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    16.05.2021 - 3 hours ago


    #i don't know if that ship between amy silver and blaze has a name #but i think i love them #sth#sonic fanart#team dark #shadow the hedgehog #rouge the bat #e 123 omega #blaze the cat #silver the hedgehog #amy rose#silvazamy #??? #i guess
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    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    headcanon time!

    omega is not quite as emotionless as he appears. in fact, he's actually quite emotional for a robot. he intentionally uses the emotionless robot stereotype to his advantage though, because he has a hard time understanding what he's feeling and why. he's familiar with anger and rage, so he lets them show through. but any other sorts of emotions, he doesn't really know how to deal with. but of course, he's not going to admit to that, so he simply pretends they don't exist, and that he doesn't feel anything other than anger-related feelings. (shadow and rouge know otherwise.)

    #e 123 omega #owothetext #was saving this for the rp blog but i'm slacking on that HARD #so i'm just putting it here now-- #i could keep going but i'm starting to have trouble with wording things #omega
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    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #sonic the hedgehog #shadow the hedgehog #miles tails prower #knuckles the echidna #rouge the bat #e 123 omega #sonadow#shadonic#sonadow fic#text
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    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Thinkin about,, the Chaos Burger au again,,,

    A customer starts giving off to Sonic over literally nothing cause he's the waiter and gets all the complaints, and they're being a real dick about it. And then Omega walks out of the kitchen with his lil chef hat on. And just


    And the customer just. "No it's fine don't worry" and gets real quiet real quick while Sonic yeets his way to serving another table with a smug grin

    #drag rambles#sonic #sonic the hedgehog #e 123 omega #chaos burger au #I want protective omega!! #he has access to kitchen knives #customers better watch out or the chef will leave the kitchen #meanwhile rouge is vibing in her office watching #and writing another point for omega on her omega vs customers board #shadow finds out after and is ready to Fight #sonic is just amused tbh Hes used to it by now #might write something later for this 👀 #I work retail so I'd need to adjust some interactions but I'll probably base rude customers off the fuckers I get at the till
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  • blackhakumen
    14.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Mini Fanfic #761: Bat Mom? (Sonic)

    6:55 p.m. at Smash Mansion's Living Room......

    Rouge: (Slouches Down on the Sofa While Changing the Channel on the Television) Heyyyy, Omega?

    Omega: (Too Busy Watching the Channels Repeatedly Getting Changed) Yes.

    Rouge: You think Shadow is having a good time with the princess at the park?

    Omega: Knowing their current bond level, I believe that is the case. (Turns to Rouge) Do you want to go over to the location in question and make sure that there are no enemies detected nearby?

    Rouge: Nah. Those two can take of themselves.....Though, if they're not back here in a couple of more minutes, then we'll go over there and check it out.

    Omega: (Turns Back to the TV) Affirmative.

    Rouge: (Sighs Before Smiling Softly) I'm happy for Shadow. Having a mom to love and smother him all day.

    Omega: Mothers, all around the globe, are precious beings, most deserving of love and admiration.

    Rouge: (Giggles Softly) You got that right, big guy.

    Omega: And I believe you, Rouge, are already worthy of being in that certain category.

    Rouge: I know that's rig- Wait a minute. (Turns to Omega) What are you- ('GASPS') OMEGA!? W-W-What is this?

    Omega: (Shows Rouge a Mother's Day Card, a Bouquet of Flowers, and a Box of Chocolates On his Hands) Your Mother's Day Gift.

    Rouge: (Still Couldn't Believe What She's Seeing and Hearing) M-Mother's Day Gift? (Shakingly Points at Herself) F-For me?

    Omega: (Simply Nodded) Affirmative.

    Rouge: Y-Y-You really think of me....as your mom?

    Omega: (Nodded Again) Affirmative. (Smiles Softly) It is thanks to you and Shadow that you helped me realize that I am more than another one Eggman's creations. And it's thank to our close bond that I am happy to consider you as the mother figure I never-


    Omega: Rouge?

    Rouge: (Tries Her Hardest Not to Cry By Using her Hands to Rapidly Fan Herself) I....I....AHHHHHHHHHHAHH! (Immediately Rushes Over to Omega and Hugs Him Lovingly While Crying her Eyes and Mascara Out)

    Omega: (Reluctantly Hugs Rouge Back While Slowly and Gently Patting Her on the Back) There. There.

    Peach: (Giggles Softly While Walking to the Living With Shadow) And then I told Bowser to- (Eyes Widened at the Sound of Loud Crying) Goodness! What was- (Turns to See Rouge Crying in Omega's Arms) Rouge darling?

    Shadow: (Raised an Eyebrow in a Bit of Confusion) Is.... everything alright in here?

    Omega: (Turns to Shadow and Peach) Fear not, Shadow and your highness! Rouge is simply letting out 95.6% of strong emotions.

    Rouge: Yessssssss! ('Sniff') It's trueeeeee!~

    Peach: (Already Worried a Little) But why? What happened?

    Rouge: (Starts Calming Herself Down) Well......('Sniff') Once we were talking about you guys....('Sniff') Omega gave a me chocolates, flowers, a card.....('Sniff') And then he called me MOMMMYYYYYYYYY! (Went Back to Hugging Omega Lovingly While Crying her Eyes Out Again)

    Omega: It is the truth. I have finally come to the realization that I looked up.to Rouge as a Motherly Figure.

    Peach: (Smiles Brightly While Clapping Her Hands) Oh my gosh. That's wonderful! Congratulations, you two!~

    Shadow: Yeah. (Roll his Eyes) Though, I do think it's not that much of a deal to cry like that, Rouge?

    Peach: Oh, don't be rude, Shadow. There's nothing wrong with having tears of joy of being a mother.

    Shadow: Is that why you cry a lot more often?

    Peach: That and love of my babies knows no bounds. That being said....(Happily Picks Up and Hugs Shadow Lovingly) Thank you soooooooo much spending time with me today, dear~ I have so much fun.

    Shadow: ('Sigh') Yes, I....(Smiles Softly While Blushing a Little) Had fun with you today too. I love you, mother.

    Peach: I love you too, Shadow. (Kiss Shadow on the Cheek)








    #super smash ultimate #sonic series #e 123 omega #rouge the bat #shadow the hedgehog #princess peach #lots and lots of fluff here #emotional fluff #takes place after shadow and peach's pinic time together #sweet family moment #mother's month
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  • disrepairhouse
    14.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Disrepair House - Epilogue (1/2)

    “I’ve located the scepter.”

    A bright green eye slid over as the newly arrived blue bot crossed the dark room, lit only by the glowing eyes and the single, large computer screen on the wall behind them. The red echidna stood, his expression blank but his intent clear as the other continued. “It was no easy task to get the information. Shadow’s as guarded as ever but he finally let it slip.”

    There was only a moment of silence between them before RK nodded and crossed his arms, “We should move soon, just in case he suspects and moves it.” Metal nodded in agreement and the two moved to the table between them to discuss plans. It had been a couple years since the world returned to normalcy. Robotnik returned from his space station with a drove of newly built robots and barely hidden bases while Sonic wasted no time destroying everything he touched. But, for once, the hero hedgehog’s penchant for destruction benefitted the two robots. Whatever Robotnik left behind was salvaged and reoutfitted for repairs and upgrades of their own base.

    Similarly, Shadow and Rouge were quick to rebuild their own base of operations and, just as they guessed, Shadow decided it best to keep the scepter containing the half Sun God near him. It would be tricky getting past Team Dark, but luckily… the Ultimate Lifeform still had a soft spot for Metal Sonic.




    Metal couldn’t help the sheepish grin as Shadow’s furious red eyes snapped to him. “You were after the scepter.” It wasn’t a question, but Metal never passed up an opportunity for snark as he lifted his arms in a shrug.

    “What? Me? Clearly not, I’m right here. Must be someone else.”

    Admittedly, he did feel a bit bad about tricking the black hedgehog, solely for the fact that he was one of the few people Shadow trusted enough to talk to at all. But Shadow should also know him well enough by now that he wouldn’t just ‘stop by for a chat’. It seemed, as Shadow rolled his eyes, he did indeed expect the ulterior motives. Or perhaps he was annoyed by the jape. In either case, Shadow was far less immediately furious than Metal expected. However, he spared further commentary and took off down the hall only to find Metal blocking his path.


    The base lit up with a red warning glare as Rouge’s yell about an intruder echoed down the hall. Metal glanced back before crossing his arms, “You know, it’s rude to get up and walk away from a conversation. I was so very enthralled by your tale, you ought to finish it.”

    Shadow’s eyes narrowed at the delay. Metal knew full-well he wasn’t fooled by the act and likely found it insulting that he would still be at it, instead, and chose to give it up with a quick, feigned exasperation. It lasted no longer than the time it took Shadow to direct his fist into the floor where Metal once stood before the robot was grinning and readying for a fight again.

    Down the hall, in a lower level of the newly built base, RK did his best to avoid Rouge or Omega’s sight as he traversed the wide hallways. He’d barely made it down the stairs before the intruder alert went off but it was more than enough of a head start. So long as Metal could keep Shadow busy, he could handle Rouge and Omega on his own. Of course, getting past Rouge’s defense system was a struggle on its own, knowing the bat’s penchant for lifting treasures and ensuring no one else could get to them. But with the alerts already blaring, he had no need for stealth when breaking past barriers.

    One smashed glass box later and the dimly glowing scepter was within reach.

    RK took only a moment to study the deep purple haze, swimming in and around the glass, floating inches above the cushioned pedestal. He wasn’t sure how long it would take them to build the tech needed to do what they intended, but luckily Metal had already done it once. They did lack a host body, unlike the past, though. They had no intention on separating the real Itara from her family a second time but they could find ways to work around it.

    But that was a concern for later. For now, they only needed to get the scepter back to their base, then they could worry about the rest. As Omega’s heavy footsteps echoed down the hall, RK knew he was out of time for contemplation and reached out to grab the scepter. He could hear Rouge’s yell and a cacophony of banging and thudding above, likely from Metal and Shadow, but his attention was drawn back to the scepter as it suddenly exploded in a bright white light. The room disappeared from sight – replaced by a white void – as the scepter vanished from his hand, dematerializing and floating far above him. He looked back in brief panic, but the once near voices vanished along with the room and he turned his attention back to the scepter, finding two glowing figures appearing on either side of it.

    “I knew you would come,” a soft female voice echoed out around the void. One of the glowing figures morphed out and slowly faded into an orange female echidna dressed in ancient garb. Her expression was calm but her eyes were filled with warmth and comfort.

    “I half expected the other one,” a male voice added as the other glowing figure morphed into the magenta creature with green wings, his expression and voice more chipper and excitable than the echidna. RK could only watch in confusion as they exchanged looks.

    “The other one isn’t far,” the female echidna explained, closing her eyes a moment before turning back to RK to explain, “though it’s certainly strange of robots to be so concerned with the affairs of Gods. On their own.”

    “What’s going on?” RK questioned, “Where is this?”

    “Nowhere, technically,” the female echidna answered as she and the scepter lowered to be eye-level with him. “That’s not important, though. Allow me to explain: my name is Tikal, I’m the old Guardian of the Master Emerald, tasked with keeping Chaos calm. This is Chip, though you may know him better as Light Gaia.”

    “Your Mephiles-spawn always called me ‘cookie thief’,” Chip explained. RK certainly recognized the nickname. Metal and Itara met him during the trip to Spagonia.

    “We both exist as balances to Chaos and Dark Gaia, but Solaris never had a Guardian or balance and thus… when he was corrupted, there was nothing to stop his destruction. Nothing until…”

    “Itara,” RK finished, frowning and crossing his arms. The two Guardians nodded.

    “Splitting and sealing the two halves of Solaris again was a wise decision on her part, it was the only way to ensure he wouldn’t simply try the same thing again later. Even if you had defeated him in that instance, he could have come back and everything would have started over,” Tikal explained.

    RK remained silent, glaring into the distance at the thought of the Sun god, but looked up again after a moment, “So why are you here now, then? To tell me not to release Mephiles again?”

    Tikal and Chip exchanged brief, uneasy expressions before looking back and shaking their heads. “Actually,” Tikal started slowly, reaching over to take the scepter, “after Chaos and Dark Gaia were laid to rest again, Chip and I spoke about how best to keep what happened from happening again. Or at least put measures in place to stop it, should it come again. We realized, whether he did it intentionally or not, Solaris, himself, gave us the answer. Giving Itara a body again after the reset.”

    “She’s more important as herself,” RK realized.

    Tikal nodded, “Solaris is in need of a Guardian.”

    “But we couldn’t be sure she could be trusted to live on her own if we gave her a body back right away,” Chip frowned, “Tikal was a separate being entirely from Chaos and I’m Dark Gaia’s opposite half. Itara, however, was Mephiles, part of Solaris. And like him, she also tried – and succeeded – in destroying time. We had to take precautions.”

    “She felt strongly about you and Metal Sonic, though. She changed because of you, it repaired that small part of Solaris that once trusted mortals, so we knew if anyone could keep her from trying anything dangerous again, it would be you.”

    RK’s brows furrowed, unsure of what to say. Of course, he noticed Itara’s change after the reset, her shift in attitude after starting school and making friends with Simon, her determination to save the world instead of destroying it, even after Solaris’ return. But he’d never thought he and Metal were responsible for the change.

    “We decided, after talking it out, that if you and Metal Sonic came for the scepter, unprompted, and succeeded in reaching it, it would be proof enough for us that you’d take care of her,” Tikal continued, “That, should she be separated from Mephiles again, she would have enough in this world to keep from destroying it again. So, Metal Knuckles, I ask you,” she held the scepter up, “if we grant the being once known as Itara Guardian status, will you watch over and keep her from falling to Solaris’ corruption?”

    RK stared up at the scepter, watched the swirling mass of fog inside, ran the possibilities through his head a couple times, carefully considering the offer. They would have Itara back. But could she really handle the status of Guardian of Solaris? Was having her back worth the risk of the timelines? Would she be determined enough to avoid Solaris’ corruption a second time? His eyes closed as he considered it carefully. Eventually, at great length, he looked up again.

    “Yes. Absolutely.”

    Tika and Chip smiled and Chip zipped around a couple times in the air. Tikal closed her eyes and nodded softly, relief dropping her tensed shoulders. “Then so be it. Now listen carefully, I will explain how we will go about separating her essence from Mephiles.” RK nodded as Tikal began her explanation. Whatever it took to have her back, he would be happy to do it.

    The room lightened up once more, returning to the underground base of Team Dark, the scepter returned to its place on the pedestal. Several shouts echoed down the hallway, jolting RK to attention as he snatched the scepter up and stashed it away. Metal’s shout came just in time to avoid the incoming attack as RK jumped further back into the room, several glowing spears notching themselves into the floor and pedestal before vanishing again. Shadow’s eyes darted to the destroyed pedestal, noting the lack of the scepter while Metal moved to the robot echidna’s side, both eyeing the red bot.

    “Where’s the scepter?” Shadow demanded, Rouge and Omega barreling in behind him, ready and poised to attack.

    “I’m taking it,” RK explained with an almost scary calmness despite their blocked-in situation. He was durable and strong, but Shadow still highly likely outmatched him. He’d sent Metal to keep the hedgehog busy for a reason.

    “Like hell you are, I’m not letting you release that nuisance again.”

    “You make it sound as if I’m giving you a choice,” RK grinned as he moved back into an attacking position, his claws up and ready to go, getting a side-eye from Metal. The normally more cool-headed bot had been so obviously downcast since Solaris was sealed, Metal even poked at him for ‘moping’ once or twice. He often found the echidna simply standing around in what was once the tiny child’s room, staring off, or fixing food he knew neither of them could actually eat – making an excuse that he was bringing it to Lynda and Simon. He’d even gone so far as to put a new little, black notebook on the side table in the living room that neither of them touched. Therefore, it was a rather drastic change to see him antagonizing Shadow like this.

    It seemed… Mama Bear was finally Reactivated. Metal grinned at the inevitable fight and turned his attention back to the opponents blocking their path.


    RK almost felt bad for Shadow, hearing the absolute seething rage coming from Rouge behind them. The room was small and none of them had bothered holding back in any regard. The shattered pedestal where the scepter once sat was nothing compared to the wonton destruction that came from his and Metal’s attempt to leave and Shadow and Omega’s determination to keep them from doing so. Rouge was mad enough at the destruction to the room they were in originally, but once Shadow took out an entire wall in an attempt to catch Metal off-guard – creating an opening for their escape, instead – she more actively joined the fight. Not because she wanted to stop them at that point, but in fury over her destroyed base.

    But the wall was only the beginning. With all five of them whole-heartedly involved in the battle, the base suffered heavily and the state it was left in when RK and Metal finally reached open air looked exactly as if two of Robotnik’s robots went through it. RK passed the scepter to Metal, knowing he could get the most distance and most likely lose Shadow’s trail, before stopping and turning around to face the Ultimate Lifeform head-on. Omega’s projectiles heightened the already unfair advantage, causing RK to keep more distance than he normally preferred, but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle for a short period of time and he had no intention of prolonging the fight any more than necessary. Three-on-two was manageable, but three-on-one was distinctly less so. Luckily, he picked up a few tricks from fighting Zero several times.

    Omega was powerful, but not built for movement like he was. Rouge had the aerial advantage but didn’t hit as hard. But Shadow was fast, powerful, and had teleportation on his side. That would ultimately benefit RK. As soon as Metal messaged him, letting him know he had reached the distance they intended, RK took Omega’s legs out from underneath him, waited until Rouge was close enough to snag in his hook, and tossed her towards Shadow before bolting in to get a close hit on the hedgehog. Though Shadow was faster, catching and righting Rouge, before teleporting behind the coming bot to blast him with enough force to send the heavy warbot several feet away.

    In the direction Metal had taken off in.

    RK knew he couldn’t outrun Shadow, but with enough of a head start, he could lose him. The hit was no light damage, it would need to be repaired as soon as possible, but he had run further on worse. Once he neared the ground again, he shifted to land on his feet and boosted off into an immediate sprint away from the group. It took Shadow considerably less time than he’d hoped to realize what was happening and took off after the echidna again, but RK continued forward. He only needed to get far enough.

    Shadow was closing in, he was still much faster, but RK knew he only had to make it to the stretch of forest just up ahead. He considered stopping and turning to face Shadow again, just to get that bit of distance again, but questioned how much more damage he could take. He, admittedly, hadn’t done as much maintenance as he probably should have over the past couple years and he was starting to feel that. But as he was turning around to face Shadow again, coming to a sliding stop just a few feet away from the tree line as the hedgehog was directly over him, a flash of blue zipped in, throwing Shadow off-course, instead.

    Metal landed next to RK, eyeing him before they both turned their attention back to the black hedgehog.

    ‘Where’s the scepter?’

    ‘Hidden. Not on me.’

    It would have to do for now. After a brief debate over communication lines, RK nodded and turned back to the tree line to take off into it, switching off with Metal to face Shadow. However, Metal had no intention to fight the hedgehog further, unlike RK, and waited until he was sure Shadow would follow before turning around to take off again. Not fast enough to lose him. But fast enough to stay ahead.

    He wound through the trees, ensuring Shadow stayed close but not too close, until the trees started thinning out and the sounds of heavy, thudding machinery bounced off every surface. Metal took a sharp right and watched from the outskirts as Shadow bolted past… into a fiery battle between Robotnik and Sonic. The blue blur was making quick work of the large machines but Robotnik, in his massive hovercraft above, showed no signs of worry about the obliteration of his badniks. Shadow came to a sliding stop just outside of the battle, glancing around before cursing. He nearly turned around to hunt down the robot again, but when a laser from seemingly nowhere knocked the blue blur off his course, causing him to jump back into a laser grid that snapped up around him, Shadow cursed a second time, a bit louder, before taking off to rescue the hero hedgehog from the doctor.

    Metal rolled his shirt back down, knowing by now that RK would let him have it for blasting holes in it, before sighing and taking off again to meet RK where they agreed. Shadow was off their trail for the moment, they needed to move quickly to store the scepter out of his sight until they could find a way to achieve their goal with it.

    When he arrived at the meeting place, the small forest opening outside their own home base, RK was sitting on a broken tree trunk, looking over a rather hefty dent in his right shoulder. His arm jolted sharply when he attempted to flex it, huffing in annoyance before dropping it again and looking up. “Where’d you hide the scepter?”

    Metal reached into his coat pocket and pulled the thick glass vial out, holding it out to the echidna. RK’s eyebrow rose but Metal explained, “I hid it in the forest and grabbed it on the way back. It wasn’t in my pocket that entire time. So what’s the plan?”

    RK took the scepter, studying it as much as he could without moving his arm far. “When I went to grab it from the pedestal, the other Guardians showed up, Tikal and Chip.”

    “The cookie thief?”

    Metal, once again, received a raised eyebrow from the nickname but when he gave no further attempt to explain, RK continued, sighing in exasperation, “Yes, the cookie thief. Light Gaia. They said they were waiting to see if we would come get the scepter on our own and that if we did, if we promised to keep an eye on her, they would release her from the scepter… and make her a Guardian.”

    It was Metal’s turn to raise an eyebrow, his arms crossing, “What?”

    “They want to make her a Guardian as a failsafe against Solaris, should anything happen again. But they wanted to make sure she wouldn’t try anything on her own, either.”

    “So why did that involve us coming for the scepter and why is she not freed yet, then?”

    “Because we’re the reason she changed her mind about destroying everything in the first place,” there was a short moment of silence between them, RK’s eyes remaining locked to the scepter but Metal’s sight drifting off, away from it. “As for why she’s not freed yet, they need something to ensure they can separate her from Mephiles.”

    Metal glanced over at him again, “What?”

    RK looked up with a look of utter disinterest and stated flatly, “Kipper.”

    “That nuisance ghost?!” Where disinterest filled RK’s expression, disgust filled Metal’s as he took a step back, snarling.

    “And not just him, we need the jackal, as well.”

    “What?! Why him?!”

    “They both carry a portion of her essence, Kipper more directly than the jackal but the chances of getting all of her is more surefire with them both. She gave Kipper half her power but some of it fused with Infinite during whatever happened in his timeline.”

    Metal hissed silently, walking away and pacing back and forth for a short moment, mentally debating how much he wanted to deal with the ghost doll’s antics again. They hadn’t seen the troublemaker since everything went back to normal. Infinite would be easy, he wasn’t exactly keeping himself under the radar lately and Metal would happily rip that gem out of his chest to use for Itara. With a huff, he stopped his frustrated pacing and looked back to RK, who was watching him with an amused smirk. “Fine. How do we find that nuisance?”

    RK smirked, but shook his head, “We don’t.”


    RK looked out around them and called, “Because he’s been watching this entire time, haven’t you, Kipper?” Metal’s brows furrowed as he looked around for the infuriating doll, who took a moment to show himself but that bubbling laughter echoed out soon enough. Metal crossed his arms as the doll materialized between them, that smug grin present as always.

    “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Mama Bear again. How’d you know I was there?” the doll grinned. He looked hardy any different than the last time either bot saw him.

    “You’ve been hanging around for a while. You think I wouldn’t notice you messing up the computer again?”

    Kipper almost looked guilty, though RK figured that was more from being caught than actual guilt. Metal, however, stared at the doll with newfound fury. “That was you?!”

    “’Course it was, Sparky,” the doll grinned, dematerializing when the bot swiped for him.

    “It took WEEKS to fix that! Do you have any idea how much data I lost?! You little fox bastard!”

    Kipper broke out into laughter, never fully materializing again, knowing the danger was still very much close by. RK shook his head but his expression grew serious, “But you heard what I said, correct? We need you to bring Itara back. Are you going to help willingly or do I have to pull that gem off and do it by force?”

    The doll’s laughter fell quiet as he stared at the deadpan echidna robot. There was no empty threat in his statement, he would get the tiny child’s essence, one way or another and Kipper knew that better than anyone. With a sigh and a shrug, he looked off, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll help. You’re boring without the tiny child around. All you do is mope. That fight with Shadow was the first bit of fun I’ve had since everything went back to ‘normal’.”

    “Of course you were there,” Metal rolled his eyes, sighing in annoyance while Kipper only grinned again.

    “Good. Then all that’s left is the jackal.”

    “Shouldn’t be too hard to find, I don’t think,” Metal added.

    “Mm, won’t be hard to find,” Kipper grinned, “Might be harder to convince.”

    “What do you know, Kipper?”

    The doll floated around silently, grinning, taunting the robots with the answer, looking off in every which way until RK moved to get up, likely to threaten the ghost doll. With a silent debate, he finally turned back to them and explained, “The jackal struck up a deal with our Robotnik, last I saw. Doesn’t seem like a full partnership like he apparently had before, I don’t think he knows what he wants anymore, but he pops in with Robotnik every so often.”

    “How do you know this?” Metal questioned, his eyes narrowing suspiciously.

    “I keep an eye on things. Mostly because Robotnik’s the only one doing anything interesting anymore. Though, if Mama Bear Mode is back on, it might spice things up around here again. Always does.”

    RK rolled his eye, turning to Metal and deciding to ignore Kipper for the time being, “If Infinite is working with Robotnik again, it might be dangerous to interact with him.”

    Metal crossed his arms and shifted his weight to one leg, glaring off to the side, “But if the ghost is telling the truth, unlikely as that ever is, it doesn’t sound like he’s fully under Robotnik’s thumb… yet. We ought to be able to catch him out, alone, and… talk to him.” He glanced back to RK and grinned, “And if he tries anything, we could still just rip that gem out, ourselves. That’s all we need, after all.”

    RK considered it for a brief moment. So far as he knew, they really only needed the Phantom Ruby, not so much the jackal, himself. Just taking the gem would be easiest. Eventually he shrugged and turned back, “We’ll talk to him first. If he gives us trouble, we take the gem. Give him the option to make it easy first… that’s what she did, after all.” Both Metal and Kipper side-eyed the echidna with differing levels of annoyance. They both wanted the less friendly option, for different reasons, but Metal sighed after some consideration.

    “Fine, fine,” he waved, “we talk first. Destroy later. So how do we find him?”

    Kipper sighed in brief irritation at the lack of immediate destruction but followed after the robots as they headed out of the forest area, discussing what to do moving forward. They didn’t return to the normal base, knowing full-well Shadow knew where that was. Instead, they returned to the forest outside of Soleanna, to a small, wooden, unassuming shack a mile up a dirt road. Kipper floated over to the long-abandoned couch in the center of the living room, dropping down on the back of it as the two robots moved to the small room off the kitchen. Despite the forgotten, run-down exterior, the room was newly outfitted with several large monitors and a hefty new computer console. Wires ran along the walls, taped to the side to avoid clutter, with a stool at a small table and a bench against the far wall.

    Metal moved to the bench while RK hesitated a moment at the door, scanning the small room, before moving to the stool. This was where he first met Itara, where she repaired him in the original timeline. This wasn’t his first time returning to this shack, even since repairing the house in the suburb, but there was a different air about it now. Similar to the final reset, when he’d lost her to Solaris the first time.

    How had he gotten so attached to the tiny sliver of Mephiles in the first place?

    Perhaps it was his broken memories after his initial damage, knowing very little beyond his name and series number when she first reactivated him. That small, clumsy, strange-eyed little girl was all he knew for several weeks until they were able to repair more of his files. By the time he remembered anything about Robotnik, or even Metal or Knuckles, he’d already grown attached to the strange girl, with her stammering and elongated silences. With his loyalty chip disabled and his programming fried, her goals became his, but then she did something Robotnik never had, even with all his repaired memories: she left him to his own devices. Activated, free to roam as he pleased, with no command beyond managing his repairs and laying low.

    He had no idea what to do with himself. For several weeks after she left, he simply remained in this shack, running through what files he could, contemplating how to move forward with no clear directive. She said she would return at a certain date, but that had been a full year after she vanished, saying she had to leave the timeline before her current self was freed. He considered going back to Robotnik at one point, when the boredom started nagging at him. He had nothing better to do and he had no reason to follow the time traveler any more than he did Robotnik. The only thing that kept him from doing so was the fact that someone freed him before the base that damaged him was destroyed and it wasn’t Robotnik. Someone else wanted him to escape.

    Metal wanted him free from Robotnik.

    He glanced over to the other bot, who sat with his legs and arms crossed, going over possible plans to corner and ‘talk to’ their prey, staring off towards the wall. The first time he saw Metal again and realized he was the one that reactivated him was the day Itara came back and their plans began in earnest. He studied the grin firmly set in place on the blue bot’s face as he plotted against the jackal, clearly more eager for him to try and fight back rather than plan out how to coerce him to helping willingly. The day he met Metal again on those dusty fields, his expression had been much darker, angrier, resentful. Metal had always been feisty, quick to attack, but RK had never had seen him so angry and resentful as that day.

    ‘Why didn’t you come back for me?’

    It was several timelines ago and most his remaining memories from it were vague, at best. But that one stuck. Haunted him. He’d always suspected that Metal had been the one to reactivate him, but he’d never returned the favor. Not until he was badly damaged from the fight with Solaris and time was reset. His eye slide over the replaced right arm, the only exposed mechanics on the blue bot. Despite the damage and how often he complained about not having a right arm, Metal had been strangely elated when he found out his original arm was lost. RK had never gotten it out of him why, despite asking several times.

    The blue bot finally noticed him staring and stopped his explanations to look over and cock an eyebrow, “What?”

    RK remained silent for a moment, studying the confused Metal, before questioning, “Are you still mad?”

    Metal’s head tilted slightly, his eyes narrowing, “About what? I’m always mad about something.”

    “About me not helping you get away from Robotnik, the way you did for me.”

    Metal’s expression dropped as silence fell around the room. RK kept eye contact and it was Metal who broke it first, looking back towards the wall again with a blank stare. His arms remained crossed but his previously relaxed posture stiffened slightly until he sighed rather dramatically, raising a hand to wave the thought away, his eyes remaining fixed on the wall. “No. I hardly remember what you’re talking about, anyway, so it doesn’t matter.”

    RK studied him, for several quiet moments, but smirked and nodded, turning back to the computer and monitors. He was lying. He remembered, at least some of it, but if he wanted to play it off, RK would allow it this time. Besides, they had more important matters to attend to. There was a tiny child they needed to get back.

    They discussed several possibilities about how to go about grabbing Infinite before tracking him down as best they could from the computers. Metal was right, he didn’t exactly go out of his way to hide his presence, he didn’t have the reputation in their world that he did in his, there was no reason to hide outside of his occasional check-in with Robotnik. But he didn’t exactly cause much trouble, either, so even his interactions with Robotnik garnered little interest. The robots had their suspicions about it, but it at least meant tracking him down was easy. Kipper finally joined them again once they headed out to find the jackal, deciding to hang over RK’s shoulder on the run instead of exerting his own energy.

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  • sharpedgedfool
    08.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Studies are kickin my ass right now but I drew these guys to de-stress a bit, longing to work on my comic again 😔

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    team dark stimboard for anon. look at them stim :}

    x // o // x

    o // x // o

    x // o // x

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  • grumpydevilfellow
    05.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Sonic Comic Spoilers

    Can’t get over the fact that when Omega (violent robot created by Eggman and also hates Eggman) got destroyed and was being rebuilt by Tails, he was just like “Give me jaws I wanna bite the ever livin shit out of things” and Tails was just “Uh... I’ll think about it”

    #fellow bellows#sonic comics#tails#omega#sonic universe #omega is such a good character #he's like 90% evil but his motives always correlate with the freedom fighters so everyone is just cool with him #e-123 omega
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    we all danced in fire

    one of my favorite things about sonic fandom: these humanizations are EXTREMELY fun to draw

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    Do not tag as ship please

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    i see robots in fiction and immediately decide “my favs now”

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    I know the Team Dark meme is that Omega is either the ‘baby’ of the trio or the ‘destructive beast’ they like to keep around for the funsies, but I kind of prefer the more funnier idea that they all just decided that they clicked together, and Omega’s the most analyitical out of all of them. Which means he’s the one putting Shadow and Rouge in the child leashes when they go everywhere, not Rouge, not Shadow.

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    Rivalry between a robot and an android

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