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    NEW POEM POSTED! Follow https://www.instagram.com/j.l.comes for more content

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    ~ “I fell hard” by J.L. Comes ~

    Closing out the Valentine’s season with one last poem of love. Falling in love is an immersive experience, unlike any other.

    • Live In Light & Lead with Love ✌🏼❤️✨•

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  • Il nostro cortile 🏰🏞🌄 #notjustrooms #hiddengems #travel #room #borghiitaliani #tranquillità #emotions #oldtown #middleages #sardinia #bestvacations #boutiquehotel #wow #voyages #placetovisit #sardaigne #hotel #excursion #booking #courtyard (presso Albergo Antico Borgo)

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  • Addicted to Drama

    Some never graduate from high school.
    They will constantly cry over spilled milk and draw as many of their friends as they possibly can into their drama-fueled vortex.
    So often, we are blind to the challenges that others face. Comparison is unhelpful, but while you’re crying about a scratch on your Beemer, someone else is getting the news from their doctor that they have cancer.
    The question is…


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  • TikTok, but my time is coming. 🎶✊🏽🔥

    TikTok- @saiabolotracks
    Song: Saiabolo - Dedication




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  • I have loved learning about this over the past couple of years. It wasn’t something I was particularly aware of until I started reading online and then also looked into it a bit further during some counselling I was having back in 2019.

    I have always been a sensitive person and felt things during my life very deeply. I realised as I got older I seemed to be feeling things differently to those around me sometimes. Not to dismiss or say others weren’t feeling things similarly but that’s just how it felt for me. I struggle to let things go and I feel both highs and lows in life very strongly.

    Growing up I thought I probably just needed to “toughen up” a bit or “get on with things”. As a child I felt like I shouldn’t really show my emotions, particularly when it came to being upset. My Mum died when I was 6 and other than the moment my Dad told me (which I remember very clearly) I don’t remember any seeming to be upset about it. Maybe they just didn’t want me to see that they were upset but for me I internalised this as meaning I shouldn’t be upset either.

    Suppressing how I felt from a young age caught up with me as a teenager and became overwhelming for me to cope with anymore. My Mental Health suffered and I was in a pretty dark place. It’s too long to explain here but the point is that these emotions caught up with me, they had to at some point.

    I have spent a many years coming to terms with a lot that’s happened in life and also trying to understand myself better. Learning that I am a Highly Sensitive Person gave me some comfort that my emotions were okay and that there wasn’t something as wrong with me as I had often felt. I remember as a teenager being told I was an “Emotional Train Wreck” and an “Attention Seeker” as I often struggled to hide some of my feelings as much as I wanted to. I now know as an adult that these comments are invalidating and definitely made me feel worse. Of course I’m sure as a teenager my peers wouldn’t have known the impact of these comments at the time because we were very young. Perhaps that’s part of the problem though, young people maybe need more education about Mental Heath and Emotions.

    I am continuing to learn more about being an HSP and everything I read helps me make more sense of myself. Of course who I am is more complicated than just this part of my personality but it is definitely helpful. Some of the things I struggle with like; confrontation, being overwhelmed by my environment - particularly if it’s busy, how strongly I feel things on the news or what others might be going through. These things make more sense now. There’s more but these are just a few things I’ve read more about.

    I’ll write more about this as I learn more but it’s a start and hopefully my disjointed thoughts make a bit of sense. I always thought I was different for feeling things so deeply but I’m just Highly Sensitive and I’m starting to learn that’s okay.

    #Highly Sensitive Person #Highly Sensitive People #HSP#Understanding Myself#Emotions#Feelings #Feeling Things More #Feelings Things Deeply #Mental Health#Personality #Trying To Accept Myself #Writing #Writing It Down #Learning About Myself #Self Therapy#Self Awareness
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  • Currently Listening To: “emotions” by slchld, GILLA, Ripley

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  • the more you realize about life and humans , the more you become private to protect yourself

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  • i’ve never felt like this before. just.. disconnected. mainly in my relationship.. my 8 year relationship. and i just feel so lost. so off with things that i just don’t even know what to feel. months ago i was feeling sad and angry. now, i feel so mixed up that i just don’t know what to feel. i’m not crying, i’m not angry, but i’m certainly not okay. i don’t know how to say what i want to say, but even if i do or when i do, it won’t go well. i know it won’t, because why would it? i feel this way, and have for weeks now. months, it’s been that i’ve been feeling up and down but it’s only been a few weeks that it’s been a continuous lingering of just not knowing how to feel. but i’ve been feeling this way for this long, and i’ve yet to come across as being understood. sure, i get why. but that doesn’t make it any easier, to say how i feel. it’s not even that i want something. i do want a good future, a good present as well. and i have my doubts of things right now due to recent events over the last (almost) year but it’s not even that really. that definitely plays a part in why i feel the way i feel but mainly i just want to be alone. i don’t feel like i belong half the time anymore and even trying to make myself, doesn’t work. trying only goes so far when things have failed before over and over. and while weeks ago, that may have made me cry. even writing this out would have made me cry. now i can see things in a better way. i’m trying to get past the sadness, the anger, the tears, all of that. because i can’t keep feeling like this.

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  • The great sea

    frees me, moves me,

    as a strong river carries a weed.

    Earth and her strong winds

    move me, take me away,

    and my soul is swept up in joy.

    - Uvavnuk, The great sea… (trans. Jane Hirshfield)

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  • It’s from when

    It’s from when

    I woke up that i feeling your presence around me, and now our soft punch in the stomach is growing, and i’m biting the lips, because i feeling our eletric shocks crossing our minds, and your hands are enveloping my belly, and what everything has happened last night i will never forget I still feel everything around me. I still feel your arms that are lifting me, and your sweetness, and what you…


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  • 5 affirmations for today:

    1. i am allowed to make mistakes.
    2. it is not my job to fix other people.
    3. i am both imperfect and worthy of love.
    4. i can love myself even as i see opportunities for personal growth.
    5. there is nothing wrong with asking for help.
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  • To Love or Not To Love?

    To Love or Not To Love?

    By E.L. Jayne Would you rather have loved and lost or never have loved at all?
    To Love or To Not Love?


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  • Full Moon in Virgo

    February 27th 2021

    This Full Moon in Virgo at 8:17 GMT time brings a very nurturing, mentally active, and alchemical energy. Like every Full Moon, the Sun opposes the Moon. On February 27th we have the Sun in Pisces and the Full Moon in Virgo both at 8 degrees. Saturn in Aquarius also activates a strong quincunx aspect with the Full Moon in Virgo, bringing more sensitivity, especially surrounding fears and the past.

    You may feel a bit cloudy when it comes to your views on life and yourself. Watch out for feelings of insecurity and low self-worth, find ways to nourish and fill yourself up with love and kindness. Let go of the opinions, judgements and criticism of others, and all that negative self talk – move out of the mind and connect back with your heart, allow this Full Moon to shine a light on any supressed emotions, traumas, childhood wounds, fears, and limitations that are holding you back from expressing your most authentic form of self.

    Emotions will of course be on the increase, so welcome them in, honour them, hold space and find supportive friends or family, or blank pages in your journal to help you work through any emotional blockages. This Full Moon really supports you to take your emotions, work your way through them and take them from being a heavy burden to a transformational lesson or additional wisdom that will help you on your path ahead.

    As a collective over the past few weeks, we’ve become a lot more aware of the things, people and places that are no longer in alignment with our higher path. We’ve been working hard at purging the old, letting go, cleansing and making shifts, and leading up to the time of this Full Moon we may really begin to see the progress, the change and the fruition of our intentions. The transformation or integration of the new may not feel complete just yet, as this Full Moon may really shine a light on what is making the integration so challenging for you.  It also shows how you can be overly critical and judgemental, learning to find forgiveness and acceptance that not everything can go as perfectly as you wish it would.

    There are likely perceptions, mindsets and thinking patterns that you’ve realized you need to work through and make adjustments to. You may feel very reflective during this Full Moon, an urge to organize, to analyze, and a desire to turn your dreams into practical realities. You’ve gained clarity on your dreams and desires and now you’re being called to bring in reflection and discernment. What planning is needed? What changes and adjustments are needing? How can you be practical and structured with your dreams and desires? How can you move forward with a grounded approach?

    Although, this isn’t a time for action, it’s a time to rest and reflect, show gratitude for what was, what is and all that is to come. Celebrate the small or big progress you’ve made since you last set intentions on the New Moon in Aquarius. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which just stationed direct on the 20th, ending its retrograde phase. Although we will still be in the post-retrograde shadow phase up until March 13th, which is also the date of the next New Moon in Pisces, bringing down the chaos of the mind and connecting back with our emotions and hearts. Take time to rest, to celebrate yourself, your strength and all you’ve had to overcome in the past few weeks. It’s been a bit chaotic energetically with Mercury retrograde and the start of the 2021 Saturn-Uranus Squares, collectively we’ve been working through limitations and fears to find liberation and free expression of self.

    Many are coming to realize the foundations, structures, and their place in society is not truly in alignment with the path that will serve their highest good and the highest good of all. Seeking change, adjustments, reprogramming and restructuring so you may come into alignment with what it means to live truthfully and freely to you. During this Full Moon in Virgo find ways to tune in to your body, relax all judgement, find forgiveness and allow your emotional energy to flow.

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  • I have seen people suffer, I have seen people break. Please watch your tongue before you speak, you won’t even realise that you are killing the other person on the inside. The least you can do is just stay out of it. Let them be.

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  • The Return To Normal

    In the UK we are starting to hear plans of how things are getting better and back to some kind of “normal”. This has brought up many feelings for myself and others. Here I thought I’d explore some of mine.

    In all honesty the thought of going back to how things were before the pandemic and lockdown feels scary. I didn’t particularly like it then and I’ve become more of a home body now like I have…


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    #anxiety#battling depression #Borderline Personality Disorder #BPD #break the stigma #control#coping strategies #Coping with Stress #Coronavirus#covid-19#depression#emotions #end of lockdown #EUPD#family#fear#friends#Hearing voices #I miss you #intense emotions#Intrusive Thoughts #Learning to live with it #let&039;s be open about mental health #Lockdown #Lockdown 3.0 #Mental Health #mental health matters #mental illness#mood#mood disorder
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  • न तुम न मैं / Neither You Nor I


    गर सूरज न होता,

    तो चांद भी नहीं होता..

    गर रात न होती,

    तो उजाला भी नही होता..

    चाहने से ही अगर

    मिल जाता सब कुछ,

    तो न तुम में रुखाई होती,

    न मैं बेबस होता..


    If there was no sun,

    there would not have been moon..

    if there was no day,

    there would not have been night..

    if you could get everything,

    simply by wishing,

    neither you would have been brash,

    nor I so helpless..

    –Kaushal Kishore

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