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  • crownofrats
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    I made a sexy new au<3

    It's called the chili's au!! I'm in love<3

    I kinda wanted to make a lil side blog for it but I'm procrastinating...feel free to ask about it tho!

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  • girlfaglogan
    29.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    I rblg sk much dukeceit. I. I am not a dukrceit shipper like i couldnt even care less abt it

    #im not a ROMANTIC dukecdit shipper. i am. avry big platonic familial dukeceit shipper. #they r a family. they r best friends. they r roommates. they r lovers (friends) #revy.txt
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  • multiple-eyes36
    28.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Its so funny how Remus and Janus are canonically t4t 😙😙

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  • cephy-the-squid
    28.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hug All Your Friends (And Let Them Know) Pt 1 of 2

    Relationships: Platonic Dukceit, Background Platonic Roman & Virgil & Remus, Very Background Royality, Very Background Queerplatonic Analogical
    Featuring; Autistic Remus, Non-Binary Janus (he/they/xe pronouns), Non-SAM Aromantic Remus
    TW: Aphobia (Internal and External), Sexual Mentions, Explicit Language, Somewhat Disturbing Language/Imagery/Metaphors, Fear of Abandonment, Slightly Unreliable Narrator, Attempting to Force Oneself into a Relationship One Doesn’t Want
    AO3 Link
    Summary: With all of his friends paired up into couples, Remus worries that Janus will expect them to be a couple in some way. Scared to lose his best friend, Remus tries to seduce Janus. After all, isn’t that what Janus wants?

    Remus had a problem. Not a little problem either. Remus had a major, gigantic, megadick sized problem.

    Because if Nerdy Wolverine and Virgin Nightmare were an item, and Daddio and Bromano were sucking face, then what did that mean for himself and Janus? Because Janus was Remus’s best friend, and god dammit xe deserved some sappy, romance-y relationship with kisses and horizontal tango and all that saccharine, icky shit. And with everyone else in the friend group getting coupled, wasn’t it just a matter of time before Janus expected more?

    It was no secret that Roman and Virgil had spa days together, but it was much less well known that Remus frequently joined them. That was something Remus preferred to keep between Roman, Virgil, and himself. He had only grudgingly let Janus learn of the little secret in a moment of weakness that he would have much preferred to avoid.

    Although, if anyone had to know, at least it was Janus. That duplicitous dork would never begrudge Remus self-care, and honestly never seemed to truly judge Remus for anything. This lack of judgement always surprised Remus because in anyone else’s opinion, including Remus’s own, Remus had a lot to be judged for.

    Spa days were nearly always held at Roman’s house, while Patton was at work. Roman always had the largest array of nail polishes and face masks, and Patton’s job as a vet often kept him away in the afternoons, so Roman’s house had always been the obvious choice.

    “Remus, are you even listening to me?” Roman squawked, interrupting Remus from his thoughts. Apparently Remus waited a bit too long to answer because Roman threw his hands up in the air with a wounded cry. “My own brother, ignoring me in my own house! How could you Ree! I trusted you! And now-“

    “Jesus Princey, do you have any chill?” Virgil complained, having nearly been smacked in the face by Roman’s gesticulations. “He was just asking you what colors you want your nails,” Virgil clarified, rolling his eyes at Roman’s dramatics.

    “Neon green!” announced Remus gleefully shaking his hands out at the wrist. “And I want a mini middle finger silhouette on each of my actual middle fingers! Oh and I want the anarchy symbol on all the others, but only on my left hand. I want the other hand to say ‘fuck’ in all caps with an exclamation mark at the end!”

    “Of course you do,” said Virgil with an attempt at an exasperated eye roll, although the effect was fairly mitigated by his fond smile.

    “Damn fucking right with a cherry on top!” shouted Remus, never one to be able to control his volume.

    “Alright, alright,” soothed Roman. “I won’t be able to paint them if you keep stimming so much. Can you use your chewlery instead?”

    Remus considered for a moment, weighing his desire to continue to wave his hands around against the basic human need for anarchy nails.

    “Yeah, I can use my chewlery,” he finally decided, picking up his squid shaped chewy pendant and firmly sticking it in his mouth.

    Roman got out the neon green nail polish that he reserved also specifically for Remus, and grabbed his hand, applying a thin layer to his pinky nail. Remus did his best to keep his hands still. Drying nail polish on his fingers was not a good texture. He’d even rather touch-

    “So,” said Virgil conversationally, interrupting Remus’s thoughts. “How’s Janus doing?”

    “Oh yeah! Speaking of Janus,” Roman spoke before Remus could reply. “Have you guys, you know, talked about your feelings yet?”

    “What?” said Remus, genuinely confused.

    “Well you like xem right? Like you’re always talking about him,” explained Roman.

    “Of course I like him, Pissy,” said Remus, a little offended that Roman would dare question his friendship with Janus. “They are my best friend!”

    “Ouch,” muttered Virgil, more joking than actually hurt. “But I don’t think that’s what Roman meant. I think he was talking about romantic feelings. I mean, everyone’s paired up but you two, so we’ve been a little curious.”

    “Oh,” said Remus, feeling as though his blood had been replaced by half solidified scrambled eggs.

    “Wait, what is your sexuality anyway?” Virgil asked. “I’ve seen you flirt with nearly everyone, but I’m not sure if you’ve ever told me about a single date.”

    “Why, Virgil? Are you trying to get in my pants?” Remus responded, a rather pitiful attempt at distraction.

    “Ew!” Virgil and Roman shouted in unison, proving Remus’s distraction highly effective.

    “We are not talking about that,” declared Roman.

    “Yeah, I think it's time for a topic change,” shuddered Virgil.

    After that, talk quickly dissolved into friendly bickering, but, unknown to Virgil and Roman, the damage had already been done. Because they were right weren’t they? Everyone else had paired up. It was only a matter of time before Janus expected the same. Or worse, Janus would grow bored of waiting and move on without him.

    And that would not be good at all.

    Alone in his room, Remus wiggled his newly painted fingers in an attempt to wring the physical discomfort of his thoughts from his mind.

    It didn’t really work.

    He couldn’t let Janus forget about him, just because his stupid brain couldn’t feel attracted to him. Janus was his best friend. He put up with all Remus’s disturbing infodumps, even when the topic was gross. Xe comforted Remus when the intrusive thoughts became too much to handle, even listening to him vent about them. Even when the intrusive thoughts were about Janus himself, Janus cared for Remus in a way that no one else could ever bring themselves to.

    Janus deserved everything they wanted and more, and Remus wouldn’t deny them it! He couldn’t! Not when Janus was so perfect and so kind to him and so deserving of everything xe could ever want!

    He could be whatever Janus needed! He wasn’t chickenshit! If Janus wanted a partner or a (ick) lover, then that is what Remus would be!

    Remus was always one to grab life by the scrotum, and he wasn’t going to stop doing that just because he might personally be uncomfortable with his own actions! He wouldn’t be weak like that. He could prove to Janus just how worth being around he was, even if he had to step over all his boundaries to do so.

    With clarity too shrouded by his fear of abandonment, Remus made a plan.

    #my writing#sanders sides #a different kind of love #Remus sanders#autistic Remus #autistic Remus sanders #non sam aro remus #nonbinary janus #sanders sides au #Janus sanders#sympathetic remus#sympathetic janus #sanders sides fanfiction #sanders sides fanfic #sanders sides fic #platonic dukeceit#platonic demus
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  • vladikkotorinevladik
    28.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    A little sneak peak for a collab

    Thats how the sketching process goes

    (I promise he won’t be naked when I’m done with sketching)

    #sanders sides#ts janus#dukeceit#demus#collab sneakpeak #ask to tag #This will be dukeceit #and I will not be showing Remus bc I love how his doodle turned out #Janus looks like he had a good night (sleep) #I might fix it #for the collab I’m doing the line art
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  • virgil-sanders-the-gay-emo
    28.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Janus, at Logan: Would you like to stay for dinner?

    Remus, from the kitchen: Would you like to stay forever!?!

    #loceit#intruloceit#dukeceit#intrulogical #Janus is more subtle with his feelings #but Remus has no restraint and wants Logan to stay forever #ts logan#remus sanders#logan sanders#janus sanders#ts janus#ts remus#thegayemo #tss incorrect quotes #sanders sides incorrect quotes #sanders sides
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  • virgilsspidersusan
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Janus: This food is too hot... I cant eat it.

    Remus: You’re very hot, and I still eat you.



    Virgil: One dinner... I just want ONE DINNER!

    #sanders sides #sanders sides incorrect quotes #virgil sanders#remus sanders#janus sanders#dukeceit #this is why Virgil left
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  • virgilsspidersusan
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Remus: We have a problem.

    Janus: No, YOU have a problem. I have an idiot who keeps making them.

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  • simon-s-sketchbook
    27.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Little scribble that turned into something more

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  • trickster-tabby
    26.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Sides' pet names for each other because. Idk I'm still half asleep and I'm s of t

    Also includes whether they're together or not

    All the ones that are insults are in an affectionate way

    Putting them under the cut because I did it for everyone so there's a lot


    Logan: Firefly (married)

    Janus: Snakey (dating)

    Virgil: Kitten (friends with benefits)

    Roman: Bitch (platonic)

    Remus: Dumbass (platonic)


    Roman: Darling (married)

    Logan: Baby Blue (QPR)

    Janus: Dipshit (found brothers)

    Patton: n/a (friends with benefits)

    Remus: Just Some Guy (platonic)


    Remus: Baby (married)

    Patton: Hon (dating)

    Virgil: Bitch Boy (found brothers)

    Logan: Sweetheart (platonic, mostly)

    Roman: Princess/Princette (dating)


    Patton: Starlight (married)

    Remus: Starlight (dating)

    Virgil: Angel/Angie (QPR)

    Roman: Roro (platonic)

    Janus: Jannie (platonic, mostly)


    Virgil: Angel, Kitty (married)

    Janus: Jan-Jan (dating)

    Logan: Just A Little Guy (platonic)

    Patton: Knife Boy (platonic)

    Remus: My Beloathed (siblings)


    Janus: Scaley (married)

    Logan: Firefly (dating)

    Virgil: Horny(because... He has horns) (platonic)

    Patton: Knife Boy (platonic)

    Roman: Whore (siblings)

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  • thecrowslullaby
    25.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    There has ben a consistent lack of loceit on my blog so it was time to step up and do sth about it, least people start to suspect my brain rot has ceased, and we cannot have that.

    bonus demus+logince because somebody has corrupted me

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  • anxiousgaypanicking
    25.11.2021 - 6 days ago
    #demus#demus smut #not safe for sanders #nsfs#ts janus#ts remus #sanders sides smut #dukeceit smut#dukeceit
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  • vladikkotorinevladik
    25.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Let me just

    Spoon feed you Dukeceit kissing

    #sanders sides#ts janus#janus sanders#dukeceit#demus#ts remus#remus sanders #ask to tag #I love this one #let me break it down for you #Janus is leading the kiss - the way he’s reaching for Remus #how his neck is a bit extended - again he’s reaching for Remus #and Remus isn’t moving #(the way is head “sunk’’ back but he’s not actually moving away) #I love analyzing my own drawings #I dont like that Remus looks too tall (disproportionally so)
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  • remuscore
    25.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    I’m making human au memes bc I’m bored

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  • remuscore
    25.11.2021 - 6 days ago
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  • romancore
    25.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Roman: Where is the turkey?

    Janus: I haven’t seen it

    *few minutes before*

    Janus: *helping Remus put the turkey on his head*


    Remus, running into the kitchen with the turkey on his head: BEHOLD THE TURKEY MAN! IS HE MAN OR IS HE TURKEY? THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW

    Roman: I hate this family

    #creativitwins#dukeceit #I’m imagining Remus and Janus are married and they live with Roman is a large apartment #Remus and Janus are husbands your honor #Roman can’t deal with the shenanigans of his brother and brother in law #remus sanders#sanders sides#roman sanders#janus sanders#ts remus#ts roman#ts janus#romancore #tss incorrect quotes #sanders sides incorrect quotes
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  • remuscore
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • princey-daisy
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Winter’s Coming, Stay Warm 🪵🔥

    Janice struggles to fend off the cold in the winter, but luckily, Rita has a solution to her trembling troubles.

    #dukeceit#remus sanders#janus sanders#sanders sides #fem!sides #fem!janus #fem!remus #fem!dukeceit #daisy art
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  • mychemically-imbalanced-romance
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    "soft dukeceit" this and "gay homicidal dukeceit" that

    I want Tom and Jerry dukeceit

    where they try to constantly one up each other and make schemes to get back at each other for the simplest things

    I want Janus to chase Remus, both with giddy smiles on their faces, because Janus got smacked in the face with whipped cream while trying to make tea

    I want Janus to tackle him and burst into laughter, both of them a giggling mess on the floor as Janus wipes whipped cream all over Re's face while the other cackles

    please I need them to constantly pull pranks on each other


    #sanders sides#ts fanders#ts fandom#ts janus #ts janus sanders #thomas sanders janus #sanders sides janus #ts remus #ts remus sanders #thomas sanders remus #remus sanders #sanders sides remus #dukeceit#ts dukeceit
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  • edupunkn00b
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    A Little Bit of Love, Ch. 4: Opening the Door

    Prev - Opening the Door - Next - Masterpost - [ AO3 ]

    Rated T - WC: 4185 - CW: broken glass, minor cuts, non-graphic sex mention, a teensy bit of Remus innuendo (seriously, folks, he's really on his very best behavior)


    As Logan closed the door behind them, a sudden crash drew their attention to Lucas’ room. A bright, warm light poured out from underneath the door, and music filtered through, the volume turned low. Another crash from the inside rattled his door. The three Sides raced to Lucas' room and Logan lifted his hand to knock before jerking his hand away. A sprinkling of frost in the shape of Logan’s knuckles slowly faded as he pulled back. Logan rubbed his hand, frowning at the door.

    “That happened the last time too.”

    “What do you mean the last time?!” Janus hissed, pulling Logan’s hand toward him and examining both sides.

    Logan tried to smile. “I’m fine. It’s alright.” Janus narrowed his eyes at him, warming his hand between his gloved ones. “I saw his door once before in the Subconscious… when—when I went looking for you.” Logan looked at the cheerful orange color. “It’s a brighter shade now, but… it's still cold.”

    Frowning, Remus brushed his fingers against the surface and met Janus’ eyes. “Not to me,” he whispered. Logan and Janus flinched when there was another crash. Closer now, they could hear the muffled tinkle of broken glass. “I think I should go in.” Remus grinned and shooed Logan and Janus away. “You two go ahead, I’ll see what Lucas needs.”

    Kissing his cheek, Janus murmured in his ear. “Come find us when you’re done, Muse.”

    Waggling his eyebrows, Remus started to whisper, “You said—” but Janus interrupted him with another kiss. He giggled as Janus led Logan across the hall and he turned the knob on Lucas’ door, opening it and poking his head inside.

    "Permission to come aboard?" he called. A glass orb crashed against the door next to his head. Tiny cuts appeared on Remus' face where shards of glass struck his cheek.

    Lucas glared at him for a moment. "Granted." He waved his hand, forming another glass ball. “Shut the door.”

    Remus grinned and slipped through, closing the door behind him. He tugged out a bit of glass from his jaw, vanishing it away into a smattering of sparkles that fell to Lucas’ carpet before slowly dissolving. He picked out the next.

    "How many more times does that have to happen before you learn to knock?"

    He cackled as he leapt onto Lucas' unmade bed. "Oh, hundreds, at least." He watched as Lucas tromped across his room, shards of glass crackling underfoot. Lucas leaned against the edge of his desk and conjured another glass ball before winding up and shattering it against the door.

    "So what's eatin’ ya’, Captain Crunch?" He looked around the room. Lucas' room was laid out like a mirrored version of the room they’d just left, with a large desk along the wall opposite a bed, a picture window opposite the door, and wide, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves on the other.

    Lucas stood in front of his desk, its surface littered with pamphlets and newspapers, a large marching banner rolled up against the back edge and a bright orange vest emblazoned with “We Keep Us Safe” draped over the chair. Where Logan had a large calendar affixed to the wall, Lucas had a world map. Flags and pins dotted the surface, little clusters over different cities.

    When they weren’t in the Imagination, Lucas and Remus would usually spend time together in Lucas’ room. Even in short bursts, Virgil’s room used to send Remus into a hallucinogenic panic and there were fewer things that they’d be in trouble for breaking here than in Janus’ room. And there were far fewer things that wanted to break them in Lucas’ room than in Remus’. And, now that it was in the Core Mindscape, Lucas’ room was warm and bright, the creeping shadows and persistent chill of the Subconscious gone.

    The room remained just as cluttered. In addition to the rabble-rouser starter kit dumped onto his desk, the bookcases on either side of the door were stuffed with books and equipment and knickknacks of all kinds. There was an entire shelf filled with lock picking kits, RFID and bluetooth scanners, reflective face paint, and with a faraday cage large enough to fit a laptop. Remus shook his head. And we all think Virgil used to be paranoid.

    As he waited for Lucas to tire himself out from smashing orbs, Remus’ eyes trailed over his book collection. Most were different from those that lined Logan’s shelves. Words of Fire, The Debt System, Berkeley: The Student Revolt, Little Brother, Class War, USA, Radical Reflections… Well, most were different. But not all. Remus grinned when he spotted The Three-Body Problem and Crucial Conversations, titles he recognized from Logan's and Janus’ shelves.

    He suddenly laughed out loud, recognizing a thick book with a black binding. “You’ve got the Anarchist’s Cookbook?” He flipped off the bed, heading for the upper shelf. “Jannie took mine. Do you think I could—” An orb shattered at his feet.


    Remus turned around and waggled his tongue, stretching it toward Lucas’ face. He shoved the book back on a random shelf. “Not that you ever hafta justify wanton destruction with me, but… what gives, Lukey? I thought you’d gone to sleep already.” He tugged a gas mask off a shelf next to Lucas’ desk and tested the straps. “Now you’re up bowling for shrapnel.”

    “I had gone to sleep." He scowled and threw another glass ball. "I woke up.”

    “Bad dream?”

    Lucas deflated with sigh and stared down at his empty hands. His voice was hardly a whisper. “Only when it was over.”

    “Ah,” Remus said as he put down the mask and slid closer to Lucas. He put his head on Lucas’ shoulder and hummed a slow tempo version of Forbidden Fruit, rocking back and forth.

    Lucas rolled his eyes and choked out a laugh. “Is that meant to be comforting?”

    “Yeah. Is it working?”

    Lucas shook his head but gave him a half smile as he tilted his head for a moment, leaning lightly against Remus'. Then he patted Remus’ thigh and turned around, examining his map. He conjured a handful of pins and pressed them into the map, following a dashed ship lane marking at varying distances. He marked a route from the Caribbean to Portugal.

    Remus craned his neck and whistled. “That’s a long time at sea, Luc.” With a smirk, he tickled the back of Lucas’ neck with his nails. “Itching to get back out there?”

    “I was thinking about a short jaunt. A few days, maybe. No more than a couple weeks.”

    Remus raised an eyebrow and looked pointedly at the tiny calendar next to the map. The entire month was blacked out.

    He picked up a small megaphone from Lucas' desk and balanced it on the end of his index finger. “Have you thought about my idea?”

    Lucas sighed as he pushed the last few pins into the map, then sat on his desk, facing the Creative Side. Remus pretended not to notice the tears that dotted his eyeglasses. “What if it doesn’t work, Remus?”

    Flopping back onto Lucas’ bed Remus asked, whispering into the megaphone, “And what if it does?” Remus tossed the device on the pillows and hung his head off the edge of Lucas’ bed, staring up at him with his usual manic smile. “Isn’t it worth it to try?”

    Standing with Janus in the hall across from Lucas’ door, Logan could see the navy blue door again. He stepped forward and touched the deep, blue surface and, just like it had in the Subconscious, the door felt warm to his touch.

    The door was warm to his touch, but not in the way that a cup of steeping tea or his electric blanket was warm, where the heat came from outside of his body, pressing in against his skin. Instead, the door warmed him. Logan couldn't remember feeling anything quite like it before. He sighed with a soft smile and the muscles in his shoulders and back unkinked, his vertebrae loosening. He stood quietly in front of the door for several breaths.

    Then realization dawned. “This is my old door, isn’t it?” He turned to Janus, voice shaky. “From… from before?”

    Janus nodded and brushed the surface with his fingertips. “This has… always been your door, Logan. First when you were Curiosity.” He met Logan’s eyes. “And now, as Logic.”

    Logan gestured to his familiar dark blue door next to Roman's. “But that’s my room.” Janus looked at the carefully polished blue door. It was pristine, flawless, and the blue lacquer shone with a bright gloss. He sighed.

    “That is the room you have... occupied here in the Core Mindscape… through great force of will.” Janus spoke softly. He tilted his head toward the door in front of them. “This is your true room, Logan.” He pressed his palm against the wall separating his own yellow door from this one. “There have been times when I… I had been sorely tempted to show it to you.” He offered his hand to Logan, smiling when he took it. “Would you like to see inside?”

    Shaking, Logan tried the knob. It twisted easily in his grip. Logan took a deep breath and opened the door wide. His hand fell away from the door with a little gasp and he stood at the threshold, slowly taking in the sight before him.

    The walls of the room were painted a rich, satiny blue. The ceiling and crown molding along the upper portion of the walls were splashed with tiny sparkling stars that seemed to drift across the space. The room itself was filled with a soft, diffuse light. Logan wouldn’t describe it as brightly lit, but instead the room was thoroughly lit. The Creativities', Patton’s, and even Janus’ room each glowed in the Core Mindscape, not simply illuminated by the visible fixtures, but the walls and ceilings themselves seemed to cast a light throughout the space. Even Virgil’s room, when all the lights were actually on, didn’t have the same dark corners or sharp shadows cast by the desk or bedside lamp that Logan had always thought were simply a natural feature of his more realistically designed room. This room, like theirs' felt bathed in a welcoming glow.

    Together with Janus, Logan stepped over the threshold. The room warmed him much the way the door had, finally chasing away a deep chill that had long ago settled in his bones. He smiled at the warmth and looked around his room. There was a bed against one wall, larger than the one in the room they’d just left. A significant portion of the wall space was consumed by bookcases, the shelves packed with brightly colored tomes, many from Thomas’ childhood. He touched the spines on the full collection of Narnia books, nestled between A Wrinkle in Time and—

    “Strangers From the Sky!” Logan picked up the book and held it to his chest, turning to Janus with a wide smile. “Thomas read this three times!” He leafed through the pages. “As much as the old rainforest rap sparked Thomas’ interest in the environment, the ecological disaster narrowly averted by the Vulcan scientist in this story is what had led Thomas specifically to chemical engineering….” His voice trailed off and he closed the book, stroking the cover a little wistfully before putting it back on the shelf.

    Janus rubbed his shoulder with a sad smile and Logan turned, taking in the rest of the room.

    This room also had a desk along the wall opposite the bed, with an aged, color-coded calendar, somewhat smaller than the one Logan was accustomed to. The rest of the wall space above the desk was decorated with small framed photographs, pressed leaves and flowers, and awards.

    Unique to this room, also, was another, taller table in the corner by the windows. Spread across the surface was a microscope, several Erlenmyer flasks, a small bunsen burner, and a rack of test tubes. Logan approached it and picked up a small blue and green lab notebook left open in one corner. He opened the book at the beginning and squinted at the entries.

    “Some of… some of these earlier pages are in both mine and Remus’ handwriting…” He fanned through the pages and noticed the notes were increasingly filled with only his own careful print. The final log entry was never completed. He put down the notebook and was quiet for a long time. Finally, he met Janus’ eyes.

    “If… if my true room was in the Subconscious all all these years… Is that why… “ Logan’s breath caught in his throat and he pressed his lips tightly together. After a moment, he spoke again. “Is that why, despite my efforts, I… I never really belonged… with the others?”

    Janus closed his eyes before his tears could escape. He nodded. “I had hoped that your worthiness to be here in the Core Mindscape would counteract the others’ instinctive fear… Thomas’ fear and his unconscious desire to conceal the strong reactivity linked to your function.”

    Logan turned away, arms wrapped around himself. “It was not completely successful,” he whispered, voice cracking.

    Janus cradled Logan’s chin in a gloved hand and carefully turned it to face him again. He stroked his cheek. “No, my dear Logan.” The Logical Side leaned into the touch, a single tear tracing down his cheek. “It was not.” Janus brushed a thumb across his cheekbone, wiping away the tear.

    Hugging himself, Logan noticed a chess table in the corner, in nearly the same spot as the little table where he’d played with Janus in the other room. This table, however, appeared to have been created for the purpose, with an 8x8 grid carved into the surface of the table itself. When he got closer to it, Logan traced the worn surface and he noticed a yellow fleece throw neatly folded on one chair. Logan picked it up and turned to Janus, mouth hanging open. “Has my true room always been beside yours?”

    “Since before I was…” Janus swallowed. He left the word banished unsaid. He cupped Logan’s cheek and nodded. “Yes. Yes, it has been.” He closed his eyes as Logan reached up and rested a hand over his own.

    “Remus told me once how he hated that he couldn’t stay with you. I thought he'd been driven by some internal restlessness. I hadn’t understood.” Logan stepped closer to Janus. “You… you must have been terribly lonely.”

    Janus turned away from him. He picked up a tiny desk puzzle from the desk near them and turned it over in his hands, attempting to make the pieces fit into a new configuration.

    Logan rested a hand on his shoulder. “Janus, why did you tell me the Subconscious didn’t hurt you?”

    He answered without looking up. “Would you have worried if you’d known?”

    “Of course I would have!”

    Janus turned with a little shrug and smiled sadly at him.

    Stiffly at first, Logan wrapped his arms around him. With a soft sigh, Janus melted into his embrace, arms coming up and pressing their bodies closer together. Logan’s shoulders relaxed and he held Janus tightly, one arm wrapped around his waist, the other coming up to his shoulders, completely enveloping him. Logan’s face was tucked against Janus’ neck and he could feel the Side’s pulse against his skin.

    They held each other for a long time.

    Finally, Remus knocked on the door, sticking his head inside, chuckling, “Hey, you two, both feet on the floor…“ He added a shoulder shimmy as he slipped through and closed the door behind himself. “At least for now….”

    Logan broke away from Janus and Remus stood behind him, slipping his arms around the Protective Side’s waist and resting his chin on his shoulder. Logan quietly watched them for a moment, then adjusted his glasses. “I am… I—I appreciate—” He closed his mouth and raised his hands to his neck to straighten his tie before looking down at his very much tie-free pajama shirt.

    “Thank you for raising that topic, Remus. I… You are correct… Over the past few weeks, we have grown increasingly close and…” Logan’s voice faded, his initial burst of courage dissipating. Remus smiled at him, softer than Logan would have expected, and gave his hand a little squeeze.

    The warmth from his hand traveled from Logan’s fingertips, up his arm and centered in his chest. It gave him the last push he needed and he let go of Remus’ hand.

    “You have both been so kind to me and you’ve so freely shared your friendship and affection and it has…” He shook his head. “There’s really no decent way to say this.” Logan straightened his glasses and squared his shoulders. “I have recently begun to recognize the additional figurative… romantic flavor of my attachment—” Logan pressed his lips together, brow furrowed. He took a deep breath, “Of my love for you.” He hung his head, hands folded in front of him. “For both of you. Please rest assured, I am confident it will pass… I—”

    Logan caught the concerned glance Remus and Janus shared and he wavered. Oh, no. They knew. They already knew. They already knew and were just hoping I'd let them pretend they didn't know. He watched Remus’ face fall.

    He shook his head and exhaled slowly, stiffening his spine. “I apologize. It was not my intention to cause either of you any discomfort or pain or to interfere in your relationship in any way at all. You both mean too much to me. This… confession is simply borne of my desire to be honest with you both because I greatly value your friendship and would not wish to damage our relationship by attempting to hide this from you.” He shrugged, a sad little smile on his lips. “Evidently, I wouldn’t have been able to keep it from you regardless. I realize you were joking, Remus, however I sincerely hope that you both know that no matter my…'' his voice caught and he breathed for a moment before continuing. “No matter my feelings for you, I would never attempt to get in the way of… of… the bond you two share.”

    Janus and Remus each visibly relaxed and exchanged a warm look. “Lo Lo…” Remus smiled at him, his voice still unusually soft. “Of course you’d never get in the way….”

    “Very good.” Logan nodded briskly and reached up to straighten the tie that was not there. He settled on smoothing down the front of his pajama top. “I appreciate your faith in my ability to maintain control over my emotions in this domain. That means a great deal to me.” He took another deep breath and bowed his head. “Now, it is getting quite late. We should consider going back to bed.” He turned to leave.

    Moving faster than the Logical Side, Remus reached for his hand and pulled him between himself and Janus. “Wait! No… You couldn’t ever be in the way, Lo Lo…” He laced their fingers together, gripping Logan’s hand tightly with both of his own. “Because we love you, too.”

    “Y—yes,” Logan’s voice shook. “But… not in—”

    Janus took Logan’s other hand and raised it to his lips. He kissed his palm, gently stroking his inner wrist. “But, yes, my dear Logan, exactly in that way…”

    “But—but that’s not…” Logan shook his head. “That’s not possible.” He looked first into Remus’, and then Janus’ eyes. He found no laughter, no deception. Nothing but warmth and concern and love. “But I’m—I'm not creative or—or—or—charming and I ramble entirely too much about schedules and deadlines and flashcards to the point that everyone just starts to tune me out and—”

    Placing Logan’s hand on his own hip, Janus moved closer. He carefully brushed Logan’s hair from his eyes and cupped his cheek, raising his chin slightly. “And you are thoughtful and intelligent and seek knowledge on thousands of different topics simply for the thrill of learning more.”

    Remus hugged Logan from behind, resting his chin on his shoulder. “And you used all of that knowledge to convince Patton and Virgil to chill the fuck out when I’m around. And you get all hot under the collar and start throwing things when Roman acts like an ass.” He stepped back, miming Logan's infamous index card toss.

    “I do not know if that should be considered a redeeming quality, I—”

    “My dear Logan, if our words cannot convince you…" Janus tilted up his chin, meeting the Logical Side's eyes. "May I convince you with a kiss?”

    Eyes wide, Logan stared for a moment before whispering, “You want to…” His throat went dry. Janus smiled and nodded slowly, holding Logan’s gaze. Logan swallowed hard. “Y—Yes, please…” And then he had no more words as Janus’ mouth pressed gently against his, lips soft and warm and sweet. His kiss tasted of lavender, vanilla, and honey-sweetened Earl Grey and Logan cried happily as he lost himself in the sensations. Janus’ arms wrapped around his waist, deepening their kiss and drawing them closer together until there was no space left between them. Finally, an eternity or a second later, they broke apart for air.

    “That’s how I love you, Lo.” Janus brushed gentle thumbs across Logan’s cheeks to dry his tears, then pressed their foreheads together as he whispered, “I have loved you for so long. I… just didn’t want to push you into something you weren’t ready for.”

    Remus grinned wildly, bouncing lightly on the balls of his feet for several moments before bursting out, “Neither did I! Well, you know… I do wanna push you into everything you areready for!”


    Logan laughed, blushing and smiling and crying and utterly unable to hold back anything he was feeling in that moment. He was soaring and almost literally couldn’t believe what he was hearing. But his lips still tasted like Janus’ kiss and his body was warm everywhere they touched and he could see the riotous sincerity in Remus’ eyes. He leaned into Janus’ embrace and reached for Remus’ hand, lacing their fingers together.

    Remus bit his lip then raised Logan’s hand to his mouth as he spoke. “I love you, too, Lo Lo… please, please, please can I kiss you now?”

    As soon as Logan nodded, Janus smiled and let his arms fall away. Remus closed the distance between them, one arm curled low around his waist and the other draped over his shoulder, hand cradling the back of his head. Logan felt the heat of Remus' skin seeping through his pajamas and forgot how to breathe.

    Remus stared into Logan’s eyes for several seconds before he kissed him, his mouth hot and wet and demanding. Logan’s arms flailed for a half-moment before wrapping tightly around Remus’ body, gripping his shirt in his fists and pulling him even closer. After a few minutes, Logan felt the room spin around them and he broke away.

    He fell into Janus’ arms and the Protective Side held him up, stroking his hair. “Lo! Are you okay?”

    Logan nodded against Janus’ shoulder and mumbled with a little smile, “Mm-hm, I’m more than satisfactory… Perhaps a little… overwhelmed.” He blinked at the two of them, keeping one arm draped around Janus as he reached again for Remus’ hand. “I… I think perhaps I need to sit down.”

    “I think you probably need to lay down. It’s after two in the morning.” Logan nodded silently as they led him to his bed. Remus pulled back the covers and Janus bent over to help him stretch out. He started to rise and Logan grabbed his shoulders with both hands.

    “You’re not leaving, are you?” He blushed and looked away. “That came out wrong. I meant to say, rather, ah…”

    “Lo Lo," Remus leaned over and stroked his cheek. "Like I said, if you want some company, all you have to do is ask.”

    “I… I, well, I understand that 'sleeping together' is not typically meant literally for boyfr—people in a relationship, however”—his eyes widened and he looked up—”I do not mean to presume that we are in a relationship or to try to make that decision for either of you or—”

    “Lo, it’s alright,” Janus took his hand and sat on the edge of the bed. Remus somersaulted across and sat on his other side. “Why don’t you start with telling us some of what you would like to happen.” He exchanged a quick look at Remus, who nodded rapidly, then smiled at Logan. “We will tell you if anything would make us uncomfortable.”

    “I am not completely sure. I… I greatly enjoyed sleeping next to both of you on the ship. I…” Logan looked down at his hands and whispered. “I missed you tonight.”

    Janus grinned as he cradled Logan’s chin, raising it to face him. “As did I, my dear Logan.” They turned to Remus, eyebrows raised in the question.

    “Are you kidding? I’d love to sleep snuggled up to you again, Lo Lo!” He shimmied his shoulders as he flipped onto his stomach, chin propped on his hands as he looked up at Logan with wide eyes. “I’ll even wear clothes!”

    Janus squeezed his eyes shut and pressed a hand to his head, “Muse—”

    “Remus, I have no objections to you sleeping however you are most comfortable.” Remus’ face lit up. Logan shrugged at Janus, “Provided, of course, you have none?”

    “Not in the least,” Janus chuckled, stroking Logan’s hand and flashing a quick smile toward Remus. The Creative Side did not notice and simply stared, open-mouthed, at Logan.

    Logan suddenly paled, “I—I was unambiguous that I am speaking of literal sleeping right now, correct?” He shook his head. “I do not believe I am ready for the more figurative meaning of that expression yet.”

    Remus waggled his eyebrows gently. “Yet, Lo Lo?”

    Blushing, Logan met his eyes with a small nod and managed a tiny smile. “Yet.”

    “That works for me!” Remus flung himself against the pillows and opened his arms, grinning as Logan began to settle against his chest. He winked at Janus. “Lo Lo in the middle tonight?”


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