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  • the gaang’s kids and aang’s death headcanons

    - all the gaang’s kids have gathered on air temple island the day after the big public memorial service for aang. the gaang themselves have all gone to sit in the garden and reminisce and the younger generation have been left together

    - lin put herself in charge of the food (not making it, she can’t cook for shit, but ensuring everyone got some and stayed hydrated). she figures it’s the least she can do to support aang’s kids and obviously su wasn’t going to show up and help

    - lin has been doing her best to support tenzin in his grief, but during the days between his death and funeral he has started to pull away. she knows it’s because she has said she won’t have kids and he’s feeling the weight of the entire air nation on his back. she doesn’t say anything and he doesn’t either

    - when kya comes sobbing to lin in the kitchen she just holds her, tightly at first and then gently, reverently, and lets the tears soak into her shirt. (she hasn’t worn her police armor in days. saikhan convinced her to take a leave of absence for at least a few weeks)

    - kya has been off traveling the world for many years at this point and lin has missed her so much that now that she’s back and in her arms she doesn’t know how she’s ever going to let go

    - but she does. and then lin wipes the tears off kya’s face and takes her hands and says, “let’s get out of here. all of us”

    - she leads her out to the living room and gathers bumi and tenzin and izumi to tell them her plan

    - they all get on appa (tenzin spends some time gently convincing the poor bison) and take off. when they finally land on the black sand beach of ember island none of them are crying anymore

    - while tenzin meditates on one of the low cliffs overlooking the water, lin and kya set out to make a big sand castle using a combination of sand and waterbending, both feeling younger than they have in years. bumi and izumi take a walk down the beach, arm in arm, his head leaning on her shoulder

    - when they decide to play volleyball with a net they find in the attic of (what’s now izumi’s) beach house its the first time any of them have really smiled in two weeks

    - bumi complains the entire game that tenzin and lin are cheating with their bending. lin scoffs and protests that yes, izumi had just tripped on that pile of sand and tenzin swears that it was a natural gust of seaside wind and kya giggles.

    - they all loosen up as they play and tease one another and the distraction and laughter is the most welcome balm

    - it’s not the same loud raucous laughter of their visits to the beach so many years ago as children, but it’s enough to shake them out of their grief for a couple of hours

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  • after tsr, katara sits on the docks in the mornings. she looks over the sunrise as she dips her feet in the water as she did when they first got to ember island.

    zuko joins her the first time he sees her there and she’s thankful that he comes every morning after that.

    she starts being physically affectionate with him bc he’s her friend and that’s what she does. he always tenses up when she hugs him so she tries not to make him uncomfortable anymore. one morning, she asks him why he doesn’t like it when she hugs him. he tells her that he does like it, he just hasn’t been hugged on a regular basis since he was 10. katara goes back to hugging him, per his request, and he slowly gets comfortable with it. she doesn’t tell him that the first time he hugged her back, she teared up. zuko started initiating touch and it was the best feeling in the world for her.

    the first time he stims in front of her, he freaks out. he apologizes and says that he’ll never do it again. she just looks at him and asks why he would apologize for it. she tells him that it’s okay and he doesn’t have to hide it from him. she notices that after a couple of days, he doesn’t mind so much when he stims in front of her.

    zuko’s temper flares sometimes over the smallest things. it frustrates her but she knows he’s working on it. she does what she can to calm him down and he does the same for her when she gets snippy.

    after a long day of training with aang and preparing for the comet, katara just wants someone to take care of her for a change. so when zuko shyly asks her if she wants him to brush her hair, she accepts. zuko does it bc it reminds him of his mother and azula and katara likes it bc no one has brushed her hair since her mother died.

    she starts her day with zuko and ends it with him as well. she’s not one to talk about their opposing elements in awe of how they balance each other. but, it’s nice to know that the best parts of her day have both the sun and the moon in the sky.

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  • image

    Right after I originally posted this piece I got ideas about lighting.

    So.. Tada!

    #katara fanart #master katara fanart #katara#ember island #Katara’s happy place #juldooz fanart
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  • #katara fanart#katara #master katara fanart #ember island #kataras happy place #juldooz fanart
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  • Hard Lights, Moonshine, Marnik (feat Ember Island) - Umbrella (Lyrics video)

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  • #sukka #sokka x suki #suki x sokka #my fic#fic#ember island
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    Hard Lights, Moonshine, Marnik and Ember Island have put a spin on Rihanna’s hit single “Umbrella”. Rihanna released the single in 2007 and was featured on her ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ album.

    Stream/Download “Umbrella” here or listen below!

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    Originally posted by parasadays

    Not Alone

    Part two in my Conversations in the Dark series, and my second entry into the No I Love You challenge.

    This has no beta work, sooo… be nice with me. 😅

    The scream is still on Zuko’s lips when he bolts upright in his bed. Dark hair clings to his sweat drenched face, his hand flying to his scarred cheek. His fingertips hover over the skin, before slowly dropping to the rippled edge. The touch draws him back into himself, but opens an ache behind his breastbone. For a long moment, he holds himself still, trying to school his breathing, but finds the attempt too difficult.

    In a sudden flurry of activity, he bolts from the bed, pulling a light robe over his lean frame, but pauses at the sight of the mostly empty bottle of fire whisky on the table by the door. Sucking in a deep breath, he snags it without a second thought, and softly closes the door behind him. His dismay is not enough to warrant waking the others, so he slowly makes his way through the opulent house, cautious to unnecessary noise.

    When he opens the doors to the empty white sands of his family’s private beach, he wonders at how long it has been since they had all gathered together at this hidden getaway. As he makes his way down to the beach he recalls those fateful days leading up to the war.

    Three years. It has been three years. To Zuko, it feels like thirty.

    He settles just above the shoreline, bottle between his legs, elbows on his knees and tries to let the waves lull him into a meditative nothingness. The moon raises in degrees marked only by the swigs from the rapidly emptying bottle.

    It’s here that she finds him, his back on the sand, arm cast over his eyes, an empty bottle discarded beside him. She stands over him, a coy smile on her lips, as she clears her throat.

    A single golden eye emerges from behind his arm.


    “Hello, great and fear-inspiring Fire Lord. Is this a normal occurrence for his lordship?”

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  • I feel like it’s time for some vacation again

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    A little vacation

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    It’s villain appreciation hours

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  • They really should have made an extra episode of ATLA thats just the Ember Island theater in full lengh.

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  • oh, to be a snacky frog on New Year’s

    #happy new years! #acnh#animal crossing #animal crossing new horizon #ember island
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  • PARTY POPPERS cause Isabelle is out of the office tonight.

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  • Koiki, you’ve literally been here a week….

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  • I’m not the first to come to this realization

    The A:TLA movie is just like our version of the Ember Island play


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  • Hard to believe

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  • I am now convinced that the Percy Jackson movies were made by the dudes who made the Ember Island Play

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