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  • delusional-dyke
    20.04.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    naming a bong curses it because bongs are meant to channel energy and if you give that energy an identity then it gains emotions which inevitably leads to it breaking itself

    #dyke is typing... #energy work
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  • shyobjectangel
    21.03.2018 - 3 years ago

    MWAT Token: The Missing Link Towards an Energy-Responsible Future

    New Post has been published on https://restartenergy.info/mwat-token-the-missing-link-towards-an-energy-responsible-future/

    MWAT Token: The Missing Link Towards an Energy-Responsible Future
    The “best” thing about climate change is that whether we believe in it or not, it’s still happening and we need as many solutions as possible to tackle this problem and create a (great, hopefully) future for our children.

    So, why do I say that the MWAT token could be the missing link between today and a more energy-responsible future? Because right now, it’s almost impossible for you to choose what kind of energy do you wish to consume. Now, imagine a world where you can connect to a platform (RED-P) where you can choose to consume green energy from any available producer, that is of course connected to the platform, and even have complete freedom over the percentage of renewable energy that you wish to purchase.

    Unless you live in a country like the Netherlands or Denmark where it’s a given that a big percentage of the distributed energy is from renewable sources, your options for being energy-responsible are pretty limited.

    Sure, you can choose to consume less, to turn off the lights in the rooms you don’t use, to use light bulbs that are more energy-efficient, but you cannot make choices in terms of the actual energy that you consume (or at least I am not aware of such choices).

    Blockchain technology has been around for almost a decade and it’s wonderful to see that companies are starting to take advantage of it in order to create solutions that will help heal our world (by this I am not saying that other uses of blockchain technology are obsolete!).

    One such company is Restart Energy and this article deals with the most important use case of their MWAT token — green certificates.

    Introducing Green Energy Certificates by Restart Energy

    Although only indirectly related to the actual MWAT token, the most important usage of the MWAT is the issuance of green certificates (explained below).

    I say “indirectly” because you don’t get a green certificate for owning MWAT tokens, but by owning tokens, you get access to the RED platform where you can purchase 100% green energy which, in turn, will earn you green certificates and that is how you contribute to a better future for our planet.

    That was a mouth-full. Let’s take it step by step.

    First, let’s clarify what “green certificates” are.

    “…are a tradable commodity proving that certain electricity is generated using renewable energy sources. Typically one certificate represents the generation of one Megawatthour (MWh) of electricity.” — Wikipedia

    We need these green certificates because once in the system, renewable energy cannot be separated from conventionally generated energy.

    Usually, producers are the ones who get these green certificates, but Restart Energy plans on giving them to consumers, for every MWh consumed that is 100% from renewable sources. Consumers, then, will be able to trade* these certificates on a separate market.

    *the price for a green certificate is between $30–$60 in the European Union.

    Okay, but how exactly does this positively affect our planet?

    By issuing green certificates to consumers, Restart Energy hopes to increase the demand for renewable energy across the countries they are and will be part of, hence helping to create a more energy-responsible world.

    “A green certificate may also be considered the opposite of an emission certificate. Whereas emission certificates, such as EUA’s, impose a cost on non-renewable production and set a maximum to the total emissions, green certificates create an extra revenue stream for renewable production and guarantee a minimum of renewable production.” — Kyos.com

    How does it work?

    First, you need to take MWAT tokens in order to access the platform, once you do so, then you can choose a producer from whom you want to purchase energy — the percentage of which is renewable is truly your choice, but the platform allows you to access 100% green energy.

    Once you consume 1 MWh of green energy, you will be issued a digital & cryptographic green certificate, which then can be traded on a separate market.

    The RED platform opens up a world of opportunities to consume a higher percentage of green energy and become, as a whole, more energy-responsible.

    Will Restart Energy, their MWAT token and RED platform completely change the way we consume and relate to energy? Maybe or maybe not, but they are definitely moving the world in the right direction and God knows, we need as many people as possible contributing to securing a safe and more energy-efficient future for us, our children and our children’s children.

    If you like this article, please take a moment to “clap” (did you know you can clap up to 50 times per article? Try it) and follow Mihai Herman on Twitter.

    Disclaimer: this is NOT investment advice. This is purely my opinion, based on facts found on their website. Please do your own research and decide if it qualifies with your risk profile.

    Mihai Herman is affiliated with Restart Energy by being the company’s PR Manager.

        For more informations: Facebook  Twitter  Telegram   Restart Energy
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  • lumenflower
    20.04.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    I wanna learn how to drum so bad holy shit

    #i have. musical creative energy and zero musical technical knowledge #and yada yada i know do things badly for the fun of it but man I mean zero #zeeeerooooo wouldn't even know where to start #i just watch drum covers of gojira songs and yearn that is what i do on youtube n that's it
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  • raitrolling
    20.04.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    im finally home and i am just. Collapses

    #got stuck in traffic for like half an hour trying to get home from the hairdressers... which is less than 10 mins away from my house #ill see if i have energy to reply to my tumblr threads later...... #deffs gonna get my discord threads done tho cuz i said i would last night #ooc
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  • shittyelfwriter
    20.04.2021 - 15 minutes ago
    #I do miss tumblr a lot #but I’ve also been active on other socials and it’s been taking a lot of energy lol #anyway dear! thank you again for your kindness ♥️ #jedi jesi #my cherished mutuals ♥️
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  • flyingassassin
    20.04.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    "A queer person in a “straight” relationship is often actively changing the dynamic of that relationship, helping their partners engage with queerness themselves as better allies or even participants. This isn’t to say that non-queer people are unable to sympathise with the LGBT+ community otherwise, or that they cannot come to these conclusions on their own, but that these reassessments do often occur as a result of the “queering” of a straight relationship."

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  • iec-mediacoverage
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Daily Geek (19/04/2021)

    L’urgente bisogno di cyber-resilienza nel settore dell’approvvigionamento energetico

    ...  In termini di standard, tra i più comuni figurano, per esempio, IEC 62645 (misure per prevenire, rilevare e rispondere ai cyber-attacchi ai sistemi informatici nelle centrali nucleari), IEC 62859 (gestione delle interazioni tra sicurezza fisica e cybersecurity), ISO 27019 (raccomandazioni di sicurezza per i sistemi di controllo dei processi dell’industria degli operatori energetici) e IEC 61850 (uno standard di comunicazione per i dispositivi di protezione delle sottostazioni di alimentazione).

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  • zombiegg
    20.04.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Can someone just punch me every time I think I miss you?

    #N. #you’re a waste of my energy #I gotta learn to not care about you #I hope you realize one day
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  • whaile
    20.04.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    anyway i loved the ending of red dead where arthur and his family lived happily ever after on their little farm :)

    #doods#rdr2 #thought abt doin The Whole Gang but didnt rly have the energy to draw everyome #so its just the epilogue crew plus arthur #minus uncle i guess #uncle is taking the photo how about that #rdr2 fanart #red dead redemption
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  • ventingtoyouuu
    20.04.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    i know absolutely nothing about Shadow and Bone but i love Ben Barnes more than i love myself so i will be streaming that show as if my life depends on it

    #wwydfbb: what would you do for Ben Barnes #he has such big peepee energy #im posting this at 3AM so im just a tad delirious #ben barnes #shadow and bone #the darkling#darkling
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  • hotchslefttesticle
    20.04.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    hi let’s talk about me being comfortable dating older men because they’re idiots but absolutely terrified of dating women who are even a year or two older than me because i’m a terrible adult and probably immature and not good enough to keep their interest

    #god do i suck at being a bisexual #men want me women scare me #lately in my life i’ve been spending a lot of mental energy trying to figure out whether i’ll ever find and be able to accept love #stfu nyo #what’s nyo thinkin about
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  • shaktisustainableenergy
    20.04.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Energy Efficient Cold chains in India

    Around Rs. 92,000 crores worth of major agricultural produce (at 2014 wholesale prices) is lost in India every year (Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology, 2016). The actual economic loss would be compounded if we consider retail price, hunger, farmer distress and farm loan wavers. While many factors contribute to post-harvest losses in India, one of the major causes is the lack of effective cold chains. Cleaner and more efficient cold chains can help address our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as ending poverty and hunger. They are also important in light of India’s climate commitments. But the lack of access to un-interrupted power and the low adoption of energy efficient and climate friendly technologies hinders the development of clean and efficient cold chains in India. Until now, the concept of clean cold-chains has largely been an alien one , and cold storage considered as a stand-alone infrastructure rather than a key component of agri-supply chain. Now, a disruptive paradigm shift is required to arrest post-harvest food loss in India through the effective network of cleaner and more energy efficient cold-chains.

    #Energy Efficient Cold chains #Cold chains in India
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  • yvettelacobie
    20.04.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Why Renewables Cause Blackouts And Increase Vulnerability To Extreme Weather - Yvette Lacobie

    Anybody concerned about extreme weather should want less not more reliance on weather-dependent energy sources. from Forbes - Energy https://ift.tt/3txAhBy - Yvette Lacobie

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  • harryjake360
    20.04.2021 - 53 minutes ago
    #utilities consulting #energy and utilities consulting #power and utilities consulting
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  • nightcringey
    20.04.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    tested out the new amm update sdkfjsdfkh;

    #roxanne garcia velez #jackie welles #some real miguel and tulio energy #dede plays cp2077 #cyberpunk 2077#cp2077
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  • amethystpath-writes
    20.04.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    I Told You This Would be Fascinating.

    @nightfrostshadow asked for an action scene, so here we are :)


    Miah’s eyes darted about, watching her enemy- how his hand twirled so casually, and yet so deviously at the same time. In any moment, Tyson could launch that dagger. Miah needed to be ready for it. At the same time, the straw beneath her feet made the idea of jumping around the barn seem nearly impossible. What if she slid?

    No matter. The straw was the least of Miah’s worries. She needed to consider where she could go. Taking a step to the left would bring Miah into a wall, which meant pinning herself. The only options otherwise would be to rush towards him, take a step back- maybe duck- or dodge right. If she went right...Damn, if she went right then she’d be in the wide-open doorway. She couldn’t afford that vulnerability. So, it was either forwards or backwards.

    These observations were quick- taken in with little consideration and within the timeframe of a few blinks, but were they fast enough to outsmart her opponent? No.

    In the time it took Miah to take in her surroundings, Tyson sprung. The dagger, although it missed, came just centimetres close to nicking his enemy’s shoulder.

    Side-stepping to dodge the weapon wasn’t enough. It only caused Miah to do exactly what she was trying to avoid- stepping into a vulnerable position. Anything could be beyond that doorway- anyone could be waiting for the perfect time to strike at her. Gods knew Tyson wouldn’t come alone, at least not when it came to capturing Miah. He knew of her abilities- and she his own. They were an even match, but bring another opponent and Miah was beat deep into the ground.

    “You are slipping up, Miah. I thought you were a greater fighter than this.” Had he gotten better? Or had she become weaker? It didn’t matter.

    All Miah could focus on was that damn voice. Gods, she hated that voice, hated the teasing maliciousness Tyson possessed. It used to be gentle. Oh, how she missed those days, but now wasn’t the right moment to reminisce past times. “Yeah?” Her eye caught the glimmer of another dagger edge. The breath she took might as well have been non-existent as the fear of being caught gripped her. “How many of you are there outside this barn?” Miah made the question sound casual, somewhat demeaning, but in all reality, she was trying to gage the direness of her situation.

    “Does it matter how many?” The glimmer in his hand bounced as he tossed the dagger. How many more of those did he have? And how much better had his aim gotten over the years?

    Miah spread her legs, just slightly, and readied herself on the balls of her feet. Tyson already sprung at her once, and she needed to get out of this doorway before she got a dart in her neck or something. How did she get here? How did she allow herself to become trapped like this?

    “I suppose not if you think you are going to beat me anyways.” She gestured to the open barn doors. “If you didn’t think so, you’d have had me tranquilized already.”

    “Security,” Tyson said, and he gripped his dagger in a way that told Miah if she even stepped one foot in the wrong direction, he would let loose. “Should you manage a way out, I have backup.”

    She huffed. “You mean the king told you to bring backup.”

    Tyson tightened his grip on the dagger, knuckles going white. Miah considered loosening her posture, if only to make him believe she would no longer pose a threat to him- as if she would surrender. “Yes.” It came out a hiss. Miah knew Tyson wouldn’t enjoy being employed by the king, and yet here he was, tracking his former best friend down only because the king had power over dear Tyson.

    “Have you told him you were the one responsible for his son’s death?”

    “I find it humorous that you have no weapon and yet are stupid enough to taunt me.” So, the answer was ‘No,’ he hadn’t told the king.

    “Maybe I’m hoping it’ll remind you of who you once were.” Miah swallowed. She was running out of options here. If she could get to the top level of the barn, she could grab the pitchfork she spotted earlier in the day. “Don’t reckon I could convince you to have a drink in the tavern by us?”

    The glint flashed by Miah’s eyes and it took her all her might not to scream as the dagger passed her eyes. Her breathing was less controlled, her chest rising and falling faster than a hare’s feet on the run. Take that as a ‘No,’ as well. Usually, Miah would have said this aloud, but not this time. She was clearly getting on Tyson’s nerves more than she initially intended.

    It barely took a second for Tyson to have yet another dagger in hand. Miah finally noticed there was a pouch behind his back which contained the small projectiles. They were closer in size to throwing knives, but they were near enough in resemblance to daggers that Miah didn’t really care about the true reality of them- she just didn’t want them embedded into her skull.

    “You won’t kill me,” she stated.

    “You don’t think I will?”

    Miah hated how she flinched when she caught Tyson’s hand raising. With a regrettably shaky voice, she told her old friend, “We have too much of a past together. Even if the king ordered you to kill me like the assassin you are, you would take me prisoner…wouldn’t you?” Another flash went by her eyes, which she squeezed tightly. Her heel dragged against the ground just the tiniest angle off and she was sent plummeting, falling with no time to process what went on before her. Didn’t have the time to see how Tyson rushed towards her as she fell, or how he maneuvered the blade in a graceful, yet deadly flip and brought it to her neck as her head hit the straw ground. At least there was somewhat of a cushioning to her fall, right?

    Gasping at the feeling of a cold edge, Miah tilted her head back, only exposing her neck more. She didn’t dare mutter a word.

    “I could, Miah. I could kill you so easily…but you’re right.” He pushed the blade just slightly, causing Miah to pinch her bottom lip between her teeth in anticipation. Just do it already, she thought. “I won’t kill you because I will find it rather fascinating to see how you do in a jailcell. Still haven’t been caught, isn’t that right?”

    Her lip fell loose from her teeth and she seethed at Tyson, “I haven’t been.” Until now. “I have only ever known one other man to down an opponent like that.” Miah’s ears went hot. “How did you pull my brother into the mix of this? And how much are you willing to bet I won’t find a way to kill you for doing so?”

    In return, Tyson only smiled, grabbing Miah by the shoulder of her shirt, and hauling her up- all the while keeping the blade held tightly against her skin. “I told you this would be fascinating, no?”

    #NOT A PROMPT #reminder that i have posted very much today so if you're just now tuning in then you should definitely scroll through my account real fast. #medieval#medieval writing#medieval snippet#medieval drabble #you guys know that I really like assassins right? #I mean- it's not like I have an entire series about one on my master list or anything #assassin#assassin whump#assassin whumpee#assassin whumper #in case it wasn't clear- both characters were assassins #Miah is just a wee bit exhausted from being on the run ahaha #anyway #i think i am all out of tags #and i am also out of energy. #it is very late now #and it is with this in mind that i say goodnight! / good morning/ good evening! #I Told You This Would be Fascinating
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  • imthatfatbitch
    20.04.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    16 kcals <\3

    #monster energy #i wanna be small #i hate kcals #thin thin thin
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  • disasterjones
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    one of my favorite things about Yasha is that she has, like, kindly old man vibes. confused 90% of the time, but her quiet enthusiasm carries the group. does she understand how magic or technology works? absolutely not! does she have a quip in her back pocket ready for every occasion? of course! it's her second specialty

    #critical role#yasha nydoorin#crs2#yasha #old man energy specifically #in that ''rambunctious grandpa who makes silly puns about his amazing wife'' sort of way
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  • tinkonka
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    this was in the #venting channel in discord

    #wilashe energy yet again
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