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  • just remembered I live in a house filled with earth signs…..please send all five of us help

    #like how does this happen though #why did my parents do this #astrology#earth signs
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    If you would like to book a personal reading with me, you can email me at healwithtanis@gmail.com
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  • Get to know me~ 😄💕

    •My name is Hannah

    •I live in the UK

    •I’m a Capricorn sun ☀️, Virgo moon🌙 and Leo rising 🌅

    •I’m actually a Taurus/Gemini cusp though… ♉♊

    •My personality type is ENFJ

    •But I’m 53% Extroverted and 47% Introverted so I consider myself to be an Ambivert! 😄

    •I’m a simp for asians 👉🏻👈🏻 (y'all are fine af)

    •I’m a Kpop Multistan

    •I’m an insomniac that spends to much time watching Netflix and Anime

    •I’m a depressed and anxious bean 🙃✌️

    •My grades are shit because I’ve missed 3 years of schooling due to my mental health📉

    •My best subject is Science 👩🏻‍🔬

    •Im still alive… I think

    •Kind of a hoe ngl 👁️👅👁️

    •I can be sarcastic but I love being around you very much if I feel comfortable enough to joke around with you

    •I don’t take criticism well because my self esteem level is pathetic and I feel like the world is trying to go against me if you say I did something wrong…

    •I don’t get mad easily but when I do I either scream or cry my eyes out lmao

    •I have the most adorable dog, he rules my heart~ 💓💓💓

    •I don’t have many friends but the friends that I do have mean the world to me and we all support each other through anything and everything. 😘💖

    •I enjoy the simpler things in life, I’m a pizza takeaway kind of girl. 😆🍕

    •I love having conversations with people who share similar interests to me

    •I aspire to be a Psychologist, I want to help people get through some of the darkest times that they’ll face in their lives. 😊

    •After reading this I realise how much of an earth sign I really am… 😂


    Originally posted by onzze

    Bye bishes~! 😆💕💕💕

    #mental health #get to know me #kpop#kpop multistan#personality types#zodiac#zodiac signs#taurus#earth signs#anime#ambivert #single as a pringle #sleep deprived af #happy but sad
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  • 💌Oracle card messages for 🌱earth signs🌱

    ♉️ taurus ~ all spiritual beings that have gone into creating you, love you and guide you.


    ♍️ virgo ~ no part of the world ever really stays stagnant so why should you? the phases and cycles of your life are significant.


    ♑️ capricorn ~ love yourself and be infatuated with yourself the same way that you are with the things that you find beautiful in the world.


    🔮available for personal readings



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  • Best to worst opposite sign couples according to me-

    1. Gemini & Saggitarius (BEST!!)- hell yeah, this is my FAVOURITE COUPLE. They’re each other’s ride or die!!! Their relationship is an essence of what we all want with our boyfriend/girlfriend. Their energy is beyond the bounds, they will live life to the fullest, they will travel together, they would go clubbing together. Since sagittarius is not the jealous type and neither is gemini, their relationship will certainly not have jealousy factor. They would literally talk about ANYTHING as both signs love interesting people. Since SAG is a fire sign they can get really bossy which gemini hates. But in general this relationship is beyond perfect. :))

    2. Virgo & Pisces This relationship is REALLY GOOD, among all, this couples of opposite signs, this one is my favorite. They would, even with all their differences, feel a instant deep emotional connection. As soon as they get to meet each other, they get quite confused with each other, Virgo wont understand Pisces mytical personality, and Pisces wont understand why tf Virgo is that serious (she will even think that maybe she did something that got him angry, but no, that is just his normal behaviour). They will try to get to know more thing about each other, and will start loving each other. Virgo’s heart will for the first time melt because of Pisces’s kind and sweet personality, and Pisces will be really amused by how perfectionist and good at everything Virgo is. This relationship will work in every aspect, since they are DIFFERENT IN EVERY ASPECT, even in bed, it would be perfect, since Virgo loves to control and Pisces loves to be controlled. They are just PERFECT.

    3. Cancer & Capricorn: Cancer is a strongly emotional sign while Capricorn is kinda cold-hearted, this will be really complicated at the begginning but, as time goes by, Cancer will feel himself getting more mature, and Capricorn will feel his heart getting soft, they will fall in love, like, COMPLETELY!! Cancer will love how hard-working Capricorn is, and how logical he is, and how he is always right in everything he says. And capricorn will love how much Cancer cares for him, and how dedicated to children and animal they are, they will love to see Cancer talk about the things they love and how they talk about the future they want, with a dog, and 3 children. This is just the cutest couple. This would all be perfect in the first years of relationship, but as the time went by, they would understand how hard it would be for them to have a future together. Cancer is the sign that represents the family, and Capricorn ir the sign that represents work and money, but if they work on their differences, they would have the PERFECT rich family!!

    4. Scorpio & Taurus: I am sure y'all can imagine what will be SO GOOD in this relationship! Taurus is the most sensual sign in the zodiac, and Scorpio is the most sexual sign in the zodiac, so as we can see, sex will not be the problem. Taurus is a really calm sign, and Scorpio is, just like Aries, quite explosive, Taurus will help Scorpio a lot in controlling his emotions. To be honest, I don’t see a lot of perks in this relationship (imo), actually I see a lot of negative traits. Let me explain, Taurus is a sign who needs safety and comfort, and Scorpio needs to feel intensity and he needs a deep connection with the whoever he’s seeing, and Scorpio is not someone who can offer stability, safety or comfort to Taurus, while Taurus cannot offer intensity to Scorpio as well, both of them would be really unsatisfied in this realtionship. I don’t see this 2 signs getting along that well, and since opposite signs are supposed to kill each other, or love each other, I think these 2 would most likely kill each other. BUT if we’re talking about a one night stand or something like a sex buddy, these 2 are perfect each other.

    5. Libra & Aries (very difficult)- Well… this is, of course, complicated… Aries is a really explosive and aggressive sign, and it may be hard for them to control what they say or do, so it gets really tough for Libra in this relationship.Libra is a superficial sign, they care a lot about looks, and what other people think, and this leads to Libra being quite boring in a relationship. Aries is a sign who craves intensity, wants to FEEL things, instead of just seeing them, so, as time goes by, Aries can get quite bored of Libra, this relationship may get frustrating to Aries because of the lack of intensity in Libra, and we all know what Aries does when he gets frustrated, right? Aries will hurt Libra, not necessarily physically but certainly with words, he will be so aggressive with Libra, that this relationship will end in a second. Furthermore, Libra being a excessively clingy and social sign, they like to have Aries’ close friends (even if they’re too close for Aries), Aries would HATE this. 

    6. Leo & Aquarius (worst)- Aquarius are the most isolated, detached and cold & they rarely commit to anything (especially love). Whereas Leo in a relationship desires to be liked and being the centre of attention. Also, Leo is the sign who love to control, whereas on the contrary aquarius can’t stand being controlled. This couple would be pretty toxic and boring for both signs and might probably turn into enemies sorry…

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  • earth sign(complimentary)

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  • wtf is that water sign (derogatory) post. it should clearly be about earth signs

    #i think#earth signs #get more credit than they deserve lmfao #i'm sorry earth sings but truly #you're all the most boring and insufferable of the pack #rambles
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  • earth teaches you about humility. it binds you to the cycles of nature and tells you that you can’t escape from this. this is what happens to all of us. the best and the worst, we can’t run away from the power what is immoveable and unshakable and has always been there. this is why capricorn - an earth sign - is connected to society. society makes you bow to its rules just like nature does. you can slowly change your environment but it takes time and above all, it takes humility. it takes service, continuous and tedious service and dedication.

    earth signs learn this lesson early. and you know, they’re usually met with the two signs of this coin pretty early in life - humility and humiliation. lessons on how to become humble. will you bow down and quit or will you keep going? will you know your place or will you build your place? these are all questions earth signs are met with quite early in life and ponder on frequently.

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    kpop female idols and their zodiac signs

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  • 💥: Overall energy💥: A caution of a word this week, someone is noticing how well you are doing and may plan to sabotage your work. This will be a week where you will need to trust in your instincts and 6th sense. If you feel that something is off and wrong, you might just be right about it.

    💧 Water signs 💧: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces 💧

    ⚡Core energy⚡: 10 of cups - You will be in a state of celebration this week! Water signs, although you might have a lot to do this week, overall things should work smoothly. You are in the empress and High priestess energy! this means you know what you are doing and you have everything down!

    🌳 Earth signs 🌳: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn 🌳

    ⚡Core energy⚡: 6 of swords - Someone is trying to throw you off balance this week, they will do this because they see how sturdy and concentrated you are. But do not fret, this is a lesson in a way and this is something guided by the universe.

    🔥 Fire signs 🔥:  Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 🔥

    ⚡Core energy⚡ You will have a lot going on this week fire signs, you are the ace of pentacles; this means money is on your mind! Fire signs, know that when it involves your money, you will need to be strong and stead-fast like the King of swords \, be honest and truthful. If anything has been waiting you down from the past, you are now letting it go and going with the slow of the universe.

    🍃 Air signs 🍃: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 🍃

    ⚡Core energy⚡: air signs, this week might be slightly tricky for you, many of you will be taking on a feminine energy; this might be a good week to heal the inner feminine energy within you. Air signs, know that while you might have experienced something difficult in the past weeks or so, you are still standing, and you are still calm and collected. Remember that you are a queen.

    ✨Advie cards✨: For all the signs this week, it might be a good week to learn from something outside of you, you could be taking on different kinds of tests to see if you are ready for he next stages of your “personal/spiritual development” your teacher would be the universe.

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  • message for my earthworms (♉️♑️♍️) 💎

    while i was shuffling, i got the feeling that y’all been through hell & back. but you’re more you than you’ve ever been. it’s funny that i used that diamond emoji for y’all bc the entire energy screams “pressure creates diamonds”

    i’m seeing that y’all were stuck in a shitty situation for a long time and it wasn’t letting up. you may have had body aches, depression, anxiety and feelings of listlessness and irritation. it was all to help refine you bc the best is yet to come. 💎💎💎

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  • Gemini: If you ever crawl inside an old hallow log and go to sleep, and while you’re in there some guy comes and seals up both ends and then ends up putting that log on a truck and taking it to another city…

    Gemini: Boy

    Gemini: I just don’t know what to tell you

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  • “Shelter the wispy clouds of your soul, and make them chainmail to the trespassers of mind”

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