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  • m0mmyxsuckyxsucky2
    20.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Dust x reader hcs

    Idk what I’m thinking here, I’m just kinda bored and it’s 2 am here.

    General hcs.

    I headcanon dust as a introverted guy.

    So if it comes to a relationship... well, that’s gonna be difficult.

    If you’re also an introverted person, he will most likely like you.

    He doesn’t really talk, so if it comes to compliments, then ehhh. He will give them but it’s not really much (so feel special when he does🤨).

    His favorite way to give affection is physical touch.

    PDA isn’t his favorite thing, but if it’s needed.. oh boy, he’ll go as far as he could.

    For example, he’d hold your hand, lean on you, maybe walk around the dusted town of his while telling puns and pick up lines.

    Oh and, With needed I mean, to get a satisfaction out of it. (Most of the time that is..)

    If you’ve known him before all of this madness began, be ready to be protected all the frisking time.

    If you didn’t know him before all of this madness, he’ll still be as protective as he is if you knew him before.

    He.. isn’t the best cook, but his cooking gets a 7/10 tbh.

    If you can’t cook, he’ll gladly cook for you, only if you give him some affection later ;)

    You know how we can get sick and all? This man doesn’t know shit about sicknesses.

    So be prepared to get hugged a lot and seeing a tearing up dust(might make a one shot about this scenario..👀)

    Btw get used with him randomly sleeping in your bed.

    The annoying thing is... after a killing spree, he might sleep in your bed with a blooded hoodie.

    He isn’t the type of guy to simp for you, but do if something for him, on your own will.

    At that point he might just worship you at the moment. But only a moment

    #dust sans #dust x reader #dust sans x reader #hcs#general headcanons #dust and his usual self #undertale au#dusttale#reader insert#x reader
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  • arichichansworld
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I'm always want it ink, blueberry and dream cat sans plushies. I wanna hug them so.... tight🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😺😺😺. They need protection.

    Art by @arichichansworld

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  • janeelyakiri
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    warm up doodles of Polly and their bonefriends

    Dust's based off this panel from Way of the House Husband

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  • sharaxofficial
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Aaa been so long since I did Undertale UTAU stuffs, feels fun to be back~

    Haven't worked with their vocs in a while so I thought I'd bring them back for nostalgia with a Dusttale inspired song!~ ^-^ Hoping to get back to Deltarune remixes now that I've finished this song~ (「・ω・)「

    ➤ Video version with animated lyrics

    🡻[Lyrics Below Cut]🡻

    [Papyrus 0:02] Was it worth it? Burning every single bridge you f@cking built? Gotta ask because I'm cur-ious, Think in 5 years? Do you think everything you did will be worth? Really hope it was a waste of time cuz- Truly, Your obsession's like a horrid little curse, Is there anything enough for you? Don't think so, I don't think you'll ever say that you'll be through, Don't think anything gets through to you.

    [Sans & Papyrus 0:26] I hope you get what you deserve, [I do]~ I hope that nothing ever works, [I do]~ I hope you try and fail at everything you do-

    [Sans 0:40] I hope that my success just slowly f@cks with you~

    [Sans & Papyrus 0:44] I hope you get what you deserve, [I do]~


    [Papyrus 1:35] Was it worth it? Burning every single bridge you f@cking built? Gotta ask because I'm cur-ious, Think in 5 years? Do you think everything you did will be worth? Really hope it was a waste of time cuz- Truly, Your obsession's like a horrid little curse, Is there anything enough for you? Don't think so, I don't think you'll ever say that you'll be through, Don't think anything gets through to you.

    [Sans & Papyrus 1:59] I hope you get what you deserve, [I do]~ I hope that nothing ever works, [I do]~ I hope you try and fail at everything you do-

    [Sans 2:13] I hope that my success just slowly f@cks with you~

    [Sans & Papyrus 2:16] I hope you get what you deserve, [I do]~

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  • mrfreshvane
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    El dust alias polvitos locos (≧▽≦)

    Murder :. @dusttale

    #dusttale#murder sans #bad guys sans
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  • star-glitch-family
    19.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Isn't that romantic? ;)

    #Undertale#Dusttale#Horrortale#Dust Sans#Horror Sans #Dust Sans x Horror Sans #Horror Sans x Dust Sans #DustHorror#HorrorDust
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  • kiomy-linos
    19.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    día 18: sacrificio

    Dust Sans: @ask-dusttale

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  • lover-of-skellies
    17.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Cross: Honestly, Dust, do you even remember the ABCs of first aid?



    Dust: A

    Dust: Bone

    Dust: Coming out of the skin is very bad 

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  • sanstheskeletonedgelord
    17.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    enjoy hearing dusttale sans singing made the singing voice for him my self enjoy 

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  • aeliem
    17.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    @orangesjuicee‘s DTIYS (again)

    changed the smoke colors to fit dust’s eyes the rendering was a pain but the smoke was surprisingly easy to draw

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  • lovecocpcoco
    17.10.2021 - 4 days ago


    By @uhhbananafrappe

    Day 13 .color.

    Day 14 .HATE. (dusttale)

    Day 15 .Love.

    Day 16 .Money.

    Franstober 2021

    I hope everyone like it ✨

    Enjoy ✨

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  • lukielu56
    16.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    A worthy challenge

    Yandere dust x Determined! male reader


    Warnings-blood, physical violence, bondage, and a bit of cuteness

    Requested by @eyebrownmilo


    It never occurred that someone could put up such fight against him, let alone a human. Even sneak attacks wouldn’t work.

    Usually when he fought them, he and them would walk away hurt and bruised but nothing serious. Even when the human got the better of him he thought that they would kill him.

    They would extend a hand with kindness, someone the skeleton hadn’t seen in years making him teleport away every time.

    And even when he himself had the human on the ropes, they would still fight back with a determined glint in their eyes.

    So soon enough he caught feelings for the human. Something he told himself he would never do.

    You woke up feeling floaty, as if you were above the ground. So when you opened your eyes you noticed that you were chained to wall seeing a familiar set of eyes.

    “Good morning love~”

    A deep voice purred before revealing himself.

    You sighed in annoyance.

    “Really dust?”

    You said as he cupped your chin and pulled you into a kiss. After a few minutes he pulled away with a loving look.

    “You don’t understand y/n. Throughout all of our battles I’ve grown attached to you.”

    He said as a blush formed on both of your faces.

    “Look dust I have the same feelings for but you didn’t have to go this far.”

    You chuckled as his blush darkened before you blinked and you were in bed with his hands around your waist. So hey now you have a possessive skeleton for a lover but this wasn’t that worst thing that could’ve happened


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  • lover-of-skellies
    16.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Nightmare: I know 200 different ways to kill a man

    Dust, trying to be helpful: You could glue an open jar of rats to his face then blow torch the other side of the jar so the rats have to eat their way out through his face


    Nightmare: 201

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  • ninabluestoneblog02
    16.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    14 day


    It's ok if you guys think it's a Dustbarry ship but I just contacted them with Error's Dolls those two had no idea XD.

    Blue: why I can't move hay Murderer put me down.

    Dust: I would love to Taco boi but too bad I can't move either...

    * the two continuing arguing*

    * Ink is trap in Error string also panicking and Error just chilling watching them *

    Error: no need to struggle yourself Squid.

    Ink: can you see I'm worried what if Dust do something to him.


    Error Sans: own by @loverofpiggies /CQ Crayon Queen

    Ink Sans: own by @comyet / @myebi

    Dust Sans: own by Evan Streblow

    Blueberry Sans: own by P0pc0rnPr1nce

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  • spiderh0rse
    15.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    the hyper-specific horror of looking for a Single Post where and undertale au character is not caught up in the whole dream sans or nightmare sans collectives. i just want their cannons, but i don't know if there's a way to filter out all that nonsense

    #yeah yeah undertale aus cringe w/e #dusttale is a fun premise but i dont want the goop man clogging up my search #same with aftertale tbh. ink sans get out of here i dont care for you
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  • ivyprism
    15.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Monster (Lyric Prompt.)

    Trigger Warnings: Death, sadness, near death, caps, swears, trauma, angst...


    Lucky holding her hands out as the stings wrap around her arms: You were my conscience...

    Lucky looking up towards Tusche: So solid... Now you're like water.

    Dusk jumping as water forms: Holy shit-

    Lucky stepping on the water as it waves reaching towards Tusche as the strings move: And we started drowning... Not like we'd sink any further.

    Tusche softly: Lucky...

    Lucky smiling innocently: But I let my heart go.... It's somewhere down at the bottom.

    Tusche: Lucky... I...

    Lucky gently placing her hands on his cheekbones: But I'll get a new one... And come back for the hope that you've stolen.

    Lenovo: Tusche-!

    *My Outcodes cover their eyes as Tusche is impaled by a bone. Tusche chokes up some ink and falls back.*

    Lucky: I'll stop the whole world... *She steps forward as Lenovo pulls Tusche back.*

    Dusk: Fall back!

    Lucky: I'll stop the whole world...

    Umbra: Shit-

    Lucky: From turning into a monster... Eating us alive.

    Cecilia: Tusche- Huh- *she freezes as she's quickly attacked by past Poison and Toxin. She stares wide eyed as they lunge at her.*

    Poison: *She uses her strings to pull Toxin back. She is trembling as she stares up at him*

    Lucky: Don't you ever wonder... How we survive?

    Pike: Galactica-! *She notices Galactica frozen in her place.*

    Galactica: Lunar... *She's crying as her eyes glow purple. The strings slowly grip her.*

    Lunar: Galactica! *She pulls her arrow back against the resistance the strings pose as she takes out shadow creatures charging at her frozen sister*

    Lucky chuckling: Now that you're gone... The world is ours.

    ----- In the past. ----

    Clover trapped in a void facing Tusche and Lenovo: I'm only human... I've got a skeleton in me.

    Lenovo: She could be just as dangerous...

    Tusche: I know... But she intends to kill us.

    Clover summon her weapon: But I'm not the villain... Despite what you're always preaching.

    *Clover lunges at them and they're taken back.*

    ---- In the Present ----

    Lucky, with a slight overlap with Clover's voice: Call me a traitor.

    Dusk pulling Bliss back who is frozen: What-?

    Pike staring as Dust fights the shadows of his past: DUST! *She jumps out of the way of an attack* Shit-

    Lucky pulls the strings as the duplicates form: I'm just collecting your victims... And they're getting stronger.

    Comet: Nightmare! Run! *He pulls Nightmare and Dusk back as an attack unfolds. He freezes as he's taken to a traumatic memory*

    Dusk: Comet-! Umbra!

    Umbra: On it!

    Lucky summoning more duplicates as Umbra attacks: I hear them calling... They're calling!


    Clover turns her head up as she walks with Hydrangea, Calla, and Magnolia as the world shakes: Huh...?

    Hydrangea: That's strange... We're not due for rain...


    Pike moves and blocks an attack on Poison by Toxin: Shit- SHIT-!

    Poison: Pike-!

    Lucky moves the purple strings: I'll stop the whole world... I'll stop the WHOLE world...

    Pike: *She uses magic to push duplicates back*

    Lucky watching as strings wrap around her more: From turning into a monster... Eating us alive!

    Galactica: Ha... *She's pulled back by her sister as the strings wrap around them* These strings-!

    Lucky smiling: Don't you ever wonder... How we survive? Because now that you're gone... The world us ours.


    Little Clover: We'll be together... Always.

    Little Lucky: Promise?

    Little Clover interlocking pinkies with Clover: Promise...

    *Their matching necklaces glow in the light*


    Dusk helping Comet and Bliss: C'mon, Acrylic... We're counting on you...

    Lenovo: *He pulls on his strings ready to fight Lucky*

    Lucky stepping as the ground turns to water: Well, you thought of strength and solutions... But I like the tension.

    Ink backing up: We can't keep going like this...

    Lucky staring coldly: And not always knowing the answers...

    Tusche coughing: Dammit-

    Lucky blankly staring: But you're gonna lose it... You're gonna lose it!

    Galactica: Fuck- Shit-!

    *A bright ball of light forms and the purple strings wrap around it. As it forms, and blasts, a bright wall of acrylic paint forms*

    Lucky as she attacks: I'll stop the whole world!

    Acrylic holding up one hand and opening an acrylic bottle with his teeth: Sorry, I'm late.

    Poison holding Pike: About time!

    Lucky continuing: I'll stop the whole world-!

    Acrylic aims his paint bottle down and squeezes: Got it-!

    *A portal opens*

    Lucky: From turning into a monster! Eating us alive!

    *Lenovo quickly jumps through it with Tusche. The others follow shortly after*

    Acrylic staring at Lucky: Lucky...

    Lucky: Don't you ever wonder... How we survived?! And now that you're gone...the world...


    Clover sitting beside Hydrangea watching the rain fall: Huh...

    Hydrangea: Interesting...


    Lucky collapsing to her knees: I'll stop the whole world! I'll stop the whole world... From turning into a monster... Eating us alive!


    Hydra: It's raining...

    Harper: Oh. Come ON! *She sighs in getting soaked*

    H opening her umbrella: It's not so bad...


    Lucky as the strings wrap around her: Don't you ever wonder... How we survive? Well, now that you're gone... the world is...

    *Lucky looking up at the duplicate she made of Clover. Clover isn't there, but it's enough for Lucky.*

    Lucky emotionally + Duplicate Clover montonously: Ours...


    Song: https://youtu.be/DmjSF7cnSGY

    Ink Sans by Mye Bi (Comyet)

    Error Sans by Lover of Piggies

    Dreamtale by Jokublog

    Killer Sans by Rahafwabas

    Dusttale Sans by Ask-DustTale

    @okay-kioko / @kiokodoodles @underfell-crystal @the1920sisntaphasemom @913cell

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