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  • Empaths; The Breakdown

    Explaining what an Empath is because people always ask me when they see my username. My channel is about raising Empath awareness and talking about overall human existence. Checkout if you feel called. ✨

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  • I am human.

    I am a human who loves deeply and unapologetically.

    And because of that, I am a human who gets hurt horribly and often.

    I have loved many people in my life. As a child, I was involved in so many extra curricular activities, that even as an outcast in most social situations, I accumulated a friend or two from each that resulted in steady friend groups wherever I went. This didn’t change much as I grew older. I worked for large companies, enrolled in a large university, and participated in as many “resume-building” activities as I could. It gave me large cohorts to fall back on when life got tough. From school friends to work friends to internship friends to high school friends to childhood friends and so on and so on… I was never alone.

    Moving to Florida the first time was pretty easy for me. When you go on the Disney College Program, you are automatically part of a very organic cohort that attaches you to people who would normally be total strangers. I lived in an apartment of five other people, no different from the family I grew up with, so the apartment was rarely empty. I worked at a decently-sized location with a group of similar-aged Disney obsessed young adults, who pretty much shared the same mindset of, “We are here to escape reality”. If I wasn’t having dinner or running errands with roommates, I was meeting characters and riding attractions with my work friends. I was never alone.

    Moving to North Carolina was the opposite experience. I lived with my girlfriend and our dog, worked from home, and knew exactly 0 people. She would introduce me to a friend or two from her lab at school and every so often we would invite people over for game nights or holiday parties, but it was often lacking the closeness I felt with friend groups before. Moving to a job outside of the house helped with that, and I eventually got close to a handful of friends. It became evident, though, that the lifestyle in North Carolina was very different than the one I was used to. I was used to living life in the fast lane, cramming social events into hectic weeks. Social plans rarely got cancelled because it was often the one thing we were all looking forward to in our busy schedules. Having a long day didn’t make us want to cancel plans, it made us look forward to them. North Carolina was the opposite way. Free time was spent independently, unwinding from a taxing week of work or the general realities of adulthood. I fell into the rhythm pretty quickly, but it didn’t take long for me to grow bored of it. I felt lonely and suffocated and it was one of the many reasons my wife and I packed up and moved back to Florida.

    While life down here is definitely more similar to what I have been accustomed to, it is still quite a bit “less social” than I would prefer. Maybe it’s a product of growing up. Maybe it’s because I’m now married and people assume that having a wife is enough. It could be many things. But the truth is, my heart and capacity for loving people hasn’t changed. Throughout all my life experiences, I have found people in every facet of my life that I have loved. I don’t just mean in a casual way, but people that I have profound respect and care for. I love people deeply. When I grow close to people (and it doesn’t seem to matter what makes us close) I fall for them. I think of them all the time. They occupy my headspace to the point where every little thing that happens reminds me of them. I am constantly looking for ways to make them smile and bring them up. I keep up constant conversations with them, searching for all the things that make them the person they are, investigating their past for clues that can help me love and care for them better. I know what it sounds like, but this is all separate from the ways I love my wife. I just can’t seem to help myself. I love loving people. I love being so happy in their presence that I just scoop up their hand as we skip down the street. I love being so comfortable with them that we lean on each other without thinking. I love being so close that no conversation is off limits. I love thinking of others.

    But I also love being loved. I love when that love is returned. I am aware that my love for people is unique. I know that not everybody loves friends with unapologetic and open affection. I know that not everybody boasts about their friends on social media with lengthy paragraphs carrying meaningful sentiments. I know this and have accepted this. I have been loved in other ways, but rarely am I loved in the way that I show love to others.

    Which is why when someone does show me love the way I show love, I attach myself to them full on. When they reach for my hand first, or text me first because they haven’t heard from me all day, or when they pick up on the TINIEST change of text and realize what’s wrong… I become obsessed. Endless empathy pours from every ounce of my soul. I love loving them and I love being loved back.

    So when they stop reaching for my hand, or they stop texting me every day, or when they no longer care what’s wrong… it hurts. It sounds like an unrealistic expectation, but if that’s where the friendship starts, any amount of change hurts. I find myself full of questions. 

    “What did I do wrong?”

    “Was that argument bigger than I realized?”

    “Did I just have unrealistic expectations?”

    “Do I love too deeply?”

    “Was I reading too much into this the entire time?”

    “Why has it changed so much?” 

    “What’s wrong with me?”

    I analyze my personality. I look over myself in the mirror a thousand times. I argue with myself constantly - a battle between two minds: one being the side that loves my ability to deeply love friends and the other being one that wants to hide in bitterness and resentment. Despite being loved passionately by my wife and other close friends, the one loss bothers me until I lose sleep and can’t eat. It’s a heartbreak that I struggle to explain to others, which adds to the overwhelming feeling of loneliness that pervades my everyday existence. These losses continue throughout my life. I have been lucky to have loved and be loved by many… but I have also lost. 

    Some nights, as I struggle to keep myself from begging those I’ve lost to come back into my life the way they once were, I wonder if loving people this deeply is more harmful than wonderful.

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    THE LOVERS 🥀 Subtle energies. New Moon in Pisces. The new lunar month is asking us to reflect on The Lovers card.

    The Lovers can represent romantic bliss, yes, but the reason why it’s my favorite major arcana card is because it represents moments of life-changing decision making. Not any kind of decisions — but choices that either bring us closer to our soul, our selves, our true essence.. or choices that leave us stagnant, in our comfort zone, lacking true moral integrity. Circumstances will always test us in life, but how we respond says it all. Will we remain true to our purposeful standards for ourselves and our self-empowering expectations? Or will be crumble under pressure and choose the easier path for instant gratification? Trust the universe has your back, yes, but more importantly, trust that the universe wants you to develop self—reliance. Know right from wrong and don’t cave. Respond in ways that will make you proud of yourself and your growth this lunar month. Let your actions reflect who want to become. 🌙 ✨🥀

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  • We hear you, Donald Glover, AND we can help! How about a stretchy gemstone bracelet that’ll help combat any negative vibes or bad energy that comes your way, and/or helps support your creative process and feeling strong — whatever energy you want to focus on, we have a crystal for that! #donaldglover #childishgambino #thisisamerica #jimmykimmel #imreallysensitive #senstive #hsp #highlysensitiveperson #empath #sensitiveperson #healingcrystals #healingjewelry #protectivejewelry #protectionstone #customjewelry #diyjewelry #mensjewelry #mensstyle #fashion #style #styleinspiration #shop #nyc #unionsquare #beadsofparadise (at Beads of Paradise NYC)

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    Extroverted around people that bring me peace



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  • Just found out today that apparently Ravenclaws aren’t supposed to care about intuition or emotional decisions, just logic..and now I’m questioning my house again…

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  • 💙💛💚 loves its a new moon 💚💛💙⁣

    Happy dance time!! ❤⁣

    Main theme of this Pisces Moon is Love! (Especially in the month of Valentines and Black history month)⁣
    So during this new moon, love and money will be on our minds, as we are thinking and deciding about what we want to commit to,⁣

    However, before you make any big decisions, keep in mind that Mercury is in retrograde during this new moon, messing up our contracts, our communication, and our technology. “Before you commit, understand that Mercury is retrograde, and feelings may change as a result. So be mindful of your decisions, because your manifestation may affect others around you.⁣

    Heres your to do list. Feelings and things to look out for:⁣

    🤗 Scan your subconscious mind⁣

    ❤ what situation is causing me to feel upset?⁣

    ❤ what emotions am I experiencing about this? and what is my belief about this situation?⁣

    😊 Be open to divine guidance.⁣

    😍 Set up healthy boundaries⁣

    💡 Write out your goals, feelings, missions!!⁣
    🔥 Acknowledge self care now more than ever.⁣

    These are just some food for thought ideas. Use your intuition to guide you.⁣

    Only a few spots left for tonight’s new moon 🎇🎆✨🌚⁣

    #spirituality #rockcollage #healingjewelry #blackwellness #crystaltherapy #crystalknowledge #reikipractitioner #energyhealer #empath  #healing  #intentionsetting #shopsmallnj #blackentrepreneur #bewell⁣ #manifestyourdreams
    #newmooncircle #manifestyourlife (at RockCollage)

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  • Having my Shit together??? Does anyone???


    Originally posted by evileraregal

    I know I can hear you say no one has there shit together. Well for me I feel like its a constant battle. I have this complex where I want to change and fix everything. I do this mostly to myself. Trying to always identify who am I never being happy with just who I am. I don’t know if this comes from a life of constantly feeling that I need to prove myself to one person or another or that if you are who you are they are always not happy with that they need you to be more. So therefore a complex develops. So far I have learnt about myself that I’m naturally weird I have somewhat of a unusual way of being. I’m a very empathetic person and therefore have this strange ability to read and identify those feelings and sometimes thoughts that those around me are feeling,particularly easier with those I know well or have spent some degree of time with. This makes me a little socially awkward. I get overwhelmed in large groups of people mainly because I find it draining and overloading. I then tend to withdraw from these situations and therefore makes me socially isolated. I prefer to throw myself into a TV show and become invested in those characters. At the moment it’s Once Upon a time and I’m loving Regina Mills character. She has so many layers not just good or bad. I suffer with anxiety and have been known to suffer with a little bit of depression. I don’t trust a psychologist much prefer to talk to someone I know. I live in a difficult family where things are far from normal. I know what the cracks are. I work in community services meaning I not only get to go and help others I get to come home and do the same. I did choose this job, but it tends to consume me. I love it and hate it at the same time. Yet would never leave because its the happiest I have been in any job. I identify as Ace Asexual. Yet can’t tell anyone close. Not that matters to me I don’t need a label to be understood. It’s just weird because… OK it’s not weird but I find myself craving that physical closenes that comes from a relationship, the friendship, acceptance that one person can have for you and only you. Yet none of the other stuff. I fear that I will never find that in my life. Then on the other hand I don’t want to commitment that comes with a relationship. The closest I got to a relationship was not even close and thats a story for another day.

    Friends, the friends I do have I’m afraid they are going to just stop being my friend. Like so many before. I will get into moods were keeping up a friendship is just mentally and physically exhausting and this is even before I have let anyone else know. I miss birthdays or special life moments. I end up beating myself up because I could have done better. TV shows distort the idea of what these relationships should be like along with other aspects of your life. Setting you up to believe that if your friendship is not like those you see there is something wrong with it. My kind of friendship is those that last forever because you can be ship’s in the night passing each other knowing your there yet not really interacting but when you do meet your like nothing has changed no time has passed. I don’t know whether the past friendships that I have had that haven’t lasted have made me feel insecure about all future friendships or not.

    I do value those friends that can know these things about me and still choose to stick by me not out of pitty but they are true.

    Safe to say I’m have a hard mental health day today but with some sleep I’m sure it will be better in the morning.

    I grant you this much I won’t stop seeking who I am and what my purpose is on this earth but I do need to learn to be content with the answers I find along the way.

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  • “the energy we feel as a collective impacts us as individuals, and as an Empath I must remain conscious of that very fact to maintain a healthy lifestyle”


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  • My mom always puts me in a bad mood 😒 she has such negative energy and it’s draining

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