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  • peppermint-joys
    22.01.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Elio is such a sensitive soul. In spite of his withdrawn personality, Elio loves to look on the bright side of life. He’s only seven, but can already be considered a hopeless romantic. His little heart would crumble to pieces if his favorite prima, Dolores, and Señor Mariano broke up.

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  • studymaniac
    22.01.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    "Oh no, no, no! I never look into my own future that... doesn't work out."


    Angsty bit of fanart for my favorite ratman. 🐀 Because I can. Version without the cracks below the cut.

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  • aussiepineapple1st
    22.01.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    Part 1 | Previous | Next

    Here is part 4 just uploading on my phone at the moment will edit this text and add the links when I get to my laptop! ENJOY!!

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  • consbastony-draws
    22.01.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    My two favorite characters from the movie

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  • goldenbutterfly93
    22.01.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    How they First met:

    -          When Rita was performing flamenco at Casita during the summer festival

    -          Bruno was not a party person but he was dragged out of his tower by Julieta, who wanted her little brother to have some fun.

    -          Bruno was leaning against the balcony at the courtyard of Casita and noticed a huge group of people gather around a circle.

    -          He saw a group of bailarinas (dancers) dancing Cumbia (it’s a type of folk dance in Colombia; similar to Mirabel’s fluttering skirt dance from Family of Madrigals Song..?) then he noticed Rita, who was dancing at the center in a yellow dress like a golden butterfly.

    -          He was mesmerized by the performance just like the rest of the audience.

    -          Then suddenly, the music changed into a more dramatic tone and the two dancers next to her suddenly grab the sides of her clothing and pulled it off, revealing a form fitting red dress with golden ruffles at the skirt hem (like a flamenco dress) and she started to dance flamenco.

    (For the flamenco dance, I imagined Rita would dance like Carmen Amaya, a legendary flamenco dancer in Spain back in 1930-1950s. Here’s a youtube video of her for your reference!


    -          He vaguely heard cheers, guitar and clapping around him. He didn’t realize himself walking down the stairs, getting closer to the crowd to get a better look with her graceful yet passionate movements.

    -          At the finale of her performance, she always threw her gold Fajin (Spanish sash) to the audience so whoever caught it would dance with her at the encore.

    -          The moment her Fajin was high in the mid-air, a gush of wind caused by Pepa’s fury (towards her now ex-boyfriend) sent the Fajin to the back of the crowd, flying right onto Bruno’s face who was at the back.

    -          She walked towards Bruno removing her Fajin from his face. “I believe you would be mi pareja for the encore, Senor.” She said with a playful smirk. “What?” Before Bruno could process the current situation, she looped the Fajin around his waist and dragged him to the center of the stage. The rest of the crowd looked at them with wide eyes, some whispering why she picked Bruno out of all people while most of young men in the room looked disappointed.

    -          The silence was soon broken by Julieta’s cheers of “otra!”, followed by hesitant clapping and shouts of “otra!” from the rest of the crowds.

    -          Bruno on the other hand, was freaked out as he frantically whispered to the girl. “Perdóname Señorita, I don’t dance!” She turned to him and he was looking into a pair of golden amber eyes reminding him of midday sun. Her smile was as radiant as sunshine, he thought.

    -          “…don’t worry. Just follow my step and feel the music.” She clapped twice and the music switched to a slower tune. She started to dance a well-known folk dance easier for normal people to follow, and thankfully he knew this routine since he often danced it with his hermanas when he was younger.

    -          It was awkward to dance with someone else other than his sisters, Bruno began to sweat from the spotlights as he clumsily followed her steps. She seemed to sense his nervousness and gave him an encouraging smile, mouthing “you are doing great” to him. For some reason, he became a little relaxed from her encouragement and started to catch up her movements.

    -          They eventually danced in sync and to his surprise, he found himself actually enjoying it. She was also amused by his dancing skill (and unbeknownst to him, she signaled the band to play a bit faster).

    -          The music ended and they were facing each other, face flushing from dancing. As if he woke up from a dream, Bruno’s face turned redder realizing what he had done and left the crowd as fast as he could.

    -          She just watched his back with amusement, eyes gleaming with curiosity. Most of the men She had danced with at the encore performance either (literally) begged her for another dance or attempted to flirt with her, and Bruno was the first guy ran away from her. (He’s not a bad dancer, too. She thought)

    More miscellaneous info about Rita:

    -          She learned flamenco dance from her mother, who used to be a flamenco dancer of a gypsy troupe.

    -          She joined the traveling entertainer troupe at age of 13 to make money to support her family because her mother was bedridden by illness and her father passed away in a car accident the previous year.

    -          She was a natural dancer before she started her career. As her father used to say, the gypsy blood in her vein flared up her energy and passion when she dances.

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  • bugboyandtomatoman
    22.01.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    It’s fucking terrible how terrified of his own mother Bruno is. 

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  • mango-tango69
    22.01.2022 - 39 minutes ago

    anyone else salty that Dolores and Camilo got left out of the Funko Pop collection? As well as Pepa, Félix, and Agustín!! I know they're more side characters, but THEY LITERALLY CUT OUT TWO OF THE GRANDKIDS WITH THE BIGGEST FOLLOWINGS

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  • kyquizix-king
    22.01.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    A few favorites

    #encanto #tangled the series #rapunzels tangled adventure #tangled#bruno madrigal#camilo madrigal#varian#rapunzel
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  • horror-ofthe-seas
    22.01.2022 - 45 minutes ago

    Okay but headcanon that Bruno has always gotten easily spooked, but he'd always have his sisters to turn to for comfort- So his time in the dark walls where not even the Casita's magic was there for company was pretty awful for him- The only thing that could calm him down sometimes was the sound of rain outside, because he knew it was always Pepa and it almost felt like her being there.

    Eventually he'd befriended rats and that helped with the fear and isolation, as much as it could anyway- there was comfort in not feeling completely separated from all life forms.

    But he was still terrified every time he left the small comfort of the room he'd made for himself behind the dining room walls. Always looking over his shoulder and rushing back to his room as fast as he could through the superstitious rituals he'd taken upon himself. He was terrified of what lurked in the shadows

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  • ssec0rp
    22.01.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    I watched 1 really good movie and 1 really good show where both of my favorite characters ended up being the sad “family issues,” person with deep eye bags.

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  • hootsifershussy
    22.01.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    the next time someone tells me “i’m in your walls” i’m just gonna say bruno moment

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  • yourpeculiarfriend
    22.01.2022 - 46 minutes ago

    Younger PB&J triplets!☀️

    *They’re 15-17 here

    #this was kind of made with the idea in mind of Alma taking a photo #encanto#encanto fanart#bruno madrigal#pepa madrigal#julieta madrigal#madrigal triplets #anyway I love these siblings and wish we got to see them interact more
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  • zafirosreverie
    22.01.2022 - 52 minutes ago

    Listen, the madrigal triplets are my babies and I love them so much. So here, have the digital vers of this


    #zafiro draws#encanto#julieta madrigal#pepa madrigal#bruno madrigal#madrigal triplets #i love them your honor #they're babies #I couldn’t decide which one I liked more for Bruno #so take both #my drawing
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  • nitroh
    22.01.2022 - 53 minutes ago

    So, vibe check…how thirsty are we for Bruno?

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  • ayamethewitch
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Encanto: Dating Bruno Madrigal would include/ Tener una relacion con Bruno Madrigal incluiria.

    (Neutral s/o) (English/Español)


    Warning: Little mention of sex, but nothing so spicy or explicit/ Advertencia: Pequeña mension de sexo, pero nada muy picante o explicito.


    •First, he was really nervous when he started to have feelings for you. Because he is shy and spent a lot of time without feeling the love.

    •But you two started to be very close, so he started to feel more confident to tell how he feels.

    —Y/N, i...I love you...did you think you feel the same?—he says a little bit scared.

    •And of course you feel the same, so, you two started a relationship.

    •He loves physical contact, so he's very often holding your hand, with his head on your shoulder, hugging you and giving you kisses.

    •He's kisses are very clumsy at the beginning but then, he gets more practice. So then, they turn so much sweet, slowly, and full of love.

    •If you are small, he's always doing the thing of hugging you from behind and then, starting walking without breaking the hug. You started to walk slowly, but very close to each other.

    •Also, he made for you a lot of gifts, like draws, bracelets, letters telling you how much he loves you, and even a necklace made with macarons.

    •His rats love you so much

    •When you two started sleeping together (non in a sexual way) he was very nervous, even when you two don't gonna have "that".

    —"It's... it's okay if I hug you I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable...

    And then, you kiss him and hug him.

    He just calm, and then, he falls asleep very happy with you.

    •Now, if he sees you naked, or semi-naked he's gonna scream, maybe fainted, and be very blush, like a tomato.

    —Mi Vida..what are...yo...OH MY GOD—he says putting a blanket to hide his face

    —Bruno, it's okay ¡don't worry!—you say laughing

    Then, when you are dressed and he's calm.

    —Mi Vida?

    —Yeah?—you ask

    —Your body is very bonito...muy bonito if I can be honest...

    •But then with the time, he feels comfortable with the idea of you and him naked * you can leave your hat on started to sound, lol *

    •He's very happy with you and everyone in the family notice that

    You were helping Mirabel with something and Bruno was just looking at you.

    —Just, look that Pepita...—say Felix laughing—mi cuñado está muy enamorado...

    —Wh...what...—Bruno realize that he wasn't paying attention to them.

    —Oh, don't worry hermanito, we can see how you get when you are with Y/N, so blush and romantic...

    •One time you asked him to give you a vision, he wasn't convinced at all but then he say yes.

    —What do you see?—you asked moving your head around the place, a vision started to appear.

    —Well..oh..you are where, yeah! that's you and...oh..that's me...

    —So cute...wait...what are we doing... it's that our clothes flying around the room...?

    —Are you kissing my neck? I think we are in our bedroom and...OH MY GOD.

    It was a really spicy vision.


    —Where we go, mi amor?


    •Talking about sex, I think that he's very sweet, at the beginning he has not much practice, but with time, he started to learn everything that he likes and everything that you like, but still being sweet, and of course, he could turn a little flirtatious if you want.

    •He's really happy with the idea of having a family, like kids, but only if you want.

    •If you want to have kids, he's prepared to be the best dad ever! It could be by the option that you want more, like pregnancy, adoption, in vitro fertilization, etc!

    •If you don't want to have kids, he's okay with that, he's already happy with his sisters, his nephews, and brothers-In-law.

    •Fights are very rare, of course, this doesn't mean that you don't fight. But you two never have a big fight, maybe you two may not agree on something or something like that...

    —You are not a freak...—you say holding his hand— you are the love of my love and wonderful men...

    —I...I know...I just...you deserve someone better

    —No, I don't want anyone but you..—you kiss his lips and smile— I love you, Bruno Madrigal, don't ever forget that...

    •You two are a very cute couple 💖


    •El estaba nervioso cuando comenzo a tener sentimientos por ti, por que el es timido y paso mucho tiempo sin sentir amor.

    •Pero ustedes dos comenzaron a ser muy cercanos y el a sentirse mas seguro acerca de lo que sentia.

    —T/N...estoy enamorado de ti...¿crees que sientas lo mismo?—dice el un poco asustado.

    •Y por supuesto tu te sentias de la misma forma asi que ustedes dos comienzan una relacion.

    •El ama el contacto fisico asi que esta constantemente sosteniendo tu mano, con su cabeza en su hombro o dandote besos.

    •Sus besos son algo torpes al comienzo, pero luego el adquiere mas practica. Entonces se vuelven mucho mas dulces, lentos y llenos de amor.

    •Si eres de estatura baja, el siempre the abraza por detras y entonces comienzan a caminar juntos sin romper el abrazo. Los dos caminan lento pero muy cerca del otro.

    •Ademas, el te hace un monton de regalos, como dibujos, bracaletes, cartas diciendote lo mucho que te ama e incluso un collar de macarrones.

    •Sus ratas te aman mucho <3

    •Cuando los dos comienzan a dormir juntos (no de manera sexual), el estaba nervioso aun cuando ustedes dos no iban a hacer "eso".

    —¿Es...esta bien si te abrazo? , no quiero hacerte sentir incomodidad y...

    Entonces lo besas y o abrazas

    El se calma y entonces cae dormido muy feliz contigo.

    •Ahora si te ve semi o totalmente desnudx, el va a gritar, tal vez desmayarse y estara muy sonrojado, como un tomate.

    —Mi Vida...¿que estas hacien...¡OH DIOrS MIO!—dice mientras pone una manta para ocultar su rostro.

    —Bruno, tranquil ¡Esta bien!—le dices riendo.

    Entonces, cuando el esta calmado y tu vestidx

    —¿Mi Vida?


    —Tu cuerpo es bonito...muy bonito si puedo ser honesto...

    •Pero entonces con el tiempo el se siente mas comodo con la idea de ustedes dos desnudos * you can leave your hat on comienza a sonar, lol*

    •El es muy feliz contigo y todos en la Familia notan eso.

    Estabas ayudando a Mirabel con algo y Bruno solo te miraba a ti.

    —Solo mira eso, Pepita...—dice Felix riendo—mi cuñado está muy enamorado...

    —Qu...Que?—Bruno nota que no les estaba prestando atencion a ellos.

    —Oh, no te preocupes, hermanito, vemos perfectamente como te pones cuando estas con T/N, muy sonrojado y romantico

    •Una vez le pediste que te diera una vision, el no estaba muy convencido pero al final dijo que si.

    —¿Que ves?—Dices moviendo tu cabeza alrededor, una vision comenzaba a aparecer.

    —Bueno, oh...ahi estas tu, ¡si! eres tu y...oh...ese soy yo.

    —Que tierno...espera ¿que estamos haciendo?, ¿es..esa nuestra ropa volando por la habitacion...?

    —¿Estas besando mi cuello? creo que estamos en nuestra habitacion y ¡OH DIOS MIO!

    Era una vision bastante peculiar


    —¿A...a donde nos llevas, mi amor?


    •Hablando de sexo, creo que el es muy dulce, al principio el no tiene mucha practica pero con el tiempo el aprende que es lo que le gusta a el y que te gusta a ti, pero sigue siendo dulce y por supuesto puede ponerse coqueto si tu quieres.

    •El esta muy feliz con la idea de tener una familia, pero solo si tu quieres.

    •Si quieres tener hijos el esta preparado para ser el mejor hijo del mundo, puede ser por la opcion que tu mas quieras, embarazo, adopcion, fertilizacion in vitro, etc I

    •Si no quieres tener hijos, el esta bien con eso, el ya es feliz con sus sobrinos, sus hermanas y cuñados.

    •Las peleas son muy raras, por supuesto eso no quiere decir que ustedes no peleen. Pero ustedes nunca tendran una gran pelea, puede que solo no esten de acuerdo en algo o algo por el estilo

    —No eres raro...—le dices tomando su mano—eres el amor de mi vida y un gran hombre.

    —Lo...lo se, es solo que, mereces a alguien mejor...

    —No, no quiero a nadie mas que a ti...—besas sus labios y sonries—Te amo,Bruno Madrigal nunca olvides eso.

    •Ustedes dos son una pareja adorable💖.

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  • nickfromguesswhohateclub
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    a wild bruno has appeared!

    quick bruno doodle during psych class today<3

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  • pepamimujer
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #encanto#bruno madrigal #no se habla de bruno #we dont talk about bruno
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  • quietbirdee
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    a couple phone doodles!!

    #encanto#bruno madrigal#birdee draws #very sketchy doodles!! #trying to kick my brain into gear!!
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  • sheacrowley
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    De Amor y Magia - Ch. 2

    Part Two because I was in the mood and now I don’t feel like hanging onto it. Whatever. Same day, second fic. Enjoy. Lol

    Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x OC (Carmen)

    Warnings: None.

    Summary: More childhood backstory. Bruno gets his rats, the kids find talents, Bruno is a bookworm and you can’t convince me otherwise.

    Wordcount: ~1200

    Part 1 

    As the children grew and the Madrigals came into their powers, things continued to change in Encanto. Julieta began to spend more time cooking or delivering meals to people in town while Pepa used her weather to help out the farmers. Bruno was called on to give visions more often than he liked. It only took a few months for the people to start whispering about his powers and how it seemed his visions were more ominous than helpful. With each negative reaction, his faith in himself wavered and as his moods worsened, so did his visions. 

    His only solace was the days he managed to escape Alma’s notice, hiding out in the woods that surrounded the village. He and Carmen had found a little clearing deep in the forest where a mountain stream carved its way down the cliffside and spilled into a small pond. Whenever the weather was nice and they could slip away from their families and responsibilities, they retreated to their little hideaway and whiled away the hours however they wished.

    Carmen found enjoyment in sewing, making elaborately designed puppets and animals, as well as stitching little patterns along the edges of Bruno’s ruana. She made herself a long scarf to match, working tirelessly to make certain the hourglass design carried over perfectly.

    Bruno, in the meantime, developed a love for storytelling. He strung up a sheet between two trees and used Carmen’s puppets to act out dramatic plays, usually making up the stories on the spot. He enjoyed making the sets for his plays almost as much, spending hours painting the perfect backdrop for a certain scene. 

    One day, Carmen had only just arrived at the clearing when Bruno came rushing toward her from the pond, a panicked look on his face. The day before had rained from sunup to sundown and the pond had spilled over its banks, apparently flushing a few small animals from burrows nearby. Bruno cradled his arms, creating a pocket in his ruana. A pair of rats lay in the pocket, drenched and shivering miserably. 

    “We have to help them,” he said, his eyes wide and pleading as Carmen glanced between the boy and his cargo. Of all the animals in the forest that Bruno could choose to help, why rats? Still, the look in his eyes twisted her heart and she sighed heavily, knowing they were both going to get in trouble for this but unable to resist.

    “Maybe Julieta can help,” she suggested. “We should probably hurry. They don’t look so good.”

    They ran for the casita, Bruno making a bee-line for the kitchen while Carmen rushed off to find Julieta. Carmen expected convincing Julieta to give some of her magic food to a pair of rats would be an ordeal in and of itself, but Julieta had always been the most compassionate of the quartet. She didn’t much care what her brother had brought home, only that it needed help.

    The real ordeal was talking Alma into letting Bruno keep the rats. He refused to return them to the pond. “Their home was destroyed,” he pleaded. “Where are they supposed to go now?” In the end, that was the argument that won the day, with Bruno entirely unaware of how close to home his words had struck for his mother. Marta and Manolo, as Bruno eventually decided to name them, came to live in his room despite Alma and Pepa’s reservations. 

    After that, Carmen started adding little stitched rats in between the hourglasses on Bruno’s ruana. It was mostly a joke at first, but only a few months after bringing them home, Marta and Manolo gifted Bruno with a brood of new rats to spoil, and Bruno’s affinity for rodents became a popular subject among the gossipmongers in Encanto. From then on, there were always at least a dozen rats living in Bruno’s room at any given time. He did his best to keep the males and females separated to control the breeding, but it took a while for things to slow down.

    Unfortunately, caring for so many pets took time and Bruno found it harder and harder to slip away from the casita. Which meant Alma nudged him more and more often to give visions, taking up all the more of Bruno’s time.

    Carmen took this all in stride as just another change in an ever-changing childhood. She spent more time with Pepa and Julieta, learning to cook and dance and do things her mother considered more proper for a young woman than spending all her time following around… ‘that rat boy’. Carmen hated the appellation but it seemed to have stuck in the minds of the villagers. 

    However, once the families had retired to their rooms for the night, Carmen would sneak out of her house and up the hill to Casita Madrigal. Casita, for its part, always helped the girl get in and out quietly, almost as if it knew this was something both she and Bruno needed. Carmen and Bruno would sit in his tower together, performing one of Bruno’s new plays, or trying to train the rats to do various tricks.

    Sometimes Carmen would convince Bruno to climb the stairs with her and practice his visions. She was still convinced of what she’d told him when they were younger, that all he needed was to work at it. Still, so many of the visions simply made no sense, and, much like Pepa’s weather, they seemed attuned to Bruno’s mood. The worse a mood he was in, the more chaotic the vision. 

    There were days, after Alma insisted on Bruno doing multiple readings and inevitably having to soothe the clients’ fouled tempers and soured moods, when Bruno would lock the door of his tower and refuse to come out. On top of the bad visions souring the boy’s already dubious reputation, having too many too close together left him shaky and exhausted.

    On those days, the door opened only for Carmen, usually bringing along a tray of Bruno’s favorite snacks, helpfully provided by a worried Julieta. Sometimes he wouldn’t want even Carmen there, but casita always opened the door for her, refusing to let the boy suffer on his own. Bruno’s usually quick and creative mind would be spinning with the negativity of the day. Carmen would spread a blanket in the middle of the sand in his vision room, drag the boy in and make him sit, and pull out whatever their book of the week was. Whenever Bruno protested being in the vision cave, Carmen simply shrugged.

    “You need to have some good memories in this room or you’ll only get stressed out when you come here. Now shut up and eat your buñuelos.”

    And they would pass the remainder of the day in that fashion, picking over the snacks while taking turns reading aloud, occasionally slipping into silly voices until they were both giggling helplessly.

    In this way, their childhood passed. Nothing was ever easy in the life of Bruno Madrigal, but it was never truly as dark as it could have been. He had his family, his rats, and his best friend. As far as he could imagine, it was all he really needed.

    #encanto#Encanto Fanfiction #encanto x reader #encanto x oc #bruno madrigal x reader #bruno madrigal x oc #bruno x reader #bruno x oc #bruno madrigal
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  • acceberv
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    How long you think until there’s a cover of Bruno’s song on Otomatone? I know there’s versions of wdtab on kazoo and Minecraft noteblocks

    Edit: found some covers of it on Tiktok

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