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  • mqyfield
    20.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    the amount of money id pay to see a max mayfield spin-off series

    one for el too

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  • mikewheelerisaconfusedlesbian
    19.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I mean same. Like mike is not gay or bi he’s a confused lesbian,,, change my mind

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  • randomperson-351
    19.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Dinner - BH

    Summary: You decided to go with Max and Eleven to find Billy, not knowing how dangerous he was, but when you see him having dinner at Heather's house, something isn't quite right. 

    Inspo: Stranger things s3 ep3.

    Through the pouring rain, you carefully drove Max and El to Heather's house is hopes of finding her after El's vision. Pulling up outside slowly, you turned around to look at the girls, "You sure this is it?" you asked, not trusting the fact they were about to go into this massive house alone in the middle of a storm. El nodded and looked back at Max. 

    "You know what to do if you need me." You told them. You had powers as well, just different ones to El; you could tell when people were lying and with one look could make them tell you the truth. 

    "We'll give you the signal if anything happens." Max said, opening the door to step out. 

    "You gonna be okay, we may be a while." El asked quietly. You said that you'd wait in the car for them to come back out and if anything happened in there, to give you the signal and you'd come in. 

    "I'll be fine, take care of yourself and don't hesitate to get me." You told her, reaching for her hand and giving it a squeeze. You were very close with both girls since their male problems, and had become a security blanket for both of them.

    El squeezed your hand back in reply and gave you a quick small smile before leaving the car and re-joining Max as they walked up to the door. 

    The girls didn't bother knocking, El simply unlocked the door and pushed it open with her powers; they needed to find out what had happened to Heather as soon as possible. Walking in, family pictures were hung all over the walls, confirming they were at the right address. 

    "This is her house." Max said in a hushed voice because of the music coming from the dining room, indicating that someone was in fact there.

    "What?" El asked quietly, her attention focused on the picture in front of them. "Heather's house." Max clarified. 

    All of a sudden, bouts of laughter filled the air from another room, making both girls look to their left in reaction to hearing the noise. Since they both suddenly felt a little spooked, El gave a small signal to you as you watched them intently move to another room. 

    It was just to make sure you were ready if they needed you, it wasn't a full signal, just enough to have you on high alert. 

    Turning the corner, the laughter increased before dying down, followed by a female voice saying, "He's so funny." To the girls horror, it was Billy causing the nauseating laughter. 

    "Max." Billy greeted his step sister, oddly not seeming at all shocked that she was there. 

    Without wasting any time though, El sent the full signal to you in the car. Trouble's here, she told you through a link you two had.

    What kind of trouble? You replied, readying yourself to leave the car. 

    Max's brother.

    As in Billy Hargrove? The guy that almost killed Steve? You questioned in a heightened state, stepping out of the car and locking it before getting closer to the house. 

    Yes, he's here having dinner with Heather's parents. 

    You didn't need to hear anymore, you were already half way up the path to their front door. You knew how dangerous Billy is, you've witnessed it first hand and didn't need to see it again. 

    Max had picked up on El's silence and knew exactly what she was doing and was honestly slightly relieved. She knew Billy was uncontrollable at the best of times and the last thing she needed was him exploding in the middle of a family dinner. 

    "We didn't mean to barge in, we tried to knock but maybe you didn't hear us over the storm." Was all she could come up with in hers and El's defence, praying that you arrived soon. 

    Billy looked passively at his step sister, chewing his food before snapping out of his daze at Tom's question. "I'm sorry, who is this dripping all over my living room right now?" He asked, not leaving out the slight disgust from his tone of voice as he gestured towards the two girls. 

    Billy let out a small chuckle before getting back to his charming ways, "I'm sorry; Janet, Tom, this, is my sister Maxine." He finished, getting up from his chair and walking over to her. 

    "Oh!" Janet exclaimed, it seemed as if she was a bit gone from the alcohol. 

    "What on earth are you doing here? Is something wrong?" Billy asked as he approached Max, feigning confusion in his words. 

    At that moment, you walked in through the little passageway between the front door and dining room, your eyes focusing in on El first when she turned around to meet your gaze, a hint of relief in them; then Max who's eyes held the same look, and then Billy. 

    "And this is?" Billy asked, keeping eye contact with you as you walked further forward and subtly wrapped your arm around El's shoulder, pulling her back and almost behind you in a protective way. 

    "Our lift home." El answered, Max shuffling back slowly to be closer to you as well. You let the girls move away from Billy to your other side while you moved and stood right next to him, giving him a small sarcastic smile.

    "We just wanted to make sure everything was okay." Max spoke again, breaking the tension building between you and Billy, making him divert his attention back towards his sister. 

    "Okay? Why wouldn't it be okay?" He questioned, not convincing acting like he cared. 

    "Where is she?" El demanded from behind you, Billy's gaze following her. 

    "I'm sorry, where is who?" He asked. 

    "Well they're a little burnt, I'm sorry." A voice said coming out from the kitchen and into the dining room, decreasing in volume when she saw us. 

    "Heather!" Billy started, gesturing to her before bringing his arm back in Max's direction, "This is my sister Maxine, and I'm sorry, I did not quite catch your names?" He said, directing his question at you and El. 

    El turned back to Billy before responding curtly, "El." 

    "El." Billy repeated as if he wasn't sure. 

    He focused his full attention back on you as he waited for you to tell him your name.

    "Y/n." You said in a stern voice, looking right back at him. 

    "Y/n." He repeated just like he did with Eleven, but with something inquisitive hidden in his eyes as he looked at you. 

    "Now what is it you were saying, El? You were looking for somebody?" He asked her with a false soft tone to his voice. 

    El looked back at Heather with a confused look in her eye before trying to explain what she had seen, "I-I saw, I saw-"

    "Your manager, at the pool, he said you guys didn't come into work today so we got worried." Max interrupted to stop El accidentally saying anything about her powers. 

    While the girls were explaining themselves, you looked back over to Billy, scanning his movements and expressions trying to decipher if he was going to be a threat; him seemingly doing the same to you, his eyes steady and constant on your own. He gathered himself together before answering Max's query. 

    "Heather wasn't feeling so hot today so, we thought we'd take the day off to nurse her back to health." He explained, looking over all three of you, but little did he know this is where your specialty was. 

    "How are you feeling now Heather?" You asked her, looking into her eyes to see any glimpse of a lie, your question throwing Billy off a bit as well. 

    "I'm feeling so much better!" She said with fake enthusiasm anyone could see right through. 

    "Sure?" You pressed, knowing it wouldn't take much to get her to break. 

    "Y/n is a trained nurse, she can do some tests to make sure you don't have anything." Max offered, catching on to what you were saying; Heather was lying. 

    "That won't be necessary, we've taken all the precautions we need to and she's feeling just fine right now, aren't you Heather?" Billy asked, turning to look at her for conformation. 

    "Definitely." She said, now a little less confident than she was; but Billy turned back to us with an 'I told you so' smile nonetheless. 

    "Would you girls like a cookie, they're fresh out of the oven?" Heather asked, holding out the tray she had in her hands to us. 

    One smell of the contents on that tray was enough to have you practically gagging. The cookies had a poison or something in them that had about a 30 mile radius surrounding them. Max and El were about to step forward and get one but you held them back, the slight green in your face telling them all they needed to know. 

    "Sorry, we've just eaten, stuffed full really but we'll get going now thanks anyway have a nice night!" Max said going to turn away before being stopped by Billy. 

    "Y/n, not even one for the road?" He asked with a slight tilt to his head. 

    "Got to watch the figure I'm afraid, although they do smell positively divine." You answered with a hint of sarcasm at how you had trouble not throwing up throughout saying that sentence. 

    "Nonsense, just one." Billy pressed, walking over to Heather and taking one of the cookies from the tray; coming back over to you, closer than he was before, and holding it out for you to take, "I insist."

    "Well I suppose one can't hurt." You pursed your lips together trying to block out as much of the odour as possible, eventually reaching up and taking it from Billy's fingers with your fingernails, trying your best not to touch it. 

    Once it was in between your nails, you turned your pursed lips into a tight smile at him, his returning it with the same smile from earlier as you turned around and ushered the girls out of the house, Billy following behind to shut the front door and watch you leave. Stepping out of the house, yourself and the girls ran to your car and got inside. 

    "What was wrong with the cookies?" El asked as soon as you sat inside and slinged it into the glove box. 

    "They were poisoned." You told her, taking in a big breath of air and wiping your hands aggressively on your jeans. 

    "Wait, how did you know they were poisoned?" Max asked confused. 

    "I didn't until she held them out closer to us. When she first bought them in I didn't smell anything, I think maybe because I wasn't using my powers; but as soon as I was using them and questioning her, the smell, oh my god! It was atrocious, like this massive cloud of green was surrounding them, it was disgusting." You explained, backing out of the drive and starting on your way home, you and the girls figuring out what to do now. 

    As Billy watched you back out of the drive, he knew you were going to be trouble. How had you almost uncovered his lie? How did you know Max and Eleven? How did you know not to take one of the cookies? He had too many questions without answers and that had to change, soon.

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  • you-said-yes
    19.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    el and will: it's cold :(

    mike, wrapping his arms around them: that's what i'm here for! :D

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  • you-said-yes
    19.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    el: i will not hesitate to strangle you.

    mike: can you even reach my neck?

    will: no, but i can pick her up.

    #we are so close to getting content so just in case my dreams of this dynamic are crushed......... i must do this #stranger things #stranger things incorrect quotes #el hopper#eleven#mike wheeler#will byers
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  • you-said-yes
    18.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    oh boy oh boy am i Thinking right now

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  • 0aurelion-sol0
    18.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #byler#michael wheeler#st3#st4 #stranger things 3 #stranger things #mike wheeler is gay #max mayfield#lucas sinclair#nancy wheeler#mike wheeler#byeler#elmax#willel#el hopper#jane hopper#eleven hopper#jane ives#el ives#eleven ives#maxine mayfield #mike wheeler x will byers #mike x will #will byers x mike wheeler #will x mike #stranger things season 3 #stranger things 4 #stranger things season 4 #st4 speculation#st4 theory
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  • mikewheelersupremacist
    18.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    i think my work is done here😮‍💨


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  • robin-buckley-my-beloved
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Mystery twins!!

    #stranger things fanart #will byers #will byers art #will byers fanart #eleven stranger things #eleven fanart#el byers#el hopper#gravity falls #gravity falls au #gravity falls fanart #dipper pines#mabel pines#stranger things #stranger things 4 #willel #stranger falls au #stranger falls
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  • fivexelevenshipper
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • mikewheelersupremacist
    17.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    i made another one, btw the reason why at the start it says simon and tommy is because i used another edits sound so that was what was behind the clips of el and will, the other edit of theirs @mqyfield @bylerainbowheeler

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  • robinsgayshoes
    17.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    does anyone have any good jancy/byler/elmax fics they can recommend (especially byler i need byler fic recs)? my favourite fics are by caughtontape on ao3, which I definitely recommend if you haven’t already read them. but yeah please please please recommend me some soft byler/jancy/elmax stuff <3

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  • mikewheelersupremacist
    17.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    @bylerainbowheeler @mqyfield I HAVE TO PAY FOR THE LAST PART AND ITS THE MULTI-LAYER SO I CANT FINISH THE EDIT FULLY😭 my subscription ran out so i'm just buying the packs

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  • skullywullypully
    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Buzzcut? Or long hair?

    I don’t know if I want a buzzcut or waist length hair. Long hair can be so time consuming and my scalp is super sensitive to things, which makes combing and brushing my hair super painful. And if I had a buzzcut, I’ll be free of all of those things. Plus I get to look like Eleven. I just hope I have a nice head shape.

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  • this-is-my-musical-monologue
    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    some of us thinks Mike is better for El, some of us thinks its Max who's better. But let's keep it straight, she loves her eggos more than them

    #joke purposes only #i forgot that queue existed #mike wheeler#eleven#eleven hopper#jane hopper #eleven jane hopper #max mayfield#maxine hargrove#maxine mayfield#max hargrove#elmax #eleven x max #el x max #max x el #max x eleven #eleven x mike #el x mike #mike x el #mike x eleven #mileven#eggos #eggos x eleven #eleven x eggos #eggeven#stranger things
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  • mike-wheeler-is-gay
    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    honestly mike has been thought so much plus his internalized homophobia⁉️ i hope he snaps this season, just goes absolutely insane on brenner, (or whoever is trying to hurt the party) trying to protect his friends or giving some long ass rant about how much he loves will and has been so confused, idk just something. And same with Will and El, max too even. Give me all my gay comfort characters just absolutely going off this season

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  • ofcscavengcrs
    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    @thegoldendevil​ || Eleven for Harry

    “That’s why you get a cooler. Trust me, the ice that we got in that thing could keep a body cold if we needed it.” Harry told her with a smile. “Don’t you worry, I thought of everything and of course, yes. The flavors we aren’t trying now, we can put in the freezer and then the ones we want to try now, we can put in the cooler.”

    .。.:*☆ “Oh... right.” It was something Eleven had already learned when living with the boys. Just, sometimes, they tend to forget. “Sometimes I just forget about all those things that are possible these days. All this modern stuff was not invented in my time. Or when it was, it was sort of.... not as fancy. You know what I mean?”

    #thegoldendevil #Eleven Hopper tbt
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  • lesbian-max-mayfield
    15.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Eleven: You have to apologize to them, Max.

    Max: Fine! But I must warn you that this might make me a better, nicer person and that is NOT the person you fell in love with!

    #stranger things#max mayfield#eleven#jane hopper#elmax#incorrect quotes #stranger things incorrect quotes #incorrect stranger things quotes #source: incorrect quotes generator
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  • lumae-arts
    14.09.2021 - 5 days ago


    (it looks better on night shift mode)

    #eleven#eleven hopper#el hopper#eleven fanart#mike wheeler #mike wheeler fanart #stranger things #stranger things 1 #stranger things fanart #st fanart#my art #and i’ll tag #mileven
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