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    Sunday Share

    Tagged by @ellstersmash and @laudetraz (tysm!!! 💛 and tagging it forward to anyone who wants to squeeze in a Sunday share.

    from a future worship related prompt involving Nate and Dinah

    “Wow, you look…”
    “Ravishing?” Dinah finishes for him, smoothing her hands down herself, her silken robe clinging to the path her hands carve out along her body.
    “Celestial was what I was going to say.”
    He never fails to make her blush. He kisses her cheek then the spot at her neck just below her ear.
    “You are divine.”
    “Hardly. Do you think a goddess would be four foot nine?”
    “Yes.” His fingers deftly tug her robe’s ribbon, then brushes the silk off her shoulder. He kisses the expanse of freckles bared to him. “Because that is precisely what you are.”
    “Mmm,” she mumbles under his attention. “I want to believe you but–“
    “But?” He captures her gaze, daring her to disagree.
    “I’ll need you to prove it.”
    #this feels long #sorry#Sunday share#bear writes#bear wips #Nate is a pleasure dom who gives the best body worship #no you can’t change my mind #twc #the wayhaven chronicles #Nate Sewell#Dinah Kingston #Nate x Dinah #this is v boring Ells-no juicy parts sorry
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    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #fluff with a teeeny bit of pre-smut #anything is possible when I’m playing taylor swift’s daylight on repeat #elle writes#prompt#writing#sylki fanfic#sylki prompt#sylki#loki#sylvie#loki/sylvie#marvel#avengers#loki fanfiction
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    25.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I hate when I have a fic idea and forget I’m supposed to fill in all the gaps by myself, not just write down the one idea I had. smh I’m so stupid.

    #i am determined to finish it i think you all will like it! #but it takes a lot of brain power so it’s gonna be awhile #elle writes#fanfic writing#writing#fic writing
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    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ayo! EA won’t let me publicly share this household name to the gallery because I used a not-eee word, but I regret nothing and I’m ready to start my new life.

    #about to write a cottage core sylki au hehehe #elle usuing a bad language word on EA #ts4#cottage living #ts4 cottage living #the sims 4
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    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    [writing] This is so good! I’m gonna have a great fic!

    [10 minutes later when I run out of dialogue to write] Oh my god, I’m a failure! I have NOTHING to present.

    #writing without anyone to bounce ideas off of is haaaaaard #writing#fanfic writing#elle writes#elle's thoughts#fic writing
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    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    i'd like the company through every twist and turn

    hiii! i was SO happy to see that i got @thatfriendlyanon as my giftee for @sincerely-us <33 elle, your prompts?? were all sO good?? it was so hard to choose, but i decided to write about adhd!evan, my beloved!! i hope you like it <3

    "When Evan’s alarm went off, he wasn't hit with the sinking feeling that had filled his chest for the past year. He’s been doing pretty well, all things considered: he found a therapist he can actually be somewhat vulnerable with, he’s considering joining his community college’s writing club, and he just asked Zoe Murphy - Zoe Murphy! - to be his girlfriend, to which the response was an enthusiastic “Of course I will, you dork!” Remembering her suntanned, freckled face crinkled with laughter, Evan practically floated through his morning routine, managing to remember to grab an orange for breakfast as he made his way out the door. He’s been better at taking care of himself lately, too, especially as his mom has insisted on being home for dinner as often as her tight schedule allowed. Still, Evan could feel the aftermath of last night’s sleepless spiral tugging at his mind, begging him to curl up in bed instead of facing the long day ahead of him. Evan shook his head from side to side as if to shoo away the impulse as he walked to his car."

    read the rest on ao3!

    #aaaaaAAA IT'S DEH DAY #elle i seriously loved ALL of your prompts i would love to talk about a deh/ntn crossover with zoe and natalie <3 #and 'so will i' with evan and heidi?? Yes ;_; #anyway this is my First Ever Time posting a fic hehe (heck i can't remember the last time i ever finished one) #so i am a bundle of nerves and excitement :0 #i can't wait to see everyone's gifts!!! #my writing#jess speaks#sincerely us #sincerely us 2021 #dear evan hansen
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  • elle-mcu
    23.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Chapter 13

    a/n: sorry for not posting!! i pretty much died but i'm good now! heres this chapter, with some top notch quality banter ;)

    tw: bad words, one of which is d!ck, stupid da baby joke

    I sat in the main room of the cafe for a few hours, glad that Daisy felt comfortable enough to sleep in, thinking about the fact that I started being a superhero yesterday and I’ve already got a child looking up to me. Fuck you Stark, I’m speedrunning being an accidental parent. Well, older sibling. But now, I hear the bounding of footsteps, the sound belonging to the kid I met the previous night.

    “Good morning Daisy. How did you sleep?”

    “Willow!” The child runs towards me, arms open, and squeezes me tighter than I thought possible for someone of his age.

    “How’d you sleep?” I squat down, lightly ruffling his hair.

    The child tenses up a bit at the contact, and I silently curse myself. God, Elle, you ever heard of consent? “I sleeped good! Ms. Flowers made me a smoothie bowl, and Ms. Cindi cooked some eggs!”

    “That’s great! Is it okay if I just run to talk to Ms. Tamara for a moment? I’ll be back before you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”

    “Super cala-fragilistic experlaladoshus?”

    “Keep practicing while I’m gone.” I say with a little salute, running off to the coolest lawyer I’ve ever met. “So, Tams, are you gonna foster him?” I give the best puppy dog eyes for this kid, although I’ve known him for less than 24 hours.

    “Slow your roll, Wil. It doesn’t work like that. We don’t know his full legal name, or who his guardians are, or even if he wants to.”

    “I know~, but I’m technically acquaintances with Tony freaking Stark, I could probably figure all that out if I asked.”

    “And how would you explain you know Daisy?”

    “So little faith in me, I’m wounded. I’ll just say I found him on my walk to Gran Gran’s, it’s not entirely false.”

    “Just, give it some time. He’s gonna have to go home at some point, but I’m sure with your new gig you’ll keep a good eye on him for us, won’t you?”

    I roll my eyes, “Of course I’m gonna. I’ll practically stalk him if it’s what it takes. I’m sure I can find a way to get a body cam on my glasses and gather evidence.”

    “You really are stubborn, aren’t you. You’re a good kid, just don’t do something reckless, okay?”

    “When have I ever been reckless? I think through all my decisions!”

    “Lord have mercy, this child will be the end of me.”

    “You know you love me Tams.”

    “Unfortunately.” She cups my face and kisses my forehead. “You should go back to your skyscraper kiddo, I’ll see you soon.”

    “Okay Mom.” I turn back to see Daisy trying his best to say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and not doing too bad at it. “Hey Daisy, I’ve gotta get home again. I promise I’ll visit as much as I can, okay?” He pouts and my gut wrenches for this kid. “How about this, lemme give you something.”

    I run to the kitchen to steal a mug, grab some potting soil from the big bag in the corner of the room, and grow a weeping willow sapling. Thank god I learned how to grow one of those, would’ve totally ruined my brand.

    “Here you go Daisy! It’s a weeping willow tree! Make sure it’s taken care of and it’ll grow nice and strong! I’ve edited it’s DNA a little bit though, when this guy starts growing leaves they’ll look like petals of a daisy! If you ever need me, just start talking to the plant like I’m there, and I bet you’ll feel a little less alone!”

    Daisy sits in his chair, staring at the plant in awe. He nods harshly and does little grabby hands for the mug. I pass the plant over, lower my face covering for a quick smile, then salute and leave through the front door, and grow vines similar to Peter’s webs before zipping up to go jump from rooftop to rooftop.


    It’s about noon when I decide that spending my whole day out trying to Spiderman isn’t a good idea. Then I remember that the actual Spiderman is still passed out in an alley. Because of me. So now here I am, sitting next to an unconscious Spiderman, growing daisies and playing she loves me, she loves me not, while thinking about her.

    I hear a groan and turn to Peter, hoping I didn’t knock him out incorrectly and cause any serious damage to them.

    “Where- Willow! What happened?”

    “Long story.”

    “Uh, okay. I should probably get back to work.”

    “You’ve been out since last night, you should go home. Queens needs a well rested hero, not some exhausted teenage boy.”


    “Am I wrong?”


    “Go home Pe-Spidey.”

    “What did you just say?” His mechanical spider eyes widen.

    “I said go home Spidey.”

    “Who are you? Who are you really?” They look down at me, eyes squinting, presumably looking for anything familiar in my appearance.

    “Da Baby.”

    “Who. Are. You.”

    “Y/n from Wattpad.”

    “I won’t tell anyone, I just need to know who you are, under the mask. It’s only fair if you know who I am.”

    “I’m Willow. My name is Willow, you will refer to me as Willow. I don’t care if it’s not fair, life isn’t fair, dickhead.”


    “Is my friend. I’m Willow. I really didn’t peg you as forgetful, Spiderman.”

    “Elle, take off the mask. You’ve been calling me dickhead for weeks”

    “Because you are one.” I pull down the mask with a scowl. “Happy now, dickhead?”

    “Oh my god, it really is you.”

    “What do you mean ‘it really is you’? You weren’t sure!?”

    “It was an educated guess.”

    “Suck my dick. I’ve only been doing this for a day and I already got caught. If you tell Stark I will tell him you sleep in an Iron Man onesie.”

    “Blackmail, really Willow?”

    “Yes really. I need this. Daisy is gonna be sad if I’m not back tomorrow.”

    “Who’s Daisy?”

    “Long story, long fucking story.”

    #willow writes#elle gibson#peter parker#mcu fanfiction#mcu fic#marvel fanfiction #this was another fun one to write! #woop woop #anyway hope u enjoy! #take your meds and drink some water #love you guys!
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    23.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Pre-Optigami (and maybe even pre-season 4) Adrien/Chat making a Lucky Charm à la Marinette for Ladybug

    Adrien/Chat getting second thoughts about giving it to her because it's a little stupid, isn't it? She literally makes her own Lucky charms, she's the personnification of Luck, whatever he makes will never compete

    Adrien/Chat Noir stopping in front of a tourist shop because it has a couple of friendship bracelets (basically printed ribbons) in its window that read "best friends forever - Lucky team"

    Adrien/Chat Noir purchasing a pair, keeping his in the trophy with his Ladybug fan pictures, and carrying hers in his pocket, trying to find a good time to give it to her

    Season 4 happening, and Adrien/Chat Noir sometimes sitting on his own on a rooftop, staring at the bracelet tangled between his fingers with mixed feelings. The Lucky team keeps growing an there's nothing wrong with that, but the BFF status is looking grim

    Adrien/Chat Noir eventually letting go one day, going home when Ladybug doesn't show up. The bracelet slipping out of his pocket and miraculously staying on the rooftop until Ladybug arrives way later

    Ladybug finding it and knowing that something's wrong, even if she doesn't have the whole picture

    Ladybug triggering an emergency meeting.

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    22.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    In conclusion, I have bad taste and I will not try to improve it.

    #I’ve thought about why that is and i think it boils down to passion #if the cast and crew show passion for their projects and willing to not take it seriously #the fun of the movie shines through and makes it rewatchable #serious movies are enjoyable and important messages to write but not necessarily something that equals fun #film#elle's thoughts#lecture meme #spider man meme
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    21.07.2021 - 4 days ago
    #?? #elle answers #edit: i am not AGAINST it i just personally don't like it #as in writing it #or using it #in some contexts reading it is okay (for me. personally)
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    21.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    Something to Prove

    (500 word prompt: Throne. Also this thorn collar image (Read on AO3)

    Meliorn stands reluctantly beside the Queen’s throne. She’s looking down at Alexander and Magnus, who stand before them.

    “This is hardly the first time a Seelie’s been romantically entangled with a Nephilim or Warlock,” she says. “But it’s the first time one has spoken up in defense of those partners to argue against a direct order.”

    Meliorn resists the urge to wince. This is his fault. If he’d kept his mouth shut he’s certain the plan to go behind the Shadowhunter’s backs would’ve been thought better of - even without his input. He knew better than to allow his personal feelings to influence his words to the Queen.

    “We’re sorry if our relationship caused strain in your Court, Your Highness,” Magnus apologizes quickly.

    “I’m more concerned with where the loyalty of one of my strongest knights lies,” the Queen continues. “And very curious of what a Nephilim has done to earn it.”

    Meliorn’s gaze flits over to Alec. For a brief moment, Magnus looks as concerned as Meliorn feels.

    A heavy, expectant silence falls.

    Meliorn watches Alec shift uncomfortably. Alec looks to Magnus who gives him the briefest nods of encouragement, and Meliorn knows his lovers enough to know that Alec likely planned on Magnus doing all the talking.

    “I don’t know,” Alec admits finally. “I’ve treated him with respect, kindness, and… and shown him love. I trust him, and can only hope he trusts me in return.”

    “He certainly does,” the Queen confirms. “I could have him exiled for his defiance, you know. I could have him killed.”

    Meliorn tenses beside the Queen, knowing she’s right, except she isn’t speaking to him - she’s still addressing Alec.

    “What would you have me do?” Alec asks, seeing where this is leading.

    “Prove you’re worthy of his devotion. Prove you’re the ally not just to Meliorn, but to all of us, that you claim to be.”

    She motions and another Seelie brings out a circlet of black thorns. It looks more like barbed wire than nature, dark and dangerous.

    “Allow Meliorn to place this collar around your neck. If your intentions are pure and honorable, it will do you no harm. If not, the thorns will release a mild poison. Once on, it will not be able to be removed for a full lunar cycle.”

    A month. A month of Alec being seen by Nephilim and Downworlders alike with a Seelie collar around his neck. It’s too much to ask of him, and Meliorn is about to refuse on his behalf and accept whatever sentence the Queen gives him when Alec kneels before him.


    “My love for you isn’t a secret. Neither is my intention to peacefully unite the Shadow World,” Alec says simply. “Let them see I mean both.”

    Meliorn takes the collar and places it around Alec’s neck. It tightens magically, but where the thorns press against Alec’s skin they don’t break the surface. Alec doesn’t even flinch.

    Instead, Alec slowly looks up at him and smiles. Meliorn smiles back.

    #alec/magnus/meliorn#magic#magnus bane#alec lightwood#meliorn#shadowhunters#hm500#hmdiscord #i've been meaning to write this ship for ages and this was the perfect excuse #bless these 500 word prompts for getting me out of my writing slump #elle writes a few deadbeat lines
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  • elle-mcu
    21.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Chapter 12

    a/n: longest chapter yet!! i'm super proud of this one, it took for-EVER. anyway, i hope you like it, and @klavierpanda you will see the ladies again ;)

    tw: non-gory violence, child in distress, a few bad words and miku binder thomas jefferson reference.

    It’s been a few weeks of training with Sam and surprisingly, I’m not complete dogshit. I’ve finally been back in school so I find ways to manage my time between both things, though I’ve done more than a few assignments during lunch, sue me.

    After my evening session in the lab, tinkering with random things and reading all the words I can find, I go back to my room to think. I remember the night I first met the ladies, and how much harder it would’ve been without them. I want to be like them, that much is evident. But I don’t know how some random 14 year old can save people like they saved me. I could be like Spiderman. Running around the city, making people feel safe, protecting kids in similar situations. My internal monologue runs a mile a minute. Could I even use my powers though? I don’t need Stark and the others finding out. But what’s the point in having them if I can’t use them when needed? I just won't be extravagant, yeah, that’ll work. Worst case scenario, they find out and I get grounded or go back to live with Gran Gran and Nana full time. My body jolts up, that could work!

    So, with my master thinking skills, I throw together a half decent hero-ing outfit.

    I put on a plain black top with a huge floppy hood, high waisted skirt that’s nice and flowy for dramatic effect and also free skin on my legs because of superpowers; a small pair of shorts underneath for my own dignity, and my deep purple ballet slippers, tied up to my knees for extra support. Old habits die hard, and wearing ballet slippers all the time is one of them. I slip on a chunky metal ring on each of my middle fingers for extra damage, slip on a face mask and put in my green colored contacts, that thankfully are prescription. Finally, I tie my hair up into a knot at the crown of my head, and add a bobby pin on each side of my forehead just in case.

    I keep my vitals tracker on my person, because I’m not an idiot. I might get into some deep shit and need backup. But, I program Friday to ask me before sending an alert, also because I’m not an idiot.

    “Hey Friday?”


    “If anyone asks, I’m sleeping at Gran Gran’s. If I’m in a critical state, ping Sam or Natasha.”

    “Of course. Be safe.”


    I unlock my window, and free fall off the skyscraper, and I’ve never felt more alive. Opting for a flying squirrel approach; branches sprout from my arms, grow plenty of large leaves for structure, connect to my torso and I dive down to a familiar alley. Somehow, my flying training with Sam paid off.

    I hear a muffled cry about a block away, and start running in that direction reminding myself of the same sentiment;

    Don’t show off.

    My eyes widen as I see a kid, can’t be older than 10, being held down by a 20 something man. I don’t wait long enough to see what’s happening, I jump down from the rooftop, and punch the man right in his greasy ass face. He reels back and holds his nose while yelling.

    “Hey little one, may I hold you?” The child shakes his head, tears still falling. “That’s okay, wanna take my hand and we can find somewhere safer?”

    I lower my mask and give the most gentle expression I can manage, holding out my hand. He holds on to two of my fingers and nods. The man yells something unintelligible while lunging toward me, fists out. Using my free arm, I block his punch with bark on my covered forearm and he groans, knuckles bleeding. Serves him right. I grow some more bark over my foot and kick him hard in the groin for good measure. Keep the powers discrete. Elle. Don’t be careless.

    “Sorry this happened, kid. Should we go to your house?” He, once again shakes his head. “Are you hungry?” He nods. “Let’s go to McDonald’s, does that sound good?”

    “Yes, thank you Mister, or Miss, or um.”

    “Just call me Willow, do you have a name?”

    “Can you call me Daisy? It’s much better than my real name.”

    I put my hand behind my back and grow a daisy on my palm, then hold it out for the child to pluck.

    “How did you do that?” he asks in awe.

    “A magician never tells.” I say, and we both giggle.


    After eating some chicken nuggets and fries, I ask where the kid wants to go.

    “Not home, lots of mean people there.”

    “I know just the place, it’s open to everyone and you’ll be safe and sound for the night.” I smile under my covering, remembering all the nights I’ve spent there. “Five magic ladies run it, they’re super nice and wear really pretty dresses.”

    Daisy gets a piggyback ride to the LGBTea, and I knock lightly on the front door of the ladies’ building.

    Tamara answers. Thankfully, she knows sign so I hastily let her know who I am.

    “Well, hello Willow, who might this be?”

    “This is a new friend of mine, his house is full of mean people so, do you have a spare bed for this little guy?”

    “Of course, do you have a name kiddo?”

    “I’m Daisy.” He beams, showing at least one missing tooth.

    “Alright then. Daisy suits you.” But Elle didn't suit me? I see how it is.

    “Well, are you ready to go in?” I ask, squatting down to his level.

    His eyes get about a million times bigger, “Are you leaving?”

    “Yeah, I’ve gotta make sure there aren’t any other kids being hurt. I’ll be back here by morning, I pinkie promise.” I hold out my pinkie and he takes it, holding on tight. “If you need me, ask Tamara over there or any of her friends, they’ll get you whatever you need.”

    He nods and I give a mock salute to Ms. Nite, before using a Spiderman esque vine to reach the roof, out of sight.


    After another hour of just hopping around rooftops and walking a few people home, I see Peter out swinging. Fuck, they weren’t supposed to be out tonight! Doesn’t he usually just stay in Queens?

    I go down onto the ground and hide in the shadows, praying to god his spidey-senses didn’t already find me. My prayers are rejected because they turn in my direction, and run down to me.

    “Hello civilian! What’re you doing out so late? Do you need assistance?”

    I shake my head.

    “Are you sure; you seem to be in distress. Is someone following you?”

    I shake my head again as I try walking away.

    Just as they’re about to ask me again, their head turns sharply north.

    He shoots a web in that direction and I run close behind.

    A classic mugging situation but instead of a knife, the three people attacking have guns.

    Peter, in very Spidey fashion, says, “Hey guys, I’m gonna need you to hand me those weapons, you aren’t using them very responsibly.”

    “Fuck off kid.”

    “That’s not very nice.” Then webs the guns to the wall, the three perpetrators along with.

    I run to the person formerly being attacked, calm them down, and make a dandelion flower crown; while Spiderman confiscates the guns under super strong webs, and leaves a note for the cops in the morning.

    He turns to me. “Thanks for the help! Are you both alright?”

    The two of us nod and the person next to me thanks him before heading off home, probably to tell their family they got saved by the Spiderman.

    Peter turns to me, head turned, a little confused. “Who are you?”

    I change up my voice a little bit, to avoid suspicion, “Willow.”

    “Do you come out here often?”

    I nod.

    “I appreciated the help back there.”

    I nod once more, and start climbing the fire escape with a small salute.

    “Wait! Where are you going?”

    I don’t answer and climb to the fifth floor of the building.

    “Where are you going Willow?”

    “Gonna meet God, she’s black.” I quip, knowing he’ll get the reference. I fall off the edge into a tree, changing the growth of the trunk so it opens for me, and closes with my body inside.

    I hear a few mutterings fall from their lips but then he turns away.

    Too close, Elle.

    I sneak back into my room at the apartment, strip off my clothes in exchange for pjs and go to bed, with my alarm set for 5 am so I can keep my promise.


    My alarm blares right on time. I quickly grab my set of “hero-ing” clothes and slip them on, tying my slippers in a little bow this time. The door creaks open as I push it, sneaking to the sink and putting my mouth under the spout in an attempt to refill my tank. Skirt flowing, I jump out the window of my room straight into the canopy of green.

    Unfortunately, Peter wanted to check with me early this morning, so he’s under the leaves, still in his suit.

    “Willow? What are you doing in El- a random person’s bedroom?”

    I put on my voice again, “Checking up, old friend.”

    “How did you get down here without breaking all your bones? Oh my god! Do you have superpowers?”


    “Then, how did yo-”

    I strike him under the chin, causing him to black out, then lay him down in the canopy. Sorry Peter. Then I’m off to my favorite establishment, to fulfill my pinkie swear to Daisy.

    #willow writes #please take care of yourself #peter parker#elle gibson#sheeeeeeeeesh#mcu fanfiction#mcu fic #marvel fanfic series #ong im super friggin proud of this one #i spent way too long on this #send god #met god she's black #im a fucking nerd #tw swearing#cw swearing #love you guys! #goodnight :p
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  • elle-mcu
    21.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Chapter 11

    a/n: this is a super duper short chapter, but i wanna separate it from the next section!! i will probably post the 12th chapter in a few hours, and it's gonna be super long so consider yourself lucky ;]

    tw: none!

    My body is entirely worn out after hours of being shown different punches and kicks. Time for a shower. I turn on the coldest water setting and let my body soak in as much water as possible. This method of hydration is a lot more efficient than drinking a lot, but drinking water allows me to be fully clothed, so, ya know. As the water drips down my limbs, I think about something Gloria said to me.

    “Elle, I know this isn’t the most original advice but here goes. Don’t expect your body to take care of you if you don’t take care of it too. Stop skipping breakfast, you hear me? You and I both know Cindi will have your head if you let yourself go hungry.”

    I smile at the memory but remember I forgot to have breakfast this morning. Well shit. I hop out of the shower, pat dry and wrap my hair in a shower cap to soak the rest of the water.

    The smell of pancakes wafts down the hallway and before I know it, I’m making a huge batch of eggs for the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. This is, unsurprisingly, my first time making two cartons worth of scrambled eggs, and it probably won’t be the last.

    #willow writes #please take care of yourself #take your meds and drink some water #love you all #just elle in this chapter :]
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  • mattzerella-sticks
    20.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    A Legally Blonde inspired SPN where...

    Dean finds out Sam is going to law school after graduating college instead of coming home, so Dean decides the best way to get Sam to come back is to study, take the LSATs, and enroll in Stanford Law, too!

    He feels like a fish out of water at first, especially when Sam feels too embarrassed to be seen with him. But after meeting a weird man named Castiel who spends his time skulking around campus, Dean starts believing maybe this was what he was always supposed to be doing. It helps when he, along with Sam and 2 other students, are chosen to help Professor Roman with a very important case. But after a meeting turns sour between him and Roman (S.A.) Dean finds his confidence shaken. But, like Elle, he comes back to the courtroom and saves the day!

    Also includes a Singer's garage where Dean spends his time and has a 'Bend and Snap' moment with the mechanics.

    And yes, Sam is the Warner character. But instead of being a general douche, he goes to law school to try and be something he isn't, which he realizes and will drop out because his worth isn't dependent on how "smart" he is or what degrees he has or what his job is (which was his fear from growing up as he did)

    #supernatural#spn#dean winchester#castiel#destiel#deancas#sam winchester #legally blonde au #something I'd love to see but don't have the time to write #controversial point making dean elle but I stand by it #spn fic prompts #destiel fic prompts
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