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  • enluv
    19.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    chapter #3 – LMAO bitch boy!

    warnings: profanity, death jokes, me making you fall in love with jake, hyung line fight but it's all a joke!

    quick ♡ note: under all pictures there will be a fun fact section, this will tell you random facts (necessary & not) every chapter so be sure not to skip them!

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    - a/n: some fun little extras are coming soon!
    - jay did assume that y/n would give him the lunch she gave jake!
    - y/n and jake are planning a day she can meet layla :)
    - sunghoon is DEFINITELY onto something!
    - riki texted y/n after jake posted his lunch and asked why she doesn't make him lunch then begged her to make him some for the next day

    taglist! @bloom-bloom-pow @enhacolor @jaeminpulsive @nyujjan @cafejay @baekhyunstruly @eternallyhyucks @msxflower @whoe-dis @yougeans @mykalon @hoonbokki @bluhr @enheyy @luv3iza @junityy @from-xero @diestheticu @hwallsworld @hyunkki @gyuza @youreverydayzebra @y2kjaeyun @en-sun @liliansun @ncityy04 @milkycloudtyg @emobeomgyu @sunghooniee @lokideadontheinside @simpforsung @jejenono-ren @aj-1154 @cha-raena @hjinnie @hobistigma @dongyucks @iamnotgrootforiamthor @jay-durian @theskzvibe @odetoyeonjun @m1ng-how @woniebae @rinyx @choisanzs @aintmajor @todorokiskitten @lcvekdy @jayk2511 (users in bold cannot be tagged!)

    taglist: is CLOSED!

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  • liliansun
    19.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    AYBM Profiles | Jake is a furry

    Jay: Junior! Adores Jungwon, likes y/n, love - hate relationship with Sunghoon

    Sunghoon: Junior! Jake’s best friend, loves to annoy Jay, heartthrob of his grade

    Sunoo: Sophmore! Gossip inquirer, slightly obsessed with his own looks, in the schools newspaper

    Heeseung: Senior! Uploads music on Spotify, starting his own YouTube channel, dreams of making it big after school

    Jake: Junior! Soccer team caption, big ole softie, according to his friends he’s a furry

    Riki: Freshman! New to the group, best dancer of his class and the next, y/n’s little brother

    Jungwon: Sophmore! Jay’s best friend, in the school newspaper, typically Jay’s model for his new clothes

    Jay’s spam: Jay’s safe place to rant

    Help Choi Yeonjun | next


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    taglist: @luvrjn @neptuniees @mykalon @softforqiankun @jisungs-tummy @dear-dreamie @nyfwyeonjun @hobistigma @yoonkeehoe @jensrose @yougeans @angxln-ki @youngiez @hibuki-chan @luv3iza @seungstarss @msxflower @nyujjan
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  • liliansun
    19.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    AYBM Profiles | Help Choi Yeonjun

    Y/n: Junior! Older sister to riki, works at a ice cream parlor, Yeonjun’s best friend

    Taehyun: Junior! Taking AP classes, sassy to his friends, works at the ice cream parlor

    Minnie: Junior! Has a crush on beomgyu, plays it off as a joke, in the drama club

    Yeonjun: Senior! Claims he’s in love with y/n, Y/n’s best friend, works at the ice cream parlor

    Chaeryeong: Junior! On the dance team, anti-beomgyu playfully, cat cafe enthusiast

    Yuna: Sophomore! Anti-Beomgyu playfully, on the dance team with Chaeryeong, crush on Sunoo

    Beomgyu: Junior! Gamer boy, stays up till 3am playing rust, taehyun’s best friend

    Y/n’s spam: safe place to rant

    masterlist | Jake’s a furry

    [ send in an ask or comment to be added to the taglist ]

    taglist: @luvrjn @neptuniees @mykalon @softforqiankun @jisungs-tummy @dear-dreamie @nyfwyeonjun @hobistigma @yoonkeehoe @seungstarss @jensrose @hibuki-chan @yougeans @angxln-ki @youngiez @luv3iza @msxflower @nyujjan
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  • postalenha
    19.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    31. normal

    warnings: none | wc: 0.8k

    you were taken aback by what he said, "m-me?" you questioned, adding, "why me?"

    he dodged the question with a "just because." and never spoke again. you were left with this unknown feeling in your stomach that had been there since this morning.

    you thought to yourself, "did i have too much soup?" but you know you didn't. there would never be such a thing like too much when you're eating grandpa's famous noodle soup.

    you looked to your left and realized the reason had been here beside you all ride long. heeseung casually taps his index finger to the beat of the song and you just stare at him.

    you never thought of heeseung the way you think of a man before. because once his name's dropped, all you can see is the child you grew up with. but that child is not here, what lies in front of you is a full grown man.

    he threw you a simple glance, "you okay?" you snap back into reality whispering, "yeah." when the car suddenly stop.

    "we're here." he pointed out, you grab your bag as you see the front of your aunt's house.

    looking at him you say, "thank you." and starts opening the door when he stopped you by grabbing your arm.

    quickly going out of the car to open the door for you, "how many times am i supposed to tell you that i can do it?"

    "sorry." he awkwardly scratched the back of his head. you just slightly smile at him, "it's fine. just let me do simple things."

    "okay, i'll keep that in mind." he mentally notes that to himself before closing the car door behind you.

    "i guess i'll go inside now." you stated, waiting for his response.

    after a minute or two of him not saying anything, you thought that you might just be expecting him to say something. so you just told him "have a good night."

    you were about to go inside when he called you, "y/n, wait."

    looking at him with eyes full of curiosity, you patiently wait for him to speak. "i just wanted to thank you for today. you were a great and huge help. i wouldn't-"

    he stopped speaking when you suddenly hugged him. "it's a pleasure to help, and i'd do it again if given the chance." you said. 

    he just caressed your head, "thank you, really." you stayed silent and just let his arms give you the warmth you needed in the cold night.

    the gate creeks as sunghoon walks out of the house, you both immediately  let go of each other as the boy who just got out clears his throat.

    "hey bro, sorry i disappeared earlier." sunghoon said, "i had to do something after dropping grandpa off to his house."

    "that's okay, i was thankful you brought him home." heeseung smiled. "i hope y/n did some work enough for the two of us." he joked.

    you glared at him, "yeah? you owe me one for that." you told him. he was about to bite back when heeseung spoke up.

    "i'll be heading home." he said, sounding like he knew that you and sunghoon would have a never ending arguing. "have a good night, hee." you told him.

    "i hope you have a good night too." he answered, sunghoon cleared his throat, making sure heeseung would notice gis presence. "i hope you two have a good night."

    "have a safe drive bro." you both wave heeseung goodbye as you watch him drive away.

    as you and your cousin walk into the house, he softly dodge your shoulder, "i guess it'sreally cold outside huh?"

    you side eyed him while he just smirks, leaning against the wall. "is your hobby sticking your nose up to my business?"

    "i'm just asking?" he defended himself. you just ignored him and walked straight to your room.

    after washing up, you rested your back onto the soft bed. you rolled around trying to find a comfortable place because you can't seem to sleep.

    you've always been so fond of your aunt's house, up until now. you know what kept you up, it's your heart still pounding so fast every time you remember heeseung's nice gesture.

    but you try and shake it off. he's probably just acting nice because the two of you are good friends. that's probably how every man treats their girl-friends.

    his never-ending sweet and chivalry acts are just normal. you and jay kissed, but that led to nothing but a shattered hope. the last thing you want to do is ruin your friendship with heeseung that you've been keeping for years.

    you told yourself not to think about it too much, and just hope that you drive back to the city tomorrow to be safe.


    TAGLIST, open @yourlocalhotgf @neptuniees @ddeonuism @witheeseung @sunghoonify @one800127 @jaemimpulsive @rikibae @ncityy04 @ryu-naa @curryramyeon @hyuckworld @enhacolor @xoxojayd3n @mishtidoie @jungw8ns @n1k1tty @primorange @sprngfeverr @youreverydayzebra @bayoleta @nikisjpg @jaycenzo @heeslut @she-is-dreaming @kyleeanne @mymeloem19 @enhafika @fairieweb @hobistigma @sunghonkers @itsamemarioo @dear-dreamie @taejinxkoya @baekhyunstruly @diestheticu @woniebae @softforqiankun @iamnotgrootiamthor @yougeans @strwberriki @thisuserwouldmarrysabrinainhbt (can't tag)

    hello!! posted this to et everyone know that i'm still alive and that we will be back on our normal programming soon!! thank you for being patient with me. sincerely, jei.

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  • shoftiiel
    19.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    secrets: 15

    beomgyu is synonym of bad luck

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    synopsis: all sunghoon wanted was a calm year, he never imagined he would see his childhood best friend again, but how chaotic can things get? especially now that her friend group has ummmm… changed

    tag list: @seungstarss @mykalon @liliansun @acciomylove @chuntians @cuteyeonnie23 @witheeseung @luv3iza @diestheticu @urresidentdrugdealer @msxflower @lokideadontheinside @nshrikiii @iamnotgrootforiamthor @milkycloudtyg@softforqiankun @ryujnworld @woonieiv @niafics @c0nvers3h1gh @dear-dreamie @oureris @sunghooniee @xoxojayd3n @enhacolor @ffeynn @yenart @honeybutterchup @w3bqrl @axurio @kac-chowsballs

    #secrets 👀#sunghoon#enhypen smau#txt smau #enhypen social media au #txt social media au #kpop smau#enhypen au #enhypen x female reader #enhypen x reader #txt x reader #enhypen fic #txt x female reader #tomorrow by together #enhypen school au #txt school au #non idol au #enhypen fluff#enhypen crack#enhypen angst#txt fluff#txt angst#txt crack#choi beomgyu#park sunghoon#enha smau#enha au#sunghoon au#beomgyu au#enhypen sunghoon
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  • azure-arcanum
    19.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    7 : Of course baby

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    Summary 🟢 Friend circles and love triangles, you are stuck in the hell loop of these two featuring indecisiveness, confusion and jealousy because you like Sunghoon but he likes someone else and that someone else likes somebody else and this list goes on.

    TAGLIST 🔰 : @mykalon @abdiitcryy @aj-1154 @kac-chowsballs @diestheticu @m1ng-how @nikieskoo @wonjaems @rein-deer-stuffs @kyleeanne

    #sunghoon enhypen #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon x y/n #sunghoon x you #park sunghoon#sunghoon fluff#sunghoon angst#sunghoon au #enhypen x reader #enhypen fluff#enhypen smau#sunghoon smau #smau : circles and triangles #socmed#enhypen socmed#sunghoon socmed
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  • heejojo
    19.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    enhypen when their s/o takes off their promise ring after a fight

    a/n: to the anon that requested this, i hope you're having a swell day and enjoy it. my tummy hurt so it was a bit difficult to continue but i hope you like it. feel free to tell me what you think

    find part one here!

    members: jay, jake and sunghoon


    You love receiving gifts, who doesn’t? But you draw a line when your loved ones use gifts as a replacement for their quality time and affection. It hurts your feelings and makes you feel like you’re easily satisfied by materialistic things. A locket with his initials is nice and reminds you that he’s still with you or a part of you. It’s helpful in situations where he’s not with you.

    However that feeling of staying close with him and being able to touch him. Run your hands through his hair or trace the freckles on his face that no one else can see but you. Only you can see him when he wakes up and when he’s going to bed. The times where you can easily stay relishing in the company of each other.

    This is exactly what you’re trying to explain to Jay. “It’s not that I don’t love you, we both know very well I do. I just want to be here rather than sending gifts all the time,” you demonstrate, trying to get your point across but the look on Jay’s face tells you he doesn’t think the same.

    “I just feel you’re being ungrateful. I am busy so giving you gifts is my way of apologizing for not being here,” he says and you understand him.

    “I’m not saying I don’t like the gifts or I’m not thankful for them but I want you to be here. Even though you’re busy with work, a text would suffice. Just a simple ‘how are you doing?’ would really go a long way”

    “Gosh, have you always been like this?” he scoffs and looks at you. The look in his eyes is not the Jay you know and are safe with. It looks like someone whose words has the ability to tear your esteem down.

    “Like what?” you ask, internally dreading the response he would give.

    “So clingy,” he begins and you swear you don’t breathe for a while when he says that. Has he always thought this way of you? How long has he seen you like this?

    “Jay… you know I don’t like being called that,”

    “Well sucks to be you, doesn’t it? You always want everything to go your way. The others were never like this” he says and at this statement, you get even more upset. He quickly collects himself and you can see the look of panic in his eyes when he says that. Trying to redeem himself; he reaches his arm out to you but you reject it and move back, stumbling slightly in the process. “Y/N, baby, I didn’t mean that” he starts but you raise your hand as a signal for him to stop.

    “Just please, leave me alone. Go back to the others that you miss so much. While you’re at it, give them the promise ring that clearly now doesn’t mean anything to you. I’m hailing a taxi, goodbye” you announce and prepare to leave but Jay stops you.

    “Please, stay the night. It’s too dark outside. I won’t do or say anything to you I swear. I just hate the thought that something might happen to you because I was a fool and let you leave when it was dark”

    “I’m glad we both agree on something, then” you announce and retire to the room you both share. It should be common knowledge to Jay now that he shouldn’t overstep his boundaries and do all those cuddling things especially after the statement he made.

    Jay doesn’t come to bed until much later and frankly, you don’t care. Your mind keeps replaying the statement he said. Your heart is telling you to forgive him because he looked remorseful after he did something wrong but your mind is living in the fear that he could say something like that again. Something that can hurt even more.

    Jay comes in much later and falls in the space next to you. At his action, you shift further away from him and hear him sigh deeply. “Y/N, I’ve been thinking. You don’t have to respond but I am truly sorry for the things that I said. I didn’t mean them and I realize I’ve been selfish all this time. You’re always more than willing to help me and take what I say into consideration but I now understand that I rarely do the same. You might not forgive me, heck I don’t even forgive myself. But please do know that I am truly sorry for what I did”

    You turn to face him after his apology and sit up earning a reaction of him doing the same. “Park Jongseong, you twat. Do this again and I’ll really leave for real”

    “I’m sorry, I really am.”

    “I’ve heard, now come here and hug me”


    “Do you even trust me at all? Because it doesn’t even look like you trust me at all. You like keeping things inside and it’s not good. I doubt you’re even listening to me now. Babe, Jake!” you yell trying to get his attention.

    However, it’s fruitless because Jake can’t hear you from the sound of music in his ears. Frustration builds inside you and you rip out the headphones from his ears.

    “Hey what was that for!?” Jake asks, now fully aware of his environment.

    “Have you been listening to me at all? Did you even hear what I was saying?” you inquire, feeling already invisible as it is.

    “I did, it’s the same thing you always talk about, me not being able to express myself,” he confesses with a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. His entire attitude is frustrating you because it seems as though you’re the only one in the relationship. You clearly care a lot about him to be telling him things like these but the way he’s responding.

    “You know yourself that you’re doing the wrong thing. Why is it so hard for you to trust me? We have this ring just because we trust each other. It seems as though the ring is void now, seeing as you don’t trust me” you say slightly raising the hand where the ring is on as proof.

    “You this, you that. It’s always about you”

    “What do you mean it’s always about me?”

    “Haven’t you stopped to think that one of the reasons why I don’t want to tell you anything is because you make it hard for me to do so?”

    “You can’t just say something and stop halfway. Explain” you plead and he rolls his eyes.

    “The problem is, you want to always be in control of everything. You want to know what’s going on all the time and sometimes I hardly even know what’s going on myself. I don’t know if I should even continue with anything because I feel so tired of everything. I don’t understand myself because I want to do the right thing and please you and treat you right but I can’t”

    “Babe, I mean Jake; we should take a break,” you propose taking off the ring that’s evidence of your never-ending love for each other. A promise. “I think we should stay away for a while,” you say and move back slightly. Jake is clearly not in the right state of mind. Maybe some things are not meant to be. It hurts though, so many years only for you to say it’s not meant to be.

    That night, you wished Jake could hear the sound of your cries but he probably wishes you would never hear his.

    It takes almost a month before you and Jake see each other again and when you do, you both have to stop yourself from crying on the spot.

    “Y/N, I am so sorry for hurting you. I don’t deserve you and I’m really sorry. I’ll try harder to communicate with you now”

    “I did wrong too. I won’t be so controlling anymore, I promise”

    “Me too,” he confesses and you both embrace each other in a hug.


    "You don't get to do this Sunghoon! You don't get to leave whenever you want just because the conditions aren't favourable for you. Life doesn't work like that! Stop being so selfish and listen to me for once in your life" you yell for what should be the third time that week.

    Nowadays, it's not a new thing to hear you and Sunghoon fight again. Last time it was about his unhealthy habits and now it’s about his blatant resistance to criticism.

    "You're not getting it Y/N! It isn't just the criticism, they're directly hating on me and calling me undeserving of my position. They're calling me a visual. I’m not just a visual. I practice for so long so that I can get more recognition for something other than my pretty face. It hurts being called the untalented one, it really does”

    “I know, you’re working so hard baby. I can t-”

    “Forget it, it’s not as if you would get it anyway,” he says annoyingly and you have to restrain yourself from slapping his face. Sure, you didn’t have a lot of achievements, but you are happy and he tells you a lot about how much he’s proud of you.

    “Shut up. Just because I don’t have many accomplishments as you do doesn’t mean I’m worth less than you. If that is truly the case, you should find someone to give this to then,” you snap and throw the promise ring he gave you a few weeks back at his face.

    You pick up your bag to leave before Sunghoon grabs your hand and stares at you with a remorseful look on his face.

    “Look Y/N,” he begins ashamed but you could care less at this point. Your stubbornness usually gets the best of you at times so you hardly know how to control it. He looks cute but you refuse to let yourself be fazed by his charms. “I didn’t mean it that way. I was just stressed and it shouldn’t be an excuse to take ”

    “Sunghoon, I get that the responsibilities of your job are weighing down on you but don’t talk to people that way. I’ll always support you because I know how hard you work so don’t forget that”

    “Even when I’m a jerk face,” he asks, with a small pout and you swear your heart constricts a little.

    “Yes, even when you’re a jerk face, you twat”

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  • lvrshypen
    19.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    maniac ꗃ jake sim

    ✷ word count : 265

    ✷ genre : i honestly don't know, maybe thrill?

    ✷ warnings : mentions of murder and killings

    after a long day, you sigh and turn on the television after taking a warm bubble bath to relax your strained muscles. you were currently wearing your favorite pink pajamas and is sipping hot chocolate. minutes later, you were joined by your boyfriend– jake, in watching the current movie being played. suddenly, a news flash appeared, cutting the current movie scene short.

    “a pleasant evening to everyone, another body was found again in the nearby lake of hilton park. the corpse had been badly dismembered, and the victim had apparently died in a terrible manner. the police are still investigating and will file follow-up reports. as of this week, this is the tenth murder case; remain vigilant. this is yoo mina reporting.” before the news flash was cut and the movie continued, the reporter had a slightly visible frightened expression on her face.

    “i really can't believe the culprit hasn't been apprehended yet. i thought cops were experts at this?” jake sighed, pinching his temples as he look at you, hugging you closer. his body was enough to give you comfort and you knew you were safe in your boyfriend's arms on this frigid night where murderers might be lurking about.

    “i know, love. it's unbelievable.” you replied with a soft tone in your voice. you crossed your arms and closed your eyes for a few moments to relax. you leaned against jake's chest, listening to his heartbeat, which is one of the things that never fails to relax you.

    a few minutes later, the two of you looked at each other's eyes– laughing sinisterly.

    reqs are open !

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  • y9njun
    19.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    sunoo: wow, jungwon looks so calm and organized. i wonder how he does it

    jungwon internally: fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck— shit

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  • envirae
    19.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    HAVE WE MET BEFORE? — pt 12: somebody sedate me


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    TAGLIST: @youreverydayzebra @rae-blogging @so-jays @icywhatim @sseyk @iuwon @gyuuss @yeoforce @bluhr @heebabyy @spoooooooooooon @athena103 @tyongolden @yjwfav @baekhyunstruly @enhacolor @fiantomartell @eternallyhyucks @junityy @changmin-wrlds @luv3iza @yyxy27 @bbyenha-hyung @rinyx @fairybinie @moondust-zia @w3bqrl @whoe-dis @yougeans @witheeseung @baekhyunstruly @msxflower @mykalon @a-vian @tyongishs @chuntians @hobistigma @ddeonuism @banana-boat-doodoodododo @elicheel @primorange @dear-dreamie @ncityy04 @kyleeanne @nyfwyeonjun @yoonkeehoe @choisanzs @guroyeu @liliansun @hoewithnojams

    SUMMARY: Popular girl L/N Y/N has everything she could ever want. She’s got perfect grades, perfect friends, and she’s sure her crush likes her back. Everything goes astray, however, when one of her old summer flings suddenly shows up as a new student.

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  • shinramyeonz
    19.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    profiles #1: heeseung's gang gang !


    * an understudy is one who has to have knowledge of all the section parts of a choir or a musical. for example, in this universe, riki has to be able to sing both bass 1 and 2.

    lee heeseung

    positions: tenor 1, tenor section leader

    he had it all. he has everything in control. confidence is his best quality, but little does he know that it'd be his worst flaw. with beomgyu all up in his throat and the knowledge of a "celebrity" coming to join the hive, will he be able to uphold the already strong foundation he's built for the tenors?

    bae sumin

    positions: alto 1, hybe hive's vice president

    she's pretty, but the rest of the hive can't seem to accept it because she's clumsy as heck. to the president, yeonjun, she's the only person who can pass off as sane, given the fact that they work together, everyday, all day. she also carries the same surname as the pretty professor from graduate school. a flex.

    choi beomgyu

    positions: bass 1, bass section leader

    a normal rehearsal day would never be complete without him sparking an argument with heeseung. he doesn't hate hate tenors, but where's the fun in not riling up their overly confident leader, right? he just wants some sufficient representation for the "most vital" section of the hibe, but just doesn't seem to get it.

    nishimura riki

    positions: bass 2, bass understudy

    he would never understand why yeonjun would always roll his eyes at him and call him a child. what matters to him is being the understudy so he can have something to use as an excuse when sunoo's being "a bitch". he's also been smacked by music sheets for moaning in the middle of rehearsals.

    park soeun

    positions: soprano 2, apprentice

    as much as she dreads sacred music, she can't bear to leave the hive because of grade requirements. see, her academic prowess is not that strong and is in need of improvement, but her lazy ass won't actually find time to read. she'd rather spill tea with soojin. not knowing how to feel, she's now stuck in perpetual torture.

    kim sunoo

    positions: tenor 1, alto 2 at times, hybe hive's secretary

    being the most untouchable member of the hive was a rare thing, but not for him. he's the conductor's favorite child. versatility? flexibility? he has them all. however, with his skillfulness comes lack of trustworthiness. whatever yeonjun says is top secret instantly becomes a psa, thanks to him.

    < masterlist | next >

    synopsis: hybe university's choral hive—or "hybe's hive" as the members would call it—does a full 180 as a former opera student makes a sudden appearance in the roster of not-so-gifted singers. heeseung, the leader of the tenors, isn't very happy with this fact. why would the min y/n leave the spotlight and show up in the choral chambers he considered a second home?

    as much as he knew you had no ill intentions, how did he feel so small in your presence when you were just doing the bare minimum?

    taglist [open]: @ddeonuism @pengu-hours @jaylaxies @yougeans @mykalon @baekhyunstruly @moonshappiness-fanfics @hey-youre-appreciated @heelariously

    © 2021 all rights reserved | shinramyeonz on tumblr.

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  • bus-stop-to-kpop
    19.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Given - Taken (vampire!Ni-ki x Reader)

    Pairing: Ni-ki (Nishimura Riki) x gn!Reader

    Requested?: yes

    Genre: angst, vampire!au

    Trigger Warning!!: blood, death

    Summary: While working in the institution you befriend Ni-ki, but when he’s strong enough to break out with his friends, he doesn’t need you anymore.

    Word Count: 1,136

    A/N: To the person that requested this, I’m super sorry it took so long, but I had a lot of work with classes. I hope it is somewhat close to what you imagined when you requested it. To everyone reading this, I hope you enjoy it. Happy spooky season - Admin J

    Vampires are bad. That was something people in your village were taught from birth. If you noticed anything inhuman, you were expected to report it to authorities immediately. Years ago the accused people would have been killed without a doubt, but recently a new law had passed.

    Those that were accused of being vampires were brought to an institution, where they were carefully inspected. If they showed any signs like growing fangs or inhumane power like super speed, telekinesis or lighting their body on fire without doing themselves any harm, they were put under medication to stop them from doing those things.

    Honestly vampires always scared you a little, and it was your dream to get out of this village as fast as possible, but your mothers condition didn't let that happen. After finishing school you had to get a job as fast as possible to support your family and the only job you got was at the vampire institution.

    While at first you were extremely hesitant towards your job you grew used to it over time. Suddenly inhuman behavior became an every day occurrence to you and while still not being completely human you came to understand that these vampire kids weren't much different from you.

    The more relaxed you became with your work the more you understood how inhumane they were treated. Part in that realization was also thanks to Ni-ki, a vampire boy you had gotten close to during your shifts. Other nurses had warned you about him, as he was still young he wouldn't be able to control himself and his powers, but something always drew you towards him. Maybe the fact that he was only a little younger than you, or just because he seemed to be lonely.

    ~*~ "Y/N, it hurts." Ni-ki complained with a pout as he pointed to the iron shackle that his foot was trapped in. You knew it hurt, he whined about it every time, but you weren't authorized to take it off. "I wish I could take it off for you but I can't, I'm sorry." "I would break it myself if I could, stupid medication!" he muttered under his breath but you still heard it as you were close to him. When you sat down next to him to hand him the little box with his daily medication and a little meal, he put his head on your shoulder with a sigh, snuggling close to your neck. This was also something that the other workers had warned you about, letting a vampire this close to one of the most important veins in your body was not a good idea, but not once had Ni-ki ever shown any intention of hurting you, so you trusted him. "Please take the pill so I can make sure you swallowed it." Nudging the small box closer to him. His eyes opened in surprise when he found the box was empty, "Y/N, there's no..." Your fierce look cut his words off and he finally understood. You had seen Ni-ki suffer from taking the pill, sometimes he would writhe in pain for hours and you just couldn't bare to see your friend like that anymore. After he pretended to take a non existent pill you checked his mouth to make sure you wouldn't raise suspicion. "I'll see you at control later, be careful." You warned him before making your way to the door. "You be careful too." He told you, something in his voice felt off. It sounded like a warning, as if he knew something would be happening, but you brushed it off, he was probably just worried you would be fired for not giving him his pill. ~*~ A while later you were cleaning tables in the common room, when a blood curling scream echoed trough the building. You stood still for a second until one of your coworkers came running to you, "Get to safety Y/N! Run!" She screamed at you before making her way to the nearest exit. Your eyes widened in shock, you quickly made your way to where the scream had come from. Not long after you found three nurses lying on the floor in puddles of blood in the control room, where they were supposed to be checking the vampires for any signs. Sure enough all of them had various bite marks on their necks and arms, that indicated that not only Ni-ki did not take his medication today but several other as well. "You should have run, like your co worker told you to." A voice suddenly spoke up behind you. A blonde guy stepped out of the shadows, when he grinned the white fangs in his mouth could be seen clearly. You believed his name was Jay, but you had never taken care of him before. The blood stains around his mouth indicated that he was definitely not up to any good, so you dashed away from him. But after you rounded the corner of the hallway you bumped into his chest and fell backwards. Teleportation of course, there was no way you could get away from him. "There's no use in running away now. It's too late." He came closer with a creepy smile before a voice stopped him, "Get away from Y/N!" You could clearly identify it as Ni-ki's voice. "So you already started claiming humans now little one?" Jay scoffed but disappeared anyway. "Ni-ki!" You breathed out happily thinking you were safe and he would protect you, but his now glowing amber eyes were stern. There was no sign of your old friend Ni-ki when he knelt down next to your figure on the ground. He pulled you up into a hug and snuggled his face into your neck, but something was different this time. 'His grip on your shoulders was harsh. "Y/N, you were really useful for me here, but I don' need you anymore. So make yourself useful one last time." Out of shock you couldn't even scream when his sharp fangs pierced the skin of your neck. It hurt so bad tears started streaming down your face. White dots started spotting your vision, but Ni-ki still kept on drinking your blood. Was this really the way you were going to die? Just when you had started to open up to the idea of vampires. Killed by the one vampire you would have ultimately trusted with your life, how ironic. When Ni-ki finally laid off you, you were shortly before fainting. Your vision had already gone black but you were still somewhat conscious. "I'll see you again Y/N" You wanted to question what he meant, but only silence followed that sentence. You were forced to lay there on the cold floor and wait until the blackness finally took all over your body.

    #enhypen #enhypen x reader #enhypen fanfic#enhypen ni-ki #enhypen ni-ki x reader #enhypen vampire!au #enhypen kpop#enhypen scenario#enhypen scenarios#kpop #kpop x reader #kpop vampire!au #kpop fanfic#enhypen angst#kpop angst#admin j
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  • m1ng-how
    19.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    fourteen - cheater

    warnings: cursing

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    SUMMARY ༄ y/n moves into a new apartment under short notice, thanks to her cat making her old landlord a little too unhappy but she didn't check the details of her new place all too well, realising now that she's moved in with a guy. however, she has to make the best of it as not only is the rent cheap, it's close to her university and her roommate is actually kinda okay...? except for the drama that comes in between the two of them and the interference of feelings. she started to wish she never moved in with him yang jungwon.

    TAGLIST ༄ @studioreader @hysique @ncityy04 @squiishymeow @youreverydayzebra @yougeans @markleebee @shuabot @tlnyjoong @planethyuka @ghjasksdk @dongyucks @kelki @idkimjustkindahere @kimaya2209 @nishinet @sunysunoo @mika-monalisa @yenart @lycorisdoreablack @korejijiyo @rinyx @woniecore @dear-dreamie

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  • jungwoniics
    19.10.2021 - 12 hours ago


    ↦ pairing: nishimura riki / niki x reader ↦ genre: fluff, crack/humour (?) ↦ w/c: 361 ↦ warnings: - ↦ a/n: hi everyone!! so this is kind of like a short drabble i randomly had in mind while i was having a talk on cyber wellness in school (i was half listening to the talk so i’m not completely a bad student 🤫) but anyway yes, do lmk your thoughts on this!! have a great day everyone! 💗 ↦ synopsis: You were a normal person, who frequently went to the convenience store to stock up on your food. You didn't know Nishimura Riki well, but you knew you could count on him to help you out. No matter what day, what time, which aisle, he would be there. ➵ taglist status: open — send an ask or dm! ➵ taglist (permanent): @enhacolor @meraniki @goldenhypen

    [08.11PM] Ding. The bell to the convenience store rings as soon as you open the door. “You’re here quite late,” the owner of the shop calls out to you. You smile at him, “Hi Mr Lim. I just have to get some ramyeon packets.”

    He nods before pointing to the aisle near the end of the store. You thank him, heading over to the aisle. You look all over the aisle only to find the packets of ramyeon placed at the highest shelf. Sighing, you begin to tiptoe as you reach out for the ramyeon packets. Your hand misses the packet, causing you to fall forward. Just as you were about to crash into the shelf, you feel an arm snaking its way around your waist, pushing you back up on your feet.

    You look up to see a familiar face. “Riki!”

    Riki smiles at you. “Are you okay?”

    You nod your head, commenting, “You’re here pretty late.” He just shrugs, “So are you.”

    Riki looks up at the shelf as he reaches out to get a couple of packets of ramyeon before passing them to you. “Thanks.”

    You were really glad that Riki was there with you. You’ve met him a couple times before, in the same convenience store. He was a really tall boy for his age. But being tall meant he could reach the highest shelves in the convenience store. You, on the other hand, were really short for your age. And obviously, that disabled you from reaching the high shelves.

    The other times you had crossed paths with Riki, you had also been trying to retrieve an item on the top shelf. Meeting him again today in a similar situation reminded you of the previous times you met. It was a mere coincidence that every time you required help, he was there to assist you.

    “You know, it’s funny how every time I can’t reach the top shelf, you just happen to be around to help,” you blurt out, placing the ramyeon packets into the basket you were carrying.

    “It’s funny how a short person like you is always looking for things that are on the top shelf.”

    ✦❘༻{ 𝐄𝐍𝐃 }༺❘✦

    ·˚ ༘₊· ͟͟͞͞꒰➳ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋ ʏᴏᴜ ғᴏʀ ʀᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ

    © jungwoniics. all rights reserved. please don’t repost, plagiarise and translate. likes and reblogs are appreciated!

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  • lvrshypen
    19.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    ❙❘❙❙❘❙❚❙❘ ⌕ : happier ꗃ profile: 1

    001. HWANG Y/N

    – the youngest among the hwang siblings ( hyunjin, yeji ). currently an arts major student and is the student council secretary. has a secret account on soundcloud, which only her sister and one if her friends know. wonyoung hype club no. 1

    002. HWANG YEJI

    – y/n's older sister, a dance major student and is the president of the dance club. the eldest among their friend group who acts like the 'mom'. found out about y/n's soundcloud accidentally when she walked in on her recording, been hyping her sister ever since. wonyoung hype club no. 2 secretly likes ryujin but doesn't wanna tell her.

    003. SHIN RYUJIN

    – is a dance major student, and is the student council treasurer. she excels in academics and uses it as an extra source of money if ever classmates or upperclassmen asks her to answer their school works for them. y/n's friend ever since first grade. wonyoung hype club no. 3 ryujin knows that yeji likes her and she likes yeji too.

    004. KIM SUNOO

    – he mentored y/n during her first months of being a member of the student council, been one of her closest friends ever since. they sometimes flirt platonically and go out on dates but are just friends and aren't catching feelings. is also an art major, and knows jungwon but y/n isn't really aware. acts as the historian in the student council.

    005. NI-KI

    – is a dance major and the closest with yeji since she teaches him sometimes during their free hours. y/n and sunoo's ‘child’, and the groups' baby. also close with jay, y/n's current boyfriend and is the reason why the two met. is aware of what had happened between y/n and jungwon because yeji slipped once (uses this to blackmail yeji onto buying him food.)


    – an arts major student, and y/n's bestest friend since birth. both have been inseparable, and she is her most trusted friend. is an arts major, along with sunoo. is aware of y/n's secret soundcloud account, and been hyping her ever since (1). known for her visuals and brains in school, elected as the muse of the university.

    𔘓 taglist (open): @ncityy04 @itzsora @wanlore @instahann @wonwoosh @mysticore-replies @ahnneyong @msxflower @youreverydayzebra @meiiiwa @3ggieyolk

    masterlist . . . [ < ] · [ > ]

    #enhypen#enhypen drabbles#enhypen fluff#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen timestamps#enhypen angst#enhypen fanfic#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen oneshots #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen jungwon#yang jungwon #jungwon x reader #jungwon x y/n #jungwon x you #enhypen jay #jay x reader #jay x y/n #jay x you #ᕱ ⑅ ᕱ . . . happier – y.jw #lvrshypen
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  • liliansun
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Are you blackmailing me? Masterlist

    Synopsis: Jay has his eyes on you, but you couldn’t care less. When he finally musters up the courage to speak to you, you ask him about his friend instead. In attempts to salvage his chance, he agrees to help you if you help him in return.

    Pairing: jay x fem!reader, members of enhypen included, members of txt included, members of itzy included, member of (g)i-dle included

    Genre: angst, fluff, strangers → friends → lovers

    Warnings: swearing, suggestive (?) jokes, one-sided pinning

    Status: ongoing as of [ 10.19.21 ]

    Help Choi Yeonjun | Jake is a furry

    01 |

    02 |

    03 |

    [ more to be added soon! ]

    [ send in an ask or comment to be added to the taglist ]

    taglist: @luvrjn @neptuniees @mykalon @softforqiankun @jisungs-tummy @dear-dreamie @nyfwyeonjun @hobistigma @yoonkeehoe @seungstarss @jensrose @yougeans @angxln-ki @youngiez @hibuki-chan @luv3iza @msxflower @nyujjan

    ©︎ liliansun

    #enhypen#enhypen fluff#enhypen angst#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen fanfic#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smau #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen jongseong#enhypen jay #jay park fanfic #jay park au #jay park smau #jay park fluff #jay park angst #are you blackmailing me? - ☆
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  • y9njun
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    enhypen hyung line . . when they have a crush on u!

    PARING. enhypen member x reader

    GENRE. fluff, crack, angsty(?) a little

    WARNINGS + A/N. no warnings listed,i hope u enjoy!

    🩹 ; heeseung

    to start off, he definitely invites u to karaoke nightes with his friends <33

    he just wants to do a duo and spend time w/ you 💀

    will actually die of embarrassment if u find out he likes you

    "do i like u? haha.. *nervous sweating*" @/€×&£#&;£×

    man picks liddol flowers for you ☹☹

    day dreams about kissing you infront of everyone

    🩹 ; jay

    he's the protective bitch HSJS

    "don't hang out with him, he went to the principals office once. he's not a good person" LIKE PLEASE

    he can and WILL throw punches for u

    he gets called a simp? fuck that person

    hes very in love w/ you ☹

    invites you to hang out with him and his friends

    they're all like "seriously?" but when u agree his worries wash away

    🩹 ; jake

    flexes his math abilities HAHS

    he wants u to notice him reaaaal bad 🤥 jake mega simp

    he helps you with homework you missed / forgot

    jake is the type to pass you cute notes in class

    "meet me outside."

    u have mini staring contests in class

    when in reality he's just admiring your everything ejejdj

    his heart almost stops when you message him first 💔

    🩹 ; sunghoon

    lets start with this scenario:

    if you ever confront him×^£@^

    "me? liking u? pfft, in ur dreams, loser." thats sounds like me anyways

    he sees that he legitimately broke ur heart 💀💀 and reminds u he's kidding

    members ship y'all really hard HAJSKA

    "hyung, when will u get with (y/n)?" AND THEN HE BLUSHES

    "what makes u think i'll get with her?" squishy red hoonie aww

    theres lots of teasing between you two

    him calling u short, 'loser', lame, ugly etc

    he'll call u ugly but then tell everyone ur the prettiest girl ever 💀💔

    © y9njun 2021 — any reposts or translations of my works are strictly prohibited.

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  • raspberrygyus
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    The professor at the university who teaches the entry-level criminology class that Y/N, Sooji, and Soobin take. He's a hard marker, but a brilliant lecturer. He takes pride in making sure that all his students do well in his class and helping those who struggle. An overall favourite (and recommended) among students.


    The teaching assistant for professor Minho's class. Currently working to get his Ph.D. in criminology. He's currently teaching to pay off his student debt and lives in a studio apartment.


    Fresh out of the police academy, Yeonjun is a determined person who has a strong sense of both justice and loyalty. He is the younger brother of the local police captain. He's not exactly close with his older brother, but the two do have a working relationship.

    Captain Choi

    Yeonjun's older brother. A dependable man who does his job as the captain of the local precinct. He's a little awkward around his younger brother but did help him get his job.


    The star of the local precinct. He's a young but smart detective sergeant who helped solve a few cold cases after he was brought into the precinct. Was promoted to his current position within 2 years. He is very dedicated to this job and will follow through on cases he's made lead investigator on.


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  • liliansun
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Pick & Choose | 22 - Go kiss Sunghoon

    synopsis: Finding your soulmate seems like a dream come true right? Wrong, because finding out it’s your best friends boyfriend was just the beginning to the end. To make things worse, you weren’t the only one longing for someone you thought you’d never have.

    previous | next


    (send an ask or reply to be added to the taglist!)

    taglist [open]: @hwallswrld @softforqiankun @nyfwyeonjun @seungstarss @j3ntle @sunnymoointhehouse @cha-raena @yougeans @freessaaenhaa @daisyhwa @ncityy04 @nshrikiii @angel-ishere @coolcloudpsychichumanoid @acciomylove @diestheticu @hobistigma @neptuniees @90sni-ki @woonieiv @atinyyylove @c9tnoos @jisungsquirrelhabits @ninjaleeknow @dyzennie @clear-color-hair @nnasheii @primorange @msxflower @theskzvibe @rein-deer-stuffs @taejinxkoya @rinyx @mymeloem19 @youreverydayzebra @aintmajor @axurio @kac-chowsballs @wonietree @luvrjn @enhappenstance @dear-dreamie @clumsyby @hoewithnojams @meiinumaki @abdiitcryy @mika-monalisa @kingkaithekiwi @fylithia @blank-velvet @baekhyunstruly @lvrshypen

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  • liliansun
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    p&c [extra] - mmhm

    Thought I’d give some jakehoon interactions, flirting on the main shamelessly

    previous | masterlist

    taglist [open]: @hwallswrld @softforqiankun @nyfwyeonjun @seungstarss @j3ntle @sunnymoointhehouse @cha-raena @yougeans @freessaaenhaa @daisyhwa @ncityy04 @nshrikiii @angel-ishere @coolcloudpsychichumanoid @acciomylove @diestheticu @hobistigma @neptuniees @90sni-ki @woonieiv @atinyyylove @c9tnoos @jisungsquirrelhabits @ninjaleeknow @dyzennie @clear-color-hair @nnasheii @primorange @msxflower @theskzvibe @rein-deer-stuffs @taejinxkoya @rinyx @mymeloem19 @youreverydayzebra @aintmajor @axurio @kac-chowsballs @wonietree @luvrjn @enhappenstance @dear-dreamie @clumsyby @hoewithnojams @meiinumaki @abdiitcryy @mika-monalisa @kingkaithekiwi @fylithia @blank-velvet @baekhyunstruly @lvrshypen

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