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  • *thinking about Esme decorating the Emmet’s room in Star Wars style cauze they both love them*

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  • Emmett and Bella  /  chaotic twins 

    “You’re monopolizing the bride,” Emmett said, coming up behind Edward’s shoulder. “Let me dance with my little sister. This could be my last chance to make her blush.” 

    “he look dawn Bella’s wan face, her fractured leg. a deep swell of fraternal affection and concern washed over him”

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  • Last night I made this at 2:57 in the morning because I couldn’t sleep and this stupid concept came into my mind and haunted me until wrote it down. So…here’s it is:

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  • Guys my brain literally forgot that Edward can read peoples mind, like y’all if I shifted to twilight i wouldn’t last for 2 mins, because usually I hold back on the things I say so I won’t hurt peoples feelings and all, he would expose my ass so hard omfg, like imagine Bella asking me “do you like the name renesme” and me going “sure”, but Edward knowing that I think that name is insanely hideous & I just don’t want to hurt her feelings or let’s say I’m in class with him & I start thinking about getting railed by him, emmet & jasper i- no ❤️

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    BARBIE SPICE, by BloodyMarry on ff.net

    Bella & Emmet & Jasper, 2,564w

    Description: Emmett and Jasper have to watch Bella. Remotes explode. Pipes are thrown. Hoods are jumped on. And laughter and ridiculous amounts of random hilarity ensue. Beware.

    #twilight#twilight fic#fic rec#bella swan#emmet cullen#jasper hale #this one is pretty old but you guys have no idea how much I laughed #it's wonderful#also #[ / ] for romance and [ & ] for friendship in case you're new
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    CHANGES, by wenyuewen on AO3

    Jasper/Bella, Jasper & Bella & Rosalie & Emmet, 72,614w

    Description: After the events of Phoenix, Bella struggles to resume her ‘normal’ life. But all things change and when Bella is turned unexpectedly, she must rediscover who she is and where she stands.

    #twilight#fic rec #bella x jasper #jasper x bella #rosalie hale#bella swan#emmett cullen#emmet cullen #starting with what might be my favorite twilight fic ever #let's go #[ / ] for romance and [ & ] for friendship in case you're new
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  • I’m mad the got rid of the family crests half way through the twilight series, they were so cool.

    #like come on #the matching cuffs for the boys #the choker for Alice #the chunky necklace for rose #twilight #twilight new moon #twilight breaking dawn #twilight eclipse#bella swan#edward cullen#bella cullen#renesmee cullen#carlisle cullen#esme cullen#jasper whitlock#jasper hale#alice cullen #mary alice brandon #rosalie hale#emmet Cullen#em speaks
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  • Welcome to D⃤A⃤!

    the himbo frat for characters with a dark academia aesthetic welcomes all himbos and loveable doofuses that love their friends.

    want to join? 🌑⭐️☁️

    use the tags #dacadickima or #darkacadickima to participate in submissions! as well as you can copy and paste D⃤A⃤ and paste it in your bio to rep your frat pride!

    i have an idea to create a google doc where users can enter how many posts they’ve submitted (no cheating! we will check!). those are your Bruh Points (BP)! the top 7 users (one for each cullen, no bella) with the highest BP will be posted in the Top Five Brahs in this pinned post, updated bi/weekly.

    Rules 🌲📝🧳

    • no offensive language (slurs, meanie words meant to hurts others, etc)
    • must be BLM/lgbtq+/pro-choice/etc to use the page!! If you support 🍊🇺🇸 then get outta here or fight the Bros (mods)
    • Don’t steal art work/repost other people’s submissions in hopes I’ll see yours first. You will be blocked 😌💅✨💕
    • Let’s all be nice!! Speak to people with respect ☺️💜🌑
    • Resume does not exist
    • If she does then Jacob is just her fun uncle and nothing more, he can still be there for her as another parental figure bc Edward cant be perfect
    • Let her live her own life or delete her forever smeyær

    we welcome you!

    - g0b bro

    if you would like to help moderate the account as well as the google doc, dm me!! Serious inquiries only!!

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  • Emmet: I accidentally scratched Alice’s car, how long do you think I’ll live?

    Jasper: Ten

    Emmet: Ten what?

    Jasper: Nine

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  • I F**king Love You


    Not my photo!

    A/N: hi friends! here’s my first post lol, yes it’s a smut if that tells you anything about me. this one’s pretty light because i had the idea at work and thought it was cute, but plenty more hardcore stuff is coming ;) there’s never enough Cullen smut out there, so hopefully i’ll have the drive to keep writing more. let me know if you guys like this, or if you have any requests, i would be so happy to take those!


    Description: Reader comes home from work exhausted, Emmett knows just how to fix her up and make her feel alright.

    Warnings: Light smut, fluff, cursing, ur fav himbo Emmett Cullen.

    Word Count: 1.72k



    Emmett cradled (y/n) in his arms as she groaned, her phone alarm shrilly announcing that it was time for her to get ready for work. The girl nearly slunk off of her and her boyfriend’s shared bed. After she slipped on jeans and a work shirt, she turned back to her vampire boyfriend. (Y/n) straddled him and tangled her fingers into his dark hair, pulling him in for a sloppy kiss.

    “Fuck, I don’t want to go to work.”

    “I’ll make it worth your while when you come back, beautiful.” Emmett said suggestively.

    “Yes please. Need you to fuck me really good, I can’t wait to feel your cock inside me.” (Y/n) whined, now 100x more reluctant to go to work.

    He smirked and let his mind wander for a moment. “That I can do, babygirl. Just be good for daddy and go to work for a few hours first, then this cock is all yours. ‘kay honey?”

    She smiled humorously, pulling him in for one last kiss. “Yeah, yeah. If it’ll get me fucked real good I’ll do anything.”

    Emmett’s massive hands gave her butt a quick squeeze. “Your ass looks bangin’ in those jeans, babe.”

    “Thank you, bubba.” She giggled, kissing the tip of his nose sweetly. “I love you, I’m off.”

    “I love you so much, sweetheart. Have a good shift.”

    Even though (y/n) ended up having a pretty routine shift at work, her feet were killing her and everything seemed to be getting on her nerves today. She barely had the energy to walk out to her car. Tears began to prick her eyes as she thought about Emmett and how he was probably getting ready for her arrival. She knew for a fact that she was far too tired to have the sex she promised tonight, but wanted to avoid disappointing her boyfriend at all costs. (Y/n) shut the door of her car and drove home listening to the radio, trying not to be too upset. After driving all the way home on autopilot, she parked and entered hers and Emmett’s home, dumping her bags by the door. She trudged upstairs before sighing and pushing the bedroom door open slowly.

    There he was. Emmett sat shirtless on their bed with a warm smile on his features, ready to welcome (y/n) home. The way his abs rippled as he perked up at the sound of her made the girl’s mouth water, but her eyes began to do the same.

    “Baby? What’s wrong?” Emmett was at (y/n)’s side in a flash, picking his girlfriend up like a child and hooking his index finger under her chin so they were eye-to-eye. “Talk to me, sugar.”

    (Y/n)‘s lip trembled before she spoke “Em, I’m really tired, too tired to have sex. But I’m so angry with myself because I really didn’t want to disappoint you and I know you were looking forward to sex and I promised sex so I feel terrible not following through and I-”

    Emmett cut her off gently with a sweet kiss, they could both taste the tears that had begun to stream down (y/n)‘s cheeks. “Sweetheart, please calm down. I’m not disappointed in the slightest. You really think I would be mad because you stood up for yourself and changed your mind? It was simply an incentive to go to work, just so if you needed something to look forward to, I would be there. We can have sex another time, my love, we do it almost every day.” He chuckled, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and wiping tears away.

    “Yeah, I guess you’re right. It was just stressing me out because the amount I want you isn’t even funny, I just don’t have the physical energy tonight.”

    You could almost see the lightbulb that turned on above Emmett’s head. “I have an idea. If you’re stressed and you still want me to make you cum, I would be happy to put my mouth to work. Only if you want me to, of course.”

    The change in (y/n)’s heartbeat and breathing told the vampire right away what her answer was. However, she wouldn’t give it to him that easy. “But then you’re not getting anything out of it! That’s what I’m upset about, I promised you pleasure and I didn’t deliver.”

    “Are you kidding me? You think eating your pussy isn’t pleasurable for me? I could prolly cream my pants just eating you out and listening to the noises you make for me.”

    (Y/n)’s eyes widened and her jaw fell slack. “That’s the hottest thing you’ve ever said.”

    He smirked. “Is that a yes, princess?”

    “Yes please, Em, that would be so nice.”

    Emmett gave her a quick eskimo kiss and they teamed up to remove all of (y/n)’s clothing, besides her panties. He flashed her a wide grin before gently flipping her onto her stomach. His strong hands massaged circles down her back as he kissed her neck. She moaned almost immediately as his fingers worked the stress out of her body. Emmett’s thumbs came to circle the small of her back as he sucked marks into her shoulder blades. He cupped her butt with his two hands and felt that for a moment before placing her on her back and pressing his lips to hers. 

    “I love you so much.” He murmured, trailing his lips down her neck and collarbones, stopping for a moment to pay some attention to each nipple. He truly was the king of foreplay, making sure she was completely turned on before they started anything. As his lips made contact with (y/n)’s hipbones, his thick fingers brushed against her clothed core. He could feel just how soaked she was, and he internally jumped with excitement. No matter how many times he got the pleasure of making her feel this way, Emmett still reflected on how lucky he was that the beautiful woman underneath him loved and trusted him with her whole body. He was sure to never disappoint.

    Emmett’s hand gripped her hips lightly, and he used his thumbs to stroke the skin underneath (y/n)’s waistband, teasing her slightly, before gently pulling them down her legs and off of her. His large hands smoothed out her inner thighs and spread her legs. He paused for a moment to take in the beautiful view in front of him, her pussy glistening and ready for his mouth.


    “Yes ma’am?”

    “Would you please hold my hand?”

    Emmett’s un-beating heart simply burst with love at this moment in time. “Of course I will, kitten.”

    The fingers on Emmett’s right hand intertwined themselves with those on (y/n)’s left, and he placed his other hand on her hips to steady her.

    He kissed her thighs a few times before licking a stripe directly up the center of her folds and plunging his tongue deep inside of her. This earned him a breathy groan, sending a jolt straight to his cock. He hadn’t realized how hard he was until this moment, but stuck it out of his mind. He would be damned if he let anything get in the way of him giving his woman a mind-blowing orgasm tonight. (Y/n)’s free hand dipped into Emmett’s dark hair, pulling at it’s roots and scratching his scalp. The vampire moaned into the touch, sending vibrations through (y/n)’s pussy. He wrapped his lips around her clit and began to lick, suck, and nip at the bundle of nerves, quickly making her fall apart underneath his touch. Emmett continued building up the pressure, pushing the girl closer to her orgasm with every move.

    “Fuck, Em, please. Please, God, don’t stop.” Emmett smirked into her pussy and continued at a fervent pace, noticing again how his cock ached as she said his name. He realized how true his earlier statement was about to be, as he neared his own orgasm. “Jesus Christ, baby, please! I’m so close, fuck!”

    This was all it took to send them both over the edge. (Y/n) squirted all over her boyfriend’s face, and he wasted no time lapping it all up and coaxing her through her orgasm. Emmett did, in fact, cream his pants listening to the way his name fell off of her lips and feeling her tug on his curls. “Look what you did to me, babygirl.” He chuckled sheepishly and pulled his sweats down to reveal his grey boxers. A dark spot was prominent on the front of them.

    “Fuck, that’s really hot.” She smiled, eyelids half-closed, sleep fighting to overcome her.

    “Ah ah, no sleep yet, honey. Go use the bathroom first, no UTI’s for you.”

    “God, you’re such a good boyfriend.” She smiled, cupping his cheek, which was soaked in her own arousal. “Come with me and I’ll clean off your face for you. And your dick.” (Y/n) giggled, grabbing him a clean pair of boxers and herself one of Emmett’s smallest t-shirts, which (of course) she was still swimming in. She took his hand and dragged him into the bathroom, where she pressed herself into his bare chest and wrapped her arms around his neck.

    “Look in the mirror, we look hot as hell.” His big hands slid down her back to squeeze her ass, making her laugh.

    “We sure do.” He gave her a dirty kiss and slid his shirt over her body, removing his sweats and underwear as she went to go pee. Emmett used a cloth to first clean his face. Before he could reach for his cock to wipe it off, his girlfriend rushed over and sunk to her knees in front of him. Her doe eyes never left his as she sucked the cum off of his member, leaving it spotless. Emmett’s jaw dropped and he had to fight in order to not get hard again. (Y/n) tugged the boxers from his hand and tapped his ankles, asking him to step into them. She pulled them up and dropped the band low on his waist, dragging her hands up his chest before she kissed him.

    “I fucking love you.” Emmett said, carrying her off to bed.

    “I fucking love you more.”

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  • My Twilight Renaissance is going from team Edward to simping for Emmet.

    He is hot and relatable, we have to stan. At least I got that out of Midnight Sun.

    #emmet cullen#edward cullen #things midnight sun did #twilight renaissance#twilight saga #honestly emmet was the best character
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  • Was thinking about attention coping mechanisms this morning and it wandered into the Cullen’s having strict rules about who is allowed to be in classes together.

    Edward and Alice are not allowed. Alice will get distracted by interesting future scenarios occasionally and if class is boring enough Edward will wander down with her. It’s easy enough to resume track of the class by reading the teacher’s/ students minds, but synchronized spacing out draws attention.

    Edward and Emmet are also under no circumstances allowed to be in class together. Because if the teacher catches Edward zoning out, or asks him a question about whatever they’re discussing, Emmet starts mentally shouting something random and asinine and saying Pikachu was responsible for the death of Archduke Frans Ferdinand earned him a detention.

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  • Time for a new headcanon. Though I’m sure it won’t be as popular as the least one. All vampires have a special ability, no exceptions. But some are more subtle than others.

    Emmet: can communicate with animals. Not like dr. Doolittle style. But the animals are always able to read emmet. If he’s out hunting the animals react appropriately. Large predators like bears immediately come out to defend their territory. If he’s just out for a walk nothing attacks him. Some will even come out to say hi. Rosalie thinks it’s adorable

    Rosalie: forget beauty related stuff. Rosalie can fix anything. Cars, computers, the plumbing. If it’s broken she knows what to do just looking at it.

    Carlisle: Carlisle exudes and aura of calm. It’s nearly impossible to be truly violent when he’s in the room. Emmet and jasper still get up to shenanigans since they never intend to really hurt each other. If the volturi ever do send an assassin he’ll get inside and just stop and forget what he was doing

    Esme: shes extremely charismatic in a mom sort of way. You don’t want to disappoint your mom and esme is your mom now.

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  • I know it’s not related to S//JM, but a stan who usually does edits for her is now doing ‘Twi//light’ and I’m sure Em//mett was never like this. sometimes I just cant deal with the bookedit tag

    (Submitted by Anonymous)


    Uhhhh, Emmet is canonically white as milk. Smeyer being a racist, he couldn’t possibly be dark-skinned 🙄 It’s nothing short of what I’d expect from a stan.

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  • smeyer projecting her mysoginistic ass onto eddy boy by calling bella, thE lOvE oF hiS eXiseStEnCe, “the girl” for a solid chunk of ms.

    edward: oh love of my life, light of my universe

    emmet: you called her “the girl” for like 2 mon-

    edward: lovEE OF MY LIFEEEEEEE

    #edward cullen#bella swan#emmet cullen#midnight sun#twilight #emmet and bella make the best brother sister duo ever #you cant change my mind #alice just seeing visions of them bonding when shes a newborn #eddy boi clearly needs some mental assistence #not even smeyers morman butt can help me now. no thank u i pass on jesus xoxo
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