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  • My OC’s social media be like:

    Summer: I am in a car! :D

    Samael: I am in a car. ^^

    Jack: I am in a car.

    Ellis: I am in a car!





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  • #ask game#ellis #you know what gave it away #i only did ONE guy for the challenge #and I also love him
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  • “Spencer!! Sammy!!! Come see this!”

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  • Ellis is seeing things that aren’t there, again.

    It starts with small things, flashes in the dark of his blindfolded state. A glimpse of a face, a colour, a shape. Just little pieces of information. Are they nightmares, isn’t he awake? Is he not in a dark room? Are they bleeding through from the man who can force his vision into Ellis’s head?

    Sometimes, the sights are clearer. He sees Nic, crying. Or the man he was captured by, smiling down at him. At those times, reality feels slippery, insubstantial in the sensory silence. How is he meant to know?

    He hears things, too, sometimes. If he hums, he can make his voice vibrate and hear it in his skull. That helps, for a while. But the odd sound drift in, too brief and tenuous for him to capture properly. A word, a noise? Is someone there? He tenses, waiting for blows, for hands, to understand what’s happening around him, but he can feel nothing, see nothing, and maybe he imagined it all.

    Time has no meaning like this. A faint whisper of his name is all that reminds him of who he is. A flutter of orange. A touch – or no touch – or something, in the dark, against his skin. Cold fingers ghosting over his burns and the feeling of breath on the hairs on his arm.

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  • This is a series. Start here. Continued from here


    Finn awkwardly shifted the book in their hand. They had it propped against their left forearm, their right hand holding the pages open. It was one of Tori’s, from her small library of books people left behind when they moved on from her safehouse. They could scarcely say what the book was about. It was some sort of dystopian fiction, but it wasn’t engaging enough to really pull them in. The pages were dog-eared and the cover was worn. It smelled like diesel fuel. Finn wondered if the people who had left it were truckers of some kind. 

    Their mind wandered. Who owned this book before it fell to Tori? Who were they running from? Were they still alive? Their eyes passed over the same line over and over, absorbing none of it. 

    “Hey.” They looked up, slightly startled, to see Ellis standing over them. They hadn’t even noticed them approach, they’d been so deep in their own thoughts. Ellis held a hand out to them. “Wanna take a walk?”

    Finn swallowed. “Is it…is it safe?”

    “Yeah.” Ellis smiled. “I checked with Tori, these woods go for miles around and no one lives close. Just a quick walk.”

    Finn set the book down, wincing slightly as their fingers relaxed. They followed Ellis out the back door and out into the sun. 

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  • why i ship ezran and ellis

    I actually meant to make this post before S3 came out, as the feels for these two tackled me a little while ago back in October, but never got around to it and well — no time like the present, right? What started out as a cute little consideration on one of my first rewatches of S1 blossomed into investment, to a certain degree, and convinced compatibility.

    First, beyond the fact that each are adorable individually, and that Ellis is a fantastic character and I’d love to see more of her in the future, I made a short list of reasons as to why I think they suit one another, and why I got invested in a rarepair that may never interact again, lmao. 

    So yeah, I’m going to talk about why I ship Ezran and Ellis, and maybe by the end of this post, you will too! :) 

    1) personality and balance

    In 1x09, Ezran more or less admits to being a lonely kid. “I’ve always felt different,” he admits to Rayla. “It’s hard for me to make friends with other kids. I just feel like… I don’t fit in.” This implies that Ezran has tried and failed, and that Rayla is the outlier. She however always maintains a very sibling like bond with him, reminiscent of the one he shares with Callum.

    Ellis, however, is firmly very much Ezran’s friend, and he’s never shown to struggle getting along with her. Their personalities don’t always mesh flawlessly, but they’re shown to depend and trust each other. She even saves his life from the monster slug!


    Then, they’re shown to choose each other’s company during the three days they stay at the Moon Nexus, working together to try and teach Zym how to fly… with varying degrees of success. 


    So they enjoy each other’s company, make each other laugh, and are close in age. Ezran is shown to feel like he fits in with Ellis, for reasons I’ll get into more I think a bit before. But Ellis also shown to be a rather quirky little girl with a pretty intense personality, and while Ezran is a little initially unsure, he’s still open and receptive with her. 

    E: How do you plan for indescribable terrors? I feel like you need to be able to describe them first.
    El: Horrifying, blood curdling, creepy, but in a super extreme way that feels like it’s lighting your soul on fire.
    E: I think that helps.


    I also feel like Ellis’ more intense, spontaneous nature so to speak would balance Ezran out well especially as they grow older. She’s incredibly nonchalant (not grossed out by the grubs) and would be able to take most things in her stride even when he faltered at say, a diplomatic dinner. She’s shown to have a good sense of humour and we know Ezran does too, with the jokes they make about the Cursed Caldera and the way he’ll tease Callum. (And stuff her face with jelly tarts, too.) 

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  • Could I get 3x3 aesthetic for Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts and where to find them) who misses his creatures, likes soft things and hufflepuff aesthetics? Thank you!

    • character: Newt Scamander
    • source: Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them
    • request: aesthetic
      • 3x3
      • creatures
      • soft things
      • hufflepuff aesthetics
    #newt scamander kin #fantastic beasts kin #hp kin#hpkin #! #ellis#aesthetic posts
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  • #delakoks#sketch#ellis#ellis l4d2 #ellis left 4 dead 2 #sketches #it's from the thing i wrote but i don't wanna rewrite it in english #i just.. i just can't #i don't feel right these days
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  • I’ve been busy and not feeling well so why not try drawing boys I think are pretty?

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  • “¿por qué aún no lo liberan?” [ @ellisjsn​ ]

    Lo harán, solo hay que tener algo más de paciencia – Riley animó como pudo al chico. En realidad se necesitaba algo más que paciencia para ello, sobre todo que el alcalde abriese los ojos y los investigadores, por fin, encontrasen una prueba que exonerase a Tommy de lo que lo acusaban- Volverá a casa, encontrarán al culpable, de verdad.

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  • “si el alcalde hiciera bien su trabajo esto no pasaría.” @ellisjsn


    “Pero creo que quedó claro que el alcalde sólo hace lo que le conviene.” Giró su rostro para ver al Joelson. “Ya ni siquiera sé que esperar de este lugar. Solía amar Vilebrooke, ahora lo único que quiero hacer es que mi hermano aparezca y todos nos vayamos de aquí.” 

    #ellis #•— interaction. #ellis de seguro está like #pero xq le hablé
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  • Flashback / “escarlata” para un starter en que mi personaje esté enojado. @ellisjsn


    “Es que no entiendo que pudo haber sido tan importante que no tuvieras tiempo ni para tomar el teléfono y avisar que no vendrías, Ellis.” El enojo era notorio en el semblante de la Joelson. Había pasado horas organizando la cena familiar, para que al final ni siquiera resultara como lo había planeado. “Nos dejaste esperándote un montón de tiempo y sabes lo mucho que insistí en la hora y en que todos estuvieran aquí. Espero que tu excusa por lo menos sea creíble.” 

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