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  • artreider
    25.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Trying to finish the Rewatch of 4x11

    So did ben tell maya about the cancer scare before the boat ride like i assume he was planning to at the start of the episode or what??

    Maya coming in so hott and then sparing with dixon ugh it does things to me.

    Side note he's an asshole about her hair considering her was there when her dad pulled uis crap. Not that he isnt an asshole always.

    Maya should blow up the pd (figuratively) with what dixon said to her before george floyd.

    Dixon giving robert crap pisses me off despite what he does at the end of the season.

    Travis and vic's chat makes me smile.

    Haha emmett and his "friend" talk like you make yourself known you want to be more than friends even subliminally.

    Was this the first episode to feature Andy's eating? I swear the emphasis on her eating without the payoff of a pregnancy was weird. Makes me wonder if they do a jump to align with greys if she'll have a baby. Itd be an easy way to add a kid to the mix without having to do a pregnancy and still add drama.

    Haha the weirdest fire case.

    I love carina talking to ben when she comes to visit maya.

    Its cool how they were able to integrate stephania this season but im worried about next season.

    Even andys conversation with dean miller was setting up a pregnancy.

    Robert jumping in with the police and they weren't antagonistic was just a sign of his authority problem with maya as captain.

    This case makes me laugh so much but its cool to get more background on the team.

    Poor travis trying to connect with sullivan.

    Good thing ben still has all his equipment on the prt.

    I still feel like they are setting up dean or jack dying this next season.

    Maya giving in to Sullivan's plan despite her misgivings is why she is such a good captain.

    This pool old couple.

    This interaction with theo is 🙁

    Vic's dad seems like he is struggling with how things are in america and this is before george floyd and Breonna taylor, i bet he really struggled thinking about his little girl after even if he couldn't show it.

    Maya watching or listening to her team interact like a proud and amused mama is so cute and then how she gives props to sullivan, ugh i love her.

    He should've thanked her for the props though, she isnt required to give them.

    I love carina snapping at the team and maya jumping into hell even after carina told her and het team to clear out at first.

    The look shared between maya and carina ugh it gets me. And then their bathroom conversation, i just love them.

    Lmao travis texting emmett and being all awkward and then warren calling him on it, i love the comradery.

    All the pairings this episode of the team were fun and just enjoyable.

    Webber calling to check in after seeing the george floyd video, he is such a wonderful man.

    I love hate this ending for the team though i wouldve liked to see maya and carina's initial reaction.

    The ending is so tough to watch and still brings me to tears. So powerful

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  • herrera-n-hayes
    25.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • incorrectstation19quotes
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Travis: I really like it when guys roll up their sleeves so you can see their forearms.

    Emmett, looking down and realising he only has two arms: Fuck.

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  • thedefinitionofendgame
    22.07.2021 - 3 days ago


    (for Clo—@herrera-n-hayes—because she wrote yesterday and this is her reward; and yes she asked for this)

        If you’re reading this, it means that I’ve moved on. Not sure where to, but I’m no longer sleeping in our bed next to you; where you always claim to be the big spoon even though I end up with my arms around you by morning. I’m definitely nearby though, probably watching over you with one hand on your shoulder like I did when I was alive. Travis, my Trav, I love you more than anything else in this world. Thank you for your love and the wonderful time we’ve had together. I’ll see you one day, my love. 

        “Travis!” A voice broke through, and Travis was jolted awake. Blinding lights clouded his vision as he struggled to sit up. Two strong hands pushed him down though, which caused shocks of panic to rush down Travis’ body. “You gotta hold still,” the person told him. 

        Whatever table Travis was lying on, was not very stable. With a jerking motion, he could feel himself being moved from side to side. People around him shouted and called for things. Maybe it would be better to close his eyes and wait for all the chaos to subside…

        “Stay awake, Travis.” That voice was new, but it was one Travis had heard many times. The gentle tone was calming and made him relax just a bit. 

        “Emmm,” Travis tried to speak, yet the word wasn’t forming correctly. 

        A hand grasped his own. Their fingers interlaced and the person said, “Trav, I’m here for you.” In real life, Travis recognized the voice as Emmett’s; his boyfriend. But in his head, Travis pictured his husband, Michael.

        He pictured his handsome features and impossibly clear eyes. The perfect style Michael always wore his hair in, after spending way too long in the bathroom each morning. After living with Vic for some time, Travis thought that she took a long time. Then he remembered his husband and suddenly that was who he thought about. 

        Besides Emmett, Vic had been there for him since the day they met. Sometimes life seemed like it was going too fast, yet Vic was always there. She supported him through the rocky start to his relationship with Emmett and in turn he loved her when no one else would. They were best friends, no matter what. Maybe that’s why Travis wanted to hold onto what little strength he had left just a tiny bit longer. He didn’t want to leave Vic the way Michael had left him.

        Although the fight in him was giving up. Travis had run into the collapsing building on his own accord, because he could see the fear in a child’s eyes on the second floor. Andy and Maya had been below the window ready to assist the child and Travis in evacuation but it came down to saving one or the other. And Travis made the choice for them by shoving the child towards Andy and letting the building engulf him. 

        He didn’t remember being dug out with shards of the wood impaling him. He couldn’t explain where he was or how he got there. But he did catch a glimpse of Vic’s horrified face, and could feel Emmett’s hand in his. He wanted to tell both of them that he loved them, one last time. 

        Was it ironic that he was going to go out in the same way his husband had; on the job of being a firefighter? Or just plain bad luck? Pruitt Herrera had met the same fate years earlier, so Travis guessed it was just part of doing dangerous work. At least this time it was Travis’ call and not an inexperienced captain who didn’t know any protocols. Vic and Theo had dated for a few months but ultimately split when Theo was transferred across the state. Travis had to admit he hadn’t been too upset about it. Letting bygones be bygones really didn’t work when all he thought about was Michael’s death. 

        Travis had written a letter to Emmett and Vic a long time ago. Just as Michael had done for him, then stored both away in case something ever happened to him. Travis still read Michael’s letter whenever he needed to and he hoped Emmett and Vic would keep theirs safe. For a smile when they had a bad day, or if they missed him. He would watch over them, just as MIchael had. Watch them move on and fall in love and find new friends. They would be okay. 

        Death wasn’t something you could control and even though Travis wasn’t ready to go, he would go. Because someone was waiting for him; Travis didn’t believe in heaven but wherever his spirit was going, he was finally going to be with Michael. Reunited at last. 

        I’ll see you one day, my love. Travis took one last breath of air and then, he was off on a brand new journey. 

    #station 19#travis montgomery #travis x michael #tremmett#travic#emmett dixon#vic hughes#michael williams#tw death #travis death fic #the definition of endgame
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  • emmettdixonownsmyheart
    22.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Pannick Attack (tremmett)

    Trigger Warning : PTSD, Anxiety, Nightmares, Pannick Attacks, Gun Violence

    “No!” Emmett jolted up heart pounding and mind racing. His nerves lit with anxiety from the hell he'd just experienced. Travis some how had managed to sleep through the whole ordeal and Emmety felt himself physically loosing control, the feeling he most hated in the world. He clenched and unclenched his first as a failed attempt to come back to reality.

    “Fuck.” Emmett said quietly getting out of bed slowly making sure not to wake his boyfriend who had to be up very early the next morning. Travis made a little growling noise that Emmett would have appreciated if not the sheer terror running through him. Once out of bed his walked slowly to the bathroom turning on the light and locking the door behind him.

    “Im having a pannick attack.” Emmett knew of he awknodeged what was happening he'd be in less pain and hope fully it would be over soon.

    He closed his eyes leaning against the sink. Which was probably a bad idea because it only made the flash back worse.



    Ill shoot



    “No no no no.” He knew it wasn't real but the nightmare he'd had threw him into a flash back so strong he could see it with his eyes open. Emmett decided in that moment if whoever the greater being would let him survive this he'd be getting a lot of much needed therepy.

    “Dogs...think about dogs.” Emmett tried his hardest to visualize something else and just take him out if the state he was in but all he could think was



    “Ill shoot”



    “Not real...this is not real...itll be over soon.” He knew there was one way to make the indescribable hell he was in stop. But that would hurt physically himself and emotionally his boyfriend.




    I'll shoot


    “No!” Emmett slammed his hand down on the sink a little too loudly he probably just sprained or brused his wrist because it hurt like hell but gave him a second of clarity.

    “Baby?” Hearing travis voice Emmett froze in his pannick. He wasn't sure why he felt a mixture of fear and relief. Travis isn't his dad so he wouldn't be getting screamed at. Travis us good.



    I'll shoot



    “Shut Up!” He heard the door jangle and his vision went black.

    “Drive.” Cool metal against his temple

    “If you run, hide, or call for help I won’t hesitate to shoot you.” Sweat dripping

    “Are you and idiot...i have a gun and I will shoot you.”

    “No!” Suddenly arms wrapped around his body and he flinched

    Im probably suffocating.

    Then voices?

    “Do you need me to call someone?” It's female


    “No...hes almost done...Just go back to sleep Vic.” That voice is familiar and he likes the deepness. It's comforting. It's good.

    “I swear to God...if you don't give me what I want I will shoot all of you and I won't even feel bad about because you were too stupid to save your own good damn lives!”

    Emmett knows what next...he’s gonna fall, then

    “Give him the damn code.” it's almost over next is the number

    “8375#.” He's gonna back away, she's gonna get fhs drugs.

    “Bang.” She’s dead. He open’s his eyes and everything is too bright. Travis’s arms are wrapped around him and he's in his lap.

    “Come back to me please.” he says his voice groggy from exhaustion but still so attractive it hurts.

    “Im fine...im sorry I woke you...im fine now.” Emmstt tried standing up on shaky legs but two arms held him back.

    “You’re litterly shaking, stop moving.” all the fight had left his body. So he just slumped against Travis.

    “I need therapy.” Emmett started shailkly

    “No...really?” The sarcasm in Travis voice was strong enough to make emmett laugh. Emmett rolled over placing his ear over Travis chest the steady thump of his heart reminding him it was over.

    “Are you okay?” Emmett sighed looking at a crack in Travis bathroom tile.

    “Yeah...i am...now.” Travis ran a hand there his blond hair several times over and he was filled with this overwhelming urge to sob. Usually he could keep it in but today wasn't that day. He hated how fucked his brain was sometimes. He hated that he made the decision to stay that day for Maya. Most of all he hated that his only parent left hated him and fully belived he was going to hell. He missed his dad and his missed his sanity. Instead of sucking it in he just buried his head info Travis’s shirt and let out a muffled sob.

    “Its okay baby- just let it out....let it all out.” He wasn't sure if minutes or hours past when he sheepishly looked up at his boyfriend. Who hand long since just buried his nose in his hair and tightened his grip on him.

    “You have very beautiful eyes.” Travis said softly before laying a kiss on his forehead.

    “I just went phyco and all you can say is...you have nice eyes?” Travis scoffed

    “What I said is you have beautifull eyes.” Emmett sighed wiping away the remains of his tears.

    “What time is it ?” Travis looked down at his late husbands watch and sighed

    “3:57 am.”

    “I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t be...you have a lot of trauma...you don’t have to apologize for struggling it’s okay...plus you deal with my nightmares all the time...and I don’t even cry for you.” Emmett laughed softly.

    “What time do you have to be in?” Travis frowned playing with Emmetts hair.

    “I think 7....but maya owes me a favor so I’m gonna call and see if she’ll give me a later shift.”

    “So you can sleep?”

    “So we can sleep.” Emmett shook his head

    “No way I’m going through that again...I’ll just make coffee and take a cold shower to wake myself up.

    “Not acceptable...were gonna snuggle and go to sleep together like normal gay couples.” After a few minutes Travis moved the couple back to there bedroom. He didn't complain when his boyfriend curled up to him closer than ever before. And he wasn't annoyed when his chest became a pillow. Travis lie awake casually stroking his hair and making sure he's breathing don't speed up. Around 5:00 his phone rang and a response from Maya appeared

    “If you ever text me at 3:45 in the morning again I'll kill you. Stay home today finch wants overtime pay.” He types a quick response

    “Thanks maya...youd never...love ya.” a few seconds later he got a response.

    “Carina just saw that text without her contacts in apparently “tiffany” and I are having an affair so fuck you 💔”

    “😂 sorry ttyl.”

    “Byee” around 6:am Travis deemed his ken sleep acceptable as Emmett hadn't shown any signs of distress in hours. He closed his eyes just as the sun rose over the horizon.

    I hope you enjoyed this. I really tried to write a pan ick attack. Thoughts? Also I tried here really hard here so don't bully me.

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  • caribbean-ace
    20.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Bishop, Hughes, Montgomery & Dixon.

    Credits: Pinterest

    #station 19#maya bishop#vic hughes#travis montgomery#emmett dixon #look how short danielle is🥺 #or maybe they’re just tall lol #i miss them all
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  • saveyoua-seat
    19.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    “I like you, and I want us to be more than friends.”

    Station 19 - 4x16 Forever and Ever, Amen
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  • haydensdelvca
    19.07.2021 - 6 days ago
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  • herrera-n-hayes
    19.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Dynamics I wanna see more of on Station 19

    Travis & Sullivan: I want this very badly. I do not know why, I just feel there is potential for them to be sad together in a way that would sooth my need for angst. Also Travis's awkwardness paired with Sullivan’s seriousness? Chaos waiting to happen. Sully and Monty should be a thing

    Vic & Carina, Travis & Carina, Andy & Carina: Let Carina DeLuca have friends!!!! All these people are excellent candidates!!! She and Andy lived together so they're basically besties who gang up on Maya in my mind. She and Travis love gossiping and Vic is basically like her little sister, would 100% bribe the writers to make these consistent facts within canon

    Jack & Travis and Jack & Emmett: The friendship Jack and Travjs had in season one was amazing and I miss it. Literally like they were best buddies and now I can't even tell you the last one on one scene they had? Unacceptable. Also Jack and Emmett are best friends, the writers just forget to show it on screen...I like the idea of Jack just being a third wheel for Tremmett every now and then.

    Dean & Maya: I need them to have more scenes together, truly a superior duo. Love all the limited one-on-one scenes they have. They are both very smart and pretty and if Maya was to help Dean become a Lieutenant, well then I'd be more then happy.

    Maya, Vic & Andy: Best trio going and truly it's shite that we've not seen them in a while, I miss them terribly and the writers need to fix that for me. Carina can also join girls nights and drinking on porches. I will not be mad about it.

    Ben & Travis: They are work wives and I need them to not forget it. Give me more light Travis and Ben scenes but also give me Bailey knowing Travis is her husband's work wife (oh I could make that a fic)

    Andy & Vic: love them, they are smart and beautiful and I want them to hang out more one on one. Let them hang out and talk and just be badass firefighter ladies together, remember back in season 2 when the hung out with Kat? I loved that energy and their dynamic

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  • haydensdelvca
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Dialogue Prompts Masterlist #2

    Based off of this list by @scvrllet


    “I love you.” “Tell me that when you’re sober.” (General 1)

    "Are you blushing? (Fluff 27)

    “Is that my sweater?” “You mean our sweater?” + “Why are you wearing my sweater?” “Because it smells like you.” (Fluff 1 + 34)

    “Darling I love you and all, but please step out of the kitchen.” (Fluff 42)

    “Stop moving and let me braid your hair.” (Fluff 10)

    “Is that blood?” “Yes but that doesn’t matter right now, what does matter is-” “You are literally bleeding.” (General 7)

    “Don’t let go.” (General 38)

    “Did you know that you talk in your sleep?” (General 11)

    “Your hair is really soft.” (Fluff 25)

    “Could you say that again?” “Were you not listening?” “No I was, I just like hearing your voice.” (Fluff 12)


    "Why is arson always your first answer?" (General 30)

    “I never would’ve thought he’d end up with someone else.” (Angst 31)

    “Darling I love you and all, but please step out of the kitchen.” (Fluff 42)

    “You come here often?” “Well considering I work here, yes.” (Fluff 18)

    “Is that my shirt?” “You mean our shirt?” (Fluff 1)

    "Stay" (Fluff 50)

    “Is that blood?” “Yes but that doesn’t matter right now, what does matter is-” “You are literally bleeding.” (General 7)

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  • comewhatmaywrites
    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Kitchen Date

    (from beforecraft on IG)

    Request: “Can you pretty please right a cute Tremmett fic of absolutely anything” (I chose the cooking idea!)

    Pairing: Travis x Emmett (Tremmett)

    WC: 792

    "This looks way easier on the video."

    "Patience, young grasshopper."

    All of the ingredients needed for the meal were spread out on the kitchen table with an iPad to the side. Travis found comfort in the kitchen while Emmett looked around tentatively, afraid to touch something and hatch disaster.

    "So, I already cleaned the fish. Now we just gotta season it to our liking before throwing it in the pan. Very simple."

    Travis gestured to the two pieces of salmon laid before them. He held his hand out in waiting and looked up after a few seconds when he felt nothing in his hand.

    "Garlic, please."

    Emmett gave a slight nod before looking around. His hesitant hand breezed towards the onion before locking eyes with Travis. Both annoyed and appalled, Travis grumbled a "to the right."

    His judgmental eyes scan his boyfriend's face as he's given the garlic.


    He again holds his hand out and hisses at the sharp sensation of the blade as it butts against his palm.

    "Jesus Christ, Emmett, you could've sliced my hand!"

    "Sorry! Sorry!" Emmett's jumpiness escalates through the roof and he slightly backs away from his boyfriend. Subconscious fear flows through that he might harm his boyfriend even more. "This was a bad idea, I don't know why I thought this would be a cute date idea."

    "It is a cute date idea, just chill out." Travis sighs. "Just play the video and tell me what step is next."

    He cuts up the garlic and grabs the butter out of the fridge. The seasoning and herbs are already placed near the pan and so he takes everything to the stove. Emmett follows with the iPad in his hand and reads out the next part of the instructions.

    "Place the salmon in the ready pan and season to your liking."

    "Okay, that's what the garlic and butter is for. I'll do that. How about you season it after that?"


    The sizzle in the pan starts almost immediately and Travis moves to make way for Emmett.

    Once he has the spices, Emmett timidly sprinkles the concoction over the fish. Only a few particles actually hit the fish.

    "Okay, we want the meal to have some flavor, babe. You can add a little more. Think of salt bae!"

    Travis makes the same gesture of the popular social media figure for Emmett to copy. He smiles and mirrors the motion, with joy and enthusiasm.

    Maybe a little too much though.

    After the third motion, Travis again steps in.

    "Okay, okay, I said flavor, not high blood pressure!"

    "Oops." Emmett deflates a little, with his head down.

    "It's fine, babe. The lettuce will soak some of it up," Travis voiced as he strokes his boyfriend's back. He was being too hard on himself and maybe that was what was driving his 0-100 behavior. Cooking lessons was indeed a good date idea because Travis wanted to share his passion for food with him. Hopefully, in time, if they made this a regular thing, Emmett would be more comfortable and confident in the kitchen. For now, Travis was enjoying the teacher role as he gave tips on how and why the salmon was cooked the way it was.

    After a few minutes, Travis effortlessly turns over his piece of fish while guiding Emmett on how to do the same to his. Together, they pull off the hull of the meat and add the next ingredients.

    "Do you like avocado? It's a nice addition to the wrap."

    "Salmon and avocado?" Emmett scowls at the notion.

    "Just try a little. You'd be surprised." Travis adds a slice or two over Emmett's salmon and the duo continue to incorporate vegetables, cheese, and other toppings.

    Finally, the salmon is lifted out of the pan and into lettuce wraps.

    The two seat themselves at the island in the kitchen and Travis waits to bite into his wrap. This was a staple meal in his diet and so he already knew the heavenly taste he'd bite into. He wanted a first look at Emmett's expression once he dove into the dish.

    Though reluctant, Emmett takes a big bite out of the wrap. He closes his eyes in pure satisfaction as the burst of flavors hit his tongue in a delicious fusion.

    "Oh my God, this is everything!"

    "See! What'd I tell you?!"

    The couple spent their afternoon cleaning up the mess they'd made and Emmett was further persuaded by his cooking skills to look up more recipes for them to try later on. He didn't voice his plans, but he hoped to eventually get to the confidence and skill level to be able to create an entire multi-course meal for his boyfriend on a romantic evening in.

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  • herrera-n-hayes
    14.07.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • herrera-n-hayes
    12.07.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • incorrectstation19quotes
    12.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Vic: Can I be frank with you guys?

    Emmett: Sure, but I don’t see how changing your name is gonna help.

    Travis: Can I still be Travis?

    Emmett: Shh, let Frank speak.

    #victoria hughes#travis montgomery#emmett dixon#station 19 #incorrect s19 quotes #source: incorrect quotes generator
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