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  • megabuild
    25.06.2021 - 1 minute ago

    me and the boys on a family road trip where nothing could possibly go wrong

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  • flysafepapi
    25.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    My wifi was out for a week, so after the third day I was like “okay it’s okay I can use this time to be more productive!”

    Yeah, no

    Now I just have three new BwE stories that I started and don’t know how to finish.


    #the writers block is hitting hard boys #I’ve been struggling so hard with the Titanic AU #it just feels wrong to write maranzano as the creepy fiancé #but I’m gonna write it #because I deserve to see Meyer as Jack and Charlie as Rose #boardwalk empire
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  • theorganasolo
    25.06.2021 - 16 minutes ago
    Carrie Fisher behind the scenes of The Empire Strikes Back
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  • starwarsotpositivity
    25.06.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Star Wars Original Trilogy Appreciation Week

    Day 1 | Favorite movie: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
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  • book2sims
    25.06.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Sam Cortland

    Sam Cortland | Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas

    Described as:
    Bronze hair, golden brown eyes and high, elegant cheekbones. Celaena described him as tall and handsome. He smiles with a twinkle of mischief in the smooth, elegant panes of his face.

    “I love you. And from today onward, I want to never be separated from you. Where you go, I go. Even if that means going to Hell itself, wherever you are, that's where I want to be. Forever.”


    I gave him piercings because I think it suits him.

    More Throne of Glass here.

    #Throne of Glass #Sarah J. Maas #Sam Cortland#Celaena Sardothien#Sam Celaena#SJM#SJMaas#SJMFandom#TOG #Crown of Midnight #Heir of Fire #Empire of Storms #The Assassin's Blade #The Assassin and the Pirate Lord #Arobynn Hamel#Adarlan#fantasy#TS4#sims 4#ya books #ya book characters #ya fantasy#Aelin Galathynius #idk what the ship name is #is it#Samlaena
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  • atom-age
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


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  • chellilonaaphra
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Original Trilogy Appreciation Week 2021

    Favorite Movie:

    THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (1980) dir. Irvin Kershner
    “You do have your moments. Not many, but you do have them.” –Leia Organa
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  • r-u-s-s-i-a
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Wet nurses

    Many wealthy families in the Russian Empire hired wet nurses to feed milk and raise their children.Wet Nurses were hired due to the fact that independent breastfeeding was not practiced among aristocrats.The aristocrat was afraid that breastfeeding would spoil her figure. In addition, it prevented wearing fashionable dresses, prevented leading a secular lifestyle (attending theater performances, traveling with her husband to visit numerous acquaintances, etc.).Her husband could forbid her to feed the baby herself, believing that this prevents the conception of the next child. This was especially true if the wife gave birth to a girl, and the father of the family was eager to get an heir.

    A noble lady with a stroller and a wet nurse on the corner of Bolshaya Morskaya Street

    When choosing a wet nurse, preference was given to healthy girls of large build with a calm character. There were prejudices about the color of hair among the people. Most often, preference was given to blondes (it was believed that their milk was better). The milk of red-haired women was considered harmful.It happened that some mothers preferred pretty peasant women, so that the sarafan and kokoshnik looked beautiful on them. Others, on the contrary, chose older and uglier women-they were afraid for their husband's infidelity

    In Europe and Russia, a wet nurse was taken into the house, as a rule, without a child (most often he was illegitimate, she did not have a husband).In Russia, these children were raised by relatives of a wet nurse.If there was no such opportunity, they were sent to an orphanage.

    Karl Wenig (1830-1908) "A Wet Nurse visits her child" (1860s)

    For a peasant woman accustomed to hard work, getting a job as a wet nurse was a real success.After all, she was engaged only in the baby, was responsible for his nutrition, cleanliness, sleep. At the same time, she was often forbidden to visit her relatives, to walk alone, to make acquaintances. However, she had to attend church services.At the same time,wet nurses were treated with respect.They were well fed, provided with clothes, shoes, bath accessories, and presented with gifts on holidays. A woman could enter the master's chambers, she was not punished for minor offenses.

    As in Europe,wet nurse often replaced the child's real mother-she sincerely loved him, spoiled him, told fairy tales, made toys, sewed clothes. The little barchuk answered her in the same way. Together with the milk of the nurse, he absorbed simple Russian speech, fairy tales, proverbs, sayings, customs.

    As in Europe, the nurse often replaced the child's real mother-she sincerely loved him, spoiled him, told fairy tales, made toys, sewed clothes.The baby answered her in the same way. Together with the milk of the nurse, he absorbed simple Russian speech, fairy tales, proverbs, sayings, customs.

    Since the XVIII century, wet nurses had a well-established appearance, they wore a sundress and a kokoshnik, but unlike ordinary peasant clothes, the interior items of wet nurses were sewn from expensive fabrics. Sometimes the appearance was complemented by noble items of clothing, which is confirmed by the paintings of that time.

    "The wet nurse with the child" (the second quarter of the XIX century).The artist is unknown

    It was customary to keep a wet nurse until a very old age.After all, when the pupils became adults, they often paid their "foster mothers" a pension, took them to live in their house to live out their lives in comfort and satiety, to nurse "dairy grandchildren".

    The decline of the era of wet nurses dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century in Russia. Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, by her example, urged the aristocrats to feed their children independently, to pay more attention to them. Later, dry and canned mixes appeared in the country. After the revolution, wet nurses finally disappeared as a class, along with footmen, maids and other servants for the "rich".Meanwhile, in the USSR, the collection points of donor milk functioned for quite a long time.Since breast milk was still considered more valuable than mixtures

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  • bantarleton
    25.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    A French boy introduces himself to Indian soldiers who had just arrived in France to fight alongside French and British forces during WW1, Marseille, 1914.Colourised by @marinaarts.

    #ww1 #world war 1 #world war one #british history#british empire#military history#history #first world war
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  • katadesmoi
    25.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    dishonored 2 was like. we are going to centre this game’s entire story on all the different ways power can be abused and STILL try to justify our protagonist going right back to sitting on a throne at the end of it <3 like shut up shut UP

    #high chaos emily IS the only version of this game with any semblance of a good story #dh2’s thesis statement on low chaos is ‘empire bad...EXCEPT when emily kaldwin specifically is empress <3’ #like what kind of lukewarm critique is that........... #at least dishonored 1 understood that low chaos doesn’t mean Good. it just means u don’t get blood on the carpet!!! #tbd#dishonored
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  • daisybrekker
    25.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Queen of Shadows:

    As an arrow fired by, the lieutenant shot for Aelin. She twisted to avoid it only to find a second arrow from Manon already there. A wall of muscle slammed into her, shielding her and shoving her to the stones, and the arrow went clean through Rowan's shoulder.

    Her heart. It had been meant for her heart and he had taken it for her.

    Empire of Storms:

    "Well? When did you know he was your mate?" Maeve asked.

    "At Tempis Temple," Aelin admitted glancing to Manon. "The moment the arrow went through his shoulder. Months ago."

    #tog#sjm #sarah j maas #throne of glass #crown of midnight #heir of fire #queen of shadows #empire of storms #kingdom of ash #aelin galathynius#rowan whitethorn#rowaelin#maeve#manon blackbeak#asterin blackbeak#celaena sardothien#ya romance#ya fantasy#ya books#tog quotes
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  • thesilicontribesman
    25.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Roman Stone Relief of a Dog and a Lion, The National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon, Wales.

    This stone slab may have adorned the side of a tomb at the side of Caerleon Roman Fort.

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  • theonewhoimagined
    25.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Take a shot every time an SJM character vomits

    #her affinity for vomiting is boundless #it is absolutely relentless #it's in every chapter i swear #im having fun counting them #sjm books#sjm fandom #sarah j maas #tog#acotar#tog series#acotar series #throne of glass #crown of midnight #heir of fire #queen of shadows #empire of storms #tower of dawn #kingdom of ash #aelin galathynius#rowan whitethorn #rowan x aelin #rowaelin #feyre x rhysand #feyre archeron#feyre#feysand #a court of mist and fury #a court of wings and ruin #acomaf#acowar
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  • favoriteginger
    25.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Please i need someone to scream about empires with or I'm gonna have to yell into the void and I'm trying not to subject all my star wars mutuals to that

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  • ethiobird
    25.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i understand that omegas a kid but it seems like they rly don’t give a fuck about their own brother … where’s the crosshair plotline… it’s not the mandalorian it’s the bad batch and so far we have 4/5 of em it hurts me. Crosshair can stay evil idc anymore but so far he’s had like 10 minute screentime

    #the bad batch spoilers #crosshair #idk just show him killing civilians or whatever just what’s he’s been up to w the empire .
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  • thesilicontribesman
    25.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Roman Leaden Cremation Burial, 1st Century CE, The National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon, Wales.

    This lead container features the bones of a man over 35 wrapped in linen and a libation of milk, wine or honey.

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  • dinbeskarbaby
    25.06.2021 - 5 hours ago


    I like to think that deep inside Crosshair is not hunting after them but he trys to follow them for help. AND THEY LITERALLY PROMISED THEMSELVES TO NEVER GO BACK TO KAMINO. AH I SEE...We don't leave our own behind hunter? What was that again? You left him for the third time now? Great work sarg.

    #crosshair #he should stay with the empire they treat him better lil #tbb don't deserve him #sorry not sorry #I'm so mad #the bad batch #star wars#ct-9904
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  • zhinarts
    25.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Watched the Sonic Villains Q & A and got inspired to draw the Egg Boss Alt of my Avatar!

    If anyone remembers her, I toss my hat to ya!

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  • rsisinternational
    25.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Antecedents of Corporate Income Smoothing of Financially Distress Likelihood Quoted Companies in Nigeria

    New Post has been published on https://www.rsisinternational.org/virtual-library/papers/antecedents-of-corporate-income-smoothing-of-financially-distress-likelihood-quoted-companies-in-nigeria/

    Antecedents of Corporate Income Smoothing of Financially Distress Likelihood Quoted Companies in Nigeria
    International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume VIII, Issue V, May 2021 | ISSN 2321–2705
    Antecedents of Corporate Income Smoothing of Financially Distress Likelihood Quoted Companies in Nigeria
    Rachel Konyefa Dickson (Ph.D.) Department of Management, Faculty of Management Sciences,Niger Delta University
    ABSTRACT The incessant income smoothing of corporate organisations has generated much concern by corporate reporting practitioners and academics worldwide. Though income smoothing is legal, it is deceptive. This study focused on the antecedents of income smoothing by financial distress likelihood quoted companies in Nigeria. It specifically examined the firm size, Leverage, board independence, managerial ownership and board gender diversity on income smoothing of financial distress likelihood zone companies in Nigeria. It is an experimental research design covering six (5) years from 2014 to 2019. The entirety of the study was 114 non-financial companies quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, while 59 companies constituted the sample size arrived at using Altman’s Z-Score. The Eckle methodological model was used for the assessment of income smoothing before applying the dichotomous variable approach. Content analysis of annual financial reports of sampled companies was employed, and data were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics such as Pearson correlation, variance inflation factor, panel and pooled least square regressions. This study revealed that firm size, Leverage, board size, and managerial shares shareholdings have a positive relationship with income smoothing. Simultaneously, board independence and board gender diversity have no significant influence and were also negatively related to income smoothing of financial distress likelihood companies in Nigeria. We, therefore, recommend that an independent board made up of male and female of different disciplines and professional qualification in accounting and finance should be encouraged irrespective of the size of the firm. The recommendation is based on the need to ensure financial reporting quality instead of smoothing income even when the firm is at the threshold of financial distress in Nigeria
    Keywords: Income Smoothing, Financial Distress Zone, Board and Firm Characteristics
    1.INTRODUCTION The incessant income smoothing of corporate firms either in safe, grey or financial distress likelihood zone has generated much concern by corporate reporting practitioners and academics worldwide. Companies are in financial distress zone when they possess high fixed costs, illiquid assets, or revenues sensitive to economic downturns (Kenton, 2019). Companies in financial distress zone find it extremely difficult to meet their financial obligations. Where they do, they struggle seriously to meet such obligations to their creditors. Management may be inclined to take actions to increase earnings of the company in financial distress zone when earnings are relatively low and to decrease earnings when earnings are relatively high, which is believed to be an alteration of accounting information(Abdullah, Al-Zabari, & Al Marshedi, 2018: Glaum, Keller, & Street, 2018). The main reasons deduced why managers engage in income smoothing are: maximising their wealth, reducing the perceived riskiness of the firm, enhancing firm value, meeting debt covenants,
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    #financial distress prediction models #financial distress research paper #give an example of a success or distress in today's business world #how to tell if a company is in financial trouble #how would you assess empirically the likelihood of a firm getting into financial #income smoothing examples #likelihood of a firm getting into financial distress #procedures applied to evaluate financial distress indicators
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