15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

am currently feeling like an og octunnumi fan bc i just saw an email saying how you can now purchase tarelen names from the website… i got one for free (well, only by having to do a good deed) last year dhjshdjd

my name was vincentia detreeda tavodd (vin-sen-tee-ah duh-tree-dah tay-vodd) and i love it a lot

#of course people still need a name sponsor to give them 3 words to do it #(my best friend was my name sponsor - gave me devoted passionate and creative) #so it’s not like they’re losing their meaning by being able to be purchased #i think it’s cool that you can bc it probably means more people can get them #being so many that it’s too much for the octunnumi people creating these names #which is what happened shortly after i got mine #so i don’t mean it’s a bad thing at all #just makes me feel special dhsjdhdjd #the octunnumi #the octunnumi fosbit files prologue #ecosralayceum#bookblr
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