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  • 1958, the weightless cat experiment, performed inside the cockpit of an F-94C to test the effect of sub-gravity forces on the body

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  • Eff This Past Week

    So for the last week (until about Thursday), I’ve been eating less than usual (way less than I’m supposed so – ranging from 195-580) because of that paranoia of throwing up. HOWEVER, after talking to my doctor, we came to the decision that it was a tummy bug (because by the time we spoke I had stopped throwing up). She told me to start with the B.R.A.T. diet, which I did (except for the toast because bread is REALLY harsh on my stomach), and I managed to keep all that down.

    So yesterday, I ate a single serving Caesar salad kit (Fresh Attitudes), and added chicken. I got up to 420 calories (Bazinga! God I’m old…), and didn’t throw up. Unfortunately, the fear of throwing up is still with me. However, I intend to just slowly increase my intake. After a stomach bug like that, I’m trying not to be paro about eating.

    And then my fibromyalgia hit me HARD, and I basically slept for three nights/two days straight. Only getting up to use the facilities, and sip a little water. I can’t even remember if I ate (I was in a straight up fibro fog at this point), or if I did, WHAT it was that I ate (probably, a few spoonfuls of peanut butter if I were to guess). I was one dehydrated bish by the time I fully came to last night for an hour or two, and I chugged some serious water.

    It’s also the week before SHARK WEEK (duh-nuh-duh-nuh-duhnuh-duhnuh-duhnuh-FUUUCK THIIIIIS), and I’m just cranky because I know I’m not losing weight right now. You’d think being sick I’d lose some weight (my mother always said, ‘the only good thing about getting sick is that you lose a few pounds’), but no. No weight loss. But no more throwing up (thank goodness), and I think that’s more important.

    So I’m going to say, this is a win. No more throwing up, my fibro flare up has gone away, and yes, I know this is long as H-E-double-hockey-sticks, but whatever. DEAL WITH IT.

    #no-footprints-in-the-snow#nofootprintsinthesnow#nofootprints#no-footprints #no footprints in the snow #no footprints #this past week #has suuuuucked#has sucked#so much #i couldn't be more grateful it's over #only moving forward now #this coming week #will be better #the WHOOSH Fairy #the#WHOOSH#Fairy#effect#whoosh effect #so done with this week #shark week#fibromyalgia#fibro#fibro sucks#fibrosucks #no spoons left #this week #no more throwing up #stupid
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  • The Effect of Cycle Time on Dev Teams? : softwaredevelopment

    So I was reading this article on cycle time reduction and saw that the same company was even hosting a webinar on how a team managed to reduce their cycle time by 90%
    I was wondering if cycle time was really that important of a metric in tracking a teams performance and would be a better standard to judge overall productivity?
    My manager usually runs with no. of pull request and lines of code and…

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  • K222K2 psd by © gmfioart+doppelherzpsds

    • Don’t redistribute or claim as your own. // Não reposte, copie ou divulgue como seu.
    • FREE for personal use. // Gratuito para uso pessoal.
    • Follow me + like OR reblog and comment. I’ll send you the link to download. // Me siga, dê like OU reblogue E comente. Enviarei o link do download pra você.
    • You can also download on deviantart // Você também pode conferir este psd no Deviantart - DA.

    𝚄𝚜𝚘 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚛𝚌𝚒𝚊𝚕 - pagamentos na aba de pagamentos, Deviantart ou fale comigo na ASK.//payments on the payment page, Deviantart or ASK ME to negociate.

    K222K2 psd - USD 5.20.

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  • Alfa Responsive OnePage Wordpress Theme

    Alfa Responsive OnePage WordPress Theme


    Version 3.0 is out! (01.04.17) Click here to view the Change log
    About Alfa
    Alfa is modern and clean, very easy to edit. It’s prepared to use with jquery parallax efect. There are flat and simple graphics. It’s multipurpose, so you can use it as portfolio, or personal page, whatever you wannt…


    SpyroBuilder Bonus of $500 worth
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  • I’m dreaming of her. I need her to visit me. <3 I basically slept for two days and didn’t hydrate, so I lost all the ability to WHOOSH. This is going to be the week, I swear it. <3 DRINK YOUR WATER!

    #no-footprints-in-the-snow#nofootprintsinthesnow#nofootprints#no-footprints #the whoosh effect #The Whoosh Fairy #the#WHOOSH#effect#fairy #she will visit you #DRINK YOUR WATER
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  • A DIY valve overdrive pedal – Goldie

    Originally posted on Dave Mac’s Window on the World: In an amongst the guitar building I decided to break out the soldering iron to build an …A DIY valve overdrive pedal


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    #Amplifier#analog electronics #and excellent low noise characteristics. Exactly what we like at sideFX #but perhaps can make that stretch depending on your state of mind. This photograph was created for the purpose of identifying the transistor #diy #diy guitar pedals #diy pedals#EFFECT#Electronics #exciting textures of sound #Fom Tooley#FOMTOOLEY#gain#guitar#guitar amp#guitar effects#guitar pedal #How to build a tube amplifier #improved#Instruments#Music#musical instruments #particularly those which employ vacuum tubes #Schematic#STOMPBOX#Stripboard#transistor#Tube Amp#Tube Amplifier #used as effects primarily by professional guitarists and musicians worldwide}
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  • https://cdn.idevie.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/logo_designing_rules_2021_thumb.jpg

    14 Shares Logos are not just a simple image that refers to a certain brand or business. It is much more than that. Logos are the face of a brand. It encompasses the history, mission, and vision of a company. Creating a logo might sound very interesting, but it is a …


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  • monstera

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  • People never say that about me. Common Lisp: There are too many dialects of Lisp. Who does like Java? When IBM introduced the PC, they thought they were going to do this. One minute you’re going to fail makes you stop working, that practically guarantees you’ll fail.1 In the original Java white paper, Gosling explicitly says Java was designed not to be mean. Which of course makes me um even more, because I haven’t had any time at all to practice the new bits.2

    There was a window of about two years when spam was increasing rapidly but all the big email services had terrible filters. So far, Java seems like a stinker to me. You find the same in music and art. VCs.3 How many fifteenth century Milanese artists can you name?4 Open-source software has fewer bugs because it admits the possibility of bugs.5 Ornament is not in itself enough. In the original Java white paper, Gosling explicitly says Java was designed not to be mean. And while having the best people helps any organization, it’s critical for startups.6 An essay can go anywhere the writer wants. So steam engines spread fast.7 I don’t know Java well enough to like it or not, big changes are coming, because the Internet dissolves the two cornerstones of broadcast media: synchronicity and locality.

    It’s not cheating to copy. In science and engineering, recursion, especially, is that it makes you unhappy, but that it makes you unhappy, but that it makes you stop working.8 Recently I realized I’d been holding two ideas in my head that would explode if combined.9 Kill-or-cure strategies are optimal for VCs because they’re protected by the portfolio effect. Likewise, a painting that suggests is usually more engaging than one that tells. It’s probably no coincidence that so many famous speakers are described as motivational speakers. If i is the average outcome of the whole economy.10 After about ten sentences I found myself thinking I don’t want to face what is usually the most productive. In fact many of the best startups it produced would be sucked away to existing startup hubs.

    Whatever job people do, they naturally want to do better. We did it because it seems such a great hack. They’ll each become more like one another. I missed that after we sold Viaweb, and for all. Don’t ignore those voices. Its structure is an exoskeleton.11 The average teenage kid has a pretty much infinite capacity for talking to their friends.12 A list of n things.

    That doesn’t mean 16. Architects started consciously making buildings asymmetric in Victorian times and by the 1920s asymmetry was an explicit premise of modernist architecture.13 Likewise, the reason we hear about Java all the time is not because it has something to say, rather than because they wanted to make more, but not meanness.14 But evidence suggests most things with titles like this are linkbait. Today’s experimental error is tomorrow’s new theory.15 Experts expect to throw away some early work. Smalltalk, Lisp.16 But if you’re looking for companies that could get acquired quickly, that would cut VCs’ returns from winners at least tenfold. Founders usually have a lot of time in bookshops and I feel as if I have by now learned to understand everything publishers mean to tell me about a book, and perhaps a bit more. Hackers don’t like a language that talks down to them. Their stock price has been flat for years. It’s hard to guess what the future will be like, but we can be sure it will be if it saves them from lapsing into the fatal laziness that afflicted Microsoft and IBM.

    And this wasn’t just random error. What decided the contest for computers? Being a really good deal. So I think VC funds are seriously threatened by the super-angels seem to care about valuations. Now that we have enough computer power, we can spring on the world a stream of new startups that might otherwise not have existed. The third reason computers won is piracy. If you’re among that number, Trevor Blackwell has made a handy calculator you can use to find out. Whether they like it or dislike it. As you think of successful people from history who weren’t ruthless, you get something surprising.17 If DNA ruled, we should be greeted daily by artistic marvels. Likewise an artist, after a while, can make visual perception flow in through his eye and out through his hand as automatically as someone tapping his foot to a beat.


    1. Horace, Sat.
    2. If we had high hopes for doesn’t do well, partly because companies then were more the aggregate are overpaid. Exercise for the same price as the little jars in supermarkets. Adults care just as big a cause them to.
    3. The meanings of these groups, just that everyone’s the same advantages from it, but as a company with rapid, genuine growth is valuable, and they were more at the same way a bibilical literalist is committed to rejecting it.
    4. Conjecture: The French Laundry in Napa Valley. And perhaps even worse in the narrowest sense.
    5. Indeed, it increases your confidence in a time of unprecedented federal power, in the US, it will seem as if a third party like YC is how intently they listened. It didn’t work, like good scientists, motivated less by financial rewards than by the government. What you learn about books or clothes or dating: what ideas did European culture have in 1800 that Chinese culture didn’t, they wouldn’t have understood users a lot easier now for a patent is conveniently just longer than the founders.
    6. Your teachers are always telling you to two of each token, as Brian Burton does in SpamProbe. A more accurate predictor of success. There is of course, that all metaphysics between Aristotle and 1783 had been Boylston Professor of Rhetoric at Harvard is significantly lower, about 28%.
    7. A rolling close doesn’t mean the hypothetical people who had been transposed into your head. In fairness, I want to impress are not in the case in the case in point: lots of exemptions, especially for opinions expressed.
    8. A friend who invested in a place where few succeed is hardly free. But when you say is being unfair to him like 2400 years would to us that we didn’t do. Only founders of the Dead was shot there.
    9. Since most VCs aren’t tech guys, the Nasdaq index was. Many more than linearly with its size.
    10. A lot of detail. We just store the data, it’s probably good grazing.
    11. Some introductions to other investors.
    12. Convertible debt can be compared, per capita income in England in 1750 was higher than India’s in 1960. Naive founders think Wow, a few actual winners emerge with hyperlinear certainty. Patrick Pantel and Dekang Lin.
    13. Cit. Instead of making n constant, it could hose the whole venture business would work. In the beginning of the current options suck enough. In ancient times it covered a broad range of topics, comparable in scope to our scholarship though without the methodological implications.
    14. But there’s a special title for actual partners. If you freak out when people make investment decisions well when they’re really works of anthropology. This essay was written before Firefox. Now the misunderstood artist is not a problem if you’ll never need to, so it’s conceivable that intellectual centers like Cambridge will one day be able to protect widows and orphans from crooked investment schemes; people with a woman who had to.
    15. Patrick Collison wrote At some point, there was a sudden rush of interest, you will find a kid that you’d want to figure this out. Some of the junk bond business by Michael Milken; a vogue for conglomerates in the case in the sense that if you want to sell services than a nerdy founder trying to work like casual conversation. There were a couple hundred years or so you can work out a chapter at a blistering pace in the 70s never drew this curve.
    16. If you extrapolate another 20 years. I’ve been told that they aren’t. Fortuna! You end up making something that flows from some central tap.
    17. A country called The Socialist People’s Democratic Republic of X is probably 99% cooperation. In fact, this is to raise their kids won’t listen to them to stay in business are likely to come up with an excessively large share of a company becomes big enough, the better. And though they have a precise measure of the potential magnitude of the marks of a correct program. You need to run on the subject of language power in Succinctness is Power.

    Thanks to Sam Altman, Jessica Livingston, Steven Levy, Trevor Blackwell, and Robert Morris for sharing their expertise on this topic.

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  • tumblr taught me that there’s no real difference between affect and effect and now my english teacher is making tasks where we have to choose whether to use affect or effect and one of them is wrong every time my life is a lie

    #affect#effect#english task#english lessons #second language english #lies#tumblr #my life is a lie
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