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  • bestbonnist
    19.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Chapter 140.2/147.1 parallel.

    #it's so interesting how mizuha and fushi both have a parent they love dearly and a parent who created/birthed them that they have a bad #relationship with and that would actually be a meaningful way to connect with each other but fushi actually relates more to izumi because #they're both milfs #fumetsu no anata e #to your eternity #to you the immortal #fnae#tye#fnae spoilers #fnae manga spoilers #fnae anime spoilers #present era#acting human #back to the present #chapter 140.2 #chapter 147.1 #mizuha#izumi's knocker#fushi#immo#march#original post
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  • jecook
    19.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Dabihawks Fanfic Recs

    I was recently asked what my favorite dabihawks fic is, and I'm really terrible at picking favorites, so I scrolled through my bookmarks and picked out some of my all-time favorites. This list is certainly not comprehensive and also skips anything in the variety of <5k rated E (if you know what I mean ;) ) and also skips the fact that I generally go "I have this author in my bookmarks so if I want more of their work I can just go there" (stupid, short cited.) Anyway, preamble done, these are (a few) of my personal faves in order of when I opened the tab while scrolling through bookmarks.

    By Any Other Name by SatelliteBlue

    200k, Ongoing, Series

    Through some freak accident of the universe, Dabi has been invited to compete on The Bachelorette. Have they actually seen his face? Surprisingly yes, and they still want him. For this season they apparently need a ‘bad boy’ to both balance out the hero contestant (why in hell is Hawks involved?) and to trash talk the show in interviews to appeal to audiences who don’t like the scripting. Getting sent on a vacation away from his annoying bandmates to complain and eat as much free food as he wants? Sold.

    This fic is still ongoing and long but so so worth it. It's hilarious. The story follows Dabi and Hawks on the show, but also ends each week on the show by switching to everyone watching the show back at home. The plot is so much more than the Bachelorette, too, but to explain how so would spoil some of the fun. Everyone is not only perfectly in character, but the conflicts are also just amazingly executed. I can't recommend this fic enough and I am soooo excited to see how it comes together. The twists have been incredible so far and I'm curious to see how it all comes together.

    The bird and the bees by Vridelian (@vriddy)

    1k, Completed

    Hawks may be a garden-stealing gnomehead, but that doesn't mean Dabi will just let him get kidnapped, right under Dabi's nose. A rescue mission told in 100 words drabbles.

    What it says on the tin--this fic is short and cute. Vri has a lot of amazing works, but this is the one I read when I'm sick or sleepy. It's like watching your favorite kid's movie when you're down. Also, she's probably going to laugh at me for picking this fic of all her fics to rec or kill me <3

    steal your heart by darlingest (@darlingestwrites)

    60k, Completed

    When infamous thief Hawks announces that he is going to steal the heart of Endeavor's son, everyone expects him to prey on Shoto Todoroki - nobody suspects Touya to be the actual target.

    This was one of those fics that even when I dropped off reading dabihawks for a few months, I still consumed every chapter like my life depended on it. They are a delightful mix of flirty and slightly unhealthy in the way good enemies to lovers should be. Also, the end of some of these chapters really left me sweating, and the fic is a nice length, too for long but not too long a read

    we could be antiheroes by caandlelit (@caandlelit)

    6k, Completed

    ‘Well. There was this study on intimacy,’ he begins, and Dabi interrupts him, ‘I’m gonna call security if you don’t shut up with that gay shit.’
    or; exes sit in a jail cell and tackle 36 questions in order to stop the war

    This fic is both hilarious and thoughtful, a favorite mix of mine. Short and excellently paced, I think about this one a good deal.

    There and Back Again - A Villain's Tale by Todoroki Touya by RavenHawk

    187k, Completed

    Quirk History was a mandatory subject in every junior, middle and high school in the world, and Todoroki Touya didn't sleep through his whole education - he'll have you know he almost finished it, too. So he shouldn't be quite so dumbfounded by the news, if, say, he was so fucking stupid as to let the Number 2 Pro Hero in Japan hit it raw in an alleyway in Hiroshima. Really, he should be mature and take responsibility for his own mistakes. Alternatively, he's going to roast a pigeon and feed it to the Hero Commission. And then, have a completely new kind of mental breakdown because he's not ready to be a single parent.

    I don't really read mpreg, but man I read RavenHawk's work. They are a phenomenal writer and so so prolific, I could recommend everything they've written. This fic is a beautiful love story and a really wonderful arc for Touya <3

    Bamboo arrows and mourning hearts by TheyCallMeBol (@theycallmebol)

    5k, Completed

    Guard Captain Keigo has been visiting First Prince Touya's grave every single night for almost 7 years now. And no hooded sad excuse of a grave robber is going to stop him now. Or: a not slowburn at all of Guard Captain Keigo and the creepy but oddly charming grave-robber.

    Short and beautiful, this fantasy AU is just what the heart needs. Not sure what to say about it other than that you could read it in half an hour, so you should just read it now.

    my heart goes vroom vroom boom by crimsonseekers (@crimsonseekers)

    5k, Completed, Series

    “Right!” Hawks said, perking up. “I gotta be a good brother-in-law, I need to become the favorite Todoroki.” “Well, focus on the end of the season, then you can focus on overtaking my spot as the clear and unsurpassable favorite.” Hawks clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes, slouching back in his chair. He opened his mouth to respond just as the waiter came over. “The season’s basically over anyway. ‘S like you said, it’s not as if there’s a big chance of some massive upheaval this late, y’know?”
    or, Dabi and Hawks are Formula One drivers. Crashes aren't anything too out of the usual in their profession, nothing too life-threatening, except when they suddenly are.

    This is beat for beat an adaptation of a real event, so I suggest reading the fic, adoring it, and then looking up the video + the driver's interview about it afterward. Crim did an a m a z i n g adaptation of what he went through, and it makes for a perfect oneshot.

    This feels like a nice number of fics, but I have another seven open in my other tabs still, so I will stop here and make a second post. Let me know if this is something people would want more of from me! Remember to leaves kudos + comments if you read these <3

    #i'm still yet to read the last chapter of steal your heart because I've been in a funk but #i trust darlingest because she is phenomenal #yes i put my friends on my rec list!! #if i make another one i will add even more friends because i love them!! #maybe i will make a list for those oneshot rated E types heheh #dabihawks #dabihawks fic rec #bnha fic rec #bnha fic recs #dabihawks fanfic#dabi#hawks#todoroki touya#touya todoroki#takami keigo#keigo takami #oh i also have not read the series crim's work is part of #its on my to-read list haha #also most of these authors have other work #i totally recommend their other work as well!! #these are personal faves for biased reasons #they might have work that is different or appeals to you more so check out their pages #i linked those as well!! #crimsonseekers#darlingest#satelliteblue#theycallmebol#vridellian#ravenhawk
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  • haojun
    19.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    "Even if you go to hell, you should fill your stomach first"


    #dongsik and juwon make me insane #i n s a n e #beyond evil #also this is Not in a shippy way this is in a Please Just Admit U Care Abt Each Other Bc U Do And We All Know It way
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  • yumenosakiacademy
    18.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    if some1 asks 4 ur socmed at a con, just say ur tumblr. it shows tht ur Based. also virtually no1 else will have a tumblr of their own 2 exchange w u so it works bc u can weed out the weak <3

    #i kno this bc at other cons i would just give out my tumblr (i dont hav insta + didnt use my twt as much @ the time) n every1 would say they #dont hav a tumblr or w/e or dont use tumblr. n im like ofc u all dont. #delete later
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  • sad--tree
    18.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    mood is flipping bw cautious optimism and abject despair practically on the hour and its only week 2 of 15 so uhhhhh. wish me a very good Please God Oh God Please Let Me Get Thru This Last Term With My Sanity, Health, And GPA Intact 🙏

    #one moment im like...... maybe i DO got this? this isnt so bad i can totally survive this last term....... #the next moment is like...... i Have Never Known Peace Nor Computer Programming. reaching hitherto unknown levels of s t r e s s #blah blah im a failure i should just drop out b4 a fail out blah blah etc etc #i hate college #the whole 2 of 15 weeks thing is both heartening and anxiety inducing for. the same reasons? but also opposite reasons? #like oh jeez thats so little time = hell yeah gonna graduate and be done soon! #but also oh god thats so little time 2 do eveything that needs 2 be done! #on the other hand. ah man 2 of 15 thats so early in the term! lots of time 2 get my shit 2gether n expectations havent ramped up yet #but also. ahhhhh why cant i just graduate thats so many weeks til i can get this fucking thing over with!!! #no 1 mention job searching 2 me theres no ambiguous feelings there just. pure fuckin misery #told myself id start looking in the new year and i HAVE but all it does is make me feel bad abt myself n my life choices #not as bad as ill feel tho if i graduate n dont immediately have a Decent JobTM w/ benefits lined up #meaning i have 2 start paying the full uninsured price of my adhd meds ''lol''
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  • hawkecest
    18.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    example #148292938 of proshitters being just as hypocritical and disgusting as antis

    (for context, op is referring to a screenshot of a post talking about the proship community's hypocrisy when it comes to paraphiles, maps more specifically)

    #jfc i used to be in an inclus/proship server w/ this blog and they were one of the many reasons why we left #and just when we were thinking about getting back in contact w/ the server owner..... #server owner never did anything wrong for clarification!! #it was the other members that made it unsafe for us and we dont even have any of the stigmatized paras....... #e
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  • voidsdogboy
    18.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    i love missing a basic game function and then being able to unlock a bunch of stuff at once

    #cal chats #LOVE kill dragons. did NOT kno how to unlock those other shouts<33 #n e way i can summon a dragon now :) my buddy my guy
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  • forcearama
    18.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Me: BTW, I don’t want this post to invite responses about why you hated [whatever], this is just my silly post about why I love it/thought some part was funny/think some AU of it could be humorous/whatever.

    Somebody every goddamn time in the tags or comments: this post is funny but also here is a long list of why I hated [whatever]

    #are these people like #PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE OF NOT SAYING ANYTHING?? #will they die if they don't?? #do they do this to people in real life?? #like I'm already so annoyed to have to attach a disclaimer that's 80 paragraphs long onto every other post like that #so that it doesn't turn into Discourse #or so that I don't get people bafflingly taking something outrageously dumb seriously #'if obi-wan made pancakes in-universe they probably wouldn't be CALLED pancakes' #'anakin wouldn't really lay around watching soap operas all day he worked really hard and was smart!!' #*bangs head against desk* #(this is setting aside of course the idea that he'd be dumb if he sat around watching his soaps all day) #(i'd like to do that and I'm not stupid either thank you) #me: *writes absurd fix-it* #someone: this Overlooks [Character's] Trauma tho #so don't make fun of them 🥺🥺🥺 #me: IT'S ABOUT THE JEDI ORDER GOING TO FUCKING CHUCK E CHEESE FOR FUCKING FUCK'S SAKE #ugh honestly. I love interacting with people here but this stuff makes me INSANE. #did you THINK I was going for 'deep meta analysis of the canon' here?? HOW DID YOU POSSIBLY GET THERE FROM MY POST #arrrrrggghhh #in rereading this now I DO want to write the Order going to Chuck E Cheese
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  • cooltastrophe
    18.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Isabela Madrigal is the "I had to be the good kid to the point where I never developed an identity and also completely fucked over my sibling relationships" representation I've been looking for tbh

    #To this day my mom doesn't believe me #If I express an interest outside of academics basically #Like isn't mad about it just #Doesn't understand or really believe that I actually care about that thing #Both of my siblings hated me and not without reason #Things have cooled off now to being... Cordial I guess #But y'know I moved across the country so I'm still out here not supporting them #I mentioned the other day that I still think Abt doing non library stuff and my mom sounded like... #Idk sad I guess #Disappointed but not the way you'd be disappointed in a person who did something wrong #Disappointed the way you are when you lose at a game #Out of all the adults in my life my mom is the one who treats .e the least like a thing #But sometimes she still makes me feel like a thing #And it's worse bc I don't expect it from her #And I still care what she thinks #Anyway normal morning thoughts #encanto #made by asher #text
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  • du-hjarta-skulblaka
    18.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Playing sims is always a bad idea bc I won't have time to play it again till tomorrow evening so I'm just sitting here thinking about what I want to do in fucking sims

    #i made sunny #bc of course #and the face is a bit off but the body is p e r f r c t #like. feminine body type but masc style #buff as hell with broad shoulders and a lil chubby #theyre great #my only issue with the sims 4 gender customisation is the lack of pronouns other than that its great #it also has like 20 pride flags #sunny with a poly lesbian and nb flag above their bed as god and nature intended
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  • hezjena2023
    18.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    City of the Dead

    In the long awaited sequel to The Other Warden, we catch up with Alistair and Bethany after soon after they’ve arrived in Orlais. But it is not the end of the journey as Bethany hoped, one earth-shattering confession from Alistair later she realises it is only the start of one…

    Alistair stood by the door to their room, back pressed up against the smooth black stone wall that matched every jetstone brick in Adamant Fortress.
    Bethany Hawke’s nerves fluttered deep in her belly. “What is it?” Her book slipped away and hit the floor with a soft thump that both of them ignored. She saw him chew over his words before he said them, frantically trying to find some way to soften the blow.
    “I’m hearing it, Beth, the Calling.”

    Read it in full, on AO3

    #my writing#alistair/bethany #the city of the dead #it can absolutely be read as a stand alone #rating E #angst with a happy ending #don’t worry - Alistair’s going to go live on a farm with plenty of space to run around and lots of other wardens to play with… #that’s it - that’s the plot
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  • tarantulas4davey
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    i’ve officially got an empty ask box and a full brain so !!! send me some asks besties i’m bored

    #newsies#livesies #never not read the tags #and knowing me #albert dasilva#racetrack higgins#ralbert #i will also do the other newsies tho LMAO #asks !! #i’m bored what can i say #also stealing jack’s idea. why not #/j #n e way
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  • isilunee
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I think the problem with that """cringe"""" gay webtoon going around and a few others that I've observed is that like,,,, they're like based on a tumblr post that is like "OMG WHAT IF THERE WAS A NERDY BOY IN LOVE WITH A BUFF STRONG GIRL" and then all the ppl who were like "MAKE THIS A MOVIEEEEE" got their wish

    like I dont think that exploring any of these ideas is necessarily bad,, the concept of a jock goth and whatever dating is pretty fun for like a single instagram post. the issue that I personally have with them is that it feels like they don't develop from that single idea and it just feels stretched out instead of building a story on it

    especially when. yknow. instead of giving them names in the webtoon you literally call them by their archetype

    #i know theres a little bit more stuff about why ppl dont like that webtoon but honestly #if you like it read it etc and consume media critically #i only touched on it briefly but i realised this with a different webtoon about a lesbian and gay man being each other's beards #like i really enjoyed it when the author was just posting little comics of it on their ig #but when it got picked up by webtoon the story kinda got really forced into it and it didnt hold up #moral of the story is give ur characters a personality outside of their sexuality and aesthetic ig. #also most of these ideas could have been fun if the author just hadnt run so long with the schtick #like a story about 4 guys dating each other is fun! and then yeah maybe theyre all really different! #and then its UP TO THE FANBASE to be like ohoho hes the jock hes the goth whatever whatever #i think authors also need to stop doing the work of their fanbase (at least publically) but thats another post #n e way. i don't mean to shit on u if you like the series. thats a safety measurement
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  • umbralglade
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I went so hard at disco elysium for two weeks that it's been super depressing now that I finished it, but I really felt like I needed to keep playing so I couldn't keep accidentally spoiling myself. I also kept seeing (and actively seeking out lol) dialogue that I never got or didn't get to yet and that made me so strange and manic about it. When I'm in the process of playing a game and I remember other people also play it and my experience isn't the one true experience I immediately blow up my console

    #idk how to explain it's not that I don't want other people to experience stories it's more that i want to know I'm having the fullest #most comprehensive experience i can and seeing deviations from my own makes me foam at the mouth idk! #also i just do this when i really love something as an anxiety thing or w/e #anyway one of my fave games prob ever and I'll probably enjoy it even more when i can have a calmer replay in a few years lol
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  • killingviolence
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    i wish mainstream media explored """weird""" sibling relationships and treated them as normal (because they are) more.

    like, half siblings. adopted, foster, and step siblings but don't be gross about it. your cousin that lives with you/was adopted by your parent(s). large age gaps. large amounts of siblings. that "friend" that lived with you for a big chunk of your childhood. siblings that grew up in abusive and/or neglectful homes. estranged siblings. siblings that were never close but want to be. siblings that aren't close at all. siblings that just genuinely don't like each other. siblings that actually apologize to each other. siblings that grew up in seperate homes. siblings that have hurt each other in the past and are working through it together. siblings that have hurt each other and don't forgive. and so many other things.

    just. give me more than just "haha i hate my annoying younger sibling/my older sibling is so stupid and edgy" or some other weird shit.

    #like idk as someone who like never sees myself in media that includes siblings this is important to me #there's so much more that can be done with the concept of siblings but it just never gets explored #and yk what it makes me angry #also like #i hate that 'we're horrible to each other and not even in a joking way but it's fine and we still love each other #bc haha silly siblings and blood is thicker than water or w/e' #is such a normal thing in media and sometimes even real life but no one questions it #and i'm right about that whole abusive siblings thing #because that does happen but whenever it's portrayed in media it's treated as just 'normal sibling things haha' #like..... no #and no one ever apologizes #when you could easily make a whole big dramatic scene about it #and show them growing together and supporting each other moving forward #idkkkkkk this is long and dumb but. i'm right #max.txt
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  • tontawantu
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    #want to watch d*e tomorrow but akjshd can't find it anywhere unfortunately #watched every other ter nawapol movie i could watch though and now i'm moving on to his shorts dskjghfj #they're so comforting though weird #it's hard to explain skjdh
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  • missingn000
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    hello friends may i request some fic recs

    #starved for content and i cant go through the tags. cant lose what little remaining faith in humanity i have #i'd prefer stuff that isn't E rated and ofc NO PROSHIPPING PLEASE GOD #or x reader #i'm generally not a fan of AUs outside the canon universe but if you have any REALLY good ones to recommend i'd be open to it #*to clarify: canon divergence AUs & fix it are AMAZING !! it would be pretty ironic of me not to like those lol #thank u so much in advance!! #also #(for ppl unfamiliar with the term proshipping: basically means ships that are adult x kid or inc*st or any other disgusting stuff) #THANKS AGAIN ILY ALL
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  • autistictenno
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #auric talks #other tenno talk #hnnnn n e e d
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  • purgetroopercody
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Nobody uses shab in Hard Contact, but it becomes more prevalent as the series goes on. It appears in some form about 100 times in the final two books, and is a great gauge of how much stress the characters are under, especially for Niner because he doesn’t usually curse at all.

    Niner almost always curses because he’s stressed. He drops a real fuck-you in with A’den in True Colors where he’s mentally/emotionally put on edge by the Sull situation, curses a lot (along with everyone else) when Omega is holding off the rebels on Haurgab, and repeatedly curses at Darman when he’s furiously urging the guy to leave him behind and go to Mandalore with his kid in the chaos of Order 66 and Darman won’t do it. Those are some notable instances.

    But in 501st? Niner curses plenty. Shab pops up on a routine basis in his inner monologue, and he freely uses it and other Mando’a vulgarities when he’s with Darman much more often than he used to. The last time we got Niner’s POV was in the first book, and when we get it again, he’s cursing more than he ever really has before and in a seemingly more ‘casual’ way, only it’s not really casual at all. 

    After Order 66, the governmental and societal transition to Empire hits the ground running, hard. Niner quickly picks up on the fact that men like he and Darman with deep, extraneous cultural loyalties (and an off-leash operational history too?) are no longer trusted. When Vader speaks to the commandos in 501st, he tells them that the government is fully aware of how loyal the commandos have been to some of the names on the Empire’s kill list. Niner, Darman, Bry, and Ennen immediately get their first job as Squad 40, and they’re literally briefed on who their target is and given their maps minutes before they board their transport. This means that the transport’s crew had their own brief and that everyone made sure the ship was ready to go--both mechanically speaking and that it was stuffed with the necessary equipment--before Squad 40 had been told any details about what their job was. To top it off, the guy briefing Squad 40 is a Force-sensitive spook all but said to be working in Palpatine’s direct interest, and he didn’t brief Niner and the others in some 2-3 hour before-flight format or even like 45 minutes ahead of time. It was more like 5 minutes, and it’s not an accident that Bry and Ennen speculate that this unusual last-minute timing is only because they’re being treated like potential security leaks. Niner’s like “weird but okay” about it and Darman doesn’t have a problem, saying it’s completely justified. And Darman isn’t wrong. The Empire’s kill list contains names of their friends-- being ordered to go after Camas is one thing, but what if they’d been sent to kill Ordo? (Though I think they intentionally were not sent to kill anyone they knew...)

    But then it becomes a problem when the suspicion does not stop. It does not let up, and Niner becomes more and more aware that he lives in a surveillance state. He feels under siege even before he consciously realizes that he’s living “behind enemy lines,” and no longer finds a sense of comfort or belonging in the army. It becomes him and Darman against the world, so much so that he’s almost disturbed to realize that he can’t even bond with fellow RCs like Bry and Ennen anymore. Niner is stressed, and he knows it. He also won’t fully trust himself, won’t believe he isn’t just being paranoid and overly worried, until he finally gets proof of his surveillance suspicions when meeting Jaller Obrim. Then the fact that even Melusar has checked his office for bugs and is bringing Darman and Niner in on his own covert plans just underscores the extent to which nobody is trusted, everyone is being watched, and to which privacy no longer exists. 

    Meanwhile Niner also has to very carefully support Darman who’s going through a hell of an awful time, coordinate desertion with the Nulls, and do right by Bry, Ennen, and then Rede (who went from single-celled to biologically 20 and ‘ready’ for war in the space of a year.) While this is all going on, Niner also consciously downplays his Mandalorian heritage/identity to reduce his radar signature as much as possible while the Empire constantly scans for anyone with unacceptable loyalties. Niner has to be focused, alert, and on guard for both himself and Darman. He has to appear to the world as though everything is normal, but it very much is not. He’s pulled taught, on edge, and cannot afford to relax, so Niner curses, and he does so in the two places he has privacy-- inside his own head, and in private conversation with Darman, the last two places he really has a home in where he doesn’t have to hide anything and there are no threats to watch for.

    The only time Niner maybe uses Mando'a with Ennen (the dialogue tags are unclear and it may even be Darman's line) is when he's shouting for Ennen to open the bathroom stall door after that scene... Apart from Niner's other reasons not to use Mando'a, I think he doesn't want to use it with Bry and Ennen either because they'd just perceive it as slightly exclusionary or just a reminder of how different they are. Niner is worried it won't help everyone meld together, or that it could be isolating (especially at this time when Bry and Ennen just lost two of their brothers.) But when Niner and Darman hear the gunshot, Niner's usual concerns about Mando'a are eclipsed by a worry that just spikes out of him, and he uses Mando'a on instinct. (Actually the more I think about it, the line could definitely be Darman's, but this is a decent justification for it being Niner's?)

    #We know Niner immediately feels guilty about Ennen and berates himself for not having done enough #Earlier Niner KNOWS he's checked out and stressed as hell and he identifies that as something getting in the way #of bonding with the new guys or anybody else in this system #But he also clearly still cares that they all *do* form a bond #He's not checked out so much that he's not himself in that regard-- especially with Rede #and we get different times where Niner feels bad that he knows he and Darman are just going to up and leave #when Rede (or anyone that Niner's responsible for) deserves much better leadership than that #Niner still cares and the things that are important to him haven't changed but the priority order is different now #And like we've said before he is s t r e s s e d and it's making everything that much harder because he is CONSTANTLY living in it #There are no breaks and that's going to take a toll on anyone #Hell even *with* breaks stress still affects people #But I wonder if Niner is going to survey all this and come away thinking #that yes he was under a lot of pressure but that was zero excuse for not doing something with Ennen that would've prevented what happened #To what extent is he going to think that something about this is his fault? In the immediate aftermath he absolutely does feel guilty #but that could stay with him for... Well... A long time. #New topic: Sa Cuis' brief to Squad 40 #My sole context for when briefings like this can happen is literally only in the context of aviation and mostly naval aviation at that #I do not have practical knowledge of or experience with this #But the fastest time I've heard of from the pilots being briefed to them taking off *is* under 15 minutes and that was for MEDEVAC stuff #Other longer normal times are like 45 minutes to 2-3 hours depending #The people who flew very old platforms with a ton of crew said their time from brief to takeoff was even longer sometimes? #But Darman says their transport isn't an LAAT/i but a new model so it's *an* LAAT jus another variant? Or another little transport at least #So I'm assuming those people don't need a super long time between brief and everything else that has to get done before they leave #And Squad 40 does point out that Cuis totally could've done this brief beforehand because there was plenty of time #So I'm thinking the super fast CASEVAC time frame isn't appropriate but a longer one like 45 minutes up through a couple hours #was what Squad 40 was expecting #Republic Commando#Niner #Star Wars meta #star wars
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  • somnolent-scout
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    #ughh #i cant breathe #i cant fucking brwat #stop making me have mental breakdowns please #stop forcing others to suffer #stop ruinig e #AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH#i cant #i cant fucking stop crying #i csnt fucling #i cant bresthed #AHHHHHHHSHHSKA
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