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    cupid’s bow ; park sunghoon / chapter 4

    • enhypen sunghoon x oc (not a self insert story) • college au • genre: romance, fluff, drama • Characters: Park Sunghoon, Choi Mirae (OC), Enhypen, others • synopsis:  Cupid offers to shoot an arrow into the person you love. What would you do?And what if it the arrow didn't work like you expected it to?

    A story about how Mirae tries to win the heart of her crush. 

    This story is entirely fictional.

    Hello! Thank you if you decide to read my story 💕 I’d appreciate every comment, reblog, like...anything! I never published any stories so I’d be interested in some feedback ^^ You can also read this on wattpad!

    also read on: wattpad

    Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 /

    Chapter 4

    The weekend went by with the blink of an eye. Way too fast for Mirae's liking. She was on her way to the lecture room.

    Mondays were dull. She had no class with Sunghoon again. Actually, she wanted to return Sunghoon's umbrella, but she wasn't even sure if she was able to meet him. She brought it along nonetheless, just in case.

    Mirae didn't really pay attention to her first lecture. It was boring. She saw no point in visiting this lecture, especially if the professor just proceeded to read almost everything that he put on his slides. If there wasn't the attendance requirement, she could've been sleeping in at least. But that wasn't the case, so she scribbled random notes in her notebook.

    Usually, Mirae would meet up with Yumin for lunch time, but for the first time, she got ditched. She couldn't really be mad at her friend though, she was quite happy. It seemed like her project partner and her got along so well, he wanted to have lunch with her and talk about the project. Kang Taehyun was his name, if Mirae recalled correctly. She just hoped Yumin would introduce him to her sometime. As her best friend she just had to check up on him and make sure he's not some kind of sketchy guy.

    So, all alone this time, Mirae went to get lunch at the university's cafeteria. For today's menu, she chose the Kimchi Soup and looked around for an empty seat. It was noisy as it was lunch time. After scanning the area quickly, something caught her eye. A smile formed on her face and she went towards the table near the big windows. There sat a boy who she would recognize even from a thousand meters apart, and she didn't want to miss the chance to eat lunch together with him. Especially on a day she didn't expect to meet him at all.

    "Hey, can I join you for lunch?" She asked, looking down at Sunghoon with a smile. The other looked up, first slightly confused, but when he realized that it was Mirae, he nodded. "Sure, but I hope you won't mind that my other friends will be joining." Other friends? That's going to be awkward, she thought but sat down anyway.

    Mirae wasn't the type of person to be super extroverted, especially among strangers. But for now, she didn't care. She got to sit right in front of her crush, which made her feel like she was on cloud nine. The two of them talked a little about their day until some guys came bustling in, bringing a cheerful atmosphere along.

    "Eh heeey, Sunghoon! You never told us you got a girlfriend?" One of them exclaimed while sitting down next to him. Sunghoon's ears started to turn red and he gave the other a slight punch on the shoulder.

    "She's not. This is-" "You!" Sunghoon was interrupted by his other friend pointing at Mirae with a surprised expression on his face.

    Mirae wanted to become one with the chair. Or disappear. Anything but being here in this awkward situation. Who in the world could have thought that this Jake guy from the cafe was friends with Sunghoon? Jake sat down beside Mirae and leaned closer to her.

    "So you got from staring from afar to actually eating lunch with him, huh? Congrats," he whispered. Mirae's face turned red and she just wanted to hide.

    "Do you guys know each other?" Sunghoon raised a brow in confusion. Mirae shook her head while saying no, but Jake did the exact opposite. She mentally facepalmed herself and hoped that Jake wouldn't tell Sunghoon about the incident. The last thing she wished for, was for Sunghoon to remember her as a creep.

    Jake laughed. "Not really, I saw her at the cafe where you work. Talked just a bit," he said while shrugging. "Then I'm sure you go by a name other than 'you'," the third guy with strawberry redish hair commented. He sat down next to Jake. Jake widened his eyes and gasped dramatically. "Right, I never asked your name!" Mirae couldn't help but laugh. If those were Sunghoon's friends, they were truly entertaining to be with.

    "My name is Mirae. I know you're Jake, what about you two?" "This is Jay," Sunghoon said while pointing next to him. "And that's Heeseung." He nodded at the guy next to Jake.

    Mirae learned that Sunghoon's friends were all in different majors. Heeseung, together with Jake, was a performing arts major while Jay was in fashion design. At first, Jay didn't seem like someone who would major in fashion design but looking at his outfit, it did fit very well. He was very stylish.

    The four of them knew each other even before university, during high school they just all decided to go to the same uni. It was interesting to see a different side of Sunghoon. With his friends, he was obviously a little more talkative, or maybe it just seemed that way because Jay and Jake did a lot of talking and pulled him out of his quietness.

    When their lunch break was over and they had to move on to their next classes, Jake walked up to Mirae before they all went their own ways. He tapped lightly on her shoulder.

    "You like Sunghoon, don't you?" Mirae was caught off guard by his direct question. She looked ahead to make sure that no one else heard what he said. Was she that obvious? "Why- why do you ask?" Her voice was slightly shaken. Jake seemed to always catch her in her most embarrassing moments. "Let me help you win him over!" He said with a wink.

    Mirae was perplexed. Why would he do that? But she didn't question him further, as time was running out and she had to head to her next lecture. Jake asked her to give him her phone for a bit and casually put in his number.


    It was four in the afternoon and Mirae just finished her final class for today. She remembered that she still had the umbrella with her but it was very unlikely that she would meet Sunghoon again. She didn't even know his schedule. Or could he be working part time again? She took out her phone from her jacket and hovered over the chatroom with Sunghoon.

    Mirae really wanted to text him and just ask if he was still on campus, but the coward in her was still too scared to send him texts out of the blue like that. But Sunghoon didn't ask for his umbrella either, so he surely didn't need it back as soon as possible, right? She pondered for a while but decided to put her phone back into the pocket when she suddenly heard a deep voice next to her ear.

    "Thinking of texting Sunghoon?"

    Mirae almost dropped her phone out of surprise. Her heart was beating so fast from the rush of adrenaline and she turned around to see Jake standing next to her. She gave him a reproachful look. The boy just continued laughing at her. "Can you stop creeping up on me?!" More laughter was echoing through Mirae's ears. Jake was clearly entertained by her reactions. Annoyed, she gave him a playful punch on his arm so he would stop.

    "Sorry, sorry." He put his hands together, as if he wanted to ask for forgiveness. "It's just funny to see how the sole mention of Sunghoon can make you so on edge." Mirae glared at him. But then she thought about what Jake offered to her after lunch. "Now, what did you mean when you said you wanted to help me earlier?" "Ah, interested?" He replied with a smirk. Again, he gave her this heartfelt laugh. "It's just what I said. I'll help you get together with Sunghoon! That guy's too oblivious to these kinds of things so without any help, I'm afraid you'd have to chase him for 5 years."

    "5 years?!" Mirae was surprised but couldn't help but laugh. "Then, you can start helping by telling me if Sunghoon is still on campus." She looked up to Jake, crossing her arms expectantly. "Oh, he should be working at the cafe right now," he said while scratching his head. "Wanna head over?" And with that, the two of them started walking towards the direction of the coffee shop.

    Out of curiosity, Jake asked Mirae what she wanted or what she would do when she met Sunghoon and she told him about his umbrella that she still kept. "Oh wow, Sunghoon being a romantic, I never knew," Jake commented. Mirae giggled. "You're surely good friends if you can keep clowning him like that." Jake told her a bit more about the seemingly anti-romantic Sunghoon he came across, when in reality, it was probably just because he was shy. At least that's what Jake thought.

    Arriving in front of the cafe, Jake decided to wait outside for Mirae. It wasn't too full inside, Mirae saw Sunghoon returning behind the counter after bringing an order away. She approached him nervously. "Hey, Sunghoon." He was cleaning the counter and looked up after hearing his name. "Mirae? What can I get for you?" He asked, surprised to see her.

    "Oh, uh I just wanted to return your umbrella to you. I wanted to do that during lunch but I forgot." She searched through her bag and held the folded umbrella towards Sunghoon. "Oh, thank you," he let out a small chuckle. "You didn't have to come all the way here for that. You could've just kept it."

    "No, no, no! As if I can just keep it." Mirae shook her head a little bit too much and laughed nervously. "Uhm, can I get a vanilla latte to go, though?" "Of course," Sunghoon said and proceeded to put it into the register. She looked around restlessly, not knowing if she should start another conversation with him. "Wait, make it two please," Mirae added.

    After Sunghoon finished making the coffee, he handed them to Mirae with a smile. "See you tomorrow in the lecture." She returned the smile. "See you tomorrow!" It was funny how a few words from him could make her feel all giddy inside.

    Outside, Mirae saw Jake still standing there, scrolling on his phone. "You're still here." It was supposed to be a question, but it came out more like a statement. She knew he was still there as she was able to see him through the windows. Before Jake could reply, Mirae held out her hand with the cup of coffee. "For you. I hope you like vanilla latte. And if not, then just force yourself to drink it."

    "For me?" Jake asked, clearly surprised. His eyes went big and he exaggeratedly pointed at himself with his finger. He was so open with his emotions, it was refreshing to see. "No, I'm going back in to give it to Sunghoon. Of course it's for you, see this as a thanks." She started shaking the cup a little, growing impatient. Jake took this as a sign to grab it. "Thanks," he said with a smile. "I do like vanilla."

    The two of them walked towards the bus stop near the cafe. Jake assured Mirae that he'd definitely try to help her out and offered that she could join them for lunch whenever she wanted to. He even said he'd make Jay and Heeseung ditch Sunghoon for lunch so that she could eat with him alone. Mirae liked that idea and thanked him for trying to play the wingman. Weirdly, it gave her a new boost of confidence. It made her wonder why she didn't try to make an effort before.


    Word count: 1903

    A/N: New characters joined, yay! I'm sorry if the pace seems quite slow but it's still the beginning so... It'll pick up pace soon :) Thanks for the likes <3

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    ⟲polaroid love (capa para futura doação)

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    slamming lockers, heavy backpacks, and secretly passing crude drawings to your friends during class. the smell of the pages of your ages old textbooks with each turn, and the wooden chairs scraping the tiled floors fill your ears. remember when adults say that you’ll miss these years? you’re not sure you will. 

    from 01/17/22 to 01/21/22, we’ll be accepting any recommendations for your favorite fics that fit the theme of education!

    theme of education includes: teachers, high school, college/university, and etc.

    you’re allowed to start sending in your recs now in our ask box, and since we’re a general kpop page, it doesn’t matter what group they’re in! we just ask that it fits our general rules. we’ll be reblogging as well as compiling it together into one post for people to enjoy! ♡

    please note that you do not have to be part of the network to send in recs !!

    message the admins, @gyukult​​ or @masterninjacow​​​ if you have any questions!

    deadline to get your recommendations in is on 01/13/21 by 11:59PM est!

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    Polaroid Love

    Capa para: @mary-mclean

    Fanfic "Polaroid Love" Jay, ENHYPEN.

    #capa para social spirit #capa spirit#fanfic#fiction#kpop#kpop edit #capa de kpop #capa de spirit #capa para fanfic #capa para spirit #jay enha#jay enhypen#jay park#enhypen#enha#capa clean #capa de fanfic #capa colagem#polaroïd#polaroid love
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    sober ⫘ lee heeseung.

    ぬ̳ ‣ word count ♡% !ㅤㅤ624
    ぬ̳ ‣ genre ♡% !ㅤㅤangst, tini-tiny fluff at the end if you squint
    ぬ̳ ‣ warnings ♡% !ㅤㅤmentions of a break up
    ぬ̳ ‣ notes ♡% !ㅤㅤconan gray's song is such a banger, it made me write this piece :’)

    you were still up at two in the morning, studying for an approaching test. you take your time to rest and stretch while staring at the dark sky with stars adorning it from your window. with your ex, memories of your late-night trips together, stargazing in a nearby park, drunken attempts to sneak back into your dorms, and many others came flooding back.

    your glassy eyes reflected the bright light from your desktop screen, tears falling as you blink. it's not like your break up was messy, but you regretted letting him go. you were engrossed in your exasperation and broke up with him by text. he accepted his defeat, replying to you wishing you the best in life. you never thought your relationship would come to an end, but it did. you two took it for granted, and you both regret how it ended.

    your phone screen lit up, ringing. without looking at the number, you picked up the call.

    “hello?” you answered, perplexed, wondering who would still be up at this hour on a school day. you were still staring outside your room's window, with your seat now turned on it's way.

    “____ ... i miss you,” the caller's voice was deep, it was like the speaker from the other line was melancholic. it was a masculine voice and he sounded too familiar, even the small giggle he let our after calling you by your nickname, so you decided to look at the number.

    lee heeseung.

    “heeseung?” you asked, trying to confirm if it was really him as he hummed in response. “i prefer it when you call me seung, you're the only one who calls me that,” he blurted out, as your screen lit up once again to display that he has turned on his camera.

    “____, open your camera too. i like looking at your pretty face,” you switch on your camera, as if you were being controlled, and position it so that you two can easily see each other. you spy a green-colored bottle, assuming it's soju, and his 'not-so-slurred' speech confirms your suspicions.

    heeseung stared at your face, the face he had missed to see every morning before going to uni, the one he sees before sleeping, the one that gives him butterflies, that gives him comfort. you notice his soft, and possibly loving gaze through the screen, and you wish you were as equally intoxicated so you wouldn't recall this conversation with your ex.

    sleep almost caught up to you, as you felt your eyelids feeling heavy when you heard heeseung speak again.

    “you know that i still love you, right?” he paused, taking a shot before continuing, “let me love you once more, ____. i'll do whatever to be able to call you mine for the second time,” heeseung added. your heart was pounding loudly, heat overtaking on your cheeks. your slowly forming smile dropped with the realization, he was drunk. your innermost and current wish was for him to recall this morning chat you're having with him so he could clear up what he'd been blabbering on about.

    “real sweet, heeseung. but i wish you were sober,” you replied, sighing a little too loudly. you turn around and look out the window, surreptitiously wiping away your tears. it was tempting to punch yourself right now for being so vulnerable in front of him. you wanted to end the call, right here, right now, but you couldn't. because he had owned a place in your heart.

    “what if i was? will you listen to me? will you give me another chance to prove myself to you?” he questioned, his eyes sparkling with anticipation. you really want to say yes and follow your heart for now, forgetting the past that had tainted your relationship with him and start a new and fresh one,

    and so you did.

    © yunkifoldr, 2022ㅤ|ㅤrequests are open

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    Afterglow Part Ten.



    "It's all on me, just don't go. Meet me in the afterglow."
    Summary: It's been 2 months since your break up with your boyfriend. It was not pretty, neither of you has contacted each other since. That is until a thread you make about rating your ex's using Taylor Swift songs reaches him.
    Pairing: Park Sunghoon x female reader.
    Taglist: [Open] @hiqhkey @mykalon @jakesim-p @wanlore @rielleluvs @enxnesblog {just ask or reply, whatever you want.}
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    Peace 2: Nox.


    Summary: [a HP au] Park Jay is from a prestigious pureblood family. He is intimidating, everyone but his friends are afraid of him. Han YN, the muggleborn Slytherin. YN bumps into him one day and from there their fates seemed intertwined.

    Pairing: Park Jay x f! Reader.

    Taglist: OPEN. @enxnesblog @staysstrays @lightningdaze @woniecore Send an ask/reply to be added.

    Authors Note: That's all I'm posting of Peace today. The next chapter of Afterglow will be posted at 4 as usual. I'll figure out a posting schedule for Peace after my lecture today. PLEASE (I'm begging 😂😭) leave thoughts and opinions...
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    Peace 1: Lumos.

    «Previous ‡ Masterlist ‡Next»

    Summary: [a HP au] Park Jay is from a prestigious pureblood family. He is intimidating, everyone but his friends are afraid of him. Choi YN, the muggleborn Slytherin. YN bumps into him one day and from there their fates seemed intertwined.

    Pairing: Park Jay x f! Reader.

    Tropes/Genre: Strangers to lovers. Sunshine/Grumpy pair. Slow burn? (Imma try) comedy, angst, fluff.

    Taglist: OPEN. @enxnesblog @staysstrays @lightningdaze @woniecore Send an ask/reply to be added.

    So I'm posting parts 1 and 2 today. I couldn't wait 😂. Thoughts opinions are very much appreciated ❤️.

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    CHAPTER 6 — diy fiona photocards

    a/n: hi,,,, ive been sick the whole day its was horrible 0/10 !!!! also. sus unknown number !!! what will happen next ?!!

    summary: lee heeseung still remembers the fancall he had a few months ago, specifically you. but before he got a chance to ask for your number, the staff had rudely snatched the phone away from him ?! a few months later, he finds out that you are part of a newly debuted group... the same group that had beaten his by a point from a music show win. from there, an unexpected friendship blossoms, with heeseung trying to hide his crush on you, not knowing you were starting to warm up to him.

    previous | next ☆ series masterlist

    taglist (open): @amakumos @jungwoniics @ja4hyvn @scented-morker @sunarindior @oreoisa @kissuzies @liliansun @c9tnoos @hanarinlol @hakuyeo @vlykai @wonamour @heelvsme @ryuflix @ily-cuz-i @acciomylove @beomslonghair @prettywon @tomorrowbymoa-together @hutao-s @soobnny @im-on-a-hellavator @astrid-potato @uarealienated @enhacolor @myouikomi @lhsng @luv3iza @arikiu @kyleeanne @shinsou-rii @fairycheol @heeseunqie @oureris @missmadwoman @av3z @son9oi @nicksszzz @mitsukifilms @baekhyunstruly @babygay-stay @angelicncity @jakehugger @vampsvngie @avis-writeshq @dinosdance @hooniesoul @chirokookie @tlnyjoong

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    Drunk - Dazed (vampire!Ni-ki x Reader)

    Pairing: Ni-ki (Nishimura Riki) x gn!Reader

    Requested: kinda?? part 2 of given - taken

    Genre: angst, vampire!au

    Trigger Warning!!: blood, mentions of death, kidnapping

    Summary: When Ni-ki finally reaches out to you after you turned, you suddenly get kidnapped. Ni-ki discovers that you are linked in a special way and he needs to save you.

    Word Count: 1,339

    A/N: You had to wait for it pretty long, I apologize for that, but I hope you still like it. Honestly I wasn’t planning to end it like that at first but yeah. I think it could have been better, but my brain just isn’t able to think of something else right now. I hope I’m not disappointing any of you T.T -Admin J

    I suggest you read (Part 1) first

    It had been a while since Ni-ki had left you blacked out and bleeding on the floor of the institution. You were woken up by the excruciating pin of the sunlight burning into the skin of your arm. It left a permanent mark on you, signaling the start of your new life.

    You were alone. There was no place you could return to. After all your family probably wouldn't be happy to see you as one of the creatures they despised. Especially not after you had been declared dead and the institution had been burnt to hide what had happened.

    There was no way you could return back to the human life. And as for vampires, the only one you would've trusted, Ni-ki, had betrayed you. Your co-workers were right, you should never have gotten so close with him.

    For years you lived in a dark part of the forest, there was a little hut, which had probably belonged to a lumberjack, but had been long abandoned. For the time being you killed animal to satisfy your need for blood.

    You wanted to be as far away from humans as possible, scared that being too close to them would trigger something in you and you wouldn't be able to control your urges to drink blood.

    That was until a mysterious invitation arrived at your home. A simple white letter inside a pitch black envelope. An invitation to a so called bloody birthday party. At first you tried to convince yourself it was just a prank by some teenagers, but no one had ever been this deep into the forest.

    A bloody birthday. You recalled something you were taught at the institution. It was an old tradition, when a vampire turned 100 years old, a party would be arranged for him to drink the blood of humans. No human attending a party like that would ever come out alive. You thought things like that weren't practiced anymore, but it seemed you were wrong.

    "I'll see you again, Y/N." Ni-ki's last words suddenly echoed in your head. Was it possible that he had send you this invitation? He was the only one who knew you were still alive too. So it had to him!


    The party seemed ordinary. A bunch of high school kids huddled together talking loudly over the blaring music. Your heightened senses were quite overwhelmed at how noisy it was. But you tried to focus on your task at hand. Finding Ni-ki. It was hard because you were constantly bumping into drunk people and it was way too loud to actually concentrate on a single thing. Your head was already hurting. In the end you decided it would be the easiest to ask people if they knew where Ni-ki was.

    "Excuse me? Do you by any chance know where Ni-ki is?" You approached two guys that looked a little older than the average of the party. There was a weird smell surrounding them, but you assumed it was just the alcohol.

    The taller one nodded and motioned for you to follow him. He led you through the crowd into some hallway, where it was a lot less noisy. When he suddenly stopped in his tracks you couldn't even ask what was wrong before a hit to the back of your head knocked you unconscious.


    Somewhere in a room not too far away Ni-ki doubled over in pain as well. "What's wrong?" Jake asked storming to the younger's side, who held the back of his head in pain. When Ni-ki pulled his hand back, it was painted red with blood and his eyes widened, "What is going on?"

    Upon the side of blood a lot of the other vampires gathered around him as well. Before he could question the blood for longer a scream pierced his ears so loud that he had to cover them, "Did you hear that?" He asked the others who just shook their head.

    Another scream, but no one seemed to be affected besides Ni-ki. "How can you guys not hear that? Someone is calling for help! It's so loud." That's when Jay realized something, "Ni-ki, back then, you didn't kill that human, right?" "W-what?" Ni-ki was confused on how that had anything to do with his pain at the moment.

    "That worker. The one you protected. You turned them didn't you?" Jay questioned again. All eyes were on him as Ni-ki admitted that he had in fact not killed you back then. "Then the two of you are linked. If they're calling out to you for help, they're probably in danger." Jay explained. Jay had also experienced a link like this with Heeseung after the older had turned him. A sort of connection that allowed two vampires to communicate without actually talking.

    "Then we need to help Y/N!" Ni-ki's eyes widened in shock. It was his fault you were in danger. He should have come to see you earlier instead of just delivering the invitation to your doorstep, but he had said some pretty mean things and he was scared of facing you.

    "Do you know where they are?" Jungwon asked and Ni-ki shook his head. "Try using your link." Heeseung suggested. Ni-ki closed his eyes focusing solely on you, he tried talking to you, but nothing happened, until he was hit by an incredibly strong smell. His nose scrunched in disgust, "It smells like dog." "Werewolves?" Sunghoon questioned. "What do they want with Y/N?" Ni-ki asked, but the others were just as confused as him.


    Meanwhile the two boys from the party had brought your unconscious body to a different location. Your body was tied to a chair. Every part of your body was hurting and your head was throbbing with pain. You were sure there was still blood dripping from the wound on the back of your head.

    "What is Sunoo planning?" A voice from the dark corner of the room questioned. "How would I know? I don't even know who Sunoo is!" It had been the same question for the last hour. Another groan after your answer the person asking the questions seemed to loose his patience, but you really didn't know anything about Sunoo.

    "Listen, I hope you know that if you continue like that it won't end well!" The guy stepped out of the shadows and roughly grabbed your chin with his hand. The claws formed out of his fingers digging into your skin.

    "There's no use K! I don't know them." Another voice suddenly spoke up. The werewolf just as surprised as you let go of you to turn around. More figures stepped out of the shadows, you recalled some of their faces from the institution. And he was also there, Ni-ki big eyes were looking at you worriedly.

    Before you could even blink one of the vampires had overwhelmed K, pinning him to the ground. Some others swarmed out of he room to take care of the other wolves, while Ni-ki walked over to you.

    "Y/N I'm sorry! This is all my fault." Ni-ki knelt down in front of you, begging for forgiveness, "I was too scared to face you after what had happened. I thought you would hate me." Tears were rolling down his cheeks.

    "I resented you, for a long time. But I learned to live as I am now." Ni-ki looked up at you. Your voice was quiet but Ni-ki had no problem understanding what you were saying. "Eternity is lonely Ni-ki. I was alone, had to teach myself a completely new life. If you promise me to stay with me from now on, I might be able to forgive you." A thankful smile formed on Ni-ki's face as he jumped to hug you.

    A groan left your lips upon his enthusiasm, after all your body was hurting and still bound to an uncomfortable chair. "I'm sorry!" Ni-ki quickly apologized before taking off the restraints and helping you up, to walk away from the place you had been captured in.

    #enhypen #enhypen x reader #enhypen niki x reader #enhypen fanfic#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios #enhypen vampire au #kpop#kpop au #kpop vampire au #kpop x reader #enhypen angst#kpop angst#admin j
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    lqverz inc masterlist <3

    i don’t write a lot but i like- reblog a lot so i decided to make a masterlist of the only things i write lawlz.

    Gr0uP$ 1 writ3 4 : 

    - TXT - Straykids - Ateez - Monsta X - Oneus - The Boyz - Seventeen -

    G3NR3 K3Y :

    (🎸) - Angst, (🦔) - Fluff, (👾) - Slice Of Life, (🍟) - Comedy/Humor, (🦴) - Horror.


    M0NST4 X:: Chae hyungwon (🎸)


    Choi Soobin (🎸)




    TH3 B0YZ::



    i don’t have any other works right now but i’ll update it for the future!! i'm a minor so i don't write smut but i do take requests for everything else. :)

    #kpop fluff#kpop drabble#kpop fanfic #enhypen x reader #txt post#txt angst#txt soobin #txt x reader #txt fluff#stray kids #stray kids angst #ateez smut#ateez#ateez fluff #stray kids fluff #ateez scenarios#straykids scenarios#txt scenarios #monsta x x reader #monsta x angst #monsta x #monsta x fluff #oneus x reader #oneus smut#oneus fluff#oneus scenarios#the boyz #the boyz fluff #the boyz smut
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    Welcome To Luna's Universe!

    ♡ Materialist!!

    ♡ About Me!!

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    Who Are You?


    coming soon


    coming soon


    Sex Exam Special


    Use Your Words, Baby.

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    17.01.2022 - 19 hours ago
    fourteen pt 2 — crying on the inside

    love again masterlist

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    pairing; solo artist!park sunghoon x photographer!female reader

    warnings; swearing

    genre; fluff, comedy

    taglist: @hendeurigf @wooyoung-a @moonsclover @seungstarss @its-madi @liliansun @dreamyeyes26 @kiillmeee @rein-deer-stuffs @fylithia @enhacolor @beany-beans @killyoselff @youreverydayzebra @c9tnoos @hutao-s @shysakuno @shuaeunie @verifiedsunghoonsimp @sunbokie @ja4hyvn @enhasfever @raspberrygyus @theskzvibe @navsnct @staysstrays @babygay-stay @stoatwashere @lokideadontheinside @i43wons @abdiitcryy @luvrseung @httpheeseung @candidupped @bangchu-choi @acciomylove @baekhyunstruly @hibuki-chan @heesplanet @missmadwoman @amakumos @hooniesoul @soobin-chois @yogurteume @ily-cuz-i @wonjaems

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    fourteen pt 1 — stop embarrassing urself on priv

    love again masterlist

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    pairing; solo artist!park sunghoon x photographer!female reader

    warnings; swearing

    genre; fluff, comedy

    taglist: @hendeurigf @wooyoung-a @moonsclover @seungstarss @its-madi @liliansun @dreamyeyes26 @kiillmeee @rein-deer-stuffs @fylithia @enhacolor @beany-beans @killyoselff @youreverydayzebra @c9tnoos @hutao-s @shysakuno @shuaeunie @verifiedsunghoonsimp @sunbokie @ja4hyvn @enhasfever @raspberrygyus @theskzvibe @navsnct @staysstrays @babygay-stay @stoatwashere @lokideadontheinside @i43wons @abdiitcryy @luvrseung @httpheeseung @candidupped @bangchu-choi @acciomylove @baekhyunstruly @hibuki-chan @heesplanet @missmadwoman @amakumos @hooniesoul @soobin-chois @yogurteume @ily-cuz-i @wonjaems

    a/n: i've split this into two parts bc i write too much 😂💖

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  • lovemxnot
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    For old times sake | Lee Heeseung

    The rain pelted down on you, mercilessly cold. But it'd stopped as a pair of dirted converse came in sight, halting in front of your own hanging off the curb.

    Your head hung low, earbuds continuing their quest of drowning your sorrow in melancholic melodies. You didn't pay him any attention even as he sat next to you, warming you. Feeling his pure embrace, you could no longer feel the drops of rain.

    He reached for an earbud, sticking one in, listening with you in silence.

    “Isn’t it cold?” He spoke softly. Testing the air.

    You shivered, hair sticking to your face. It was cold, freezing, but it was better than feeling nothing at all. That hole that sunk in you, stomach dropping, never landing as buried memories resurfaced over the molded walls you built.

    “Couldn’t tell.” It sarcastically fell from you. A deep laugh fills the small space between you, and you have to close your eyes at the ache it causes.

    His fingers came to play with the ripped jeans on your knees, eyes tracing the skin pressing under it, avoiding looking at you.

    “Does he make you happy?” He whispered.

    You wanted to hurt him. You wanted him to feel how your heart ripped to shreds when you saw his lips locked with someone other than yours. The hot tears that sprung up, the slap that marked his cheek hot red was not close to how cold your blood ran, numbing you. So after a long moment, you lied- You nodded your head.

    “Happier than when you were with me ?”

    It hurt. He was the one that broke you, cheating on you, playing games, broken promises, and now he wants to squeeze himself back in your heart and reclaim his place?

    “What’s it matter to you anyway.” the rope holding your composure snapped, and with it, your eye burned hot.

    His knee brushed yours. An olive branch of old memories. “ i can't stand seeing you with him.”

    “You also said you can't be with me. So make up your mind.”

    “Fuck.” His eyes shone, head dropping between his arms, Raindrops decorating him.

    “Truth is I’ve missed you." He sucked a breathe in, shoulders shaking with angst "I’ve always missed you. I’ve always wanted to see you love only me.”

    “Stop it.” Your voice shook, old suppressed emotions bubbling up. His eyes locked with yours at that, and you continued strong. “You don’t get to come back and spew all of this, expecting me to welcome you with open arms. ”

    “I know I'm being selfish, I know.” He ran his fingers through his hair, slicking it back.

    Silence fell, neither of you breaking it. Eyes speaking a thousand words, filling your open wound, slowly suturing it up

    He finally uttered, as a tear mixed with the raindrops on his cheeks. “I’m sorry.”

    “For what?”

    “For not loving you the way you wanted me to.”

    Before you could wrap your head around his words, your arms did. You hugged him, that was all you wanted to hear. All you’ve waited for all these years.

    His arms snuck around your waist, enclosing you tight, afraid if he let go, he’d lose you again.

    “I love you.” His nose touched your neck, burying deeper in your hair “I always did, always will.”

    The reply was ready on your tongue, waiting to slip out- but before you could, you knew you had to break up with someone first. you owed it to them. so you settled for,

    "Thank you." and perhaps that was your final blow, as his fingers gripped you tighter, realizing that no matter how tight he hold on to you, you still weren't his.

    For now.

    #also as usual feel free to reblog i really do notice every note and it makes my day :) #someone once stuck their finger inside the ripped jeans on my thigh and drew shapes on it and ummmm #ummm #that was hot #i wrote this whole listening to 4 o’clock on loop. is it obvious? #heeseung#enhypen#lee heeseung#enha#kpop smut#enhypen fanfic#enhypen ff#enhypen drabbles#enhypen fluff#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagine#enhypen angst#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen reactions#sunghoon#enhypen oneshots#enhypen heeseung #enhypen heeseung smut #heeseung x reader #heeseung imagines
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    𝓢𝓾𝓷𝓼𝓮𝓽 𝓽𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝗧𝗼 𝗯𝘂𝗶𝗹𝗱

    𝗮 𝗵𝗼𝗺𝗲

    Circus Shop

    Uso de: __Lanna_

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    (disponível)  |  yang jungwon (ENHYPEN)  |  caso se inspire, dê os créditos.

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    𝐒𝐈𝐌𝐏 𝐅𝐎𝐑 [𝐑𝐄𝐃𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐃] ♡15. save yn. NOW

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