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  • Emmett, trying to start a conversation: What a day, huh, Bella? The sun is out, the birds are singing, bees are trying to have sex with them — as is my understanding.

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  • Omg please check out smallestkyle on tiktok!

    They are one of the funniest creators on there. And their twilight content kills me.

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  • Human!Emmett/Vampire!Rosalie AU [Part 1]

    An AU where Rosalie is the one to fall in love with a human, complete with no stalking and confessions of wanting to kill Emmett

    • So, the Cullens move to Gatlinberg, Tennessee. Rosalie questions why they’ve moved to there of all places since they’ve never lived there, and Carlisle says that it’s a fresh place to start over and there was a job open at the hospital, but there’s a secret alterior motive only he and Alice know.
    • Emmett McCarty is a senior in high school and lives in Gatlinberg with his mother, father, three younger brothers and younger sister (he also has an older brother but he doesn’t live with them). His dad is a construction worker and his mum is His family don’t have much money and live in a small house just on the outskirts.
    • Emmett is rather popular at school with his easygoing nature and fun loving personality. He’s not on any sports teams as he spends a lot of time babysitting his younger siblings so wouldn’t be able to commit to them. He doesn’t have a girlfriend but has had a few hookups in the past.
    • It’s the first day of Emmett’s senior year when the Cullens arrive. Rumours are going round about a new strange family and Emmett does find himself rather intrigued. Throughout the morning he hears the whispers of people talking about the Cullens but doesn’t actually see them. (Jasper and Rosalie are seniors whilst Alice, Edward and Bella are juniors).
    • Emmett first sees the Cullens at lunch time. He’s sat with his friends when one of them points out that the Cullens are coming in. Emmett watches as they walk in, couple by couple (Alice and Jasper, Edward and Bella) and then finally a blonde girl alone. One of Emmett’s friends makes a remark about Rosalie’s attractiveness and her appearing single, but Emmett is too entranced by her to listen.
    • Emmett’s final class of the day is physics and he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Rosalie. He’s at his desk when he hears his teacher say his name. He looks up and finds Rosalie stood next to the teacher, who is pointing at the spare seat next to him. One boy wolf whistles at Rosalie and Emmett watches as she rolls her eyes and lets out a noise of disgust, which almost sounds like a growl.
    • Emmett tries to introduce himself to Rosalie, but she barely pays any attention to him. Instead she just copies down notes and completes the given work. Emmett watches her as she answers the questions quickly without any struggle. He comments on how impressed he is at her work, to which she responds with a cold reply about how it shouldn’t be so surprising. He tries to start a conversation a couple more times but continues to fail. When class finishes he says bye, but she flips her hair and walks out, ignoring him again. He feels like he should have been disheartened about her cold shoulder, but finds he’s more intrigued than anything. He’s excited to see her again tomorrow

    Fair warning I have no knowledge of any of the US so let’s all pretend the stuff in here is correct even if it’s not lol

    #I’ve been imagining this for days #so I thought I would write it up here #enjoy #Emmett is not Rosalie’s singer btw #twilight#twilight saga#rosalie hale#Emmett Cullen#edward cullen#alice cullen#bella swan#carlisle cullen#esme cullen#jasper hale #emmett x rosalie #rosalie x emmett
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  • emmett stans pls go follow @kaquiche she’s so funny and sweet!!!!

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  • FINALLY SHE’S DONE! Old Soul is now complete! I hope you’ve enjoyed it! I have had so much fun writing it and hope to continue on with the series. Check it out below!

    *Quick note: I’m currently in the process of editing out Jasper and replacing him with Jackson Hale, the backstory of which belongs to the lovely @simply-ellas-stuff, there’s more details on why and a brief glimpse into his backstory on any of the platforms below:)

    Edit: it would help if you put the links, Dumbass Holly

    AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25095658/chapters/60793771

    The Pad of Watt: https://www.wattpad.com/915657364-old-soul-chapter-one-new-school-new-me

    FFN: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13745594/1/Old-Soul

    Thank you all so so so so much for reading, liking, kudosing, commenting, messaging me about it, etc. y’all are the best and I never would’ve been motivated enough to write all of this except for you all. Thank you again<3

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    Title: Maternal Song (We’re Her Family)

    Fandom: Twilight

    Genre: Family

    Main Characters: Esme Cullen . Maternal Song Younger Swan Sister  O.C.

    Side Characters: Carlisle Cullen, Emmet Cullen, Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale, Bella Swan, Charlie Swan.

    Warnings: None

    Synopsis: Blood Sing bonds are thought to be the strongest a vampire can ever experience yet when Esme Cullen begins experiencing the call of the Maternal Song a bond which is only known in folklore is quick to be rendered untrue as the very first Maternal Song is both heard and answered.

                                                         : :

    She didn’t talk, hasn’t said a word since the day she was born and what makes it all the worse is the fact that she treats both Bella and Charlie like they are strangers. Always acts cautious and at times utterly terrified. As if they, her own blood are in no ways related.

    A few times Charlie tried to get a psychologist to help her ease out of whatever has possessed her to feel this way even taking the advice to move from where they had been in Phoenix, Arizona to a smaller town in Washington state by the name of Forks but they very quickly learned to accept that daughter and sister would only ever see them both as strangers. 

    Charlie was emotionally exhausted and Bella knew that he couldn’t take much more of Amelia’s fear of him today and though she knew she was going to get the exact same treatment she wanted to give her Father a break and decided that morning that she would bring Amelia along with her to meet her boyfriend Edward’s family. 

    Charlie agreed, grateful Bella knew for what she was trying to do. 

    “I’ll pick her up after school.” Bella informs her Father as she offers him a weak smile.

    Nodding Charlie Swan lets out a much needed breath.

    “I’ll make sure she’s ready.”

    Platinum blonde hair and greenish grey eyes Amelia looks absolutely nothing like the rest of her family even though they both know well that she is their blood. The difference in her physical appearance would never change the loved they have for her, not even it is only a physical reminder of how their souls are separated and she sees them nothing like how they see her.

    Her small form is backed up against the counter when Bella walks into the house, her eyes locked on Charlie as she is looking at him as if she is waiting for him to hurt her.

    Bella had asked Edward to wait outside for them to come out but as she is watching the exchange between her Father and little sister she honestly wished she had asked him to come in.

    “Amelia.” Bella calls out the little girl’s eyes darting towards her in less than a second. “Hey kiddo,” Bella adds pausing as she squats down to appear less threatening. “Charlie needs a bit of a break to do some grown-up stuff and since I’m-”

    “Let me try.”

    At the sound of Edward’s voice rolling into the air Bella Swan turns her head to find her Boyfriend lingering in the doorway of the kitchen his eyes swift to draw down and in the direction of her little sister.

    “Edward I don’t think-”

    “Let him try Bella.” the eldest Swan can hear her Father say their brief eye-contact having her relenting though still hesitantly. 

    Squatting down himself Edward’s attention is very soon only on Amelia a warm smile pulling along his mouth.

    “Hello, My name is Edward and you must be Amelia.”

    Bella watches Amelia nod the most they have honestly seen anyone get out of her in her four years of life.

    “I am a friend of Bella and Charlie and have heard so much about you, I was wondering if you would like to go on a trip to my house to meet my family, I’ve got an elder sister who would absolutely love to meet you.”

    “Does she like Vampires? ‘Cause I like vampires.”

    Bella just about falls over from shock while Charlie looks like he is about to have a heart attack. Edward however just smiles fondly and nods.

    “She sure does.”


    They toss one another a look as Amelia moves across the floor and towards Edward, his form now at its full height.

    She slips her right hand into his palm, eyes pulled up to look at him the gentle look in Edward’s eyes and the received ease one that Bella wishes she could experience. 

    “We should be going, it will be getting dark soon.” Edward voices after a moment throwing a swift look in Bella’s direction. “I’ll take good care of her Mr. Swan don’t worry.” he then adds eyes drifting briefly to view her Father.

    Bella can see her Father numbly nod a clear tension in his face.

    Following silently behind Edward Bella continues to watch them interact Amelia’s small form now leaning more towards his body as they continue to walk on side by side.

    There is a burning feeling rolling around in her stomach, a deeply rooted discomfort that she doesn’t want to place. At least not yet. She’s probably just overreacting. 

    With Amelia buckled in behind Edward’s seat Bella steals a glance using the mirror but finds her mind a bit to distracted to remain there, her attention soon on her boyfriend the weight of her inquiry immense as it is clear to her that he is aware of what she is thinking but won’t say a word about it.

    “So Amelia,” Edward starts, eyes flickering back to look at her sister. “What kind of stuff do you like to eat?”

    “Hamburger soup and goldfish.”

    Bella deeply inhales that horrible feeling not up her stomach that much more.

    Edward chuckles his lips curling up as he nods his head.

    “Good, cause that’s what we’re having for dinner tonight.”

    Alice gasps shortly her gaze flickering instantly to Esme and Carlisle as Jasper gently questions her on what she has just seen.

    “Bella’s bringing her little sister and apparently she likes hamburger soup and goldfish.”

    “How young is she?” Rosalie can be heard asking her tone earnestly intrigued. 

    Alice smiles her eyes drifting towards the blonde a few paces away from Carlisle.

    “She’s four.”

    Alice’s lips pull up that much more a soft laugh passing her teeth as her form eases.

    “What is it?” Jasper sweetly questions taking a step closer.

    With her eyes drifting back to view her mate the words flow lightly from her mouth.

    “She likes vampires.”

    Jasper can feel the longing in both their souls, the desire for a child and to have one so young coming to meet the family only amplified their twisted bliss. 

    “Are you certain you can handle the emotion?” Jasper cautiously voices to which Rosalie snaps back at him, her gold hued eyes harsh and unforgiving.

    “Of course we can!” 

    “Rosalie.” Esme chides gently her own eyes moving to view Jasper herself.

    “We’ll be just fine, having a child around will alleviate some of our hurt for a while.”

    Jasper nods, jaw tense. 

    Rosalie has gone off to linger anxiously near the front door while Emmett and Jasper take over what she would have done in regards to cooking the soup. 

    A little more than a half an hours passes and Esme can hear Alice voice those fateful words.

    “They’re here.”

    It only takes about a minute or two for the sound of the front door being opened to hit their ears, the corresponding voice of Rosalie as she gently introduces herself to the little girl drifting gently into the surrounding air.

    “Edward says you like vampires too.” they can all hear the young girl say a soft chuckle passing Emmett’s lips as he listens to his mate respond, Carlisle softly shaking his head as he continues his work on cooking. 

    Esme smiles at the sound of tiny footsteps the tugging at her none beating heart not feeling so strong and as the footsteps and voices grow louder, the anguish of losing her own little girl is both briefly recalled and forgot, the feeling of eyes on her having her turn her head to look.

    It is Jasper.

    She tosses him a warm look.

    “I’m fine.” she whispers a tender smile pulling up at the corners of her mouth.

    “And this is everyone.” Rosalie’s voice sounds out all their eyes now directed towards the kitchen’s entryway. 

    She is a platinum blonde with greenish grey eyes, her small formed in a pair of bright pink pull up pants, lollipop red rainboots and a sky blue t-shirt with what looks to be a cartoon vampire on the front.

    “Can you say hi?” Rosalie asks, having squatted down next to the little girl the look on her face one of such sweetness, her left hand gently stroking the back of the little girls head.


    Her voice is so small and sweet and as she and Carlisle briefly still what they are doing to properly come around and greet the youth Esme voices her own introduction.

    “Hello there, what’s your name?”

    Greenish grey eyes swirled perfectly together lock with her own, the woman’s lifeless heart managing even then to seize and in a single moment the whole world drops away leaving just the herself and the little girl. The feeling is immense, is a full force assault on her insides and before even an ounce of comprehension can be made the whole of the bond has been solidified the Maternal instinct now residing within her as like nothing she has ever felt before, it is unapologetically raw and unseemly powerful and if she ever had to she would tare Carlisle apart without a moments hesitation if it meant keeping this little angel safe.

    Zooming back out the world resumes once more and for a short moment Esme swears she can feel an honest heartbeat in her chest.

    “That’s a beautiful name.” Esme can hear herself retorting though her mind is not on the words the smile then shown her is so broad and bright that Esme cannot help but compare it to the sun.

    There is tension, she can feel it and she knows well that they felt the shift but knows too that they are unable to place it.

    “We have some goldfish here, would you like to have some?” Esme gently asks the little girls grin only growing as she eagerly nods her head and rushes over to take a hold of Esme’s outstretched hand.

    They are all watching her, waiting to see if anything is really going to happen.

    With a small of bowl of goldfish now set out on the counter Esme picks up Bella’s little sister and sets her down on the stool, standing behind her in a protective way and as she turns her head to have a look at her mate those fateful words come pouring from the child’s mouth.

    “Thank you Mommy!”

    Her eyes are back on the girl in moments and with her head lowering just a bit she kisses the girl on the top of her head, right hand fingers running slowly through her blonde hair.

    “You’re welcome sweetie.” comes her loving reply and when her eyes drift up, locking with those of Bella Swan she soundlessly voices what is now the utmost truth.

    “She is mine.”



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  • Sometimes a vampire family is a good doctor and his architect boyfriend. Their pianist lesbian daughter. Their himbo son and his beauty queen wife. And two bi girlfriends who just showed up on their doorstep.

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  • Emmett sets “I wanna be a cowboy baby!” as Jaspers ringtone.

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  • Emmett is a good old fashioned union man who wore his red bandana and supported his brothers and friends in the mines. Emmett McCarty was raised in Appalachian community spirit and hard work and he know not to trust no scab!!!!!!

    #emmett cullen #union man emmett just means a lot 2 me #the history of modern American workers is so fascinating #railroad emmett supporting his mining community is everything #UNION MAN EMMETT
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  • #thanks anon #im going to go have a panic attack about this #but the idea of him addressing it makes me cackle on the inside #twilight#twilight renaissance#twilight revival#emmett cullen#mine #i need to come up with a good tag for these
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  • CW: Blood

    So. We all know that vampires carry a scent with them, and can smell the ‘flavour’ of blood of humans and animals respectively. I have a theory that the scent of their ‘aura’ as vampires mimics an accentuated version of the smell of their blood that they once had as humans. I think this is presented in such a way that it unconsciously has an intrinsic effect on their prey, and Carlisle’s coven exemplifies the notion of this.

    When one is nomadic, living hunt to hunt, particularly newborns, they are unable to discern the pallet of flavour and smell as well as veteran/vegetarian vampires. I’ve seen that a popular head-canon in the Twilight fandom is that of vampires being able to discern the smell of illicit substances upon one’s person in the scent of their blood. I think this applies in concept to how they view humans - as prey, mindless feeding. Getting their hands on whatever they can gather. It would make sense in this case that they would be unable to discern taste and smells of different types of people - as is stated in the canon, Jasper is the newest addition, and therefore not nuanced to the subtleties in individual identity.

    The wolfpack find their smell disgusting as it is a nuance to their previous humanity wrapped in the conceptualisation of the individual as a vampire. They have no discerning capacity for differentiation in scent as they are not made to categorise or understand the nuances of different people’s blood.

    In conclusion, vampires who have been around long enough can smell the difference between period blood and regular blood in the bloodstream. Ciao!

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  • #yes I know Emmett’s surname is McCarty without the h but that physically pains me as an Irish person so I’m using creative license thanks #more to come sooooon #the cullanos#twilight#twilight renaissance #the twilight saga #the twilight series #esme cullen#carlisle cullen#rosalie hale#emmett cullen#alice cullen#twilight revival#the cullens#shitpost#asks#stregoni benefici#tw violence#death mention#tw murder#tw beating#gore mention
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  • Emmett: Okay, I just have one question. What colour is an orange?

    Jacob: Emmett, you bonehead, it’s colour is the same as it’s name! Just like a lemon.

    #Twilight #Incorrect Twilight Quotes #Emmett Cullen#Jacob Black #Source: Tumblr?
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