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  • The Eschaton: A Timeline of Events

    Part Three

    The Seven Vials

             *The Seven Vials will be poured out sequentially over a period of 3½ years; just as with the Trumpets, the Vials are sequential, and the effects of each may overlap with the others.

          •1st Vial: Painful Sores on all who have the Mark (Revelation 16:2)

          •2nd Vial: The Entire Sea becomes Blood (Revelation 16:3)

          •3rd Vial: All Fresh Water becomes Blood (Revelation 16:4-6)

          •4th Vial: Sun scorches the Earth and its People (Revelation 16:8-9)

          •5th Vial: Throne of the Beast covered in Painful Darkness (Revelation 16:10-11)

          •6th Vial: The Euphrates Dries Up

             *The Antichrist assembles the armies of  the earth, and takes advantage of the dried up Euphrates to allow the kings of the East to march with him.  They stage in the valley of Migeddo and lay seige to Jerusalem in a last effort to annihilate the Jews (Revelation 16:12-14, 16; cf Joel 3:9-16; Zechariah 14:2; Ezekiel 38). 

          •7th Vial: Thunder Storms with Massive 100lb Hailstones, plus the Greatest Earthquake in the History of the World

              *The earthquake will be global; it will break Babylon into three parts; it will topple all the cities on earth; it will level all the mountains and sink all the islands (Revelation 16:17-21).

    The greatest destruction from the 7th Vial will occur at Babylon, the location of the Antichrist’s throne and the capitol of his kingdom.  The city will be annihilated, which will devastate the economy of the Antichrist’s kingdom (Revelation 17-18). 

    [[Side Note on Babylon and The Antichrist:  I think “Babylon” is applied figuratively, not literally referring to the site of the ancient city of Babylon.  We don’t know where exactly this will be, but I favor Joel Richardson’s take on it: I believe the Antichrist will be the Islamic Mahdi, and the Antichrist’s government will be a revived Muslim Caliphate, rather than a revived Roman Empire, and the one-world religion will be some form of Islam, perhaps a new form we haven’t seen yet.  The “Babylon” mentioned here I believe is the city of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia.   For more on this, I highly recommend reading Joel Richardson’s books  “Islamic Antichrist,” “Mid-East Beast,” and “Mystery Babylon.”]]  

    The Return of the King

       –The Rapture (1 Thessalonians 4:15-17 / Matthew 24:29-31 / Mark 13:24-27)

             *Jesus will call all believers to Himself, and we’ll be instantly in our glorified resurrection bodies (1 Corinthians 15:50-54)

          •Jesus Returns as Conquering King, with all the Resurrected Saints at His side (Revelation 19:11-16).

          •Jesus destroys the enemy nations surrounding Israel on His way to rescue the remnants of the Jews in Jerusalem (Isaiah 63:1-6; cf Zechariah 9) 

         •Jesus ascends the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem

              *The Mount of Olives splits in two, creating a way of escape for the Jews trapped in Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:4-5). 

       –The Battle of Armaggeddon (Zechariah 14 / Joel 3 / Ezekiel 38-39 / Revelation 19)

          •Jesus meets the Antichrist and his massive army in the Valley of Migeddo outside Jerusalem, and utterly lays waste to them (Revelation 19:15-21).

          •All of the Jews saved by Jesus will turn to Him with their whole hearts, acknowledging Him as Messiah and King, fulfilling the prophecy that all Israel would be saved.  They will be welcomed to live under Jesus’ rule (Romans 11:26-27; cf Jeremiah 23:5-6 / Isaiah 10:20-23 / Zechariah 9:14-17).

          •The Antichrist and False Prophet are seized and thrown alive into the Lake of Fire (Revelation 19:20).

          •Satan is seized and bound, then sealed in the Bottomless Pit (Revelation 20:1-3).

          •The Lord sends out a plague into all the nations that served the Beast.  The survivors among the nations will surrender to the Lord (Zechariah 14:12, 15-16)

             *Although it isn’t explicitly stated, I believe that this plague will kill only the people who took the Mark of the Beast; the small amount of people from the nations who survived the Tribulation, who never accepted Jesus, but never worshipped the Beast or took the Mark are the survivors mentioned in Zechariah 14, and they will be permitted to live under Jesus’ rule, provided they surrender to Him and acknowledge Him as King (just like the remnant of the Jews).   

          •The Lord establishes His Kingdom, taking His rightful place on David’s Throne in Jerusalem.  Jesus will rule the whole world as King; Israel will be the dominant nation, and all other nations will serve them (Ezekiel 34:23-24 / Zechariah 8, 14:9, 16-19 / Isaiah 2:2-4, 9:6-7 / Revelation 20:4-6)

       –The Judgement Seat of Christ

          •The Lord will judge the faithful who are now Resurrected; He will judge them not for sins, but for their faithfulness in obeying the Lord during their earthly lives, their diligence in pursuing God’s call on their lives, and on witnessing for Christ (1 Corinthians 5:10 / 2 Corinthians 3:12-15 / Revelation 22:12) 

    [[There’s no explicit timing given for this event in Scripture; my placing it here is my own speculation]]

       –The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

          •A grand feast celebrating the wedding of the Bride (the Church) to Christ; we will never be apart again, and we’ll be bound together in love forever (Revelation 19:6-9)  

    [[As with the Judgement Seat of Christ, the timing of the Marriage Supper isn’t clear; I speculate that it will occur after the Judgement Seat, and before the commencement of the Millennial Kingdom]]

       –The Millennial Kingdom

          •The Kingdom will last for 1,000 years.  Jesus rules the earth as King (Revelation 20:6)

             *All who were Raptured at the Lord’s return exist in their glorified bodies (which are physical, powerful, and immortal).  We will no longer be married or given in marriage, and so we will no longer have children.  We will rule the earth along with Jesus (Matthew 22:30 / Philippians 3:20-21 / 1 John 3:2 / 1 Corinthians 15 / Revelation 20:4-6)

             *All who survived the Tribulation and were permitted by the Lord to live in His Kingdom at His return will exist as natural humans, just as we all are now.  They will continue marrying and having children (Isaiah 65:18-23; Ezekiel 36:37-38 / Revelation 20:7-8). 

             *The earth is healed from the damage done to it during the Tribulation.  The curse laid down by God after the Fall will be lifted.  The enmity between animals and humans will be gone; animals will no longer harm humans, nor each other.  The earth will yield its strength to men again, making farming easy.  Women will no longer suffer in childbirth; having children will be easy, which will lead to a population explosion.  Everyone will have enough, and no one will suffer lack.  There will be no more war or fighting anywhere on the earth.  The world will be a genuine utopia for a thousand years.   All the nations will go to Israel once per year to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles (Romans 8:18-22 / Isaiah 11, 65:18-25 / Micah 4:1-5 / Ezekiel 36:33-36, 40-48 / Zechariah 14:16-19)

       –The Final Rebellion

          •Satan is released from his prison. He will go about the whole earth and tempt all the natural humans who were born during the Millennial Age.  Satan will succeed in drawing away a huge number of those people, causing them to rebel against Jesus and attempt to overthrow His Kingdom (Revelation 20:7-8).

             *The rebel army will march on Jerusalem and surround it, and then God will annihilate them all (Revelation 20:9).

              *Satan will be caught again, and this time thrown into the Lake of Fire alongside the Antichrist and the False Prophet.  God will seal them in there permanently, where they will be punished day and night, forever.  Satan will never again harm anyone (Revelation 20:10). 

       –The Great White Throne Judgement (Revelation 20:11-15)

             *All of the people who died in their sins from all of human history, who have been waiting in Hell this whole time, will be resurrected and brought before the Lord God for judgement.  Also, all the rebels from the Millennial Kingdom that followed Satan will be there.  They will be sentenced to a degree of punishment in the Lake of Fire that fits exactly the degree of wickedness that was present in their life.  “Death” and “Hell” are thrown in to the Lake of Fire as well, indicating that no one will ever again enter Hell, and no one will ever again die; the number of those who are in the Lake of Fire after the White Throne Judgement will never be added to.  The Lake will be sealed. 

    [[I speculate that at this point, all of the faithful from the Millennial Kingdom will be given glorified Resurrection bodies just like those who took part in the First Resurrection; the Bible isn’t clear about when that will happen]]

    The New Heaven and New Earth (Revelation 21-22:1-5)

          •The Lord will make a brand new planet for us to live on (and I think “new heaven” could mean a brand new universe as well). 

             *The New Earth will not have an ocean.  There will be no sun, and no moon, and no day-night cycle.  It will be daytime all the time.  It will be a perfect paradise, where there will be no death, no suffering at all.  

             *The New Jerusalem will be a breathtaking masterpiece made from precious materials.  It will be huge, stretching more than 1,300 miles long, 1,300 miles wide, and 1,300 miles high.  The glory of God Himself will be in the city, and it will shine out, lighting the whole planet.  

             *There will be nations on the new planet, indicating that we will live not only in the city, but also all over the new world.  There will never be anything evil on the new earth; no sin, no darkness, no corruption.  We will live for the rest of forever in perfect peace with each other, enjoying God’s magnificent company. Every day will be an adventure, every moment as exhilarating as the first; exciting, fun, and fulfilling, with no depression, sadness, stress, or boredom.  

    Revelation 22:3-5

    “No longer will there be anything accursed, but the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and his servants will worship him. They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. And night will be no more. They will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever.”

    Maranatha, Lord Jesus! 

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  • The great tribulation shadows over our world right now. But let us have faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords and our Savior. For he is coming soon.

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  • I think some people in northern Michigan are getting nervous. I found this placed by their mailbox at the end of their driveway.

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  • This looks like a joke.  But lets be real here, it all lines up.

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  • I pray for everyone’s sake that we may not fall away from Jesus. That others who are in desperate need of God turn to him and from their wickedness. I pray that our faith is strong and that may not fall to sin. Stand fast and believe in Jesus.

    God bless.

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  • image

    Be blessed and stay safe!💖

    #God#love#wu han #wu han virus #wu han facts #corona virus facts #corona virus#corona#coronavirus #coronal mass ejection #end times #sign of the times #plague#4 horseman#self quarantine#quarantine
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  • Be Watchful,Be Vigilant

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  • ACCEPT - Pandemic @ Woodstock 2014 (Official Live Clip)

    Pandemic it’s like a metal disease Coincidence If only you could become aware. Nothing is coincidental! When you are dealing with a cold-blooded group, and we are. They are a twistedness that’s hard to comprehend.  And for the world impossible to accept.

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  • Maybe all the different viruses carried by animals and transmitted to humans are a direct result of our history of poor treatment of animals and poor treatment of the earth.

    Since the dawn of man, humans have used animals for their own personal gain with no regard for the animal’s right to life. It is not like we only take what we need. We take it all, whether we need it or not. We take what we want whether it causes harm or not. We take what we want whether it’s damaging for the environment or not. We simply take what we want.

    Perhaps the viruses created in nature are a warning system devised by the creator so that we might see the error of our ways and correct ourselves before it’s too late.

    Earth and nature and animals and each other, all a grand part of creation and all meant to be treated with equal respect. We fail to generate that equality and that respect for all aspects of creation, so we fail to create the harmonious balance we need to truly thrive and prosper as it was meant to be by the natural order of things.

    We choose to do things our way and run the world our way, but in doing so, we ensure our own demise.

    The wonderful thing about all of this is Jesus came with a message of love and hope and healing. Salvation for all who accept it. We are capable of doing anything through Christ who strengthens us. We stand strong and united as one, together in His name.

    He came to show us the way to everlasting love and redemption, unconditional love for every soul on earth. The power we must unite in is the true love of Jesus Christ.

    His redeeming love has no boundaries, no limits, no divisions, no discrimination. No matter who you are, where you come from, what you believe, Jesus loves you.

    He went to the cross to sacrifice His life so that we may receive forgiveness in His name. Christ paid the price for our sin. His true love bought our souls. The cost of His blood at the cross.

    He went down in history as the Son of G-d and the Savior of man. He taught us to be one in this journey and one in love for all eternity. He will be returning to bring the new age, the kingdom age. And the new city, He’ll bring down from the heavens.

    The time period that people refer to as the “end times” — when the transition from the age of man to the Kingdom age of Christ takes place is not anything to be frightened of. It’s only scary if you don’t believe. Faith has the amazing ability to move mountains. Jesus empowers. We were told all of this ahead of time in His holy word so that we might live a prepared life.

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    I’m Mr. Love! 

    Infinite love!

     I Don’t Want To Hurt You! But I Will. 

    If You Don’t Get Down On Your Knees And Worship Me!

     And Call Me love! I’m Mr love!

    Trap Them With love.

    You want to Spread the Love. Spread the Good. This is a Commendable Thing. You’re a Good Person and You Have a Good Heart. 

    But we are Under Attack by an Entity 

    Who Sees This As A Weakness, it can exploit!

     Our Enemy knows How and What to do to Achieve its Desire.

    The Devil uses the fact that you are a Good Person that you are Loving. It has Deceived you into believing that though Religion you can Change All The Wrong In The World. That Religion Is The Only Answer to all the problems in the World. The Devil is all about Hate and Jealousy For Our Father and Mother. They Are More Than It Can Ever Hope To Be. And it Hates US Because Of The Love Our Father and Mother Have For US. The Devil’s Plan has been Well Thought Out, and Carefully Put Into Action. And the World has been Deceived. You want to spread the love, but you are helping the Devil to Accomplish its Plan.

    You Are A Victim! You May Refuse To Accept It!

    But That Is What You Are! 

    A Victim Of The Devil. The Devil Changed You. It Changed What You Are. How You Think. 

    The Devil, change your perception of things. You Can Not See It Because You Are In It. You Can Not Understand It, Because You Are A Victim Of It. And You Can Not Believe It, Because Of It. You see the Devil as a story, You Better Be Good or the Devil will get you. Or you believe the Devil has been subdued. You’ve Never Seen Anything Like It. The Hate, It Is Filled With. The Cunning That It Has. The Time Put Into Achieving Its Desire. And the Time The Devil Has. And You Can Not See The How Of It. Or The Why That This Group Believes They Will Be Successful. 

    I Need a Hero to save me!  But like me, he’s got to be righteous and he’s got to be pure!

    Take a moment and consider Our Father and Mother. How such beings would think! And take a moment and consider how the Devil and those who stand with him would think and believe achievable. You may think I try to sensationalize. That’s not what I’m about. I’m trying to explain a horrible evil that can’t be comprehended. You are not being cared for by some loving entity. You are being manipulated by a being of extreme hate and a group of cold Indifference and unquenchable desires.

    The World Is Under Attack!

    We are Under Attack, by an Enemy who is Cunning and Full of Hate. An Enemy that Desires to Use Us and Kill Us. The World doesn’t Even Know That It Is Here. We have been Deceived at the Very Core of Our Understanding.

    The World can Discover the Existence of the Devil and the betrayers that stand with it. The Devil and Christ are not Mystical Cosmic Beings. They are Beings that have to Work Within the Laws Of Science. When I say things like the Devil can talk to you in your head or I say the Devil can take possession of your body. And can control some motor functions. Like your ability to move, and the words that a person says. And the ability to project themselves onto the sky. The first response, I usually get is

    Well He’s Mad He’s Insane He’s A Nut Job.

    Regardless I will attempt to Enlighten to the horror of the situation!

    The Devil and Christ are “Using Technology.”

    They are “Using Power.”

    What kind of Technology and Power This Is Unknown (Although, it is not that far beyond our own technology) it is a  level of science the Devil has kept us in the dark about. (There is a tactical reason for that!) But it is Technology and Power Nonetheless. And the Technology Can Be Traced Its Source Found. They Have To Be Some Place. (They are literally hiding right in front of us)! Some Place that They Are Operating This Technology and Using This Power. Some Way Is The Ability To Register The Use Of This Technology This Power . If you think the Devil is Not Using this Technology to Talk to World Leaders, in Religion an in Governments, Then You don’t Have a true Understanding of The Devil’s Ability or Desire. We have a Real Problem in this World the Devil and Christ have us Good!. Just look at the Phenomena of God, and the Large percent that Believes in Christ. We have this phenomenon that affects not just the Lost Dregs of Society the Uneducated Poor People of the World. We have some of The Smartest People in the World that believe this and will stand in front of the World and ask God to Bless their Country.

    There is a considerable amount of people that talk about how God is talking to them. Or the ones that talk about Demonic Possession. And I know that a lot of these reports are Bogus, some I know will Always Say they are All Bogus.

    But one needs to look at the Mentally Unreasonable Religious Frenzy that is Out There and Recognize it for What it is.

    The World Needs to Wake Up Before It Is Too Late if It Is Not Already. The Intelligent Level Headed People of the World the ones with the Resources to Reach Out. Have to Become Aware of this Phenomena and Regardless of how Preposterous All Of This Sounds. They need to Face This, To Acknowledge this Phenomena to Acknowledge this God Phenomena as A Serious Attack And Find Their Source Of Power.

    They Lie they tell you lies they dumb you down they deceive you. After a while, you start to buy it maybe not all but you start to buy the lies.

    The Devil is discoverable and beatable. The Devil is hiding why? The Devil has technological power, but it’s basically all it has. And the Devil is a fraud. As is the God he Created. The Devil needs Millions of people and it is a Very Hard Thing to Try and Control Millions of People. The Devil knows it Could Be Discovered for what it is. And will viciously protect that vulnerability. The Devil will make its move when the conditions are right in a time of despair and disarray. When it can Manipulate a large Number of People for the Time Necessary to Complete its Task.

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  • Mike walked into my room wearing actual pants and shoes and my heart went to my throat and I croaked “where are you GOING?” And he said he’s just bringing Oliver outside to play and I felt the kind of relief that only make sense during a pandemic

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  • Anti-abortion preaching triggers fierce backlash on train in Sydney, NSW…

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  • Turn to God today. Turn to Jesus, who is the Son of God, who died for us. Know the truth, know that Jesus is the way and you will be saved.

    God bless.

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