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  • “And you felt empowered enough to take your final bow

    And find love within the arms of another instead of this heart of mine

    And that’s fine because I would do the same and I would leave me

    Not because I’m useless and not because I’m broken

    Not because I’m sad and not because I’m worthless

    But because I saw value in your smile and not in your values

    And I’m sorry, and I love you

    And that’s why I can finally sleep at night

    Because you are free and you can thrive

    And I’m just happy I got to be a part of your life”


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  • Probably a 4, pretending to be a 6, disguised as a 9.

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  • image

    I tried to draw Feelings and Emotions like Humans or humanoid creatures. It was a fun project. The first Emotions: Sadness and Anger.

    #drawing#my art#fantasy#creatures#emotions #i'm worried about my mental health
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  • CS201201

    Age: 27 Gender: 🙎🏻‍♀️
    Fibroids: afew and more than 7cm

    Generally healthy girl with good immunity but why fibroids in her case? The size and the number of the fibroids is very much a yardstick of one’s negative emotions.

    These negative emotions generally comes from below when one is unable to discharge her negativity in time (1-3 years from the POINT of a event, argument etc, depending on one’s body constitution):

    1. Unhappy or failed relationships

    2. Relationships could mean holding on the emotions at work, your next of kin, partners or what matters to you most that evokes that heart pricking emotions in you

    3. Unable to recognise and brave the unhappiness to talk it out freely. The inability to move out of current predicament

    4. Think little of the problem & did not make ENOUGH effort to take care. In self denial that it would go away naturally one day

    4. Lifestyle. I cannot stress enough on
    4i. Taking warm water as often as you can for better blood circulation
    4ii. Cover your body enough so that your joints & belly button is warm enough for blood circulation. Expose less

    Why warm water is important compared to all types of cold drinks?

    Our body needs to be positive to achieve good blood circulation. Cold drinks bring shock to our organs & lower our body temperature. Our vital organs needs to work doubly or tripling hard to bring it back to normal. Hence instead of energy spent reworking on growths(YIN) to soothe and reduce it. Our body has been switched to feel good on the OUTSIDE(YANG) to assuage one’s anxiety, stress, displeasure etc.

    When our energy is being thrown off balance (YIN YANG), we start to have ailments, growths within our vehicle (body)

    When we are negatively affected, we naturally seek solace in food or any activities that keep us happy. Becos one do not have the courage to face the truth. Such emotions sit deeper on each “escape”.

    Growths don’t grow on us overnight. All of us are given a timeline to discharge from the first point of uneasiness. But…

    This girl…..

    To be continued FB Energy Groomer due to IG limited characters

    #energygroomer #awareness #consciousness #wellness #emotions


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  • I wish you would have cared for me as much as I have cared for you.

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  • Always choose to speak kindly. Unkind words may destroy a fragile heart.

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  • The worst feeling imaginable is thinking you were everything to somoene

    when really you meant nothing.

    Where did the truths stop and the lies begin? When did “I love you” stop being a valuable endearment and start becoming a filler?

    But wait, this can’t be happening. Not with a past like yours. I was there every single time you needed me without exception. I felt your pain, your loneliness, your longing for someone who would be there to support you and love you unconditionally. You were my world and I did everything I could to show you how much you meant to me.

    You told me you’ve never met someone like me. Someone so selfless and caring. Someone who chose you for everything that makes you perfect and imperfect. You gave me every reason to believe I was the one for you.

    In the end, you were the one who let me down. I opened up to you, gave you my whole heart, even told you things I haven’t told but a couple other people in my life. There was another all along. You told him the same things you told me. You tarnished every word that made my heary beat out of my chest and give me a reason to wake up every day.

    #love#emotions #i think about this a lot #thoughts#relationship #i love you #feelings #i miss you #love quote#long reads#reblog#interfaith#praying#why me #i dont get it #depression#depressing quotes#deep thinking #on my mind #love of my life
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  • Want als je de spelregels blijft aanpassen, verander je uiteindelijk heel het spel.

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  • Uh oh ✨𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜✨

    #shitpost#emotions #uh oh here we go #hehe oops#feelings #gosh darn it #well then
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  • I don’t wear my fear like I wear my other emotions. I won’t let you know if my heart is in my stomach. I’ll keep a smile on my face and my shoulders square no matter what I’m faced with.

    I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve battled worse things in my own head than could ever face me in real life, or if I just refuse to use my last moments acting as if fear will change the outcome.

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  • Beyond grateful that it is finally Friday. Its been a weird week. It’s gone super-fast, yet at the same time it seems like I have been waiting for the weekend for so long. I think I am just beyond exhausted. This week is the first week that I have been to the office every day. Granted, not for the usual long hours, but even a couple of hours less after working from home for so long is incredibly tiring, plus the walk there and back which I haven’t been doing on a daily basis for the last however many months. I still enjoy being in the building though. It’s so quiet and I get so much done. It’s just so much easier to have a work/life balance and to not take my work home with me. I’ve tried to ensure that on the day that I am in the office, once I leave, I do not even look at my emails from work because that’s home time and I want to try and stop mixing the two. I’m sure I will still be working on things from my bed at some ridiculous time in the middle of the night someday, but if I can keep this to a minimum that would be great. 

    There have been so many issues arising at work this week. Nothing related to me directly, but just things going wrong in terms of the flooded floor in the archive and other works that need to be completed. Considering I am one of the few people in HQ I am therefore having to deal with it… along with all my usual tasks. This is way beyond my paygrade, but there is nothing I can do about it. I have established a new outlook of ‘let it go’ (yep, singing it as I say it), because if I don’t, I will be having daily mental breakdowns and crying hysterical with my face in the floor. Of course, there will still be things that will upset me and make me want to quit my job then and there, but if I can try to brush off some things and literally let them go, then that has to be a good thing right? Someone in my apartment building has covid, so add that to the other current apartment issue and I don’t want to be in my building very often anyway. It’s become so much scarier knowing someone in the building has it though. Of course, I am wearing a mask everywhere I go anywhere when I am outside of my apartment, and I am frantically spraying my hands with hand sanitizer if someone even looks at me, never mind if I actually touch a button in a lift or a door handle. I just want to get home safely and not pass on anything to my family. If everything goes to plan, two weeks today I will be home, and I know I have said it before, but I really am so incredibly excited. It’s been a hell of a year for everyone, so family time is much needed and well deserved.

    Group this week was good. The person that I connect with the most came in with a lot of feelings regarding their relationship and I could see their heart-breaking. As with everyone in group, we all just wanted to group hug and try to make them feel better. The topics turned to abuse in relationships and for only the second time in the history of me attending therapy I mentioned the physical abuse I received in my first real relationship. It felt almost natural to be sharing my experiences with the others in my group. Others had been through much worse things than what I have ever been on the receiving end of, yet everyone still makes you feel validated and like what you have been through is just as worthy of taking up space in the group as anyone else. I appreciate my group for making me feel that way. I didn’t go into details about what happened in my relationship, but we talked about why we hold onto people even when they abuse us in such a way. It took me down the path of my relationship being a secret and all the feelings that came with that. I appreciated seeing my ‘therapy connection’ nodding as though they felt it and knew what it was like to experience that. Except for a few little bonding moments about being queer we haven’t really delved very far into our relationship history, coming out or any of that sort of thing. I would really like to, yet at the same time, I don’t want to take up time when no one else in the group has anything to contribute – although as I keep being told, people will have something to contribute. They may not have had the same experiences, but our stories will still resonate with aspects of their life. There is no end date to this so I am sure at some point as our relationships grow and we learn more about each other our experiences regarding our sexuality will come out more. lol ‘come out’.

    Yesterday I attended a lecture with my old Aberdeen professor. It was run by the Alumni association and it was nice to see the names of a few of my old classmates in the chat. The lecture was fabulous as anything with that particular professor is and afterwards opened with questions and answers. It was so good, and I enjoyed every minute of it (even if my work had blocked access to the platform and I had to watch it on my tiny phone screen!!).  It was just so fun to be back in that setting again. It made me miss education and led me down a path of wondering whether I might go back to uni one day and study something else in history. Of course, this would just be for fun, but I miss being a student. I love learning, and I miss being taught about different aspects of history. I must admit as much as I enjoy working in international organisations… banking certainly isn’t the most interesting material in the world. I think that’s why I feel a tug on my heartstrings to study history is some way or another again one day. I need that constant input of knowledge and something to be learning. I guess that’s why I enjoy learning Finnish so much because it means I am learning something else to put in my ‘skills cart.’ But yes, I miss history. Oh I miss it so much.

    I feel overwhelmed at the moment. I just feel like I have so much to do and not enough time to do it. I’ve started getting anxiety about not crossing everything off my list each day but adding more and more to the list every time I think of something I need to do. I also panic if I think of something and don’t put it on my list because what if I forget? This is something I need to bring up in therapy, I think. This also links quite well to my OCD, almost as though if I don’t do this, this and this I will be a bad person, so I need to be punished and something bad is going to happen. This is my thought process on how the universe will treat me. I also have this feeling right now with yoga. In one way I am glad because it means I do it every single day which makes me happy, but on the other hand, some days I am so exhausted I can barely function so I put pressure on myself saying that I cannot go to bed until I have done yoga. Clearly my brain doesn’t function properly. 

    I was beyond exhausted when I got home today and after trying to watch TV for a while just turned it off and fell asleep on the sofa. I only slept for an hour or so (if that), but I needed it and I actually felt as though I could walk and function afterwards. I haven’t been eating well at all recently. I have been going to work and not eating anything all day then coming home and being too tired to make any dinner. I’ve then ended up snaking on a few cashew nuts and that’s about it. I can tell this is taking a toll on my body and I need to sort it, and soon. However, once I am home my mum will be feeding me lots of lovely homemade food anyway so I will be fine. PLUS, chocolate. I am so excited to stuff my face with UK chocolate and stock up on food from M&S. Not long to go now!

    [Blog title: Stjernestøv - AURORA].

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  • i look at you & i try not to light up like a neon fucking sign. i walk around leaking love, like air slowly passing from a punctured tire.

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  • you sent me a text at 2 am. i guess you’d woken up or something, i’m not sure why. it meant a lot that you chose to text me. and then again at 3, you said you were having trouble getting to sleep. this especially excited me because you thought of me. and you didn’t have to. it made me happier than it should have and i smiled a lot harder than usual.

    and for a second it sometimes feels like i should take a step back. but i always realize that i’m not making faulty steps for once, i’ve never been this steady. so i always decide to tread foreward and carefully and i will until you want me to stop. whenever that is and whatever that means, i’m just in your hands.

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  • I’m so fucking depressed tonight. I don’t understand why.. nothing bad even happened today

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  • old forest: deep greens, blues and violets. my words are branches: they twist and turn and go on forever and it’s impossible to see where any of them begin or end. there are messages hidden in the leaves, things i will never say out loud. i might let you walk through the forest but you will never map it out or understand its depths. 

    coffee: detached view as if out the window of a café. talking to everyone as if they are strangers. viewing everything with mild curiosity or mild distaste, no true emotion. solving problems without caring, getting things done without worrying. it all makes sense now. 

    burning star: lighter and larger than this world. not needing food or sleep, only stardust to keep living. the ideas shoot out of my eyeballs and fingertips and lie shining and golden on the page. resolute hope and fierce pride. this is the me i want to show the world. 

    curled up: crashing from the high. overwhelmed by the storm raging in the small space within my skull. craving warmth, doing everything i can to get it. possibly crying, not of sadness, only to let out a fraction of the rain the clouds are holding on to. the most misunderstood of them all.  

    heart attack: loneliness. physical pain devouring the left side of my ribcage. looking a hundred years into the future and seeing the same, isolation being the only presence i don’t push away. forcefully accepting this and moving on, but the knowledge still tastes bitter every time.

    unrequited: wields the ability to banish the shadows cast by any other feeling. could this be happiness? i’m not sure, because it is shot through with tragedy and misunderstanding. but maybe this is as close as i can come. i am still in disbelief that someone like me can be so moved. please let me feel this for you, even if you don’t understand or return it.

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  • Nous on fait l’amour, on vit la vie, jours après jours ! Nuits après nuits !

    À quoi ça sert d’être sur la Terre, si c’est pour faire notre vie à genoux ?!

    On sait que le temps c’est comme le vent et vivre il y a que ça d’important !

    ( Les Rois du Monde - Roméo et Juliette )

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