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  • stincorrect
    18.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    (At a Sleepover) Dustin: How do girls know that they’re off their periods? Do their vaginas ding or something? Max: An elf pops out and throws confetti at us and yells “You’re free! See you next month.” Lucas: So you give birth to an elf every month? El: Yes. Mike: So that’s how Santa gets his elves. Will: *facepalms*

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  • zoomersandlosers
    18.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    I love how stranger things really highlights the fact that all twelve year olds are menaces to society

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  • stevesbqt
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Billy: *eats spaghetti * ow , shit I just bit my tongue and it really really hurts!

    Steve: quit bitching I bite it all the time , you never seem to complain.

    Dustin: *slams his utensils down* JUST ONE MEAL. CAN’T WE HAVE ONE NORMAL MEAL?!!

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  • void--shouting
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Episode List For “Mystic & Magic of Shadow Lake”

    Ep.1: Pilot - There is a hidden world parallel to our own, and the divide is crossed when vampires look to drain a high school dry, but who is this fifteen year old who dares to stand in their way?

    Ep.2: Don Quixote - An old man finds youthful strength and stamina when wearing a magical medallion, that is also driving him mad. When he sets his sights upon Raven Rose, it becomes a race against time to save her before the old man makes her his “perfect bride”.

    Ep.3: Short Fuse - Blowing up in anger takes on new meaning when a student finds she literally explodes with energy whenever she’s overloading with anxiety. She might not want to hurt anyone at first, but will that change with the right target in sight?

    Ep.4: Time Warp - Aaron, Raven, Ace, and Judy go on a field trip from their current time to the year 2005. No Tardis, or DeLorean at hand, the friends must discover another way home before time erases them from existence.

    Ep.5: Fiend - Supplied with pills that pull people into addiction, a high school senior gets locked into dependence on a drug whose side effects involve fire breathing. Who is this senior willing to burn in order to get more of his fix?

    Ep.6: Stutter - You can’t repeat the past, but a down on his luck man is willing to put that theory to the test, no matter who he has to kill to do so. Armed with teeth that can turn concrete into sand, he will win back his ex one way or another.

    Ep.7: Pressure - Rule one of dealing with witches, never piss them off. A rule that had been broken, and now the local witch has setup a magically trapped maze to toy with her teenage enemy. Adding more fuel to the fire, the witch upped the stakes by placing Judy in direct danger.

    Ep.8: Vampire - When she needed her most, Raven’s best friend returned to school. This return hasn’t come toothless, in fact it’s sporting razor sharp fangs. In the end, will Raven be able to help her friend, or will she have to lose her?

    Ep.9: Evil Angel - Warnings are told from a spirit of what’s to come. A demon will be summoned by the witch, but how it plays out is up to the choices of our heroes.

    Ep.10: Prospero - Possessed by a wicked demon, the witch’s power is used in tandem with the demons to reign hell upon the town without mercy. If the demon is to be gotten rid of, it’ll take a major sacrifice, one which there may be no return from.

    Free Kindle Ebook

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  • frogboyandzombieface
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    gUYSSSS omg 😭😭😭wtf thank you all so so much!!! ive legit like only had this sideblog for like a month or sumn ahh u guys r mad thank u ily all!!! 💖💗💓💖💞💝💞💓💗💝💗💞💖💕💝💞

    ive decided ill do some st art requests to celebrate ! so if u guys have any requests send em to me pls :)) 💕u can check out my art thru my tag "tilly's art" thank u guys again like !!! i don't even know what to say lol

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  • izzymeadows
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Steve: What do you call a fish with no eyes?

    Dustin: Myxine Circifrons


    Steve: Fsh

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  • frogboyandzombieface
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    bitch is rewatching stranger things for the first time since last year and OH MY GOD I MISSED ALL THESE LITTLE CHARACTERS IN THIS LITTLE UNIVERSE 🥰🥰💞💞💖💞💞💓💖💕💞💓💖💕💞💞🥰💓💖💓💞💝💕💖💗💞💓💕💝💓theyre just so small and tiny and cute !!! steve's hair !!!!!! mama bear joyce !!! hopper the angsty alcoholic dad !! nancy and her white fingerless gloves !!!!!

    #they are literally ... so small.... #THE PARTY IS SO CUTE N TINY #man i missed this show #only up to ep 5 s1 so far #tilly.txt #stranger things#byler#byeler#will byers#el hopper#dustin henderson#lucas sinclair#mike wheeler#max mayfield
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  • frogboyandzombieface
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    guys let me know where u think steve harrington fits under the girlboss-malewife spectrum

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  • azzzoe
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Analysing the ST Season 3 Teleplay

    PART 1

    (I got the teleplays (official scripts) off 8flix, which I will link here.)

    So I spent some time looking through the last moments of the s3.ep8 script, and I think it’s actually more byler-coded than we thought. Obviously, scripts are only meant to suggest the briefest moments, the directors job is to explain the lines, and the message/tone, and the actors job is to portray this.

    At first I was disappointed by the Byler scene after reading the script, especially since it felt very bland/lifeless and there was no sense of “suggestiveness” like there was in the final scene (but, as I explained earlier, this is because it’s just a script).

    Anyways, here’s the scene:

    It’s short, compared to the other goodbye scenes (more on that later*). However, the first line, “Mike is helping pack”, implies that they’ve been in here together for a while, alone. In the final take, though, we see Will walking into the room Mike’s in. It’s still possible they were in here together before, since the script doesn’t say anything about Will entering his room. It’s also possible there’s more to this scene than we were shown (I couldn’t get the video file onto this, so I’ve just linked someone’s video of the scene-credit to Itsstranger on yt).

    The main thing I’ve realised when watching this scene is the extreme contrast between it and the mileven goodbye. Mike’s facial expressions (which we know are pretty iconic) are completely different. In this scene, we feel that the two characters really understand what the other is saying, even with the deeper subtext that comes with their dialogue.

    “Whoa. Dude, that’s the donation box”, Mike says (let’s note that Will ignores him when entering the room, and even begins to leave, but Mike still insists on starting conversation). Mike saying this, and the (concerned?) facial expression that comes with it shows that over the course of the 3 months, he has obviously seen how he was wrong to disapprove of Will still wanting to play D&D, like a “little kid”. 

    Will proceeds to say, “I know, I’ll just use yours when I come back”, pausing for a beat, then saying, “I mean, if we still wanna play.” 

    Let’s decode this a little more. Will’s first line is pretty blatant, but his second one could have multiple subtexts. “If we still wanna play”, could also mean “If we still wanna hang out together”, or, “If we still wanna be friends”.

    To which Mike is quick to answer with, “Yeah, but”, before this next line, he glances to the side, hesitating, “What if you want to join another party?”

    Will then looks him up and down, and says, smirking, “Not possible.” The exchange ends here, but their last expressions say much more than the prior dialogue.

    This is Mike’s face after Will says they can still be friends:

    This is Mike’s face after El says she loves him:

    but more on that scene later.

    also, may I mention Will’s smug little grin as he struts away

    if you make that face with ur friends, I think there’s something you need to tell them.

    Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that this, in my opinion, was a flirty interaction. In fact, I can’t recall one quite like it in any other moments of the series (At least, not between Mike + someone else, or Will + someone else)

    Now, there are only two other personal goodbyes shown in these last few scenes. These being between Jancy (Jonathan + Nancy) and Mileven (Mike + Eleven). Both of these exchanges are between ‘couples’ or ‘ex-couples’, depending on where Mike and Eleven stand at the end of the season (we aren’t properly told). So, it makes you wonder why they would include a Byler goodbye as well. To anyone lazily watching, the scene wouldn’t really add much to the conclusion, and it’d just be more of a filler. But, this is the Duffer brothers, nothing is without value, and every little detail makes an impact. 

    AND, not forgetting that their interaction. was. flirty.

    Anyways, I’m going to discuss the Mileven goodbye, because boi is there a lot to unpack. 

    I won’t show the script for this scene because it’s quite long, but I noticed that the settings says it’s El’s room, when it’s actually visibly Will’s room (because of the unique wallpaper, and the teddy bear is also his-more on that later)

    Here’s a link to the scene (credit to M Entertainment on yt)

    I’ll mention here that in this show, bears represent Will, and during this whole scene El is holding the bear (Will) between them. I’ll link the analysis for that here (slides 77-79).

    Mike also says “And I was thinking you could come up here for Christmas,” quickly adding, “and Will, too”. Showing that even when thinking about El, he’s subconsciously thinking about Will (sort of).  

    He then says, “I was thinking Christmas Day could be super fun, because we’d have cool new presents to play with and, uh...sorry. That made me sound like a seven-year-old.” We all know that Mike has conflicting feelings linking ‘childhood’ and his ‘younger years’ to times when he felt more inclined to Will, and how he now dismisses them as just being that; childish. I’d also like to highlight the use of the number 7 in this show, and how it has many connections to Will and Mike (separately and together).

    (Also, Mike seems like waay less of a jack*ass at the end of season 3)

    This is how the next few moments were scripted

    I feel like with all this reference to ‘presents’, there could be some symbolism behind it. Since he links being childish to liking presents, and he also links being childish to liking Will, I have a little theory that presents = boys/Will. 

    Mike also has a very sheepish grin when he says, “I like presents too”, so I dunno.

    After this, as El walks away, it keeps cutting to Mike’s face. In the script, it says:

    Although it’s possible Mike is angry with himself for acting so ‘childish’, it’s quite plausible that his reaction is him feeling that he needs to end things for real with El. After this, it just keeps getting gayer and gayer.

    (El is talking about when he confessed his ‘love’ for her)

    is this really something you would deny/pretend to not know about if you didn’t have conflicted feelings about it?

    “heat of the moment stuff”, as in he didn’t actually mean it?

    let’s take a lil looksies at this kiss...

    doesn’t mike look soooo into it?

    and his expression as she walks away?

    okay, thank you, that concludes my notes on the mileven scene

    but WAIT, there’s more

    During Hopper’s letter, there are specific instructions in the script to show Will and Mike at specific parts of the voice over. There’s also lots of subtle queercoding throughout the whole letter, but I will talk about the scenes that are obviously referencing Mike and Will. 

    As he says this, Mike is at the forefront of both shots

    It literally zooms in on Mike in this next bit

    Board games also have a huge significance within the group, and it’s a special aspect of their bond. However, it zooms in on Mike right before Hopper says “And I miss playing board games every night”.

    In the next part, Hopper reads,

    “But I know you’re getting older. Growing. Changing”

    (zooms in on Mike AGAIN as Hopper says ‘changing’, whilst everyone else bikes away)

    As Mike bikes away, Hopper begins to say “I don’t want things to change”, and it cuts to Will. TO WILL. Jonathan even gives him a little look I-

    “So I think that’s maybe why I came in here,” it says, and Mike literally walks into his living room, obviously upset.

    “To try to maybe, stop that change” Karen sees him, and he immediately walks in for a hug. 

    It continues, but these shots of Mike were not random. And it parallels this scene (in which Mike is crying about Will, not El.)

    ANyways, thank u for listening, I am done. if u want me to ‘analyse’ anymore byler/other teleplays/scenes I am happy too.

    have a great day, and happy stranger things watching :)

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  • stincorrect
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Dustin: *preparing to give the plan to Steve, Robin, and Erica* Dustin: Scoops Troop! Dustin: I stand before you, because if I were behind you, you wouldn’t see me. Robin and Erica: …? Steve: … Steve: *clears throat* Moving on.

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  • crimetimecrow
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Just testing the waters- if I were to try to organize, like, a Stranger Things Spring Break gift exchange for art, fic, moodboards, videos, (all ships, characters, etc.), would anyone be willing to participate? I’d probably start the prep sometime in February and have the fics distributed sometime in late March. Like if you’d be interested, rb to spread the word, and comment if you’d be willing to be a deputy for me.

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  • strangely-radiant
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Just a Little Game 1- Steve Harrington x OC Henderson!Reader

    Pairing: Steve Harrington x OC Henderson!Reader

     Note: Please note that all of my one shots, OC readers and all Stranger Things content will be posted in full on my Wattpad account. I take no ownership of Stranger Things and give The Duffer Brothers and Shawn Levy all credit for character and plot development and creation. 

    Summary: The trauma of the Upside Down was no stranger to Rilynne Henderson, she had been there when Will went missing, she was attacked when her brother Dustin brought Dart home and well, she was pretty close to the party after that. Covering up a government secret was one thing but trying to live normally after it was another. Not to mention the fact that the one person other than her brother that understood everything was no longer your boyfriend. 

       Dustin had been gone most of the summer, which was weird for you to say the least. It was hard to fathom, with everything that you knew about Hawkins lab, about Eleven and about the Upside Down, leaving Hawkins seemed wrong. Going to college was still very important to you but it was on the back burner. It wasn’t like you could afford it right now anyway, so you decided to take a gap year and try and earn your way. Colombia could wait, the Upside Down, that couldn’t.  

     Even though El had closed the gate, you just had a feeling that something else, something worse, was coming. Maybe it was from the demodog attack, maybe it was seeing Will possessed and almost die before your very eyes but the trauma lived with you. Always.

     You decided to stay back at the house and help the party give your brother a little welcome home surprise. After all, he deserved it especially since what he was coming home to was about to be very different than what he was used to. Mike and El were dating and spending ample time together, Max and Lucas were some kind of thing, and well, Steve and I weren’t talking. But Dustin definitely didn’t know that yet. You didn’t even know how to break it to him.


     “This is Gold Leader, returning to base. Do you copy? Over.” Dustin spoke into his walkie-talkie the moment he got in signal range. It had been a long, successful and transformational month. He had so much to show and tell the party and he wanted to do it as soon as possible. That was if they even remembered he was coming back today.

     “I repeat: This is Gold Leader, returning to base. Do you copy? Over.” He said again slightly annoyed.

     He only got static back.

     “I repeat—This is goddamn Gold Leader…” He yelled now frustrated and disappointed.

     “Dusty!” His mother spoke harshly.

     “What?” The boy asked unaware what the issue was.

     “Relax for goodness sake.”

     “I'm in range. They should be answering.” He was disappointed and a little confused.

     “You've been away a whole month, honeybun. Maybe they just...forgot.”

     “Even my sister? MY SISTER! Forgot?”

     Dustin couldn’t fathom that. They were his best friends. And at the very least, his own sister would remember. She was too, Rilynne, to forget.

     Upon his return home he found it vacant, almost like no one, not even his sister cared that he was coming home. So, as he entered his room he sighed and dropped his duffle bag on his bed in disappointment.

     But just on the other side of the wall stood his friends his sister.

     “Well at least someone’s happy I’m home.” He said quietly.

     Suddenly, his robot began to move on its own accord, beeping and gliding towards him as his monkey began clashing its cymbals following the robot. All of his animatronic figurines and toys slowly began to flee from his room and gather in the living room stopping abruptly. Hair spray (courtesy of Steve Harrington) in hand as a weapon he followed his toys to the living room.

     “It’s just a dream…. You’re dreaming.”

     Someone screamed, “now!”

     “Welcome home!” You yelled from behind the party.

     Poor Lucas didn’t see it coming as Dustin sprayed him in the eyes, full on, with hair spray.

     “Dustin!” You yelled concerned as you rushed over to Lucas.

     “I got it.” Max said as she took him to the kitchen to run his eyes under the sink.

     “I was beginning to think you guys forgot about me.” Dustin laughed but was glad that they hadn’t.

     “How could we?” You said with a smile.

     “Ry wouldn’t let us, she’s been hanging out with us ever since you left.” Mike said with slight annoyance but he couldn’t be too mad. She was his first crush after all.

     Dustin laughed and then took in what he had just said, “wait, all summer?”

     Oh no, now wasn’t the time.

     “Lucas,” you yelled, “let’s try some milk, it’ll help with the stinging.” You started toward the kitchen to help him and to avoid talking to Dustin about what happened with Steve.

     “Yeah, all summer, it’s been great!” Will chided not seeing why it was an issue. He loved being able to play D&D with her and since she was always around the rest of the party wanted to be too. It felt almost normal again for Will. With the exception of Mike and El constantly going off and making out alone. That was annoying.

     “What happened with…” Dustin started but Mike him off.

     “We don’t know,” he shrugged, “but when we brought it up she…” Mike shuddered remembering what happened when he last asked about Harrington.

     “She what?” Dustin questioned his eyes wide.

     “I don’t want to get into it. She had a bat at the time and well, she’s your sister, so you know how she is.” Mike explained.

     Dustin stepped back nervously, “I guess I’ll just have to ask Harrington then.”

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  • zoomersandlosers
    14.01.2022 - 3 days ago


    friendships I’m excited to see explored (hopefully) in s4 + their vibes

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  • stincorrect
    14.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Dustin: *wearing an apron* Steve! Lucas: *also wearing an apron* Steve, you’re home! Steve: Wha-- Mike: *wiping down kitchen counter* I cleaned the whole house for you. Will: *opening oven* I made dinner! Max: We’re glad you’re back. El: Welcome home! Steve: Guys please, this is an IKEA, you’re gonna get us kicked out.

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  • frogboyandzombieface
    14.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    guys mayhaps i have byler fic recs ?? 🥺i really need some new content to read i havent read many byler fics yet

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  • remuslupinenthusiast
    13.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Stranger Things Characters As Things My Friends Have Said:

    Dustin to Mike: I wanted to apologize for calling your dad a skanky whore

    Steve giving Dustin advice about girls: You know what they say- if you can make her laugh and giggle you can make her cheeks clap and jiggle

    Max: The girls and the gays? No the girls ARE the gays

    The boys on Halloween: You just got ghost busted!

    Lucas: In this day and age you’re either really sexy or a good driver

    Nancy: I wish johnathan would give me a ride

    Mike: on his dick

    Mike to Will: That’s as straight as you. And it’s crooked so

    Nancy: I feel like I’m always hating on men but like…why can’t they be better?

    Steve: Sure, I think it’d be great to be physically overpowered

    Hopper: Have you been drinking? I wish I was

    Will watching Mike and El: I’m ready to gag and throw up at any moment

    Steve: This is my “you’re late for curfew and I’m your father” pose

    Dustin: I never had a father

    Steve: I’m sorry johnathan if I hurt your feelings by punching you in the face two times

    #stranger things #stranger things incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#steve harrington#mike wheeler #mike wheeler is bi #will byers #will byers is gay #el hopper#joyce byers#johnathan Byers#nancy wheeler#robin buckley#max mayfield#lucas sinclair#dustin henderson #stranger things 2 #stranger things 3 #stranger things 4
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  • starkeydanly
    13.01.2022 - 5 days ago


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  • frogboyandzombieface
    13.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    i just want mike to sneak out to talk to will through cerebro ok💀

    dialogue if u cant read my shit writing:

    will: so you snuck out all the way to cerebro just to talk to me? i hope it's not freezing up there...

    mike: it kind of is, if im honest. you're lucky to be in california right now.

    (click for better quality!!)

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