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  • Okay but,,,

    In 2008 there was a global economic crisis, and guess what year was published the first book of the hunger games triology??? Yep

    And 2020,,, after 12 years (the minimum age you have to have to enter the hunger games) a new book of the hunger games universe is published,,,

    I’m seeing here a pattern and I don’t like it

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  • who wants a nice big hunk of fresh ham?  =P

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  • AU where every law enforcement officer has an AI partner—they keep them in check in times of violence and take care of physical altercations when human bias may be a factor. 

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  • Short version: overthrew a dystopian government, like you do, while also getting a whole enemies-to-lovers storyline.

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  • Welcome to your life

    Down the road the slim figure walked, head cast down and face covered in shadows. They were quiet other than the quiet, sad, tune they hummed to themself. It wasn’t like there was anyone to hear them now, not anymore. They had a hood pulled over their head, casting the shadows over their face, a backpack that was practically empty was hanging from their shoulders.

    There’s no turning back

    The road they walked on was cracked and dusty, it hadn’t been used in quite some time. No cars had been working even before it all turned bad, even before the figure made the worst mistake.

    Even while we sleep

    The figure held something clutched in their hand up to their chest, not a weapon but, a simple small object, a flute carved from bamboo. They refused to play it, but it’s not like they could break it either⁠, even if they wanted to.  The tune they hummed stopped, they looked up at the battered billboard that looked as if it could collapse, they picked up a rock and threw it at the smiling face on the billboard. No, that smile wasn’t right. That smile wasn’t ever supposed to be there, not now not before. That smile belonged to someone placid, someone who just submitted to the words, someone who would betray you in the most important moment, someone you couldn’t forgive.

    We will find you acting on your best behavior

    There was no one else left. And they hated that, they were both supposed to be left. Both of them. The figure’s face was stoic as hot tears rolled down their cheeks, cutting through the dust, grime, and dried blood that was covering their face. They could remember it all, all of it. Their mind was so loud, but the world was so quiet. They had given up on finding food and water now, they weren’t even sleeping. They knew life would fade out soon, like a dying ember, the soft orange light would flicker, then go out, giving way to the blanket of darkness that enveloped everything.

    Turn your back on mother nature

    The figure just walked, they were going to the horizon, the unreachable was their destination. They wouldn’t be surprised though, if they somehow did reach the horizon, everything was nothing now. The nothing didn’t play by the rules, the nothing didn’t have any rules. Whatever was keeping them from floating off was beside them.

    Everybody wants to rule the world

    They had left the walls far behind them by now, the great grey barriers that had, ‘kept them protected’. It was protecting them from nothing, not the nothing, the nothing existed because of who made the walls. The walls held sorrow inside them, the walls held pain, they held in the sounds of gunshots.


    It’s my own design

    They held the flute in the palm of their hand, they had made it themself, it had two ribbons tied around it near the top, a green and a brown. It was just an ordinary bamboo flute, but the song it played was truth, just truth. They played it for the first time and it all hit them, everything. The lies. The torture. The laws. They saw it all in a new light, saw through the lies, noticed the cruelty, and realized the laws needed to be broken. And now they played their song for everyone to hear, standing up tall they played the sorrowful tune, clear as day if you were willing to listen to it. They gripped the other’s hand, the other hadn’t heard this tune, hadn’t seen through the lies. And as the other listened, tears formed in their eyes, they cried.

    It’s my own remorse

    They played their song of truth, holding the other’s hand, they wanted to stop when the other started crying. They never wanted to make the other cry, but they needed to show the truth. They shouldn’t all be forced to live in this facade of safety, they were living in the danger.

    Help me to decide

    They led the first, and only, of the riots, holding their flute in hand and a stone in the other. Then the gunshots came, and everyone but the other and them forgot the truth. Everyone remembered fear, and they all ran. Till it was just the figure and the other. Standing defiant to the people in guns and masks. They brought the flute to their cracked lips and began to play, a song of truth, a song of guilt, a song of sorrow.

    Help me make the most of freedom and of pleasure

    The riot had passed, fear had blanketed the people once more, they hid, like scared animals. And they were, they were so scared now, they knew the truth and they couldn’t do anything. The figure held the other’s hand tightly as they walked under the cover of darkness, they were so close now. Then, a bright line of red swept through the air, the end, landed on the other’s chest. They wanted to scream, no, no, they were both supposed to get out. The shot never came, instead, they both stood there, frozen. Then black-gloved hands were holding them tightly, covering their mouths so they couldn’t scream if they wanted to. The figure wrenched free, turning, large rock in hand, they ripped at their holder’s helmet till it came free, then, bam. Bam. Bam. Bam. Crack. They hit at their holder, over and over, hot tears streaming down their face. And when they turned back, they saw the red beam of light on the other’s chest. The shot rang out, echoing off the walls. Red. Red light. Red on their hands. Red on the rock. Red on the other’s chest. 

    Nothing ever lasts forever

    They ran, they ran, and ran, and ran. Out from the walls, they were free, but the other was dead. Tears fell from their face. Red. They would never get the red out of their mind.


    Everybody wants to rule the world

    They had grown up, before it all went from bad to worse. Before the nothing started. They had seen other’s try, and fail, to run away from the walls. Some got out, but the red beams of light trained on their backs as they ran and they were shot down before they got twenty feet from the walls. They had to return to the walls, take their flute, bring it outside of the walls so no one else could play it’s song. Maybe abiding by the rules was the best thing to do.

    There’s a room where the light won’t find you

    In, they went back in. After years of being out, and free, they went back in. They couldn’t even care anymore. With the other dead because of them, there was no ‘free’ for them. Not anymore. It was their fault the other was dead, it was their fault all of those kids were dead. All because they played their song of truth. The truth was too dangerous. They went in, and out, in the dark of the night, clutching a box to their chest as they ran from the walls a second time, and for the second time, they ran by themself, alone.


    Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down

    The other trusted the figure, their friend. The other followed and believed in them, till the end. They had gotten caught, but the other didn’t care if they died, they wanted their friend to get out. They let go of their friend’s hand when they saw the guards, standing between the black-armored people and their friend. It was the other’s idea to leave the flute hidden where someone seeking the truth could find it. They knew in time that they would be able to take down the sky. 


    When they do, I’ll be right behind you

    They had brought the things to take down the walls. The figure returned to the walls a third time. A single thought went through their head before they took down those keepers of sorrow. Nothing ever lasts forever, not even the sky.


    So glad we’ve almost made it

    Before the walls came down, two children who still remembered the song of the truth were planning on escaping. But then—

    So sad they had to fade it

    Gunshots and shouting rang out, and the two children who remembered the truth were lost in the rubble. The figure saw them, they saw the rubble fall on those poor kids that had been so close. They let out a long scream of pure sorrow, they had been silent for so long. So long.

    Everybody wants to rule the world

    In the sky, on the platform of a massive ship, stood someone. Someone clad in black armour and a stoic expression. A badge was on their chest, they were no guard. They watched the walls fall down, killing those inside them, the people who had forgotten the truth, and the two children.


    And now, the figure walked, they knew not that the sky was still alive, they knew not that they had taken down the walls in vain. They knew not of what the other had done for them. So they walked. The walked until starving and dehydrated, they collapsed, they were so tired, maybe a little bit of sleep would make them feel better.

    The figure who had fought so hard to give freedom and truth to everyone, didn’t have the truth themself. They never awoke from their slumber. And the sky loomed over the world, the sky was all that was left now.
    Now the sky ruled over the world and no one could stop it.

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  • I have had my low moments, rock bottom too. It was horrible, suffocating. Like I’d willingly gone for a swim in the ocean alone at midnight thinking it would be beautiful - under the stars, maybe dolphins would greet me. So I kept going further and further in, never once doubting my ability or strength. And then my leg cramped. And I couldn’t swim. I started to drown. I was still not panicked - the dolphins would save me or well, once I’m underwater maybe the mermaids. I never once had hope from a human so I’d rather believe in these seemingly delusional things. When I was under water, I didn’t see any dolphin or mermaid. But weirdly enough I was able to breathe just like on the ground. I began to build a life for myself down there. The fish were friendly and I think it helped that I was vegetarian. Seaweed is an acquired taste though, I’ll give you that. When the sun shone and the water sparkled and there was no buzz of my phone, I swear I knew this was peace. My hair had grown to my waist, my skin glowed and I had lost all the excess weight. My clothes were rags and so I used the pearl shells as my bra the good old mermaid style and wore my old t-shirt as a wrap around skirt. Everything was perfect. And so of course that had to be ruined. One day a girl found her way down. But she was drowning, unlike me, she wasn’t able to breathe underwater. She was about my age and she seemed very scared. I knew I had to save her but the fish warned me that if I went up to the shore, I’d never be able to return - not with the same ability to live underwater. It broke my heart to go back to land but I couldn’t let this girl die! So I grabbed her and swam back to the shore. There was a group of kids waiting for her and a shiny boy gave her CPR. She coughed out water and fraily sat up. She looked at me and I was like no thank you is going to be able to make up for stealing my beautiful life. But instead she opened her mouth to make fun of my clothes. All her friends laughed. They started clicking pictures of me and talking about the right Instagram hashtags. They called me a monster and blamed me for their friend drowning. Suddenly, one by one all the guys started approaching me. They picked me up and put me on this tiny ship. They tied my hands and my legs. They threw me in the water. I…I was okay. If this was what mankind was like, I’d rather die and die in the sea.

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    Title: The hunger games

    Author: Suzanne Collins

    Genre: Science fiction, dystopian, 

    Publication year: 2008

    Main character: Katniss Everdeen is a 16 year old girl living in the 12th district, the coal-mining district and also the poorest, with her mother and younger sister. Their family have been struggling and almost starving many times ever since Katniss father died in a mining accident. To feed her family, she uses her skills in archery and hunting, that her father taught her, and ventures beyond the districts limits into the forest to find food. All her hardships have made her a survivor, ready to go through almost anything to preserve herself and her family. She will protect the people she loves, no matter the cost to herself. 

    Story: The story takes place in the post apocalyptic nation of Panem. The country consists of a wealthy capitol city surrounded by 12, originally 13, district in varying states of poverty. Panem host an annual gladiator-like hunger games where the capitol forces every district to send one male and one female representative, tributes, between the ages 12-18 to fight to the death on live TV. The tributes are chosen through a lottery, since no one would volunteer by their own free will. This is a punishment for past rebellion, which also lead to the 13th district being destroyed.

    In the 74th hunger game, Katniss younger sister is chosen as the female representative, which leads to Katniss immediately volunteering to take her sister place. Katniss is chosen together with a boy she once went to school with and who once gave her bread when she was starving. Together they are prepared to do anything to survive, even with the knowledge that there can only be one survivor. 

    Reading experience: Something I like about this series is that it does have romance and a love triangle, but it doesn’t overpower the story. They don’t stand in the middle of the battlefield, bombs going off, bullets flying through the air, confronting each other about their feelings and demanding an answer right that second. It’s a survivalist story with smart characters who actually try to survive. Even if I’m sometimes a sucker for romance, I do also appreciate some good old action and smart characters. 

    I don’t think I truly understood the situation all these kids where in the first time I read the book as a kid/young teen. My main focus was on Katniss and Peeta’s interesting relationship and the love triangle, and hoping all the mean, viscous, murderous kids would die. A small part of me also hoped all the good kids would live, but that was only wishful thinking since I knew there could only be one winner. It’s not often a book has you cheering for a child to murder another child.  

    Katniss and Peeta’s relationship interested me since it was apparent they had genuine feelings for each other, but they had a hard time expressing these feelings since their whole relationship became a sort of act to get them supporters and give them a better chance of survival. They both question if they truly do like each other, or if it’s just a ploy. They also have a hard time trusting the other since their act could also be a part of their strategy to win. Just like Katniss, you do question Peetas intentions with his kindness and love declarations, but you do also hope that it’s genuine and not a murder plot. 

    Reading the book, it also surprised me just how violent and murderous the kids are. I really hated all the “evil” kids the first time I read it, but now, I don’t hate them as much. It’s easier to “justifie” Katniss murders since we hear her side of the story and her train of thought. She doesn’t want to kill or hurt anyone, but have to so she can live. The book does do a good job of humanizing all the kids despite their murderous tendencies in the game. They all just want to live. But I will admit that some are creepy with the way they seem to enjoy the murder.

    This game has been going on for about three generations. Everyone is well aware by now what the game is and what it takes to survive. It’s still super creepy to read about these literal kids who are 100% down to murdering each other in cold blood, but that’s what it takes to win. There can only be one, and you can’t afford to let your feelings get in the way. It gets a little extra creepy due to the fact that this game makes kids between 12-18 years old fight to the death, and the capitol seems to be enjoying it a bit too much. Literal kids are murdered during this game. This book does NOT shy away from the child murder.

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    I feel like this scene between sam and robert is supposed to be touching but I just can’t stop thinking this dude crazy talkin bout dating a mannequin tho 💀 #zombies #iamlegend

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  • Being with people is nice. But I don’t think it’s social to get a bunch of people together and then not let them talk, do you?

    Farenheit 451, Ray Bradbury

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  • I wonder when the dystopia book based on the situation is going to come out

    You can’t deny that it’s gonna happen

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    My book series pt. 1

    I decided -like a few seconds ago- that I was going to start up this series with the books that caused so much impact in me while I was starting my reading journey. So here we have -drum bangs- The Hunger Games Trilogy.

    I read this trilogy on the summer of 2014. It took me less than two weeks to finish the whole thing. The cause of this non-stop marathon? A broken ankle. I had the awful luck to break my left ankle the weekend I finish the finals of my 7th grade. At first I thought it would be the end of the world -I couldn’t walk by myself- but my parents decided to buy me books so I could do something productive on my free time and thank God they did.

    All the books they gave to me were in Spanish -my mother tongue- but they still managed to develop my best hobby, reading.

    These three books mean a lot to me today. Not only because of the marvellous edition that I own, but because they were the first dystopian books I read. They set a foot into the genre that is now my top 2.

    I think these books mean so much to tons of readers around the world. They were the main reason why so many of this community are now reading all sorts of books today.

    So… Thank you Suzanne I guess. You and your books changed my life forever 🏹💙 May the odds be ever on your favour.

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    Come to sleep inside of chaos, where the stars would wander and wonder all their lives

    And here is the sea of hope lost to firmaments asunder, when once there was light to be found but now

    All is lost in twisted dimensions! So come now my lovely surly devious void! Come, say hello and play with me today

    And we haul ourselves towards infinity, as we ride into the absurd from time and space converged and flayed till catharsis gained…

    (May 20th, 2015)

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  • The Ashen Horse “And I looked and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. And authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.” Revelations 6:8

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  • should i giv someon i know luck? i do not know if it will chang their life drasticaly.

    i can bring curses and luck onto peopl.

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    If somehow Trump comes out on top, he will be regarded as progressive for this in the years to come. Dystopian novel vibes.

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  • i dnt know how or weye im here but i am. i dont know what i still have left to do

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