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    10/15/21- IG story

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    Grumpy snakes on weight check day

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    (Anaconda morph Western Hognose)

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    #david dastmalchian #artists on tumblr #art stuff#not art#art related #piter de vries #dune characters#dune #david dastmalchian dune #dune spoilers#dune film#dune movie #ask me questions #thanks for the ask! #ask response
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    Hey guys! In celebration of the new Dune movie coming out here in the US next week, I’m doing a Dune-themed commission sale for the next two weeks (today Oct 15 until Friday Oct 29).

    🪱$10 for a 4x5in monochrome bust sketch of any Dune character.

    🪱$2 shipping within the US, $3 international shipping.

    🪱And, YES, you can even pick the color of the paper and the marker color I shade with! lol

    Payment via paypal or venmo. Don’t be afraid to dm me with any questions :)

    Reblogs appreciated! 

    More info under cut vvv

    -tell me what you want (character, choice of paper and marker color if you want)

    -tell me what you want (character, choice of paper and marker color if you want)

    -send me the money

    -I spend 15 minutes sketching

    -you receive the physical art in the mail and a high resolution digital copy in your email inbox :)


    -my own designs

    -original designs based on how You personally imagined the book characters (written description is okay!)

    -designs based off actor portrayals from the tv series, 80s movie, new movie, etc.

    -designs based off fancasts of actors

    -designs based off any other licensed Dune content ie: board games, book covers, video games, trading cards etc.

    ✨WON’T DRAW:

    -Dune oc’s or self-insert characters (sorry self-insert content creators, ily but I have to draw the line somewhere on what actually constitutes a Dune character lol)

    -designs taken from other fanartists *unless you have proof of their permission

    -Payment via Paypal or Venmo

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    Timothée Chalamet on Around the Table for Entertainment Weekly
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    been thinking about that scene in dune 2021 where rabban has his little temper tantrum, causing the two maids in the room to flinch in fear... cut to piter (david dastmalchian) looking completely unfazed, bored even, by rabban's rage. i thought it was a really cool way of establishing character through contrast, so here's more of the same. rabban the beast, and beautiful, perfect, unflinching piter...

    #CAN YOU TELL I'M IN LOVE? #i'm obsessed with that mentat ngl… just been muttering ''beautiful piter. beautiful piter.'' to myself for days now like i'm hearing voices #anyway i took some liberties with their designs... any design can be improved with some unnecessary fangs - claws - or capes #dune 2021#david dastmalchian #piter de vries #glossu rabban
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    DUNE (2021) Artwork by Greg Ruth

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    Dune day is next week in the U.S.

    Excuse me I just need to--

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    Chapter 30

    Chapter 30 overview:

    Cara and Ezer have reached Morak and actually find Mayfeld via the tracking device.

    But one is already waiting for them. Reality and memories/thoughts mix and Cara tries to fight against the mind flayer. Will she succeed?

    Warning of violence/torture/blood/dead

    Pairing: Din Djarin x OC Female!
    ReaderRating: Mature/Explicit (+18)
    Warnings: Canon-Typical Violence / Love / Action&Adventure / Blood&Violence / Drama & Romance / Slow Burn / Fluff&Smut

    Dust was kicked up as the shuttle landed and touched the ground. As Cara stepped out of the ship, she felt like she had been here only yesterday. She had asked Ezer to fly over the destroyed refinery and it was nice to see that nature had reclaimed its refuge.

    Morak had not changed at all. Cara was sweating, the high humidity of the jungle planet was getting to her. She heard Ezer panting, he felt the same way. Cara looked at the direction finder and let it show her the way. There were few inhabitants to be seen and that made the soldier a little suspicious.

    "I have a strange feeling!" muttered Ezer next to her, holding his rifle tighter. She nodded and saw a couple of children who had been playing in the street now running away and disappearing into one of the huts. Several chickens pecked on the loamy ground, but scattered as they headed in her direction. The homing device started beeping, the target was not far away. It led them to one of the larger huts, a small pub. Ezer stopped at the door while Cara went inside and saw Mayfeld sitting at the counter, a nearly empty bottle of Spotchka and a bowl of nut shells in front of him. The barmaid was washing the glasses; no one else was present. A fan on the ceiling whirred. Mayfeld had grown a beard; it looked unkempt. Remnants of the nuts had gotten caught in it. The formerly white undershirt was covered with stains. As she approached him, she smelled the alcohol. His middle finger was missing from his left hand, and the stump had a zigzag pattern, as if it had been sewn together by an amateur. Mayfeld looked up and belched. A gush of bad air hit Cara and she screwed up her face in disgust. With her hand, she fanned in front of her face.

    "What do you all want from me?" he asked, annoyed but in a firm voice, which surprised her when she saw how much he had already drunk.

    "I need some answers!"

    Mayfeld sighed, then gestured to the stool next to him. Cara sat down. A mirror hung on the wall behind the counter; it would help her secure her surroundings. Mayfeld cleared his throat.

    "Is he dead?"

    Cara frowned.

    "Mando!" he complemented. She shook her head and he rubbed his bald head. Then he shrugged.

    "Xi'an was so sure she could kill him. Well, she's always wanted too much!"

    He raised his hand, pointing at his mutilation, and contorted his face as he remembered the pain.

    "She didn't like me gesturing to her at all!"

    "Mando killed her! And Fennec finished Ran off!", Cara informed him and she could see the corners of his mouth twitch slightly under his beard.

    "What were those two up to? And were there really a wife and child?"

    Mayfeld nodded and played with one of the nutshells until it broke, scattering its crumbs on the wooden board. He wiped them aside, lost in thought.

    "Ran was afraid that Mando would harm his family, so he didn't say a word to him. I think with the knowledge that there was a child in the ward, he wouldn't have let them get shot at. Ran was housed in the same wing as me after his injuries healed. He had only one thing on his mind, revenge. At some point they moved me and I was glad I never heard from him again. And then a few months ago, these two stood in front of me..."

    Mayfeld faltered, took the bottle and drank a hearty gulp. When he set it down, a few drops ran down his beard.

    "But they didn't come alone!"

    He pointed his finger at his forehead, where a round scar had formed.

    "I heard about you capturing Moff Gideon, but then when that man stood in front of me, it almost blew me away. The resemblance was so striking, but it was only his son or his clone, as he had rubbed my nose in. Well then, he had a few questions that I didn't want to tell him. He didn't flinch long and used the mind flayer. It was unbearable and I really tried to fight back..."

    As he pushed his shirt up, Cara looked at him in shock. His whole stomach was full of scars, there was hardly a free spot.

    "So I told them everything. Then they took some of the villagers!"

    He nodded in the direction of the woman who had finished her work behind the counter and was listening to the conversation. In her hands was a dishtowel, to which she clung tightly.

    "Your husband has since disappeared, no one knows what they plan to do with them..."

    The woman turned away, Cara saw her wipe tears from her eyes and throw the silk on the rack.

    "The Yuzzang Vong were not squeamish!"

    Cara sighed.

    "There was and is a glut of Ryll. Gideon's son had a hideout on Ryloth. He probably used the people here to distribute the drugs!"

    Mayfeld squeezed his eyes shut, rubbed his forehead, then looked wearily at Cara. He held the bottle out to her; she denied it.

    "The only way you can take all this is with alcohol!" he grumbled, finishing the bottle. He held it over his open mouth, a small trickle still dripping out, then his arm lowered and he dropped it to the floor, where it shattered and the glass fragments scattered. The woman behind the bar flinched and looked at him, startled.

    "Shards bring good luck!" he muttered softly. He leaned his head against the edge of the bar and Cara remembered Din's message.

    "Supposedly the Mandalorians from Mando's old clan are hiding here. Did you overhear something!"

    Mayfeld jerked up and stared at Cara. In his eyes she could see surprise at what had been said and then panic. He shook his head, swallowed, and held a finger in front of his mouth. Cara glanced in the mirror, but nothing had changed. Outside the door, she could see Ezer running a few steps to the side. Mayfeld fidgeted with his leg, then bit his lips.

    "I'm...I'm sorry!"

    Cara straightened, her hand wandering to her blaster.

    "Gideon's son doesn't work alone. That's why you're here!"

    Cara noticed his strange look. His lips silently formed two words: the tracking device!

    Then she heard a muffled sound from outside. The next moment, she thought she heard a crackling sound. Then her body was hit by an electric shock and she sank stiffly to the ground. Before the stun made her pass out and her vision was still clear, she saw Bo-Katan come in, blaster in hand, and fire at Mayfeld. The shot hit him square in the face and his body crashed next to Cara. The hole in his skull would be burned into her memory forever. Then her consciousness faded and redemptive blackness enveloped her.

    It smelled musty. Cara's sense of smell slowly woke her up from unconsciousness. When she blinked and opened her eyes, it was quite dark. In addition to her sense of sight and smell, her sense of touch was slowly returning. She realized that her hands were tied to the chair she was sitting on. She jerked it, but it did not move. It seemed to be firmly anchored to the floor. Her shirt stuck to her, guilty of the high humidity. Straw lay around her, the window she could make out was curtained, and only through the cracks of the wooden door did some light fall in. Cara swallowed, her mouth was dry and she realized how thirsty she was. A groan escaped her as she moved a little again and she felt the pain in her back. She had probably dislocated something on impact when Bo-Katan had stunned her. She turned her head and tried to see in the dark room if anyone else was here.

    "Ezer?" she called out, listening. Her blood rushed in her ears and sure enough, a soft answer came back.

    "Are you all right?"

    The young man answered her question in the affirmative and Cara was a little more reassured. The next moment she had Mayfeld's ruined face in front of her again and she swallowed.

    "Has anyone been here in the meantime?" she asked Ezer, but he answered in the negative.

    "I didn't hear them coming. Suddenly I slumped!" he apologized to Cara.

    "Who would have expected that, I didn't..." she mumbled and fell silent when she noticed a movement at the door. The next moment something scraped the wood, it sounded like a beam blocking the door. When it opened, the Mandalorian came in with a man.

    "Glad you came around!", Bo-Katan greeted her casually, as if Cara wasn't tied to a chair.

    "What do you want?" asked Cara without much banter. The Mandalorian grinned slightly and let the man go first. Cara drew in her breath sharply; for a moment she thought Moff Gideon was standing in front of her. Mayfeld had been right. She glanced at Bo-Katan.

    "I don't understand why you're in cahoots with him, he abused Koska!"

    The addressed said nothing, instead Duncan approached her, laughing.

    "No I didn't. My aides had some questionable methods. But now we have found a solution!"

    Cara stared at him, then looked back at Bo-Katan.

    "We fought side by side against his father!"

    A spiteful smile formed on the redhead's face and Cara guessed that it would not help her.

    "I never made friends with you!" sneered Bo-Katan.

    "But I still want to answer your question, of course. Give us the address of the neti!"

    Cara shook her head.

    "I don't know it!"

    Cara didn't even have to lie to them; she actually didn't know the coordinates. But they didn't believe her. "Tss, I guess we'll have to help with that!"

    Bo-Katan disappeared into the darkness of her prison and she could hear Ezer protesting. But all this didn't help, in the next moment both of them appeared in Cara's field of vision. His hands were tied behind his back, they had also put some on his feet. Duncan pulled a chain from under the straw, wrapped the end around Ezer's neck. The beginning he fastened in another anchorage in the ground. He stood behind the young man and pulled out a vibrodagger. He placed it against the latter's cheek, running it over it almost tenderly; Ezer's expression was petrified, only concern could be seen in his eyes.

    "Maybe this will help you up!" sighed Duncan, and not a second later, Ezer roared. Blood trickled onto his shoulder and the cut ear lay in the straw at his feet. Cara bit her lips. Ezer gasped and moaned.

    "Say nothing!" he groaned, and Duncan rolled his eyes in annoyance. The stained dagger left a red mark on his cheek. Another cut, the other ear, and he enjoyed the plaintive sounds Ezer made.

    "All she has to do is give us the coordinates and we won't kill you!"

    Ezer looked at Cara, his eyes watering with agony. She stared back. His hands were cramped, fighting the agony. Cara wanted to say something, but Ezer again shook his head slightly.

    "Then you've already made your judgment!" the bounty hunter growled, and Duncan grinned.

    "Nice when people make it so easy for you, not whining around forever and begging for their lives!"

    Duncan put the blade to Ezer's throat and with one movement, took his life. Blood splattered in all directions, Cara was also hit and the young man's body plopped to the ground like a wet sack and didn't move. The straw soaked itself full of the precious liquid. Cara felt some of the drops of blood running down her cheek and she yelled the vilest insults at Duncan and Bo-Katan. The two didn't bat an eye, watching the former soldier squirm in the chair, trying to get free.

    "I would advise you to reveal your secret!" laughed Bo-Katan, approaching the prisoner. Cara looked at her hatefully and spat. She hit her in the eye and the Mandalorian lunged. Cara felt the blow on her temple, then the relieving darkness seized her.

    Itya. The small planet at the middle edge of the galaxy had a quiet existence. It was located between other inhabited planets, but nobody was interested in it. On it there was only animal life, but otherwise no human being or other intelligent species had settled on it. Nature could spread as it wished and the planet was doing well. But one day it too was drawn into the battles of the rebels against the imperial troops.

    A dark column of smoke drifted through the canyon on a still fresh spring day. The transport ship that was supposed to bring the rebel soldiers to support their comrades had taken an enemy hit and lay half on the bank and half in the riverbed. Where the water did not reach it, flames were flickering and the smell of burning spread through the air. A few meters away, a female soldier who had been thrown out was lying in the cold water. A gnarled tree trunk protected her from being swept away by the current.

    Cara slowly stirred, groaned, and pulled herself up the bank by the log, inch by inch. Trembling, she dropped to her knees, and as she moved her leg, a sharp pain ran through her. Carefully, she pushed the torn fabric aside and a deep gash on her shin was revealed. Cara bit her lips. Still, a curse escaped her as she gingerly palpated the injury and it began to burn like hell. She screwed up her face, but nothing seemed to be broken. She tore off her scarf and wrapped it around her. This would have to do for now. The wind whistled through the river valley, making her shiver, and Cara's gaze now fell on the van. Explosions and gunfire could be heard in the distance. The fighting continued to take place. Cara couldn't pause any longer, she had to see if her comrades were still alive. She scrambled to her feet and staggered, but the dizziness gave way and she limped toward the ship. Hopefully nothing had happened to her!


    When she reached the ship, she could see the hole that gaped in the side. She had been sitting there before and had therefore landed in the river. Carefully she climbed past the sharp edges and already discovered two soldiers who were no longer alive. Cara's pulse quickened; she had to get to the front of the line. That was where she had had her seat. Benches that had come loose on impact and several crates blocked her way and she climbed awkwardly over them.

    "Tamy?" she called a little louder now. She could feel her firm, excited heartbeat pounding in her ears. In addition, she had been whistling since she had been ejected from the ship. But she still heard the groan, quiet as it was. She overcame another bench on which another soldier was strapped, but his life ended. Then she saw the woman lying on the ground, her leg twisted unnaturally, her head bleeding. Her blond hair disheveled. When she recognized Cara, she smiled happily at her. Cara returned it.

    "Tamy, are you okay?"

    The asked nodded slightly and pointed outside.

    "Bys looking for help!"

    Cara glanced toward the cockpit, where the aforementioned lay. He had an unnatural head posture. She swallowed and then smiled at her comrade again. The wound on his head was probably not just external.

    "I think he'll find it. Now I'm getting you out of here!"

    Cara palpated the injured leg and was surprised that Tamy didn't complain of pain.

    "I need to fix your leg!"

    Tamy blinked at Cara in irritation. She could see a slight cloudiness in their blue eyes.

    "What about it?"

    Cara was overcome with a terrible sense of foreboding, but refused to admit it. She struck her wound with her fist, but Tamy showed no emotion. Instead, the latter noticed the sad expression and she also slowly became aware that she had no feeling over her body.

    "Cara!" she exclaimed, startled, and tears gathered in her eyes.

    "Don't get upset, we'll find a solution!"

    Cara jumped up, having forgotten all about her own injury, and slumped a bit when a throbbing reminded her. Searching, she looked around for something to put under her to get her out of the wreckage supported. Smoke came up her nose and she could see the glow of fire. It had spread and was now penetrating the interior of the ship. A dark rumble sounded, the fighting was approaching. The smoke had certainly given away their position.


    The whisper made her return and Tamy reached for her hands.

    "Get to safety!"

    Cara shook her head.

    "I'm not leaving without you!"

    Tamy smiled calmly at her, stroking Cara's dirtied cheek, her hair finely tucked behind her ear. Feeling the little knob she always stroked tenderly.


    Tears came away from both of them and Cara lowered her head. Gently, their foreheads touched and Cara breathed a tender kiss on Tamy's cheek.

    "I love you!" whispered Tamy, pushing Cara away from her.


    The women looked deeply into each other's eyes, then Cara rose and climbed out of the wreckage. She could hear Tamy sobbing and wanted most to turn back, to take her in her arms. Maybe she could find the other rebels and they would help her. A roar made her stir, the pitch black ship was not one of them. Her steps quickened, she saw the rock formation where she could hide underneath. And sure enough she made it, panting she pressed herself against the rocks and listened. The next thing she heard was a hiss. An explosion made the rocks vibrate and Cara pressed her lips together to keep from crying out loud. Her great love was dead, they had not only taken her home, Alderaan, now also the woman with whom she wanted to live together after the war.

    "Oh dear, oh dear..."

    The voice was quite amused and Cara raised her head slightly. Tears ran down her cheeks. Duncan went down on his knees in front of her and the straw rustled.

    "That you humans want to repress and forget so much. How good that the mind flayer makes you remember again!"

    Cara looked at him angrily and Duncan rose.

    "But what do I care if you lost your love. I want the coordinates!"

    Cara looked at the ground, where in the background she could still see Ezer lying in the pool of blood. She closed her eyes, she just didn't want to believe it.

    "So stubborn..."

    Something rattled, whirring past her head, and then all she wanted to do was scream and die. It hurt so much. She wrenched her eyes open, saw dots, streaks flickering, her breath caught in her throat, and when she could slowly think straight again, she saw the rusty nail stuck in her hand. Her hand spasmed, her fingers trembled. She gasped hard, trying to hide her pain, and shook her head.

    "I...I don't...know!"

    A touch on her shoulder made her flinch in fright, and Bo-Katan whispered in her ear.

    "I know from my source that Ahsoka was on Nevarro. Tell us and we'll get you back to your friends!"

    Before Cara could answer, the gray tool flashed and once again a nail pierced her other hand.

    With a cry, Cara jerked up from her bed from sleep. The light of the moon shone through the crack in the window; she had not drawn the curtain completely. The nightmare still in front of her eyes, she tried to calm her breathing, looked at her trembling hands, which were unharmed and yet she thought she could still feel the nails in them. Cara rubbed her face and felt the nausea rising. She needed to drink something. Cara ran barefoot to the kitchen of her apartment and poured herself a glass of water. After a few sips, she held the cool glass to her forehead and closed her eyes. She pondered over what she had dreamed and wondered where it all came from all of a sudden. The memory of Tamy ached in her chest. She had never fallen in love again after the death of her friend. They had been extra apart, the stupid sayings of her comrades not entirely innocent of that. Maybe Tamy would still be alive if they had ignored this. Cara shook her head, she had to let bygones be bygones, there was no point in reproaching herself again. Then as now, she would not get an answer. That was why she had actually repressed the memories. She sighed, put down the glass, looked for her shoes and a vest, and left her apartment.

    The office was deserted, Mytrohl had left the computer on. She took a seat in front of it, hesitated for a moment, then looked for the log that had recorded the transmissions with the silver lining. And she found the day when Ahsoka had suddenly visited her. Cara skimmed the page and sure enough, he had recorded the address. Cara immediately deleted the data, hoping no one would ever find it. Reassured, she leaned back in her chair. Now she could fly to Morak with Ezer with peace of mind. As she looked out the window and watched a reveller walk past, she remembered Ahsoka sitting down in her seat and typing in the coordinates. Number by number and letter. Cara sat up straight, breathing faster, feeling nauseous again and realizing it was no use deleting the data in the computer. Her subconscious had absorbed all this. She felt something warm and looked at her hands. Blood was running out of the wounds and everything was blurring around her.

    A loud, derisive laugh. It didn't stop and Cara felt her chin resting on her chest. Cara didn't want to open her eyes. This laughter alone, taunting her, was enough to make her realize that they now had what they wanted. She had betrayed her friends. A touch on her temple, something left her body and she opened her eyes after all. Duncan had leaned down to her, his face still smeared with blood. He held something silver in front of her nose and grinned at her.

    "So small, yet so precious!"

    He dropped the mind flayer into a pouch and left the building.

    "You would have saved yourself and the boys a lot of grief!" she heard Bo-Katan mutter beside her, and Cara cried out as she pulled one of the nails from her hand. Then the next one. But it was so rusty that one part broke off and the rest got stuck. Cara's hands twitched in pain and she sobbed out. She heard Bo-Katan disappear as well, the beam was pushed in front of the door again, and then it was silent. Except for the buzzing of the flies that flew around the dead body of Ezer.

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    you get one shirtless piter, as a treat

    inspired by an ask from @egg-0n-toast

    #david dastmalchian #artists on tumblr #art#art stuff#digital art #david dastmalchian dune #david dastmalchian fanart #dune#dune spoilers#dune characters #piter de vries #fanart
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    Inktober 2021. Day 15. Helmet

    It started with this photo:


    This suit was not in the movie, but it looks almost like sarducar suits, so I assumed, that it could be a suit for flying, and then there should be a helmet too

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    coming to terms that i hate any piece of media where i recognize an actor

    #dune pissess me off in a way that it really shouldn't and that's why #like seeing zendaya and chalamet struggle to have an heir will be weird.. seeing whoever is cast as the sister sabotaging it will be weirder #anyway #look at me commenting on the events of dune messiah when i essentially dnf-ed it
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    From October, 2021

    #nature#desert#sand#sand dunes#death valley #hasselblad x1d ii #original photography on tumblr #october 2021
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    the funny thing is like i literally am not scared of any other part of subnautica. ive gone around the map in a seamoth before and like ive never really been Scared of the ocean or the sea creatures ITS LITERALLY JUST THE AURORA

    #the only guys im scared of are reapers and thats mostly because i associate them with. being near the aurora #if i were to meet one in the dunes though it wouldnt be that bad #the parts of the game that were actually supposed to be horror dont get to me but the big fucking ship does <3 #idk *I* think im justified because if u look at the SIZE of that motherfucker and how terrifying it looks underwater its a lot <3 #but also maybe that is just my submechanophobia who knows #i wanna buy below zero but ive learned my lesson that if theres an underwater crashed ship i cannot do it LMFAO #simon says
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    like :)

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    How dare you use the Voice on me?

    Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides | DUNE (2021)

    #movies#movieedit#dune#dune 2021#duneedit#paul atreides#timothée chalamet#tchalametedit#*#*gif#moviegifs #this was the moment he convinced me that movie paul is going to be perfect #LOOK AT THIS ARROGANCE #but it is not the vain arrogance either because you feel the gravitas and power paul actually has
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