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    | 𝙁𝙤𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙚 𝙏𝙤𝙤𝙣 𝙇𝙞𝙣𝙠 𝙬𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙥𝙖𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙨 |

    | 𝙈𝙖𝙙𝙚 𝙛𝙤𝙧: @catgirl-cure-peace |

    | 𝙉𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙨 |

    I’m sorry if these weren’t what what you were looking for!!! These were pretty fun to make!

    #Toon Link #Toon Link icons #Legend of Zelda #LOZ#LOZ icons #Legend of Zelda icons #Edits#Icons#Forestcore#🌽request finished🌽
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  • I sit in the subway sometimes, on buses, or the movies, and I look at the people next to me and I think…“What would you say if I told you I was a witch?”

    BELL BOOK AND CANDLE dir. Richard Quine

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    William Zabka actually hitting Ralph Macchio on set since 1983/part one/two/three
    #this was supposed to be just one gifset #but it turns out all the times billy hit him couldn't fit in just one post lmao #william zabka#ralph macchio#cobra kai #the karate kid #edits
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  • Hey Flanaclan! If you guys are not following @screesflanagan on here or Instagram or YouTube, you must. Her edits are fire.

    Editing queen.

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  •   seulgi + taylor 

    ## like/reblog

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  • 𝓗𝓪𝓽𝓼𝓾𝓷𝓮 𝓜𝓲𝓴𝓾 𝓹𝓱𝓸𝓷𝓮 𝔀𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓹𝓪𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓼!

    750 x 1280 ; All wallpapers are free to use, but likes/reblogs are always appreciated!

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  • 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA - January 5, 2020

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    ( 𖤘 ) headers of a darker shade of magic delilah bard

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  • Photographer (Part 2) - Luke Hemmings

    Part 1:

    • Warnings: mentions of sex, cussing
    • Word count: 2071

    Give me ideas for imagines and i’ll write them

    So this is part two, i know someone wanted it to be smut but I didn’t have any ideas to how i would continue it but don’t worry i’m gonna write smut again soon. I’m sorry if this is bad, I wasn’t feeling very well.

    “And i’ll have an iced coffee, please.”

    You said to the cashier at the coffee shop you and Luke were at. He had the morning off but had to go to the studio with the guys for the rest of the day so you were trying to make the best of the time you had together.

    Therefore, you two chose the calmest, emptiest street in the city to take a walk on, until you found this little cute coffee shop and it was nearly empty so it was perfect.

    You finished ordering and sat facing away from the entrance with Luke sitting across from you.

    “Babe, don’t freak out, but i think they found us.” Luke said, pointing to the outside of the glass doors.

    You turned around and true to Luke’s words, a couple paparazzis and fans were waiting outside the shop.

    They weren’t that many, but it was a matter of minutes until the small group of people turn into a huge crowd.

    “Shit. We should leave before more people show up.” You suggested.

    He nodded, agreeing with you.

    He got up, holding his coffee and wallet in a hand, and reaching his other hand to hold yours.

    “Alright, babe. Keep your head down and if they ask questions ignore them.” He instructed, basically being a professional at handling these kinds of situations.

    “One more thing,” he continued, “i’m sorry for this.” He said.

    “Oh baby, no. You don’t have to be sorry. It’s not your fault at all. Paparazzi are doing their job i guess, and your fans just love you terribly and honestly, do you even blame them?” You reassuringly said, smiling softly at him.

    He loved that you were always so understanding.

    He leaned down and kissed your lips briefly before heading to the door with you close behind. Needless to say, the camera flashes went crazy when you kissed and when they realized you were leaving the coffee place.

    Some fans approached Luke, calmly asking for pictures and you offered to take their pictures with him.

    You didn’t mind the fans.

    You understood their love for your boyfriend. You realized that to some of them, Luke, Micheal, Ashton and Calum were literally life saviors.

    You’ve had some chats with fans before and they told you how some of them had no comfort when they’re down but 5sos songs and how these four guys made them feel loved when people they know personally failed at that.

    As you were taking a picture of Luke with one of the fans, you saw the girl getting nervous and starting to take quick breaths like she couldn’t breathe properly.

    She was having a panic attack.

    Luke quickly noticed too so he put his drink down on the ground in a rushed manner, tossing his wallet beside it as he sat her on the sideway as you two attempted to help her.

    You shushed everyone around while he told her to focus on this words and breaths if she could hear them.

    Minutes later she calmed down, hugging him then you while muttering a couple thank yous.

    Luke helped her get up and she walked away back to her friends as Luke picked up his stuff again and you started heading back to hotel room the management had booked for the guys.

    He dropped you off and met up with the rest of band in the studio.

    You watched Netflix till you fell asleep.

    An hour later, your phone’s ringtone, startled you awake.

    It was Ashton.

    You wondered why he was calling you.

    You picked up.

    “Y/n? Luke’s on his way to you, he’s probably getting mobbed though.

    You’re alright?”

    He said as soon as you picked up.

    “Ashton why wouldn’t i be alright? What’s wrong?”

    You were confused.

    “Guys, I don’t think she knows yet, make sure Luke is aware of that.”

    You heard him announce to his company.

    “Know what? Ashton, what the fuck is going on?”

    “Nothing. Relax. Fuck I shouldn’t have called.” He stuttered but started making small conversation, trying to keep you off social media until Luke got to you.

    However you mind was only wondering about what was happening.

    Less than a minute later, the door burst open and a very stressed Luke came rushing in.

    “Y/n give me that phone. Who’s talking to you?” He said with a short breath.

    You hesitantly tossed him your phone, informing him that Ashton was still on the line.

    He put up the phone against his ear and your heard Ashton’s muffled voice as he rumbled into Luke’s ear.

    Then he started talking.

    “No, i’m with her now.”

    “Ashton, would you cut me some slack, will you?”

    “Fucking hell, just shut up already.“

    “Are fucking mental? Obviously I’m telling her, but i feel like she’ll take it better if she finds out from me and not damn twitter.”

    To say a million thoughts were running through your head was easily an understatement.

    Did he do something that would hurt you?

    Were you gonna lose him?

    Did anything happen to anyone you cared about?

    Were the guys okay? Your friends? Your family?

    Your thoughts were cut short when you saw Luke turn both of your phones off before he put them in the bottom drawer, locking it and putting the key away.

    He then stood in front of the window, frowning like you’ve never seen him frown before.

    He looked as if he was trying to get his thoughts together.

    “Luke, would you tell me what’s going on already? I’m confused.”

    You said while sitting on the edge of the bed.

    He sat beside you wrapping you in his arms.

    “I don’t really know how you’re gonna take this, but you’re bound to find out. And trust me, if there was any way i could protect you from this i would, but… Fuck.

    Alright. You remember that memory card that had the pictures of when we… when we… you know? I think… someone found it.”

    He shakily said.

    You pulled away from him.

    “Oh my God. Someone saw those pictures? Someone actually saw pictures of us having sex?”

    The memories of how revealing these pictures were came flooding back. You felt embarrassed looking at them even if you were alone.

    “It’s not that someone saw them, it’s… the pictures were… they’re…” he said, his voice below a whisper.

    He couldn’t even continue. The thought of it was tearing him apart. But you understood. You understood before he even spoke. That man can’t hide anything from you for God’s sake.

    You hadn’t even realized you were muttering endless strings of no, trying to convince yourself this wasn’t real, but it was.

    “No, Luke, no. This is a joke, please tell me you’re joking.” You said, your hands pulling on his shirt, powerlessly hitting his chest.

    He wrapped his arms around you in pulling you into him in attempt to calm you down as you started sobbing with your head against his chest.

    You gave in for a little while, but minutes later you pulled away from him.

    You stood up, pacing around the room, your thoughts a mess.

    “How?” You asked.

    “I think it fell from my wallet earlier when we were leaving the coffee place and that fan had a panic attack. I threw my wallet to the floor. I think it fell.”

    He said, his head hidden in his hands.

    “I can’t believe you, Luke. You actually kept that shit in your wallet? Your fucking wallet that you take most literally everywhere? The wallet you drop ten thousand times a day? You really kept it in your wallet? You’re crazy.”

    You shouted.

    “I know, baby. I know. I should’ve put it somewhere safe but i kept on forgetting.”

    He tried to defend himself.

    “Fucking hell, Luke. How are you so cold and indifferent about this?! Your pictures were leaked too. People all over the world are seeing your pictures. Naked. Having sex.”

    “You think I don’t fucking know? Do you think i like this, y/n? Hell, this is like a nightmare to me. And worst than that it’s killing me that everyone’s seeing your pictures while i was pleasuring you. It’s ripping me apart.” He said, his voice raised and eyes teary.

    “Well, Luke i’m sorry to tell you but if you bothered to hide l memory card safely we wouldn’t be here.” You replied, your voice as aggressive as ever.

    “Give me back my phone.” You continued after seconds of silence.

    “No, y/n. Please don’t do this to yourself.”

    He pleaded.

    “Luke i’m fucking telling you to give me my fucking phone back. I’m a grown ass adult who can actually decide by themselves what they wanna do. Now give me my phone.” You screamed at him.

    He was full on crying and honestly nothing ever hurts you than his tears, but right now you needed space from him.

    He handed you your phone back.

    “Please don’t let what they’re saying get to you if you insist on going on social media.” He urged.

    You nodded, you knew he cared. Nobody ever cared about you like this.

    You left him in the bedroom of the hotel suite and went to the living room space.

    You logged into twitter and thousands of notifications came up.

    Some of them were people slut shaming you, for sleeping with your boyfriend of 2 years who you were desperately in love with.

    You thought it was ironic.

    Some other, the majority were saying that you were lucky that you get to do this with “Luke Hemmings, the lead singer of 5 Seconds of Summer.”

    They’re kinda right but what they didn’t understand was that to you, Luke wasn’t the famous singer. He was, to you, a stupidly sweet idiot who knew how to cheer you up when your down, boost your confidence when you feel insecure, and make you feel loved when you think the whole world hated you.

    The other tweets were shaming Luke for taking pictures of you while you’re naked. Did they not see that there were pictures of him too? Did they not see that you were aware and okay with his actions since you were looking at the camera or him in every single picture, sometimes even smiling.

    They actually think Luke would take pictures of you without your consent?

    You’re barely getting hate while Luke is getting a shitload even though you both were doing the same thing?

    It was twisted but it made you realize how wrong of you it was to blame Luke for this.

    Deep down you knew he would never want these pictures to get out.

    You went back into the bedroom to find a crying Luke, sitting in front of his laptop screen with his phone in hand.

    Once he saw you standing in the doorway, he put away the devices, running towards you and wrapping you in a hug.

    “Oh God, baby, i’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have kept it in my wallet and …”

    He rambled.

    “No, Lukey. I’m sorry that i took it out on you, i know you wouldn’t have ever wanted these pictures to get out. I’m sorry i made you feel like it was you fault, i swear it isn’t.”

    You hugged him back just as tight.

    Through all this you were glad you had each other.

    “I talked to a lawyer. He said some stuff I didn’t understand but i know he said he’s working on getting the pictures off the internet and on finding out who published the pictures first. Also, management sent me an email, they’re furious but they booked us a small house in a remote town where almost no one knows us, we’re gonna go there for a week until this thing dies down. Tour’s postponed for a week too.”

    You nodded, while still hugging him tight.

    “Hey, cheer up a little. It’s like a free vacation.”he said, pulling away a little to give you a smile and wipe the tears from your cheeks.

    He was pretending to be ok, but you saw it in his eyes that he’s still very angry and upset about the whole thing.

    You still gave him a little smile.

    “Alright, we should pack. They want us out of this city as soon as possible.”

    You both pulled away and started tossing your stuff into suitcases.

    The end.

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  • “Julian, I was angry at you. I missed you. But I didn’t stop loving you.” She brushed the back of her hand lightly against his cheek. “As long as you exist and I exist, I will love you.”

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  • Lakers’ Casino Night benefiting the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundatiton at the Staples Center in Los Angeles - April 3, 2011

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