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  • incorrectfavoritebooksquotes
    28.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Edward Cullen: (texting Emmett) answer your phone

    Emmett Cullen: (texting back) give me a minute, I can't find my phone

    Edward Cullen: Okay

    Edward Cullen: (five minutes later) you're a terrible child, you know you're killing me. You're killing your brother.

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  • incorrectfavoritebooksquotes
    28.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Esme Cullen: (going over the safety procedures for the house) alright guys, if I'm shot, what do you do?

    Emmett Cullen: Avenge you

    #lets pretend vampires can get shot #source: twitter#twilight#esme cullen#Emmett cullen #books & libraries #incorrect quotes
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  • musingsofvenus
    28.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Honestly the only Cullen I like in Twilight is Emmett because he's the only one that's honest about his nature and actions.

    He doesn't give a shit about preserving human life. He's literally only vegetarian because he's supporting Rosalie. He goes out of his way to not kill humans on a daily basis but at the times when he did kill someone, he was just like, "Well I am a vampire so.... *shrugs*" He doesn't sit on a moral high horse and claim he's one of the good guys. He is an unapologetic vampire and he owns it.

    He's here for a good time and a long time. Can't fault him for that!

    #twilight#twilight revival#emmett cullen#my post #my one vampire appreciation post lol
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  • ifionlyhadmorepaper
    28.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    twilight hc: emmett calls Debussy “Badussy” whenever edward is around to hear. this makes edward violently angry.

    Emmett: Hey, Rose, you should put on that one guy Badussy.

    Rosalie: ...

    *sounds of trees being knocked down*

    Rosalie: fucking children-

    Edward: *crashed through window* the FUCK did you just call him??

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  • hazeyhale
    28.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Jasper x Bella fanfic requested by Anon :)

    The soft beat of her heart called to him.

    Forgetting about the book he'd been reading, Jasper Hale tensed as soon as the scent of blood and lavender intermingled in the air. Even as he sat on the leather seat in his study with the door shut, he could practically sense her presence seeping through the cracks of the doorframe. He had to hold his breath, clenching his jaw until his teeth ached when the sting of venom flooded his mouth.

    He'd intended to run away, escape before anyone could notice, and feign disinterest in the human he'd once offered to kill to protect his family. But Alice was suddenly beside him before he could stand from his seat, a smile on her lips as she took his hand in hers, "You won't hurt her."

    The surety in her words did little to console him as Jasper allowed the pixie to pull him close behind her. His stoic demeanor slowly masked the trepidation stirring inside him as he straightened and schooled his face to appear cold and distant.

    It was impossible to ignore the girl's scent the moment she walked into the room, hand in hand with Edward, who had somehow fallen in love with a human. A human who was now welcomed with open arms by Carlisle and Esme. A young woman who would become "great friends" with Alice and a sister to Emmett. No matter how perplexed Jasper was to have a human in their lives, he wasn't nearly as hostile as Rosalie was when she seethed with jealousy at the sight of Bella.

    The need to sink his teeth in her was almost overpowering, and it would have been had he not forced himself to focus on the fast beating of her heart as Alice wrapped her arms around her. Affection for the girl filling his senses when Alice beamed at her.

    There was a small hint of fear that flowed in his direction when Bella looked at him, but there was also...wonder. A raw emotion inside him sprouted when she spoke to him for the first time, granting him a small awkward smile when he nodded in acknowledgment.

    Betraying his instincts would be the most difficult thing Jasper has ever had to do, but the more he got to know Bella Swan, felt her troubled yet gentle emotions, the more he slowly convinced himself that he would indeed not harm her.

    Because for Edward—for his family—he would not harm her.

    That had been true, truer than anything Jasper had ever obsessed over in his immortal existence.

    Until Bella's birthday, and he realized that he truly had no control over the monster that loomed over his shoulders—that urged him forward when a single drop of her blood ran down her index finger. The sound of her blood hitting the carpet making his entire body lock up as he instantly held his breath. But it wasn't Jasper who was about to lunge for Bella...

    No, no no!

    When he sensed Edward's need to kill permeate the room, Jasper charged for him before it was too late. Before Bella would be killed by the man she trusted and loved.


    Edward's eyes darkened when he read his brother's mind, instantly reining in the predator inside and replacing it with anger as he shoved Bella behind him and restrained Jasper when he charged.

    The feral look in both their eyes as they came face to face was what spurred the other to react, Carlisle and Emmett wrapping their arms around both of them before they started fighting and harmed someone else. Jasper's growl resounded from within his chest as Edward wrapped his hand around his neck to prevent him from attacking.

    I know what you want. But, stop now before it's too late. You can't hurt her, Edward! Not like this...

    As he's hauled away by Emmett and Alice, the only thing Jasper could do was snap his teeth as a fraction of Edward's guilt swept over him before his thirst was awakened once more. When Edward turned to face Bella and found her even more injured than a simple paper cut, red blood running down the inside of her arm as she sat up in a daze. Crystals and ruined roses scattered on the floor around her. But before Edward could lay a hand on her as Jasper had expected him to, Carlisle kneeled next to the girl and inspected the damage done.

    The distressed look on Bella's face as she watched Jasper get dragged away hurt him more than he thought it would. As if she felt guilty for hurting him. As if that were possible.

    Try as he might, the anger and fear his family shared with him was impossible to fight off, and soon, he forced himself to come down to himself. Rejecting the pull that urged him to go back into that room and stand beside Bella, to know that she was alright.

    Edward's emotions were the only ones he focused on as the thirst and want for the human girl in the house remained strong. Clenching his jaw and holding his breath once more, Jasper shut his eyes and begged, Don't hurt her, Edward. Please, don't hurt her.

    That night, Jasper couldn't help but follow after them back to Bella's home, wanting to know Bella would be safe if Edward lost his control once more.

    Jasper had been horrified that he'd taken the blame for a slip of his brother's control and created bigger chaos for wanting to protect Bella. Regardless of how unjust it was, he allowed Carlisle and Esme to convey their disappointment for him and Alice's hurt that she hadn't seen this happen. To protect his brother, Jasper gave up the truth...but maybe it was to hide his own truth as well. Why had he reacted in such a way? Why did he lose control of himself so easily to protect Bella when he'd wanted to kill her long ago to prevent this very thing from happening?

    The empath had expected himself to slip up and try to kill her—he hadn't expected Edward to be the one to do so. Not Edward, of all people.

    Watching from the tree line beside her home, hidden by the shadows, he watched her own shadow move behind the curtain of her bedroom as she paced uneasily back and forth. Clearly still frightened by the events of the night.

    Jasper conveyed his lament and affection for the girl he'd unknowingly started to care for and when she paused in front of the window, he stepped further away before she could see him.

    Jasper was utterly unaware that he'd never felt love for her the same way Emmett or Carlisle did. That wasn't the sort of affection he felt for Bella Swan—it never was. It was different...

    Jasper left with a sigh of resignation when he felt Bella's emotions settle, and exhaustion took over her body and mind as she slipped into a deep sleep.

    Hoping to ask for her forgiveness the next day, if she was willing to hear him out, he returned home and faced the consequences of his and Edward's actions.

    Unaware that he would soon be betrayed by the fact that Edward knew that Jasper was Bella's true mate all along.

    Thanks for reading x

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  • a-little-theatrical-back-then
    27.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    If one of the classes at Forks high has a class pet or something…I don’t know if it would be sweet or more concerning if Emmett volunteered to take care of it for a short time….

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  • daringbarnes
    27.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Evermore dream cast

    Bailee Madison as Juliet Cromwell

    Ben Barnes as Harvey Cromwell (Juliet’s big brother)

    Olivia Rodrigo as Alice Cullen

    Sabrina Carpenter as Rosalie Hale

    Matt Cornett as Emmett Cullen

    Owen Joyner as Jasper Hale

    Froy Gutierrez as Edward Cullen

    Mika Abdalla as Bella Swan-Cullen

    Taylor Swift as Esme Cullen

    Chris Evans as Carlisle Cullen

    #okay I’m sure some of these don’t make sense #but like… #they make sense to me soooo yeahhhh #this is just for a twilight movie that I’ve had the idea about for a while now #twilight #the twilight saga #twilight saga#new moon#eclipse #breaking dawn part one #breaking dawn part 2 #breaking dawn#jasper hale#alice cullen#rosalie hale#bella swan#edward cullen#emmett cullen#esme cullen#carlisle cullen
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  • daringbarnes
    27.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Evermore (a twilight movie that I’ve had the idea about for quite a while now)

    Summery: when Juliet Cromwell and her brother, Harvey, move to Alaska, they’re hoping to start a new life after the mysterious disappearance of their parents five years ago. Juliet attends the local high school, while her brother searches for a new job in town. While attending this high school, Juliet meets the Cullens and the Hales, six mysterious teens who obviously have a secret they’re hiding. One of the Hales in particular, Jasper Hale, doesn’t seem to like Juliet very much, and tries to avoid her at all times. She finds this rude, but also very intriguing. She tries to talk to the boy, see what he has against her, and eventually, she finds out the mysterious teenagers’ big secret. They’re vampires, like actual real life vampires. She’s shocked at first, especially when she finds out the reason Jasper tries so hard to stay away from her. She’s his blood singer, a person whose blood calls to him, he’s never wanted to hurt a human so much before. But Jasper must control himself, because he finds himself very attracted to Juliet, and not just because of her blood. But why is he so attracted to this girl when he’s already found his mate a long time ago, Alice Cullen? Many questions now surround Juliet and her new vampire friends. Why have they met? Why is she Jasper’s blood singer? And why is it, that every time she mentions her last name and the disappearance of her parents, that the Cullens and Hales share a knowing look with each other?

    Okay this is probably a terrible idea for a movie, but I’ve always had this idea for the longest time, and I just really wanted to share it.

    My dream cast for Evermore

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  • bo0zey
    27.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    me: ugh i want a boyfriend

    my friend: why? you’re just gonna ignore them

    #i love how my friends put me in my place they know my emotionally unavailable ass better than me #also i only said that bc i was tipsy and h word for carlisle and emmett cullen cuz we were watching twilight #however she was drunk and is a sag sun libra moon and came for my damn throat #mine
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  • caliibee
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    the Cullen’s and whether or not i think they’re a Barb

    carlisle: no- doesn’t agree with her lyrics or general vibe but he supports his family in what they choose to listen to

    esme: doesn’t really listen to her music but will dance along if it’s playing! loves the vibe

    edward: NO. thinks she’s too provocative and gives him unholy thoughts

    emmett: YES 100%. if you look up barb in the dictionary there’s just a picture of emmett

    rosalie: pretends she isn’t but she 100% is (emmett knows but she’ll deny it if he ever brings it up around the others)

    alice: knows the rap to superbass and WILL perform it at any opportunity (also a very good tool to keep edward out of her thoughts)

    jasper: he doesn’t know what a barb is and at this point he’s too afraid to ask

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  • honestly-for-what
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    When I first watched Twilight, I was Team Jacob (I know 🤢) because I liked to annoy my sister (who was Team Edward).

    But growing into a teenager, I thought Jasper, he was moody and weird…I like that. And obviously, Charlie and Carlisle could manhandle me.

    But now I am an adult. A grown ass woman. And Emmett is the himbo of my dreams.

    *plus stan the members of the Quileute Tribe for clear skin* Embry

    *plus the vampires who joined in Breaking Dawn pt.2* Garrett

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  • thatdaydreamingarcher
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Carlisle: “I just examined the body.”

    Bella: “Wait, he’s dead?”


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  • lifewouldbebetteronmars
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    I can’t with Jasper and Emmett watching a football game as Bella is literally dying

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  • law-li
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    tough enough to take you on ;)

    #the twilight saga #twilight #twilight new moon #twilight eclipse #twilight breaking dawn #kirsten stewart#bella swan#kellan lutz#emmett Cullen
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  • battlescarsh
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Twilight & Teen Wolf - Moodboard

    "Being a himbo is not a choice, but a life style" - Scott McCall and Emmett Cullen at some point, probably.


    #himbo#teen wolf#twilight #the twilight saga #scott mccall#emmett cullen#moodboard #teen wolf moodboard #green moodboard#twilight moodboard #emmett cullen moodboard #scott mccall moodboard #i love this #honestly proud of myself now #mine#my moodboard #ill post this on my other blog probably
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  • enchantedpersephone
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Y'all are not going to fool me by saying that S.Meyer doesn't know what we say about the Saga on Social Media in general. Because...


    Midnight Sun itself should be enough proof that she heard something in somewhere about what fans expected to see in MD - Even though it took over 10 years to even be mentioned again and finally released to the world.

    Anyway, whether it's her agents or her editor or herself who is following what fans are saying about her work, it doesn't matter. One way or another, she's getting the information about what the fans think, for sure...

    #twilight conspiracy #i didn't read MD yet but just saying that people appears to be okay with it #even though Edward is a depressed narrator #it's better because of Rose and Emmett...? #So S.Meyer knows that people would like to hear more about The Cullens and specially from Rose and Emmett #since we know that if she could she would throw mud on Rosalie if she could #my track of thought is that for her to have given Rose more room in MD must be because she must be knowing what we want #even though nothing is perfect and she didn't do full justice to Rose and Emmett too as I heard #let's pray that she will come to her senses one day and give us a proper and respectful book about them (: #oh sorry #this's just a shitpost really #twilight shitpost
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  • hazeyhale
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Beautiful Bella Chapter 4 is up! 


    Here’s a sneak peek:

    Currently residing in their home in Alaska, Alice smiled to herself as she looked over the various outfits she'd bought for her mother and sister. Having laid them out on the queen-sized bed she and Jasper had, Alice was proud that she'd found the right clothing that fit their styles just right. Of course, it was silly to Edward and the rest of the men of the house, but Alice never allowed anyone in her family to wear one item of clothing more than a few times a month before moving on to the next best thing.

    It was merely to pass the time; she thought to herself as she buzzed with anticipation for the following months that were to come. She'd been seeing visions of the little girl named Bella every now and then, granting the seer hope that the child would come to love the family and that she'd want to spend more time with them in the future. Carlisle would be seeing Bella in the hospital again for a check-up, and Esme would decide to attempt a friendship with Renee Swan in order to keep an eye on the child that appeared to be neglected. The most recent one, however, is the one of Jasper smiling at Bella with genuine care. It brought nothing but joy to Alice to see her husband happier than he'd ever been in a long time.

    Alice's smile grew wider as she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist and Jasper rested his chin in the crook of her neck, "What has you feeling so happy, darlin'?"

    "You," Turning in his embrace, Alice laced her fingers together behind his neck to pull him down for a tender kiss and sharing her unending love for her husband, "you make me happy, Jasper. So happy."

    Jasper gazed into her eyes for a long moment before he leaned down and deepened their kiss. Pulling her closer to him and backing them up until Alice fell onto the bed with a gentle bounce. 

    She giggled as he kissed down her neck, his sensual touch, and dominating kisses made her forget all about the clothes on the bed. Jasper wasn't a man of many words, she'd come to know that, but when he shared the warmth of his love, and it seeped into her skin, down to her very core, Alice knew that was more than enough.

    Alice watched her husband lovingly with a shy smile on her lips as she watched him beginning to unbutton her dress.

    And then...a vision, vivid and horrifying, crashed into her...

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