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  • the-chaos-collective
    01.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Pronoun Rant (tw misgendering transphobia)

    Why is it so hard for people to respect pronouns? My pronouns are It/Its (I don't use binary or they/them pronouns) and I always get people in dms telling me I'm transphobic because I make "actual trans people look like a joke". I am a trans man, I am diagnosed with gender dysphoria, I want to fully transition when it as an option available to me. I do not make "actual trans people" look like a joke, I make myself comfortable. My pronouns are not there to make other people happy, if you do not like my pronouns simply stop referring to me, if you aren't going to respect me, you do not need to be talking about me, also there is an alarmingly large amount of people that misgender others by referring to them with they/them. If you know someone's pronouns and they do not use they/them and have made it clear their pronouns are not they/them, do not use they/them for that person, it is still misgendering. If someone says being referred to with they/them makes them uncomfortable, fucking listen, don't say something like "but they/them is neutral" not everyone's gender is neutral, not everyone wants to be referred to as neutral, not everyone is comfortable identifying outside the binary. Non-binary isn't in the binary for a reason, there are aspects to it that are going to be different, not every trans person is the same.

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  • bookhobbit
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    so frustrating that most of the resources on stopping hrt are from de/tran/sition/ers bc even the ones that aren't transphobic have a very different perspective than I do (no quarrel with them, just different) which means that they don't always provide the kind of information I'm looking for

    #book's life #like for me this will not be de/trnsition*ing #it will just be The Next Thing #i don't even know if I'm going off it permanently I just need time to reassess post top surgery/voice change/etc #so I don't want resources that are from the angle of 'here's how i reintegrated back into life as a woman' bc #it makes me feel dysphoric to put it from that angle
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  • imofficialbabyuwu
    24.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Not sure if this'll post twice since I already tried once but my school therapist told me to record when I have an attack so I can look back and reflect on it so thats just what I did.

    I was recently told that I'd be going to a kid place with my dad. You know, the one that ruined my life? Yeah, him. And these are the results of that. I'm doing better now but im still a tad bit shaken, sorry for the back to back sad stuff im just trying to get this off my chest lolz

    Tw : Distressing audio

    #ooc #the white rabbit 🐇 #// feel free to ignore this post. i know some ppl arent comfortable with this stuff :]] #please dont comment on mt voice ik its feminine im already dysphoric abt it i dont jeed it to get worse #just bc my voice is feminine doesnt mean im a woman. im not //
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  • harringtn
    02.07.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    spraying lynx deodorant onto my hairy pits and sitting outside with my arm stretched behind my head was gender affirming as a woman actually. everything i do is what a woman would do bc I’m a woman :) and i find that pretty comforting

    #2 years ago that would have sent me into a dysphoric meltdown #now I’m like 😎 epic woman moment #dysphoria#ig#radfem safe
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  • ratprinceiv
    28.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    stealing your boyfriend's clothes takes on a new meaning when you start transitioning two years into your relationship

    #anyway jeans have always made me Super Dysphoric #because jeans are like LOOK AT HIS BIRTHING HIPS AND ANIME THIGHS HAHA #but... #im wearing my bfs jeans and #i look like boy #also off topic but yeah people like close friends used to compliment me on my woman features and it drove me insane #and idk how to tell everyone to STOP doing that it makes me want to tear my skin off even though you mean it affectionately #like if one more person tells me i look like a princess or anime girl they are going to look like a corpse
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  • neontaxidermy
    28.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Its so weird when people will like, counter accusations of someone being a terf with like "they're literally nonbinary 🤨" or specifically "umm I thought they were a transmasc lesbian" instead of like any other reason. like news at 10. sometimes trans people are also incredibly and deliberately transmisogynistic

    #Like. shocker. But tme and still ids with womanhood* are very literally terves favorite trans people #Y'all know what those 'dysphoric females' are right? #disclaimer: I'm tme. disclaimer disclaimer: I'm also a transmasc lesbian #disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer: Transmasculine lesbianism and transmasc who considers themself a woman are not synonyms but overlap #negative tag#transmisogyny #also this isn't like. vagueing or subposting anybody specific this is just a thing I see a lot #Motivated to post this by seeing a tme nonbinary lesbian call themself a terf's worst nightmare. #Like I know sometimes terfs are assholes to tme nonbinary people too but like #The venn diagram of terfs and tme trans people has a much larger circle than a lot of us are willing to admit
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  • noloveisunconditional
    28.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    what does it mean when u get gender envy but only for gay men

    #help#queer#genderqueer#trans #(??) #this is a genuine call for advice #idk ive been watchjng drag king stuff lately too #and feeling intense gender envy #like im not necessarily dysphoric #im a cis woman btw #but i definitely like #feel like i would experience gender euphoria if i was a gay man u know??? #im also like #still very much attracted to women #which js adding a whole other layer of complexity here #just #much to unpack
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  • sapphiretheautisticenby
    20.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    So, I had dysphoria since I was young. And I have wanted to be a girl since I was young. For about as long as I remember. I didn't know it was gender dysphoria until recently. And I thought it was normal to dream about being the opposite gender than what you were assigned. I remember actually telling Joe that I wish I was a girl when I was around 5-8 ish years old. Of course, he promptly told me that I didn't wish to be a girl. And I didn't continue that conversation. But when Joe responded in that way, I felt saddened and hurt. In fact, that was the earliest memory from my childhood. Over the years, it got worse. Especially as puberty started and my body started producing testosterone (as most amab people's bodies do). I didn't know what transgender was until I was around 15 or 16, so I did not know what I was experiencing was dysphoria. Because of this (and other factors), I started getting more and more depressed and anxious. I kept having thoughts of harming myself and even committing suicide because of it. It was hard on me, especially since I did not understand what was going on.

    Learning about the trans community did not make me trans. It helped me realize that I am trans. Seriously, I went through that "very supportive of trans rights to holy shit I'm trans" pipeline just like who knows how many other people did.

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  • chadskey
    16.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    putting on deodorant when i’m not going anywhere just bc i want to and i can tell my body wants me to is some kind of gender euphoria i think i just unlocked

    #i think my brain associates being a woman a lot w being constantly smelling nice and looking good #so being sweaty and having to put it on not to smell good but bc i Have to just makes me less dysphoric which has been. kinda bad recently #so it’s nice to realize the little things !! celebrate gender euphoria :D #notes from the prime minister
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  • bug-casserole
    11.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #i dont necessarily miss the community bc ive never known another detrans/transitioner/dysphoric woman #what i do miss is how good it felt to be ignorant #i wont go into that #ask#anon
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  • ballpointpun
    04.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Cishets may only look at me from the corners of their eyes this month

    #i am so dysphoric recently!!!!!!!! #and mostly its because ive been out and about a bit this month and forgot people fully refuse to see me as not a woman #like even people ive told!!!!!!!!! #my free pronouns are they/they my premium pronouns are she/her you have to pay me a dollar every time you use them
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  • coulson-is-an-avenger
    02.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    having many thoughts about sexuality and gender (thru my white american lense) and the way that gentleness is oftentimes seen as revolutionary for men or masculine people but how it’s commodified and expected from women or feminine people, so the idea of being feminine being a gentle lover or person isn’t portrayed as revolutionary, just as an expectation, and I’m not sure what the point of it is but i’m really thinking abt it

    #brought to you by me daydreaming abt f/f ships vs m/m ships and wondering why im always rambling in my head abt gentleness #with masc characters specifically - but either ignoring it or feeling dysphoric about it with fem characters #like??? a man’s softness and kindness is seen as subversive in the world around me but for a woman?? that’s just the expectation #this goes in the reverse with toughness though i suppose #it’s subversive for a woman/fem character to be rough and hardened with dangerous hands but that’s often expected of men/masc characters #which is incredibly toxic and just bad all around #but in the lens of applying all this to shipping its... interesting what gets focused on and uplifted and what gets demonized #and i dunno i might be making this all up in my head and its really my own biases at play here! #that’s very possible and i gotta unlearn that. but just. i dunno. ive been thinking about it #mossy speaks #mossy goes off in the tags
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  • spooky-rad-lukaa
    24.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I'm not really re transing out (for now probably, dysphoria crisis) but I've been getting anons from old followers that have been looking for me for months bc they didn't recognize me

    So I changed my username to fix the problem

    Revulvabullets69-> spooky-rad-lukaa

    #radfem#radical feminism #radical feminist community #radical feminists please interact #terf#terf friendly#terf safe #terfs please interact #radical feminist theory #dysphoric woman#dysphoric radfem
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  • gender-euphowrya
    19.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    honestly thinking about dropping “she” off my pronouns so people are actually forced to gender me outside of my AGAB

    #mmmmmm #like the more i think about it the more i realize i maybe like #don’t vibe as much with being a woman as i thought #like it was always a part of me that i was like ‘eh i guess’ about because like... it’s my assigned gender #and it doesn’t make me feel dysphoric or anything so yeah sure ?? #but like y’know if i were to marie kondo my gender i don’t think the ‘i’m a woman’ part of me sparks joy #like... it’s aight but it’s not Wow I Love This #and i do feel sooooo much better when i think of being referred to as he or they #so maybe just... bye ‘she’ we’re ‘he/they’ now ??? #ughhhh i lowkey hate to think about this stuff it gets so confusing the deeper you look into it #i see myself as a gnc dude basically #Oh the other day i got like... carried away because this trans youtuber i like made a video about packers #and he showed off the one he used which was like an actual floppy plastic penis #and then he showed how to like... make one at home using socks ?? #and i was like 👀 oh? maybe try this ???? #and i tried it and oh GOD it felt so right it was like YEA i have a DICK and it’s HUGE BABEY #getting a binder has been in my mind for some time now so maybe mmmmm get a packer too idk #and then have an absolute fun blast explaining all of it to my poor unsuspecting mother
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  • fagrackham
    18.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I keep seeing people compare dysphoria/transness in general to working a not completely shitty but not fulfilling job it really is all abt capitalism

    #dont rb bc i feel like this could be misconstrued #what i mean is that like we like in such a capitalist spciety that the best way we can describe INTENSE DISCOMFORT is those jobs we’ve all #worked. but yeah #i just saw a tik tok from a non dysphoric transmasc person comparing being a woman to a retail job they worked #i read an article in arcane perfection in which the author compares dysphoria to a soul crushing job and im pretty sure abigail thorn #makes that comparison in her coming out video? #ANYWAY. today in english i was thinking abt the capitalism of gatsby n so capitalism as a vehicle for and oppositional force of queer #narratives has been on the brain #my post
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  • ganseylike
    17.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    also funny that like. t*rfs are always saying that trans identities are full of Ridiculous Microlabels but if you try to actually explain my identity (sort-of-fem gay trans man) through a t*rf framework the best approximation is something like. "androgynous b*tch4butch lesbian suffering from dysphoria and c*mpulsory heteros*xuality". and that's meant to be more plausible

    #only censored so it doesn't tag #ppl who actually fit that description are cool! but it's Not Me #the point isn't that they're Weird Labels it's that they're all massive stretches when applied to me #am i dysphoric yes but 'dysphoric woman' is no substitute for 'trans man' #even trying to summarise my gender presentation as 'androgynous' in a way that cld apply to a cis woman... hmm no #*ofc comphet is only one way of bullshitting why i like trans and cis men but not trans or cis women regardless of gender presentation #we could also go for 'treacherous bisexual' and/or 'bisexual leaning towards androgyny' #but none of them work bc the world simply does not work how t*rfs think it does
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  • horrordykes-moved
    12.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    ok well im feeling like hot garbage

    #im so dysphoric ahhhh #i just feel like no matter what i do cis people are always gonna see me as a woman and it just fucking sucks #like i just wish i didnt have to deal with this #wren.txt
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  • kuromichad
    06.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    different subject that’s heavy on my mind rn but since i’m already being harsh let’s get into it. i wish it wasn’t automatically presumed to be some kind of truscum attitude when someone tries to express that different parts of The Trans Community have like, different needs and different risk levels and different experiences and that we have the ability to talk over each other, harm each other, etc... like when i put it that way people generally are like ‘of course that’s true!’ but is it ever really understood in practice? a number of people (not a large enough number, but still) are able to loosely understand ‘you can be trans and transphobic’ when it’s applied to the matter of transmisogyny but when a trans person tries to express distrust of or frustration with afab nb people due to how common it is that that category of person will, despite being trans/nb, espouse bioessentialist, anti-medical-transition, radfem-adjacent if not outright cryptoterf rhetoric, suddenly ‘trans people can be transphobic’ gets applied to... the person with a complaint about transphobia. 

    because he’s clearly an evil truscum man! regardless of if the person making the complaint is a trans man or trans woman, oops, lol. he’s a bad person who is attacking and invalidating and totally hatecriming the heckin’ valid, equally at-risk transgender identity of “an afab woman who isn’t a woman except when she pointedly categorizes themself as a woman because being afab makes them a woman who is ‘politically aligned’ with women but she’s not an icky unwoke cis woman because they don’t like being forced into womanhood although Really When You Think About It 🤔 all women are dysphoric because obviously the pathologized medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria in transgender people is something that equally applies to cis women just default existing under patriarchy 🤔, and no, equating these things totally does not imply anything reductive about or add a bizarre moral dimension to the idea of being transgender, whaaaaat, this woman who isn’t a woman doesn’t think there’s anything immoral or cowardly or misogynist or delusional about being transgender, they would never say that because THEY’RE transgender, except when she feels it’s important (constantly) to make clear that she’s Still A Woman Deep Down Inherently Despite Not Identifying As One, and none of this ever has any effect on how they treat the concept, socially and politically, of people who actually wholly identify with (and possibly medically transition to) a gender different from the one they were assigned at birth, be it ‘the opposite gender’ or abstaining from binary gender altogether or ‘politically aligning’ with the ‘opposite’ gender from their asab. never ever!”

    and like maybe that sounds like a completely absurd and hateful strawman to you! but in that case you’re either like, lucky, or optimistic, or ignorant. i’m literally not looking at random nb people and declaring that in My Truscum Opinion they’re ‘really a woman’ just because they’re not medically transitioning or meeting some arbitrary standard of mine. i am looking at self-identified afab nb people, who most often use she/they because, y’know, words mean things, especially pronouns, so people who are willingly ‘aligned with womanhood’ typically intentionally use she/her (sorry that i guess that’s another truscum take now!!! that pronouns mean things!!! the bigender transmasc who deliberately uses exclusively he/him wants it to invoke a perception he’s comfortable with!), who actively say the things listed above (in a non-sarcastic manner). 

    like, the line between a person who says “i don’t claim to really not be my asab because i know no one would ever perceive me as anything else” because theyve internalized a defeatist attitude due to societal transphobia, and a person who says that because they... genuinely believe it’s impossible/ridiculous/an imposition to truly be transgender (in the traditional trans sense, beyond a vague nb disidentification with gender) and are actively contributing to the former person’s self loathing... is hard to define from a distance! i think plenty of people who are, in a sense, ‘tentative’ or like ‘playing close to home’ so to speak in their identity are ‘genuinely trans’ (whatever that may mean) and just going through a process. they might arrive at a different identity or might just eventually stop saying/believing defeatist stuff, who knows. but there are enough people saying it for the latter reason, or at least not caring if they sound that way, that it’s like, dangerous. it is actively incredibly harmful to other trans people. and it’s fucking ridiculous that it’s so difficult to criticize because you’ll always get the defense of “umm but i’m literally trans” and/or “well i’m just talking about ME, this doesn’t apply to other trans people” when it’s an attitude that very clearly seeps into their politics and the way they discuss gender.

    because it’s just incredibly common for afab nb people (most typically those that go by she/they! since i’m aware that uh, i am also afab nb, but we clearly are extremely different, so that’s the best categorization i’ve got) to discuss gender in moralized terms, with the excuse of patriarchy/misogyny existing, which of course adds another difficult dimension to trying to criticize this because it gets the response of “don’t act like misandry is real” (it’s not, but being a dick still is) and “boohoo, let women complain about their oppressors” (this goes beyond ‘complaining’). a deliberate revocation of empathy/sympathy/compassion from men and projection of inherently malicious/brutish/cruel intent onto men (not solely in the justified generalizations ‘men suck/are dangerous’, but in specific interactions too) underpin a whole fucking lot of popular posts/discussions online, whether they’re political or casual/social, and it absolutely influences how people conceptualize and feel about transness. 

    because ‘maleness is evil’ is still shitty politics even when you’ve slightly reframed it from the terf ‘trans women are evil because they’re Really Men and can never escape being horrific soulless brutes just as women can never escape being fragile morally superior flowers’ to the tumblr shethey “trans women who are out to me/unclockable are tolerable i guess because they’re women and women are good; anyone i personally presume to be a cis man, though, is still automatically evil, and saying trans men are Just As Bad is progressive of me, and it’s totally unrelated and apolitical that i think we should expand the concept of afab lesbianism so broadly that you can now be basically indistinguishable from trans men on literally every single level except for a declaration of ‘but i would never claim to be a man because i’m secure in the Innate Womanhood of the body i was born into, even as i medically alter that body because it causes me great gendered discomfort.’ none of this at all indicates that i feel there’s an immense moral/political gap between being an afab nb lesbian vs a straight trans man! it says nothing at all about my concept of ‘maleness’ and there’s no way this rhetoric bleeds into my perception of trans women and no way loudly talking about all this could keep trans people around me self-loathing and closeted, because i’m Literally Trans and Not A Terf!”

    again, if that sounds like a hateful strawman, sorry but it’s not. i guess i’m supposed to be like ‘all of the many people ive seen saying these shitty things is an evil outlier who Doesn’t Count, and it’s not fair to the broad identity of afab shethey to not believe that every person who doesn’t outright say terfy enough things is a perfectly earnest valid accepting trans person who’s beyond criticism’ but like. this cannot be about broad validation. this can’t be about discarding all the bad apples as not really part of the group. we can’t be walking on eggshells to coddle what are essentially, in the end, Cis Feelings, because in the best cases this kind of rhetoric comes from naive people who are early and uncertain in their gender journey or whatever and are in the process of unraveling internalized transphobia, and in the easily observable worst cases these people are very literally redefining shit so that ‘actually all afab women are trans, spiritually, all afabs have dysphoria, we are all Equally oppressed by Males uh i mean cis men <3’ because, let’s be honest, they know that the moment they call themselves trans they get to say whatever they want about gender no matter how harmful it is to the rest of us. and those ideas spread like wildfire through the afab shethey “woman that’s not a woman” community that frankly greatly outnumbers other types of trans people online, because many of those people just do not have the experiences that lead you to really understand this shit and have to push back against concepts of gender that actively harm you as a trans person.

    like that’s all i want to be able to say, is Things Are Different For Different Groups. and a willful ignorance of these differences leads to bad rhetoric controlling the overall discourse which gets people hurt. and even when concepts arise from it that seem positive and helpful and inclusive, in practice or in origin those ideas can still be upholding shit that gets other people hurt. like, i don’t doubt that many people are very straightforwardly happy and comfortable with an identity like ‘afab nb lesbian on testosterone’ and it would be ridiculous and hypocritical for me, ‘afab nb who wants to pass as a guy so he can comfortably wear skirts again,’ to act like that’s something that can’t or shouldn’t exist. it’s not about the identity itself, it’s about the politics that are popular within its community, and how the use of identities as moral labels with like, fucking pokemon type interactions for oppression effectiveness which directly informs the moral correctness of your every opinion and your very existence, is a shitty practice that gets people hurt and leads us to revoke empathy from each other.

    like. sorry this is all over the place and long and probably still sounds evil because i haven’t thought through and disclaimered every single statement. but i’m like exhausted from living with this self-conscious guilt that maybe i’ve turned into a horrible evil truscum misogynist etc etc due to feeling upset by this seemingly inescapable approach to gender in lgbt/online circles that like, actively harms me, because when i vent with my friends all the stuff i’ve tried to explain here gets condensed down to referencing ‘she/theys’ as a category and that feels mean and generalizing and i genuinely dislike generalizations but the dread i feel about that category gets proven right way too often. it’s just like. this is not truscum this is not misgendering this is not misogyny. this is not about me decreeing that all transmascs have to be manly enough or dysphoric enough and all nbs have to be neatly agender and androgynous or something, i’m especially not saying that nb gender isn’t real lmao or even that it’s automatically wrong to partially identify with your asab; this is not me saying you can only medically transition for specific traditional reasons or that you don’t get a say on anything if you aren’t medically transitioning for whatever reason, now or ever. i just. want to be allowed to be frank about how... when there’s different experiences in a community we should like. acknowledge those differences and be willing to say that sometimes people don’t know what they’re talking about or that what they’re saying is harmful. without the primary concern being whether people will feel invalidated by being told so. because these are like, real issues, that are more important than politely including everyone, because that method is just getting vulnerable people drowned out constantly.

    #source on much of this: existing as a transmasc on tumblr for years and years. #i stopped identifying as any sort of 'woman-aligned' pretty much right before the ridiculous 'all afabs are dysphoric' stuff #but it sure did still make me hate myself and feel like a silly cowardly ugly little girl for wanting to transition! #and back when i WAS a she/they i definitely was falling for 'men are bad maleness is bad always inherently :)' rhetoric #not in the modern form outlined above but in the like. brainlessly parroted from 'baeddel tumblr' form #which was still like 'you can escape being a Bad Person by either becoming or admitting you are a girl :)' #and the only acknowledgment of trans men in this ideology was like. 'well i guess they feel like they have to do that :\' #'too bad for them. im not saying they shouldnt transition but you know. men suck though <3' #it was bad for me it was bad for other people so im saying from experience. Fucking cut it out! the end
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  • garfieldbabe
    04.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Don't reb10g or I'll smash your kneecaps

    #'since I'll never be able to transition. even socially asides from a few friends. ill just focous on being the hottest girl i can be lol' #i keep telling myself this so i can sleep at night. but bruh pushing my real feelings down for so long is like. not sustainable anymore #im just damned if i so. damned if i don't when it comes to coming out #fml man #thing is i am a as a girl. im making this work for me and im definitely ok with my body and whatever #but then sometimes i let myself think about how i really want to be and it hurts because that will always be unobtainable #and if i even tried to obtain it. I'd face all the social stigma around being trans and gnc and it's bullshit I shouldn't have to face that #i know im lucky because ive managed to be kinda fine with presenting as a woman. like i can ignore it most of the time #well ignore it until i hear someone refer to me as a woman and then i wanna go ape mode #but like. physically no matter what i do ill never look how i want to so what's even the point in transitioning #because if i did id just look fucked up. #.txt #oh whats this? my annually scheduled dysphoric breakdown? #and at the same time im glad im trans. it's a big part of me and is very important because being trans is beautiful #but fuck. when I'm forced to confront the reality of my situation and the dysphoria i feel. it fucking sucks #so yeah. #and i wanna talk about this with my therapist but i know she used to be the person who gatekept medical transitioning at the hospital #so im scared i won't fit into her box of 'actually trans'
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  • 291000
    23.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    I just remembered that I got my name from someone on skribbl.io

    #i keep misreading your name as saad lol #like #my username on there was 'sad' #and then i was in a lobby (for like two hours) just playing a game with someone from Pakistan and they were like #and i was like wow #that will now be my name #and i love you thank you #and then they said they had to do homework and left and i never heard from them again #sa'ad just because #i also realized after that that i was a trans man so yeah it worked out #even though that site has terrible trolls it helps sometimes #i cant believe im a triple minority #well this is tumblr #i fit in #makes me feel weird about wirting fanfiction becuase fanfic is known to be dominated by women and i dont feel like a woman but i was one #i dont know if that makes sense but it makes me feel kind of dysphoric but i enjoy writing fanfiction #i just dont enjoy being compared in any way to the woman im supposed to be #even though femininity is nothing to be appalled at its just that...i dont know how to explain it other then by saying that i am not a woma #i am sa'ad
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