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    Rumbelle’s Daughter Taking Care of You When You’re Hurt


    Bad Break Up Finding Emma’s Daughter A Magical Immortal Falls For Emma

    Emma’s Foster Sister Emma’s Mixed Race Child


    Rumbelle’s Daughter Before He Became the Dark One

    The Dark One’s Daughter


    Bad Break Up Trick Or Treat Daughter of Regina and Daniel


    Trick Or Treat


    Ruby Taking Care of You Ruby Is The Only One Who Can Make You Smile


    Finding Emma’s Daughter


    Jealous of Your Relationship With Emma


    Jealous of Your Relationship With Emma


    Daughter of Regina and Daniel

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    The Perfect Day

    A/N: It’s here!! The first story I have posted in a long time! I hope everyone enjoys it! If you do please let me know if you would like to be added to my tag list. 

    Tag list: @hollyethecurious​, @resident-of-storybrooke​, @kmomof4​, @jennjenn615​, @pirateherokillian​, @enchanted-swans​, @superchocovian​, @deathbycaptainswan​, @winterbaby89​, @flicialy23​, @kingofmyheart14​, @angellifedeath, @facesiousbutton82​, @a-faekindagirl​, @kymbersmith-90​, @ekr032-blog-blog​, @laschatzi​, @teamhook​, @ilovemesomekillianjones​, @capswantrue​, @bmbbcs4evr​, @kday426​, @tiganasummertree​, @Ifh1226-linda, @meganhinsley​, @xarandomdreamx​, @jrob64, @hannahhook7744​, @klynn-stormz​ 

    Summery: Killian and Emma spend a very special day together

    “The Perfect Day”

    Emma woke to sunlight streaming through the blinds of her and Killian’s bedroom. Blinking the sleep out of her eyes, she slid her hand across the sheet toward Killian’s side of the bed only to find it empty. Emma frowned in confusion, she turned and reached over to pick up her cell from the bedside table. As her eyes adjusted to the screen, she was taken aback to see that it was almost nine thirty. “Killian, why did you let me sleep so late?” she said to the empty room.

    Rising from the bed, Emma grabbed her robe from the corner chair and went in search of her missing husband. As she made her way down the stairs she could hear hushed whispers coming from the kitchen. When she stepped off the stairs the sight before her made her stop short. Killian was at the stove, flipping pancakes from the pan and onto a plate that was on the counter, while Henry was setting the table that was laden with food. “What’s going on here?” Emma asked confusingly.

    They both jumped, having clearly wanted this to be a surprise and not expecting her to be up yet. Silence hung in the air for a few seconds as they all stared at each other until...

    “Surprise! Happy Birthday, Mom!” Henry exclaimed joyfully.

    Emma's eyes widened in shock as Killian and Henry sent beaming smirks in her direction. "What? It's not my..," she paused, suddenly recalling the date that she had glanced over to check the time on her phone earlier. Yes, it was indeed her birthday. “Oh. I forgot,” she said sheepishly.

    “It's alright, Swan,” Killian said as he made his way over to her. “That’s what you’ve got us for.” When he reached his wife’s side he looked down lovingly at her. “Happy Birthday, my love.”

    Emma smiled sweetly at her husband. Leaning up she gave him what was intended to be a quick kiss but ended up being a quite thorough one. A throat being cleared had them pulling away from each other and looking over to Henry who was doing everything in his power to avoid looking at his mother and step-father making out. 

    “Sorry kid,” Emma said with a shrug of her shoulders.

    “Aye, apologies lad.” Although, Killlian looked anything but sorry.

    Henry just rolled his eyes at them good naturedly. “Yeah, yeah. Come on. Let’s eat before the food get’s cold.”

    They sat down and had a fantastic breakfast of Emma’s favorite foods. Pancakes, bacon, toast with butter and jam, and of course coffee. “Wow! That was fantastic. You guys really outdid yourselves,” Emma praised when they were done, standing up to take her plate to the sink. But Killian stopped her before she made it there.

    “Ah-ah, love. You are not to do anything today except relax,” Killian said, taking her plate and turning her towards the direction of the stairs. “Now you let us take care of cleaning up while you go get ready.”

    “Get ready?” Emma eyed him suspiciously. “Where are we going?” 

    “That, my beautiful Swan, is a surprise,” Killian said with a cheeky grin, once again urging her toward the stairs.


    While Emma stood in front of the shower, waiting for the water to heat up, she realized that this was going to be the first birthday she’d celebrated since Henry had found her in Boston. Granted, every birthday since then they had been busy with the current big bad, and there hadn't been time to celebrate things like birthdays, or even holidays for that matter. Stepping into the shower, Emma wondered what Killian had planned for the day. Normally she hated surprises, her whole life before coming to Storybrooke (even after) had been nothing but one surprise (some good, but most not) after another, so she had come to fear the unexpected. But ever since the defeat of The Black Fairy and adult Gideon, a calm had settled over the town and for once in her life Emma wasn’t afraid of the unknown.

    After finishing her shower, Emma dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, a long sleeved red blouse, and knee high black boots. She went downstairs and found Killian in the living room talking quietly on the phone. When he saw her, he quickly said goodbye to whoever was on the other end and hung up. 

    “Who were you talking to?” 

    “It was just your father, love. He agreed to take over at the station for us today,” Killian said nonchalantly, walking over to Emma and pressing a kiss to her temple. “You look beautiful, Swan. Are you ready for your surprise?”

    “Yeah. Whatever that may be. Are you sure I can’t get just a teeny, tiny hint?” Emma asked, placing her hands on his chest and peering up at him from underneath her lashes.

    Killian threw his head back and let out a hearty chuckle. “I see what you're trying to do, you temptress, but I won’t be swayed so easily.”

    Emma narrowed her eyes at him playfully. “Fine. Keep your secrets.” She frowned suddenly and looked around. "Where's Henry?"

    Killian brought her hands up to his lips and placed a kiss upon them. “He is going to spend the day with Regina, allowing us to have some uninterrupted time together," he said with a raised eyebrow. "Now come on. I promise you, Swan, this surprise will be worth the wait.” he said, guiding her toward the door with his hand on the small of her back while grabbing her jacket from the coat rack with his hook.

    When they got into the bug the only thing Killian told Emma was to head to the docks, so she knew that at least part of her surprise involved The Jolly. After pulling up to the docks and turning the car off, Emma turned to her husband. “We’re going sailing?” she asked hesitantly. She couldn’t help but be slightly confused, Emma loved sailing, it's just that she was expecting a bit more.

    As if reading her mind, Killian scoffed playfully. “Oh, ye of little faith. We have to take The Jolly to get to your surprise. Have I ever let you down, my love?”

    “Never.” Emma smiled, leaning over to give him a quick kiss.

    Making their way onto the deck, Killian went about getting The Jolly ready to set sail. While Emma didn't know much about the inner workings of the ship, she was able to lend a hand. Soon Killian was behind the helm steering them out of the harbor and into the open water.  

    They sailed for some time, just enjoying the crisp autumn weather, the smell of the sea, and the gentle motion of the ship moving on the waves until Killian called out, "We're here. Emma, will you drop the anchor for me, love?" She immediately went over and pulled the lever that released the anchor into the water.

    Emma looked out over the horizon, trying to see where it was that they were, but all she saw was water. "Killian? Where are we?" she asked, turning toward her husband, only to find him loading the row boat with blankets, pillows, and two wicker baskets. "What's all that?" 

    Killian practically skipped over to Emma, taking her by the hand and guiding her toward, and then into, the small boat. "How does a picnic on a secluded strip of island sound?" he asked as he joined her in the boat. 

    "Amazing!" Emma said excitedly as he started to lower the boat into the water. As it turned out they weren't as far from the shore as she thought, and the only wayEmma could come up with to describe the view in front of her was… magical.

    When they made it to shore Emma took in the scenery. The beach had various rock outcroppings littering the surf and shore, the sand was soft and smooth, while a lush green forest lay in the center of the island. "Oh, Killian. It's beautiful," she said in awe.

    Killian came to her side after pulling the boat up onto the beach. "Aye, it is. Come on, let's get everything set up." They gathered everything together and found the perfect spot near the surf for their picnic.

    And what a picnic it was. Killian spread out a huge blanket with numerous pillows and set out a variety of meats and cheeses, rolls, fruit, wine, and a few delicious desserts. After having their fill they laid back on the blanket. 

    "This is wonderful Killian. How did you find this place?" Emma asked, lifting up from where she’d been resting against  his chest to look up at him. 

    "A few weeks ago while Henry and I were out on The Jolly we came across this place and I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to bring you here," he explained while running his fingers through her hair. 

    Emma leaned up on her elbow to look at him. "It's perfect," she said, leaning down to kiss him passionately.

    They stayed like that for some time, exchanging tender kisses and just basking in each other until Killian sat up suddenly and leaped to his feet. "Alright, Swan. Up and at em," he said, reaching down to pull Emma to her feet.

    “Where are we going?” Emma asked, giggling as Killian started tugging her down the beach.

    “Why exploring of course,” he responded with exuberance.

    They walked along the beach, exploring the many tide pools that were among the rocks. Then they found a small path through the trees that led them to a tranquil waterfall that cascaded down a rock formation and into a small stream below. They continued to explore the small island until the late afternoon before heading back to the beach to gather their things


    When they made it back to The Jolly and on their way home, Emma asked Killian something that had been on her mind all day. “I’ve been wondering something. How did you manage to keep all this from me for weeks?”

    “How do you mean, love?” Killian asked from his place at the helm.

    “Well, I mean you had help, right?” At his nod of confirmation, she continued. “Henry obviously knew but who else?” She suddenly remembered the phone call from before they had left the house, “My dad knew didn’t he?” she asked with a pointed look.

    “Aye, love, he did,” Killian said with a quirk of an eyebrow. “I asked him to do something for me in preparation for today.”

    “And what was that?” she asked

    “Well, love. When I first decided to surprise you with this trip, I asked him if he could rein in Snow for the day,” At her confused look, he continued. “I knew that this was probably the first birthday you’ve celebrated since coming to Storybrooke, and you know how your mother can go overboard sometimes. I didn’t want you to be too overwhelmed,” he explained.

    Emma gave him a beaming smile. Sometimes she still had a hard time believing that this wonderful, thoughtful man was her husband. She went to stand beside him and looped her arms around his neck. “You are amazing,” she praised, leaning forward to give him a dazzling kiss.


    The sun had just started to dip below the horizon by the time they made it back to Storybrooke. After securing The Jolly, they headed off the ship and down the dock hand in hand towards the bug. They drove home in comfortable silence, as there was no need for words after the amazing day they had together. When they made it home and were heading up the walkway Killian suddenly stopped. “Blast!” he exclaimed.

    “What is it?” Emma asked as she watched him pat the pockets of his jacket.

    “I left my phone in the car. You go on inside, Swan, I’ll be there in a minute,” Killian said as he made his way back to the car.

    Emma unlocked the front door and walked into the house looking forward to spending the rest of the night relaxing with her husband.

    “SURPRISE!” rang out as she turned on the lights.

    Emma jumped in shock and she whipped around to find her parents and Henry in the living room. “What’s going on?” she asked in confusion.

    “Happy birthday, sweetheart,” Snow exclaimed as she rushed forward to hug her daughter.

    As Emma looked around the room she saw that on the mantle above the fireplace there was a banner that read ‘Happy Birthday Emma’ and also two blue and silver balloon bouquets on either side of the fireplace. “What’s all this?”

    “Did you really think that we weren’t going to celebrate our daughter on her birthday?” David asked in mocked offence, while gathering her in his arms.

    It was then that Emma saw that Killian had come back inside and had been watching quietly from the foyer. “You sneak. You knew about this, didn’t you?” she asked with a laugh as she walked over to him.

    “Guilty,” he responded while draping his arm around her shoulder. “Come now, Swan. It’s the perfect way to end an already fabulous day. A birthday dinner with family.”

    As they sat around the table, sharing a fantastic meal and recounting their day to everyone, Emma recalled that birthday many years ago in which she made a wish on a single star shaped candle that she didn’t want to be alone. Who knew that one wish would lead her here, surrounded by the love of her son, her parents, and her true love. When Emma blew the candles out on this birthday cake, she didn’t have to wish for anything. She already had everything she could ever want.

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    Regina: I wish you'd just admit when you've made a mistake.

    Emma, stirring her coffee serenely: I prefer it with salt.

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    emma swan (& everyone) + text post meme part 22 

    #the last one might be my new favourite text post ever #i love them sm #this one is very chaotic i'm not sure how i feel about it #emma swan #ouat text post meme #ouat text posts #emma swan text posts #emma swan text post meme #swan queen#sq #swan mills family #swan believer#regina mills
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    Rita is just Regina in another curse. Emma comes to save her and gets caught by Catherine's stray bullet just after waking Regina up with true love's kiss.
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    Love or Duty by GleefullyCaptainSwan Chapter 3/8

    Read on AO3: | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

    Or on FF

    Stacy's Tortured Crew: @teamhook @kmomof4 @stahlop @lfh1226-linda @ilovemesomekillianjones @itsfabianadocarmo @mariakov81 @qualitycoffeethings @zaharadessert @jrob64 @jonesfandomfanatic @natascha-ronin @tiganasummertree @xarandomdreamx @therooksshiningknight @batana54 @superchocovian @onceratheart18 @ultraluckycatnd @snowbellewells @karlyfr13s @the-darkdragonfly @xsajx @deckerstarblanche

    Chapter 3: A Truce

    Ruby used the broken handle of the carriage door to knock out another bandit attacking her before she screamed at Killian. “Go!”

    Killian didn’t turn back, chasing Emma into the wooded forest. Tripping over branches, he found himself tumbling down into the ravine below him. He groaned when he hit the ground, looking up from where he fell. He was wasting valuable time lying on the ground. He pulled himself up, beginning his climb up the rocky hill. He clawed his way to the peak, digging his hands into the muddy ground.

    He could see the dark-haired barbarian a few feet in front of him. Emma was standing inches from the man, her arms raised with a large branch in her hands.

    “Drop the stick, sweetheart, stop fighting me.”

    “Don’t call me sweetheart.” She screamed, swinging the branch, and connecting it with his head as the man tumbled toward the ground. When he stood up, a look of annoyance on his face as he wiped leaves from his shoulder, Killian saw the shimmer of silver as he yanked the blade from his back. Killian’s feet moved underneath him as the man lunged toward Emma with the dagger and he heard her scream out in pain.

    He slammed his body into the bandit, landing on the ground with a thud as bone met bone. The man growled, rolling away from him. Killian stumbled to his feet, reaching for his sword, and finding an empty scabbard.

    “Bloody…” The man lunged at him, the dagger nearly missing his shoulder as he leaned backward, avoiding the hit. He swung his hook forward, making contact with the side of his head. He kicked his foot toward the man’s stomach causing him to stumble backwards. The man quickly recovered, and Killian tried to avoid the fist that connected with his cheek, sending him toward the ground. He felt around in the leaves for anything to brandish as a weapon, turning quickly to try and stop the man from running him through when the man paused, his face crumpled as a familiar silver blade drove through his chest from his the man’s back.

    Killian’s head fell back against the ground, trying to catch his breath as the man slid to the ground, Emma standing behind him, his sword firmly in her grasp. She stumbled forward, dropping the sword, and falling to her knees.

    He sat up, examining the blood red stains expanding at her side. He reached out, pulling the torn fabric away from her body. “Is this how you get a woman out of her clothes?” She laughed weakly.

    “All you had to do was ask, love.” He smiled, pressing his hand against the wound at her hip. He grabbed the hem of her tunic, ripping the fabric.

    “What are you…” She complained weakly.

    He bunched up the fabric and pressed the mass against her side. “Hold this steady to control the bleeding.” He looked around to see how far into the forest they had traveled, hearing a faint sound of horses in the distance. “Can you walk?”

    “I’m pretty sure I’m the one who saved you.” She said defiantly as she stood up from her spot. “I’m not some damsel in…” She stumbled as she tried to step forward and Killian jumped up to steady her.

    “You can argue with me about chivalry once I get you safely to the castle.” Without another word he hoisted her into his arms, picking up his sword from the ground and heading in the direction of the carriage.


    Emma groaned as Killian hoisted her into his arms, pain searing through her side as she held the fabric close to her skin. She glanced up at him, his jaw set firm as he stared ahead of their path. She couldn’t look away at the determination he displayed to get her back to safety.

    “Killian.” She heard a voice shout.

    “Emma.” Ruby screamed quickly after as they entered the clearing, rushing toward them.

    “It was a dagger; we will need the surgeon once we get to Jonesboro.” Emma was lifted in the carriage and placed on the bench inside. “Bandits?”

    “Aye.” She heard Liam reply outside the carriage. “We’re close to home; we need to make haste.”

    Ruby was at her side, brushing the hair from her sweat drenched forehead. “Are you alright?” Emma sat up, annoyed at all the fuss being made at her expense.

    “I’m perfectly alright, it’s barely a scratch.”

    “What happened out there?” Ruby ask quietly but before she could answer, Killian entered the carriage and slammed the door shut.

    “Liam is going to ride ahead to make sure the path is clear. We are not far from our home.” He sat down across from her, his blue eyes staring intently at her. “How are you feeling, love?”

    She rolled her eyes and snorted. “Like I got stabbed.”

    “Conveniently enough, you did.” He laughed. “No need to worry your pretty blonde head, we’ll have you stitched right up as soon as we get home. I supposed you can be thankful you’ve already landed yourself a husband.”

    “And why exactly should I be thankful for that?”

    “Gonna be quite the scar you’ve earned.” He said as his tongue swiped across his bottom lip, his eyes staring at the bloodied cloth beneath her fingers at her hip.

    She sat up and tried not to wince. “Are you trying to imply that I would be unable to secure a husband because I’ve now made myself unattractive.”

    “Never said that. In fact, some men might find that type of thing,” he paused, his eyes locking on hers, “quite attractive.” She didn’t know why but suddenly she felt like he was staring into her soul, or that he could somehow see beneath her layers of clothing, either way, it unnerved her. “But” He said with a click at the end of the t, “others might find it repulsive,” he shrugged, “I can assure you; Liam won’t care what you look like naked or otherwise.”

    She shook her head, “Thanks for the assurance.” She said dryly.

    “I am at your service, M’Lady.” He said in a sarcastic tone that made her want to toss him from the carriage.

    “Do you think we are almost there?” Her handmaiden interrupted, breaking the eye contact she held with the arrogant Prince seated across from her.

    “We should reach the castle walls before sunset.” He replied quietly, casting a worried glance in her direction before immediately turning away from her.

    “I shall be certain not to bleed out on your mother’s satin.” She said with a laugh, gripping the sofa cushion below her, and the Prince smiled in her direction as if her humor had somehow assuaged his concern for her safety. If that was even the reason for his sudden change in mood. Emma could not be certain, but with all his bravado and arrogant remarks, he did seem to be genuinely concerned for her safety. After all, he had come to her rescue in the forest, and had it not been for his sudden arrival, she was not sure she would have gotten the upper hand with the bandit. Not that she would admit that to him.

    The wound in her side was not grave, once they reached the castle, their healers would have her fixed up, but she also knew that the situation could have gone another way. If anything had changed, she would have to admit that the brothers Jones had earned her respect in the valiant way they defended her and Ruby.

    She felt her eyes drawing heavy, sleep catching her before she could fight it. Images swirled in her head, a valiant knight climbing the castle walls, swords clashing around her until every last man had fallen. The man stood in front of her, bowing to his knees as he offered her his sword, swearing to protect her until his own heart stopped beating. He stood, removing his helmet, his sea blue eyes staring into hers as he pulled her into his arms and captured her lips in a searing kiss.

    Emma’s eyes darted open, gasping for air.

    “Emma, love, are you alright?”

    Emma blinked her eyes a few times, her vision finally clearing as those same blue eyes stared at her in concern, his thumb rubbing circles against her arm as he knelt in front of her bench. She blanched, swallowing hard as she remembered those lips on hers in her dream, the way he held her so gently in his arms, the way his hand touched hers, the same way he was doing right now. She pulled away from him, sitting up and wincing in pain.

    “I’m fine. It was a dream.”

    She looked anywhere but at him as he sat back on his own side of the carriage, Ruby reaching over to check her wound.

    “You were whimpering or moaning, I wasn’t quite sure.” She spoke softly and Emma felt her ears burn hot.

    “It was a horrid nightmare.” She said more forcefully than she intended. She glanced at Killian and the smirk on his face angered her. Before she could come up with a sarcastic comment, the carriage came to a sudden halt and Emma braced herself on the bench.

    The door to the carriage swung open. “Help Emma down and into the castle, I’ll advise father of the trouble on the road.” Liam demanded of his brother and Killian jumped into action, escorting her out of the carriage and then lifting her into his arms.

    “You can put me down; I know how to walk.”

    “I have my orders and I intend to follow them.” He responded with a frown, nodding at people as he passed them by.

    “Prince Killian, in here.” She turned to see a man standing in an archway. “Your men arrived a short time ago.”

    Killian sat her down on a hard table in the middle of the room. “It was a short dagger; I don’t think it went too deep.” He gestured to her side, reaching down, and taking the bloodied fabric from her hand. “Princess Emma, this is Victor, he’s our best surgeon. He’ll take care of you.”

    He stepped away from the table and Victor followed him as they spoke in hushed tones. “Yes, your grace, as soon as I’m done.” He bowed and Killian slipped out of the room in a hurry.


    “Are you sure they were Regina’s men?” King Brennan stood at the front of the room as Liam updated him on the trip to Jonesboro.

    “Aye, they were wearing her crest.”

    The King cursed, pacing the throne behind him as his mother sat in her own chair. “They are getting braver, attacking the King’s carriage.” His mother said strongly.

    “This wedding will need to take place urgently.” His father announced.

    “If we rush the nuptials, our people will not have time to embrace the Princess. They may not unite if they feel there is something amiss.” Liam countered.

    “He is right, Brennan.” His mother agreed.

    His father nodded, “Double the troops to defend the road between Jonesboro and Misthaven.” He announced to the guard in the room, who quickly exited.

    “Court the Princess publicly, introduce her to the villagers, we need the people to love her.”

    Liam snorted. “Good luck with that, she’s a real charmer.”

    “Liam Jones.” His mother said loudly. “Do not besmirch your betrothed.”

    “Apologizes mother, it is just…” He paused. “I do not think we are a suitable match.”

    “A match.” His father laughed; a low deep belly laugh that made Liam’s stomach crawl. “I do not care if the two of you never speak behind your bedchamber door, hell, get separate rooms for all I care. This is your duty; I do not care if you ever love this woman. She is a Nolan, hold your nose, bite your tongue, but get it done.”

    He bowed, “Yes father.” He stepped out of the room as Killian was pacing the hallway beyond him.

    “What news of Emma?”

    “Victor just sent word that he has stitched her up and they escorted her to her bedchamber to freshen up.”

    “I shall tend to her at once.” He said with a frown, leaving his brother in the hallway as he went off in search of the woman. “Do you duty.” He grumbled as he climbed the stairs toward her room. As he stood in front of the heavy door, he reluctantly knocked on the wood. The door yanked open, and the dark-haired woman peered out.

    “Good afternoon, I’m here to call on the Princess.”

    “Of course, one moment, she’s finishing dressing.”

    The door closed and he stood with his back to the wall as he waited. He felt like it took ages before she appeared in front of him, a frown on her face, her hair pulled up into braids against her head, and a new satin gown in place of the ruined tunic she had traveled in. “Prince Liam, so nice of you to come calling, I can assure you I am well.”

    “Grateful to hear it.” He said honestly. “I thought perhaps if you were feeling up to it, I could show you around the grounds.”

    “That would be lovely. I despise being trapped in my bed chambers like I’m a prisoner.”

    “You have my assurances; you are no prisoner. Jonesboro will be your home. You are free to go anywhere you please.”

    Emma sighed and Liam sensed sadness in the woman beside him. He understood what it must be like being told that she needed to move away from her home, her family, her townsfolk in order to bring about this unity with a man she barely knew.

    “If it will cheer your spirits, know that I was just as pleased as you to hear the news of our upcoming union.” They continued to walk through the castle toward the garden. “It is my hope that you and I could be allies in this endeavor.”

    “Does it not anger you to be told what to do? To have a decision, so personal, taken from you?”

    “Aye, however, I was groomed to be King since I was a very young boy. It is my…”

    “Duty.” She finished his sentence with a sour tone.

    “It is my honor to fulfill my duty, even if it means the weight of the kingdom is on my shoulders.” He sighed. “I envy Killian, never having responsibility, being carefree to behave how he wishes, woo any woman he sets his sights on.” He laughed, “Being the eldest requires a sense of duty, but I am proud to carry the burden.”

    “Men are given the responsibility to rule, while woman are told to submit to their husbands, tend to their needs, stand in the back while the man fights with honor and pride.” She snorted in disgust. “Your duty is to serve; my duty is to give away my autonomy.”

    “I’m sorry, Emma. It is not my intention to take away who you are.” He paused, taking her by the arm to still her. “I do not require you to give away or tend to any of my needs. I would not take anything you did not give away willingly.” She looked toward the garden. “Emma, you and I must marry, but you are free to reject our marriage bed. I know you do not love me.”

    “What do you know of love?” She said softly, her gaze off in the distance.

    He frowned, lowering his head, and dropping her arm. “Sadly, more than you realize. Have you ever been in love, Emma?” She turned to face him.

    “No, I have never been in love.”

    “We are royalty, and as royalty, my father believes that love is something that is given to you, but I believe that it is something that must be earned. Perhaps one day I will earn your love.”

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to assume I understood your place in all of this.” She said with a sigh. “I know this was not your choice. It is not my intention to direct my fury on you.”

    “Are you certain about that?” He smiled.

    “It is not my intention to direct my fury on you, anymore.” She corrected.

    “Emma, I would very much like us to be friends. It will be much easier to get through this if we are able to get along.”

    “Perhaps a truce?” She said with a soft smile.

    “Aye, I would like that.”

    She leaned up on her tip toes, brushing her lips against his cheek and Liam wrapped his arms around her, embracing her.


    Killian stood in the shadows of the garden trellis, watching the scene unfold in front of him. Liam and Emma had been admiring the garden, their talk appeared serious yet friendly. He watched as the blonde leaned up and pressed her lips to her brother’s cheek and the two embraced.

    Killian felt a stir in his stomach, a sickness he didn’t understand. A crack behind him brought his attention to the other side of the walk. Behind a trellis, Elsa was also staring at the couple embracing in the middle of the garden, a sad look on her face.

    Killian stepped into the light and Elsa jumped as he appeared to her. “Oh, Prince Killian, I’m sorry I did not realize…”

    “No need to apologize, Elsa, how are you?” He took one last look to the garden and then turned his attention to the lovelorn lass in front of him.

    “I…I’m fine. How is the Princess?” She squeaked out.

    “She’s quite different than I imagined she would be.” He laughed. “I’m certain she has less interest in marrying my brother than he does of his union with her.”

    “She didn’t appear disinterested.” She said sadly.

    “It is important that they appear in love, of course.” He said reassuringly, hoping it would remove the frown from the woman’s face.

    “Sorry, I forget my place. It is not my concern if Lia…Prince Liam and Princess Emma are in love or not.”

    “You care for my brother.” He said, less of a question and more of a statement.

    “Of course, I do, he will one day be our King, it is my duty to care for your brother.” She said startled.

    “Aye, Lass, of course.” He smiled, walking toward the kitchen with the blonde, hoping to shield her from the broken heart he was certain lie beneath her chest.

    When he joined his parents for dinner that evening, Liam and Emma had made their rounds through the castle and judging from the report his father’s guard had provided at the table, the townspeople were enamored with the blonde beauty from Misthaven. Perhaps her conversation with his brother in the garden had softened her anger toward the situation.

    Suddenly the doors to the dining room flung open and a guard appeared, distressed. The King and the guard spoke softly, exchanging nervous glances. He nodded and the man disappeared from the room.

    “Regina’s bandits have burned the town of Locksley.”

    Killian wiped his mouth, hardly believing his ears, Locksley was half a day’s ride from Jonesboro, the armies were drawing nearer.

    “Liam, I need you to ride out and speak to Lord Locksley, ensure that their people are taken care of, we have shelter here if needed.”

    Killian stood from his seat, “Father, I can go.”

    “Sit down Killian, this is your brother’s responsibility. You will stay at the castle and ensure that Princess Emma does not get bored.”

    He made eye contact with the woman across from him.

    “I am not a sitter.” He complained. “I am fairly certain the lass can take care of herself.”

    “Killian.” His mother’s voice raised from the end of the table. “Your father has spoken.”

    He rolled his eyes. “Yes mother.”

    Liam stood and dropped his head to his father. “I will ride out at once.” He bowed to Emma and left the room hurriedly.

    Killian poked at his food, moving the peas across the plate before stabbing at the meat that sat upon a bed of potatoes. His father did not trust that he was capable of representing or protecting Jonesboro, Killian had always been an afterthought to him.

    He could feel her eyes upon him, watching him intently as he stewed in his anger. When he looked up, she smiled softly. “Perhaps tomorrow you could show me your stables, do you ride?”

    “Aye.” He responded shortly.

    “Then you shall take me for a ride, show me the village.”

    “That sounds lovely.” His mother added with a sickening tone.

    “Stay near the town, I do not wish to waste resources to escort you.” His father interjected and Killian tried not to wince in anger. He didn’t need a guard to escort him anywhere.

    “Then it’s settled, you shall escort me on a ride around the castle tomorrow.” Emma said with a smile.

    “As you wish, M’Lady.” He said with a mocking bow of his head, disinterested in the chores of being left to keep a watchful eye on his brother’s bride.

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    This weekend I am visiting family and updating them with.. everything. So I will probably be scrolling on here but won't replying until Monday.

    My DMS are always open, I will reply when I can

    Happy Friday everyone 💖✨

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    i can't stop thinking about the swan-mills family

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    @nirgama​​ continued from here!

    emma watches the younger girl carefully, hoping she hadn’t been too ... well, she doesn’t know, but just hoping it hadn’t been too ... pushy, or anything along those lines. she just had wanted to give her some encouragement, some words emma knows she definitely could’ve used when she was udyati’s age. although, she’s always been quite stubborn and giving up has never exactly been in her nature.

    she can almost tell there seems to be more the girl wants to say, that there’s something else brimming inside of her, wanting to come out. but she decides not to push on it, she’s already worried she’s been too pushy to begin with. she just hopes it will come up later, whatever it is. if it’s important enough to udyati, at least. 

    she gives her a slight smile now, nodding slightly. “of course kid, and hey, don’t push yourself too hard or anything but just know ... i believe in you, and i’ll be in your corner rooting for you.” she stands now, smile growing a bit. “now, would you want to go to granny’s with me? get a hot cocoa and a grilled cheese or something, whatever you like.”

    #( emma swan interactions ) #( emma ft. udyati ) #( emma main ) #nirgama #(just wanna say i feel so jealous of udyati here bc meeting emma swan? literal dream come true)
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    Regina: May I sit there?


    Emma: That’s my lap—

    Regina, gritting her teeth: That doesn’t answer my question.

    #once upon a time #emma swan#regina mills#ouat#swan queen#swanqueen #ouat incorrect quotes
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    i had a ✨thought✨

    remember that moment in season 4 when david is asking killian’s intentions with emma and he responds by saying “whatever we become, it’s up to her as much as me”?

    and then remember in season 6 when she found the engagement ring (as much angst and drama hiding in that scene as there was) and answered before he had even asked, all but saying “please ask me right now so i can say yes”?

    i’m sure by now you can see where i’m going with this and i don’t know how to actually put my thoughts into words but


    #i just think it’s neat #i’m sure i’m far from the first to have this thought #but i still love it #captain swan#killian jones#captain hook#emma swan#ouat #once upon a time #i love them
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    6k celebration meme - 12/20 scenes - charming family reunion

    she did it. she saved you.
    #ouatedit #once upon a time #ouat#snowing#the charmings#emma swan#s2#2x01 Broken #dynamic: the charmings #event: 6k celebration
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    So I’m watching season 5 (again) of OUAT (because Colin’s hair and I love dark hook) anyways, towards the end of the first episode when they’ve all returned from Camelot and dark swan shows up, remember? My poor baby pirate-prince looks so distraught because Emma has fully embraced the darkness and he promised her in Camelot that they would defeat the darkness together. BECAUSE HE THINKS HE LET HER DOWN. He told her back in a previous season that he doesn’t intend to let her down, and he thinks that’s exactly what he did. He believes that he broke two of his promises to her and you can see his heart is just breaking. Emma is one of the most important people in his life and he cannot stand that he (thinks) did what he always told her he wouldn’t do. Thoughts?

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    Skyline Manor by GleefullyCaptainSwan Chapter 8/13

    Read on AO3: | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8

    Or on FF

    Stacy's Tortured Crew: @teamhook @kmomof4 @stahlop @lfh1226-linda @ilovemesomekillianjones @itsfabianadocarmo @mariakov81 @qualitycoffeethings @zaharadessert @jrob64 @jonesfandomfanatic @natascha-ronin @tiganasummertree @xarandomdreamx @therooksshiningknight @batana54 @superchocovian @onceratheart18 @ultraluckycatnd @snowbellewells @karlyfr13s @the-darkdragonfly @xsajx @deckerstarblanche

    Chapter 8: Overstepping Lines

    Henry sat at the dinner table at his dad’s place, stabbing his fork at the hardened piece of meat on his plate.

    “Not hungry, kid?”

    He looked up and shrugged, “Not really.”

    “How did that reading fair go at your school?”

    “Really good. Mom and Killian both came which was neat.”

    “That guy from your apartment.” He snorted. “Already moved on to a new one, huh?”

    “Killian is my friend. I invited him.”

    “You just invited an adult to your school thing? You know you really need to learn to play with kids your own age. Your mom lets you spend too much time with William as it is.”

    “I have friends, dad. But the apartment is like family.”

    “Yeah so I’ve been told.” He grumbled. “You know I was thinking about talking to your mom about you staying here a bit more often.” Henry dropped his fork on his plate.

    “What? Why?”

    “Don’t you want to spend more time with me?”

    Henry rested his head in his hands, a pout forming on his face. “How will you have time with all your business trips?”

    “Hey buddy, I told you that was an important trip.”

    “Yeah, I know. I remember. Can I be excused? I’m not feeling very well.”

    Henry got up from the table and retreated to the small room at the end of the hall that was filled with boxes and a small mattress on the floor that he slept on when he visited. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to spend time with his dad, but when he was here, his dad just didn’t seem all that interested in knowing anything about him. He seemed to only want to have him around when his guests came for a visit. All the women that his dad brought home seemed really impressed that Neal was taking care of a kid.

    He opened his book, pulling the pencil from the spot he had left off and thought about the next part of his story.

    Henry watched as the Captain led his mother toward the small house on the end of town. They knocked on the door and waited but no one seemed to be home. Captain Jones disappeared around the back of the home, looking for a way inside.

    Henry leaned against the tree, his thoughts swirling about the information he had learned. His father was alive. This Swan Thief man that he had heard about, his photos plastered around the town with the wanted posters offering a reward. How could this man be his father? How could his mother have been with a man who was currently wanted dead or alive?

    His thoughts were interrupted by a rustling sound, and he turned quickly to see someone dashing behind him.

    “Hello son.”

    The man stood in front of him, his hands held out as if he were to welcome him with a hug.

    “Who are you?”

    “I just told ya kid. I’m your father. I’m Baelfire. Your mother has kept you from me for so long. But not anymore. I’ve come to find you.”

    Henry stepped back. “Stay away from me. You’re not a good man.”

    “It’s all hearsay boy. You can trust me.”

    Henry turned toward the house just outside the tree line, opened his mouth to warn his mother, when everything around him went black.

    Emma waited impatiently on the doorstep for the Captain to get into the house. She tapped her foot anxiously.

    “No one is home.” The door opened and Captain Jones appeared in the door frame, a smug look on his face.

    Emma pushed past him into the home, yanking the rug from the floor and pulling on the hidden door hidden below. “He got into the castle through here.”

    They heard a noise down below and looked up at each other. “Did you hear that?”

    He pushed past her, descending into the darkness as Emma followed him down the ladder. “Over here Swan.”

    She followed the voice toward a small flicker of a flame. When she reached the light, she saw Leroy, his mouth gagged, his hands tied, as the Captain pulled on the rag holding his mouth.

    “Princess, it’s Baelfire. He’s back.”

    Emma looked up at the Captain and panic set in. Where was her son? “Henry.” She spoke quickly running back to the ladder and climbing with haste. She ran out of the small house, searching the trees for her son. “Henry.” She hollered but no sound came back. Frantically she ran to the back of the house, but the boy was gone.

    Captain Jones was at her side in a moment, and she reached out, grabbing his lapel and she screamed angrily into his face. “Henry’s gone. Baelfire has my son.”


    “A toast to being beautiful and single.” Ruby announced as she held her shot glass above her head. “Men suck.”

    Emma giggled, clinking her glass against her friends then tilted it into her mouth, swallowing the warm liquid with a quick cough.

    “Not all men, ya bloody drunk gits.” Will complained before downing his shot.

    “Not you, you’re all soft and sweet.” Emma pinched his cheek. “And squishy.” She squeezed and he pushed her hand away from his face.

    “I am not.”

    “You so are.” Ruby cooed across from him.

    “Ok enough of this nonsense. You were only with the bloke for two weeks.”

    “That’s longer than I lasted with Jerry.” She pouted.

    “I wouldn’t broadcast that across the room.” He said, rolling his eyes. “Maybe you should stop dating random men in bars, try a coffee shop, they are at least committed to their coffee order. Maybe it will last longer.”

    “Poo what do you know, you haven’t dated in ages.”

    “Yeah Will, we haven’t seen you with a woman since Ana.”

    “Just waitin’ for the right one.” He said with a glint in his eyes.

    “And does she have a name?” Emma inquired, her head feeling a bit like it was starting to spin..

    “All women have names, Em.”

    “Does this one have a specific name?” Ruby demanded.

    “Would you both bloody get off my back? There’s no woman, not exactly.” He grabbed his beer and drank it quickly.

    “Fine, keep your secrets.” Emma whined.

    “You want to talk about secrets, what’s going on with you and Graham?”

    It was Emma’s turn to grab her drink, gulping it as her friends stared at her expectantly. “There’s nothing to tell.” She said, slamming her drink down on the table. “He’s been busy lately with the old people and his Segway lessons.”

    “Wait, he’s actually learning how to ride a Segway?” Will burst into laughter. “He really does want to be Paul Blart.”

    “Stop, he’s trying to get a job downtown as a security guard at Faneuil Hall. They ride Segway’s and he wants to learn before he applies.”

    “So sexy.” Ruby cackled.

    “I can just imagine you both coming down the aisle on your Segway’s.” Will choked as he laughed loudly.

    “I hate you both.” She pouted, ordering another round.

    “You know what I wouldn’t mind? Taking a ride on that sexy ass bike of Killian’s.” Ruby practically purred as she spoke.

    Images sprung to mind in Emma’s head, the dark bike glistening in the moonlight, her head thrown back, her legs wrapped around his waist as he brought her hips down against him, his cock buried inside of her.

    “Totally hot.” She mumbled under her breath.

    “See even the Princess agrees with me, Killian Jones is hot as hell.”

    “What?” Her head jerked up toward her friends.

    “You said it, totally hot. I’m just agreeing with you.”

    “I didn’t say that.” She protested.

    “I heard the words too, totally bloody hot.” Will teased. “Did I tell you that she practically took her shirt off before inviting him to the barbeque.”

    Emma kicked him under the table. “I did not. I had a clothing mishap.”

    “Oh, do tell.” Ruby giggled.

    “Half her shirt was unbuttoned; her tits were out on a stroll of their own.”

    “Stop it! That is not what happened.”

    “That must be why he’s always got his tongue out of his mouth when Emma bends over.”

    Emma spun toward Will. “He does no such thing. He has a girlfriend.”

    “Whatever.” Will said sourly, finishing his beer. “I’m knackered. Let’s get a cab and get the hell out of here before Emma falls out of her chair.”

    “I’m perfectly fine.” She laughed, slipping, and nearly tumbling from her tall stool as she tried to step down. “Or not.” She cackled, grabbing onto Will’s shoulder.

    The taxi ride home was filled with laughter and joking from her friends, Emma content to stare out the window, trying with everything she could not to think about her sexy hot neighbor and his bike. Or his stupid hair that she imagined running her fingers through. Or his stupid jeans that fit him so nicely. Definitely not his mouth. She was not at all thinking about his mouth.

    By the time she stumbled out of the elevator, her body was on fire with need. She hugged Will before he closed his door and walked arm and arm with Ruby to her door.

    “Thank you for escorting me, you beautiful woman.” Ruby tilted in her heels, reaching out and grabbing the wall with a loud laugh. “Get some sleep.”

    “Night Rubes. Happy being single again day.” She blew her friend a kiss as the door closed.

    She looked across the hall at Killian’s door. “Good night you sexy beast.” She growled at the door, kicking off her shoes and carrying them to her apartment. She shoved her key into the apartment and pushed. The door didn’t budge. “Dammit.” She kicked the door, then dropped her shoes on the floor.

    Turning back down the hall, she grabbed ahold of the wall and slid down toward the door that had been calling her to it for the last five minutes. Lifting her hand, she knocked and waited. Looking at her watch she realized it was 1am. Suddenly it dawned on her that he could be in bed with Belle. She backed away just as the door swung open.


    “Hey you, motorcycle man.” She slurred.

    “Emma, are you quite alright?”

    “I’m doing great. Are you in bed?”

    He chuckled. “Not currently, no, but I was pretty content there a minute ago.”

    She looked at the robe wrapped around his waist and hummed, reaching out to tug at the fabric. “Do you sleep naked, Jones?”

    He smirked. “Are you drunk, love?”

    “Me? Of course I’m drunk. Why wouldn’t I be drunk? Aren’t you drunk?” There was movement behind him, and a dog pounced into view.

    Emma squealed, “Hello little guy.” Emma ducked under Killian’s arm, wandering into the dark apartment, and reaching out for the dog who was jumping around her feet.

    “Why don’t you come in.” He sighed, shutting the door behind him.

    “I couldn’t get my door to open, so I thought I’d come to yours.”

    “And why would you do that? Will is right across the hall.”

    “I know, I was drinking with him tonight. I’m drunk.” She giggled, reaching out and running her hand along the silk of his robe.

    “I can see that. Shall I try and get your door open for you?”

    Before he could move, she grabbed him by the robe. “What’s your rush, Jones?”

    “Emma…” He said, with a warning tone.

    “What?” She teased her fingers across his chest, watching his jaw tense as her palm flattened against his flesh.

    “You’re drunk and I don’t think this is a good idea.”

    “You don’t even know what I want yet.” He looked down between them, her fingers curling the hair on his chest between them.

    “Let me just put on some pants and I’ll help you get in your apartment.” He protested.

    “Is the Pirate scared of the Princess?” She said with a dark look in her eyes. Pressing her body up against his, the hard appendage currently pressed into her hip telling her that he was affected by her presence as much as she was by his. Her fingers ran across his chest, slipping further down to his abdomen, firm against her palm.

    When she looked up and met his eyes, the same want and desire burned in his, she gasped as his mouth dropped to hers, the force of it knocking her back against the wall as he pressed into her. Her entire body caught fire as his hands knotted in her hair, his tongue sweeping across her lips before thrusting into her mouth. Gone was the timid kiss they had shared in her apartment. This was wanton and desperate and full of everything Emma had been missing in her life.

    Instinctively her leg wrapped around his waist, pulling him against her, her hands roaming his chest, sliding against his neck, digging into that hair she had dreamt so much about. She groaned appreciatively as his hands explored her hip, slipping under her shirt until she felt his hand on her breast, warm against the fabric of her bra.

    Just as suddenly as it had begun, his warmth withdrew from her as he moved away. “Emma, we have to stop. This is wrong.” She stepped forward, reaching for his neck, needing to feel his mouth on hers again. “You’ve been drinking, you don’t want this.”

    Suddenly she was angry, how dare he tell her what she wants or doesn’t want. “I want you.” She growled. “Tell me you don’t want me.”

    He shook his head. “I can’t. Graham. We can’t.” He breathed out heavily.

    “God, of course you have to be a goddamn gentleman all the time.” She turned and yanked the door open, tearing down the hall.

    “Emma.” He followed her into the hall, chasing after her as he held his robe shut. “Would you get back here?”

    “Leave me alone.” She jiggled on the door, willing it to open, practically begging for the damn thing to budge. He reached around her, turning the key, and pushing the door open. She stormed into her apartment turning around to face him.

    “Emma…” He said softly.

    “You know just because I have sex with you in my head every goddamn night doesn’t give you the right to live there.”

    He stepped back in the hall, “You’re pissed at me because you have dreams about having sex with me and somehow this is my fault?”

    “Of course, it is, you and your goddamn hair and that stupid bike.” She yelled.

    He shook his head. “Go sleep it off, sweetheart.”

    “Go fuck yourself.” She glared.

    “Gladly.” He stormed off toward his apartment and Emma stuck her head into the hall.

    “Enjoy your hand.” She yelled, slamming her door shut and wandering through her house to fall into bed. She curled up around her pillow and let sleep take her away.


    Killian tossed and turned the rest of the night. The feel of Emma’s body burning on his skin. He should have stopped himself from touching the bloody woman at all. But the way she was looking at him, the pure desire in her eyes, he wanted her. Bloody hell he wanted the woman.

    But he couldn’t be with a woman who was involved with another man. He wouldn’t do that again. He couldn’t be that man again. He wasn’t perfect, he had been with many women since leaving Milah, but they had all been free agents, unattached, and available to be with as he pleased. He did no harm, and he left no baggage.

    When he woke in the morning, he didn’t feel any better than he had hours before. His head hurt and his body was still needing release from the frustration of having Emma in his arms. He wasn’t sure what he was going to say to the woman when he saw her, he couldn’t afford for things to break down between them. There was the matter of Henry, after all.

    Killian suddenly felt an odd sensation, worrying about another man’s child. It wasn’t like they were sharing custody of the boy. He was his neighbor for goodness sake. That was all.

    He got out of bed and ran a cold and bracing shower to take care of the situation at hand. He would worry about Emma once his brain could think again.

    The cold water ran down his body causing bumps to form along his skin. He shivered, shaking his head as water splashed against the walls. When he could take the sensation no more, he turned off the water and toweled off, dressing quickly before heading to the kitchen to make breakfast.

    Before he could start the stove there was a knock on his door. When he opened the door, Emma was standing in the door frame, bracing herself against the wood, dark glasses on her face.

    “Jones.” She said, her voice throaty and tired. “Can we talk?”

    He stifled a laugh as he let her into his apartment. She looked wrecked and completely miserable, and the sight was almost comical. “And how is the little lush feeling this morning?”

    “Don’t make this more difficult than it already is. I don’t remember a lot of what went down last night, but I’m pretty sure I was way out of line.”

    Killian stared at the woman, examining her body language. “Aye. Lines were stepped over.”

    “I just wanted to apologize and say that it won’t happen again. I had a really long week, Ruby just got dumped, we were celebrating, and I think I might have had a bit too much to drink.”

    “Did you figure that out from the blinding headache, or…”

    “Probably more to do with the keys I left in the door last night, as well as the fact I found my shoes in the freezer this morning.”

    He couldn’t hold in his laughter any longer. “Can’t hold your liquor, Swan.”

    “Enough. I just came to apologize, not be teased.”

    “Well, no harm done.” He bowed.

    “So, we’re good here?” He nodded and she walked to the door. “Alright then. Sorry again.”

    “So, you really don’t remember anything?” He queried.

    Her sun glassed eyes met his. “Nope.”

    “Well, then I guess I hope you feel better.” He mused, watching her retreat down the hall, wondering how much of what she said was the truth, while ignoring his desire to carry her to his couch, make her breakfast, and tend to her in any manner she truly desired.


    Emma made her way back to her apartment, her head resting against the door as soon as she shut it. She peeled the glasses off her face, groaning as the room continued to spin, blue eyes staring into her, his hands touching her everywhere until his mouth was on hers. She remembered everything, every kiss, every touch, every desire she had for the man. The only thing she wished for was that she could forget.

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    Wakes up at 2am to write a lengthy note in phone about a CS summer camp AU I have to write wherein Emma is the nurse and Killian is the Activity Coordinator.

    Wakes up at 6am and reads note, hates nocturnal self for having such good ideas.

    #captain swan #emma and hook #cs almost fic #wip hell
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