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  • I think it’s important to remind people one of the big good things of CAM leaving is possible equal storylines

    My biggest frustration, even as an Alex Stan, is it’s clear that the storylines aren’t balanced for Liz and Max. And others, as well. Including Kyle-a main character- and Maria. I love this show as a WHOLE, and I want to tell people to watch it. But it’s so hard to suggest this show when the characters don’t get equal amount of stories.

    I would even say, as a main character, Liz should get MORE storylines. And Echo should get more screen time.

    I’m really hoping for these changes in season 3

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  • As much as I’d like to see more Clone Wars episodes return, getting an Order 66 Clone Wars Sequel with the Bad Batch is AWESOME. As long as they maintain the same animation style, and keep it action-packed and hardcore, we could be could at one badass series! But I hope this will tie into the CW Yoda/Wookies arc as well. The question is…

    Will Cody and other fan favorites return?

    Will we see Clone vs Clone action?

    Will Delta Squad show up?

    Will Echo get his new armor?

    Will any of the Bad Batch die?

    Could Clone Wars-Style Darth Vader make an appearance?

    The possibilities are endless! Don’t let us down Filoni!!!

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  • I just realized that Echo is part of The Bad Batch and will be on the show too



    #bad batch #the bad batch #star wars #star wars the clone wars #tcw #cloone trooper echo #droidbait#tech#hunter#echo#wrecker
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  • does anybody have any headcanons for echo? it can be any queer-related ones or just general random headcanons! would love to see how people have been interpreting her so far ;v; <3

    #overwatch#echo #she's so cute #and sweet #but im genuinely interested in how other ppl see her
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    • Based after TCW and Order 66, it’ll show the clones adjusting to the new way of life
    • Set to debut in 2021

    I’ll post more details as they come out💞

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  • With the confirmation of the Bad Batch series everybody’s talking about wanting to know what happens to Cody. I do too.

    Really though, I’ll just be happy to see Echo in a finished version of this armor.

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    One fear

    #IF CODY IS A VILLAIN I'M STEPPING OUT #let Cody be good Dave please #Commander Cody#CC-2224 #The Clone Wars #The Bad Batch #The bad batch show #Star wars #Star wars memes #Swtcw#SW#Clone troopers#Echo#Wrecker#Tech#Hunter#Crosshair #Clone Force 99 #Dave Filoni#The Empire#One fear
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  • the star wars fandom rn

    #star wars#tcw #the clone wars #the bad batch #echo#wrecker#crosshair#tech#hunter #clone force 99
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  • Some father/daughter time and a royal cat sleeping pile
    The thing is, these cats are kind of stuck in tribal ways since they’ve been isolated from the modern tabaxi. So the families sleep in one place. It’s considered a huge honor to be accepted into the sleeping pile. Some ppl might feel uncomfortable and in Lieutenants case he feels uncomfortable and also like something is awakening is him >:]c

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  • 오늘도 더티 #딜레이 🔈🔉🔊
    @bossfx_us #DM300 😎
    Dirty AF 🔥🔥🔥
    Working on new sounds everyday 💜
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    #star wars #star wars the clone wars #the clone wars #bad batch #the bad batch #clone force 99 #dave filoni #dee bradley baker #echo #arc trooper echo
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  • The concept of bad batch is really interesting in itself since there were obviously clones with mutations (from aesthetic like Rex’s hair to ones who were decommissioned for it) so it makes sense some of their mutations would actually be beneficial but also make them not right for the normal battalions. But bad batch didn’t really leave much of an impression. They don’t have the personality of many of the regular clones we saw and maybe that’s partially because we only had them for four episodes and they were kind of more about rex and echo than them but also from the first episode with fives and echo and hevy we were attached to them and from the episode with waxer and boiler meeting numa we loved them.

    I think my issue with them is that they’re too archetypal and don’t have much personality beyond that - the nerdy one, the strong less smart one, the grumpy quiet sniper and the leader who is idk he gives me jet from atla vibes but not done as well. If they want this show to do well they need to further develop these characters and hopefully go further into their backstory and what happened to clones with mutations (and of course what happened to them during order 66 and whether the clones ever regained control of their minds or if not whether their mutations saved them).

    Echo will probably be the standout in this show since we already know and love him and this will give him more space to develop without most of his brothers there and as the only remaining member of his batch. Speaking of which bad batch implies they were all batchmates so what happened to their batch to cause such wildly different mutations in each of them?

    I’m not mad this is gonna be a show. I prefer the animated content tbh to live action (I do love the mandolorian tho and will watch all the live action stuff too) so I’ve been hoping they weren’t gonna give up on animation since they were looking for someone to play live action Ezra I think which means search for Ezra could be live action which idk how I feel about.

    Anyway rant over let’s just hope they do this show justice

    #bad batch#star wars #star wars the clone wars #tcw#clone wars#echo #bad batch series
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    Will I watch it?


    Do I want this???

    No, Not really, I just don’t think The Bad Batch are interesting enough to carry a full show, they’re nothing but stereotypical character tropes

    You got the “Tech/Nerd” that will be the butt of all the jokes

    You got the “Edgy Silent Badass”

    You got the “Dumb Brute” who makes one liners

    And the “Basass Macho” Lead

    We’ve seen it all already in every TV show in existence

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  • image

    Guys, when I tell you I legitimately almost screamed at work…


    #and it's supposed to be post tcw so that means my echo should be returning!!! #AHHH!!! #star wars #the clone wars #the bad batch #echo#tech#crosshair#hunter#wrecker#vode
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  • image


    #The Bad Batch #I'm HOLLERING#sw#swtcw#tcw#star wars #star wars the clone wars #the clone wars #bad batch#Echo#Wrecker#Crosshair#Hunter#Tech
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  • Does anyone have any spacekru fic/headcanon recs? I have a thing for found family (All ships are welcome, it doesn’t even have to have ships tbh)

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  • Guards patrolled Vibe City. It was mostly for making sure trolls did not go joyriding on the flying records or fall into the fountains. What caught Echo’s eye was that a troll was drinking out of the big fountain. Some others had noticed too and was pointedly ignoring the troll. Echo crept toward them and shook his head. It was obviously D in some silly disguise again. He didn’t even try to hide his blue hair or striped fur, just made it longer, put on a hat, and remove his tinsel and jewelery. 

    That still didn’t explain why he was drinking out of the fountain where there were places to get drinks from nearby.

    “Hey, you good?” Echo asked. ‘D’ jumped at the sound of the voice and tumbled into the fountain. Echo paled and everyone gasped. He was in deep trouble if he caused the prince to drown.

    “Oops, sorry,” ‘D’ chuckled, swimming effortlessly in the fountain, “you kinda spooked me.”

    “Are you ok, dude?” Echo blinked repeatedly. ‘D’ was swimming fine in the fountain. He wasn’t drowning. When did he learn to swim?

    “Oh yeah, I was just thirsty,” ‘D’ nodded before happily swimming on his back, “was kinda hot too. This is nice.”

    “Dude, get out. You can’t swim,” Echo carefully reached down to help him out.

    “Sorry,” ‘D’ squeaked before pulling himself out of the fountain. He shook himself till he was all fluffy and now Echo was wet. He started laughing. “So…what’s fun to do here?”

    Echo blinked, this had to be D, did he bash his head somewhere or something? “Well…we can go see a show…” yeah, he needed to keep an eye on him.

    ‘D’ bounced up and down, his smile infectious as Echo led him to the hover-boards. ‘D’ touched it before jumping on and flying off. Echo yelped before getting on his own and chasing after. He was weaving and driving like an idiot that never touched a hover-board before. If it wasn’t for Echo already being on hot pursuit, about six other guards might have tried their luck catching him. 

    The only reason Echo did eventually catch the wild prince was because he had crashed and was now making glitter angels. “Are you ok?”

    “Oh yeah, I had trouble with landing,” ‘D’ sat up and shook off the glitter.

    “Then are you insane? Why were you driving like that? You could’ve gotten hurt!” Echo waved wildly before groaning in his hands.

    ‘D’ got up and nuzzled Echo, he looked at him with big eyes, “sorry I made you worry. I was having so much fun!”

    A lot of trolls were now watching them. Echo was blushing. Something was definitely wrong, “come on. I’m bringing you to the doctors.”

    ‘D’s ears went down, Echo just realized he had them up the whole time. “Do we have to?”

    “You crashed!” Echo wondered just how many painkillers he could take while still being coherent, because if ‘D’ was going to act like this all day, he’ll need it.

    ‘D’ whimpered but followed after. He brightened up again as they went to a giant record. Echo didn’t think much of it till the record started to spin. He looked and saw someone had let ‘D’ into the middle and he was making it spin. Echo sighed and picked him up.

    “I am not cleaning up throw-up,” Echo said, gesturing for someone to take the lead.

    “But I haven’t eaten today yet,” ‘D’ pouted , but vibrated as he took in the sights.

    “It’s almost dinner?!” Echo squeaked before realizing ‘D’ had gotten distracted by the sights. Eventually, Echo managed to herd/manhandle ‘D’ into the doctor’s office and keep him distracted with some games on a data pad. The doctor came in and gave a hard look to ‘D’.

    “What happened this time and is your father also hurt?”

    “Huh?” ‘D’ cocked his head to the side.

    “Darnell’s been acting off all day and crashed a hover-board,” Echo explained.

    “Whose Darnell?” the troll asked. The two looked to each other and then to the troll.

    “You are? Did you hit your head? Drink or eat anything weird today?” The doctor started looking into the trolls eyes.

    “My name’s Cooper and the only thing I’ve eaten or drank today was fountain water,” Cooper chuckled. The doctor blinked. She grabbed a cup and filled it in the sink.

    “Drink,” she ordered before looking at the guard, “get him some food from the cafeteria, I’m calling his- I’m calling Essence and Quincy.”

    By the time the guard came back with food, Essence, Quincy, and Darnell were in the room with Cooper. Essence was holding Cooper tightly to her chest, Quincy had an arm wrapped around him, D was sitting on the side, just smiling.

    Echo smiled and slipped in the plate of food before leaving. He made a mental note to notify the other guards the lost prince had returned. And that the lost prince was as wild as a trolling who’d eaten a bag of sugar and a pot of coffee.

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  • Only took me one year to post another video, Hope u enjoy!

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  • When Roan was dead/done with echo she had a full breakdown and that’s how she joined spacekru

    now that Bellamy is ‘dead’ she’s had another full breakdown and joined Bardoans war

    #the 100#echo #they ripped her apart all over again and ??? #like thanks for showing us zero development growth from the og time skip to the new one #icky #i feel icky #the dead look in her eyes is so upsettng #it makes me so uncomfortable #mind dump#ignore me
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