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  • alexagirlie
    19.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Chapter 2 of Groupie Paul AU is posted! Also featuring artwork #2


    preview of the image here :]

    You can also check it out on my twitter - https://twitter.com/Alexagirlie_art

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  • alexagirlie
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Wrote my first fic!

    Chapter 1 is completed and Chapter 2 will be posted shortly

    Story is completed just trying to finish some art to go with it.

    Would you like more Paul/Duncan content?

    Check the discord!

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  • wanderingguest
    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    + anonymouse sent: Duncan: the Duke & Jessica suggest a threesome / accepting

    “Not that they would ever invite me, have you seen how they look at each other? That being said, absolutely. In less than a heartbeat.”

    #anonymouse #( v. tbd ) #( c. duncan idaho ) #(duncan's all...you bet your sweet bippy!) #( .ic asks answered ) #( .ic interactions )
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  • estellaestella
    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Ok, so here are my thoughts on the no-touching situation between Zendaya and Timothee during Dune promo :

    (1) that it was a direction from the DUNE team : by which i mean the marketing team, the director, the studio etc. (Seems like I'm saying something obvious but i have read speculations that Marvel might have put contractual restrictions on Zendaya and that sounds unlikely to me)

    (2) if Zendaya and Tim took pics in vaguely coupley poses then it wd set up certain expectations and the Dune team wanted to make sure audiences did not get that idea in their head and quashed any expectation of a romantic storyline

    (3) as it is many people were pissed off that there wasnt enough of Zendaya. The disappointment in her short screen time wd hv been much more if they had not managed audience expectations.

    (4) they also wanted Zendaya's role to stay mysterious for the film-goers. Her standing by herself in pics "sells" the mysterious dream girl better

    (5) also, Denis clearly wanted Paul to feel uncertain about Chani - whether she's friend, foe, or whatever - and for us to feel that with him, the audiences needed to not see them being couple-y.

    (6) Chani isnt just a Fremen, she represents all Fremen. She is a symbol. It was crucial to the world building of the Arrakis/Dune that she is seen as such. She is our way of empathising with the Fremen. If the promo dwelled on her as someone's potential love interest then u wd see her in a very limited way. She had to be more than just what she could be in relation to Paul; more than a woman, or even Paul's woman. And its sad but true that women in films do get defined thru their relationship to the male characters. And I think Denis wanted to make sure Chani wasnt thought of in these terms from this promo. She's a leader in training, just like Paul: she's a queen not his queen, if you see what i mean.

    (7) I think it's very appropriate for the person who represents Fremen to not be seen too chummy with the new rulers of Dune. I believe Denis felt it was important we see people from Caladan and Dune as separate 'houses'/ clans/ tribes/ people/ etc. Especially in this film's promo, where the story is just taking off and people had a lot of things to assimilate and remember.

    (8) and that's another thing. The Dune team clearly saw this as the beginning of a franchise. They knew promo pics with couple-y poses could be ammunition for future films & and wisely didnt use their whole arsenal. Their priority was for people to get to know Chani as her own person, form a Chani fanbase, get them to want her own toy, play as Chani in role playing games. If she was introduced as Paul's dream girl then people wouldnt get as invested and Chani as well as the whole world of Dune wouldnt generate as much interest/ money.

    (9) and when you get down to the bottom line Chani and Paul are not a couple and it would be misleading to suggest that. Yes there's a hint of a future romance between Paul and Chani (in the dreams and visions) but they wanted to keep that out of the waking world of Paul and Chani, as well as the promo, to solidify the worlds they were building. As Chani herself says, This is just the beginning

    Tldr : for reasons of artistic integrity & making more money it made sense for them to exude this air of regal dignity and detachment

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  • comediakaidanovsky
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    maybe 2022 will be the year i start a dune band. write songs like

    don’t tell me to smile more (the gurney halleck feminist manifesto) sardaukar love ballad the duncan to my idaho the duncan to my idaho (ghola remix) bullfighter death mambo command me like one of your bene gesserits shai hulud death drop spice spice baby holy war of my dreams

    #dune#gurney halleck#duncan idaho #i think i'm funny #also might legit start a music project cause lord knows i need a new time consuming hobby for year three of isolation
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  • silvyysthings
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    "Bed the mother of dragons , defend Timothée..."


    I love Duncan 😍😍

    From Chloe Sevigny Instagram

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  • winter2468
    15.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    The first Duncan Idaho ghola in Children of Dune, realising that he’s about to die: Two deaths for the Atreides...

    Me, knowing what happens in God Emperor of Dune: You have no idea how many times you’re gonna die for the Atreides.

    #this is not a dune quote #duncan idaho#dune #children of dune #god emperor of dune #ghola
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  • twinfishmercury
    15.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    To the people on tumblr shipping Paul Atreides and Duncan Idaho :

    Paul is 15 years old in the first book which means he is also 15 years old in Dune (2021) by Denis Villeneuve.

    Whats wrong with you : )

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  • bvbjunkie
    15.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    This one reminded me of Duncan...

    With that in mind looking at that one was kinda funny...

    #Robert W. Richards #Duncan Idaho
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  • prozac00
    15.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Young Duncan Idaho

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  • prozac00
    15.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Duncan x Paul

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  • idreamofempire
    14.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Oh hey I know some of these guys

    #the expanse #the expanse spoilers #damn they got admiral ackbar and duncan idaho in the same team #plus all the people from aliens #basically all sci fi at this point
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  • vintersstar
    13.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    it’s implied in the dune books that paul isn’t straight but queer. but all movies and series so far constantly make him straight.

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  • prozac00
    13.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Duncan and Paul’s child

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  • prozac00
    13.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    duncan x paul

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  • prozac00
    13.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Duncan and Paul

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  • bvbjunkie
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    The sketchbook


    With his right hand, Paul glides over Duncan's shoulder blade, over mountains and hills of muscle, and his fingers feel every dip and rise of firm flesh down to his waist.

    With his left hand, Paul draws in his sketchbook. What he sees. What he feels with his fingertips.

    His sketchbook is his most important possession. His soul, his heart.

    In it he draws everything he finds interesting.

    The skeleton of a leaf, trees shaken by the wind, mushrooms decomposed by worms, insects crawling over moss, a crow lying dead on its back. He draws rocks under the surface of the water, his mother's exclusive robes, his father's severe medals. Yueh's doctor's case.

    He draws his dreams, alternately clear and blurry.

    And Duncan. He draws Duncan. A lot. First he had drawn him when he was training. With his swords. With his movements. But then he wanted to find out how anatomy worked and had asked Duncan to be his anatomy model.

    Of course, Duncan had laughed. But eventually he had agreed.

    "If I meditate and sit still as a stone, why wouldn't that be useful for someone else."

    So Paul had drawn Duncan's rough hands, his strong knees, his bare feet. The shape of his torso, the incredible muscles of his arms that he couldn't hide with clothes even if he wanted to.

    "I know every scar on you now," Paul had told him, "do you?"

    Duncan shrugged and smiled at him. "Just the ones that have a good story, I guess."

    And Paul had shown him his favorite scar, a lump on the inside of his right arm. Duncan had to twist his head to see it. "Looks like a proud bear," Paul had said.

    About that time, Paul started having pretty vivid dreams about Duncan. And of Duncan's body interacting with his. Paul liked these dreams, but they stirred him up a lot.

    They made him want to draw parts of Duncan's body he hadn't seen yet, in a size and shape he could only imagine.

    (He wanted to take the precaution of sealing those pages of his sketchbook, but didn't know how until once, when he had been looking at the drawings very privately and very extensively in his bed, he felt the sticky moisture of his semen between his fingers. With that he stuck the sheets together only so that he could open them again. At night, alone in his bed.)

    Paul also imagined Duncan's face in certain private situations at the time, but he had to guess to some extent. Paul doesn't like to guess, he likes to know. So he started drawing Duncan's face.

    By this time Duncan had stopped meditating while he was being drawn. He just sat and watched Paul draw him, and said he enjoyed his company. He also told him stories, and Paul loved hearing Duncan's dark and raspy voice as he tried to draw Duncan's furrowed brow when he raised his eyebrows in amusement, and tried to capture that special twinkle in Duncan's eyes when his story got dramatic.

    He drew Duncan's nose, his cheekbones, his sometimes incredibly fluffy beard as he listened to his adventures. But when he got around to drawing Duncan's lips, he had to tell Duncan to shut up and be quiet, and they both had to laugh at that.

    Paul drew Duncan's closed lips.

    And his half-opened lips.

    When he drew Duncan's lips twisted into an affectionate smile, it distracted him and he looked up. Duncan looked at him with an equally loving gaze, and that was the moment when a wild mix of emotions rushed through Paul's body; and he didn't know what he was doing when he simply leaned forward to kiss Duncan.

    Fortunately, Duncan didn't seem too surprised, though he gently pushed him away. But only that. And very gently. And somehow Paul took that as an invitation to kiss him again. This time he was pushed away even more gently. And when Paul kissed Duncan a third time .... Duncan just let him. So Paul continued kissing him. First shyly, then hungrily.

    After that, they kissed a lot. Soon it was safe to say that Paul had now seen all of Duncan's body. Felt it, too. In more ways than he thought he would. He liked that he could now not only look at Duncan's body, but also feel it, touch it. With his fingers, with his mouth. He loved to lick over the spot under Duncan's earlobe when he felt the tremble of Duncan's moans (yes, maybe he had a hand between Duncan's thighs right then), and he found that his lips and Duncan's scars just belonged together.

    But that didn't change the fact that Paul really wanted to know every inch of Duncan, of his body, wanted to study it, draw it, and most of all capture it.

    Maybe because he was afraid.

    When he was scared as a little boy, Duncan had always been there. A frightening thunderstorm in the woods. He had climbed a tree and couldn't get down. He had knocked over a very expensive vase. Duncan had always been by his side, reassuring him, smiling at him, putting his big arm around his shoulder, telling him "I'm here for you."

    For several weeks, that feeling, that security, had been slowly fading away. What if one day Duncan wasn't there for him anymore?

    It gave Paul an urgent need to try desperately to hold on to everything of Duncan. Even if only in his sketchbook.

    That’s why he now lies behind Duncan and sketches his back. A trapeze of a mountainscape of muscle.

    "Turn around," he had said to him.

    And Duncan had laughed, "Are you tired of my old face?"

    But he isn't. He would never get tired of Duncan's face. And he doesn't understand it when Duncan calls him, Paul, beautiful. Because how the hell can he compete with such a facial landscape when he himself just looks just plain white and boring?

    He changes his position a bit.

    He can still feel Duncan inside him. Fucking him. He only has to stretch his back to the nape of his neck to feel the last spurs of his orgasm.

    Once again, Paul had asked Duncan to fuck him harder, but he never does.

    Sometimes Paul thinks he wants nothing more than to be torn apart. To feel nothing but being taken. No thoughts, about the past or the future. No voice. No burden.

    "People don't just break, you know," Paul had said, but deep down he's touched that Duncan always cares. Besides, Duncan always manages to make him forget everything he doesn't want to think about, anyway.

    He crawls over Duncan's body to lie down next to him, facing him.

    Duncan's eyes are closed, but he's opening one now, and Paul has to smile at that.

    "Ready?" he grumbles.

    Paul shakes his head. "Never." Because he never wants to stop drawing Duncan.

    He turns the page in his sketchbook and pushes it toward him. "Now draw me."

    Duncan makes an annoyed face.

    "Come on," Paul pleads.

    So Duncan sighs, takes the pencil in his big hand, draws a stick figure with lots of hair, and pushes the sketchbook back to Paul. "There. I think that's pretty accurate."

    Paul laughs. "Would you want me to have more muscles like you?"

    Duncan tilts his head. "Would you want me if I were a noodle like you?"

    Paul knows the answer to that immediately. He had thought about that before. Whether it's a physical attraction. But it's not the muscles per se. Duncan has those muscles because he wants to protect people. Paul loves him for that.

    "Well, then you wouldn't be you,” he tells him.

    But what is he against that? What does he have to offer?

    He's just a weird guy with weird dreams, he thinks, as he carves a big black line deeper and deeper into the page.

    He feels Duncan's big hand in his hair.

    "Don't think so much, my boy. You're right the way you are," Duncan's deep voice is like flowing honey over thorns. "You'll go your way."

    Paul sighs. It always sounds so easy when Duncan says something like that.

    "So, what parts of me haven't you drawn yet? Because I can't think of any,” Duncan looks at him curiously.

    Paul frowns. He doesn't want to, but the question makes him even sadder.

    Your closed eyes, he thinks.

    I can't draw you in your sleep even if I wanted to, he thinks.

    It reminds him too much of the dream he had where Duncan was dead on the floor.

    "Hey, don't forget the present, my boy," Paul feels Duncan's hand on his cheek and when he looks up again, Duncan gives him a rough kiss on the mouth and smiles mischievously at him. "If you promise to never ever show it to Gurney, I'll let you draw me sucking you."

    Paul simultaneously blushes, bursts out laughing, and chokes.

    He still chuckles occasionally between his moans as he braces himself against the back wall of his bed, trying to draw what he sees: Duncan between his legs, sucking his cock.

    It's an incredibly hot sight, and trying to draw it while feeling Duncan's hot mouth, his teasing tongue, is almost impossible. But he still wants to try.

    Duncan's hands rest on Paul's waist, his thumb caresses his skin, his hair tickles his thigh. Above all, Paul wants to capture Duncan's hot and devoted gaze.

    The sketch is scrawly, the lines wobbly, there are many pauses where Paul couldn't continue drawing because he had to bite his lip and moan, like whenever Duncan slides his cock so damn deep down his throat. But he knows the sketch will make him smile every time he looks at it.

    Now though, he decides, now he just wants to live in the present, like Duncan told him, and tosses the sketchbook aside.

    He buries his hands in Duncan's thick hair, slides his foot under Duncan's body, between his legs, to rub it over Duncan's cock. Duncan moans deeply, and the tremble the moan causes around his own cock makes Paul groan loudly in response.

    Yes, Duncan has done it again. Paul thinks of nothing else but being here with him, and he can't think of anything else that makes him feel more comfortable and at ease with himself.

    Now he will enjoy the present. Enjoy being with him.



    And later, after he has come, he will once again let his fingertips glide over his lover’s incredible mountainscape of muscle.


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