23.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

Introducing the End’s royal heirs apparent. Her highness of the floating isles Princess Nihachu; and his highness of the deep void Prince Ranboo.

For those of you who have no idea where this is from, go check out the archetype au on @dreamsmp-au-ideas.

but below a small summery-

Welcome to the Dream Smp, something is so very-very wrong. People are going missing and family’s aren’t family’s at all, or maybe they never were in the first place. History changes like the tide upon the beach, while gods walk among men, and even they are susceptible to mortal things such as mistakes. And reality isn’t so tangible as one would assume, so much as it changes with the whims of someone or- something best left to rot. There is something wrong with your world, something so very wrong; but you can’t remember what.

#dream smp#mcyt#ranboo#dsmp#niki nihachu #niki nihachu fanart #ranboo fanart#archetype au#dsmp au #ender hybrid niki #prince ranboo#princess nihachu#enderman royalt #I just reread the entire archetype au thread and had to do a protait of niki and Ranboo #the ender sibs #also Niki’s ender form came from yasha from critical role paint job #so thanks cr for that #but yeah I like how it turned out #seeing as this is my first time using the paint brushes on procreate #I think they look Pog
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