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  • misanthropiya
    02.07.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    do you know why i hate all this endless gender and sexualities kweer fad?

    because those people treat it like a subculture. they make it their whole aesthetic and personality. and in a few years, they will calm down. many will decide they're actually straight instead.

    and actual gay and lesbian, actual bisexual, hell, even actual transgender people will stay and suffer the consequences.

    #truscum#transmed#anti mogai#gender critical#radfem #terfs do interact #i might be a radfem but i am sympathetic towards actual trans people #i heard a trans man saying that he's tired of all the nbies taking up space in support groups #because they center themselves in the group and always leave after some time #while he is an actually dysphoric person who will have to live like this
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  • harringtn
    02.07.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    spraying lynx deodorant onto my hairy pits and sitting outside with my arm stretched behind my head was gender affirming as a woman actually. everything i do is what a woman would do bc I’m a woman :) and i find that pretty comforting

    #2 years ago that would have sent me into a dysphoric meltdown #now I’m like 😎 epic woman moment #dysphoria#ig#radfem safe
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  • spooky-rad-lukaa
    24.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I'm not really re transing out (for now probably, dysphoria crisis) but I've been getting anons from old followers that have been looking for me for months bc they didn't recognize me

    So I changed my username to fix the problem

    Revulvabullets69-> spooky-rad-lukaa

    #radfem#radical feminism #radical feminist community #radical feminists please interact #terf#terf friendly#terf safe #terfs please interact #radical feminist theory #dysphoric woman#dysphoric radfem
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  • rosalesbeausderholle
    21.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    This sounds far-fetched and utopic even to me but my hopes for the LGBT community is for this trans vs radfem war or whatever to pass and for us to be able to talk and discuss things without this toxic framework. To see each other as people again and not as ideological opponents and empathize with each other's experiencies EVEN IF other people's lives don't align with how we see the world. You know, to BE a community? That supports and uplifts one another?

    #in order to do that genital preference discourse needs to die for once #gay ppl aren't evil for being gay sorry #but so does the idea within radfem circles that all trans people are evil predatory homophobic misogynists bc that isn't it!!! #also we really need a more critical framework or gender roles and criticizing them but also to understand dysphoria and empathize w #dysphoric ppl #no matter their choices #liveblogging my life
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  • ariasoundblog
    05.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    If somebody calls something you do toxic/shitty/bad/whatever, before getting defensive and starting to insult the person (especially if they don't have the same gender identity as you), ask yourself "would I want a man to be held accountable for this?" ans instead of "this" put the thing you did. It's so easy to detect sexism and shitty behavior. The male gender doesn't follow the "can't be racist against white people" rule, you can be a complete asshole to a man who didn't deserve it and you can also be a complete asshole to a woman who 100% deserved it.

    #just to be clear: you CAN'T be racist against white people. you just can't. you can have prejudice against them #and often times they'll deserve it. #you can be sexist again men. #you can attack a man. #you can make him feel shitty/dysphoric/unsafe/triggered #and you'd be a fucking asshole for it. #this is meant for all the asshole defensive female readers and neonazi feminists and radfems and terfs and every other asshole like that #anti terf#anti radfem#anti sexism
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  • butch-female
    04.05.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • communalbong
    28.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    In the context of the broader post, I actually agree with the blog that said this (which is why I'm Not about to rant in the notes of that post) but i actually hate this rhetoric that trans people choose their oppression.

    I think in order to actually convince yourself that trans people are making up all of the problems that they face you have to completely ignore the fact that Many (not all, especially now that Anyone who is bored on social media is coming out as trans) trans people are dysphoric, and dysphoria is a mental illness.

    like its such a slap in the face to see ppl uncritically suggest that all of trans people's problems could be solved by us just Not identifying as trans, as if dysphoria only begins the moment you identify as trans, and will magically end as soon as you desist. I even agree that most of the "oppression" that trans people (particularly white & het trans ppl) is not actually systemic, nor is it the result of transgender hate (in the case of children not being allowed to transition -> that is due to medical safety and in the case of the "cotton ceiling" -> getting rejected by people is Not a form of oppression), but even if everyone who Wasn't dysphoric stopped identifying as trans, and even if therapy for dysphoria became a more popular treatment option than medical transition, dysphoric trans people would still exist.

    I really don't believe trans people (again, talking about actual transgender people, not just the weird liberal homophobes who dominate twitter) choose to be misinformed about the synthetic hormones and the invasive surgeries that they want on their bodies. I don't think trans people want to be pumped full of medication of which no one knows the long term effects, and then left to deal with the ramifications without any support or follow up from their clinic. And I dont think anyone, regardless of how deluded, bigoted, or trendy they are, chooses to have dysphoria.

    So, while none of these things are oppression, to suggest that trans people are the makers of their own problems, when for the majority of the time trans people have been a thing (like idk, 40 years maybe) transition has been used solely to deal with quite a serious mental illness, seems a little fucking ridiculous to me. I know the trans community is heavily divided, and there are probably more trans-identifying people who aren't dysphoric now than there are trans people who Are dysphoric, but if you're going to make sweeping generalizations about trans people, you seriously need to consider first that a large portion of the people you're talking about are seriously mentally ill, and the Only treatment that they have Ever been marketed is medical and social transition.

    #my posts#trans#dysphoria#radblr#gender critical#radfem #i considered @ing the person i screenshotted bc i dont want to vague people But thats not the only blog ive seen saying this #and im not trying to pick a fight with her or anyone else anyways. #i just dont like being told over and over again that its my fault i have trans-related issues bc i ID as trans. #like a) its never a persons own fault that they struggle w mental illness and b) if i really thought i could reidentify and be chill i Would #its not so black and white that people can choose not to be trans. sure deciding to come out + transition IS a choice that each individual #gets to make. but its more complicated than just 'i will or i wont.' dysphoric ppl (who r already not thinking clearly about their bodies) #have to make the decisions that they think will lead to the most relief and its not like we r getting super great advice on how 2 do that #(inb4 anyone comes @ me with 'this isnt about u' if ur gonna make sweeping generalizations about trans ppl like the op did #then it IS about me. the point of generalizing statements is so that u can criticize Everyone in a specific movement #so that very much Does include all the dysphoric TIFs that yall cant decide if u actually support or not. #This is why they teach you not to make bold definitive statements in high school)
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  • femalebrained
    11.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    it’s funny when gendies think misgendering you is some big insult like sorry im normal and don’t care

    #also when they do it to a dysphoric radfem....lmao #tomboy talks
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  • radpower
    04.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    hello..... i’m a bit nervous because i’ve never really interacted with radfems as a dysphoric person before but i would just like to reach out for some help, if at all possible. to the dysphoric/detransitioned radfems: what are some things that helped you cope with your dysphoria? i’ve been really starting to question wether or not transitioning is something i want to do, and i’m trying to consider ways of dealing with dysphoria through other means before going down that path. anything at all helps, thank you.

    #radfems do interact #radfems please touch #radfems do touch #radfem#dysphoric radfem#detransition#detrans woman
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  • compassionfem
    25.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    I was talking with my partner about lesbian ~shenanigans~ and I had some kinda interesting questions to pose to other radfem lesbians: 

    Should (homosexual) trans men be included in lesbian separatism? Like would y’all let a trans man into your hypothetical lesbian feminist commune? Would you use the pronouns he prefers were he there? In general do you believe trans men can be lesbians (and therefore have the right to be involved in separatism) should they choose to claim it? This all assuming that the trans man in question is also radfem and relatively gender crit. 

    no judgement on any of the answers, just thought it was a kinda cool thought experiment:)

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  • normallesbian
    23.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    If I can’t embrace actual feminism fully, it’s because I genuinely can’t just lay down and let horrible women be horrible. I do think all women are unified in that we are, to some agree, oppressed or under threat on the basis of sex. We are all under threat of male violence or rape or forced pregnancy. We all suffer because medicine prioritizes studying male bodies. Etc. But I’m not willing to lay down and play nice kind pretend for horrible women.

    #I stand for women as a class #I’m sorry I know I’m on a soapbox today like crazy but I saw a braindead take that I’ve let rot in my head all day #like. I’m a lesbian. I am dysphoric. I’m gnc. #I don’t have sympathy for women who use those things to shit on people and hurt other people like them. I don’t. #I don’t have empathy for women who abuse other women and joyfully help to hold other women down #under the expectation that at least they themself benefit from it #I don’t have empathy or sympathy for that kind of behavior. it’s fucking atrocious #Idk why like I haven’t even done anything to make fun of EP on here #but watching so many radfems lick her metaphorical wounds is driving me CRAZY as a fucking #other lesbian going through similar shit she is #like!! no! that doesn’t excuse her bullshit! #(am I worried about her weight loss still because of the overlap between eds and dysphoria? yeah. she looks unhealthily thin.) #but like y’all are acting like the shit she’s doing is as if a non-TIF was doing this #and this is different #this isn’t a woman dressing and living comfortay #*comfortably #this is a woman saying ‘well because I’m a man now I can live comfortably and how I want’ #which is not only wrong but regressive as fuck and is a total joke #I’m sorry I’ll delete this later I’m just pissed to fuck and back #this isn’t even just about EP it’s just this overall attitude of coddling women who promote horrible things #I don’t know i feel like shit for even doing and saying all this #I’ll just stop here
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  • les-bisoux
    11.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Dysphoric radfems sound off with tips on how you deal with it

    #terfs please interact #radfems interact#radfem #terfs do interact #terf safe#dysphoric terf
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  • compassionfem
    20.02.2021 - 5 monts ago

    To all dysphoric females:

    Please, please do not take transition lightly. I am begging you. I know so many of you have more access to hormones than therapy (which is vile, by the way), but truly don’t decide on this before you can see an unbiased mental health professional. Transition is not the answer for most, and there IS hope that you can come to accept your body as it is. Take it from a desisted female who has been there.

    I care for you all, and please feel free to message me. I promise I will not judge you, no matter your opinion. You deserve someone to listen that won’t uncritically accept every choice you make. That isn’t true support. People that care about you will always want to make sure you are doing what will help you the most. 

    #tirf #trans inclusive radical feminism #trans female#afab#ofab#cafab#radfem#dysphoric#dysphoric females#dysphoria#trans positive #female rights are human rights #radical feminism #radical feminist safe #radfems please interact #radfems do touch #radfems please touch #radfem safe#terfsafe
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  • reallesbian
    12.02.2021 - 5 monts ago

    So, this has been something that I’ve seen an uncomfortable amount that’s been on my mind a lot as a dysphoric lesbian and it’s a really like, uncomfortable thing?

    I don’t know how many others have seen the MTFs who almost fetishize transmasculinity/dysphoric femalehood? The ones who call themselves butch, who bind, who try so hard to encapsulate the “typical” transmasculine or butch look. Like, I’m not even an “anti-trans” radfem so to an extent I get it (especially because I know a couple very cool fem FTMs). Sex dysphoria doesn’t mean you have to be traditionally GNC. And I wouldn’t mind a MTF who just walked around in a flannel shirt and jeans who just wanted to be comfortable in her body provided she wasn’t pro-cotton ceiling, a rapist, not respectful, etc. But this is an entirely different thing to me.

    Let’s take binding for an example. I used to be active in a Twitter community with a lot of MTFs while under a different name and there was one in particular who seemed to fetishize transmasculinity and the idea of being a “cis” lesbian with dysphoria. He (I don’t use sex-based pronouns exclusively but I’m not respecting the pronouns of a fetishist) often posted about binding in a way similar to that of say, a young FTM getting his first binder. He talked about being excited to have enough breast tissue to have an excuse to bind and even mentioned that he got SRS and had been using a packer ever since.

    As a dysphoric female, you might imagine I found this really bizarre and unsettling because dysphoria, putting it nicely, isn’t exactly pleasant. I have a large chest I’ve struggled with binding and just from that I’ve had back pain, decreased lung capacity, and I’ve obsessed over how prominent my “binder bump” is. I’ve been afraid of the possibility of having broken a rib before because I fell asleep in my binder. And the idea of a MTF being excited to bind after growing breast tissue on E is horrifying to me because of all that. If you’re not a dysphoric female or a male with gynecomastia, why would you want to bind? It’s uncomfortable, often painful, and can really take a toll on your body in the long run. I’d personally give anything to have the tiny breasts that MTFs grow on E because it would save me so much misery. I just don’t understand why a MTF would be excited for something like that if he wasn’t fetishizing female dysphoria or trying to pass himself off as someone lesbians would actually want to sleep with.

    That being said, I do understand that there are legitimate reasons why MTFs may bind. If they’re not out to their job but are on hormones, for example, and other safety-related reasons. Those make sense, keep yourself safe. But if you’re excited to grow breasts because it gives you an excuse to bind and try to pass yourself off as a FTM? You can fuck right off. I understand wanting to be comfortable in your own body and your clothes but binding isn’t comfortable, even for a dysphoric female.

    Honestly what this feels like is another gross appropriation of female suffering. They love the aesthetic of appearing like a masculine dysphoric female, of binding, being “butch”. But it’s not theirs and they won’t ever know what it’s like to grow up with the extremely alienating experience of female dysphoria, female SSA, none of what they love to claim and covet. Like they really wanna be FTMs or cuspers so bad.

    #terf safe #terfs please touch #terfs do touch #radfem#radical feminism#radical feminist #radfems please interact #radfems please touch #radfems do touch #trans butch#lesbian#dysphoric lesbian#male appropriation
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  • female-boy
    31.12.2020 - 7 monts ago

    yknow... maybe another factor in lesbians transitioning to male is because now that’s the only way they can safely remove themselves from transbians’ dating pools

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  • gorydory
    23.12.2020 - 7 monts ago

    TRAs always use how trans people have dysphoria as an argument whenever it suits them, but if you say being transgender is contingent on having dysphoria (transmed/truscum) it's one of the most transphobic things you can say second only to being a terf. Why are dysphoric trans people so willing to lay down their life for non dysphoric people?

    #i feel like tras are not allowed to use the dysphoria argument if theyre anti transmed #which is pretty much all of them #dysphoric trans people are always the ones who just want to pass and live their life and who understand sex based oppression and sexuality #and the non dysphoric crowd is the the fucking neopronouns sex is a spectrum lesbians can like dick crowd #hoestly all dysphoric trans people should be transmeds #i feel so bad for them letting these sexist homophobes coopt their movement #its just like the libfems letting TIMs tell them about the female experience #knowing how transmed is perceived really would peak a lot of people who genuinely still think beinf trans = having dysphoria #it was probably one of my first peak moments when i was 16ish #gender critical#transmed#radfem#op
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  • journalisticintegrity
    06.12.2020 - 7 monts ago

    All the radfems who compare medical transition to self-harm, I genuinely hope you’re not talking to people who self-harm the way you talk to people who have medically transitioned.

    #I’ll expand on this tomorrow I just. it is not as good a comparison as you think. #and half of y’all aren’t coming from a place of empathy and compassion you just. are genuinely angry at those who transition #instead of being angry at the system that is experimenting on dysphoric people (especially kids) #or the society that’s created such a hostile environment for those with dysphoria or are gnc #cw self-harm #cw self harm #tw self-harm #tw self harm #ask to tag #radfem
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  • rosalesbeausderholle
    10.11.2020 - 8 monts ago

    I'm a lot more interested in building bridges with other women & female people (and yes, I'm using this specific wording very deliberately) and fostering solidarity within all of us as a class than what particular branch of feminism someone subscribes to. Not to say that that isn't important because it is for feminism as a movement, for policy-making, for writing the theories etc but we also just need a baseline sense of sympathy/sisterhood with the struggle that other people like us go through due to our sex. Having a strong community that doesn't tear at every little shake of it (ie: complete inability to empathize with other women & female people whose circumstances are different than yours, closing yourself off in niche groups that turn into echo chambers, being cruel towards anyone who steps out, selling out each other for male approval, etc etc) is a lot more important to me than whether one's feminism is material, radical, liberal, marxist etc. Can I talk to you? Or will you dismiss anything I have to say at any sign of disagreement? Can we find common ground? Can we organise together?

    #feminism #also that way no one would turn to the right for shit #just baseline treating other womens like humans and having a class consciousness that's what's important #this also means that i 100% think parts of radtwt radblr should have a lot more empathy and comprehension for female ppl who are dysphoric #'if you do this you can't be a radfem trans men can't be here #who the FUCK cares #ok so maybe they can't be radfems so what they can still be involved in feminism same w the separatism debate actually #i know feminism is a liberation movement and not a support group obviously #that doesn't mean that supporting each other shouldn't be part of it #also unrelated but reminds me of that kinkster who said she was the authority on radfeminism and ppl piled on a bi woman bc she had... #a male trans partner (not trans anymore but was at the time) and i was like 'who tf cares she's bi' and everyone was like 'but she can't be #a radfem wah wah trans partner' again who tf cares can't this woman not read our stuff and offer her own opinions and engage and learn #basically stop shutting doors to well meaning women and open less of them for right wing nuts who'll prey on you 😘
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  • insert-game
    03.11.2020 - 8 monts ago

    on god it took me all my willpower not to engage with a radfem just now

    #hate when they go into trans tags and try to be like ‘uwu i just don’t get non-dysphoric trans people and think they are only valid if they #exclusively use they/them pronouns’ #‘i didn’t want to say anything bc people would call me a terf uwu but someone pls explain’ #then you go to their account and they have an 8 mile long reblog that’s apologetic towards harmful radfem ideology #and they think trans men ‘always will experience sex-based oppression’ #woke radfems: gender trinary? gender trinary :) #you can’t sit with us... keep your cis opinions to yourself girlie ❤️
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  • gringx
    02.11.2020 - 8 monts ago

    i censored the url because the radfem in this post is 15 and i dont want anyone bullying her, but please be mindful of how you talk about dysphoric people. we can hear you.

    #mine #im generally not dysphoric anymore but i used to be very much so #this would have pushed me far far away from radblr #ig ill put tags on this?? #radblr#gender critical#radfem #im not actually a radfem im just a general feminist #but i want them to see this
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