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  • Dust bunny is a cute ship but is it legal,,,

    *Looks up Mirko and Shigaraki’s ages*

    > Mirko is 26

    > Shigaraki is 20

    Okay good.

    #dust bunny#shigaraki tomura#mirko #whats the combined ship name for them tho #tbh the 6 year age gap is more than what im comfortable with for ships #i normally have a 5 year max #but for this ill make an exception bc its cute #why cant i be a normal person who enjoys the popular ships that make sense tho
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  • PSA for anyone moving into a new apartment:

    Wipe down the room fans first

    They’re gonna be caked with dust and aren’t fun to clean when your bed is already below them.

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  • image

    DustBunny First Kiss💜

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    Hello August! The months are just ticking by one by one 👀 I went with a dandelion/wish theme for this month’s layout (Pinterest was really helpful as usual). For this one I tried to keep it simple stylistically & color wise. When I’m writing in it I’ll be using a light green pen to add a pop of color 💚 I’m mainly happy that my habit tracker turned out well once again 🤗 Well, happy last full month of summer 🐰✨🌬


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  • Hair • Verano Hairstyle   #Foxy @ Kustom9

    Lippie • Make it SAVAGE  • LUXREBEL

    Eye Patches • Eye Patches  #Foxy

    Bra • Cozy Vibes Bra [Cocoa]  Moon Elixir x MUSE


    Skybox Eggplant Skybox  Onsu

    Plant • Elephant Ear Plant  Dust Bunny

    Desk • Vanity [White][RARE][Pretty Girl Gacha] Random Matter

    Laptop • Creative Laptop [Gamer] [Fashion Studio Gacha] Fashionably Dead

    Makeup Brushes • Brush Case [Blue][Pretty Girl Gacha] Random Matter

    Eyeliner • Eyeliner [Pretty Girl Gacha] Random Matter

    Hairbrush • Hair Brush [Pretty Girl Gacha] Random Matter

    Makeup Bag • Makeup Bag [Pretty Girl Gacha] Random Matter

    Perfumes • Perfume [Pretty Girl Gacha] Random Matter

    Lipsticks • Lipstick [Pretty Girl Gacha] Random Matter

    Mirror • Kitty Mirror [White] [Pretty Girl Gacha] Random Matter

    Champagne • Champagne Glass  Hive

    Roses • Box of Roses [Pink]  Dust Bunny

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  • 💕 Dance Music por РeҜeŋŋД βØЋм
    Via Flickr:
    HAIR Foxy - Maeve Hair (Blond)
    SKIN  [Glam Affair] Anika  Layer [ Lelutka ] 004 C New @UBER
    [Glam Affair ] Anika - Freckles (B)
    [Glam Affair ] Anika - Lips Gloss ©
    [Glam Affair ] Anika - Moles (B)
    [Glam Affair ] Anika - Moles ©
    [AB] Kelly Blouse & Chains Peach @Mainstore
    Cynful Ekaterina Jeans Skirt - White
    Lagom - Sloppy socks  New The kawaii project
    Lagom - Tv shelf  New @Belle Event
    Colors : White , Wood , Glass , Marble
    BackBone Media Center - TV
    MVT - Game console DECOR
    VCO ~ Donuts Game [ rainbow ]
    .::Crystal Poses::. Notebook  [2] add
    Elm. Skincare Serenity - Bookstack
    +Half-Deer+ Cat Lady Sofa - Snow
    +Half-Deer+ Love Succs - Round Cactus
    +Half-Deer+ Book Clutter - Shelved - Pastel
    +Half-Deer+ Book Clutter - Shelved - Pastel
    _CandyDoll_ Dolly Heart Rose Rug - Rezz
    dust bunny . unicorn planter
    [Rezz Room] Pug Adult Animesh (Companion)
    POSE - Sweet Art - Ava Breathing Series New @Dubai Event
    ( July 20 - August 10 )

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  • { credits }

    Bossie. quick eyeliners [genus]
    bonbon - mila hair
    Cake Inc.: Berry Tattoo Blusher (Maitreya)
    dust bunny . drinks pool
    dust bunny . kawaii lunch . cat coffee
    +Half-Deer+ Purrfect Patisserie - Cat Strawberry Bracelet
    Insomnia Angel . roses knee garter ML @ kawaii project
    Kiru - Heart Goggles RARE3 (Pink) @ girl power
    Luas Kawaii Swimsuit Maitreya
    :: MOMOCHUU ::Chiyo - Strawberry choker B RARE
    more more. sora skin gacha_8 (genus) @ flora
    {Nyaru} - Sweet Makeup Collection (Blush&Lipstick A - Genus) @ girl power
    .PALETO. Backdrop:. La Serena
    {PINGPONG} MIMI Bento poses #4
    pr!tty - Cherry Earrings -Pink-
    pr!tty - Single Clip - :Strawberry:
    {S0NG} :: Dott Eyes @ girl power
    Wednesday[+] ~ Idoru Eyelashes

    flickr | instagram

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  • Crossover Fanart featuring Shinki and a Spriggan (dust bunny) from FFXIV \o/

    HIS OUTFIT, let me address this- it’s a mix of his anime and manga outfit. That’s basically it, lol. I like both styles, and was torn between which to use- I pretty much went with ‘the best of both worlds’ and meshed them together.

    I did a whole lot of rambling (info input) on my DA page for this (not going to put all of that here 😅😇)

    ❤ Shinki, ❤ Spriggans

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  • There is an artist on insta who posted a few dustbunny strips and I fell in love. Weirdest ship but it only takes one good artist/author to take you down the dark path of weird pairings.

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  • I’ve seen a lot of shigaraki x miruko (dustbunny) posts where she just pegs him!! Its a fun crack ship but I am the angst bringer, sooooooooo

    What if she pulled a hawks?


    All of the intel she had gathered had led up to this very moment. From the second she approached the leader, Tomura Shigaraki.

    He wasn’t exactly what she expected to be, of course she had seen screencaps and police depictions of him.

    But she didnt expect him to be this…


    But that didn’t deter her! Her mission would be to get as close as possible to the leader by pretending to sympathize with their cause, and than BAM! Double cross em’ they’d never see it coming!

    “Oi! Let me join the league!”


    Their first interaction was anything but friendly. The magician and the scarred one pinned her down to the cold pavement behind the alley. “We already have that fucking bird with us. Why do we need a little bunny too? This isn’t a Zoo.” Shigaraki had lifted his hand and reached towards her face, Miruko flinched back and racked her brain for any reason for the league to keep her alive. She couldn’t afford to fail this, she couldn’t die. Not now.

    “The hero commission is starting to patrol this area a lot more frequently. I know which hero will take which route and their weaknesses!”

    That made Shigaraki pull his hand back for a second.

    “…let her go.”

    The two men pressing her body into the ground got off of her, she still wasnt able to run, they made sure of it by guarding any entrances, and she knew the knife girl was higher up on one of the buildings. There was no hopping away from this one.

    Miruko was a strong hero, she kicked villains in the face and still looked cute while doing it! But she would be lying if she said she wasn’t even a little scared of what Shigaraki could be thinking of in that moment.

    His eye narrowed behind the hand covering the majority of his face “How do I know you’re not just trying to betray us later?” Miruko had rehearsed the answer to this question a thousand time. She puffed her chest out so she could stabilize her already quivering voice “Because I’m fuckin’ sick of how they treat us mutant heroes! It’s like I’m a joke to them! Something needs to change and I’m gonna knock it into em’!”

    The scarred man’s eyes narrowed at her, but he didn’t announce any suspicions. The magician didn’t say anything either, they turned to their leader, who had been judging her silently the whole time.

    “…I’ll talk about it with everyone else. Now leave, I’ll find you later.” He turned on his heel and turned the corner, and like that, he was gone.

    Miruko was eventually accepted by the league though and the paranormal liberation front by extension. Spinner had sympathized with her being discriminated against for the way you were born, eventually being the closest to her out of the league first.

    The rabbit woman ended up learning a lot about how these people became villains, it was depressing to see how society had failed all of these people. The only difference between her and spinner is that she had already been accepted into a hero school before the hero killers message was spread to everyone.

    Shigaraki was the toughest shell to crack, it took months of small talk with no responses to even get his crimson eyes to even glance at her in annoyance. But she eventually found something they both had in common.


    She had brung up that she was in lots of pro tournaments before she even became a sidekick, and that it showed her how unfair it treated the lower heroes. Which wasn’t a total lie, sidekicks were treated like disposables, but it’s to find out which ones had the guts to take on pressure! At least, that’s what she wanted to keep telling herself. She couldn’t afford to start believing Shigaraki’s ideologies, not when she’s come so far.

    “Oh? What’s your record for nergigante on monster hunter? Mine’s five minutes with the hammer.” That was the first real sentence Shigaraki had ever spoken to her since she joined, and frankly, she found herself wanting him to talk to her more “Well, I dont have a whole ‘lota time to play anymore. But I think I had fifteen minutes with the bow?”

    A friendship had formed, slowly but surely. Shigaraki would invite her to play new games that he thought she’d enjoy with him, and in return she’d tell him little things about the heroes that he could use. It wasn’t much, but it made him happy. She found herself wanting him to be happier too.

    She was his perfect match, someone who wasn’t scared to speak their mind around them, strong and independent, a challenge. They constantly bantered about which weapon was the best, or the best backstory, or who was cheating in uno, (it was him, he kept dusting his cards) he found himself talking to her about his past too.

    “Master found me and gave be an escape. At the time, I didn’t know he was All For One. I dont think anyone could’ve expected that. But he picked me up when no one else wanted to before he knew what my quirk was, that must mean he’s already better than those other stupid heroes right?” He didn’t expect an answer from her, he didn’t want one. He was just glad he could finally trust someone, and have someone listen.

    The white haird woman felt her ideologies collide with each other, this was Tomura Shigaraki. An S rank villain, a murderer, and a terrorist. But the one she saw in front of her was just… Tomura. A guy who liked playing games a little too much, someone who would do anything for his allies, and making fun of those tiny sandwiches they hand out at every meeting, but still eats them anyway.

    What had she gotten herself into?

    “Doctor said he could give me Master’s quirk. But it’s gonna take four months. So you can hold down the fort right?” Shigaraki had brung it up out of the blue while she watched him play modern warfare two on the TV. She had gotten extremely close with him in this time so they spent a lot of time together when there wasnt paperwork to be filled, hero things to do, or meetings to attend.

    She knew Hawks was around doing the same thing too, she had passed him in the halls on occasion, but his investigation was more of a struggle. He had such a loud mouth and he didn’t know when to shut up, he got along well with Twice though, so he had gotten somewhere at least.

    “You got it boss! I’ll kick Dabi into hell if he starts slackin’!” She did a fake salute, Shigaraki didn’t laugh, but he still smiled, which was his version of a laugh. Which made her feel better, knowing she could still make him smile.

    She was doomed from the start.

    She had informed the hero commission of Shigaraki being out of commission for four months to get some sort of “upgrade” leaving out the part about All For One, deep down, she just couldn’t fucking do it. Even though she had already set the league up for failure.

    And now here she was, outside of where Shigaraki was being held. The plan was simple, allow his body enough time to develop so he could survive when they apprehended him, then interrogate him and put him in Tartarus right next to his master.

    So… here he was.

    She had busted into the lower levels of the hospital quickly, knocking out any PLF members she recognized on the way. Now face to face with Shigaraki’s vat, she shattered it with ease and had the quirk erasing cuffs in hand.

    “..Wh.. bunny? What’s going on? I’m cold.” Miruko cringed at the nickname Tomura had given her, her ears flattening for just a moment before standing up and alert again. She put on her hero voice so she didn’t sound like she was pained by any of this “Tomura Shigaraki! You are under arrest for murder, terrorism, and being a danger to society! Please hand yourself over without a fight and we can end this quickly!” She held the cuffs out to him and prayed, she prayed so hard that he would just take the cuffs.

    “Please Tomura, I can make it so you don’t have to serve life in Tartarus, you can start over! We can get you a good job and everything, just don’t make this harder than it has to be.” Miruko pleaded, which was so out of character for her. She was such a no-nonsense woman, and here she was, pleading with a terrorist.

    Shigaraki looked at the cuffs, then back at her, and laughed. He was laughing so hard tears were falling, or were those actual tears?

    “Tomura? Why are you laughing-” Shigaraki stood up and pinned her down faster than she could finish her sentence “No! It’s funny! Look, five fingers! I’m laughing see!? Can’t you fucking tell?” He pushed her head harder into the concrete basement floor.

    Kicking hadn’t done Miruko any good, it was like he was made of steel. Shigaraki laughed like a mad man, but if you knew him for as long as Miruko had, you could see the shock and anger in his eyes. “Look! I’ll tell a funny joke too! See?!” He had torn one of Miruko’s ears off her head, leaving a clear trail of blood that coated her white hair easily.

    He had held the now torn off ear with his free hand up to his head “Look at me! I’m the little bunny whore who thought it was fucking funny to fuck with Tomura Shigaraki!” But Miruko could barely hear it, all she could hear was the blood pumping throughout her head.

    “Aw! Are you gonna run to the heroes now? That fuzzy little tail between your legs?” Shigaraki brung his leg up to step on Miruko’s shins until they broke. The scream she let out was silent, making all of the air leave her body.

    “Was it fun? Was it fun playing me for an idiot?!” Shigaraki yelled in her face, his spit getting all over her but he didn’t care. “Well guess what?! All of that work! For fucking nothing! Because now I’m going to send you to hell with the rest of these shitty heroes!” He was crying now, tears flowed freely from his face but he was still smiling at her.

    “T… Tomu.. come on-” Miruko tried choaking out a final plea to him, for him to come to his senses. He had only pushed her into the concrete harder “It’s Shigaraki, you don’t have any fucking right to call me that!” He was right, she didn’t, she had betrayed his trust when she was the only person he had let get that close to him in so long.

    “Consider this, my parting gift. You get to die quickly.”


    Shigaraki had activated decay, decimating the hospital and everything around him, Miruko crumbled within seconds.

    He was stupid,

    Why did he ever trust a hero out of all people?

    Why was he even crying for her? He didn’t care.

    All heroes are the same, no matter how much he wanted to tell himself she was different.

    #bnha#mha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #league of villains #tomura shigaraki#shigaraki tomura#tenko shimura#dust bunny#dustbunny #shigaraki x miruko #angst#mha fic#bnha imagines#bnha fic
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  • 💕 In look por РeҜeŋŋД βØЋм
    Via Flickr:
    Hair Wasabi // Zuika New @UBER
    Skin [Glam Affair]  Josie Applier [ Genus ]  New @ACCESS
    Acessories [Glitzz] BDay Crown GACHA - New The Epiphany
    _CandyDoll_ Amara Blouse - PHATPACK New @Collabor88 Event
    _CandyDoll_ Amara Shorts - PHATPACK New @Collabor88 Event
    *Versions: Maitreya , Freya , Legacy/Perky, Hourglass.
    _CandyDoll_ Amara Heels - PHATPACK New @Collabor88 Event
    *Versions: Maitreya , Slink , Legacy , Belezza.
    The scene
    tarte. ivy chevron trellis (white)
    dust bunny . folding fur chair
    FOXCITY. Photo Booth - Flutter (Blush) (Rez) - SATURDAY SALE
    Pose - Sweet Art - Bea Breathing Series New La Vie En Pose

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  • Backdrop • Cafe de Rowne [RARE]  • Rowne

    Bush • Night Soil Planter [D] • Onsu

    Poses • Foodie 3 + 4 • FOXCITY

    Sunglasses • 47 [Mustard] • Len$

    Hair • Gigi Hairstyle • #Foxy @ Collabor88

    Tee • Nell Rolled Tee [Iron] • Pseudo @ Collabor88

    Bracelet • Blunt Bracelet • Kibitz @ Collabor88

    Pants • “I’m so Fancy” Jeans • ROULY

    Coffee • Frech Press [Silver] ◤Coffee Confections Set◢ • Random Matter @ Collabor88

    Coffee & Ice Cream • Affogato ◤ Coffee Confections Set◢ • Random Matter @ Collabor88

    Baileys • Martini ◤ Coffee Confections Set◢  • Random Matter @ Collabor88

    Plant • Monstera Leaves  • Dust Bunny

    Phones • Selfie Phone x • Lueur

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  • I’m learning to fly by Pretty Pixels
    Via Flickr:
    www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5BJXwNeKsQDRESSED adorsy: Ivonne Shorts Meva: Vivy Hand Jewelry Tableau Vivant: Starry Night Gacha - Windy - Redheads Juna: Emma Tattoo AuricA: Tria Leg Tattoo SETUP studiOneiro: In search of freedom Pose Dust Bunny & Consignment: Emma Flower Bicycle Consignment: The Cuddle Camper - Black .:revival:. Convent Table & Bench JIAN: Dashing Dalmatians - 17. Sandwich Thief Luanes World: Picnic basket LOCATION Luanes World

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  • I was talking to some friends on Discord, for some reson they always call Dust ‘’Dust Bunny’’ so i decided to give him Bunny ears! 

    Hope you enjoy~

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  • image

    I miss my dust bunny

    #ffvix #one day we will be reuntied #forgive crappy gif #dust bunny #has a rock #likes to interrupt important meetings to show people its rock
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  • Please for the love of god give me more dustbunny content, I am in need of the rare pair. I need fanfiction, fanart- literally anything.

    #shigaraki#dust bunny#miruko #shigaraki x miruko
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  • #dabi x reader #dust bunny #mirko x shigaraki #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #crack#request #no idea anon #gender neutral reader #shigaraki tomura#mha mirko#mha dabi#bnha dabi #mha x reader #bnha x reader #bnha fanfiction#mha fanfiction
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