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  • xie-solarin
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Scar be like: Im a red life, Im going to kill B.E.S.T. I scam people for diamonds, I want the enchanter, I dont have the enchanter. Im a marriage counselor, I do love potions. I sell shitty magic crystals. Actually nvm they are not shitty is science. I have the enchanter, people have to praise the enchanter. No one is praising the enchanter. I can't swim. I drowned. I have to kill Bdubs, no, I don't know how to kill someone. I did a trap I did TWO traps. My trap failed. I walked in an ackward convo and made myself third wheel. Im a red life

    #goodtimeswithscar#gtws #last life smp #last life #last life spoilers #last life scar #solarin talks #Were did the praise the enchanter came from??? #And the love crystals???
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  • samantabrzozowska
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    “Be good as bread is”

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  • superpwrtoolkit
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dege Time aims to educate using entertainment with therapy in mind. Through the flagship show, Deges & Dragons, TTRPGs are taught and demonstrated. Each game has a theme like anxiety or skills building. Indie creators are highlighted to support the industry. 

    Ghost Ops

    A tactical military TTRPG where you will be a member of Ghost Ops, an international organization composed of only the most elite. The main focus of this game is to perform top secret high demand missions taking you anywhere from the depths of the ocean to the tallest mountain. With a combat heavy focus, there are fine details about weapons and specialties. Whether you gather intel, fight while skiing, or defuse bombs on a train, the action is high octane, yet safe enough to metabolize. Incorporating feedback from popular veteran groups, a second edition is available now.


    A medical military drama TTRPG where you will be members of a mobile army hospital unit in Korea during the war. Created by the editor of a medical journal, the book is meticulously sourced with accurate information to reflect the struggles of those stationed there. The availability of manpower, resources, rest, and luck all have their roles to play. The true intensity comes from the brutality of practicing medicine under the circumstances with little to no combat whatsoever. For those seeking to grapple with war, but stray from simulated battle, this will be your speed.

    Don’t forget to visit degetime.com or follow @degetime on FB, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram for more updates on MASHED and for links on their podcast. 

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  • samantabrzozowska
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Simple Magical Me 

    Smile :)

    With Love Sam

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  • mrs-forte
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    The man

    #Maestro Forte#maestroforte #Beauty and the Beast #Batb #Beauty and the beast the enchanted christmas #batb 1997#court composer #Maybe one of the most important person in my life #Maestro even 22 years later you still move me deep #Maestro #Maestro Forte beauty and the beast #Forte Beauty and the Beat #Tim Curry
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  • etho-slab-time
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Everytime i watch a new pov and i see skizzs "uh oh

    Everybody's in trouble now"

    Pop up in chat. All i can think is like. You! Youre everyone!!! Boy u need to run so hard! He didn't even Know at that point that scar had literally died running across the Entire server to Find Him and had Already threatened going red to get that table back!! Its like those cartoon strips where the prey animal is very calmly telling everyone else they should probably run for cover. And funnier still! The reason no one could find him was because he was Also running across the entire server 🤣😭

    #skizzleman#goodtimeswithscar#enchanting table#last life#session 5#trafficblr #god if i could word things better i feel like this would b a really funny post #oh well #i swear its like a looney tunes skit up in here
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  • stark-park
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Enchanted 3 Closing Ceremony

    I did not want this con to end 😭 not only did I have an amazing time meeting the actors, half of whom I'd already met, but it was such a rush to meet my con buddies again.

    The worst part about the weekend, is that this is the last Enchanted convention Starfury will be running. They lost too much money on refunds to do another Enchanted and it sucks so much, but I have hope that there will be another con of theirs for me to go to, hopefully in the near future they will run a con with OUAT actors returning (I so want to meet Josh and Ginny again!). And I knew this all weekend, that it was the last, it tainted the enjoyment somewhat, a bitter sweet enjoyment, but I loved it all the same.

    So when the closing ceremony came around, like me, I think many people didn't want it to end. The guests were all called out one by one and we cheered for each and every one of them, a last cheer of appreciation. Then they all joined us together for one last time on stage as Sean Harry (the organiser) gave his speech.

    His speech showed gratitude, not just to the guests for coming to the con, but to all the staff who ran the event, the agents who got the actors there, and finally to us, the fans, without whom these events would not be able to go ahead. He carried on saying how it was so wonderful that we were all able to come together to celebrate a show we loved, with actors and characters we loved, whether it was our first or final Enchanted con, it was somewhere every single one of us could be ourselves and enjoy ourselves, no judgement, no pressure, and no expectation to hide any part of ourselves.

    And you know what? I cried. I did. Because I didn't want it to be over. Not only was this the first event since March 2020 many of us had attended with much anxiety, but it was one of the few places we got to see the friends we'd made at conventions. I don't know when I might see them again, geek out with them again, be utterly bonkers on the dancefloor with them again... Enchanted was so much more than just meeting the actors of OUAT. And especially with this con, with the actors giving a significant amount of time to answering questions and showing their support to the LGBTQ+ community, it hit even harder that this is truly one of the places I felt free.

    It also meant I came out to my con buddies, my twin being nom binary and me being trans, what I wanted my name to be. Getting the elation of my friend being shocked I was telling her this because "oh my god that name suits you so much!" Because I know there are so many people out there who experience transphobia and all the other types of bigotry that makes being their true self a struggle. Also I found out my friend has ADHD and it makes so much sense that we get along so well and in true ADHD 🤝 undiagnosed ADHD fashion, we both forgot to talk about it and instead got excited to talk to a fellow trans Oncer. He told us how he realised he was trans whilst AT A CON and John Barrowman actually asked him how long he'd been out for, "about 2 seconds" he replied and everyone cheered. I can't imagine what that was like for him and I'm so proud to be part of a county that celebrates and support our trans, ace, bi, non-binary, etc nerds.

    Anywho, I think I channelled my inner Adelaide and went on a bit of a tangent. During Sean's speech she actually decided to sit down and everyone else followed suit, with Sean Maguire and Colin staying stood up like disapproving parents 😂

    Colin gave a small speech after Sean which was nice. He said how thankful he was that even after years of the show being cancelled, he was still able to come to events like this and see his friends again. And I don't remember how it started, but his mic was pointed towards us all and we were chanting "we want more" hoping that Sean Harry would give us more Enchanted cons.

    It was sad to see them go, and sad that the con was over and I cried again but it's ok, because we still had a party to have one last blast at. And even after the party ended at 2am, there were a bunch of us determined to spend as much time as we could together, chatting, laughing... Coming out, as was my case.

    And yeah... It's been a little while since I was able to write up my Sunday experience because I only got to bed at 5am Monday morning, then I was able to meet up with my best friend from school, then we had to drive home, then we were recovering in bed all day Wednesday and finally I've found the time to write things up, to finish my experience for now... To bring Enchanted to an end 🥺

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  • stark-park
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Enchanted 3 Panels Sunday


    We missed the majority of Barbara as we were getting autos but I wasn't bothered. It was funny to me that her PA/another member of staff was helping her understand the Qs people were asking. She is 73, American and apparently it was difficult to hear in the first place, so kudos to her.

    I did ask her what she thought of our Curses cosplay and it's certainly true that we couldn't see a thing under them as she wasn't there! 😅 "Oh I wasn't there, they let me go home. But I thought it was fantastic!"

    Colin, Sean & Michael

    The panel that was the most anticipated for me, was the last one: Sean, Michael and Colin. These three together EXUDE chaos and it was so damn entertaining

    First question up was Fez, and upon seeing them Sean went "hello boyband!" 😂 Because of all the photos we'd had with him was asking to pose as a boyband 😅

    Fez asked what they're reactions were to our cosplay because we couldn't see a thing and Colin did a whole array of faces from confusion to "oh" to laughing. Sean: "are they ok? Are they... Are they wearing BEDSHEETS over their heads?" Michael said he loved it, gave us a 10, Colin also said he gave us a 10 and Sean gave us 140 😂

    I was the second person to ask a question, apparently Sean looked down at his phone for a split second so when I stood there he said "oh, do you have another question?" So I'm just like, "um... I'm a different person 😅" in his defence, I have the same face, hair and jumper. On the other hand, Fez was sat DIRECTLY NEXT TO ME 😂 so I learnt over and we smiled. Colin helped: "They're twins, two separate people" "oh I see, of course, yes. Oh hi! Do you have a question, entirely new human being?" 😂 Nice save Sean 👏

    I asked Michael about Neal's death, basically in season 5 we learn he hated magic and wanted to get rid of it, yet he died using magic to get his dad back. I didn't explain it well, I wanted to know if Michael thought it was a good/satisfying ending but he just said 🤷‍♂️ I dunno I wasn't in that season. And then they all laughed because Michael wasn't in much, Sean apparently couldn't remember a thing, and Colin was doing his best.

    Sean was salty and it was so funny, and he had every right to be. Some of his best answers where he's being salty were, Q: what was your favourite line to say? "I had lines??" Q: what would you say to your characters if you could? "DON'T DIE!" "Don't buy that house with a 1 year lease on it." Q: if Robin hadn't died, what might he be doing in season 7? "probably holding Lana's handbag" 😂

    For the favourite lines - Micheal, about Mulan: they actually made a movie about you, it was pretty good. Colin: when I jab you with my sword, you'll feel it.

    Q: if you each of you were to give the other two a tattoo, what would it be? (It was clear they all wanted to say "a dick" but it was nice they put some more thought into it) Michael, laughing: something stupid, oh, the word "herpes" so I can say I gave Sean and Colin herpes 😂 Sean: something truly daft, like "Love, Hat" written across their knuckles or "I'm With Stupid". Colin: a QR code maybe, of my face. "What about your chest?" Colin: oh yes! My chest, absolutely. Sean: oh I totally want a picture of Colin's chest on my chest!

    What were your favourite (funniest? Most embarrassing?) bloopers? Colin: when Bobby kneed me in me balls. Sean: um... I don't remember (he was then berated for not remembering anything, his whole time on set was one massive blooper as he tried to get people to laugh). Michael paused so I shouted "has anyone seen my dignity?" And he asked if he said that before remembering and laughing. Then told us how it's not really a blooper, but when in Neverland he had to pick up Jared (and Jared hates this story but who cares, it's funny and he's not here), Jared was over Michael's shoulder and he kept farting right next to his face 😂 I've never heard that story before so I'm so glad to whoever asked that Q

    Q: if you 3 were to plan Henry's bachelor party, what would you do? Colin, immediately: ohhhh nooooo, oh no, oh noooo. He's in trouble! With us three? So much trouble.

    There were certainly more questions but I don't remember the specifics right now. There was an answer where Colin decided he'd talk about how stupid "shipping wars" were and that any fighting was silly because at the end of the day, we all love OUAT. That's what we should celebrate.

    Majority of Sean's answers were him buffering which was amusing. He got there eventually but it a while.

    So much laughter. So much banter. So much enjoyment.

    There was something about, I think Sean, who'd just welcomed a baby, been in the hospital with his wife then came to set. Apparently Ginny ordered the person in charge to send him home to be with his family. It was repeated how nice Josh and Ginny are and this story just added to it. Having met them at Enchanted 2, it certainly tracks and I love how much admiration all the actor have for each other.

    I could've cried when it was over. Did not want this weekend to end 🥺

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  • phantom-swing
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Since Mumbo mentioned it in session 5, imagine: Last Life sitcom AU

    The server is an apartment building and the bases are separate apartments. So the Aha-lliance are all roommates, Etho and Bdubs are also roommates, Joel and Scar are neighbours, etc.

    Someone breaks into Galaxy Duo’s home at least once a day and they never use the door. The Shadow Alliance looks like a cult but is actually a ‘secret’ book club they hold in Ren’s. Team Red is a motorcycle gang who just do harmless childish pranks, have matching leather jackets and whose motorcycles have sidecars for their dogs. Team BEST is an office sitcom who tries to better the moving situation in the building but is often thwarted by local door to door salesman/magician Scar who is also a relationship therapist.

    #last life smp #last life sitcom AU #phantom rambles #imagine it like New Girl but with Community level of absurd plots. The times they mute their mic are their confessionals #Grian owns the south lands apartment which is huge- everyone has their own bedroom except Mumbo who has his son Ralph mostly appears to #curse out his step dad Martyn. Impluse is often at work and if not breaking into Scott and Pearl’s kitchen which is right below his room. #instead of cobblestone Etho and Bdubs placed duct tape on the floor to spilt the apartment. Skizz is the security guard Tango holds bets wit #No idea what the enchanting table equivalent would be in this AU. I thought of maybe lives being strikes? like if you’re on the last strike #you’ll be banned from the building?? Or maybe it’s still lives but everyone is super chill about it. Idk what the Boogeyman would be either
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  • stark-park
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Enchanted 3 Autos Sunday

    We (Fez and I) were very conscious of the fact Colin, Michael and Sean's panel was in an hour and a half. Yesterday's autos had taken roughly 40 minutes to get so we tried splitting up into lines and I think it went a bit quicker but ultimately all of gold ticket holders were there so when we eventually got back, much of the main hall was empty and we needn't have worried.

    Anywho. I got Adelaide to sign a poster and told her how much I love her panels and how awesome she is. She said thanks but she rambles so much she has to circle back to try actually answer the question and I said those tangents are some of the best parts. It was quick and I knew the ADHD would be telling her how awful she'd done at her panel so reassurance and praise was the only thing I wanted to give her. Hopefully it helped if she was doubting herself.

    Then I went to Rose and got my Mad Archer photo op signed, she wrote right over my head and laughed saying Tiera would moan she'd been left no space.

    Then I hopped into Tiera's line and had her sign my photo too. Her PA asked where I wanted Tiera to sign and I said "anywhere she can, Rose didn't leave her much room". She nodded and passed the photo along noting how much of a nuisance Rose was, loud enough to get her attention.

    "what have I done now?!" Rose called over to us.

    "left us no space!"

    "oh yeah... You can work it out. It's fine."

    Then Tiera piped up with "do you hear something?" 😂

    Their banter is top notch.

    And I didn't get Keegan's auto, I had nothing for her to sign. Then we toddled off back to the last panel of the weekend 😭

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  • etho-slab-time
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    To whom it may concern:

    2 contracts survived the fire. They were:

    Bdoublo100 and Smallishbeans

    #the gold nugget pet did not survive #and obvs seems like grian intends to respect his contract even without it having survived #i just want ethubs to follow thru on helping him 🥺 #i kno they said we need to get him that enchanting table inferring its about making him happy and Not about helping him get off of red #but I HAVE MY DREAMS AND U CAN PRY THEM FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS #grian#bdoubleo100#trafficblr#last life #last life smp #smallishbeans#goodtimeswithscar#gtws#contracts
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  • stark-park
    21.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Enchanted 3 Sunday Panels

    I laughed so fucking hard at so many of these. The 8 guests we had were just... Ah! Fucking delightful!


    First on was Keegan (Blue Fairy) and she had such enthusiasm it wouldve been hard not to like it

    A lot of people went to collect their autographs so she made the joke that they were all going to a different convention, maybe for Marks and Spencer, and my god did we all roll with it 😂 I've said "commit to the bit" a lot this weekend because I do a lot of daft shit, but Keegan really went for it and it was hilarious every time.

    I asked Keegan if she could reenact her reaction to seeing The Curses appear in the cosplay contest and she said she was very confused at first, wondering if we shouldve been there or at the M&S conference (which did not exist) and then we whipped the signs out and she said it was amazing 😅

    Rose & Tiera

    Rose and Tiera (Tilly and Margot) were next and I love them (especially Rose) so much. The pair of them together is brilliant and there were some awesome questions.

    They'd spent time talking to Barbara Hershey so decided they'd want to go to her house in Hawaii for their adventures as Tilly and Margot. If they got married then Tiera would like a nice white pantsuit/jumpsuit or a cool cape robe thing and Rose said Alice's would be the complete opposite, flowy, floaty dress, white and blue, with a trail of crabs (as her dress' train or carrying it, I can't remember).

    Never has the personification of "pratting about" been better shown than when I asked my question to these two. "I was one of The Curses last night, we couldn't see a thing, could you please reenact your reactions to seeing us?" Then ROSE FUCKING REYNOLDS says "only if you reenact being the curse!" Cue me flailing about with no sheet over my head as they both say "oh wow, amazing, what a great costume" clapping and laughing. I did not realise the other two had joined in behind me and was pleasantly surprised I managed not to bump into them

    "what would Alice and Robyn wear for Halloween?" Tiera: oh, each other? That would be fun. Rose: yeah, um... OH, THE CURSES! 😂 What a compliment, thanks!

    "If Tilly and Robyn had a music album, what genre and title would it have?" Rose, almost immediately: whale noises. Tiera: oh an teacup sounds. Rose: it would be called A Whale of a Time


    I fucking love Adelaide Kane (Ivy). She's so relatable and when she mentioned tiktok yesterday me and Fez had to know, we HAD TO KNOW: was she on berries and cream tok? So they asked what sides of tiktok Addy was on and she listed so many and each one I was like "same, same, same! Oh not that... Yep, same! Omg same." 😅 Mentally ill, queer, nerd tiktok basically.

    I told Addy I was the purple curse from the cosplay contest, explained we couldn't see a fucking thing under the sheets and asked if she could re-enact her reaction to seeing us. "I was like 🤨😶😂 and I was very concerned you were gonna trip over" "oh we were too!" "I was all ready to call for help or something, maybe an ambulance" "oh we would've been fine, just help up the AAAAAAH sign" "oh good, you were prepared 😂"

    Q: what would your dream Pokémon team look like? And your characters too. "Ivy would have pretty Pokémon like Rapidash and Gardevoir and any that suit her aesthetic. Me, oh I'd have a Magikarp to start, useless like me. Snorlax so I can sleep on him. Lapras so I don't have to swim. Charizars because it's a fucking fire dragon, oh or Dragonite because he's friendlier. A grass type to help keep all my plants alive. No ghost or poison types because I'd end up killing myself." Then she went into an aside where she probably wouldn't have loads, only two or three because she wouldn't want to keep them in pokeballs. Then asked a bunch of questions like "are they alive in there?? Do they need food? Do they shit in there?" And had to stop thinking about it 😅

    "I have the muscle tone of a wet noodle" I don't know what this was answering but it was so damn funny, the best line 😂

    A few people thanked her for mentioning ace folks in her answers supporting the LGBTQ+ community and she said how it's still so bad how little media representation they get but it looks like it's heading in the right direction, just not fast enough (I murmured how we don't get anything and it only clicked when Fez started laughing 😅)

    General things of note:

    Every time me or J said "I was one of The Curses last night" we got a massive woop which was awesome. A bunch of people told us they thought it was genius or we were their favourites 🥰

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  • boiling-paint
    20.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    If the death was intentional: Scar died reaching out to Grian.

    #3lsmp #3rd life smp #llsmp #last life smp #CRIES AND SOBS AND CRIES SOME MORE #he was also reaching out to the enchanter. everything felt so rushed #he just wants friends or power and he was desperately reaching for both in his last moments before the Real Fun begins #before all that will consume him is rage and revenge #gtwscar#scar#goodtimeswithscar#grian #am i blowing this out of proportion? absolutely.
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  • ethoshopperclock
    20.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Something that I can't get over is how if you only watch Scar's episode it looks like Etho and Bdubs tell him that Skizz has the enchanting table with only minor pestering.

    But if you watch Etho's you'll actually see that scar is in their base for a long time straight threatening them to tell him where the enchanting table is or he'll destroy their base. Then when Etho and Bdubs try to reassure Scar that they're friends, he responds with "no we're not". He goes through their chests, breaks part of their wall, threatens to lose his life and come back as a red multiple times before they tell him Skizz has it so he'll leave.

    I don't know where I'm going with this really because Scar being an unreliable narrator isn't new. I don't know, the differences have been nagging at me and I can't help but think that maybe Scar falling into the trap in the Southlands the second time wasn't a mistake.

    #last life spoilers #kit rambles#scar#etho #idk man! #the more i think about it the more im like #that second fall in the southlands wasnt an accident #but scar sure did make it look like one #its too soon after those threats for it to be an accident #right? #as a red he can go legit threaten people for the enchanter #but if you only watch scar or any of the southlanders #the second fall does just seem like a silly little scar thing to do #but with ethos video as context its like hmmm #idk many thoughts
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