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  • cersworld
    17.01.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    grocery stores & illegal artworks

    cast: idol!jungwon x reader ft. enhypen, txt, etc.

    what happens when yang jungwon has to go back to school? will he make friends or will he hate everyone and hide in a little corner every chance he gets to get away from everyone? all we know is that he will, most definitely, get kicked where the sun doesn't shine.

    warning(s): vivid mentions and descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks, trespassing, misgendering, illegal and unprofessional tattoos and piercings, vivid mentions and descriptions of suicidal thoughts and ideation, etc.

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    taglist: @ily-cuz-i @enhacolor @beomsun @lumixen @chillfilms @aksemy @hwalllllllelujah @ja4hyvn @higamersitsbarney @yvesismywife @lunaflvms @angel-hyuckie

    stupid, stupid, stupid, thought yang jungwon as he sullenly dragged his feet, following his manager to the grocery store, why me? i know i'm the leader but come on! i didn't sign for this shit, he groaned internally as he kicked any rock he saw, frustrated.

    the manager finally had it when one of the rocks suddenly hit his ankle, sighing as he turned around, "okay jungwon, how about you wait outside while i quickly go get qhat we need?" he offered, trying to keep his voice calm and eye from twitching while thinking, this is why i'll never have kids.

    "oka-" the boy began but by the time he had opened his mouth, the manager had already left and entered the fruit isle. the boy sighed before making his way behind the store, just in case someone who may recognise him if he stood at the entrance. 

    however, he froze when he saw a figure sitting on the curb, legs sprawled on the pavement as they leaned their head back onto the brick wall. he squinted, wait… isn't that-

    you snapped out of your relaxed state as you heard someone slowly make their way towards you. your body immediately tensed up and you couldn’t help but hold your breath as alarm bells started going off in your head when you turned to face…. "jungwon?"

    "hey!" he smiled warmly at you, not noticing how you suddenly took a deep breath in.

    you furrowed your eyebrows, "what are you doing here?" you asked softly.

    "i-" jungwon froze before he could explain himself, his eyes quickly landing on your bare legs as he gasped, "woah, your legs!"

    oh god, you thought as you started digging your nails into your thighs, fuck, not this again. he's gonna think i'm in a gang or something. or he's just gonna judge me. i know it's illegal god damnit! i don't need you telling me like everyone else. just-

    you were snapped out of your spiralling thoughts as the boy in front of you placed a hand on your calf unconsciously. 

    "they’re so cool," he muttered to himself as he dazedly traced over your art. however, he quickly snapped out of it as he got to your knee, blinking his eyes and retracting his hand as he began apologising, "oh my god, i'm so sorry, i-i didn't mean to to-touch you. i'm so sorry, i just- you're so cool!"

    "i- really?" 

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  • vrvzi
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    ( 03:15 PM : YANG JUNGWON )

    cw. none

    timestamp, angst-ish, listen


    — vrvzi, all rights reserved, do not translate/ / copy.

    you wiped your tears with your sweater sleeve as you stare into nothingness, the quiet swishing of the wind acting as background noise for the silence you fell into.

    jungwon sat comfortably beside you, occupying himself by playing around with a pebble. you and jungwon weren’t exactly friends per se, but when he saw you leaning against the wall with your head in your hands, he couldn’t just leave.

    he turned towards you when he heard another sniffle escape you, hesitantly putting a hand on your shoulder as an attempt to comfort you. “god, this is so embarrassing. we’ve talked, maybe, what? two times. you can go home, you know? it looks like it’s gonna rain.”

    a sound of disagreement left his lips as he shook his head, though you weren’t looking back at him. the sky began to get darker and the wind became heavier; if he doesn’t leave soon, he’ll for sure get stuck in the downpour.

    yet, he waited with you. he cracked jokes and talked about his dog, maeum, hoping that it would make you feel a little better. you’d yet to tell him what made you so upset, but he didn’t care.

    you finally look up from your lap to meet his eyes, and you swore your breath audibly hitched. was he always this handsome? your thoughts were soon cut off as a loud crack of thunder sounded through the air, causing the two of you to jump.

    raindrops began to fall softly onto the concrete in front of you. you were relieved you chose to break down in tears underneath a roof, and you were sure jungwon thought the same. you waited for him to hastily apologize and stand up from his spot, sprinting away and back home, but he never moved.

    he never got up and left. the two of you remained seated under the protection of the roof, quietly listening to the rain get heavier and the wind quicken its pace through the trees.

    “i should probably get home soon.” you pouted in his direction, surprised he actually heard you through all the commotion. “me too.” he nods in agreement. “i probably look like a mess, right now.” you chuckled and shook your head.

    there was no way you’d be able to escape the questions you’d receive as you enter the door of your home, cheeks now obviously dry with passed tears.

    “there’s snot all over your shirt. it’s quite gross, actually.” jungwon joked, a quiet snicker leaving him. you scoffed and bumped his shoulder, a loud laugh immediately following after. you looked at him to see him already looking at you, mocking your face of shock.

    “i’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” you stood up and brushed the imaginary dust from your pants. he stayed in his spot as he watched you, nodding his head for what felt like the thousandth time. you thanked him for sticking around with you and ran off, trying your best to avoid the rain as you made your way back home.

    oh, how he couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

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  • yunkifoldr
    17.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    sober ⫘ lee heeseung.

    ぬ̳ ‣ word count ♡% !ㅤㅤ624
    ぬ̳ ‣ genre ♡% !ㅤㅤangst, tini-tiny fluff at the end if you squint
    ぬ̳ ‣ warnings ♡% !ㅤㅤmentions of a break up
    ぬ̳ ‣ notes ♡% !ㅤㅤconan gray's song is such a banger, it made me write this piece :’)

    you were still up at two in the morning, studying for an approaching test. you take your time to rest and stretch while staring at the dark sky with stars adorning it from your window. with your ex, memories of your late-night trips together, stargazing in a nearby park, drunken attempts to sneak back into your dorms, and many others came flooding back.

    your glassy eyes reflected the bright light from your desktop screen, tears falling as you blink. it's not like your break up was messy, but you regretted letting him go. you were engrossed in your exasperation and broke up with him by text. he accepted his defeat, replying to you wishing you the best in life. you never thought your relationship would come to an end, but it did. you two took it for granted, and you both regret how it ended.

    your phone screen lit up, ringing. without looking at the number, you picked up the call.

    “hello?” you answered, perplexed, wondering who would still be up at this hour on a school day. you were still staring outside your room's window, with your seat now turned on it's way.

    “____ ... i miss you,” the caller's voice was deep, it was like the speaker from the other line was melancholic. it was a masculine voice and he sounded too familiar, even the small giggle he let our after calling you by your nickname, so you decided to look at the number.

    lee heeseung.

    “heeseung?” you asked, trying to confirm if it was really him as he hummed in response. “i prefer it when you call me seung, you're the only one who calls me that,” he blurted out, as your screen lit up once again to display that he has turned on his camera.

    “____, open your camera too. i like looking at your pretty face,” you switch on your camera, as if you were being controlled, and position it so that you two can easily see each other. you spy a green-colored bottle, assuming it's soju, and his 'not-so-slurred' speech confirms your suspicions.

    heeseung stared at your face, the face he had missed to see every morning before going to uni, the one he sees before sleeping, the one that gives him butterflies, that gives him comfort. you notice his soft, and possibly loving gaze through the screen, and you wish you were as equally intoxicated so you wouldn't recall this conversation with your ex.

    sleep almost caught up to you, as you felt your eyelids feeling heavy when you heard heeseung speak again.

    “you know that i still love you, right?” he paused, taking a shot before continuing, “let me love you once more, ____. i'll do whatever to be able to call you mine for the second time,” heeseung added. your heart was pounding loudly, heat overtaking on your cheeks. your slowly forming smile dropped with the realization, he was drunk. your innermost and current wish was for him to recall this morning chat you're having with him so he could clear up what he'd been blabbering on about.

    “real sweet, heeseung. but i wish you were sober,” you replied, sighing a little too loudly. you turn around and look out the window, surreptitiously wiping away your tears. it was tempting to punch yourself right now for being so vulnerable in front of him. you wanted to end the call, right here, right now, but you couldn't. because he had owned a place in your heart.

    “what if i was? will you listen to me? will you give me another chance to prove myself to you?” he questioned, his eyes sparkling with anticipation. you really want to say yes and follow your heart for now, forgetting the past that had tainted your relationship with him and start a new and fresh one,

    and so you did.

    © yunkifoldr, 2022ㅤ|ㅤrequests are open

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  • heeseung-min
    17.01.2022 - 7 hours ago


    Sunghoon cannot sleep. It's not because of having too much work or what. It's because he was trying to take pictures, many pictures, of you. You sleeping soundly and Sunghoon couldn't let this opportunity go to waste. Why he can't just ask you to take pictures with him? Simple. Because you and him are enemy.

    Apparently, you hate him because of his intelligent brain. Being the smartest in the school also the captain for basketball players make every students and teachers like him. Including your parents. They would always compare you and him even though you already work very hard to achieve what they want.

    It's sad for Sunghoon to see that side of you, low confidence, feeling insecure and not trusting yourself. Sometimes, he wished he can kill your parents so you don't need to suffer anymore but it's still early. He need to make you fall in love with him and trust him with your life then he can continue everything that has been planned.

    However, it's difficult since you hate his existence. Everytime he wanted to get closer to you, you will tried to stay away from him. But, that doesn't mean Sunghoon will give up. He's not build like that.

    "What again, Sunghoon? Can you stop following me?"

    "No, I don't want. I want to follow wherever you go."

    "Sunghoon, I want to study in peace. So, stop whatever you going go do."

    "Why do you want to study? Aren't you tired proving them y/n? Aren't you tired to always try to meet their expectation? I think you already did better."

    Sunghoon's words break your heart a bit. He was right. You were tired. Tired of your parents that always wanted you to be perfect when you are just an ordinary human. They never appreciate what you got instead told you to do better and better. Tears started to fall down from your eyes. You didn't pushed Sunghoon when he hugged you to his chest. You started to crying and he caressed your back to comfort you. After few minutes, you pushed him away slowly and hid your face.

    "I already saw it dummy, no need to hide"

    "Shut up, urghh you are so annoying"

    "Stop pretending to be okay then. I like you. Let's go out"

    "Are you really confessing to me after I'm done crying?"


    "You are ridiculous"

    "Hey, where do you want to go? Wait for me."

    You walked fastly because of the embarassment but you couldn't deny the good feeling and smile on your face.

    Sunghoon too smirked when he finally break the wall between you two. Now, it's easy to continue the plan which is kill your parents and make you rely on him for everything.

    It's been two months since you and Sunghoon started dating. The boy was indeed sweet and caring to you making you impossibly to hate him. You still don't know that he was stalking you, breaking into your room and stealing your accessories. But that's okay because what matter is only you and him together.

    You just came from school and Sunghoon couldn't send you because he had something to do. You decided to spend your time on cafe near your house for few hours before went to home. However, when you finally reached there you noticed it was so quiet. When you opened the front door, you screamed histerically because there were your parents body on the floor dripping with bloods and their eyes are opened. You didn't know what to do so you called Sunghoon while sobbing uncontrollably.


    "Hoon, I I help me..."

    "Hey, what happen?"

    "Someone killed my parents"

    You said while crying and your boyfriend reply with comforting words and uttered he will come in few minutes. You can't see how his lips turned to a smirk while talking to you. After he came, Sunghoon hugged your body and proceed to call the police. Too bad, the police couldn't find the real culprit because he is so intelligent that there isn't any evidence left behind.

    "Y/n, let's live with me. I can provide anything for you. Just rely everything on me y/n"

    "Hoon, why are you so kind to me?"

    "Because I love you so much"

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  • dazzledsohn
    17.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Surprise :

    What better way to surprise your boyfriend by flying into the country with surprises. [ pure fluff ]

    “ hey babe..” you heard Jay's dull voice through the earphone as you resisted the urge to not laugh and break the news. You pretend to be confused as you ask him “ what wrong love?”.  He looked up and said “ I just miss you , the others have their partners here and I can't help but feel selfish.” 

    Your face fell as jay regretted saying it “ im sorry y.n , i know you can't do anything about it and it's your job.” he quickly apologised as you hummed glancing at the clock , “ oh it's late , i have to go to sleep okay jay?”. You ask as he nodded “ yeah good night love.” 

    “ good night , love you!.” you cut the call as you laughed , eyeing the ticket lying on your desk. Would jay even expect you to be there for his fansign , probably not. That was also the reason why you cut the phone early on his free day. You did feel bad but hey otherwise you would get late to reach the airport.

    Sending a quick text to your friend to pick you up , you switched off the phone. Quickly making sure you had everything ready.

    You smile as you check in , stopping by duty free to buy some things. [ rip your wallet but you loved them ] . buying all the things you needed you got ready for the long ride. You sighed imagining how sad he would be when he didn't see your message in the morning. 

    “ What's with the big face Jay-hyung?”. Jungwon asked as he saw Jay scrolling down his face , the elders eyes flickered towards the younger one before sighing “ Y/n hasn't seen my messages since last night , I know she might be busy but I checked the time there and it's her free time.” 

    Jungwon frowned, it was true as he pouted , opting to pat the elders back in a comforting manner “ maybe she’s a little bit busy.” Jay hummed as he sent a smile to jungwon. Grateful it was him. 

    You meanwhile were busy sneaking it , note attempting to sneak in. Because for some reason Sunghoon , Jake and Ni-ki had decided to play soccer right in the corridor. And only the managers knew. You looked at the manager as he passed you sunglasses and cap “ are you sure this would cover me rather than expose me?”.

    The manager shrugged, “ I'm sorry! I tried but what reason can I make?”. You sighed as you lifted the box as you pretended to be a staff. As you walked past them , your heart hammered in your chest as you saw them glance at you. Your throat dried as you saw Jake frown for a minute before shrugging and returning his attention to the game not wanting to lose against Ni-ki. 

    You released a breath you didn't know you were holding as you silently slipped into the waiting room , sitting in a corner as you watched the manager call everyone and give them a run through of the rules. Your eyes automatically fall on your boyfriend. A smile blossomed on your lips as you saw him. Your heart beat increased and you were always surprised how it managed to speed up even after a year of dating. 

    The minute you get the green sign from the manager you open the box and clear out the table filling it with gifts , snacks and chocolates for them to snack on when they return. The door opened and you grinned seeing Sunghoon’s girlfriend freeze looking at you before screaming and pulling you into a hug. “ Oh my god! I missed you so much! It was so lonely with all the testosterone around me.” she complained as you chuckled “ how are you and sunghoon?”. Aria smiled and took a chocolate “ it's going good and let me tell you sunghoon has lost count on how many times he heard jay sob about you.” 

    You laugh and let her know about what had happened as she giggled “ I can imagine the surprise on his face .” you hummed and looked at her “ i also have another surprise.” she raised an eyebrow as you leaned in to whisper in her ears. Her eyes widen in delight and happiness as she pulls  you into a hug again. 

    In the two hours that passed by while waiting for the fansign to finish , the two of you caught up on the gossip . you were about to reply when the door opened and the manager whispered urgently “ they are coming , get ready y/n!.” Aria stood up and scrambled out , purposefully slamming into jay. As you settled yourself opposite of the table.

    “ Wow Aria, I had no idea you were a bulldozer.” Jay commented as he groaned , walking in. Jake exclaimed “ wow that's a lot of chocolates!.” and looked at the manager who had a smirk on his face. Heeseung paused for a minute and slowly said “ oh there's something I had asked y.n to get me…?” ni-ki and sunoo humming. The seven of them surrounded the table as you watched them removing the mask , and suddenly you met sunoo’s eyes. Freezing for a minute before screaming. 

    Catching everyone's attention as they all turned to see what and you grin , standing up“ hi .” 

    You watched as the room suddenly got quiet.

    The next thing you were being tackled by jay as you automatically wrapped your legs and arms around him clinging onto him. You gasped as you felt him squeezing you , as you smiled at the others who were screaming in the room. 

    “ JAY LET HER GO , I WANT TO HUG MY BESTIE!.” Jake screamed as he separated Jay from you who still tried snatching you back. You laughed as you said “ I decided to surprise you guys and I had to witness all the hairstyles.” 

    The others laughed as you felt Jay wrap his arms around your waist pulling you closer and snuggling into your neck. You smiled and said “ I do have one more surprise for you!.” you paused for some dramatic reactions before announcing “ i'm moving to korea for real.” 

    And the chaos resumed as they scarmed jumping round as you felt yourself being slowly pulled out of the room . Jay's grip on your hands is soft. As he gently led you away , opening a door , he closed it behind him as he pulled you onto his lips. You giggled “ did you like my surprise?”. 

    Jay smiled as he looked at you fondly “ best ever .” the two of you maintained eye contact as he tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear. “ We have so much to catch up on.” Jay murmured as he left soft kisses on your arms. You smiled softly “ now sunghoon can have some peace hmm?”. Jay groaned “ please , I feel sorry for him.” you leaned in and pressed your lips on his. As he held your cheeks. Your moment gets ruined when you hear something outside of the room. Jay rolled his eyes and opened the door seeing the rest on the floor , caught red handed.

    “ In my defence , Jake suggested this plan.” heeseung immediately said. “ hey!.”

    #jay park #enhypen jay au #enhypen jay imagines #enhypen imagines#enhypen drabbles#enhypen fluff
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  • goldenhypen
    17.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    ## [8:52pm] — jay park

    shivers rushed down your spine as you felt the tips of jay’s fingers brush your jaw, pulling it towards him. you watched his eyes travel down to your lips, causing you to do the same.

    immediately, he leaned in, eyes closing, as did yours, and you felt his soft lips land against your own as he kissed you lovingly.

    his other hand supported your lower back, and yours were on his chest, circling around his neck before your fingers raked through the hair on the back of his head, pulling him impossibly closer as you deepened the kiss.

    lips moulded together, lungs sharing the same air, bodies pulled against one another—everything about this moment just felt right.

    it was as though time had slowed, and before you knew it, you felt jay pull away, both of you gasping for air. he lifted his eyes to meet yours and a small smirk rose to his pink lips.

    he pulled you closer before quickly capturing your lips again, desperate for more, in another long, passionate kiss.

    a/n. ended up going w jay for this one. the way this boy’s had me wrapped around his finger lately 😩 it’s not even funny 😑
    #enhypen imagines#enhypen fluff #enhypen x reader #enhypen#enhypen scenarios#enhypen reactions#enhypen drabbles#enhypen blurbs#enhypen timestamps#enhypen oneshots#jay imagines #jay park fluff #jay park imagines #enhypen jay imagines #enhypen jay fluff #park jongseong fluff #park jongseong imagines #park jongseong x reader #jongseong imagines #park jay imagines
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  • heekissung
    17.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    embarrassingly yours | yang jungwon

    you don't have the best of luck— really. so it isn't much of a surprise when you find out your internet boyfriend has been catfishing as your classmate's cousin. and to make matters worse, the said classmate's cousin moves in right next door and apparently his dog hates yours? or in which you have a really crappy luck but at least you get an enemies to lovers trope in return.

    FEATURING: jungwon x reader, the rest of enhypen, some txt and ive members

    GENRE: romance, fluff, highschool au, non-idol au, enemies to lovers

    WARNING/S: foul language, rlly embarrassing (more embarrassing than wrong file)

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: i have a feeling that i might regret posting this while having to write my research paper but ... oh well.

    TAGLIST: to be added. answer this form to be included.

    PLAYLIST: king of my heart by taylor swift ⋆ everytime by ariana grande ⋆ invisible string by taylor swift ⋆ supposed to by BLÜ EYES

    PROFILES — part one | part two

    #genshintwt croomf

    internet love is a hoax made by a cult

    y/n's internet boyfriend


    y/n's internet boyfriend is a catfish

    sunoo's cousin

    naur ... just naur

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  • cersworld
    17.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    yang jungwon discovers mock assessments

    cast: idol!jungwon x reader ft. enhypen, txt, etc.

    what happens when yang jungwon has to go back to school? will he make friends or will he hate everyone and hide in a little corner every chance he gets to get away from everyone? all we know is that he will, most definitely, get kicked where the sun doesn't shine.

    warning(s): vivid mentions and descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks, trespassing, misgendering, illegal and unprofessional tattoos and piercings, vivid mentions and descriptions of suicidal thoughts and ideation, etc.

    prev masterlist next

    taglist: @ily-cuz-i @enhacolor @beomsun @lumixen @chillfilms @aksemy @hwalllllllelujah @ja4hyvn @higamersitsbarney @yvesismywife @lunaflvms @angel-hyuckie

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  • lqvcrz-inc
    17.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    lqverz inc masterlist <3

    i don’t write a lot but i like- reblog a lot so i decided to make a masterlist of the only things i write lawlz.

    Gr0uP$ 1 writ3 4 : 

    - TXT - Straykids - Ateez - Monsta X - Oneus - The Boyz - Seventeen -

    G3NR3 K3Y :

    (🎸) - Angst, (🦔) - Fluff, (👾) - Slice Of Life, (🍟) - Comedy/Humor, (🦴) - Horror.


    M0NST4 X:: Chae hyungwon (🎸)


    Choi Soobin (🎸)




    TH3 B0YZ::



    i don’t have any other works right now but i’ll update it for the future!! i'm a minor so i don't write smut but i do take requests for everything else. :)

    #kpop fluff#kpop drabble#kpop fanfic #enhypen x reader #txt post#txt angst#txt soobin #txt x reader #txt fluff#stray kids #stray kids angst #ateez smut#ateez#ateez fluff #stray kids fluff #ateez scenarios#straykids scenarios#txt scenarios #monsta x x reader #monsta x angst #monsta x #monsta x fluff #oneus x reader #oneus smut#oneus fluff#oneus scenarios#the boyz #the boyz fluff #the boyz smut
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  • ining
    17.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    💌 — LOVE LIBRARY © ining, 2022

    welc to love library. . . please enter your pin to view further content

    i⠀⠀⠀ ♡⠀⠀⠀ LOVE KEY . intro

    + this event will be held by user @ining and will be fully opened on february 14, 2022.

    ii⠀⠀⠀ ♡⠀⠀⠀ CUPID LOCKS . info

    love library is a valentines day event for k-idols and will provide kpop stans with love matches with different idols. when entering this site, information about yourself will be needed to generate the perfect cupid made match.

    iii⠀⠀⠀ ♡⠀⠀⠀ HEART SHOOT . rules

    + the admin is a student, meaning they will take time with requests

    + there are only 15 slots, one for each person

    + you can only request once

    + feel free to send an ask or dm me with the needed love addressed information

    + tag 2-5 people

    iv⠀⠀⠀ ♡⠀⠀⠀ LOVE SOBS . vip perks

    + will be able to pick which group the idol is from

    + exclusive / custom layout given

    + members — @isoob @tyunni @ryuflix @i-kai @wonfiles @jjunry

    i⠀⠀⠀ ♡⠀⠀⠀ DAY FILES . tags

    @isoob @wonfiles @atrirose @aemoonie @soobnny @choiwrld @neck1ss

    #kpop soft hours #kpop x reader #kpop imagines#kpop series #txt x reader #enhypen x reader #kpop fluff#kpop angst#kpop prompts #nct x reader #svt x reader #kpop bg#kpop gg#itzy imagines #twice x reader #kpop blurbs#kpop drabbles#txt drabbles#kpop writing#nct blurbs#kpop timeskip#txt reactions#ehypen series#kpop smau #kpop x fem reader #x gn reader
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  • lovemxnot
    16.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    For old times sake | Lee Heeseung

    The rain pelted down on you, mercilessly cold. But it'd stopped as a pair of dirted converse came in sight, halting in front of your own hanging off the curb.

    Your head hung low, earbuds continuing their quest of drowning your sorrow in melancholic melodies. You didn't pay him any attention even as he sat next to you, warming you. Feeling his pure embrace, you could no longer feel the drops of rain.

    He reached for an earbud, sticking one in, listening with you in silence.

    “Isn’t it cold?” He spoke softly. Testing the air.

    You shivered, hair sticking to your face. It was cold, freezing, but it was better than feeling nothing at all. That hole that sunk in you, stomach dropping, never landing as buried memories resurfaced over the molded walls you built.

    “Couldn’t tell.” It sarcastically fell from you. A deep laugh fills the small space between you, and you have to close your eyes at the ache it causes.

    His fingers came to play with the ripped jeans on your knees, eyes tracing the skin pressing under it, avoiding looking at you.

    “Does he make you happy?” He whispered.

    You wanted to hurt him. You wanted him to feel how your heart ripped to shreds when you saw his lips locked with someone other than yours. The hot tears that sprung up, the slap that marked his cheek hot red was not close to how cold your blood ran, numbing you. So after a long moment, you lied- You nodded your head.

    “Happier than when you were with me ?”

    It hurt. He was the one that broke you, cheating on you, playing games, broken promises, and now he wants to squeeze himself back in your heart and reclaim his place?

    “What’s it matter to you anyway.” the rope holding your composure snapped, and with it, your eye burned hot.

    His knee brushed yours. An olive branch of old memories. “ i can't stand seeing you with him.”

    “You also said you can't be with me. So make up your mind.”

    “Fuck.” His eyes shone, head dropping between his arms, Raindrops decorating him.

    “Truth is I’ve missed you." He sucked a breathe in, shoulders shaking with angst "I’ve always missed you. I’ve always wanted to see you love only me.”

    “Stop it.” Your voice shook, old suppressed emotions bubbling up. His eyes locked with yours at that, and you continued strong. “You don’t get to come back and spew all of this, expecting me to welcome you with open arms. ”

    “I know I'm being selfish, I know.” He ran his fingers through his hair, slicking it back.

    Silence fell, neither of you breaking it. Eyes speaking a thousand words, filling your open wound, slowly suturing it up

    He finally uttered, as a tear mixed with the raindrops on his cheeks. “I’m sorry.”

    “For what?”

    “For not loving you the way you wanted me to.”

    Before you could wrap your head around his words, your arms did. You hugged him, that was all you wanted to hear. All you’ve waited for all these years.

    His arms snuck around your waist, enclosing you tight, afraid if he let go, he’d lose you again.

    “I love you.” His nose touched your neck, burying deeper in your hair “I always did, always will.”

    The reply was ready on your tongue, waiting to slip out- but before you could, you knew you had to break up with someone first. you owed it to them. so you settled for,

    "Thank you." and perhaps that was your final blow, as his fingers gripped you tighter, realizing that no matter how tight he hold on to you, you still weren't his.

    For now.

    #also as usual feel free to reblog i really do notice every note and it makes my day :) #someone once stuck their finger inside the ripped jeans on my thigh and drew shapes on it and ummmm #ummm #that was hot #i wrote this whole listening to 4 o’clock on loop. is it obvious? #heeseung#enhypen#lee heeseung#enha#kpop smut#enhypen fanfic#enhypen ff#enhypen drabbles#enhypen fluff#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagine#enhypen angst#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen reactions#sunghoon#enhypen oneshots#enhypen heeseung #enhypen heeseung smut #heeseung x reader #heeseung imagines
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  • cersworld
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    cast: idol!jungwon x reader ft. enhypen, txt, etc.

    what happens when yang jungwon has to go back to school? will he make friends or will he hate everyone and hide in a little corner every chance he gets to get away from everyone? all we know is that he will, most definitely, get kicked where the sun doesn't shine.

    warning(s): vivid mentions and descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks, trespassing, misgendering, illegal and unprofessional tattoos and piercings, vivid mentions and descriptions of suicidal thoughts and ideation, etc.

    prev masterlist next

    taglist: @ily-cuz-i @enhacolor @beomsun @lumixen @chillfilms @aksemy @hwalllllllelujah @ja4hyvn @higamersitsbarney @yvesismywife @lunaflvms @angel-hyuckie

    noni yawned as she made her way toward her classroom, not that it mattered where she went considering how early she was.

    stupid millie, who the fuck schedules a training session for 5 a.m. she scowled down at the ground as she stopped in the doorway of what was, hopefully, the right room. she looked up, only to freeze, what…?

    she watched silently as a boy hunched over a table at the furthest end of the room, scribbling something onto a tiny paper before slipping it and a box of, what seemed to be….pastries? into the desk, closing it with a small, satisfied smile.

    the girl quickly hid in the classroom next door as the boy turned and made his was out of the room and down the hallway. but wait, isn't that… NO FUCKING WAY, I-

    but the girl's thoughts were, once again, interrupted as another person made their way into the classroom, heading toward the same desk the boy had just left.

    she watched the person fumble with their bag for a bit before pulling out a wrapped and sealed box. dang. she watched as the person quickly turned toward a specific desk and quickly shoved the box into it, closing the lid and scurrying back to their seat with a sigh.

    damn. never have i ever seen y/n that expressive. i wonder who- WAIT A DAMN MINUTE, NONI YOU'RE A FUCKING GENIUS! thought the girl as she quickly connected the dots, ducking under the window as she watched y/n look around before slowly opening the lid of their desk.

    noni watched as a small, delicate smile appeared on their face as they gently pulled the box of pastries out and read the letter attached to it. she watched as their eyes lit up with stars and hands gripped the box tighter. that’s when it clicked - she couldn’t tell anyone, she wouldn’t.

    as she quietly made her way into the room, dropping her bag onto the floor and sliding into her seat.

    as she watched the boy pull out the box suspiciously before realising who it was from. as he lit up with genuine happiness, carefully opening the packaging that had taken forever to do and as he smiled down at the assortment of jewellery, along with a simple piece of paper with the words 'thank you' written on it.

    your secret's safe with me. even if you don't know i know, i'll guard it with my life.

    a/n: seems like she thinks it's a lot more than it is but we love that passion!

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  • jaeviez
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    𖣯% . . . CAMELLIA !! park sunghoon

    “she’s my camellia, your love is so universal”

    ✒️ . . . pairing ! park sunghoon x any gender!reader

    ✒️  . . . genre ! fluff, angst, rivalry between reader & sunghoon

    ✒️ . . . warnings ! slight swearing, maybe a bad flow, childish feud

    ✒️ . . . word count ! 1.4k words

    ✒️ . . . synopsis ! you and sunghoon have always been rivals since the moment he finished a wordsearch before you in your childhood and this rivalry has been going on ever since.

    no, you couldn’t believe what was happening at this moment. you really couldn’t. you had just been paired up for a literature project with the person you absolutely dreaded and despised the most, park sunghoon.

    park sunghoon was your rival ever since he finished a wordsearch before you in class when you two were kids. it wasn’t supposed to even be a big deal but it did became one when he kept rubbing it in your face. what was even worse was that this rival was friends with your older brother, jay park. it was such a struggle avoiding sunghoon for you.

    here you were, sitting at a desk with the person you dreaded and despised the most sitting in front of you and smirking. “hey, loser. it is such an honour for you to do this project with me. not everyone can be partners with someone this handsome.”

    “please, you’re only handsome to make up for the lack of brains you have.” you retorted back. you felt like the longer you socialized with this idiot, the more amount of braincells you would lose and you didn’t want that.

    “you’re so feisty but whatever. for this project, how about you do like seventy-five percent of the project and i can do twenty-five percent?” sunghoon made an offer. you rolled your eyes seeing how lazy he was but you agreed anyways. “yeah, that can work. i wouldn’t want you to completely ruin the project.”

    after you finished saying that, the two of you got into a stupid squabble instead of discussing about the project. it was childish, but both of you were childish as fuck and you were never one to back down, even from an idiot.

    the bell rang, signalling the moment you’ve been waiting for, where you two part ways. before you even got a single step out of the classroom, sunghoon ran up to you and said, “i’ll come to your house after school so we can talk more about the project.”

    great, now you have to see even more of him today.

    the hours at school passed by quickly, to your dismay. you didn’t want to face sunghoon that quickly. yet here you were, sitting on the end of your couch with sunghoon on the other end. “sooo, can we just get this over quickly? i have homework to do and i can’t have my time wasted by you.” you said.

    “geez. no need to act like a brat. let’s talk like the civilized humans we are, or supposed to be anyways.” sunghoon replied.

    the two of you spent the next hour talking about the project and planning it out. it was due in three weeks and the both of you wanted to get it done as soon as possible. it was a tedious process but you two had managed to get some sort of planning done. “okay, i’ll see you tomorrow. bye.” sunghoon waved to you and he walked out of your house.

    you couldn’t help but think that sunghoon had somehow gotten a bit nicer which is basically impossible to you. he always teased you from your childhood to your teenage years. whatever, it’s no big deal.

    “hey, what were you two talking about?” your older brother, jay suddenly popped his head in the living room in a way that definitely scared the living shit out of you.

    “school stuff, duh.” you replied in a sassy way. “alright. no need to give me that petty attitude.” he said before leaving. you rolled your eyes.

    it was the next day and after school. when you two were supposed to be discussing about the project, sunghoon was trying to balance a pencil on his nose instead. “stop being an idiot and focus on the project, sunghoon.”

    “just wait a couple of secs.” sunghoon responded. you found it a bit cute how he was trying ─ wait, what, cute??? ─ you were supposed to hate him to the core, not find him cute.

    “why are you staring, you fucking weirdo.” you didn’t realize that you were staring until sunghoon mentioned it. you quickly looked away, embarrassed. “let’s focus on the project now.”

    this was such an embarrassing situation for you and you really hope that sunghoon wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. obviously, he did to your utter dismay.

    “awww, does jay’s little sibling have a crush on me??? are you embarrassed that you got caught staring at my super handsome face? that’s so cute.” sunghoon leaned in close towards to you to the point where there was only a small gap between you two.

    “shut the fuck up. you’re being so annoying right now.” you pushed him away.

    “you’re blushing like fucking crazy. chill, i was just teasing you. it’s no big deal.” he responded after letting out an annoying laugh. “whatever, stop bothering me, sunghoon.”

    the next hour of you two working on the project was super awkward, especially considering on what happened between you two. occasionally, jay walked into the living room to “check on you two” for whatever stupid reason. as much as you loved your brother, he kept distracting sunghoon who apparently couldn’t focus when he sees his best friend.

    “stop distracting sunghoon, jay. we’re trynna focus on this project.” you said to your brother, annoyance visible in your voice. “fine, you need to relax. you’re always so uptight.”

    soon, it came to the moment you were waiting for. sunghoon was out of your house and you were chilling in your bedroom. you were thinking about something, what if you like sunghoon. no, that’s impossible. you always found him to be super annoying and arrogant and unattractive, right?

    you weren’t able to go to sleep for this thought so you just spent the next few hours meant for sleep browsing through netflix.


    jaeviez ! 2022

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  • jaeviez
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    𖣯% . . . CAMELLIA !! park sunghoon

    “she’s my camellia, your love is so universal”

    ✒️ . . . pairing ! park sunghoon x any gender!reader

    ✒️  . . . genre ! fluff, angst, humour, rivalry between reader & sunghoon

    ✒️ . . . synopsis ! you and sunghoon have always been rivals since the moment he finished a wordsearch before you in your childhood and this rivalry has been going on ever since.

    ✒️ . . . status ! ongoing


    ᓚᘏᗢ part one !

    ᓚᘏᗢ part two !

    ᓚᘏᗢ part three !


    jaeviez ! 2022

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  • wonashi
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    > one single phone call was all it took for you to come running back into his enclosed arms.

    𔓕 PAIRING: exboyfriend!sunghoon x gn!reader

    angst / warnings: none / wc: 530


    you were walking away.

    Walking away from the boy that made you feel what it's like to love and be loved, to feel whole and complete in the essence of a person. to feel like you can give the moon, carefully handpicked the stars Zeus had put up, and deliver every little thing that coexists within the cosmos to the palm of his hands – Park Sunghoon.

    The same Sunghoon who had loved you at dusk, and forgotten at dawn. He who only needed you through his desires you chose to turn a blind eye towards because you were so caught up with the idea of love. you who still loves him nonetheless. even if the world ends up in flames, even if he was in the arms of another person.

    So walking away was the only option to salvage your heart’s last remaining pieces.

    To be completely honest it was neither of your fault. no matter how many times you wailed at night on your bedroom floor screaming “I hate you’s” as you let the salty tears fall down your cheeks not caring if your neighbors woke up to all your yelling – blaming him for every single thing. It wasn't his fault.

    It wasn’t his fault that he changed, it wasn’t his fault you slowly felt him drift away getting lost in between the blurred lines of what we used to be and what we’ve evolved in. it wasn’t his fault that you barely recognized the man you deemed was love. it wasn’t his fault he didn’t love you anymore. you convinced yourself.

    Hearing the sound of your ringing phone, you broke apart from your reverie. a small part of you wished it was Sunghoon yet you can’t bear to even listen nor look at him, staring at the caller id was none other than the man himself.


    “hi.” you mumbled suddenly taking interest in your fingernails.

    “I was just calling to tell you I'm coming by at 3 to pick up my things.”

    this wasn’t how it was supposed to go


    “yeah. Are you busy? I can always come at a different time.”

    why aren't you calling to ask if I'm okay? why aren’t you calling to see if we could talk things ove-

    “y/n? Are you still there?” he asked, seeming to be tired of this conversation, wanting to get it over as quickly as he could. “look if you don’t want to see me then that's completely fine, just leave my things outside the door.”

    how can his voice be so cold?

    Not being able to find the proper words in this situation, “i miss you please come home” was what you wanted to say.

    “yeah sorry, no I'm not busy. you can come at 3.” “alright thanks.” he hung up after not giving you a chance to reply.

    Whispering for no one to hear on the other side

    “I love you”

    Walking away was so hard.

    Considering the one you wanted to walk away from, was the same man you wanted to find shelter in after.

    january 16 2022

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  • cersworld
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    cake theories

    cast: idol!jungwon x reader ft. enhypen, txt, etc.

    what happens when yang jungwon has to go back to school? will he make friends or will he hate everyone and hide in a little corner every chance he gets to get away from everyone? all we know is that he will, most definitely, get kicked where the sun doesn't shine.

    warning(s): vivid mentions and descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks, trespassing, misgendering, illegal and unprofessional tattoos and piercings, vivid mentions and descriptions of suicidal thoughts and ideation, etc.

    prev masterlist next

    taglist: @ily-cuz-i @enhacolor @beomsun @lumixen @chillfilms @aksemy @hwalllllllelujah @ja4hyvn @higamersitsbarney @yvesismywife @lunaflvms @angel-hyuckie

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  • venusmir
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Rock with you

    Pairing - non-idol! Riki x gn! reader


    no warnings ! 470 words!

    synopsis - Riki had liked you for months he's just never been able to muster up the courage to tell you knowing you were busy between school and your student council he didn't want to disturb you. That was until one day the day everything would change...

    Authors note - This is for the @kflixnet the prompt event where I chose "can I hold your hand" ! hopefully you enjoy!

    You had just woke up to someone calling you as it was 11:00 pm on a Friday night. Without looking at the contact you raised the phone to your ear muttering a sleepy hello.

    "Hey, you up?" Says the male voice on the other side of the call

    "I am now what do you want"

    "do you wanna go walk in the park i can't sleep and it's pretty outside"

    "Riki it's 11pm.. you know what sure," you said before hanging up the phone to get ready. Upon arriving at the part you see a tall familiar figure in a grey jacket. unsure if it was Riki you decided to approach them. To your surprise, it was your chemistry deskmate, Jake. Approaching him you make conversation.

    "jake? fancy seeing you here"

    the male giggles and looks at you "hello to you too y/n. why are you here it's rather late"

    "I could be asking you the same question," you say as you look around waiting for Riki's arrival

    "I'm waiting for a friend"

    "same" As soon as you respond to him you see a figure in the distance. not just any figure. Riki's figure.

    It's obvious he saw you with ake because he began powerwalking towards you

    He walked up to you as you bid your goodbyes to Jake and you began walking down the trail. he looked distressed as if he just saw something he never wanted to have seen.

    "so hows your student council" he blurted out breaking the awkward silence.

    "its okay i guess i kinda want a break from it though. hows your dance"

    "why do you want a break" he asks as he suddenly beings to walk at a slightly slower pace looking at you. he could read you like a book and could tell there was a slightly disturbed look on your face he just didn't know why.

    "its stressful. deadlines suck i hate the people. its just not fun anymore"

    "well dont just quit over that and dance is goood thank for asking" he says smiling at you.

    you smile back at him and let your gaze fall to his hands

    "can i hold your hand?"

    flustered by your sudden question he hums a yes as a response intertwining your fingers.

    "hey y/n"

    he pauses for a moment and blurts out "i love you"

    "i love you too"

    obviously not expecting that response he looks at you with those eyes of his.

    those eyes that look like they hold galaxies in them

    "you know i mean not as a friend right?"

    "yeah i know"

    he flashed that big boxy smile of his and kissed your cheek

    "i guess that by default makes you the deez to my nuts"

    "what :D"

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  • giyyuzz
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    [ chapter 10. go for her alpha ]

    ꏍ jungwon is just a boy who plays guitar for fun and that can't stop himself from looking at you in class, he never thought of talking to you even if he had the biggest crush in the whole world, but what happens when a project forces him to make a move on you?

    taglist [open!]. @soobnny @yizhoutv @ja4hyvn @heejaies @amakumos @jalnandanz @ily-cuz-i @hakuyeo @jungwoniics @emwonx @hiqhkey @jaywonlix @nakolvr @mitsukifilms @wonluvrbot @emobeomgyu @jwlvr @acciomylove @hoonstrology @jakeyuni @jwonsdimple @enhyped-up @iheartbeomz @strawbrinkofdeath @jungwonniecore @pitchblacksmile @lhsng @andromedawillburryyou @soobin-chois @xuanya @yvesismywife @heesplanet @beibybtch @tlnyjoong @hwalllllllelujah @nyfwyeonjun @pixyseeun @lunaflvms @whor3complex @nochuwastaken @higamersitsbarney @bbeomgyucafe @sonjuyeonnie @w3bqrl @peachy-yabbay @staysstrays @niocity

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  • heekissung
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    "stop doing that,"

    heeseung looks up to you, halting from tying your shoelaces although he still keeps a hold on the threads. "doing what?"

    you open your mouth although it quickly shut as you try to find the right words. "that,"

    the male in front of you squints before shrugging and proceeding to tie your shoelaces. it becomes a ribbon, only facing outwards, as it faces heeseung.

    you keep an eye on him as he takes a sit beside and the space that's left between the both of you can almost kill. his thigh touches yours, and the warmth of his arms reaches you.

    it's funny how such a simple action makes you flustered. you try to take your attention to somewhere else by looking across of you instead, but to no avail, all you could think about is the close promixity between you and the other.

    "see, i told you to stop doing that,"

    heeseung laughs, finding the whole thing ridiculous. "doing what exactly?"

    "doing—" you try to scold but as soon you turn your head to him, you see him mirroring your actions.

    his head is turned to you, and you have precisely two inches between the two of you before the gap between your lips disappear. heat flushes your cheeks and you gulp, trying your best to look everywhere else but his lips.

    "what is it now? "

    "stop," you manage to croak out, words lost as you feel his breathing brushing against your face. "stop doing things like this, you might give me the wrong idea,"

    your words are finally complete but you just wish that the ground would open up and eat you right now. heeseung's lips (the one you've been staring for a while and it's most likely that he has noticed) upturns, "and what idea would that be, y/n?"

    his gaze is tantalizing— mocking as if— as he waits for your answer. you know you should set your eyes to something else, but your heart starts to pick up its pace and you become agitated. your cheeks heat up for the second time as you think about him finding out how he makes you lose every ounce of your rationality.

    "that you like me,"

    you end up whispering, your voice remaining hushed and breathy, almost as if you didn't want heeseung to hear you.

    unfortunately for you, he does. and very clearly at that. this brings a grin to his face as he whispers back,

    "would it be troublesome if i said i do?"

    © heekissung (2021). not proofread # reblogs are appreciated!

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  • sankyeom
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    children of divorce chapter thirty: our favourite parent outsold!!

    anyone else have a strict asian mum with lots of rules so you panicked in high school whenever the garage door opened, or was it just me?

    masterlist | next

    #pairing: lee heeseung x kim y/n (she/her pronouns, sunoo’s older sister)

    #summary: months after your breakup with heeseung, your friend groups are tired of avoiding each other. to reunite your previously happy family, they join forces to get the two of you back together again. let’s just say that things don’t exactly go according to their plan.

    #update schedule: every four days at 3pm pst

    #tag list: closed! you can check if you’re on my tag list at the bottom of the series masterlist or here

    tag list: @sunlightwoo @cb97curls @softforqiankun @yeonluv @sunzwoo @uwu0clock @allyg-onz @haknyeoms @haknyeomz @lilacdreams-00 @binniebutter @ju-kev-nyeon @deobienthusiast @starstrucklampzipperfreak @linhyyboo12 @blancaatherosee @ateezcity @lilacarat @ncvltrtchnlgy @ninjapandasanchia @peachhyun @cixrosie @nycol-ie @manutuankim @wooyoung-a @geniejunn @multihoe-net @90s-belladonna @hyuckworld @cumicumisworld

    #enhypen#enhypen imagines #enhypen fake texts #enhypen social media au #enhypen texts#heeseung imagines #enhypen x reader #heeseung x reader #enhypen scenarios #enhypen x you #heeseung scenarios#enhypen drabbles #enhypen socmed au #enhypen sns au #enhypen social au #fic: children of divorce
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