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  • loverandaloserrr
    29.11.2021 - 14 hours ago

    DEAR SPUTNIK! | profiles

    "whores and Co."



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    a/n: dear sputnik! has officially started, yay! I was thinking of starting it for a bit and I think having to work on multiple smaus will help me be more consistent cuz I work better when there's more people waiting ADAGWHSHWBH. anyways I hope yall like this and I will just warn you all now, this story is going to be a mess, more of a mess than liar! which shouldn't be possible but it is.

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  • bluhr
    29.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    02 : why are you scamming a child

    WARNINGS : back and forth banter . slight cursing .


    — FACTS!

    • yn adores jungwon just as much as he adores them.

    • yn is going to do everything in their power to avoid this situation

    • jake has his orchestra besties on board with the event!

    • i forget if i mentioned, jungwon isn’t part of the basketball team. just student govt.

    • riki has already started preparing dances to teach.

    • beomgyu heard from jiyoon about the event but he doesn’t know it’s a christmas event.

    — TAGLIST!

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    @bluhr all rights reserved © 2021


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  • enhypensoliver
    29.11.2021 - 18 hours ago

    oliver posted on instagram! — nov. 27, 2021.

    #deluxeocnet#enhypen#enha#enhypen member#kpop au#enhypen imagines#kpop addition #enhypen 8th member #oc: oliver song #alternate universe#enhypen scenarios#enhypen reaction#kpop oc #fake kpop idol #fake kpop oc #fake kpop member #oliver on instagram
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  • rosesbxrry
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dream in a dream

    eight ― [Is he dead?] 

    | masterlist | << seven | nine >> |

    summary: With assignments, studying and exams piling up, the reoccurring dream you had since you were young starts to hunt you back in uni. A young boy now a young adult your age, you wander if he was real or just a fragment of your imagination.

    @jongsaengseong @enha-pen @giyyuzz @luvrseung @yukii0-0 @lokideadontheinside​ @gu8ki
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  • rosesbxrry
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dream in a dream

    seven ― [Reminiscence] + written 

    It was normal during the weekends for Heeseung to drop by his parent’s home in the next town. Although the town houses Belift University, Heeseung chooses to attend Bighit University which is a 25 minutes drive from each other. It wasn’t too much of a hassle which is why he didn’t have a problem living away from his parents.

    The new room his mum had allowed him to occupy was the exact replica of his old bedroom, with an exception of a few items he had brought with him to the dorm. Though he didn’t live in the new house, it gave a sense of nostalgia going through all the old stuff which his mother kept in the new room whenever he visited them.

    With a stomach full of Ramyeon and spam, Heeseung laid down on the bed with exhaustion but his brain was still up and about. Even the bed sheets were his old high school one’s which he has to thank his mum for taking good care of all his stuff. 

    Heeseung reminisces the old days before his mind wanders to the one memory he could not forget.

    The dream about the girl.

    It was the same dream, over and over again, from his childhood to his teens, with her laying next to him on his bed though the background is what he assumes to be her bedroom. Cream colored wallpapers, hanging fairy lights, bookshelves filled with old and new books and a table filled with notes, papers and textbooks beside a sunny window.

    Even when he was at his lowest of the lowest in high school, you were there giving him strength, to give him the purpose to continue with his passion of music and not even a second during his love songs writing session did you not ever come across his mind.  

    A bitter sweet smile makes its way to his lips. Everyday he wanders about you. Who are you? What books do you read? Are you always so neat and tidy? What is your favorite color? Do you burn the midnight oil as well?

    Every little detail showed snippets of who you are but Heeseung has the urge to ask you more, know you more but most importantly―

    Are you real or just a dream?

    | masterlist | << six || eight >> |

    summary: With assignments, studying and exams piling up, the reoccurring dream you had since you were young starts to hunt you back in uni. A young boy now a young adult your age, you wander if he was real or just a fragment of your imagination.

    @jongsaengseong @enha-pen @giyyuzz @luvrseung @yukii0-0 @lokideadontheinside​ @gu8ki
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  • vilenishis
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    365 w/ enha


    “kind of cliché”

    pairing: sunghoon + you !

    genre: soulmates au! lovey dovey romance, fated for each other

    warnings: tw !!! happy couple

    synopsis: every year on the 300th day, each person is given a hint as to what defining moment would bring you and your soulmate together. Millions amongst the earths core eagerly wait for their clues, including you. Although, one fateful evening your clue does appear. But what the fuck does a bell have to do with any of this?

    wc: 1.5k | not proofread !

    the day that everyone has been waiting for was close to approaching. It was just around the corner and everyone around you was in preparation. There was never a definite way to remember the way you’d meet your soulmate, you’d just have to try and do whatever you could to keep that sign in your mind. Because just as normal, you’d find out and eventually that would fade. Like a normal humanly memory. But it was so much more important and so much more impactful. There was no way you could genuinely remember anything small if it was just another daily life thing.

    sitting at the cafe amongst your group of friends, your hands grasp the coffee mug in front of you as your pointer finger traces along the rim of the blue porcelain. “so ____, who are you hoping for? any crushes you secretly want as your soulmate?” asked your long term friend, dalmi. You had both met at this cafe actually, she was looking for a language exchange program and you had just so happened to be offering one on one sessions for english and korean language exchange, and that was only the beginning for you both. As time went on you both became incredibly close and she learnt everything about you and the same goes for you about her.

    “no actually, I haven’t really thought about it like that. I wouldn’t mind if it was like… a famous person or something. Gong yoo would be awesome, even if he’s like triple our age.” you said, laughing amongst yourselves until you realized the sun was fading over the horizon. Yet you still couldn’t get over this anxious feeling in your chest. As the time ticked by, slowly your friends each gathered their things and waved you goodbye. Offering to take you home but each got a different excuse from you. You just couldn’t bring yourself to go back home for some reason. What was it that held you back like this? the nerves of finding out your soulmate, or maybe just not wanting to be confined in a space all by yourself?

    The only option in your mind that was left in your opinion was to go to the beach. It was your safe haven since childhood. Its somewhere your consciousness always wandered off to when you were seeking shelter from the brooding storm that was your subconscious. Feelings were scary; thoughts were worrying, overthinking was something you were quite prone too. Yet all of these things were easy to run away from when you were at the beach. So there you stood, feet bare as your toes curled in the sand. The gentle brush of the waves filled your ears. Each splash comforting you more and more. The coat hugging your body made you shiver in the best ways, you were cozy. Comfy and warm.

    That was until you checked your phone. Five minutes until the new day was here. Five minutes until it would all make sense. The stars that glowed from above you winked down at you, it had you in a tough position honestly. If anything of course you were excited, but so so god damn nervous. What if you’d never find them? how do you narrow down this type of situation. I mean, theres so many people in the universe. Its impossible not to have trouble finding this one person. Yet as you watched the waves, deep in thought, the time had already struck 12. And there you were so deeply drenched in your own worries that you didn’t even notice.

    Until, it happened. The ringing of a bell pulled you out of your senses. It was like the bell of a front door, one of those bells you’d hear from a vintage film. When the main lead would walk into a flower shop or something and the worker would greet them with the brightest smile. The kind of comforting ringing that would brighten your day in so many ways than one. It was romantic, sincere. But what the fuck were you supposed to do with this info? theres so many shops that have bells like the one you heard. Hell is this even your sign? I mean it could just be a nearby shop or something.. that was until you remembered you were alone in a gigantic beach. So this really is your sign, fuck.

    Waking up this morning, you had almost completely forgotten about your experience at the beach. The worries that filled your mind had faded of course, but a few new ones already came into the picture and replaced them. You hated worrying about things like this, so you did what you knew best and just.. forgot about it. Going about your day like normal. Waltzing into your bathroom, getting dressed, eating your first meal of the day and just being normal. That was until your group of friends had asked you to come out again. And thats what you did.

    This time it was at a café you hadn’t been to before, by this point you had genuinely forgotten all about your soulmate experience. Now only focussed on why your car wouldn’t start up. And then on why you couldn’t find a parking space anywhere near the building. Slamming your hands on the steering wheel you had just decided to abandon your car at the next street over. Not caring about having to walk over to retrieve it. As you made your way to the café location you admired it. Honestly it was pretty cute. Just your style. A nice exterior, very vintage just as you pictured.

    “Lé maison fleur” A french name which suited it pretty well. You were assuming it doubled as a flower hence the name. As you held onto the door handle, chills ran down your spine. This of course caught you off guard as you didn’t expect it, plus it wasn’t really cold. Where would that even come from? Tugging at the door you stepped one foot into the building. Immediately, everything went silent. The air went cold, and there it was again. That ringing. Everything was muffled aside from that ringing. It was like you were in a movie or something, like you were the main protagonist in some old timey romance. The ringing was drawn out, up until you looked in front of you towards the cash register. There you locked eyes with might you say the most beautiful man you have ever seen.

    He looked straight out of a painting, his chiseled features and gorgeous structure caught you by surprise. But what surprised you more wasn’t his stunning visuals nor how pretty he looked amongst all the flowers that framed him. But it was the way the ringing was melodically framing the both of you. And in that moment you had figured it out. This is how you realize that someone is your soulmate. You just know, everything adds up. You could tell this even more by the way he looked at you. The same exact look replicating yours as your mouths were drawn agape. Staring at one another in awe as you were frozen in time. This was slowly broken as he began making his way towards you.

    It seemed like you were being swiped off your feet as he walked over to you, legs growing weak as he slowly came towards you. Grabbing the baby’s breath that he was tying into a sweet bow and carrying it with him. As he approached you, you decided to meet him half way. Taking slow strides to match his pace but much to your own horror you tripped over your own feet, landing right on- into his arms? now, now this is getting far more cliché than you had expected. He stared into your orbs in pure admiration as he held you close against him. The babys breath clutched in one hand as he held you in the other arm.

    “oh.. h..hey?” you stuttered out, flustered. And he returned the same shy gesture as he set you back onto your feet. “hi..” he said. Scratching his neck before handing you the bouquet of flowers. “I’m sunghoon.. and you’re-“ he said. Quickly getting cut off by your sudden boldness. “You’re soulmate. I’m you’re soulmate.” You spoke. Giddy on the inside as you could immediately see your attraction to this boy growing. “a- yeah! yes, yeah, yeah you are” he said. Stuttering and fumbling over his own sentence as he looked around like a shy puppy. This earned a sweet giggle from you, making his heart skip a beat as he looked towards you. “You’re really pretty..” he said. A half mumble as he rubbed his hands together nervously. Before you knew it, in unison you both said “can I take you out on a date?” this earned a shared outburst of chuckles as you looked at one another in awe. You both were definitely soulmates.

    The entire seen was being watched by your friends at the other table, all holding back screams and giggles of glee as they could already see you two being the prettiest couple on campus. You and Sunghoon had already exchanged numbers and made a plan to hang out after you were finished with your friends, so as you walked back to sit amongst them you were bombarded with questions and how you found out you both were made for each other. And to that your reply was:

    “well, its kind of cliché..”

    this one is considerably shorter i apologize my cherubs 😭😭 but nevertheless I hope you enjoyed it ! please do look forward to sunoo next 🙁🙁🙁 im rlly excited for his as the concept is 💔💔💔💔 wow just wow !!! also BKACK HAIRED RIKI AHSHWHDJJEODEIJAOSKE WAAAAAA CRYING SCREAMING SOBBING

    © 2021 copyright. All rights reserved. vilenishis.

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  • snvngkwan
    27.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    old friend — sappy ass love letters

    previous | masterlist | next

    synopsis: when sunoo and y/n were kids, sunoo confessed to y/n only to disappear the next day. now years later, all y/n wants to do is get through school as easy as possible but when sunoo unexpectedly comes back how easy can it be?

    a/n: i’m so sorry this is so late. thanksgiving things have been like. kicking my ass

    taglist: @ncityy04 @whoe-dis @sunysunoo @studioreader @korejijiyo @s0ngk4ng @xoxojayd3n @mika-t3t @sugawarasrose @leenthepanda @niikipuff @meiinumaki @nyfwyeonjun @enhanote @aj-1154 @xetherealbeautyx @meiiiwa @wccycc @msxflower @diestheticu @hobistigma @ielaa @dear-dreamie @jisungs-ubb @ja4hyvn @kyleeanne @thisuserwouldmarrysabrinainhbt @luv4gyu @c9tnoos @strwberriki @pixyseeun @haechans-sunflower @tomorrowbymoa-together @genderlessflower @nnasheii @icywhatim @meijiamikas @jungwons-rat @isaluv @tenten-67 @angxlsj-wi @ssunnk @adoreyeonjun [cant tag] @voidiinn @txtdreamm

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  • maptheesoul
    27.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    [WEVERSE 211115] EMI 🔵

    02:48am kst

    오늘은 나의 가장 친한 친구 생일이야!! 생일 축하해 제이크 조만간 또 놀러 가자 💗

    TRANS: it's my best friends birthday today!! happy birthday jake let's go out again soon 💗

    note. pretend i posted this on jake day...

    #enha ·˚ ༘ emi #deluxeocnet #emi.wv #enhypen additional member #enhypen added member #enhypen addition #enhypen 8th member #enhypen female addition #enhypen female member #enhypen female oc #enhypen au#enhypen imagines #kpop added member #kpop black oc #kpop female oc
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  • vilenishis
    27.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    365 w/enha


    “I hate love stories.”

    pairing: jake + you !

    genre: another corny little college romance, so much fluff so much softness

    warnings: tooth rotting brain rotting cuteness

    synopsis: finally! you have dreamt all your life for this exact moment. you finally made it, to your dream university. Everything was ideal, it all fit to what you wanted and expected. Almost as if your life was now suddenly some teen flick. Yet, when the schools new it boy from Australia accidentally becomes your new roommate, whats there left to do other than fall for him?

    wc: 1.8k | not proofread

    Jesus christ this university was big.. how much square feet must it be? god probably hundreds. maybe thousands. it was ginormous, it must have taken years to build just one corridor. and yet here you were, standing right at the entrance with your bags and suitcase in hand. You wondered to yourself about what you had possibly gotten yourself into, but hey, new experiences are always welcome right? This is what you told yourself all throughout the gruelling hours of waiting for the key to your dorm room. How hard was it to get a key, I mean seriously isn’t there a spare with them always?

    After at least an hour or two, you finally got access to your dorm through the janky key card the receptionist and school rep had handed to you. All throughout this exchange the school rep preached about the schools standards and how the school was known amongst students and the public as one of the greatest and most welcoming ones. Yet why did you feel judged by everyone? especially the individual preaching inclusivity in front of you. Regardless though, there you finally were in your dorm. Thankfully it was actually quite a big space. Two rooms connected to the living room with a cozy kitchen and dining area as well as a nice little balcony. The only fault here was the bathroom connected to both rooms, that would cause some issues.

    You got to work immediately as you unpacked your things, claiming the room with the bigger windows as your own since you liked it better when you could watch the sun rise and set. By the time it was 6 pm you had already set up your desk, the bed and put away all your clothes. At this point all you were doing was putting up your tiny posters and your peg board when you heard the door creak open. You were expected your roommate to be here by noon but you figured they must have had trouble just as you did, so you being the sweetest ever, went out to greet your poor roommate. But what you didn’t expect was a boy, tugging his suit case in through the door as he shook off the flurries of snowflakes that coated his long black coat. Looking towards you, you could tell that the both of you were taken aback to say the least.

    He sheepishly smiled before backing away to the door slowly, shutting it and holding onto the handle. Forgetting his suitcase before chasing down the hall and looking for the nearest student rep. But, there was no mistakes made, you both were roommates. And you figured that out after seeing the sticky note left on the boys suitcase. You decided that you’d leave a good impression on him as he panicked at the reception downstairs. Taking in his suitcase into the room and going off to the kitchen to make dinner for the both of you. You weren’t much of a cook but you could make a mean pack of instant ramen. So you grabbed four packs and started up a pot of water. Taking your time and pouring your heart out into the soupy base as you were just that damn hungry. You had been craving ramen for a while so you were practically drooling at the smell of the freshly made goodness. You definitely wouldn’t mind getting a dialysis after consuming an ungodly amount of sodium during your time at university.

    As soon as you were done with the ramen, sliding an egg on top, your roommate had quietly entered back into your shared dorm. Sighing as he ruffled his hair, looking towards you and grinning nervously. Holding out his hand but then taking it back, holding it out again and looking up at you and down at his hand repeatedly. “I- uh- Sorry, I’m jake. Not good at these things.” You chuckled to yourself in awe at how nervous the poor dude was. Shaking his hand you brushed off the nerves and decided you might as well warm up to him as soon as possible since you’d be stuck together for at least the rest of the semester. “Im___ ! here, I made us some ramen. Have some if you’re hungry.” The boy, clearly touched, thanked you for the gesture and took off his coat. Placing it into the closet by the door before noticing his suit case missing. “In your room, I figured you’d be pretty tired when you got back so I left it in there for you.” To say that he was thankful was an understatement. He thanked the universe for such an amazing roommate from the get go. Nodding he took a seat at the island table by the kitchen as you both dug into your ramen.

    At this point, it had been 3 hours since you and Jake had met, but you somehow just clicked. It felt like you had known each other for years and just reconnected. He told you about how he just recently moved to South Korea and that he was struggling with getting used to the new atmosphere. You mentioning how you haven’t been here for long either, explaining the fluent english between the two of you. There was a lot that you both had in common, including the love for ramen and classical music. You could tell he was a bit of a nerd and honestly it made you fall for him a bit too fast. But hey, who was there to stop you from garnering a teensy crush on your new roommate? nobody but yourself. And maybe him but, besides the point. The time you spent together felt real, felt so raw. It was like one of those moments you’d read in a romance book. No, not one of those old timey romances. But a modern romance. One where all that matters was the time together. Not the circumstances that put you both together. But the time that you both had. And it felt like you had all the time in the world when you both were together.

    Blinking yourself awake you realized you and Jake had both fallen asleep on the couch after talking for hours about anything and everything. You nudged him and told him that you had afternoon classes so you’d be sleeping in your room. He, unfortunately, had the morning classes so he’d see you later tonight. Smiling to yourself you sleepily patted his thigh before wadding into your room and collapsing onto the cushiony mattress. Now it was noon, you had about an hour left till your first lecture so you being the normal sane person rushed to get ready. Until you realized… ah, an hour. Not 10 minutes. Curse your half awake brain for tricking you like that. So now that your heart was beating like a stampede of horses, you chose to go down to the café and meet one of your friends. Now what you weren’t expecting was your panting friends and a group of other people, mainly girls, going up to you.

    “___, did you see that guy?” your friend asked, looking at you expectedly as you narrowed your eyes and looked towards where she was pointing. “uhh, jake?” you questioned as you held her up. “yeah I have seen him, why whats wrong?” The girls all simultaneously squealed as she collapsed into your arms dramatically. “he’s so fineeeeeeeeeeee, ____!!!!!!!!” she squealed before settling herself back up at her feet. I mean, yeah she was right but you didn’t realize that within his first few hours here he’d be the new it boy. I guess it didn’t make it any better that his group of friends were all equally as attractive. “did you see him and his friends!! jay and heeseung and that pretty boy sunghoon, I’m gonna faint dude theres no way they’re real-“ exclaimed the group of people surrounding you. It was valid of course but you had just wanted to get a drink and some food, man. The answer to your prayers- or worst fears, came around as Jake walked over your way. Carrying an iced coffee and a bag from the café. You massaged your temples as the girls rambled around you before feeling your head being patted. Looking up you locked eyes with Jake, your heart now going back to that same tempo of a horse derby as you realized how truly fucked you were. He handed you both the drink and the bag as he wished you a good lecture. Letting you know that he’d see you in a couple hours. Now as he walked off, you were left with blood-hungry girls.

    Zombie-walking to your dorm, it was now 9 pm and you had significantly been harassed for the past few hours before and after your lecture about your new roommate and your relationship. What annoyed you was not the amount of girls asking about him but was the amount of things the girls were asking that you didn’t even know if you had the consent to be telling. Of course you kept pretty much everything secret aside from your relationship with him and how you met, which was pretty straight forward. But as you locked the front door the only thing that was on your mind was the boy peeking over the counter towards you. Smiling cheerfully as he held up two packs of ramen. Looking just like a puppy as he waved them around. “ramen for two?” he questioned. Excitedly you nodded, dropping your keys at the side table and hopping towards him.

    You could definitely get used to this.

    10 pm hits and you’re pretty fucking exhausted. The sodium from all the noodles you’ve consumed these past few days really had gotten to you as you sluggishly slid down the couch onto the floor. It was just about time the week ended as Saturday soon approached by. This kept you hopeful as you had been begging for time to move faster, wanting to go out and get some groceries so that you could eat some real food during the next week. Jake entered the dorm looking a lot more cheery than usual, but also nervous. He spotted you and gasped a little. You looked like a zombie straight out of a horror movie. He immediately hopped over to you and crouched down as he examined your straight. “Pizza tonight?” he questioned. Your eyes immediately lit up as you nodded excitedly. He giggled before plopping down beside you and turning on his phone. He dialled the number but- wait, why was your phone ringing? you got up and went over to pick up the phone from across the room. “Hello?” you said. Hearing a slight echo you turned to look at Jake, his smile beaming as he spoke. “Hey, I was wondering if I could order a date with ____, for delivery?” You looked at him astonished. No way he just did that. He was…. so cute.

    “I can absolutely get that for you. it’ll be the affordable price of just, one kiss.”

    yet the look on his face after that was more than enough for you.

    this was incredibly cute to write 😭😭 its crazy how we’re already on jake, the days are going by so fast. I am not ready for 1 year with enha honestly, they’ve been my babies for so long its crazy

    © 2021 copyright. all rights reserved. vilenishis.

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  • jenzyaa
    26.11.2021 - 2 days ago



    summary: the team you‘re desperately trying to recruit in order to join the world dance competition is left stunned by your passion, because for one, none of you know each other, and two: barely anyone can actually dance. you‘re not sure what the bigger problem is: the fact that you‘re going to make an absolute fool out of yourselves for the whole world to see, or that none of them know the actual reason you want to join.
    pairing: enhypen x fem!reader, jake x fem!reader, jay x fem!reader, niki x fem!reader, sunghoon x fem!reader, heeseung x fem!reader
    warnings: cursing

    prev | masterlist | next

    main masterlist

    © jenzyaa on tumblr

    #enhypen smau#txt smau #aespa x reader #itzy smau #txt x reader #txt fake text #enha smau#enha au#enhypen fic#kpop fiction #kpop fake texts #kpop x reader #enhypen x reader #social media #jake sim x reader #park jay x reader #niki x reader #lee heeseung x reader #park sunghoon x reader #yang jungwon x reader #kim sunoo x reader #choi beomgyu x reader
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  • crownkatt
    26.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    ⋆*・゚Late Night Happenings // Park Sunghoon *⋆.*:・゚

    Word count: 5k

    Genre: A fun mix of comedy and fluff, and a very sweet kith~ !friends to lovers!

    Warnings and notes: slight swearing and some sexual innuendos -Pls do not read if anything I listed makes you uncomfortable- Fem pronouns~ Also, I would like to say that everyone is beautiful and deserves to love and be loved without being judged by their outer appearance. You do you baby boo and feel proud while doing so!!! 

    ❤️ Masterlist ❤️

    ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆  ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆  ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚

    You swiftly sprinted across the wet road, grabbing the jacket covering your head for dear life. Raindrops kept pouring down from the sky, hitting the pavement soundly. The earthy and misty smell around you brought a smile to your face. A bittersweet feeling lingered still. You loved this kind of weather. But today, it was different. You never expected the situation back in the coffee shop to end like that. You let out a long sigh, trying to shake off the memories, before your eyes landed on a tall apartment building complex.

    “Ohhh, its coming down a lot!”

    “Yeah, thankfully we’re staying home today.”

    “I hope Y/n will make it…”

    “She’s getting a little late, isn’t she?”

    “We didn’t agree on a fixed time. She’ll come! She would’ve called otherwise.”

    “Yeah true...Still, I hope she’s fine, the weather is a little harsh.”

    “Didn’t she have another thing to attend today? I heard something about meeting up with someone.”

    “…” Sunghoon stared at the wall for a second.

    “Yeah, I think it was some kind of date meeting or something.” he replied, sipping his soda.


    “Guys please don’t bombard her with questions when she walks in, for the love of God.”

    “Of course not!” they protested quickly. Jungwon shook his head in defeat. He was sure they were going to do just that.

    “You are surprisingly calm dealing with this situation Sunghoon”

    “Why wouldn’t I be?”

    “Cause you two are basically inseparable!”

    “Yeah, it’s a weird combination. I mean you are always together but you are on each other’s throats most of the time” they all agreed with Jay’s statement.

    “No we’re not!”

    “Yes YOU ARE.”

    “That’s a lie! Do you even have proof??” His eyes went wide as soon as he saw all his friends pulling out their phones, shuffling through their folders and basically shove all the video and picture evidence they had collected over these past months.

    “You are unbelievable...”Sunghoon scoffed in defeat as the others burst out laughing.

    “I wonder how the date went~” Sunoo said. “Aren’t you curious too?” he shoot Sunghoon a teasing look.

    “I’m not! She can do whatever she wants!”

    “Well, of course she can, that’s a given. I asked if you were curious, are you not listening?” he laughed to the tall black haired boy. Sunghoon glared at the wall to escape Sunoo’s gaze.

    “I don’t care about what Y/n is doing…” he whispered under his breath.

    “Dude! Look at how heavy the rain is right now!”

    “Maybe we should cancel tonight’s plans after all? What if she hasn’t brought an umbrella with her-”


    “That must be her!”

    “I got it” Sunghoon shoot up from the couch and walked towards the front door. He turned the handle only to reveal a panting, soaked, red cheeked figure standing there. 

    “What the-”

    “Close it, close it, it’s freaking cold outside!” You pushed past him as quickly as you could and stayed in the small hallway inside the house. He slammed the door close as he turned to you with lightning speed, trying to process the information in front of him.

    “DON’T YOU KNOW WHAT AN UMBRELLA IS?” he half scolded, half mocked your drenched, shivering figure.


    “Oh.” he looked at you with a complicated expression.

    “Yeah, let’s just not talk about it right now, please.” you breathed as you squatted down to remove your shoes.

    “Y/n is here! Hey Y/n- OH. WOW.” you heard a bunch of steps coming to a sudden stop a few meters away from the hallway.

    “What happened??”

    “The weather hates me~” you snarkily replied. Standing up, you noticed that part of your dress was somewhat stained by the rain.

    “Great, I have to wash everything now.” you growled. Sunghoon finally took a better look at your figure. The jacket you were holding around your body was drenched and dripping on the floor, just like your dress. There were still some raindrops falling from your hair, softly landing on your eyelashes and slowly traveling down your beautiful facial features, eventually disappearing under your dress collar.

    “Soooo, Imma need a huge hoodie or something” you stared back at Sunghoon. He rolled his eyes at your request.

    “You can use Jungwon’s he has plenty of over-sized hood-” Jay was caught off by Sunghoon grabbing your hand and dragging you away from the members and heading to his room.

    “You are unbelievable” he mocked as he walked past his friends.

    “I hope you know I can’t control the weather! Besides, it was sunny during the morning!” you tried to defend yourself before you two disappeared into his room.

    ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆  ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆  ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚

    A few minutes after, and Sunghoon re-emerged in the living room alone as he plopped down on the couch.

    “Where is Y/n?”

    “She’s finishing up with her shower.” he relied nonchalantly. “I gave her one of my hoodies so your guys’ clothes are safe.” he almost boasted. Sunoo let out a small laugh.



    “Just the hoodie? No pants?” Jay snickered.

    “I GAVE HER A HOODIE A N D PANTS, ALRIGHT?” he quickly defended. “What’s with you guys today?!” he whined in frustration, causing his friends to burst out in laughter.

    “Yo, Sunghoon, you never told me that boxers felt this good! They’re so comfortable!” your voice echoed in the living room. His head snapped so fast back at you. His eyes widened at the sight of you trying to adjust yourself inside his huge hoodie. Your hands kept pulling up the pair of sweats you were wearing under the hoodie, your hair strands still somewhat wet from the shower. He felt a sudden wave of embarrassment rushing through him, leaving behind a slight pink color to the tips of his ears and cheeks. He quickly averted his eyes away from you, shutting them close and letting his head fall back.

    “Boxers?? You gave her boxers to wear as well???”

    “I asked for them. I mean, my underwear was… you know. They’re drying up with the rest of my clothes.” you said, trying to dry your hair with a towel. Their eyes were shot open.

    “It’s not like I will use it forever! I’ll return it-”

    “No. Please. Just. UGH. Keep it. Omg.” Sunghoon facepalmed. Oh, how he wished the earth would just open up right then and there and swallow him whole.

    “Dude, don’t go gifting underwear to people like that, what the hell??”

    “CAN WE SKIP THE SUBJECT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!” he cried out as everyone’s laughter filled the room. You walked towards the couch, and got seated next to the little table in the middle. His eyes were stealing glances of you the entire time your hands were trying to dry off your hair.

    “Yo, you suck at this~” Sunghoon teased you.

    “Why? I’m just drying it off!”

    “Don’t just throw the towel on your head like you’re wiping the floor! It’s gonna dry off funny!” he laughed in your face.

    “Maybe I was going for the maniac look all along!” you barked back. He chuckled at your feisty demeanor.

    “I could do it for you~” he offered.

    “Nah thanks, I’m good” you stuck your tongue out at him.

    “So, everyone ready for movie night??”


    “Imma go grab the drinks and food from the kitchen.”

    “I’ll help!” you offered.

    “No need, we got this~”

    “Okayyy~” you sang as you ran your fingers through your hair to check for moisture.

    “Oof, it’s still wet…” you breathed silently. Sunghoon clicked his tongue as a cocky grin surfaced on his lips. He quickly stood up and jumped on the couch spot right behind your figure, his hands stealing the towel away from you.

    “Sunghoon gim-”

    “Just stay quiet and let me do this, jeez!” he cut you off. Your hands finally gave up the fight and fell at your sides in defeat. You couldn’t lie, his hands felt nice, he was drying off your hair so airy and gently, it almost felt like massage of sorts.

    “Fine. I’m too tired to argue anyway. This day was very long…” your face suddenly dropped. He felt his hands tensing up.

    “Y/n! I almost forgot! Sunghoon said you were on a date today! How did it go?” Sunoo chirped happily as he scooted over to you. He surely was overly excited to hear about it that he didn’t feel Sunghoon’s warning eye-stares burning through his skull. When he did caught a glimpse of him however, it was too late to take it back.

    “...Well… I thought everything was going great at first…” you stalled for a couple of seconds.

    “Turns out I wasn’t feminine enough, his words not mine” you chuckled, your voice almost cracking at the end. Sunghoon’s hands stopped moving the instant the words have left your mouth.

    “What the hell??” Sunoo let out a frustrating scream.

    “Did he seriously say that?” Sunghoon questioned, definitely trying to sound more levelheaded that he was actually feeling that moment.

    “Yeah, like the date came to an end and as we exited the coffee shop we had a chat and he said that right to my face! Like, I love feminine style on others but it’s just not my thing, it doesn’t suit me! Dude, he didn’t even tried to twist it, he said it like I was the problem there!” You were fuming like an angry arthurian dragon. Sunghoon felt a sign of relief when he saw you and Sunoo basically dissing that man to hell and back. At least you weren’t feeling that sad.

    “No, you know what, fuck that guy!” you revolted, as you grabbed a soda from the table, soundly opening it with frustration.

    “So I’m not good enough if I don’t start purring and acting cutely on a first date?? NUH UH!” you took a sip, slamming the can on the table like it was beer.

    “Can you believe that dude’s attitude?? Like who did he think he was?? He wasn’t even that bulky! I could literally just sit on him and he wouldn’t be able to lift a finger, let alone yap his mouth!” There was definitely a raging fire in your eyes. There was also a wave of both amusement and embarrassment in everyone else’s eyes as they just stopped in their tracks, wide eyed and staring at you, trying to compress their laughter. It was only Sunghoon’s voice that echoed through the living room as he burst out laughing at your comment. Your eyes widened as the words replayed in your head and instantly fell on the floor, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone even though you could’ve sworn everyone was laughing too hard to actually make any eye contact to begin with. He leaned closer to you from behind, wiping a tear away from his eyes in the process.

    “That slipped out…sorry” you mumbled under your breath while your hands were fidgeting around your soda. He stared at you lovingly for a second before his hand naturally found its way on top of your head, softly ruffling your now dry hair locks. He leaned in closer to your ear and whispered so that only you could hear.

    “You know you’re just fine the way you are right?”

    “...Thanks Sunghoon” you replied back with all your heart.

    “Don’t let it get to your head too much idiot, he isn’t worth it anyway.”

    “I’m really starting to doubt if there is someone who is then…” you let out a bitter chuckle. The tone of your voice pierced Sunghoon’s heart like a hot needle as the smile quickly disappeared from his face. Of course. Of course you were still hurt by those words. Your façade did not mean that you were okay. Not yet.

    You quickly realized that what you had just mouthed back was just a moment of weakness of your self pity. And you hated that. You hated that you made him worry about you.

    “No, no, come on!” you smiled in front of his face, “That was a joke! A JOKE! I’m fine! Seriously!” you tried to play if off. He stared at you intensely, as if he tried to figure out whether you were lying or not. And you knew that you couldn’t hide from him for long.

    “Okay! Hit play! Let’s watch some zombies!” someone yelled in excitement. You looked over towards the rest of the boys, a mini popcorn fight already being in progress. You glanced back at Sunghoon.

    “Hey, its fine! Just forget about me right now and enjoy the movie!” you chirped happily as you handed him a bowl of popcorn.

    “Ooof” He shut his eyes in defeat and accepted your piece offering. You threw him a bright smile before your attention fell on the tv screen.

    ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆  ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆  ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚

    Even after the movie had ended, the night sure looked to be lively enough. You stayed up along with everyone, chatting about nothing and everything, cracking jokes, making fun of the ridiculous visual effects the movie had, eventually leading to a small zombie audition showdown taking place in the living room. You were wiping tears of laughter from the corners of your eyes as Sunghoon decided to repeat his ice skating zombie impersonation from a while ago.

    A faint smile creeped up on his features as his eyes fell on your shaking figure, unable to contain your laughter from his small gig. A wave of relief coursed through him. He would never admit it but his eyes never left you the whole night. He did not remember details about the movie. His gaze was fixed on you for the most part. And as many times as he tried to shake off that feeling of uneasiness and focus on the movie, his eyes always found their way back to you. Of course he faked that the movie was horrible along with everyone else. Otherwise, he had no way of knowing.

    A few beverages later into the night, and most of the people had already gone to sleep. You couldn’t blame them, the night was wild. So naturally, the noise had died down in the living room. Only you, Sunghoon and Jay were still up and functioning. Well, for the most part. You took another sip of your drink, while your eyes darted towards Jay letting out a huge, tired yawn.  You knew both of them had stayed up this late just because of you, even though you knew that they would say the opposite if you pointed it out. While you found it endearing, you felt sorry for them. You knew that you wouldn’t be able to sleep at all that night. Not when the silence amplified your buried thoughts of this morning. You knew that much. But you also knew that the two boys in front of you needed sleep.

    “I think you guys should go to bed” you chuckled.

    “What? No, I’m goo-aaahh~” Jay yawned. You raised an eyebrow at him.

    “Okay fine. Point taken.” he admitted. He chugged his drink down and got up from his seat.

    “I’m sorry Y/n, I wish I’d stay longer.” he apologized. You shook your head.

    “No it’s okay! You need to sleep. It is a sleepover after all~” you laughed. He gave you a tired smile before he waved you goodnight and disappeared behind a door.

    “Won’t you go to rest as well?” you curiously looked over at Sunghoon.

    “Nah” he replied casually.

    “Sunghoon, I can see the bags under your eyes” you pointed out.

    “You can’t see shit cause there are no bags under my eyes” he mocked you.

    “I could fit a month’s worth of clothes shopping in there~” you sang teasingly as he scoffed in disbelief. You smiled to yourself and scooted over to him.

    “Hey, seriously, go to sleep” Your sweet tone lingered near his ears, making his eyes grow bigger. He surely was used to your voice but silent, heartfelt moments like this was of a somewhat rare occurrence between you. And he sure was thankful for that cause judging from this moment alone, he was pretty sure his heart would not be able to handle anymore.

    “...I feel like you can’t sleep and I don’t want to leave you alone with...-” his mouth ate up the last words of his sentence.

    “With?” you wondered.

    Your thoughts. I don’t wanna leave you alone with your stupid thoughts.

    “Forget it” he breathed out.

    “Sunghoon, I am fine. Really. I am. What I’m not fine with though is the thought of having to be seen in public with the human equivalent of shopping bag walking beside me.” you scolded him. He chuckled and looked at you defeated.

    “Pwease go to bed~” you cutely pouted at him, in hopes that it would made him cringe and leave you alone.

    “Ha, you want me to leave that bad?” he chuckled.

    “Yeth~” you smiled sheepishly.

    You knew you had won. And you expected to see the cringe on his face. You could only imagine your surprise when Sunghoon actually smiled back at you lovingly and softly ruffled your hair before he sat up from the couch. Moments like this in your relationship with him were rare. You knew he always looked out for you even if he wouldn’t admit it. But this moment… There had been similar incidents before. Random touches, fleeting glances… You had forgotten the details of how or why they happened. But you were sure for one thing. You could never forget the warmth rising to your cheeks or your heart skipping a beat every single time.

    “Maybe make some tea, it will help you relax a bit, okay?” he advised before leaving the room.

    “O-okay!” you nodded in agreement, still somewhat startled from the moment. Your head followed him as his figure slowly disappeared, leaving you alone, surrounded by the muted night city sounds that faintly disturbed the heavy silence in the dark living room.

    ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚

    It had been thirty minutes since Sunghoon laid down on his bed yet it was the eleventh time he was readjusting his position. He was restless. His eyes wouldn’t close. Not when his mind was wondering in the room next door. He raised his head to check on the others. Everyone was dead asleep. His head fell back to his pillow soundly as he shut his eyes with force…

    “..Fuck it” His eyes opened wide, as his whole body practically jumped out of bed. He tiptoed carefully around the sleeping people around him, reaching the bedroom door. Luckily enough, it was already half opened. He slipped out of the room and stealthily made his way towards the living room. His feet halted behind the living room wall. He took a deep breath before he carefully popped his head behind the wall to check the surroundings.

    There you were. Still awake, holding a mug and sitting in front of the window, staring at the night lights of the city. The raindrops hitting the glass the glass almost started to sound like a lullaby. His heart clenched into his chest. The view in front of his eyes was sorrowful yet so beautiful at the same time… A small, mischievous smile was planted on his lips on that instant. He carefully made his way towards you, making sure not to cause any disturbance. As soon as he was right behind you, he knelled down at your level as his face moved closer to your ear.

    “Boo!” he whispered in your ear.

    “EEEEEEP!” you let out a muffled scream. Sunghoon was already rolling on the floor besides you, trying to compress his laughter. Your eyes were still startled but your breathing became more and more stable with each passing second. You pouted back at him angrily.

    “Sunghoon, I swear to god!” you slapped his arm in frustration.

    “Sorry, sorry~” he waved his hands at you in defense as he cozily settled next to you.

    “Whatcha have there?” he nodded at the direction on your mug.

    “Hot coco” you said, your hands instinctively hugging the mug tighter.

    “No tea?”

    “Wasn’t in the mood for tea” you sipped a little.

    “Smells really good~” he beamed. You eyed him suspiciously. He looked at you in question.

    “Ugh…Wait here” you ordered. Leaving your mug on the coffee table, you stood up and made your way towards the kitchen. Sunghoon was staring at your direction in confusion until he heard the kettle. A tiny smile appeared on his lips.

    After a couple of minutes, you re-emerged from the kitchen, holding another piping hot mug of chocolate. Sunghoon observed you all the way until you got right next to him, sat down and carefully passed him the mug.

    “It’s still hot, be careful”

    “Thanks Y/n~” he curled his fingers around the warm liquid. You pressed your lips together, a tired smile across your face.

    “What are you doing up?” you wondered, grabbing your own mug.

    “I just couldn’t sleep, thought I’d join you instead~”

    “Sure! You’re more than welcomed to stare at absolutely nothing with me!” you mocked as you both laughed.

    “I don’t know, I was tossing and turning the whole time”

    “Maybe if you haven’t eaten that second bucket of popcorn…”

    “Okay, first of all, I didn’t even get the chance to finish it cause Jay was stealing it.” he laughed.

    “Sure sure pffft”

    As your little giggle died down, silence fell into the room once more. But it wasn’t uncomfortable. You appreciated that about Sunghoon. Just peacefully coexisting with each other. It was a rare occurrence, yes. But you felt that you were as connected in these types of moments as in your more… “chaotic” encounters.

    “Say…” he breathed.


    “You feeling better now?” he blurted and you chuckled at his words. How typical. Always straight to the point.

    “I think so” you said with honesty.

    “Good” he smiled sheepishly at you. Like a reflex, you smiled at his words.

    “How did he look like anyway? You never told me any of that stuff, hmm?”

    “Well, he was a little shorter than you are actually…”

    “Of course he was~” he puffed out his chest.

    “Sunghoon, most people reach a certain, normal height. Not all of us are destined to become telephone poles.”

    “Uh huh~” he nodded nonchalantly, urging you to continue.

    “He was a brunet and his eyes were sharp…”

    “What did he wear?”

    “Uhm, a pair of ripped jeans and a hoodie? Very casual. But like, VERY casual. I don’t know.”

    “Hmpf” he scoffed. “You can do better than that y/n~” he scolded you.

    “Don’t be superficial!” you elbowed him playfully.

    “I’m not, sorry, sorry” he cracked a laugh.

    “He was kinda cute in his own way… I liked his smile…” you smiled to yourself. He observed your reaction and stayed silent, taking a sip from his mug.

    “But what was the point of his smile if he had a shitty personality in the first place...Jeez”

    “So we’re back on the same page then” he chuckled.

    “I guess we are” you exhaled.

    “Cheers to that!” you clinged your mugs together.

    “It’s funny, heh” you mumbled to yourself.


    “I never thought I’d have such a conversation with you of all people” you chuckled.

    “What, why??” he looked at you offended.

    “It’s just that we don’t always agree on stuff and we bicker quite a lot too” you stated the obvious.

    “That’s because you can’t take a joke-” he laughed at you as you glared back at him, pouting.

    “Oh trust me, if I took your jokes personally I wouldn't be talking to you right now” you sang menacingly and he laughed.

    “I think it’s just crazy how well you can understand me...” you chirped and smiled back at him. His eyes widened in surprise. He could've sworn his heart did a flip.

    “Not all of you” he whispered out loud.



    “...Not all of you” he voiced again, nonchalantly.

    “What do you mean?” you asked in all curiousness.

    “I can’t understand your type”

    “My type?”

    “Yes, the kind of guys you like..”

    “My type…” you repeated again, your eyes staring at down at your mug, in deep thought. Sunghoon’s eyes fell on you again. Almost as if he was waiting for an answer. A specific answer.

    “I don’t think I have any?” you joked. “Like seriously, I don’t think I ask for much.” you contemplated.

    “What do you ask for then?”

    “Not a douchebag? Haha, no but seriously, I just want someone to love me for me, that’s all, I think. Like, I know I can be a handful some times but…”

    You were so immersed in this cathartic conversation, you didn’t notice Sunghoon leaving his mug on the coffee table behind you. You didn’t notice his body moving closer to yours, leaning into your space. There was a glint in his eyes. Anticipation. His throat felt as dry as ever.

    “...and I know that, but I-!” your eyes widened in surprise, being startled at the close proximity.

    “S-Sunghoon??” He did not flinch at all. His gaze was fixed on you. On your eyes. On your lips.

    “W-what are you doing?” you breathed heavily.

    “I… don’t know…” he whispered. You really wanted to look away but couldn’t. You couldn’t shake off that feeling of nervousness. You couldn’t stop your heart beating so fast. He was just a breath away from your face. From your lips.

    You didn’t expect the sudden rush of emotion racing through you. Your best friend was right in front of you. But that look in his eyes… it wasn’t one of friendship. Not this time. Your mind raced back to all those memories of those lingering yet fleeting moments you felt in the past. All the slight touches. All the tiny smiles. After all this time… finally everything clicked together.  It was too bad that the realization of the situation made your embarrassment even worse.

    In a moment of braveness, you shut down your eyes firmly and you crushed your lips on his softly. His eyes suddenly went wide. He was surely prepared for a rejection. Only if you could feel his heart inside his chest the moment your soft lips touched his. He smiled and kissed you back eagerly. You felt like the floor beneath you was about to vanish. Even though you have never kissed before, somehow you matched each other's pace perfectly. It felt so good. It felt...right. You pulled out of the kiss breathless. Your mind was a mess with no chance of thinking straight. You couldn’t lift your eyes to his face. You didn’t dare to.

    “...oh my god!” you squealed into your hands, in a fruitless attempt to hide your flushed face. In the meantime, Sunghoon was frozen in place, starring at you with the most unreadable expression. His mind was running a thousand miles. How could you be so cute? Why didn’t he make a move sooner? Do your lips always taste like this?

    You stole a glance of his face from between your fingers. Nope. He was still starring. Your cheeks burned warmer when your eyes met.

    “S-stop starring at me, it’s embarrassing!” you whined as you lightly hit his bicep. That seemed to wake Sunghoon from his trance because now he was actually looking at you and the situation you two were in slowly sank in him. His eyes widened as he quickly moved away and sat back to the spot next to you. He brought his hands over his mouth, still not believing that the kiss actually happened. But his hands were not fully able to mask the obvious smile on his face. He felt his heart drumming through his ears.

    You on the other hand, were fuming from embarrassment. And maybe some teeny tiny bit of anger as well.

    “Are you for real?? Everyone else is asleep next door!” you yapped.

    “I wasn’t the only one doing stuff though, was I?” he hissed though his hand.

    “T-that’s not the point, they point is they could’ve seen us!” you stuttered.

    “I don’t really care at this point~” he confessed clearly as his gaze fell on you. Your heart  skipped a beat upon hearing his words.

    “Y/n” he said as calmly as he could manage.


    “Your boyfriend requirements are a joke~” he stated out of the blue.


    “That being said, I think I fill them all down to the tiniest little detail.” he grinned. He was both embarrassed and excited. His eyes were literally sparkling. You continued to observe him and his monologue. And you could not believe the level of confidence this man had. One minute he was beet red, the other he was “schooling” you about how your boyfriend standards sucked?

    “That being said,” he cleared his throat, “I am going to bed, I feel tired.” He didn’t even get to finish the now cold cup of chocolate. He just stood up, made an 180 degree turn and started marching away from you, as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile, your embarrassment had left the building a long time ago. Instead, it was replaced with a mixed expression of amazement and wonder (Writer’s note: insert surprised pikachu face). But it took you only a moment before you shook it off. No, no. Now you felt a raging fire burning inside of you.

    “HEY! PARK SUNGHOON!!” you hissed loudly, making Sunghoon stop dead in his tracks.

    “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE GOING TO BED, YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY DO THAT AND LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THIS-” You were talking so fast you could’ve sworn you could easily become a rapper. But he just stood there. This grin on his face was mocking you, you could feel it.

    “Sunghoon, get your ass back here, I swear to g-” You didn’t even get to finish your sentence before he disappeared from the living room, leaving you sitting there, with your mouth wide open, fully flustered from both embarrassment and irritation. You wanted to scream. Scream from frustration. Scream cause you never felt your heart beating so loudly before.

    Sunghoon entered the bedroom as he closed the door behind him. He carefully made his way thought the unconscious bodies sprawled on the floor and climbed back on his bed. His body laid there, full of adrenaline and excitement. Of course he lied. He wasn’t feeling tired at all. His eyes wouldn’t dare to close as the scene replayed in his head over and over again. So what if he wanted to sound cool and confident after the kiss back then? His red ears and the dumb grin on his face were saying otherwise. He couldn’t help it though. He loved to tease you. He loved your expressions. He closed his eyes, a defeated sigh escaping his lips.

    “...I’m done for~” he smiled.

    #p.s i wish us engenes a very get well soon #yall know to what im referring to #*dies in blond sunghoon* #enhypen#enha#park sunghoon#sunghoon#enha sunghoon#enhypen scenarios#enhypen reactions #enhyper x reader #sunghoon x reader #enhypen imagines#enhypen fluff #park sunghoon fluff #enhypenwriters#enhypen au#enhypen drabbles #ps ps this gif is ADORABLE
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    summary: the team you‘re desperately trying to recruit in order to join the world dance competition is left stunned by your passion, because for one, none of you know each other, and two: barely anyone can actually dance. you‘re not sure what the bigger problem is: the fact that you‘re going to make an absolute fool out of yourselves for the whole world to see, or that none of them know the actual reason you want to join.
    pairing: enhypen x fem!reader, jake x fem!reader, jay x fem!reader, niki x fem!reader, sunghoon x fem!reader, heeseung x fem!reader
    warnings: cursing

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    summary: the team you‘re desperately trying to recruit in order to join the world dance competition is left stunned by your passion, because for one, none of you know each other, and two: barely anyone can actually dance. you‘re not sure what the bigger problem is: the fact that you‘re going to make an absolute fool out of yourselves for the whole world to see, or that none of them know the actual reason you want to join.
    pairing: enhypen x fem!reader, jake x fem!reader, jay x fem!reader, niki x fem!reader, sunghoon x fem!reader, heeseung x fem!reader

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    summary: the team you‘re desperately trying to recruit in order to join the world dance competition is left stunned by your passion, because for one, none of you know each other, and two: barely anyone can actually dance. you‘re not sure what the bigger problem is: the fact that you‘re going to make an absolute fool out of yourselves for the whole world to see, or that none of them know the actual reason you want to join.
    pairing: enhypen x fem!reader, jake x fem!reader, jay x fem!reader, niki x fem!reader, sunghoon x fem!reader, heeseung x fem!reader
    warnings: cursing

    profiles 02 | masterlist | y/n's dream team

    @/kingterry : taehyun : 19 years old. computer science major. you used to be classmates in high school and still follow each other on social media despite not having interacted much. really smart and kind, but won’t hesitate to beat you up if you ask for it. close friends with jake.
    @/choigyuu : beomgyu : 20 years old. started studying law as a joke but didn’t last two months. now a music major. y‘all are mutuals on social media but haven’t met irl (yet?). he‘s literally insane (in the funny way).
    @/sunseonwoo : sunoo : 18 years old. melanie martinez stan. a whole feminist king. either soft af or savage af no in between .. went to the same elementary & high school as you! you used to crush on him. (who wouldn’t tbh) !! he‘s also best friends with sunghoon!
    @/jngwone : jungwon : 17 years old. your cousin. since you’re an only child, he‘s always been the younger brother you never had. y‘all are inseparable. such a sweetheart. always supporting you while trying to stop you from accidentally killing yourself simultaneously.
    @/hwangyejiofc : yeji : 20 years old. famous south korean singer & dancer (solo). also takes online college classes. collaborated with heeseung and is labelmates with him. you really like her songs but don’t know her personally.
    @/ryujin_01 : ryujin : 19 years old. daughter of the next door neighbor (also a farmer). y‘all are basically stuck in the same boat but barely know each other since your schedules overlap, causing you to miss each other every time.

    a/n: for ryujin‘s profile *EXCITING, *WASHING MACHINE.. pls my english sucks goodbye

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    Dream in a dream

    six ― [Ramyeon]

    | masterlist | << five || seven >> |

    authors’s note: Check out the newest profile update here

    summary: With assignments, studying and exams piling up, the reoccurring dream you had since you were young starts to hunt you back in uni. A young boy now a young adult your age, you wander if he was real or just a fragment of your imagination.

    @jongsaengseong @enha-pen @giyyuzz @luvrseung @yukii0-0 @lokideadontheinside @gu8ki
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    Dream in a dream

    Profile: F is for friends who do stuff together

    ― Heeseung: Passionate in music and singing. His parent’s moved to the next town where Belift Uni is after high school graduation but it is unknown why he chose Bighit Uni rather than staying with his parents. Jay and Sunghoon have been his best buds since high school. Shares a dorm with Jake.

    ― Jay: Heeseung’s wingman, a great party planner and also a stylist to all his friends. Although coming from a rich family, Jay is chill and friendly with all people and seems to have connections from the fashion students in Belift Uni. Unknowingly the mother figure of the group. Lives in the many mansions his parents have.

    ― Sunghoon: A figure skater but a photography major and famous for his looks. Becomes good friends with Jake during the first day of Uni and introduces him to the others. Although he looks cold and quiet, he is 1/3 of the chaotic squad among their friend group. Lives with his parents.

    ― Jake:  Math major who often competes in math competitions since high school. A huge scaredy cat and a happy and smiley puppy that can’t be left alone. He is the life of the party and is often seen with his partner in crime Sunghoon. He is 1/3 of the chaotic squad among their friend group.

    ― Ryujin: Good friends with Heeseung due to the fact that they often collaborate with each other during festivals and events. She enjoys skateboarding during her free time and is popular and famous with dedicated fan clubs. She is 1/3 of the chaotic squad among their friend group. 

    | masterlist | << previous profile |

    summary: With assignments, studying and exams piling up, the reoccurring dream you had since you were young starts to hunt you back in uni. A young boy now a young adult your age, you wander if he was real or just a fragment of your imagination.

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    summary: the team you‘re desperately trying to recruit in order to join the world dance competition is left stunned by your passion, because for one, none of you know each other, and two: barely anyone can actually dance. you‘re not sure what the bigger problem is: the fact that you‘re going to make an absolute fool out of yourselves for the whole world to see, or that none of them know the actual reason you want to join.
    pairing: enhypen x fem!reader, jake x fem!reader, jay x fem!reader, niki x fem!reader, sunghoon x fem!reader, heeseung x fem!reader
    warnings: cursing

    profiles 01 | masterlist | profiles 03

    @/ethanleeofficial : heeseung : 20 years old. famous krnb soloist. used to be friends with you when you were little since your families know each other (but y’all haven’t talked in years and he kinda forgot about ur existence tbh.) literally good at anything. so humble tho. lives in seoul and takes online college classes due to his busy schedule and limited privacy.
    @/seungheehee : heeseung : private account since he’s famous lol.
    @/rikiniki : niki : 16 years old. high school student. from japan, doing an exchange year in south korea. insanely good dancer and really chaotic. loves money lmao.
    @/simsjae_ : jake : 19 years old. computer science major. originally from australia studying in seoul. social butterfly and everyone‘s favorite person. extremely smart. adapts to any social situation very easily and seems to fit in just about anywhere, really.
    @/pshoon_ : sunghoon : 19 years old. figure skater & student (architecture major). literally a walking pile of anxiety. really introverted but nice. he‘s popular for his looks and got himself a tsundere reputation when in reality he's just scared of social interaction. funny asf lmao
    @/jayypjs : jay : 19 years old. fashion design major. from america. really rich and popular. even though he has an intimidating aura and a pretty short temper, he‘s far from being a.. bad boy? lmao he‘s genuinely just trying to get by without questioning his life choices every single day. oh also he hates you for stealing his money.

    a/n: none of them know each other properly yet.

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    tiny dimples.

    featuring. enhypen emi

    pairing. wonmi ; emi and jungwon

    summary. it is emiko’s first day and she is a little lost. her saviour comes in the form of a younger boy and adorable dimples

    set. october 2019 warnings. swearing, fluff note. dialogue in bold is japanese and italics is english

    In hindsight, Emiko probably should have been paying attention when the nice translator lady explained where she needed to go. It isn’t her fault, really, she was just distracted! By the big building and the people rushing in and out and the fact that she was going to train here. At BigHit. The same company that formed BTS. So, forgive her for being a little starstruck.

    But, now, her translator was gone and Emiko was going up an elevator to go to a vocal lesson in one of the training rooms—a training room she did not know how to find. When the elevator stops at her floor, she steps out and looks around in awe.

    To think that the biggest band in the world practices at this same building, probably used one of the rooms she is about to be in. It was all so surreal.

    There is a sign hanging on the wall in front of her and underneath the Korean, Vocal Training Rooms is written in English with an arrow pointing left.

    This wasn’t going to be so hard, she thinks as she walks in that direction. Expect there are at least ten different vocals lining either side of the hall, and probably a few more around the corner. She supposes she could just knock on each door until she finds where she’s supposed to be, but at that rate she’d end up missing her whole lesson.

    She doesn’t know how long she stands there in the middle of the hall like an idiot, but it’s long enough for someone to round the corner and find her there.

    A boy around nearly her height (which isn’t really a feat, Emiko isn’t that tall anyways) but very clearly younger than her with dark hair, approaches her apprehensively. “Hello,” he greets with a bow and Emiko’s Korean is very limited but she knows the basics so she bows and greets back. The boy straightens up and says something else in Korean. Something that goes right over her head.

    She just stares at him. He is watching her curiously then says something else. His head tilts slightly to the side when she doesn’t answer again.

    What the fuck was he saying?

    “What the fuck are you saying?” Emiko asks in Japanese.

    The boyʼs eyes widen in surprise and he lets out an oh in realisation. “You Japanese?” he asks simply in English and Emiko nods enthusiastically. He makes a stay here gesture before he is running off back in the direction he came.

    Emiko only stands there for maybe a minute before he is coming back with another person in tow. This person was another boy, taller than both Emiko and the first one. He bows in greeting and Emiko follows suit.

    “He wants to know if you are lost,” the new boy says, nodding in the shorter boy’s direction. Emiko’s eyes widen when she realises that that boy had gone out of his way to find someone else who speaks Japanese. And the fact that it was seemingly obvious that she had no idea where she was supposed to be.

    She nods. “Yes, I’m supposed to be having my first vocal lesson now.” She watches as the taller boy translates what she said into Korean for the younger and he nods.

    He says something to the boy and Emiko only really catches the word class before the tall one is speaking in Japanese again. “He’s asking if you’re new. And if you want him to help you find your class.”

    Aw, he was so nice. Emiko feels a little bad for swearing at him now. Even if he didn’t understand what she said. “I am new and please tell him that he would be saving my life if he did.”

    When the message is relayed, the younger boy says, “I’m Jungwon.” Luckily, the basics of Korean did extend to introducing herself so she is able to do so without the help of the other boy.

    “I’m Emiko. Thank you for your help.” The words feel awkward in her mouth but she manages to get her point across. Jungwon just smiles shyly and Emiko notices his dimples for the first time. She has to hold back a coo.

    Jungwon says something else that Emiko doesn’t understand and she waits for that other boy to translate for her. “He says he heard one of the trainers talking about new trainees so he will take you to them.”

    The older girl looks at him gratefully and bows slightly. “Thank you again.”

    “It’s nothing.” His ears are turning red.

    The tall boy then excuses himself and Jungwon leads Emiko down the hall to where the trainer should be. It was mostly quiet save for the muffled voices coming from the other rooms.

    Then, Jungwon asks, “How old are you?” He speaks slowly and Emiko can tell he isn’t that comfortable speaking in English.

    It takes her a moment to answer. Since living in the US, she has grown used to using her international age. Her 18th birthday is still a few months away. “Oh, I’m nineteen,” she answers when she calculates her Korean age.

    Jungwon’s eyes widen. “I am sixteen. Can I call you ‘noona’?”

    The honorific is something that Emiko has heard before but has never been called before. She considers it for a while but ultimately nods, smiling. “You can call me noona.”

    When they arrive at the training room, the class luckily has not started yet. She says goodbye to Jungwon with a wave who wishes her good luck before walking away, smiling too, tiny dimples on display.

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    i wanna write enha aus :< how do i start ( ;∀;)

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