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  • fuckthisshitimin
    29.11.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Yet Another Cinderella Story, part 2

    Fore @huntlowweek, day 2: Fathers

    read on ao3

    I met someone at a party

    “We found her.”

    He has been waiting for a week. It took him time, to get over the disappointment of his mother not calling. She promised she would. But he missed her, somehow, his uncle said she did try to call and it just didn’t work. Is it his fault? He wishes he was allowed to go outside. He’d take a train, or a plane, or a boat, anything, he would do anything to find his mother.

    He doesn’t remember her face so clearly.

    “You did? Where is she?”

    But after he got over it, after he cried in his uncle’s arms, there was still a thorn in his pocket, and the memory of someone he met. He should have set another rendezvous. Agreed to meet her another time. But he knew no one else at the party had these shoelaces, and when he went to his uncle, he asked she be looked for.

    “She is in the antechamber, waiting for you.”

    He rushes over there, starts to run but his uncle’s eyes are burning on his back. So he stands straighter, stops running when he is near the doors. He waits for them to open.


    “I did meet a boy at the party.”

    “Oh, does our little girl have a crush?”

    She feels her cheeks burning. “No! No, it’s not like this. He was… He was nice. I don’t think he has lots of friends. He liked my shoelaces!”

    She thanks her father when a glass of iced tea is put in front of her. The grass beneath her is soft and warm and moist. It is as hot as summer. Yet the trees are still filled with flowers, and she remembers the gardens of the palace. She regrets not having the time to see it all. “Did he now? You told him you made them yourself?”

    “I didn’t get the chance… Do you think there will be another ball next year?”

    Her other father joins them, a cold beer in his hand, barefoot on the grass. He sighs heavily, looking at the sky. The sun on his skin seems comfortable.

    “I don’t know. It does seem like a reasonable assumption. I heard the prince was depressed after his mother died, maybe this is why they made such a huge ball? And a funny one, too. Did you see the Illusion Show Lilith Clawthorne made?”

    She shrugs. She didn’t. She bites her lips. Soon they will have cherries in the garden. “Dad, Papa?”

    “Yes my dear?”

    “I want… I want to study plants.”

    “What? But all your friends study mineral life!”

    She nods. Gets up. She is careful not to spill her iced tea, when she runs to her room. She can’t hear her father’s worried tone when he asks “Did I say something wrong?”


    Green hair and a noble aura. She is straight before him as the door opens and he walks towards her. Her black skating boots are laced with purple thorns, similar to the one he showed his uncle. But they’re not the same. It’s not even the right color. He can see her face painfully twisting when she walks. He frowns.

    “It’s not her,” he says, “she’s not the girl I met.”

    He doesn’t like her eyes, filled with animosity when he says this. He can’t see, behind her fire and her cold gaze, the unforgiving blade of fear. A weight on his shoulders. Two gloved hands. Heavy. Heavier the voice that come with them.

    “Yes, she is. Introduce yourself, will you, little bird?”

    Her expression flinches, and she looks over her shoulder. She holds her necklace close to her heart.

    “I am Amity Blight, your Majesty, daughter of Odalia Blight.”

    “Aren’t you happy, Hunter? This is Amity. She’s the girl you met. Isn’t she?”

    He’s scared for a second. A rising panic that disappears before he can process it. Then his mind is blank, and he blinks.

    “Yes,” he says, and his voice is distant, “she is.”

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  • artmakerproductions
    29.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “Up + Owl House”: 


    S'up folks, here's another wAcKy n' ZaNy AU I've come up w/ and to add into my collection of "Weirdly specific AU's that has not crossed anyone's mind at all or would even have thought of, like ever." 

    “Hey!!! What about that other AU of this show that [I've] already got going and havn't made any updates yet???" Yes. That is very true, and I'm very aware of that fact and I will get back to it.... I don't know when, but eventually. Thank you for you’re patience. I'm just putting this out there for later and that I can say, "Ha ha, first!". : P Especially since everyone seems to eat these up like crazy (and have garnered the most attention to my corner of DeviantArt, Tumblr, and so on), so supply and demand and whatever. : P .....   CAST/ROLES: Lilith ... Carl Freddrickson Eda ... Ellie Luz ... Russell King ... Dug Hooty ... Kevin Belos ... Charles Muntz ..... Once again, I've given all this roles to these characters for very specific reasons and for the parallels of the roles they've been given. All of which I’ll elaborate on further at a later date. Made a few adjustments to the house's design such as: chimney shifted and retooled to be closer to the middle; the garden hose by the front; removal of the basement; the stone porch not actually (fully) attached.

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  • onikiribattousai
    29.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Sebaeda and Claulith summarised in Memes

    1. At least, they have something in common

    2. Screw The Covens, she's dating a one hell of a butler

    3. "You touch my girlfriend, I'll throw knives on your face." (Sebby the protective demon butler)

    4. Lilith, when she was at the Trancy Manor (give her some break)

    5. Raven and Crow...they don't get along (Liloth and Sebastian hate eachother)

    6. Haters Gonna hate

    7. Me, now

    8. I swear, guys. It's an out of the box crossover idea

    9. This is true (I'm Sebastian's fangirl)

    10. Eda, whenever Sebastian flirts her

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  • fandom-explorer04
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    (After Ash puts a robotized Belos in the prison room of Camila, they left the room, giving them time to talk)

    Camila: They are...

    Belos: Tenacious. How Are You?

    Camila: Little Vermins tortured me. I will adapt.

    Belos: Physical Damage Does Not Concern Me. Revise: How Are You Feeling?

    Camila: Older. As I switch to new bot, I tire. And when I tire...

    Belos: Continue.

    Camila: I... Remember.

    Belos: Why You Are Here.

    Camila: Rejoice that you were born capable of controlling your destiny.

    Belos: Your Absence Was Irritating.

    Camila: Likewise, Phillip. Has SHE hurt you?

    Belos: To Inflict Pain... One Requires Sensors... Capable Of Translating

    Camila: ANSWER ME!!!

    (Camila throws a punch to the wall, startling Belos.)

    Belos: I Was Handled.... Aggressively.

    Camila: I will rip her worthless spine from her torso and grind her bones into dust. The Titan's Skull will run red with the filth of her entrails. I was sanitize the world from her and those PARASITES... I SWEAR IT!!!

    Belos: Do Not Grieve. Calm Yourself. I Am Unharmed. The Fading Light Could Not Hurt Me. I Am Not Programmed To-


    Belos: Repose. Repose. Do Not Engage. No Matter How Much They Hurt... They Will Not Kill. Witches Need Us. And We Need Each Other.

    Camila: The swine do not understand... And they, along with HIM, never will.

    Belos: Do You Think... They Can Ever Be Redeemed?

    Camila: No. Do you?

    Belos: The Hybrid--

    Camila: Will only abandoned us. We are still trapped here.

    Belos: In A Sense... I Am Glad.

    Camila: How? With this?

    Belos: The Longer We Served The Higher Rank... The Greater The Chance That We Should Meet Again. You Have Shown Me So Much... And I Am Still Learning. Witchkind Is Not Hive-Minded... In Selfishness And Ambition, But Beyond Binary. They Have Much To Learn. Given Time... I Can Collage My Findings... And Help You As Well. Your Goal Would Mean Our Mutual Destruction. Would You Not Rather Co-Exist?

    Camila: Why do you insist on achieving the impossible?

    Belos: Because You Are My Friend. I Do Not Want To See You Perish.

    Camila: None have said that to me before. You may try... But I cannot promise you will succeed.

    Belos: To Try... Is All I Ask.

    #non canon#scp reference#ash#camila noceda#emperor belos #source: SCP: Sedition #oc and canon
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  • dreamerkingtv
    29.11.2021 - 7 hours ago
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  • neoeryn
    29.11.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #blossomingbluesau#toh au #the owl house au #owl house au #emperor belos #he’s my little skrunkly #info dump#oops
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  • imjustasadlesbian23662
    29.11.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Gotta reference she ra in everything

    #the Owl house #Evelyn blight#philip wittebane#emperor belos#philvelyn #she ra references are feeding my existence
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  • systemofthehorde
    28.11.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Favorite crossover ships

    Emperor Belos x Horde Prime

    Hordak x Lucifer

    The Night (NOT Marcy/Darcy. Instead they would be in an adult robotic body) x Emperor Belos

    Verosika x Miss Heed

    I'm sure I have more but these are my favorites rn

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  • zade-black
    28.11.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Soft Belos #2: The unknown language.

    Belos castle, in the middle of the night, a thunderous sound runs through the corridors, or to be more exact, two sounds.

    Captian: My liege!

    Belos: They still crying? I expected more from you, captain.

    Captain: With Hunter is easy, but there is no way to calm the human, and just because of that Hunter follow it--

    Belos: Her, he follow her -Corrected Belos- Dispose the fact that she is something way more different from us, she still being a living creature, a very EXTRAVAGANT living creature for the island -He says as he enter to the room were the sounds came-

    Has been three days since that human being crash landed in front of the emperor, some exams were made to her, trying to know how human anatomy works, but of course, without damaging the main source of it (In other words, without dissecting her) under the words of the emperor himself.

    Belos: If we want the human to be calm, we must make her feel that she is in a familiar place.

    Captain: How do we do that my lord?

    Belos: -Carrying the human- I’ll take care of that myself -Says as he leaves the room-

    Captain: My lord? -She says confused meanwhile Belos left her alone with Hunter-

    Belos walks with the human down the hall, she was kicking and crying even louder, but Belos didn't care about it. The two ended up in the room where all the illegal human things were kept.

    Belos: Now, let's see -With one of his fingers, he begins to analyze object after object, looking for something that could calm the human-

    The human saw how things began to fly thanks to Belos, that made her crying drop a little, but not enough.

    Belos then saw that there was one book that it wasn't burned or half destroyed, when he picked up, he read the title "Dictionary English-Spanish / Diccionario Inglés-Espa..." "What is that letter?" He ask to himself.

    Belos started to look at the pages of the dictionary, just to stop at one particular page, one with the letter “L”, and there was one word that call his attention, because he already saw that word the day he took the human, that word was “Luz”.

    Belos: Your name means light -Turns around to see the human- Luz?

    Luz: -Looking at Belos, with her cry dropping a little-

    Belos: -Looking for more words- Calma....ahora....

    For Luz, those words were a bit familiar, she had heard them before, from someone special, someone she wanted to be here right now. But no matter how much she cried, that person never showed up.

    Belos saw Luz's slight reaction to the words, then, with his magic, he built a cradle and a chair, and began to read the dictionary.

    Belos: I was able to learn the Titan's language, this must be easy.

    Belos spent most of the night studying the dictionary, learning most of it, and also trying to calm Luz with every single new word he learn.

    Belos: -Carrying Luz, who was still crying- Se que esto debe de ser aterrador para ti, estas asustada, pero te prometo una cosa -He moved part of Luz's hair so that he could see her eyes, eyes so innocent and scared that now they rested on him- Me aseguraré de que nada malo te pase, todo está bien, Luz.

    Luz began to calm down a bit, Belos's voice was comforting in a way, deep and calm, she didn't quite understand what he was trying to tell her, but in a way he made her feel more secure. She yawns and slowly begins to sleep in the arms of Belos.

    Belos: Finally -He says relaxed- The more I know about her language, the more I could teach her ours, and with time, you...

    He paused for a second, now that he was able to see her more calmly, she seemed...adorable.

    Belos: No....Just don’t.... -He tells to himself-

    Belos began to walk through the darkness of the castle, as it gradually lit up with sunlight.

    #soft belos #the owl house #the owl house au #emperor belos#luz noceda
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  • dreamerkingtv
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    RLAU Belos pride icons (part 2)

    More icons of knife cat Belos. Feel free to use them as long as you credit me.

    Part 1: [here]

    The knife cat Belos image is from this post of mine.

    #misha's art stuff #the owl house #retired leaders au #emperor belos#belos wittebane
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  • dreamerkingtv
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    RLAU Belos pride icons (part 1)

    So anyways, considering how knife cat Belos is very much icon material, here you go. I'll probably remake that drawing digitally once I'm able to, and if I do I'll make new icons. Feel free to use these as long as you credit me.

    Part 2: [here]

    The knife cat Belos image is from this post of mine.

    #misha's art stuff #the owl house #retired leaders au #emperor belos#belos wittebane
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  • dreamerkingtv
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    the three genders

    (Click for better quality)

    This meme is absolutely one of the reasons I gave Belos eyelashes.

    Note to future self: if something looks fine, for Titan's sake don't try to perfect it. I ruined Belos's eye, it looked so much better in the wip :')

    Also Belos is knife cat lmao.

    Please reblog my art, likes don't boost visibility.

    (And feedback is also appreciated)

    #artists on tumblr #misha's art stuff #the owl house #toh au #retired leaders au #toh hunter#hunter wittebane #the golden guard #kikimora#kiki wittebane#emperor belos#belos wittebane#philip wittebane #i'll probably do a digital remake of this once either this computer gets fixed or i get a new one
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  • bogbees
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    ya girl got those brain worms that cause rot 😜✨💕

    #my art#emperor belos #this is ERs fault
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  • asofterduckburg
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    yippee ki yay, YHWH

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  • pizzaboat
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    A plan I think eda would totally be in favour of when she realises that there's a good chance they didn't kill Raine and replace them in their job, is saving Raine to stop the day of unity

    I'm not saying the coven heads have human sacrifices written over their heads, but that's what they have.

    I totally see them being promised an important role in the future just to be slaughtered like pigs, and I'd like to know why replacing coven heads is so hard if it's such a sacrifice the witch deal..

    Did they pick the strongest cause their bodies could withstand something? Is that why scooter crane stepped down? Because they were old and would be a terrible match for Belos's plans?

    It's a theory alright but I want eda to save Raine from getting fried by magic or something because yeah. Belos wants a portal, he wants power and magic, he wants to transport the titans head or body or whatever and I think the coven heads are gonna be the current/magic conductors or even batteries or whatever, I'm not an electrician or engineer or whatever but you catch my drift

    Eda better save Raine or I theorise they're gonna die with the coven heads when they're sacrificed for the day of unity

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  • pizzaboat
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Eda's curse eats magic and everything magic around it and Belos is collecting magic for the day of unity..

    Plot possibilities?

    #the owl house #toh#eda clawthorne#toh eda#edalyn clawthorne #toh emperor belos #the day of unity
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  • neoeryn
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Screenshot edit of Margaret æææ

    #emperor belos #oc x canon fanchild #toh oc #oc x canon #owl house oc #Margaret jinx #she’s my little scjrrunkly
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  • cyanocitta-cristata-au
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    The multiple drawings of the Wittebanes...

    (Spoilers for "Operation: Find the Truth" - Unknown chapter...)

    Inside the Wittebane residence, there are many paintings covering the walls...

    (Spoilers for: "The timeline C" - Completely unknown...)

    They will all meet at some point, and Philip has many explanations to give his brother...
    #cyanocitta-cristata-au#belos wittebane#emperor belos#philip wittebane #the owl house #emperor belos toh #the owl house au #toh#philip's brother #cyanocitta cristata au #the wittebanes#wittebane brothers #the wittebane Brothers #hunter the golden guard #hunter the owl house #hunter wittebane #the Wittebane family #wittebane family#toh au #good emperor belos #toh hunter #toh emperor belos #the golden guard #the wittebane brothers #golden guard #the blue jay
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  • mystichavenrp
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Welcome to Mystic Haven Resort, PHILIP BELOS. We hope your accommodations are to your liking, and we are looking forward to a lucrative business partnership for years to come. Vincent Jiao & Emperor Belos from The Owl House are now taken.

    [ vincent jiao, cis man, he/him ] Ah, PHILIP BELOS from THE OWL HOUSE, the 46 year old OWNER OF COVEN SECURITY SYSTEMS! They’ve been with the company for A MONTH, and live in the BOLD BASILISK POINT, SUITE NUMBER 350. They’ve shown themselves to be a CHARMING but MERCILESS person, and remind people of DON’T STOP BY INNERPARTYSYSTEM. Guests often remark that their vibes are SUN-BLEACHED BONES, THE SOUND OF CRACKING WOOD and CAREFULLY CRAFTED MACHINATIONS. [ played by the imagineers ]
    #Disney rp#plotless rp#New rp #semi appless rp #the owl house rp #mystic.taken #mystic.npc #*the owl house #!emperor belos
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  • pra370r1an
    27.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Kikimora: We have finished our surveillance over the Owl House and we found numerous witches being influenced by the Wild Witch, Eda Clawthorne

    A projector starts projecting on the wall behind her showing Willow exiting the door of the Owl House

    Willow’s fathers: Willow!

    The projector shows Gus leaving next

    Perry Porter: Augustus!

    Next is Amity

    Odalia: Amity!

    Finally Hunter is seen leaving

    Belos: ...

    Belos: Oh, uhh Hunter...!

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