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    07.08.2014 - 6 years ago

    Metal Masters: Axe and Gamma

    "target sighted, Eggman-built Cerberus mech.....weakspots detected, joint fault in right leg joint and third cybernetic vertebrae from the base of the skull, analyzing for hackability......confirmed.....firewalls on central processors weak even by Chimera standards.......but more fun just to blow this hunk of shit up...", a sapphire-colored robot says as it watches one of Eggman's mechs rampaging, "Oliaz, what weapons should we use?" it seemingly asks itself before deploying two large sniper cannons from its arms "I see, the Deathstryker mk 15's....a nice choice, executing both shots.." it says as it fires a shot from both weapons simultaneously, first crippling the Cerberus then decapitating it "potential hostile detected, redirecting attention." it says as it turns completely around and points its cannons at another robot.

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  • amelioratedarchive
    07.08.2014 - 6 years ago

    e102-g4mma1 Arrived in Station Square!

    No, this wasn't possible. She saw him destroy himself in order to set the Flicky inside of himself free! Amy shakily extended a hand towards the beloved robot friend of her youth, not entirely convinced that it was actually e102-Gamma.

    "G-Gamma? Is that you?"

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  • parallelfugitive
    07.08.2014 - 6 years ago

    e102-g4mma1 replied to your post:"…."

    {Scourgemun stop omfc you’re going to kill me—}

    (( Can't stop won't stop~ ))

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