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  • I was a young man who grew up in a small town in the woods. My parents didn’t support my decision to learn magic in the city, they wanted me to continue helping them with the logging. They said that I would never do well if I went because I had trouble learning what they taught me.

    The person who did say I would do well was the librarian. The town had a library purely because the lord that owned the area decided it would look good for him and keep people from rebelling.

    Anyway, the librarian was the one who told me that if I ride with the trader next time he took off I’d be able to get to the city. He even wrote a recommendation. I had no idea who to bring it to, but I was more focused on leaving.

    I was fortunate that my parents were busy when the trader left, and he was fine with me riding with him as long as I helped unload at his stops. I never said goodbye to my parents and that suited me fine. They had my siblings to help and only seemed to care about me when they needed my help.

    It took a few stops, but I finally got to the city, a large amazing place. The first thing that hit me though was how alone I really was now. I was surprised at all the different kinds of people as I made my way to the college. I had to try not to stare at the elves’ ears, the dwarves stature, the tiefling horns, and all the others that I saw.

    I did learn quickly though that other humans were the only ones who would tell me anything without looking at me like I had been insulting them for the last hour. I didn’t think anything of it then though. I figured it was because I was obviously not from the city.

    It took some time and it was about noon when I finally got to the college. I had the recommendation in my hand, but I hesitated. What if my parents were right? That I could never keep up? A person with a semblance of self-confidence would have gone anyway. The letter in my sweaty hand should have convinced me that I had a chance.

    I turned away. I was afraid of the rejection, of my parents being right. I was afraid that if I went up there, and they told me I wasn’t wizard material, that I could never be anything more. I walked away, realizing that I had no plan either.

    I realized that I needed to find some sort of work though. I decided to go to the marketplace. Maybe I could be an apprentice? Someone might give me a place to live and food to eat in return for working. Hopefully I could find something. I wasn’t keen on starving in the streets.

    It was while I was wandering that I met Al'hen, a jewel smith. I was admiring his work when he came up to me.

    “Find anything that catches your eye?” he asked.

    “Well, I mean it’s all so beautiful. I wish I could afford something like what you make,” I replied.

    “I’m going to tell you this once, I don’t haggle and I know what my work is worth,” he replied, his expression becoming sour.

    “I wasn’t haggling, honest! I just got to the city here after… after running from home really. I just saw how beautiful everything was and couldn’t help but admire it. I’m sorry, I wish I could make something like what you make. I just didn’t want you to waste time on my when I know I can’t buy anything. I didn’t exactly have any money when I left,” I said, not wanting to offend. It was something I always seemed to do with my family.

    Al'hen didn’t seem upset though. If anything he seemed surprised, or concerned.

    “I should apologize,” he said. “I get a lot of customers who think that a forest elf doesn’t know his craft and feel they can get nice amulet for half the cost of materials. What made you find to the city? Nobody runs away without reason.”

    “I shouldn’t keep you though, I mean, you must be busy! I’m just going to distract you.”

    “Nonsense, it’s a slow day and I’m curious.”

    “Well, I left home to learn magic. I was going to go to the college, but I don’t think they’ll accept me. I’m not very good at learning my parents said and I don’t want to waste everyone’s time.”

    He looked at me, thinking a moment.

    “What I gather is that you ran from home, and when you got here you suddenly felt you couldn’t make it. Why don’t you go back home?”

    “I don’t want to be a logger all my life, and I left my family without telling them. I can’t just go back.”

    “Well then, how about a proposition. I’ve been needing help, keeping the shop manned and clean and such. If you like, since you have no money and no home at the moment, you can work for me. I can’t pay much but you’ll have a room and food. How does that sound?”

    I couldn’t believe it! I was being offered a place to live! And food!

    “I’d be happy to of course! I was worried that I’d be living in an alley to be honest.”

    “We wouldn’t want that, would we?” he said with a smile on his face. He opened the counter and let me through.

    “Now, I might need you to sell for me on occasion and since it doesn’t sound like you have anything else going on you can watch me.”

    I stood back to avoid being in the way while he worked selling the jewelry he made. He only made a few sales, a human, a dwarf, and a couple of gnomes, but he was telling me the truth earlier. He didn’t haggle. The gnomes were fine with that, they didn’t even try. The dwarf had sneered at it, but left holding a ring large enough for his fingers. The human seemed to have trouble grasping the concept though. She continued to try getting the price down before giving in and paying for her brooch.

    As the sun was falling, I helped Al'hen gather the unsold jewelry and money to close the stall for the day. He gave me an odd look as I imitated his methods and organized everything the way he did without asking.

    His home was a small one compared to most of the buildings we passed. It was a squat, wooden home about the size of the one I left.

    “It isn’t much, but it has my workshop out back and it’s been enough for me,” he said opening the door. Inside was a hammock, table, cupboards, and something that looked like a small tree turned into an alter.

    “I didn’t exactly plan on picking up anyone so I’ll need to set up a bed for you,” he said, setting the boxes down beneath his hammock. He turned and saw me looking at the alter.

    “Oh, I pay homage to my homeland in the mornings. I hope it doesn’t offend you.”

    “Sorry for staring. I just never saw anything like it before. It’s important to you, do why would it offend me?” I asked,placing the boxes I was carrying next to his.

    “I don’t know, either. Some do find it offensive still, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.”

    The next morning I woke to the smell of food. I was disoriented and confused for a moment at the new surroundings. When I realized I had been sleeping on a pile of straw with a leather apron as a blanket I remembered the previous day.

    I froze.

    I was siezed by uncertainty and realized just how far from home I really was. I considered leaving and ignoring my stomach when Al'hen stepped inside from the back door.

    “I made us breakfast. I hope you don’t mind eggs. The halfling next door allows me to take them from her chicken ever since I gave her an amulet she felt was lucky. I always make sure to gather the rest for her so she doesn’t have to work so hard in the morning.”

    “It sounds like the friendship is the part that’s actually lucky,” I said, stumbling over my words a bit. I worried that my comment would just irritate him like they did my family, but he just smiled instead.

    After breakfast, he showed me to his workshop behind the house. While he went to work, he asked me to gather the items he needed as he worked. A chunk of gold here, a pale green stone he called peridot there. It wasn’t difficult work, though I had done trouble with remembering the stone names. I’d heard of rubys and emeralds and sapphires, but the other ones I had to rely on his descriptions.

    It was while he was having difficulty hammering the setting closed that I saw what was wrong at that moment.

    “Sorry to bother you but it looks like there’s a grain of dirt or sand keeping it from closing.”

    He looked up at me surprised before taking a cloth and cleaning both the stone and setting. He had no trouble afterwards.

    “How did you see that? I was going to clean it anyway, however I’d still be needing to change the stone because of scratches.”

    “I’ve always been good at seeing things up close. I was always having trouble with seeing things clearly at a distance though.”

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  • Walker and Bramble Reed

    I’ve been toying with the idea of fantasy in other eras. I’m surely not the first, but it’s a fun exercise - like creative writing, which I am also trying to get back into!

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    Patreon reward for Klaxxi-va 🧛🩸

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    I drew my Halloween costume

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  • This is Orpheus, my goth genderfluid fashion designer rebel oc! His wardrobe is all black and he has one arm. Lives for the aesthetic.

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  • I feel like Will Ferrel movies get lumped in with Adam Sandler movies as “dumb bad movies made by former SNL stars” and honestly it’s not fair

    Will Ferrell makes movies that are actually funny, that have nice messages, and that always have genuinely creative plots behind them (What did it look like when the first woman news anchor got on air, what if a human was raised as a Christmas elf then released back into new York, what if two very different male figure skaters were forced to skate as the first male-male pairs team in order to be allowed to skate again, what if a technicality caused a disastrous band to get into Eurovision, what if an author wrote a character who then started existing in the real world and became aware he was a book character)

    Like just because they’re silly comedies that doesn’t make them bad and I refuse to let his movies be lumped in with Adam “what if me and my friends fart in Hawaii while drinking Mountain Dew” Sandler

    #will ferrell#anchorman#elf #blades of glory #stranger than fiction #the story of fire saga
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  • I was just kinda sketching and messing around with the background, and thought, “I should make a character for this”, so here is a moon elf artificer. I’m proud of my coloring.

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  • There are people out there who truly believe that Hearthstone and Blitzen were “best friends” and that blows my mind

    #they’re clearly gay #a dead elf who uses tune magic #and a fashion designer dwarf #they literally lived together for a while #and haven’t been apart from each other since they met #hearthstone#blitzen#Magnus chase#rick Riordan#lgbt#gay#elf#dwarf
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  • Here’s another badass drow gal for today, say hello to Ghilanna! She’s going to be Areel’s older sister, since I’m RPing a different version of him currently. And boi, she’s quite interesting! In this setting, elves are believed to be extinct, but in fact they aren’t- They have survived, although they did become dark elves due to the use of magic. The truth about their existence wouldn’t be taken kindly by the humans, who are pretty paranoid of nonhuman races. She decided she was tired of the silence and hiding, and is slowly trying to build up a revolution, to change how her race is seen.

    Ghilanna and Areel are in opposite sides. He serves the same people who would probably hunt down his race if they found out about their existence, because -having been raised amongst them-, he also believes they’re dangerous (and hides his own appearance). There’s gonna be some confrontation between them two, for sure!

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  • xavius & fandral staghelm

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    Remus Lupin Imagine
    Remus Lupin x Reader: PS Reader, Plus Size Reader, Reader with Mythical Heritage

    From my Harry Potter Halloween Prompt Series! Requests are still open and prompts are still available! Flood the ask box, darlings!

    Prompt: Now, most of these haven’t been mentioned yet as I have decided to turn this into a series but these are a few that were sent in with Remus and once I got writing… this just sort of transformed into a full flushed story, lol.  But here they are anyway, lol. 

    “I literally forgot that you’re a werewolf.”

    “Am I supposed to understand this costume or was the concept to just be as weird and confusing as possible?” 

      “Love, do you understand the concept of couples costume?” 

      “So…can we reuse this costume?” 

    Requested by: Several people sent in some requests and some preferred to stay anonymous.  So for this reason, I reckon we’ll leave this part a mystery, lol. 


    Originally posted by m00n

    For as long as you could remember Remus Lupin had hated you.

    You didn’t know why he despised you or what you had done to make him feel that way but it would seem that he detested your very soul.

    Which was a right shame considering how much you seemed to fancy him.

    And he seemed to have no problem making it known with his glares.

    The boy straight stared into your soul for a whole class sometimes.

    Other time he would ignore even existed.

    You’d honestly been heartbroken over it for the longest but at some point you’d just resigned yourself to it.

    He didn’t have to like you and you just had to accept that.  

    However, you’d just about reached your limits.

    See, it was a bit of a ridiculous situation today anyway.  

    For whatever, Hogwarts was just a scattered mess as it was.

    Something had gone amiss with breakfast that morning.

    Then there had been an explosion in Charms.

    Someone got horrible transformed in transfiguration.

    A plant had caused mass hysteria in Herbology.

    Not to mention the fact that the moon was getter fuller and fuller by the day and it had put you on edge.

    So by the time, you got to Potions, you’d already had a day and were in no mood for anything.

    And of course, Slughorn had decided to test you.

    “Hello, class.  Please gather your things.  We will be switching partners today.”

    There was a collective groan while everyone prepared to be assigned.

    Slughorn rattled down the list for a while and you waited in anticipation just praying that you and Lily had been put together though knowing that you likely wouldn’t.

    After Sirius and James had nearly blown up the potions lab about a month ago, she’d been assigned to James and you to Sirius.

    To “seperate the trouble makers” and “place them with a good influence”.

    You snorted at the idea of you being a good influence but hadn’t argued.

    You had nearly hexed Sirius for flirting with you once and it only seemed to spur him.

    So you turned his hair acid yellow, which did not fair with his features, and he’d promptly shut his trap about it ever since.

    You had a feeling that James and Lily would be likely seperated due to his incessant flirting but highly doubted you’d be lucky enough to partner with your best friend.

    “Potter and Pettigrew, Evans and Black, Lupin and…”

    You closed your eyes preparing for the worst.

    Horror and dread washed over you and he uttered your last name.


    Just wonderful.

    Now you’d spent the entirety of the class on edge with someone who hated you.

    You brushed your hair from your eyes in irritation.

    The silver that came through this time of month really grating your nerves.

    Due to your father’s Lunar Elf blood line you changed about once a week every month.

    Silvery white strands began to emerge into your normal hair color.

    Your ears took on a point to them and your skin seemed to shimmer with a celestial glow.

    There are worst things but to be a teenager and go through it every month and endure the whispers from everyone never failed to piss you off.

    Everyone knew of your parents heritage.

    Lucius Malfoy had never been secretive of his hatred of you and your ‘filthy halfbreed’ blood line.

    He lived to torture you during your monthly transformation.

    You hated being half elven.

    Hated it.

    Well, that was somewhat of a lie.

    You didn’t hate it per se.

    You just hated that while you could control your mother’s wizarding magic….there was no hope for your father’s.

    It was erratic and you were too scared of it to embrace it.

    And due to his lunar race, it got stronger during the week of the full moon and due to your heightened emotions…you had a tendency to make things go awry.

    Regardless, you gathered your things and took Peter’s place at the table next to Remus.

    “Fantastic.” he muttered, clearly irritated.  "Fucking fantastic.“

    You glanced at him and momentarily blew a breath out through your nose.

    'He’s just a boy.’ you told yourself. 'Just a stupid boy.  A stupid, arrogant, cute, well read…fuck.  Just a stupid boy.’

    "Why did it have to be her?” he muttered to himself so low that he assumed no one would hear him.

    If it hadn’t been your enhanced senses you likely wouldn’t have…but you did.

    And after years of dealing with it…. you just lost it.

    You slammed your books down on the table, making him snap to attention.

    “Just what exactly is your fucking problem?!” you exclaimed.

    Remus just stared at you, shock evident on his features.

    “Y/L/N! That is highly inappropriate language!” Slughorn exclaimed.

    “You know what I find inappropriate?!” you said breaking into near hysterics.  

    “What, Ms. Y/L/N?  Please enlighten us as to what would possess you to have such an outburst in my class?” Slughorn said, hands on his hips, a pointed look on his face.

    “Him.” you said nodding towards Remus who stared with wide eyes.  "He has hated me since day one and I have never done anything to him! I am sick of the glares and the snide comments! Everyone thinks you’re the sweet one, Lupin! But you are nothing more than a jerk and I am not dealing with it anymore! Bugger off!“

    "Dumbledore’s office!” Slughorn bellowed. “Now!”

    “With pleasure!” you snapped, jerking your belongings into your arms and stalking from the classroom.

    You’d had never made such quick work of the castle in your entire life.

    But in your anger, the walk from the dungeons to the headmaster’s office had been quick and short.

    You arrived at the staircase and realized that you did not know the password so you just stood there… fuming.

    Chest heaving with angry breathing.

    “Ms. Y/L/N?”

    You turned to see the twinkling eyes of Albus Dumbeldore himself.

    “Is there something I can help you with?” he pressed.

    “Slughorn sent me.” you said shortly.

    “Ah, yes.” he said with a nod moving passed you to give the password and beckoning you to follow.   “Word does travel quickly.  I assume it’s about the outburst at one Remus Lupin?”

    You nodded curtly, ready to accept your punishment.

    “Would you care for a lemon drop?” he asked extending a bowl to you and you furrowed you brows at him.

    “I’m sorry?”

    “A lemon drop.” he said again.  "I have a bit of a sweet tooth it would seem.  Have for years.  Can’t seem to get enough of them.“

    "No thank you, Professor.” you said.  

    He nodded and placed the bowl on his desk again.

    “I assume your emotions are high due to the moon.” he commented. “I know it’s particularly rough for you this time of the month.”

    You nodded.

    Of course, he knew of your lineage.

    You’d have never gotten into Hogwarts without his prior approval.

    “Yes, I’m a little on edge I suppose.” you admitted.

    “And there is also the issue with Mr. Lupin.” he said knowingly.  "It would seem that there had always been some tension between the two of you.“

    You could feel your anger begin to bubble again until you just went off again.

    "I don’t know what I ever did to him!” you snapped, getting to your feet and pacing the length of his office. “I have never been nothing but nice to him and he’s hated me since year one!  Day one actually! He is so mean to me! And it’s not fair because he’s the only boy here that I actually lik-”

    You cut yourself off and threw yourself into the overstuffed chair dramatically.

    “Oh, just nevermind.” you grumbled, savagely crossing your arms and furrowing your brows.

    Dumbledore stared at you patiently.

    “Alright, I think this little fued has gone on long enough.” he said. “You and Mr. Lupin will both attend detention with Professor McGonagall tonight.   She has decided that the Transfiguration cabinets need some attention.”

    You pursed your lips and nodded, “Alright, Headmaster.  I’ll be there tonight.”

    You turned to leave.

    “Oh, and Ms. Y/L/N?”

    You turned back to the headmaster with lifted brows.

    “Take the lemon drop.” he said, dropping a few in your hand.  "Eat.  It’ll help.“

    You nodded and popped one into your mouth before heading to your next lesson.

    Lily bombarded you immediately and you told her what happened.

    To which, she rolled her eyes.

    "If you two would just talk to each other this could all be sorted in about five minutes.” she said.

    It angered you and you had to breathe out through your nose to keep your emotions from going haywire.

    “I’ve tried to talk to him but he’s a right git everytime and now I’ve got to serve detention with him tonight and….Oh Merlin, Lils, I can’t serve detention tonight!” you said, panic evident in your voice.

    “What? Why?” she asked. “You can’t skiv out on McGonagall.  She’ll have your head.”

    “I can’t.” you pressed. “It’s the full moon.  I’ll shift into my lunar form and I can’t be with other students when that happens.  I can’t control my elven magic.  If someone were to piss me off.  And that’s likely since it’s Lupin… there’s no telling what could happen.  I could really hurt him and I’d never forgive myself if I hurt hi-”

    You cut yourself off but you didn’t miss the quirk of Lily’s brow of the smirk tugging at her lips.

    “Oh, shove off.”

    “Just talk to him.” she chuckled.

    “I can’t be bothered with talking to Remus Lupin.” you said shaking your head.  "I’m going to miss my punishment today and McGonagall will murder me.“

    She sighed heavily, "Well, you haven’t heard this from me.  But a little birdy told me he won’t be attending tonight either. So perhaps, when you’ve gotten everything under control in the morning… you might run into him.   He’s usually coming through around 5 am.    He stops off at the kitchens for chocolate. ”

    “Well of course he is!” you snapped. “Because he’s one of them and they’re perfect and nothing they ever do is wrong!”

    Your eyes began to sparkly wildly with silver and Lily threw her cloak over you to hide you.

    “Honestly, Y/N!” she said. “You’ve got to calm down!”

    You shook your head with furrowed brows.  

    “I have to get my homework done.” you said.  "I’ll see you later.“

    "Y/N!” Lily called after you but you were already gone.

    You powered through the rest of the day, plowing through your homework before heading up to your dorm.

    It wouldn’t be long before sunset.

    You’d shift and when you did, you needed to be as far away from the castle as you could be.

    Lily looked up at you from her spot on her bed.

    “Are you sure I can’t come with you?” she asked, staring you down with her emerald eyes.

    “No, Lils.” you sighed. “You know you can’t.  I can’t control my magic when I’m like that.  I could accidentally hurt you.”

    “You’d never hurt me, Y/N.” she said rolling her eyes. “You know that.”

    “Yeah, well maybe I wouldn’t but when the elven side kicks in, I don’t exactly have control of myself. That part of me is wild and savage.  There is no reasoning with her.  
    I’m not putting you at risk.  End of discussion.” you said.

    Lily shook her head and muttered, “Merlin, the two of you have more in common than you think.”

    “What?” you asked looking at her in confusion.  "Who has more in common?“

    "Nothing.” she said.  "Not important. Nevermind.  Just be careful tonight.“

    You nodded, slinging your bag over your shoulder.

    All of your natural hair color was just about gone leaving the strands an impossibly silvery white.

    Your eyes had nearly lost all their usual hue and were instead an eerie silver.

    Lily passed a hand through the bright strands.

    "I love you, you know.”

    “Yeah, Lils.  I know.”

    She shoved you and you chuckled.

    “But I love you too.”

    She pulled you in for a hug before you descended the dormitory stairs and out the portrait.

    You tried to focus on your breathing as you dealt with the constant whispering.

    Yes, everyone knew of your elven lineage and they knew you had a reaction to the moon every month.

    But no one had to know about the magic or your lack of control… so you kept it that way.

    The only reason Lily knew was because she was your best mate.

    Your mind was elsewhere as your feet walked of their own accord.

    Years of doing this had given you a certain amount of muscle memory one could reason.

    You waved at Hagrid as you passed his hut and ventured into the Forbidden Forest.

    You glanced over your shoulder one last time as the last rays of sunlight disappeared on the horizon and soon the darkness of night began to set in.

    The moon rising as it did.

    You breathed in as a moonbeam found you and transformed you completely into a lunar elf.

    You could feel the celestial energy pulsing through you.

    It almost burned to feel the magic at your fingertips but you didn’t dare use it.

    Instead, you just pressed on.

    You had no issue seeing in the dark and wandered through the trees easily  until you found the small clearing where you just waited.

    You sat there for the longest time, just staring into the forest when you heard the sound of hooves on the forest floor.

    You assumed it was the centaurs.

    You didn’t fear them.

    They’d never hurt you before and in reality, centaurs knew better than to mess with lunar elves.

    Even if you didn’t intend to do it, it was common knowledge amongst magical creatures that when emotions ran high… lunar elves were lethal.

    It was just a line they didn’t cross.

    However, when a stag of all things decided to prance around you… you lifted an eyebrow.

    “Hello there.” you said, chuckling at the animal.

    However, he seemed somewhat off and tried to gently move you along.

    You furrowed your brows as he flicked his antlers at you.

    “Listen, Mr. Deer.  I am not in the mood for your games so please do not charge me.  I’m not terribly good at controlling my magic like this and I’d rather not turn you into jerky, alright?” you said.

    Still, he persisted and you screamed and  jumped nearly a mile in the air when a rat ran into your lap and began to squeaky violently.

    “What in the bloody hell?!” you snapped. “Had the entire forest gone mad?!”

    You could feel the magic beginning to spark at your fingertips and took a deep breath but it was cut short but a blood curdling howl followed by several loud, rushed barks.

    The deer bowed his antlers at you and began to push you along rather roughly towards the castle and you nearly lost your patience.

    However, everything stopped when a low growl ripped through the darkness.

    You turned and had no trouble at all spotting what had him so spooked.

    There, lurking in the shadows, was an enormous creature.

    A werewolf.

    He was impossibly still and his luminous eyes focused on you like a predator stalking it’s prey.

    “Holy shit.” you breathed as you stared into his orbs.

    The stag began to push you a little more violently and the werewolf surged forward.

    A large black dog jumped after him, trying to get him down but the werewolf simply swatted him out of the way.

    The dog yelped and fell to the ground while the stag charged forward and the rat bit the hem of your jeans trying to pull you towards the castle.

    The stag was batted away as well and the werewolf made quick work of getting to you.

    You stood there seemingly frozen in place, staring up into the eyes of this creature.

    You didn’t know if you were waiting for death or what…but you just didn’t move…. until you were.

    You hovered in the air, floating up until you were eye level with him.

    You don’t know what in the world possessed you to do such a thing but you reached out to place you hand on his head.

    Fingers running through soft fur and gently rubbing his ears.

    You narrowed your eyes at the creature as it stared at you and you heard something.

    'Please don’t be afraid. Please don’t be afraid.’

    You furrowed your brows at it.

    “I’m not afraid.” you said aloud and it seemed to visibly relax.

    It’s claws hands reached for you and the big black dog barked gaining your attention.

    It would seem that it and the stag had come to again and they with the rat were staring at you.

    The werewolf growled and advanced at them, the dog whining as it did, almost pleading with it.

    “Mr. Werewolf, please don’t hurt them.  I think they were just trying to help me.” you found yourself saying. “But you won’t hurt me will you?  You’re not bad.  Don’t be cross with them.  I think they were just trying to take me ba-”

    However, those were exactly the wrong words to have said.

    All the werewolf heard was take and it lunged for them.

    They immediately went on the defense against him as you crashed to the ground.

    Chaos ensued and you didn’t know what possessed you to do it but soon enough elven words tumbled from your lips and you ran to the wolf.

    Your fingers splayed as you pressed your hand into it’s chest and he fell to the ground.

    Bright light emitted from you as the lunar elf took over.

    Words in an unfamiliar language flew from your lips so fast you couldn’t even understand and your eyes completely turned white.

    Your hair, a now solid white halo, around your head.

    Within moments, the werewolf began to shrink and in it’s place was an unconscious, naked… Remus Lupin.

    You gasped and fell backwards onto your ass.

    The stag, the dog and the rat just stared as you had what one could only describe as a mental breakdown.

    “I’ve killed him!” you panicked. “Merlin, I’ve killed him!”

    You were so distraught you didn’t realize that the animals had gone and three sets of feet appeared in front of you.

    “He’s not dead.”  

    “He’s breathing.”

    “Just knocked out.”

    You looked up to see James Potter, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew.

    “I didn’t mean to.” you whispered.

    “It’s alright, love.” Sirius said kneeling before you.  "He’s fine.  But how did you do that?  What’s going on?“

    You hung your head, "I know you know my dad’s a lunar elf.  Everyone knows.  I don’t know what I did.  I don’t have control of my magic during the full moon.  The lunar elf does what she wants and I can’t stop it.  That’s why I stay in the forest.  I was never supposed to be around anyone like this and now I’ve hurt someone.”

    “He doesn’t look hurt.” James assured you.

    “He’s clearly bleeding.” you snapped gesturing to the gashes on Remus’ body.

    “Those are from his transformation.” Peter said.  "And maybe a few from us fending him off.  You didn’t do anything to him. Maybe calmed him down a bit which is honestly astonishing.“

    "Agreed, Wormtail.” Sirius said.  

    “I mean, as long as we’re transformed, he’s ok but that was different. I didn’t even know that was possible around humans.” James said.  

    “I’m NOT human.” you spat, disgusted with yourself.  "I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I’ll do whatever he needs.  I’ll take him back to school if you want. I’ll get Madame Pompfrey.  I’ll tell them it was my fault.  I’ll… I’ll leave Hogwarts.“

    James snorted, "Oh, Merlin.  Don’t do that.  The only thing worse than hearing Remus talk about your existence every moment would be hearing him complain about the lack of it.”

    “Remember last year when she got the flu?” Peter chuckled.

    James and Sirius burst into laughter.

    “Merlin, I’d never wanted to smother him so badly.” Sirius said, groaning at the memory.

    “I’m sorry… what?” you asked.

    James shook his head with a sigh, “Listen, since the cat’s out of the bag here, we might as well.  Remus is a werewolf, yeah?”

    You nodded.

    “It goes without saying that this can’t leave the company here.” he said.

    “I’d never tell anyone!” you snapped. “I know what it’s like to have everyone talking about something you have no control over! I’d never do that to someone else!”

    “Ssssh, love.” Sirius chuckled before glancing at Peter and James.  "Honestly, no wonder he’s so obsessed.   Such a spitfire.“

    "Anyway,” James said.  "Since he’s a werewolf, he hates everything to do with wolves … and the moon.  It’s understandable.“

    You sat back, feeling things hit you all at once.

    You, with lunar elf blood, must be a constant reminder to him of his condition.

    "It’s no wonder he hates me.” you said.

    The three of them promptly burst into laughter so hard that they couldn’t breathe.

    “I’m glad you find it so funny.” you seethed getting to your feet but trying to keep your magic from sparking again.

    “Sorry.” Peter said through a laugh. “It’s just hiliarious that you think he hates you.”

    You lifted a brow at him.

    “Remus is obsessed with you.” Sirius said.  "You’re all he talks about.“

    "But he hates it because he hates dealing with the wolf.” James said. “And from day one, it’s been very clear that the both of them like you.  Maybe the wolf is drawn to the lunar elf in you.  Maybe it’s just that Remus is completely smitten with you.  But he is the king of over thinking everything.  And he’s a ridiculous git sometimes about certain things.   He think he’ll hurt you or that you’ll be disgusted with him.”

    “I think it’s total rubbish to be honest.” Sirius said.  "Everyone knows you’ve got the hots for Moony.“

    "I beg your pardon!” you said, obviously flustered.

    “Come on, love.” he said. “I’m Sirius Black.  I’ve had many a girl fawning over me.  I know what a fawning girl looks like.”

    “Maybe they’re looking at you because they can’t believe you’ve got such a big head on your shoulders.” you snipped.

    James let out a low whistle and Peter bit his fist to stifle his laugh.

    Sirius narrowed his eyes at you for a moment before he smiled.

    “I like her.” he announced.  "We’re keeping her.“

    "I’m not an object, Black.” you spat.

    “Definitely keeping.” James said.

    “Boys.” you rolled your eyes before glancing at Remus.  "Are any of you heathens gonna cover him up?  He is nude and it’s cold.“

    "Why? Does seeing his arse bother you?” Sirius teased.  

    “No.” You narrowed your eyes into slits.  "But he is a person…and even if he’s not conscious, he does deserve some respect.“

    James pulled his shirt off and awkwardly laid it over Remus’ hips.

    You sighed, "His secret is safe with me.  I don’t know how long he’ll stay like that and I don’t know the effects or really anything.”

    They nodded.

    “Probably best if you’re not around when he wakes up though.” Peter said.  "He did seem a bit territorial.“

    You furrowed your brows, "Do you think he’ll transform again?”

    “Dunno.” Sirius shrugged. “But probably best that you’re not around when he does.  If he were to accidentally hurt you, he’d lose it.”

    “I’m not worried about me.” you said, walking towards the sleeping boy and taking a seat beside him.  "I’m sure one transformation is painful enough.  Maybe he’ll sleep until morning.“

    "Maybe.” James said.  

    You carded your hand through Remus’ sandy hair and your fingers lightly traced the scars.

    “I can go somewhere else for the rest of the night.” you said.  "There’s a couple of places I can use to wait it out.“

    The boys nodded as you stood from your spot and faced them.

    You chewed your lip and James placed a hand on your shoulder.

    "It’ll be alright.” he said.  "Maybe he won’t even remember.  He doesn’t usually.  He asked for a full report every time.“

    "Are you going to tell him?” you asked nervously.

    They shrugged, “We always do.  He’s our best mate and he has no control.  We don’t lie to him.”

    You sighed.

    “That’s fair.” you said. “Tell him I’m sorry.”

    “There’s nothing to be sorry for.” Peter said. “You don’t seem to have control either. You didn’t even seem like you were in there when you were floating around.”

    You shrugged and simply turned to head out of the forest.

    You barely made it to the castle when you heard another howl rip through the air and your heart ripped into pieces.

    He’d transformed back.

    You rode out the rest of the night in the Room of Requirement but as the morning rays began to come up, you stepped into the light and felt yourself return to normal.

    You made quick work of heading to the kitchens where you spotted the four of them supporting Remus.

    Just like Lily said.

    You stepped into the light and held out a basket.

    Remus stared at you with a mixture of emotions in his eyes.

    “Y/N…” he said, voice hoarse from the night. “Listen… I’m…”

    You simply shushed him and gave the basket to Peter before staring into Remus’ tired eyes.

    “Eat. You’ll feel better.” you insisted, repeating the words your headmaster had said to you just hours ago.  "I’ll visit you later in the hospital wing with some of my mum’s hot chocolate.  We can talk then.  But for now, eat, rest and get yourself on the mend.“

    "But I-”

    “Remus, I too have had a long night and I need to sleep.  A girl needs her beauty rest.” you said.

    “You’re already beautiful.” he let slip before he could catch it.

    His face burned with embarassment and the three boys nearly choked trying to surpress their laughter.

    “Shut it, you three.” you said softly. “Now off with you.”

    You watched as they carted him down the hallway towards the hospital wing and headed for bed.  

    You had a feeling that this was only just the beginning of things.

    “Ms. Y/L/N!”

    Fear coursed through you as you froze in your spot.


    “Yes, Professor?”

    The intense woman stared you down, “You missed your detention.”

    “I know. I’m sorry. It was because-”

    “It’s fine.” she said.  "How was the night?“

    "Eventful and confusing.” you admitted. “But maybe the start of something beautiful.”

    “I assume this is to do with Mr. Lupin?” she asked tiredly.

    You stared at her in shock.

    “How did you-”

    “Oh, honestly.” she rolled her eyes moving past you. “Teenagers.”

    You just furrowed your brows at her before heading for the tower.

    You were way too tired for her riddles.

    Hello, my darlings! A few requests for Remus ended up turning into a writing frenzy and I am excited to share the journey of these characters with you! If you’re excited about the upcoming series, please be sure to drop down in the comments or hit the ask box! Also, if you have things you’d like to see explored with them please don’t be shy! Send them through the ask box so I can see if I can plan and get them in the story!  Thank you so much for all your love and support! 

    All my love, Kenny


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