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    29.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    ♫ When the rain is blowing in your face And the whole world is on your case I could offer you a warm embrace To make you feel my love ♫

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    29.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    everyone else is fighting for second {Mortal Kombat (2021)}


    Summary: Canon Divergent AU. Crack & Fluff. The team develops into something of a found family, which happens to include Cole's actual family. They take a day off from fighting to go to the fair, where the biggest question is 'who is Cole's daughter's favourite in the team?' Besides her dad, of course. Kano is very competitive about this question.

    A/N: 1968 words. I will take a meat-tenderizer and FIX the canon and make it SOFT. i love cole young and mk 2021, if you don't like that, you've been warned. everybody lives/nobody dies AU & kano isn't a traitor. also imagine there's just like.... more time before the tournament. enough to become a found family. like i said, fluff & crack. warnings for swearing.

    If Cole had it his way, Emily and Kano would have never met. He would be perfectly happy letting everyone else on the team meet her, but he's yet to hear a single sentence leave Kano's mouth that didn't include some colourful variation of 'fuck', 'shit', 'wanker', or 'cunt'. So unsurprisingly, he wasn't exactly eager to let his teenager daughter near the man who Sonya had literally called 'scum of the Earth', but alas.

    "I'll be on my best behaviour, pinky-swear!" Kano's grin was all teeth as he'd held his pinky finger up to Cole's glowering face, wiggling it a little when Cole made no move to finish the pinky-swear.

    "If you say - cunt -" and the word sounds so uncomfortable coming from Cole, he damn well looks uncomfortable just saying it, "within a hundred feet of her, I'll get Kung Lao to cut you in half." And he gesutres over to where Kung Lao and the rest of their ragtag bunch of misfits; the man in question had forgone his usual weapon for a more modern, soft-brimmed sunhat, but his jaunty wave to Kano at the sound of his name still managed to be menacing. The Australian shuddered in horror at the mere thought; at least he took the threat seriously.

    "You don't have to be jealous, man," the threat seemed to only have dampened Kano's jovial attitude momentarily, as he's got a spring in his step as he follows Cole to the rest of the gathered champions, "Uncle Kano's gonna set a fuckin' - flippin' -" he corrects himself as Cole shoots him a warning look, "great example." Sonya barks a loud, derisive laugh as Cole sees fit to remind him that he's not Uncle Kano.

    "Emily's a good kid," Liu Kang assures, kind and sincere.

    "Yeah, she never even believes me when I tell her Kano's a dirty, little rat," Kung Lao smirks in the face of Kano's sudden outrage, and Cole is pretty sure that, despite it being Emily and Alison's idea, to give the team a day of levity and to bond, this might be the worst plan he's ever agreed to.

    "This is a day of bonding, not of infighting," Raiden's voice joins them, followed by the God himself only moments later, which is enough to unite all the champions in confusion at his choice of wardrobe for the day. While still sporting a majority of his usual attire, somehow he'd managed to procure a t-shirt with a meme of all things on it, a personalised meme!

    "I designed it myself, I think it turned out pretty okay; whaddya think?" Kano sounded far too proud of himself, looking at the cartoon drawing of what could only be Raiden himself pointing awkwardly at Thor as depicted in Marvel Comics, who was pointing back.

    "We are both Gods of Thunder," Raiden explained, pointing to his own shirt; Sonya had gone wide-eyed, unsure of how to react, while Jaxx was doing his utmost not to burst out laughing.

    "I... didn't know you knew what a meme was," Cole admits, though honestly, once the shock had worn off of, it was rather charming.

    "I didn't know you knew what a meme was," Kano fired back, equally confused.

    "I have a thirteen-year-old, of course I know what a meme is -" but then it seems to hit him just as it hits Sonya and Jax, and the three of them turn to the pair of confused, cave-dwelling, internet-free champions. None of them knew where to begin trying to explain the whole situation, but thankfully, Raiden chose that moment to open a lightning portal, and they all headed through quickly.


    The night that Cole and his family had gone home after everything had gone down, the fighting, Sub-Zero, and the man he's pretty sure is the ghost of his ancestor, Emily had looked him dead in the eye and called him a super hero.

    And then told him that his friends were really cool.

    This was a sentiment that his new friends seemed to share about his family.

    Cole quickly comes to realise that family isn't something a lot of the rest of the team have nowadays; they have each other, but for a lot of them, that's mostly it. He sits on an invite to dinner that he'd already ran past Alison several days ago, before inviting Liu Kang and Kung Lao over, if nothing else, to repay the hospitality they'd shown him so early on.

    Alison's rule was that there was to be peace on their property; no training, no fighting, but the team was welcome as long as they didn't bring trouble to the door.

    So then it was Sonya and Jaxx, who brought dessert when they came over.

    Emily once asked what Thunder Gods ate. Did they eat? Cole wasn't sure. He extends an invite to Raiden anyways, but it's politely declined. The next time, however, he took up Cole's invite, mostly for the company, and to thank Alison and Emily for their patience; having Cole away so often wasn't easy, he'd be the first to acknowledge that. Alison appreciated the sentiment, as did Emily, though she was also just bursting with questions for the God, and he did his best to answer what he could.

    Then finally - finally - after so long spent with the team, of most of them coming to find comfort and serenity in his home on the occasions that they need it, Kano is invited to Sunday lunch too.


    "I know us champions and our super powers are pretty cool," Kano says to Emily, the moment they step through the lightning portal and emerge into the sunshine and the noise of the fair, "but I'm your favourite, right? Besides your old man, of course," and he rolls his eyes a little at that, as does Cole, for very different reasons, while Alison shoots Cole a questioning look. Thankfully she still does not trust Kano as far as she could throw him.

    For her part, Emily answers incredibly diplomatically, sounding much older than her thirteen years, and quite a bit like her mother;

    "Kano, you're a grown man, my approval shouldn't matter to you," she sounds sincere, which is completely undercut by Kung Lao sliding into step beside Kano.

    "Which means you're not her favourite," he teases, and Kano practically growls back, embarrassed, while Emily calls out to Raiden that she likes his shirt. He practically beams.

    "Not a lot of people will really get it, though," she points out, and Raiden muses on that for a moment.

    "But I get it, and it's mine."

    "Fair point," Emily nods at that, as their strange group steps up to buy tickets.


    Emily spends more of the fair of people's shoulders than she does actually walking, which delights her endlessly. Mostly she's up on Jax's shoulders, and charges her cotton candy for the ride, ripping a small chunk from the one Cole had bought for her.

    "It's weird seeing you all look so normal," she says to Sonya, the two of them in line for the Dodge 'Em Cars alongside Liu Kang and Kung Lao. Sonya grins, knows exactly what she means, gaze turning to the two members of the Shaolin Order of Light, not that anyone would know simply from looking at them now. Where Liu Kang had found a pair of trendy, ripped jeans was beyond Sonya's imagination.

    "You look cool, though," Emily amended quickly, "I didn't realise you all would come to the fair, but I'm glad you did," she's smiling brightly as they get closer to the front of the line.

    "Who did you expect to come along today?" Liu asks, eyes wide and curious. It wasn't that he was as competitive as Kung Lao or Kano, but he still found the child's interpretation of their group to be interesting. She knows, in some capacity, what they're capable off; she'd watched her father slice, dice, and kill Goro after all. The fact that she could think so highly of them speaks a lot to her capacity for kindness, or perhaps her childish naivety, but Liu preferred to think it was the former.

    Emily, however, goes quiet, seems to be a little embarrassed. She mutters something, avoiding eye contact with any of them, and Liu goes to ask her to repeat herself, but she interrupts him while doing so;

    "I wanted Dad to have a day off," she admitted, before adding, "and... and Lord Raiden; I don't think he's had a day off this millennium."

    "It's good of you to look out for them," Sonya tells her fondly, "our team can be pretty single-minded, but we needed this day off, I think." And she gives Emily a pet on the shoulder, and lets her steer the tandem Car when they finally get a turn.


    "It's me, right? I'm your favourite," Jax asks Emily over lunch, not because he genuinely believes it, but because it riles up Kano, and to a lesser extent, the competitive Liu Kang.

    "Jax is one bad day away from pledging his allegiance to Skynet, he can't be your favourite -" Kano grumbles.

    "Dad's my favourite," Emily reminds them sternly, and Cole has to hide his proud little smile, before she adds, "and mom's my favourite too, the rest of you, well of course you're all badass as hell -"

    "Is it Liu? 'Cos he's pretty and you're, yanno, a teenage girl," Kano scowls at the warrior who'd been attempting to just quietly enjoy his basket of fries. Both Cole and Alison are wearing similarly murderous expressions, and Kano raised his hands in mock surrender, dropping his gaze.

    "Actually," Emily said pointedly, despite the embarrassed flush on her cheeks, though she was mirroring her parents intensity, "my favourite is Raiden because he's literally a God that shoots lightning out of his hands, and you're now my least favourite because you're a rat bastard."

    "I taught her that," Kung Lao was grinning from ear to ear, and when he and Emily look to each other, they share a definitive nod.

    "How come he's allowed to teach her words like bastard?!" Kano demanded to know.

    "Because you're a bastard," Sonya interjects.

    Kano is thankfully quiet for the remainder of lunch, sulking at his end of the table as chatter returns to normal, returns to talk of how everyone else had been enjoying the day.


    At the end of the day, Kano shoves a large, stuffed kangaroo at Emily that he'd won at the booth where you had to knock over bottles.

    "Didn't even use me eye or anything; lost an hour of my life and fifty fuckin' dollars," he was grumbling, while Emily was examining the prize.

    "You won this?" She seemed endeared by it, endeared by the thought that he'd put the time into winning it for her.

    "'course I won it, can I stop being your least favourite now?" He asked, and Emily tucked the kangaroo beneath her arm, giving him an appraising look.

    "You can't buy my loyalty -"

    "Wouldn't want it if it could be bought, I know that shit from experience," Kano interjected, crossing his arms defensively, ignoring where Cole was glowering at him every time he swore.

    "But you put time in, and effort, so you're back to third with everyone else."

    "As long as none of those bastards is beating me, I'm okay with that."

    As they headed to the exit, to where Raiden had created a lightning portal for them all to go home through, Emily reached out and punched Kano lightly in the shoulder.

    "Thanks, Kano, it's pretty sweet that you care so much."

    "Don't tell the others," he grumbled back.

    "We've been with you all day," Jax calls out, "we already know."

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    I've been going through these bouts of anxiety and depression for a while now. I thought it was "baby blues" which passes after a few weeks. When it didn't, I figured when Miles starts sleeping through the night, or when I went back to work I'd feel better. But it just got worse. I can't sleep when Miles is asleep. I can't focus when I'm not home with him, but then when I am home with him, I just want to cry or run away.

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    ♪ Low on self-esteem, so you run on gasoline ♪

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    Emily having postpartum and not realizing it/refusing to accept it is so important imo. This is a well-educated woman who undoubtedly knows about and believes in postpartum depression, but she didn't realize for months because she kept brushing it off as baby blues or sleep deprivation. And being depressed warps your sense of reality, so she was in no way in the drivers seat of herself. She's smart, she knows these things happen, but because she was already so depressed and out of tune with herself, she didn't realize she had ppd until someone forced her to sit down and accept it.

    #zoey's extraordinary playlist #emily kang#postpartum depression #zoey's extraordinary mystery #zoey's extraordinary girls' night #op #also on an unrelated note yes i do think maggie is going to develop a gambling problem
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    23.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    i'm fine replaying Emily's transition from Rosanna to Anyone

    #zoey's extraordinary playlist #zep#emily kang#op
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    #Zoey's extraordinary playlist #Zoey's extraordinary playlist edit #Zep#Zepedit#Zoey Clarke#Jane Levy#Emily Kang#Alice Lee#cigifs
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    21.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST — all musical numbers from “zoey’s extraordinary girls' night.”

    + bonus:

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    It’s okay. We’re gonna be okay. 

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    20.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    “I'd like to speak to all of you this morning about support. Who do you turn to for help? I'm not just talking about prayer. I'm asking who in this room do you turn to? We aren't just meant to lean on God. We're meant to lean on each other. Galatians 6:2 tells us to "Carry each other's burdens." So please join me as we hear from the choir and think about who shoulders your burdens.” || zoey's extraordinary playlist S2E10
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    19.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    when emily sang “you can’t wake up, this is not a dream, you‘re part of a machine, you are not a human being”...

    ................... yeah.

    #that hit hard. #her performance during gasoline was INSANE i can’t stop watching/listening to it #zep#zep spoilers #zoey’s extraordinary playlist #emily kang #eli.posts
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    #that is my main takeaway from the new episode #holy shit. david’s song???? i almost cried. and just.. all of emily’s scenes were perfect i love her. #zep#zep spoilers #zoey’s extraordinary playlist #david clarke#emily kang #eli.posts
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    I am. Emotionally wrecked in the best way possible

    that was so beautiful and also my brain is wailing incoherently. okay thoughts here we go

    so we gotta start out with ALICE MOTHERFREAKIN LEE

    I have no words-incredible, just incredible

    gasoline was one of the most beautifully shot and flawlessly performed songs on the show by far

    a story that needs to be told and is told so well tonight

    that whole segment was poetic television-the juxtapositions of the themes going into each other-the transition into and out of gasoline-UGHHHHH SO GOOD

    Andrew Leeds back at it again making me cry. also that choreo was gorgeous and dammit I want to be loved

    Bernadette Peters. That is all

    her song was the highest level of iconic

    but god am I scared for Maggie-please don’t let her fall into a gambling addiction, my girl deserves better and my heart can’t take watching her suffer any more

    and I just love her dynamic with Deb so much

    the support theme of this episode just really got me-Simon taking Zoey’s hand at the end of the (IMPECCABLY sung) church number just made me melt into a puddle of yearning

    she has to tell him. she has to. and their relationship has been so beautifully supportive to this point, please don’t let it be ruined

    I loved Rose and Max this ep, as always, and once again the promo has me Terrified

    Mo! Meeting! Perry’s! Kids!

    Also! Mo’s! Outfit!

    the harmonies in that nsync number... F L A W L E S S

    “if I’m the one excited about sports something is really wrong” mood

    every week I fall more and more in love with David and Emily and their relationship

    Zoey in therapy!!! good for you girl!!!

    anyway I am exhilarated and exhausted and terrified and sincerely wondering HOW ON EARTH I’M SUPPOSED TO WAIT TWO WEEKS (and that’ll be three weeks without seeing the sprqpoint gang, and it was only barely last week...how will I survive)

    anyway back to my incomprehensible mental wailing

    god this show is good

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    18.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #emily kang#alice lee#zep #zoey's extraordinary playlist #most noteworthy performance
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    15.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    uhh so,,, apparently all it took to end my art block was for emily to absolutely destroy my heart on zep last week?? and for me to then have a desperate need to make vent art of her????

    #so yeah. here we go. #it felt good to draw again even though i made myself really fucking sad doing it. #zep #zoey’s extraordinary playlist #zep fanart #zoey’s extraordinary playlist fanart #emily kang#alice lee #eli.art #eli.posts
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