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  • cinematicons
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The Twilight Saga (2008-2012). Like if u save.

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  • aquanova99
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Alright so maybe I lied time for another twilight rant babyyy

    We all agree SMeyer butchered jacobs character post new moon and canon wise is awful, we have all decided to keep NM jake as fanon and I’m all for it.

    HOWEVER, why do so many people like canon Edward is please explain. He is emotionally and mentally abusive and controlling, he projects what he wants to on Bella and disregards what she actually wants several times throughout the series. I mean even the actors who played Edward and Bella think they are ridiculous. I just feel like there’s such a hype to their romantic story when in reality there’s almost nothing these two agree on and canon Edward is a creep and I see little change when people write about him.

    Make it make sense!!

    Anyways stan the volturi and go about your day 💜

    Okay I need to stop over analyzing this at 2am

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  • loustellaperry
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    my current new views on romance

    Not sure if they make sense, but it’s 2:30 in the morning, and the Twilight movies were incredible.

    Now I feel kind of hopeful. It’s a new take on hopeful- which is cool. I feel like I’ve reused my old hope entirely too many times, and it’s honestly gotten stale.

    As a practicing witch, I have shown myself that what society views as “magic” is reachable and accessible. It’s just energy, and I’m very familiar with it.

    So romance is kind of like “magic” to me. It’s untouchable, and I’m not sure if it’s real, but I’ll believe. It’s a new hope.

    Does this make any sense? I’m just inspired, okay! I will be reading the books 📚


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  • theghostlycryptic
    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Ya know. I'm gonna do it. I'mma put these bitches on blast.

    Me, sixth grade, Twilight is high in popularity.

    People were cutting throats for which team they were on

    I remember back then I was interested enough (because I've been in love with vampires since I could breathe) but I also remember being super bummed cause of the whole glittering part

    I digress, basically, I wasn't super obsessed with it, and I have to say that I like it more now than I did then. I never understood why people choose that over tons of other media about vampires

    On to the point - I had procured a copy of Eclipse™ from my school library. I was super excited, because it was a thick book and I was going to be able to read all night when I got home.

    I don't remember this bitches name, but we are going to call her Emma™

    Now I don't remember Emma™ and I ever being good friends (even before this) so I don't know why she thought this would have ended differently

    Emma™ sits behind me in out last class because she noticed I was about to get my hands on the gold that was apparently Eclipse™ and thought she would be able to take it from me

    "hey, so I was wondering if I could borrow that book. I was looking for it in the library, and there weren't anymore copies, and I just haven't read the book, so it would be great if I got to read it tonight" Emma™ asked me

    "no Emma™ - I also haven't read the book and I am really looking forward to reading it. I'll tell you when I check it back in." I said nicely, like a nice human

    "well, I mean, I just really love twilight, probably more than you, anyway, so, like, you should just let me read it. It doesn't matter if you got to it first."

    Emma™ started getting on my nerves at this point

    "um. No. That is my final answer. I will not❤️ be giving you the book. You will have to wait."

    Flash forward to the end of class - people are going back and forth from lockers now (the lockers for us were right outside our last class)

    I went under my desk to grab the ever elusive Eclipse™, only to find that it was -

    Not There™

    So I'm like huh that's weird. I ask around. No one has seen it go anywhere. I'm kind of panicking. Not only cause I really needed escapism, but also because I don't wanna pay any extra fees.

    Suddenly, I get a funny feeling in my tummy

    At the same time I notice that someone *cough* (Emma™) *cough* is no where to be seen.


    Im fuming at this point, and I storm over to her and flip open her backpack before she had gotten to zip it.

    And there is was


    "wow, I can't believe this, all you had to do was wait"

    She said some mean things, and looked super embarrassed (good 🙄)

    All was good, all was great, I got to read that night.

    However! The next day at lunch I saw one of my best friends (we will call her Glasses), and it just so happened that Emma™ was also in our lunch class so I was about to get her ROASTED

    I told Glasses the atrocities Emma™ had committed, the blatant disrespect, the outright crime she had bestowed upon me.

    But Emma™ acted like I was crazy




    Moral of the story is: it doesn't really matter cause I was the one who got to read the book first - Also, don’t trust your friends in sixth grade

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  • doeriangray
    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    the way jacob says “hi, beautiful” to bella in eclipse 😍🥰❤️‍🔥🥺🥵😩😭💕🥰💕❤️‍🔥

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  • gcldenchild
    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago
    he just has to focus on helping around the house with his inability to speak. everything’s been so loud for him as of late - sunny has been especially pushy, too.  he doesn’t have time to play, little one. the moon is down and he can’t sit around on his ass. go back to your slumber ...  and yet, the child won’t quiet himself. 
    he feels his chest constricting again - that awful feeling that he needs to start learning to control. breathe ... breathe ..  don’t give him more attacks ... breathe. 
    calm yourself and your better half that’s buried deep in your memories ... sing a lullaby so you can get back to functioning normally. 
    his voice is hoarse as he forces sound out of his throat. as he pushes beyond the tears so he can end this before it spirals out of control. his voice is hoarse, but no one is around to hear it - he’s in a lonely corner in their lonely room, making the bed as much as he can while keeping the nest completely intact, just as burrowable as ever. 
    he sings - only to himself and the child buried deep inside him - a lullaby he remembers from much too long ago.  dear mother, how they miss you. 

    “ frère jacques, frère jacques ... dormez-vous ? dormez-vous ? ... ”

    #{|❂|} THE START OF A NEW ERA | ic. #{|❂|} TO BE WITH YOU ALWAYS | timeless dance of the eclipse verse.
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  • incorrectfavoritebooksquotes
    28.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Edward Cullen: (texting Emmett) answer your phone

    Emmett Cullen: (texting back) give me a minute, I can't find my phone

    Edward Cullen: Okay

    Edward Cullen: (five minutes later) you're a terrible child, you know you're killing me. You're killing your brother.

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  • chaosgaius-art
    28.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    🚨The Owl House spoilers below!!!🚨


















    im caught up on the show and i jus,t,,, ,.,.., THESE TWO,,,,, i love luz and amity so much 😭😭😭

    #THEYRE SO CUTE I CANT WAIT FOR ECLIPSE LAKE #the owl house #the owl house spoilers #owl house #owl house spoilers #toh#toh spoilers#tohspoilers #the owl house season 2 #the owl house season 2 spoilers #through the looking glass ruins #through the looking glass ruins spoilers #luz noceda #luz the human #luz the owl house #amity blight #amity the owl house #amity blushing#lumity#lumity fanart #luz x amity #lumity kiss#emira blight #emira the owl house #edric blight #edric the owl house #my art#fanart#fan art #artists on tumblr
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  • vclterra
    28.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    honestly i hate how short the twilight saga was. i wish we had more. bella and edward dating for years, throughout high school and college before the marriage and eventual her becoming a vampire part. there was so much potential with where the series could have gone but it all got wrapped up so quickly over the course of like, a year and a half of her life. i wanted to see bella growing up, being with her dad and finally getting to build a relationship with him, and through mending the father-daughter bond being able to make more educated choices in her relationship life (bc let’s be real that def played into her dependency on edward to a degree) and having a healthier relationship with edward and the concept of mortality/aging next to him. there’s just so much this story lacks that i wish it had someone please get the rights to rewrite this goddamn saga and do it justice

    #i’ve had some wine and i’m angry abt this #twilight #the twilight saga #twilight new moon #twilight eclipse #twilight breaking dawn #bella swan#edward cullen
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  • rabbitdog420
    28.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Powermove: spend your 2am drawing lumity

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  • hazeyhale
    28.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Jasper x Bella fanfic requested by Anon :)

    The soft beat of her heart called to him.

    Forgetting about the book he'd been reading, Jasper Hale tensed as soon as the scent of blood and lavender intermingled in the air. Even as he sat on the leather seat in his study with the door shut, he could practically sense her presence seeping through the cracks of the doorframe. He had to hold his breath, clenching his jaw until his teeth ached when the sting of venom flooded his mouth.

    He'd intended to run away, escape before anyone could notice, and feign disinterest in the human he'd once offered to kill to protect his family. But Alice was suddenly beside him before he could stand from his seat, a smile on her lips as she took his hand in hers, "You won't hurt her."

    The surety in her words did little to console him as Jasper allowed the pixie to pull him close behind her. His stoic demeanor slowly masked the trepidation stirring inside him as he straightened and schooled his face to appear cold and distant.

    It was impossible to ignore the girl's scent the moment she walked into the room, hand in hand with Edward, who had somehow fallen in love with a human. A human who was now welcomed with open arms by Carlisle and Esme. A young woman who would become "great friends" with Alice and a sister to Emmett. No matter how perplexed Jasper was to have a human in their lives, he wasn't nearly as hostile as Rosalie was when she seethed with jealousy at the sight of Bella.

    The need to sink his teeth in her was almost overpowering, and it would have been had he not forced himself to focus on the fast beating of her heart as Alice wrapped her arms around her. Affection for the girl filling his senses when Alice beamed at her.

    There was a small hint of fear that flowed in his direction when Bella looked at him, but there was also...wonder. A raw emotion inside him sprouted when she spoke to him for the first time, granting him a small awkward smile when he nodded in acknowledgment.

    Betraying his instincts would be the most difficult thing Jasper has ever had to do, but the more he got to know Bella Swan, felt her troubled yet gentle emotions, the more he slowly convinced himself that he would indeed not harm her.

    Because for Edward—for his family—he would not harm her.

    That had been true, truer than anything Jasper had ever obsessed over in his immortal existence.

    Until Bella's birthday, and he realized that he truly had no control over the monster that loomed over his shoulders—that urged him forward when a single drop of her blood ran down her index finger. The sound of her blood hitting the carpet making his entire body lock up as he instantly held his breath. But it wasn't Jasper who was about to lunge for Bella...

    No, no no!

    When he sensed Edward's need to kill permeate the room, Jasper charged for him before it was too late. Before Bella would be killed by the man she trusted and loved.


    Edward's eyes darkened when he read his brother's mind, instantly reining in the predator inside and replacing it with anger as he shoved Bella behind him and restrained Jasper when he charged.

    The feral look in both their eyes as they came face to face was what spurred the other to react, Carlisle and Emmett wrapping their arms around both of them before they started fighting and harmed someone else. Jasper's growl resounded from within his chest as Edward wrapped his hand around his neck to prevent him from attacking.

    I know what you want. But, stop now before it's too late. You can't hurt her, Edward! Not like this...

    As he's hauled away by Emmett and Alice, the only thing Jasper could do was snap his teeth as a fraction of Edward's guilt swept over him before his thirst was awakened once more. When Edward turned to face Bella and found her even more injured than a simple paper cut, red blood running down the inside of her arm as she sat up in a daze. Crystals and ruined roses scattered on the floor around her. But before Edward could lay a hand on her as Jasper had expected him to, Carlisle kneeled next to the girl and inspected the damage done.

    The distressed look on Bella's face as she watched Jasper get dragged away hurt him more than he thought it would. As if she felt guilty for hurting him. As if that were possible.

    Try as he might, the anger and fear his family shared with him was impossible to fight off, and soon, he forced himself to come down to himself. Rejecting the pull that urged him to go back into that room and stand beside Bella, to know that she was alright.

    Edward's emotions were the only ones he focused on as the thirst and want for the human girl in the house remained strong. Clenching his jaw and holding his breath once more, Jasper shut his eyes and begged, Don't hurt her, Edward. Please, don't hurt her.

    That night, Jasper couldn't help but follow after them back to Bella's home, wanting to know Bella would be safe if Edward lost his control once more.

    Jasper had been horrified that he'd taken the blame for a slip of his brother's control and created bigger chaos for wanting to protect Bella. Regardless of how unjust it was, he allowed Carlisle and Esme to convey their disappointment for him and Alice's hurt that she hadn't seen this happen. To protect his brother, Jasper gave up the truth...but maybe it was to hide his own truth as well. Why had he reacted in such a way? Why did he lose control of himself so easily to protect Bella when he'd wanted to kill her long ago to prevent this very thing from happening?

    The empath had expected himself to slip up and try to kill her—he hadn't expected Edward to be the one to do so. Not Edward, of all people.

    Watching from the tree line beside her home, hidden by the shadows, he watched her own shadow move behind the curtain of her bedroom as she paced uneasily back and forth. Clearly still frightened by the events of the night.

    Jasper conveyed his lament and affection for the girl he'd unknowingly started to care for and when she paused in front of the window, he stepped further away before she could see him.

    Jasper was utterly unaware that he'd never felt love for her the same way Emmett or Carlisle did. That wasn't the sort of affection he felt for Bella Swan—it never was. It was different...

    Jasper left with a sigh of resignation when he felt Bella's emotions settle, and exhaustion took over her body and mind as she slipped into a deep sleep.

    Hoping to ask for her forgiveness the next day, if she was willing to hear him out, he returned home and faced the consequences of his and Edward's actions.

    Unaware that he would soon be betrayed by the fact that Edward knew that Jasper was Bella's true mate all along.

    Thanks for reading x

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  • brunomoraes1
    28.07.2021 - 9 hours ago
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  • deathis-peaceful
    27.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    me listening to Jacob explain imprinting in eclipse knowing resume could have never existed and a reasonable imprint could’ve occurred and let this all be over

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  • wanderlustwaving
    27.07.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #i liked charlotte fine as a member of harry's band #and also her solo stuff #charlotte clark#odyssey #really like this song #this line in particular #which is ironic now #anyway this is a photo i took of an eclipse #my shitty iphone photos
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  • daringbarnes
    27.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Evermore dream cast

    Bailee Madison as Juliet Cromwell

    Ben Barnes as Harvey Cromwell (Juliet’s big brother)

    Olivia Rodrigo as Alice Cullen

    Sabrina Carpenter as Rosalie Hale

    Matt Cornett as Emmett Cullen

    Owen Joyner as Jasper Hale

    Froy Gutierrez as Edward Cullen

    Mika Abdalla as Bella Swan-Cullen

    Taylor Swift as Esme Cullen

    Chris Evans as Carlisle Cullen

    #okay I’m sure some of these don’t make sense #but like… #they make sense to me soooo yeahhhh #this is just for a twilight movie that I’ve had the idea about for a while now #twilight #the twilight saga #twilight saga#new moon#eclipse #breaking dawn part one #breaking dawn part 2 #breaking dawn#jasper hale#alice cullen#rosalie hale#bella swan#edward cullen#emmett cullen#esme cullen#carlisle cullen
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  • daringbarnes
    27.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Evermore (a twilight movie that I’ve had the idea about for quite a while now)

    Summery: when Juliet Cromwell and her brother, Harvey, move to Alaska, they’re hoping to start a new life after the mysterious disappearance of their parents five years ago. Juliet attends the local high school, while her brother searches for a new job in town. While attending this high school, Juliet meets the Cullens and the Hales, six mysterious teens who obviously have a secret they’re hiding. One of the Hales in particular, Jasper Hale, doesn’t seem to like Juliet very much, and tries to avoid her at all times. She finds this rude, but also very intriguing. She tries to talk to the boy, see what he has against her, and eventually, she finds out the mysterious teenagers’ big secret. They’re vampires, like actual real life vampires. She’s shocked at first, especially when she finds out the reason Jasper tries so hard to stay away from her. She’s his blood singer, a person whose blood calls to him, he’s never wanted to hurt a human so much before. But Jasper must control himself, because he finds himself very attracted to Juliet, and not just because of her blood. But why is he so attracted to this girl when he’s already found his mate a long time ago, Alice Cullen? Many questions now surround Juliet and her new vampire friends. Why have they met? Why is she Jasper’s blood singer? And why is it, that every time she mentions her last name and the disappearance of her parents, that the Cullens and Hales share a knowing look with each other?

    Okay this is probably a terrible idea for a movie, but I’ve always had this idea for the longest time, and I just really wanted to share it.

    My dream cast for Evermore

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  • neapolitantoebeans
    27.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    if you don’t think that eclipse is the best twilight movie then we can’t be friends

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  • rjfdalmeida
    27.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Veja "Vangelis - 12 O Clock "Sun Pulsar"" no YouTube

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