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    17.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

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  • hcartbrcak
    17.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    [8:00 am]

    "shit, shit, shit!" you hissed.

    you pattered around your living room, cursing yourself for sleeping in so late. it took five dazed circles around your sofa to finally find your amp cable, in which you made a mental note to get coffee in your system as soon as you could.

    bass? check.

    amp? check.

    pick? check.

    cable? check.

    you opened your balcony door, pushing your chair close enough to it to where you could feel the cool breeze, but remained hidden from your neighbor's balcony. amp turned on, bass perched in your lap, you rechecked the time.

    eight am. you made it, just in time.

    your fingers ran up and down the fretboard, searching. sporadic notes turned into patterns. a melody. all you could do now was wait.

    it seemed like forever, strumming the same thing endlessly. your mind began to drift. did you miss him? did he no longer come out on his balcony anymore? did he move and you just never heard? your thoughts were cut short by the sound of an old door creaking open.

    it was a light hum at first; groggy, but your favorite voice nonetheless.

    water can in hand, jake walked out onto his balcony, ready to give his plants their loving sunday 8-am watering. however, your neighbor soon lost track of his task, swaying to your melody. one by one, he watered his plants, voice growing louder with each one. your eyes glanced around him, from his bedhead to the patterns on his socks. it was a good thing you hid; if jake saw your goofy, lovestruck expression, you would have jumped off your balcony out of embarrassment.

    as soon as it started, it ended, and you began your countdown to next sunday, eight am. pouring your morning coffee, you started your to-do list for next week.

    at the top of the list: finally ask out your cute neighbor!!!

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  • snowiihoon
    17.06.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    𝐇𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐲 𝟐𝟎𝟎 𝐝𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐝𝐞𝐛𝐮𝐭, 𝐄𝐍𝐇𝐘𝐏𝐄𝐍!

    I am always so proud of you! ♡♡♡


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    17.06.2021 - 16 minutes ago


    #enhypen#heeseung#jay#jake#sunghoon#sunoo#jungwon#niki#enhypenet#kpopgfxnetwork#ultkpop#idolsincedits#idolnexusedit#mgroupsedit#ourgifs #iri.gifs #iri.gfx #flashing tw #hello these look bad but they took me too long so i have to post JKFJKDL #10 months one looks cool and so does flicker KJLFDK but the rest.......i am on the fence #anyways these are in a random order but u can tell which ones i did earlier FJKLDSFKL #gonna go watch some tv i cant look at this more fjdksljklfd #enhatuals this took me 4 hours pls dont let her flop too hard KLKLFDKJL #blood tw #man the caption is supposed to say . netflix horror movie posters. BFKFJFK #my brain is fried fjfkgngk
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  • defxciii
    17.06.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    5:10 am

    pairing: heeseung x reader
    genre: fluff
    warnings: none
    word count: 247

    you had slept over at the dorms with your boyfriend, heeseung, and the other members as per his request.

    it’s summer so you had expected the sun to rise early in the morning, however you didn’t expect that it’d wake you up. restless and unable to fall back asleep, you move around. without knowing, you accidentally wake heeseung in the process.

    “what are you doing, where are you going?” heeseung pouts sleepily with his eyes closed.

    before you could answer he pulls you as close as possible to his chest and snuggles you.


    “mmh but the sun’s too bright i can’t fall back asleep,”

    heeseung pulls away and opens his eyes to look at you, half conscious. he pulls you into his chest, face first and pulls the blanket over your heads, blocking the sun.

    “stay,” he repeats.

    not having a reason to fight him on this, you oblige, cuddle closer, if possible, and sneak a quick kiss onto his lips.

    “that’s gross, i haven’t even brushed my teeth yet,” he mumbles jokingly. you smile softly, not that he had his eyes open to see it.

    moments of silence pass and he returns your kiss with another, this one lasting a little longer; both of you giggle afterwards, knowing that some of the members had to get up soon for school.

    “yahhh~ that’s gross,” jay says, having heard basically everything.

    “shhh we’re sleeping,” heeseung jokes back and continues his slumber comfortably with you in his arms.

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  • riki-niki
    17.06.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    hi everyone!!

    i am now opening my ask box for ships! groups that i do: enhypen, txt, twice, stray kids and itzy!

    please remember that this is merely a work of fiction and is done for fun.

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  • ico3ons
    17.06.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    jay messy layouts 🍓!!

    •fav/reblog if you liked

    #enhypen icons#enhypen layouts#enhypen packs #enhypen messy icons #enhypen messy layouts #enhypen messy packs #jay packs#jay icons#jay layouts #jay messy icons #jay messy packs #jay messy layouts
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  • cloudninescenes
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    so i was reading back on my messages with my former fwb who i was on a dance team with and i just can't stop thinking about being in that situation with jay 🥵

    sneaking around after practice AND AND AND when he's teaching a choreography and he corrects your posture or form or something, he looks at you in a certain way and only the two of you know what that look means UGGGHHHHH PARK JONGSEONG

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  • crispin-kreme
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    lol the urge to make trese kambal fics-

    srsly i still got wips of enha wtf am i gonna write first 🧍

    #trese#trese imagines#enhypen imagines #god i love making more and more ideas
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    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • electriqueicons
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ね · jake fr. enhypen : icons .ᐟ⠀⠀ like or reblog if you save please 𖧷

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  • b0m1n
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the window.

    nishimura riki x reader
    fantasy¿ & fluff
    !not proofread!

    so yeah, this is just smn i wrote because of this prompt i got off reedsy, i might write a part two because i left it on a cliffhanger so watch out for that, im not forsure but if you wanna be tagged in it if i do write more, just lmk (send an ask, reply to this or msg me)

    it was a nice night and you thought it would be the perfect chance to stargaze on your roof. although youve never been up there, you were confident i would be the best place to sit for the night. so you gathered the courage to finally crawl through the window. the window slowley swung open and you put a foot through it, holding onto the windowsill, you put the other foot through and slide down with your eyes closed. you opened your eyes just to be sitting on the roof of a large building.

    "this doesn't look like korea..." you mumbled under your breath "let alone my house"

    "uh hello?" you whipped around just to see a tall boy awkwardly standing there.

    "so, how did you get here?"

    after explaining the whole situation to him, he told you his story. it was eerily similar to yours. by the time you two finished talking, the sun was rising so, it was time to go back home. you both left with a final goodbye and slid back into your representative windows. the whole day at school, you couldn't get him off your mind.

    "y/n?" your best friend, sunoo questioned. "mmhm"

    "okay, you're acting weird today. tell me what's up"

    "if i told you, you wouldnt believe me." you stated "come over to my house after school"

    after school

    "okay, care to explain." sunoo said as he tapped his foot on your bedroom floor expectingly

    "just follow me" you led him out the window and bam, there you two were, on the roof of that tall building.

    "what the fuck..."

    also dont mind this being legit doggy poo, my writers block has been acting up and im not good at writing coherent fics anymore:(

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  • vntwishlist
    17.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    → mr. perfectly fine

    five: umbrella scene
    from jake and y/n’s pov ‼️

    a/n: ok part 5 is here !! i’m so excited for the next ones, this is just starting… i hope u guys enjoy it, don’t forget to share your thoughts <3

    taglist ( is open ! ) @ncityy04 @booy0uwhore @penelope-penny-quinn @dannyc0re @junkyu-luvr @1800xibal @leemika @sugawarasrose @k1ttyl1x @heeseungsgf @enhacre @leneswrld @envirae @a-golden-sunflower-vol-6 @adoreyeonjun @wonhaotrsh @enxnesblog @yourneozone @luv4dream @definitely-n0t-suspicious @ghjasksdk @sunshineshouchan @jamjam728 @jaeyuni @shawkneecaps @nikisboxysmile @ftlino @knnovati0n @j1ungluvr @moggggy @pshlvr00 @fylithia @stankytracy @aiichanne @fleuily @jiwlys @enhypenengenebea @j3ntle @simpforhyunjin

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