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  • My sister’s dog is growling at the puppy every time she tries to play with him. I sat here for two minutes with a stupid expression on my face before I remembered the word I wanted to describe that was “jealous.” He’s jealous of her being the new dog.

    Quarantine Day ???: I forgot English… and it’s the only language I know—

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  • yo, whoever created online school, i just wanna talk… i swear.. just talk..

    these people are talking to me like i’m really stupid

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  • Corn Teen is wreaking havoc on me. I repeat: I AM NOT OKAY. I’m not sleeping at night, I can’t go anywhere, and I’ve given up on school work because I just can’t do this shit anymore. Because of the chaos, I’ve been forgetting to take my meds, which is obviously making everything worse.

    I’ve been off my meds for a few weeks now and I have noticed the following (TRIGGER WARNING, I AM NOT KIND TO MYSELF OR OTHERS RN SO BE PREPARED FOR SOME BAD SELF-TALK):

    - Hypomanic and Depressive episodes are back but like, worse than before (probably because of the whole social isolation thing and the other added stressors). I always shower every second day, rarely going up to 3 days without a shower. Lately I shower once a week, regardless of how I smell or how greasy I am. The apathy and executive dysfunction are real and I am not okay. And the swinging back and forth has me up for over 24 hours straight, asleep for 12+ hours straight, rinse and repeat. This is obviously not productive to family life.

    - Hyperarousal! I’m suddenly so afraid of the dark again I have to sleep with the lights on, even if my dog is with me. It’s like if I turn the lights off, the creature from (Guillermo del Toro’s?) The Labyrinth with eye sockets in its hands or the girl from The Grudge are going to come plopping and swaying out of the darkness and grant me a slow and extremely painful death. If I hear any kind of sound my squirrel brain has my heart pumping fast enough to explode, and I am ready to scream, to throw shit, to run away, and to bite and otherwise destroy anything that should get in my way. These panic episodes aren’t great when your child walks in after having a bad dream and when you hear “Mommy” in the dark your first reaction is a blood-curdling scream cause then you have to soothe yourself real quick and then soothe the poor child you just forced some extra trauma on. Luckily, snuggles help both. Still not okay.

    - Zero chill and zero tolerance for any additional minor inconveniences. Someone other than my offspring comes into my suite? Time to commit a felony. My offspring doesn’t do essential things like wash hands and brush teeth when I ask the first time? Sorry but you’re an orphan now, please refer to GG and Papa for anything further. Someone has the AUDACITY to CALL me on MY PHONE??? Get the fuck off of my planet you extraterrestrial shitbag. I burned the cookies?? I’m a useless bitch and deserve nothing but misery and death for wasting resources and having nothing more to contribute to society; I can’t even parent right and if this was medieval times I would be burnt at the stake and if this was pre-contact maybe I wouldn’t be so fucked up or maybe I’d be ostracised for being such a dumb angry cunt with no regard for other peoples feelings because mine are too much for me and I’m a danger to my relatives.

    -Memory and concentration are worse. I grew up English-French Bilingual, and when smeone asked me to say Apple Pie in French I said Potato. (Tarte a pommes -> Pomme de Terre?? Close but WRONG). We put the last batch of cookies in the oven and Offspring said she was hungry so I fed her and forgot about the cookies which consequentially burned, (then I felt like the first few stanzas of Frozen II’s The Next Right Thing and had to cry in my room for a bit while she was eating with the rest of the family, but that’s on Zero Chill ^^). I can’t even remember to bring my Animal Crossing villagers a piece of fruit that grows in my own village and when I go to talk to them I don’t even remember them asking me for things so I have to select ‘what was that?’. I feel demented.

    - I am so sore all of the time, and more than usual. Related fact: my meds are also used by some people for nerve pain so I guess that’s a thing? Maybe I just never realized how much pain I was in before I started taking them, maybe my new bad habits are aggravating my poor abused and neglected body, maybe both?? Should I do some yoga? Probably. Do I want to? Honestly, yeah, I love Yoga, bring on the stretches. Am I going to? Not unless I’m getting real life interaction with a certified instructor because only social interaction with someone I respect and/or am infatuated with trumps executive dysfunction. So nope lol.

    Uhh idk what else. But yeah, that’s that on non-adherence as it relates to me and whatever I’m (supposed to be) on, Cymbalta? Idk I’ve been on a lot of different meds and I always fall into the non-adherence pit of despair because they stop working or I just stop taking them for stupid reasons and I can’t even force myself to take them again because my executive dysfunction has an attitude and I’m naturally self-destructive and compulsively want to punish my family at the same time for what I’ve percieved as a shitty upbringing. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules, and if I do I don’t fucking follow them 🤷‍♀️

    #silly kree kree #mental illness#medication#non-adherence#cymbalta#cornteen2020 #I know it's spelled quarantine #dumbass
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  • I’m just staring out the window at 2 am with my foot on the sill. All of the monsters are afraid to jump scare me because of my ocular Tposing.

    #monster#dumbass #when the darkness looks at you #you look at the darkness #and it flinches
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  • People can say that they’re stupid or ugly and everyone laughs or says “same”, but whenever someone says something they like about themselves, like calling themselves pretty or funny, others think of them as a showboat.

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  • “Ya go’ yer list?”

    At the doorway stood Mulcahey and Beckman, the former adjusting the latter’s sweater. The angel was leaving to get the groceries for the first time so Mulcahey made sure he had everything he needed with him.

    “Yes, right here.” Beckman showed the paper off proudly, slightly crumpled in his grip. The Irishman nodded and straightened out his collar, reaching down to pull the hem over his jeans. Then he was reminding himself of his own mother and pulled away quickly, “Good, an’ ya grabbed the money, righ’?”

    The taller of the two nodded, a smile brightening his face, “Yes, it’s right here in my back pocket.” He confirmed, patting the back of his jeans. 

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  • was peeling a pear and accidentally peeled my finger tip… oh dear…

    #why am i so clumsy #ohchie#dumbass
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  • It’s been a while friends but we still have the May is 10 and Maxie is 40 debate going on

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  • So Get this:

    Imagine modern!au where Jaskier gets highly drunk during one of the college parties, sings loud af Britney Spears on the table and when the “my loneliness is killing me” comes he makes eye contact with Mr “hmm” himself and his only reaction is an eyebrow going up and a little smirk. Bard (cause that’s Jaskier’s nickname) immediately gets off the table and run out of the party. Yenn (who is his bestie) would go after him for some talk and then he finally admits to have a bi panic cause he’s have a crush on Gerlat for yearsss. White confused af Wolf would go back home, still smirking, holding a small dandelion in his hand, humming quietly “Hit me baby one more time”, not knowing that he’s feelings are mutual but he’s a big dumbass who is not good with expressing them and specially admitting what he truly feels…

    Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk

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  • March 27th

    my lovely cousins birthday! I love her soo much I hope she’ll have great years.

    I gave up on drawing others so now they are shadows.

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  • Hi I’m a big fuzzy dumbass that found a source of feathers somewhere that his dad can’t locate and had to have pulled out of his mouth three times in the last ten minutes

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  • whats up guys

    not to be dramatic but everything i’ve worked for since i was 12 just collapsed in front of my face and thats super ironic since 12 was when i started getting really sick too

    i have basically every emotion in me and it really really fucking hurts. i thought i was going to die for this so many times and when i finally figure out how not to the cause just disappears. 

    this is super vague but nobody’s gonna read it so it doesn’t really matter i guess.

    i just- 

    i’ve never had a choice, but now like. i feel like i do.

    i don’t trust anyone telling me about how my life is going to go anymore. if one more person tells me what i need to do in my future i’m going to scream. my doctors diagnosed me with a chronic illness last december. i only figured it out this past week after talking to my other doctor. two professors and three advisors lied to my face about what transfers and what doesn’t and now i have to change my entire education plan because sure you told me i need one more history class but what about the other EIGHTEEN general education credits you didn’t bother to mention to me? 

    if i get through this, it’s gonna look really great on my resume. close friends will be in awe (for lack of a less pretentious word) of me. i will still not be enough for my mother, and i will still not be enough for myself. 

    i don’t even know. 

    (and i feel so horrible because there are people dying out there, people that can’t see their children, nurses and doctors risking their lives and i’m just some spoiled brat whining about not being perfect)

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  • Was no one gonna tell me that if swipe left on tumblr it opens up ur camera. Staff really adding features and not saying a damn thin bout.

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