Apollo Justice) and this takes place after Time Traveler, when Marie and Daphne had to attend an attorneys seminar in Chicago while Elmo takes charge of the law office after he came back from Khura'in to take charge of the main office. While doing in charge of the office for the next 2 weeks, he gets the help from Pinkie Pie (Real Name: Pinkamenia Diane Pie) (Role: Trucy Wright), his assistant and magician, and Dipper Gleeful (Reverse Fall) (Gravity Falls AU) (Role: Kristoph Gavin), the defense attorney of Pines & Gleeful Law Offices who has a dark secret beneath his suave demeanor. Let this electrifying story begin to turn! 

    Learn more about Aro Attorney: 

    Aro Attorney 

    Aro Attorney: Investigations 

    Aro Attorney: Investigations 2 

    Aro Attorney: Dual Destinies  

    Aro Attorney: Spirit of Justice 

    Aro Attorney: Time Traveler (Side Story)  

    And now, let me introduce our newest line-up of cast: 

    Elmo Sputterspark (Megavolt) (Darkwing Duck) (Role: Apollo Justice) (New Info)

    - Elmo is a defense attorney and newest member of Mendoza & Co. Law Offices, as well as the owner of Edison Law Offices, the first law office branch of Mendoza & Co. Law Agency in Khura’in and now, in charge of the office while Marie and Daphne  are attending an attorney seminar in Chicago. Envisioned as a younger, more passionate man compared to Marie, his personality is more emotional, little serious, clumsy and smart. He tends to be more deadpan in the face of wacky situations, and often friendly towards the eccentric people he meets. He also develops a loud voice to build his own self confidence and ego, described as his "Chords of Steel". 

    Pinkie Pie (Real Name: Pinkamenia Diane Pie) (MLP) (Role: Trucy Wright) (New Info) 

    - Pinkie is Elmo’s assistant. Pinkie is a bubbly, energetic magician, who is highly skilled at performance and magic tricks. She also acts as Elmo's investigative partner and co-counsel. 

    Dipper Gleeful (Reverse Falls) (Gravity Falls AU) (Role: Kristoph Galvin) 

    - Dipper is Elmo's mentor up until, when it is revealed that he hides a dark secret behind his pleasant demeanor and was a renowned defense attorney with his own law firm. He was often called "the coolest defense in the West", referring to his ability to keep his cool and charm during a trial. In 2019, renowned magician Magnifi Gramarye was murdered. As Zak Gramarye, one of his students, was to be tried for the murder, Dipper planned to use this opportunity to win the high-profile case. This desire caused him to do whatever it took to implicate the other half of Zak's magic act, Valant Gramarye. To this end, he asked a forger, Yuna Mizaki (Role: Vera Misham), to manufacture a page in the victim's handwriting, which he would claim came from his diary. Dipper acted friendly towards Yuna to gain her trust. Noticing that she had a habit of biting her nails whenever she was nervous, he planted atroquinine, an extremely deadly poison, in a bottle of nail polish and gave it to her as a gift, claiming that it was a "good luck charm" to soothe her fear. He told Yuna that the magic of the charm would wear off if she told anyone about it. The idea behind this plot was that whenever she went out into the open, she would take and use the nail polish, and if she were to become nervous while out - say, by talking to others about the charm - she would bite her nails, and effectively poison herself. He also laced a commemorative stamp of Troupe Gramarye with the same poison and sent it to Yuna along with a letter, confirming the payment for the forgery and telling Kuroki Mizaki (Role: Drew Misham), Yuna's brother, to mail a receipt for the payment using the stamp. These poisons were planted so that the Mizakis would not survive to talk about Dipper's involvement with them. However, Yuna kept the stamp for herself, due to being a big fan of Troupe Gramarye, and replied to Dipper's letter with a different stamp. Kuroki later found out the existence of Yuna's secret charm, though he did not know what it was. Curiously, when Dipper offered his services to Zak Gramarye, the defendant challenged him to a game of poker as a test of trust. Dipper lost the game and Zak rejected him as his attorney. Zak had seen the man behind the cards and concluded that he was untrustworthy. He instead called Eddie Brock to his cell and, upon losing to him, hired him as his attorney.  Gavin felt cheated out of his quest for glory over a poker game. He decided to plant the diary page that Yuna had forged onto Zak's oblivious daughter to give to Brock, to ruin both him and his new defendant. He then told his younger brother Dipper Pines (Real Name: Dipper “Di” Pines) (Fight Falls) (Gravity Falls AU) (Role: Klavier Gavin), who was prosecuting for the case, about the forgery prior to the trial, and Di used this information to devise a trap to expose the forgery. When Wright presented the diary page as evidence, Di summoned Kuroki to the stand, who admitted to having forged the diary page. However, Zak vanished from the courtroom before the verdict could be read, ending the trial with no verdict. As a result of this trial, Brock had to forfeit his attorney's badge.  Zak's unexpected disappearance drove Kristoph to stalk everyone involved with the case - the Mizakia, Brock, and the journalist Ellie Cole (Role: Spark Brushel)- in fear that Gramarye would reappear to one of them and expose Dipper's involvement in the forgery and his role as the magician's original attorney. To this end, he befriended Brock in an effort to prevent himself from being suspected, even voting against the decision to disbar Brock, but Brock remained suspicious of him. Despite what had happened to him, Brock took it upon himself to continue his investigations, in hopes for a lead. Meanwhile, Di suspected that something was amiss with the trial, and the case haunted him for years to come. Seven years later, Zak Gramarye reappeared to Brock under the name "Shadi Smith", and Dipper saw his chance to kill him. He hid in a secret tunnel behind a cabinet in the basement of the Borscht Bowl Club, where Brock and Zak were playing poker, and waited for an opening during which he fatally attacked the man with a grape juice bottle. Brock was placed on trial for the murder, but when Dipper called to offer his services, Wright instead requested one of Dipper’s new acquaintances, Elmo Sputterspark, having figured out from a slip of the tongue that Dipper was the killer. Although Dipper tried to persuade Elmo into implicating a witness and then Brock as the killer, Brock made his accusation against Dipper and replaced him as Elmo's impromptu co-counsel. With Brock's help, Elmo implicated Dipper as the true culprit.  After Brock's acquittal, Dipper was arrested for Zak's murder, convicted, and incarcerated in Solitary Cell 13. His law firm was subsequently dissolved. About six months later, Kuroki sent a letter to Dipper demanding that Dipper remove the "magic" that he had placed on Yuna. Having only the stamp that had been poisoned, he used it to send his letter. He died of atroquinine poisoning 15 minutes later, while Cole was interviewing him. Kuroki's sister Yuna was accused of committing the murder. Brock convinced the judicial system to use this case to test the Jurist System. With Elmo and Di at the benches, the trial traced the poison to the stamp that Dipper had poisoned seven years before. When Di realized that this case was related to Zak Gramarye's trial, he began to hound Yuna for answers, which caused her to bite her nails nervously, finally consuming the atroquinine that Dipper had planted. The trial was suspended for the day, and Yuna was hospitalized. Meanwhile, Brock visited Dipper in his cell to find out why  had killed Zak Gramarye. Dipper ignored the question. Even Brock's instinct would be of no use, showing Brock five unbreakable black Psyche-Locks. Brock came back later and tried to steal Kuroki's letter, but Dipper caught him in the act. However, unbeknownst to Dipper, Brock had a hidden camera and had already recorded all of their conversations, as well as the contents of the letter and the poisoned stamp. Brock had ESG Studio develop a program called the MASON System to guide the jury and Elmo through the investigations he had conducted for the past seven years, which revealed that Dipper had poisoned the stamp and the nail polish. The next day, the trial resumed without its defendant. To reveal the truth once and for all, Elmo called Dipper to the stand as a special witness. Dipper convinced the judge to reject all of Brock's investigative evidence and claims, citing Brock's lack of authority as well as the lack of any solid evidence implicating Dipper as the killer. Eventually, Dipper told the court that Zak Gramarye had rejected him as an attorney prior to hiring Brock. However, he denounced Elmo's accusations that Dipper was the client for the forgery and Kuroki's killer, due to lack of decisive evidence to prove so. To pour salt on the wound, Dipper pointed out that Elmo and Di had been the ones to cause Yuna to bite her nails, causing her poisoning and probable death. At this, Di and Elmo informed him about the implementation of the Jurist System, through which the court had the power to declare an innocent verdict regardless of decisive evidence, and which had been designed by none other than Brock.  At this, Dipper flew into a rage, calling the jurors "ignorant swine", "emotional mob of irrational mouth breathers", and "riff-raff" unfit for passing judgment in a court of law, which he claimed was absolute. However, the judge and Di dismissed his outbursts, citing the continual evolution of law, never being perfect or absolute. Di added that the justice system did not need Dipper anymore. When the trial concluded, the jury unanimously declared a not guilty verdict for Yuna. Dipper could do nothing but laugh. Dipper made a point of striving for perfection in all areas of life, particularly in court, where he considered the law and evidence to be absolutes upon which all judgments should be made. This gave Dipper an extreme sense of self-importance and superiority, particularly over "common" citizens not involved in legal studies. This ironically drove him to compromise the law by finding loopholes, and he eventually resorted to forgery for the sake of fame and glory. In committing the forgery and the crimes that followed, Dipper showed great cunning and paranoia with almost every move he made. He was very determined in guarding his secrets at all costs, even foiling Brock's attempts to find out what Dipper was hiding using his instinct. Black Psyche-Locks appeared when Brock asked for Dipper's motive for killing Zak Gramarye, and this seems to imply that he was, in some sense, hiding his secrets even from himself. In the end, the Jurist System was needed to foil his plans. Despite his paranoid drive for perfection and desperation to hide his secrets, Dipper was known for his cool, suave and professional demeanor in court. He was virtually unfazed when Arnold Jackson (Role: Winston Payne) gained the upper hand during Elmo's next trial (even while Elmo himself was panicking) and even raised objections in the same calm tone of voice with which he always spoke. It was not until his crimes were exposed that he finally lost his composure.  

    Dipper Pines (Real Name: Dipper “Di” Pines) (Fight Falls) (Gravity Falls AU) (Role: Klavier Gavin) 

    - Di is a prosecutor who faces off against Elmo in the latter three cases and P in the flashback of his last trial in Turnabout Succession. He became a prosecutor at 17, and unlike previous prosecutors in the series, he is honest and friendly when first introduced. Di is also Dipper's younger brother and the lead singer of the rock band, the Pines, before they disbanded so he could continue practicing law full time. Di trained to become a prosecutor at the Themis Legal Academy. While there, he grew to respect the judge course teacher Constance Courte and her ideal of seeking the truth in trials, despite not being in her class. He then spent an unspecified amount of time studying abroad in Germany. Di was soon touted as a genius, a "true thoroughbred of the prosecutor's office", which helped to propel him to his first trial at the age of 17, in which he would face off against the renowned defense attorney Eddie Brock. Before the trial took place, Di's older brother, Dipper, told him that Brock was going to present false evidence in court and gave him a witness to testify as such. Convinced that Brock was a fraud, Di engaged Brock rudely and taunted him. Eventually, Brock was forced into a corner and presented the fake evidence. Di sprang his trap, and Brock was exposed as a fraud. However, the defendant disappeared from the courtroom, and no verdict was given. Brock would later lose his badge in a hearing with his fellow defense attorneys. Di always wondered how his brother knew about the forgery ahead of time, but never questioned him about it. Seven years after Brock's disbarment, Elmo got Dipper convicted for murder. Intrigued, Di faced Elmo in his next trial to test the clumsy/smart attorney's true worth. Elmo eventually convinced Di that he had the wrong suspect on trial, and Di turned to guide Elmo through the process of implicating the real criminal, causing Elmo to wonder whether he really had "won" the case. Di then invited Elmo and Pinkie Pie (Real Name: Pinkamenia Diane Pie) (MLP) (Role: Trucy Wright) to one of his concerts, in which he was to perform with a well-known Borginian singer, Cordelia (Role: Lamiroir). However, it was not a good day for Di. First his keys were stolen, forcing him to take a taxi to the concert and break open his guitar case. Second, during his performance with Cordelia, his guitar burst into flames for no apparent reason. Finally, to round off the whole fiasco, Cordelia's bodyguard was shot dead with his own revolver. Elmo and Di faced off in court again, with Cordelia's piano accompaniment Toby Jarvis (Role: Machi Tobaye) as the defendant. In court, Cordelia named the Gavinners' second guitarist, Amud June (Role: Daryan Crescend), as the real killer. Di refused to believe Cordelia's accusation at first, but eventually came to grips with the truth. It turned out that June was behind the illegal smuggling of a Borginian cocoon, and that everything that had gone wrong with the concert had been linked to the smuggling operation and the murder. Di helped Elmo again to find the evidence, until eventually there was no more evidence. The only way to prove June's guilt was if Jarvis admitted to being involved with the smuggling, which he did because the penalty in his country was death, and he would receive a lighter sentence in the United States. After this, Di bid his former band mate farewell.  Three months later, Di participated in Brock's test trial for the Jurist System, which involved the poisoning and subsequent death of Kuroki, with his sister Yuna as the defendant. The case's connection to Di's first case came to light, and Di was forced to face the past. His brother Dipper was summoned from his cell as a special witness, accused of being the real killer. Di wanted to believe in his brother, but Dipper tried to bluff his way out of his predicament, and Di finally came to accept the truth. Once again, Elmo and Di worked together to piece together the circumstances and motives behind the crime at hand, but they could not conclusively prove Dipper's involvement in the forgery that had ended Brock's career. Nonetheless, Di remembered that the jury, not the judge, had the power to decide the defendant's fate. When Dipper found out about the jury, he was furious at the prospect of his plan being nullified by common people. Di told his brother that the law no longer needed him, and the jury declared the defendant innocent of the murder. Di started his rock band some time before he started his law career. His band's first single, "Thirteen Years Hard Time For Love", went platinum overnight. However, he still considered his band a hobby compared to his job as a prosecutor. Seven years after kicking off his double career, Di visited Borginia. He met Cordelia there and was entranced by her voice, calling it "divine". He invited her to sing in one of his concerts, and he also received a guitar. Cordelia and Di performed a duet of "The Guitar's Serenade" for the concert, but the guitar caught fire during the song, and Cordelia's bodyguard was also killed. Distraught by these events and the conviction of June for the murder, Di decided that he would never play the song again. Months later, the jury trial in which Dipper was implicated as the killer affected Di so deeply that he decided to disband the Pines and pursue his law career more fully. 

    Next: ???

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  • glitchsims
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    siblings siblings siblings siblings 

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  • ofstrengthisms
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #askalicelockwood #{ special guest star | quinn rolland. } #mindpcwered #{ too much like me | quinn & will } #// *weeps about ducks*
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  • justdealingwithsomeissues
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    As is the case with most Gerber plots, there is a lot of stuff happening but within minutes of finishing up you forget all about it... like the comic book version of chinese food... oh also popping through that portal has un-Hulked She-Hulk....

    #Marvel #Sensational She Hulk #Jennifer Walters ~ She Hulk #Howard the Duck
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  • gayduck21
    30.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    They’ve grown so much, Artemis is even starting to attempt a quack!!! They’re yellow is beginning to go white and more of their wing feathers are coming in!

    #ducklings#baby animals#baby duckies #they just chilling #ducks #having a good time #artemis fowl #butler the duck #growing up#cute babies
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  • bellarkeselection
    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago


    The best revealed secret on a kids show ever!!!! 💖💖💖💖

    Scrooge Mcduck has a daughter!!

    Webby is actually a Mcduck!!

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  • boingodigitalart
    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I did some more Christmas doodles today, this time featuring Mickey and friends.

    #mickey mouse#minnie mouse#donald duck#daisy duck #mickey and donald #minnie and daisy #mickey and friends #donald and daisy #donsy #mickey mouse and friends #doodles#sketch dump#doodle dump#dondaisy #mickey x minnie #donald x daisy #mickey mouse shorts #the wonderful world of mickey mouse #mickey mouse universe #disney#disney fanart#fan art#fanart#drawing#christmas#winter#holiday
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  • snoozerat
    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Spending the holidays on the Blanks’ farm

    (Oscars mom was designed by @based-ducks)

    #my art#the zipper #darkwing duck oc #oscar blanks#my comic #tw child neglect
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  • glitchsims
    30.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    are we really doing this again dude 

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