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  • chanyouchan
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    ⌕ relógio hipnótico e woodstock, para @xiaozpallet

    ⚠ ︎em caso de inspiração, me credite.

    📆 22/01/22 | ✎ créd-itos e @mnini (por fazer os 19381918 pngs que eu pedikkk)

    #capa para fanfic #capa para fic #capa para spirit #capa para social spirit #chanyouchan#chanyouchan covers#capa#capa divertida #capa com desenho #capa colagem#kep1er#chaehyun#enhypen#heeseung#yellow#amarelo#blue#green#verde#pink#rosa#banner #banner para capítulo
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  • bearseoul
    22.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    🔮 running away for love.

    🕕 20/01/2022.

    feita para a @/saturngraphic.

    watch me edit!

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  • lunaflvms
    22.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    🌸🌿; ᝰꜜ ᩠˚ 𖤐 FIESTA !

    chapter three - bro-zoned

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    sypnosis: Jungwon has always admired you from a distance, watching you practice dancing in the hybe practice rooms, purposely trying to bump into you while wondering around the hybe building and also leaving nice notes for you to find. When you debut in a group, being Enhypen’s younger group, it’s Jungwon’s perfect opportunity to get to know you better but one day he gets into a dating scandal with your best friend. Which leads to you trying to get both of them together, what will he do now?

    author’s note: sorry for the late update!! hope you enjoy :) also pretend that aespa never debuted 😵‍💫 i cant be bothered to make up new characters

    taglist: @giyyuzz @mitsukifilms @pr0dbeomgyu @ja4hyvn @yeetyyeetyet @koriajisai @c9tnoos @stoatwashere @rich-man-v @iioki @jungwoniics @acciomylove @ily-cuz-i @missmadwoman @akasakasad43 @milkte4s @yerive @solitxre @jjhmk @nyfwyeonjun @renjunvrse @peachy-yabbay @itsjynop @drunkwithfever @hiqhkey @nrksrealgf @hyuckslvr @awkwardnesshabitat @knivqs @staysstrays

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    #enhypen#jungwon smau#enhypen imagines #jungwon x reader #enhypen x reader #enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #jungwon enhypen#jungwon#jungwon imagines #jungwon social media au #jungwon fluff#jungwon fanfic#lunaflvms #fiesta!
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  • iioki
    22.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    boyfriend application — jungwon

    TWELVE . woot woot he did it + short written chap

    in which you have been elected as the student council vice president, along with your friend, chaeryoung. meanwhile, on your Twitter account, you posted a boyfriend application as a joke. however, you were shocked to find out that the student council president sent an application.

    masterlist | previous | next

    It was the day that the student council will hand out the roses. Jungwon was the first to get to the cafeteria. By coincidence, you were the next one who showed up.

    Jungwon heard footsteps nearing him, causing him to look up. And he saw you, you were still beautiful as ever. Anyone who's seeing this happen can see the hearts in his eyes while he looks at you.

    You gently tapped his shoulder, thinking he zoned out since you were calling out to him but he doesn't respond.

    You tapped his shoulder again but this time, not so gentle. He flinched and looked at his shoulder. "You were zoning out, Won. Are you okay? Do you have a fever?" You bombarded him with questions, putting the back of your palm to check his temperature.

    He immediately heated up when he felt your hand on his forehead. "A-ah no. I'm okay y/n, no fever" he replies, taking your hand off his forehead and smiling gently at you.

    You loved how whenever he smiled, his dimple shows. You found it adorable. You smiled back at him and sat beside him.

    "You know, I didn't know that you liked me. When you sent me the application that I made with information about you, I thought you were joking around and asked my friends for help." You laughed at the memory, resting your head on his shoulders.

    He laughed with you, "that's what I thought as well. My friends didn't want to help me, but they did encourage me to send it to you whether a joke or not."

    You looked at him and studied his face. He was pretty. Jungwon grabbed your hand from under the table and locked hands with you as he looked your way as well. Too busy staring at each other and smiling, you didn't notice chaeryoung and seongmin standing in front of the cafeteria.

    Chaeryoung cleared her throat and that's when you and jungwon looked over at them. Seongmin gave you a nervous smile while chaeryoung was practically firing daggers at Jungwon with her glare.

    Chaeryoung went over to the table you were sitting on and sat with you. Seongmin on the other hand, sat across the table, he didn't want to ruin the romantic moment between you and jungwon.

    The rest of the student council arrived later on. All of you went to order your breakfast as you promised to spend time with them. The time went by with laughs and with you talking to them about prom.

    author's note: tumblr crashed on me while i was editing this 😍 No proofread el oh el .... missing en o'clock Btw dont . talk to me

    taglist [open] @hiqhkey @xuanya @she-is-dreaming @lhsng @amakumos @womiew @luvrseung @mina-yoo334 @msxflower @missmadwoman @hutao-s @markleepooh @jungwonerz @imma-jiki @silkyyvenus @fqiryyang @enhacolor @mitsukifilms @luvddeonu @ja4hyvn @nochuwastaken @yizhoutv @rikithoughts @lunaflvms @yvesismywife @higamersitsbarney @alderiasamantha @yogurteume @yjwfav @meowoni @jungwonniecore @angel-hyuckie @bearseulgs @wonfiles @staysstrays @yenart @plshhhhhhh @nrksrealgf

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  • jalnandanz
    22.01.2022 - 19 hours ago


    pairing: cafe worker!jake x gn!reader

    summary: you always felt a strange connection to that quiet cafe worker who made ice-cream waffles behind the tall counter of your favourtie cafe. maybe you were too attached to the cafe or just really liked the atmosphere, but you came here at least 3 times a week. or maybe it was because of that cute worker. who knows?

    genre: fluff, angst if you look very closely, soulmates au, strangers to lovers, cafe au

    word count: 1.6k

    warnings: none i think

    permanent taglist: @amakumos @jungwoniics @ja4hyvn @sunarindior @soobnny @arikiu @soobin-chois @heesplanet @hakuyeo @penny-quinn

    a/n: wow !!! xae writes fluff !!!! 😨😨 this is part of my bffie yun @amakumos's collab, "written in the stars" ! i've originally had this idea with jay but since i chose jake's spot in the collab, i had to adapt

    You were back here again.

    The exact same cafe a few blocks away from your apartment. You had been here so many times - maybe way too many times - you know how many steps it takes to get to the doorstep of the small hidden cafe, tucked away in a brightly lit alleyway clearly meant for youngsters like you.

    The cafe was simple, decorated with plants and wooden furniture. It was plain but had a homely feeling, that exact feeling that you hadn’t been successful at finding with other TikTok-famous cafes. The plain, simple look of the cafe highly contrasted with the colourful lights and crowds of people right outside it; a peaceful change of environment. Maybe that’s why there weren’t many people in the cafe, it didn’t exactly stand out. However, this meant that you had this cafe all to yourself - it was practically your second home. The number of times you had visited couldn’t be counted, from a minimum of 3 times a week to a maximum of 5 times a week. Maybe it was a little insane, just a little.

    You couldn’t help it though, could you? Your usual order, an oreo waffle with 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream delicately placed right in the centre, with a small mint leaf to top it off. You also sometimes got a medium caramel milkshake if you were feeling a little stressed or down. It was delicious, to say the least.

    But the cherry on top? That one quiet worker who diligently made waffles behind the marbled counter. 

    He was cute. But that statement wouldn’t do his looks justice, now would it?

    He was absolutely breathtaking. He had the cutest eyes and the fluffiest hair and the sweetest smile (which you just so happened to catch a second of, before it quickly faded away as if it had never happened). 

    You had somehow always felt a strange attraction to him, as if you were lovers in a past life or as if you had been best friends and forgot all about it. Or maybe you were soulmates, but that couldn’t be a possibility, could it? Were you this lucky, to have already found yours even when the fated mark hadn’t appeared?

    Ah, yes. That mark. The mark that would appear on every individual on their 18th birthday. You had about a month left until you were 18, but strangely you weren’t as excited for it as your friends were. It wasn’t that amazing or special anyways. Why did you need someone else to complete your life? You were doing perfectly fine right now.

    There was a burning curiosity at the back of your mind, though. Why didn’t he talk much? Everytime you tried to make small talk with him while he made your order, he either gave one word answers or just a small smile. It was odd, but maybe he just didn’t want to be distracted while making the waffles. Maybe you were trying too hard, but it felt like you were meant to know him. Maybe you were just being dramatic and maybe you just wanted your own silly main character moment. Strangers to lovers? Your favourite trope of all time, yet you knew something like that only existed in the world of fiction.

    You tried not to let it bother you, and continued your routine of visiting the cafe regularly. The other baristas and cafe workers seemed to like you anyway, always asking the same questions such as “how was your day?” or something along the lines of those. Even though they were the same questions everyday, you always felt happy sharing snippets of your ups and downs, and having someone, even if they were a stranger, to talk to while they made your food.

    Sometimes you tried to switch your order up, opting for a cookies and cream or a strawberry cheesecake scoop instead. But you never changed the oreo waffle that you always got without fail. It was their best, after all. No arguments.

    Your regular order never changed, but so did your friendship (if you even had one) with the man behind the counter, unfortunately. You knew that his name was Jake and that he was in-charge of making all waffle ice-cream orders at the cafe, that he was your age as well, and that his birthday was 2 weeks after yours. That was all you knew, sadly, despite wanting to know more. 

    You weren’t a persistent person, if someone didn't seem interested, you would give up. But it wasn’t the same with Jake, to your surprise. You found yourself wanting to know him more and more, and you gave in to those wants. At the start, it didn’t seem promising, but after your 16th birthday, that strange connection to him grew even stronger. 

    The mark that appeared on your wrist was a small butterfly. A blue and pink one, to be exact. But then again, you weren’t that big on this whole soulmate thing. Maybe unless it was Jake. Just kidding. But not really.

    You were absolutely gone for a man that made you waffles 4 times a week. Maybe this silly strangers to lovers fantasy that you played in your head every night would actually work out. He seemed to be getting more comfortable with you, sometimes taking the initiative to start a conversation first instead of waiting for you to say something. 

    You and Jake kept up this cute friendship for about 2 more weeks, and on the day before his birthday, you told him that you’d be back again the next day to wish him happy birthday.

    “No, (name), it’s alright, you don’t have to. I know you’re busy, you can just come wherever you’re free.”

    “I don’t have class tomorrow jake, it's Saturday! Have you forgotten?” you asked, smiling a little at his slightly flustered face.

    “Alright then, if you want to.” he mumbled, looking down and fidgeting with his fingers.

    If he was being honest, he was interested in you. He felt the same strange connection to you, as if there was an invisible string tying the two of you together. He did have the thought that maybe you were soulmates, but he brushed off this silly idea. His soulmate couldn’t be the person who befriended him willingly, right? He must have saved a country in his past life if this was true. He knew that you already had your birthmark, but you always wore long sleeves or sweaters when visiting the cafe; it got a little cold sometimes. Hence, he didn’t know what your birthmark looked like. However, he didn’t really know why there was someone who wanted to talk to him almost every day, and always tried to get to know him. He didn’t know why you thought he was different and why you wanted to befriend him. He knew that you were a quiet person in school, he had a friend in the same literature class as yours. Yet he was comforted in the knowledge that someone would always be there and care for him, even if he thought he didn't deserve it. 

    You were back at the small cafe again the next day - Jake’s birthday. You had brought a small cake with a candle on it to celebrate with him. He was a little reluctant to do so since he didn’t want to slack off work, but he ultimately caved in. The cafe had just opened, so there was no one there yet, and it would take a while for customers to arrive since it was a Saturday; people always slept until the afternoon.

    You tried getting Jake to wear this colourful party hat (which he, of course, hated) but, again, wore it in the end, after you argued that no one would see him and that it was just one time on his birthday. He looked even more adorable, if that was even possible, and he quietly blew out the candle that you had lighted.

    It was almost 12pm; the time that all soulmate marks appeared on everyone’s respective birthdays. 

    Jake said that he wanted to see it in private, and you understood - some things were meant to be seen by yourself first.

    It was now 12.01pm, and Jake quietly walked out of the staff’s lounge at the back of the cafe. He was glancing at his wrist with the purest smile you’d ever seen.

    How lucky. How lucky his soulmate would be. His soulmate that would not be you. 

    Or would it?

    “How was it?” you asked him, trying to bury that small flame of hope on your chest. You shouldn’t get your hopes up, maybe you would be disappointed in the end. Why did you even feel this way? Didn’t you find the whole idea of soulmates useless?

    “Great! The mark is cute.” he replies, a smile creeping back onto his face.

    “What is it?”

    “I think it’s a butterfly. Its blue and pink, too.”

    Your smile froze. Please don’t get my hopes up, you thought to yourself.

    “Oh, right. I never asked you what yours was. It completely slipped my mind. What is it? I bet it's adorable! I’d love to know who your soulmate is, but I doubt I'll be able to do so” Jake said, a grin on his face.

    How pretty. 

    Little did you know, Jake was feeling the same thing you were now. He was trying to mask that hint of disappointment with his smile and words. Yet he was still hoping that the universe favoured him, and that you had the same mark as him. He wasn’t an idiot though, he knew that the chances of that happening was close to impossible. 

    You slowly rolled up the sleeve of your flannel, revealing the same butterfly as the one on Jake’s wrist. An exact carbon copy.

    You locked eyes with Jake, his eyes widening as he stared back into yours.

    “Looks like I’ve found them.”

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  • just-mars-writing
    22.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    “We’ll see about that” Part 2

    Part 1

    Fandom: Enhypen

    Member: Jay x reader

    Genre: fluff, angst

    Reader’s gender: female, she/her pronouns

    AU: idol!au (reader is in a rookie girl group, made up names of the other members, Jay is an idol in Enhypen)

    Trigger warning: jealous Jay, verbal fights (Reader x Jay, Jay x Sunghoon), cursing, let me know if there’s anything I missed!

    Summary: Jay starts to notice that Sunghoon, one of his closest friends, has been getting very friendly with his crush, only problem is that he can’t tell him to back off because they’re not together, plus both groups have a dating ban so it’s not like he can act upon his feelings anyways

    Word count: 2,763

    A/N: Hello!! Thank you for reading the first part. I really hope you enjoyed it. I know that this part is late but I’m currently with covid and I haven’t been feeling my best but I’m slowly getting better yayy :). Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I know Jin-Ae teases the reader a lot but it’s never serious it’s just how their dynamic is and boundaries have been set beforehand so Jin-Ae knows what and what not to say, reader also teases Jin-Ae but we’re gonna see that later on. Ok that’s it, I hope you like this part!!!

    “Oh, sorry I just got a little nervous that’s all” you replied looking down at your feet.

    Sunghoon chuckled lowly 

    “I make you nervous?” he asked with a smug grin planted.

    “What?!” you exclaimed, taken aback. “No that’s not what I meant I-” you got cut off.

    “No? Then what did you mean by that?” he asked, still with his grin that was starting to annoy you, since when is he so cocky?

    I- never mind that now, Wonyoung told me you were looking for me and here I am, now tell me what’s up” you said with an air of confidence that Sunghoon was not expecting after your rambling from a couple sentences ago.

    “Uhm sorry” he cleared his throat “I just wanted to congratulate you on your debut and all your stages so far, I’ve been watching them, and you guys really have something” he complimented your hard work, but you were still confused about something.

    “Well thank you I really appreciate it but why are you talking to me and not Jin-Ae or everybody?” You asked, curious as to what he was going to say.

    “Why Jin-Ae?” he seemed genuinely confused.

    “Cause she’s the leader?”

    “Oh well it’s just...” he put his hand behind his neck rubbing it nervously, trying to think of a response and you just waited in complete silence. “I just thought- well you stood out to me from the rest of your members, don’t get me wrong, you are all great but there is just something about you that caught my attention and I can’t tell what it is, I mean i can but I won’t tell cause that would be embara-” he was grinning down at the ground with the last sentence but you cut him off before he could finish.



    “You’re rambling” and it was your turn to give him a smug smile.

    “Eish!” you both started laughing and that’s what finally broke the tension between you two, it was Sunghoon the one that started talking.

    “I’m sorry for acting like a douchebag earlier, I just wanted to seem cooler like Jake” he confessed, and you giggled at that. “He carries himself like that, you know?”

    “What do you mean? You’re already great, you don’t have to act like Jake to seem cool, no, scratch that, you don’t have to act like anyone but yourself. You are already really appealing, for real. Your personality is amazing, and I personally think it’s what makes you, uhm approachable.” You hesitated at the last sentence because you didn’t quite know what to call him. In reality you wanted to say that his personality was one of the main things that made him attractive but, you thought that maybe, just maybe, it was a little too soon for that yet, you didn’t want to seem too forward but maybe in the future you would find yourself telling everything that, for now, remain unsaid.

    “What?! My personality is what makes me approachable? Not my good looks?” he gasped, acting shocked as if you had just told him that he was the most repulsive creature you had ever seen in your lifetime.

    “BRO NO I DIDN’T SAY THAT OMG” you shouted at him with a playful laugh. “I’m just saying that you being attractive is intimidating and you’re hard to approach, that’s all” you continued, lifting your hands in surrender.

    “Ok you just bro-zoned and called me attractive in the same sentence, you are so confusing, bro” he said with an incredulous smile, with his head looking down at the floor.

    You both smiled at each other for a while, for you, it lasted for hours though you knew it had been only a couple minutes. What broke the silence between you two was your phone ringing. You took it out of your pocket to see the caller ID and it was none other than Ava. You, being fluent in English and her being from the USA, you picked up in English, also, you didn’t want Sunghoon to hear your conversation like you had done with his.

    “Hello Ava? What’s up?” You asked, curious as to why she was calling you so suddenly.

    “Hey y/n, the girls and I were just wondering where you were, we’re all ready and we’re supposed to be leaving in five minutes”

    “Oh, I’m still with Sunghoon but I’ll be leaving now, sorry about that” you replied with a sheepish smile even though Ava couldn’t see you from the other side of the big studio where Music Bank was filmed at.

    “No don’t worry, I’ll tell everyone that you’re on your way” she said, ready to end the phone call so she could see you as soon as possible to get all the details from your talk with Sunghoon.

    “Okay, okay, I’ll see you in a minute, bye” You finalized.

    You placed your phone back in your designated pocket which you, years ago, deemed appropriate that your right back pocket of your pants would be the only place you would put your phone away, and if that option wasn’t available because you were wearing a skirt, you would put it in the right front pocket of said skirt, and if that wasn’t an option either then you would put it in whatever pocket you had available at that point.

    “Hoon I’m sorry but I have to leave now, my friends are calling me to leave” you said with a tired smile, the fatigue of your long week had just started to kick in.

    “Hoon? We’re already on a nickname basis? I’ll take it, I’ll take it, sweetheart” he replied, emphasizing the last word in his sentence.

    “Please never call me that again” you said with an evident cringe shown on your face.

    “You got it, Princess”

    “Sunghoon, I swear-”

    “Okay, Okay no more I promise” he said with a very satisfied, smug smile.

    "Alright, if you say so. I have to go now Sunghoon, but it was a pleasure meeting. I hope we see each other soon" you said, wearing a polite smile across your face.

    "Bye y/n, it was a pleasure for me too" he reciprocated and that's when you bowed so you could make your way towards your friends as soon as possible. When you arrived at the changing rooms, you were immediately quizzed on what Sunghoon wanted. Why did he want to see you?

    “So? How did it go with Prince Charming?” Soo Yun questioned you.

    “Mmmh, don’t you mean Ice Prince?” Jun corrected Soo Yun. You were grateful that their questions were not being as invasive as you expected them to be, so you made sure to silently thank her, of course, your gratefulness, only lasted a couple of seconds because your one and only leader had to come and ruin the tranquility as always, she assured everyone that it was one of her charming points but you weren’t too sure yourself.

    “I bet he confessed his undying love to her and then claimed that they were soulmates meant to be together for eternity.” Jin-Ae teased, all in good fun.

    “Yeah, he did actually” you said in a very sarcastic tone but your dear friends were not bright enough to catch it. At this point you didn’t care what your friends were saying because you knew no one was gonna hear them as a result of that you were all alone in the changing rooms, so you just let them have their fun for a while.

    “WHAT?!” they all exclaimed in unison. That startled you to say the least.

    “Omg guys?! No need to shout, wow” you said, very stunned to say anything more.

    “Okay okay but, what do you mean? Did he really confess?” Jun asked, very curious as to what you were going to say.

    “Guys It was just sarcasm, of course he didn’t confess his ‘undying love’ for me but, I have to admit that some of the things he said were... suspicious I guess.” You said in lack of a better word.

    “Suspicious? Nah you’re gonna have to elaborate on that one, pretty girl” Mi-Sun said, speaking for the first time since you arrived but you had noticed that she had been silently paying attention, huh, your love life may be more interesting than you thought.

    “Alright so basically, Sunghoon told me that he wanted to congratulate all of us on our debut and stages blah blah blah, but it was weird at first cause when I walked up to him he was on his phone and I didn’t want to interrupt him so I just waited for him to notice me but that was a bad idea cause he got a call, from Sunoo might I add, and then I really didn’t want to interrupt him so I may or may not have heard literally half of the conversation and the only thing that Sunghoon was talking was about some girl he met that was really pretty apparently? I don’t even know at this point but, anyway, long story short, he noticed me and hung up and said the debut thing, but, AND HEAR ME OUT ON THIS ONE I PROMISE I’M NOT A DELULU” you were talking very fast, and the last sentence made your friends cackle, laughing at your exasperation rightfully so. “It was weird, as I was saying before, cause like, he was acting all cocky and flirty and we all know he’s too much of an introvert and a shy person at first to just act like that when he’s meeting someone for the first time so I kind of called him out on it very subtly and-”

    “Bro you can’t call out someone like that when they’re trying to act cool in front of someone, especially if that someone is someone they may be interested in, that’s a total blow to the ego” Mi-Sun said. “Plus, I don’t blame him for trying to act cool in front of someone as pretty as you,” She added with a reminiscing smirk.

    “Okay I get it, but it was throwing me off and after that he started acting like the Sunghoon I had seen before on their videos and everything. After that he told me that he wanted to seem more like Jay and I was sooo confused as to why, so I obviously complimented his personality but then he started getting really playful and, this is the delulu part, I’m not stupid, I know that was his attempt at flirting cause then he called me confusing? if that’s not the confusing part I don’t know what is. Then, no no wait” You stopped Soo-Yun before she talked so you could finish your explanation. “I accidentally called him Hoon and in response he called me SWEETHEART AND PRINCESS LIKE, WHAT IS THAT BUT AN ATTEMPT AT FLIRTING?” you were exasperated at the end of your explanation because you had not had time to really process what had happened with Sunghoon and now that you laid it out, you realized how suspicious Sunghoon had been acting.

    “Okay yeah definitely not delulu but maybe he thought you were gonna be ugly and then he saw you and was shocked at you being pretty? I mean that’s what happened to me when I first saw you” Mi-Sun said while she was slouching on the chair she was supposed to be sitting on.

    “Or maybe he’s a fan and you’re his bias?” Soo-Yun questioned.

    “He doesn’t really seem like a girl group stan though” Jun said with an analyzing face, she was deep in thought.

    “No, he looks like he secretly is but the only one that knows is Sunoo” Naoko affirmed. “He looks like he stans ITZY, damn I love ITZY so much I wanna meet them so bad.” And everyone agreed with both sentences because they were both very true.

    “Back to the point y/n, I’m sure if you give, whatever this mess is, sometime everything will be solved and sorted out sooner or later, don’t stress too much about this and, might I add, that we all know you prefer Jay anyway.” Jin-Ae said, giving you good advice. One thing that Jin-Ae never fails to be is a good leader, she will always be there to guide you through anything, and you really appreciate everything she has ever done for you so that you would tolerate all the teasing that comes with being friends with her because you would never exchange her for anything.

    “Yes, I do, Jay is my bias after all, but he doesn’t even know I exist, ugh that was not even the point but whatever, we’ll just see what happens I guess” you said, ending the discussion. When you all agreed on that, Ava told you that the driver was outside to take you back to the dorms, so you all made your way to the exit. Once you were all outside, you saw Sunghoon wearing a jacket that you had only ever seen before on his twitter posts, waiting for someone, probably his driver, you thought. 

    “Oh look, who’s there y/n” Ava pointed out Sunghoon’s presence. “Did you get his number so you can contact him later on?” She asked just to make sure you hadn’t forgotten to do something as important as that.

    “Oh, no actually, should I go ask him?” 

    “Yes, you dumbass, how are you gonna ask him on a date if you don’t even talk to each other” Naoko said, laughing at your obliviousness.

    So, you took Naoko’s advice and walked up to Sunghoon.

    “Hey Sunghoon, sorry to bother you on coming onto you like this but I was wondering if I could maybe get your number? It’s ok if you don’t want to though.” you said shyly but very straight forward anyway,

    “Yeah, no, yeah, for sure!” He said very excitedly with his eyes wide open and nodding excessively, maybe the effect of one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen asking for his number but regardless, you got taken aback at his eagerness. He shoved his phone into your hand so you could put your number in. While you were typing in the number, Sunghoon got a text notification, and you couldn’t help but read it by accident. The notification was from Jay, you obviously knew who Jay was and you didn’t second guess it either; the text read ‘omw’, on his way? To where? Was he planning on hanging out with Sunghoon? No, it’s none of your business, don’t dwell on it, you’re not going to reach an answer either way so why waste brain cells? You finished typing your number onto Sunghoon’s phone and when you were done you texted yourself so you could save his number as soon as possible so you didn’t have to go through the brief scare you get when a random number texts you. You gave Sunghoon his phone back and told him to save you with whatever name he wanted, at the same time you pulled out your phone from the right back pocket of your jeans to check the text and passed him your phone this time.

    “Here” you said, giving him your phone. In return he gave you a puzzled look so you explained further.

    “Save yourself in my contacts, choose whatever name you want” You instructed him as a wide grin appeared on his face while realization hit.

    “Whatever I want?” he asked again just to make sure he didn´t misheard you.

    “Yes, whatever you want”

    “Okay” he said with a smile looking down at your phone. You thought those smiles where so cute on him, he looked so happy and shy whenever he smiled like that

    You could see how he hesitated ever so slightly before giving an affirming nod and typing whatever name he had come up with as his contact’s name on your phone.

    Your phone.

    He liked that he has your number, he likes it a lot.

    Just when he was about to say something to you, a car pulled up on the street right in front of where you were standing very close to Sunghoon. That made Sunghoon look at the car and his grin fell from his face because it was his ride, if his ride was here that meant that he had to leave and he didn’t want to leave you just yet, but it couldn’t be helped when whoever was on the driver’s seat, lowered his window and looked directly at you two and that’s when you saw him


    Jay Park.

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  • liliansun
    22.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    One last breath

    synopsis: choosing to live out a dream you dreamt with your boyfriend seemed endless. dreams can become reality, but at what price?

    genre: slight fluff, angst, lovers au, competitive figure skater!reader x sick boyfriend!sunghoon

    tw: hospital setting, character death, mentions of kissing

    2k wc

    part of @jensrose‘s memories collab!

    It hit you when you walked through the doors, the same smell that haunted your dreams; the smell of sickness, the smell of vinyl gloves and cleaning products. The hospital always smelt the same and it tortured your mind every time you walked these halls, the scent that was attached to him. As usual, you entered through the front. “Good morning miss y/n!” the nurse at the desk greeted you. She was always so chipper for where she worked, trying to keep the darkest place bright. You smile, signing your name on the guest chart as you greet her. “Good morning.” You replied, trying to be as cheerful as she was.

    Leaving the desk, you took the same path you were shown the first time you came to visit. Each step down the hall being the same as the others, stay to the right to avoid running into the other patients. Keep your head low, but greet the staff when they pass. Don’t interact with anyone unless you have to, there was already so much to handle. Thankfully for you, his room was towards the front of the hall. Although, that was never a good sign in the hospital. When you caught a glimpse of him through the window on his door, he looked peaceful. To anyone else, he would look like he’s asleep or at least trying to sleep. You knew he was just waiting for your arrival and like clockwork, he started to sit up as you entered his room. “You came.” He said, a smile that never failed to brighten up his poorly lit room. You returned his smile, walking to the edge of his bed. “Of course I came, I always come.” You said, grabbing his hand that laid almost lifeless next to him.

    It was cold, his long, slender fingers felt like ice in your hands. Of course he didn’t know that, he never could tell the difference anymore. “How was it yesterday?” He asked, staring at you as if you were the keeper to all his wishes. Your smile never faltered as you sat on the edge of his bed. “It was okay, the usual.” You said. He scoffed, giving your hand a soft squeeze. It was weaker than the last time he held it, making your heart flood with guilt and worry. “C’mon, give me details. How was it really?” He asked, his eyes begging for more.

    “Well, since you’re so eager, my partner and I are doing pretty decently. He is good at keeping up, I’ll give him that.” Sunghoon seemed satisfied with your reply, leaning back into his pillow. “You’re gonna make it to finals and I’m gonna watch you.” He said, his voice growing weak at the end of his sentence. You shook your head, looking down at his hand that was now entangled with yours. “No, we’re going to make it to finals, remember?” You said, trying your best to hold yourself together. Sunghoon laughed, giving your hand another gentle squeeze. “It’s okay y/n, you don’t have to pretend.” You wanted to look at him, wanted to tell him he was wrong, but instead you nodded as the tears began to roll down your cheeks. Sunghoon tried to sit up, but you turned to grab onto his unsteady form. “W-what are you doing? You’re supposed to be resting.” You said, worried he’d overwhelm himself. He replied with a simple tsk before raising his other hand. When his fingers touched your cheek, you shivered from how old they felt against your warm skin.

    “I’m trying to comfort my girlfriend.” He said, doing his best at leaning closer to you. You saw the struggle he was having, scooting closer to him. He leaned his head forward, resting his forehead against yours. “I can’t kiss you yet, but I’m gonna get better and I’m gonna kiss you so much.” He confessed, earning a laugh from your end. You couldn’t say anything back, holding onto the hope that he would get better. Instead, you closed your eyes and let him absorb the warmth your body admits. The moment seemed to last forever, until a knock on the door stole your attention.

    “I’m sorry lovebirds, but it’s time for your dosage Mr. Park.” His nurse said as she peaked her head through the door. You hated this time of day, but you knew the good never lasted forever. With a soft sigh, Sunghoon leaned back onto his pillow and watched you get off his bed. “Come back tomorrow?” He asked, still holding your hand with the little strength he had. “You couldn’t get rid of me if you tried.” You replied as you gave his hand a squeeze. Your response made him smile as he let go of your hand. Just before you could leave, Sunghoon pulled something from beneath his blanket. Weakly, he held it out for you to grab. You smiled tenderly, grabbing the polaroid of you two the night the first asked you out. “This way I’ll always be with you.”

    As his nurse made her way in, you stepped aside till you found yourself standing in the hallway. You couldn’t help, but to look down at the picture in your hand. Looking at you two in that light filled a little bit of the hole your heart had carried since his diagnosis. With one final wave goodbye, you left the hospital and went about your routine. A routine you always followed, as if it was the part of your life that never seemed to change. The walk from the hospital to the stadium wasn’t far, making it convenient for you to go straight to practice after visiting Sunghoon. When walking through the doors, it felt almost nostalgic, but never the kind you wanted.

    The following weeks had been just that, a type of nostalgia you didn’t find comfort in. It felt more as if your life was on repeat than you living each day as a new one. Each time you felt yourself giving into the pressure, you always pulled out the polaroid he gave you. It always eased your mind, letting you feel the comfort as if he actually was here and could watch you skate. Finals were coming in close and with every competition weighing harder than the last, you found it harder to drag yourself out of bed each day. Thankfully for you, today was the last day of competing and you’d finally get to feel relieved- The feeling of knowing you worked this hard to get where you are for not only yourself, but for Sunghoon. That’s what drove you to skate as if it was your last, as if his life depended on it, as if it was him you skated for.

    The air in the rink was stiff, the last few teams to have tried new moves seemed to have succeeded and climbed their way to the top of the judges' score board. You and your partner were the last to go up, leaving you uneasy. Although he tried to ease your nerves, your partner only seemed to add to them when he reminded you about the special move you two had been rehearsing. It was hard, it could either make or break your score and the only thing your mind seemed to focus on was when you tried it with Sunghoon for the first time.

    Memories seemed to invade your thoughts, making your stomach feel like it was upside down. You knew this was your only chance, so you took the risk and gave it your all. Before the two of you went on, you took a final glance over the picture you had now carried with you to each practice for good luck. It made you work harder, skate faster and perform as if he was your only audience. Now, hoping he was watching you from his room, you gave the picture a gentle kiss before you took to the ice. For your first skate, the panel seemed to enjoy the performance the two of you put on. Your mind kept going back to Sunghoon, hoping he was watching and that he was proud of you. Your second skate seemed to go over well, although you felt shaky when it ended. You tried to shake off the nerves, but the next skate was haunting you like a bad dream. You had practiced it many times, but the room for error seemed larger than life. When it came to your final skate, you used all what you were holding out for. The move was risky, the entire skate was risky, but you pushed past your limit and successfully landed the move.

    It was over, the last 2 years of hard work was over and now you felt relief. The relief that you had worked hard to get where you were and you were proud. That relief paid off, successfully putting you and your partner over the top. What seemed like the first time in the last few years was that maybe life was on your side. That you had won, you finally got your chance to breathe and with that final breath, you ran. You fell into a state of shock, not fully grasping the fact that you were able to pull that off the way you did. Your partner placed his hand on your shoulder, whispering amongst the screams in the stadium. “Go to him.” He said, giving you a sympathetic smile. That’s exactly what you did, gathering up all your things as soon as you could and left. You ran, each step filled with the joy of knowing you won the competition, the joy of knowing that you won for him and you were finally able to tell him.

    People in the streets looked at you as if you were crazy, and maybe you were, but you didn’t want to waste another minute not being by his side. As soon as you caught sight of the hospital, your tired body pushed further as you entered through the same two doors that held the one you loved most. So many thoughts were going through your head. How would he react? How would you start the conversation? All while trying to sign in, you didn’t notice the sudden dread on the nurse who always seemed so happy. You wanted to ask what was wrong, but your mind was too focused on getting to Sunghoon and telling him about the success of the night. But you were too late. When you got to his room, he had nurses and doctors all surrounding his bed. The noise of his machine was loud, almost like an echo that would never end. Your body shut down, freezing in place as you watched the same people you saw almost every day try so desperately to save his life. Your heart was caught in your throat, shattering all around as you clutched onto the fabric of your costume.

    The line was flat, the room went silent and the team of doctors and nurses all took a step away from his bed. When one nurse left the room, she saw you standing there and gave you a gentle hug. You couldn’t move, you couldn’t speak, you stood in place and waited. “We did all we could.” His nurse said as she left your side, leaving you to watch them remove all that he was hooked up to. You didn’t know how long it had been before someone stepped out of his room, but the doctor invited you in to say goodbye.

    With one last breath, you walked into the room that once held your boyfriend's light. You turned to notice the television had been on, set to the channel that broadcasts your competition. For the last time, you grabbed his hand, feeling the coldness of his fingers intertwined with yours. As the tears streamed down your face, you pulled the polaroid from a hidden pocket and gently laid it on his chest. “I’ll always have you with me.”

    ©️liliansun 2022

    permanent taglist: @luvrjn @hobistigma @gongiz @jensrose @cahiwo @kyleeanne @missmadwoman @shysakuno @jaeyunify @jaylaxies @candidupped @icywhatim @kac-chowsballs @mykalon @ja4hyvn @hooneam @hooniesoul @todorokiskitten @jayk2025 @msxflower @rutowonz @soobin-chois @acciomylove

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  • giyyuzz
    22.01.2022 - 20 hours ago
    learning about us — lee heeseung.

    pairing. heeseung x gn!reader

    genre. school!au, angst, fluff, slowburn.

    warning(s). mentions of blood, bruises and bad parents.

    summary. you and heeseung were two sadness-filled souls who needed help and were lucky enough to find each other to help mend your hearts, and eventually you couldn't help but fall in love.

    wc. 8.6k

    you cursed under your breath when you saw that today the sky was clear of clouds and it had no intention of raining, just thinking about finding an excuse not to come home early other than the rain already made you want to cry.

    but your future self would worry about that, right now you just wanted to free your mind and were looking for some empty room to clear your mind but they were filled with students, either cleaning up so they could leave or it was the student council members working alone to have a little more silence.

    you sighed turning around to go up to the third floor of the school, you hadn't been in that room for several weeks but apparently it was your last option.

    while you climbed the stairs that seemed endless, your head began to feel increasingly heavy before all the thoughts you had running, your mind, your heart and your whole body felt overwhelmed.

    and there was nothing you could do to relieve that feeling.

    when you finally visualized the door to the music room, you hurried inside even if your legs no longer had any strength and immediately rested your head on the door you had just closed, sighing once more and letting the tears begin to fall.

    you were about to let out everything you were holding in your chest at that very moment but a noise behind you made you jump and sent a shiver down your spine, you turned your head quickly only to see a boy sitting nearby from the window with red, swollen eyes and some traces of tears on his cheeks.

    yours began to burn like fire and shame took control over you forgetting all the thoughts that drowned you seconds ago, you wanted to run away from there and never see that boy again.

    "I'm sorry!" you touched your cheeks because of how hot they were, thinking they might burn your hands "I'm leaving now, sorry-"

    "no no no!" his voice surprised you, it sounded desperate, you stood still waiting for him to continue "I mean... it looks like you need to be here more than me so I'll go"

    that comment only embarrassed you more, you hated being seen as vulnerable.

    then he stood up from the chair where he was, grabbing his backpack and walked towards you to open the door, you were nervous but you couldn't let him go as if nothing had happened.

    you felt bad seeing how another person suffered just like you, you could see in his eyes that he was screaming for help, and you knew it because you had the exact same look.

    "wait" you took him gently by the arm, he looked at you confused and even you were surprised by your action, you had to stop embarrassing yourself. "you can stay... if you want" you released him, you got more nervous when you felt his look and that he didn't tell you anything. you hesitated what you wanted to say "sorry, I guess... sometimes it's better to have a company rather than be alone"

    and there he also noticed the look in your eyes, the same one he saw in the mirror every morning, he looked away avoiding seeing them and just nodded, did his eyes really look that miserable too? had everyone been able to see it? or is it that no one cared?

    he left his backpack on the floor and returned to the place where he was without saying anything, just looking towards the window, allowing himself to be distracted once again by the birds that were flying free among the clouds.

    oh how he wished to be free too.

    you stayed a few seconds longer standing at the door, great, he decided to stay but now it was a bit awkward. you decided to sit a little further away from him, right on the seat in front of the piano, normally you only went there when you felt like you couldn't take it anymore and being alone didn't help anymore, your fingertips dancing on the piano keys that so many tears of yours kept calmed you down and made you forget all your problems and worries for a few minutes.

    if there was one thing you could thank your parents for, it was that they forced you to play it, since you had now found love in those keys.

    you forgot about the boy who was a few meters from you and closing your eyes you began to play, it was a piece that began with slow notes but with time they increased their volume and intensity, it was one of your favorite pieces since it showed all the sadness and anguish that kept your heart, how each time it was becoming bigger and more difficult to bear.

    you had forgotten everything around you, letting your body express itself freely in music.

    when you finished you noticed that you had been crying all that time, you looked up and met the boy who now had his chair facing you instead of the window. your face turned red again, you wanted to hide behind the grand piano to dry your tears as fast as possible.

    although it no longer made sense. both had seen the other cry.

    "I'm sorry" you said it for both things, for having played the piano without knowing if it would bother him and for crying.

    "why are you apologizing? that was... that was the most beautiful thing i heard in my life" you never played in front of people other than your parents, so hearing that didn't help your cheeks and your embarrassment.

    now you were playing with the tips of your fingers because of the nerves.

    "thanks" looking at him you managed to recognize him, realizing that you shared some classes but never got to speak, and although you tried to remember you didn't know what his name was "what's your name?" that question just came out of your mouth by itself.

    "heeseung" he gave you a weak smile, he was cute, it was a pity that he couldn't smile sincerely "and you?"

    "y/n" and you gave him an equally sad smile.

    that day you had met lee heeseung, and you had a lot to learn from him.

    but he had already learned something about you besides your name.

    that day lee heeseung learned that you played the piano in a really beautiful way, he also learned that his heart relaxed and tried to find comfort among those old and worn keys, just like you.

    and that's how it became a daily thing for both of you to get together in that music room, with you playing the piano and him listening attentively and then praising you for how well you did it.

    both quickly gained trust, some days you used to talk about your days and had even opened up about your problems, but neither had given great details, and others simply remained silent looking at the sky through the window enjoying each other's company without having to say any.

    it was nice to finally have someone by your side who could understand you so well, even though you both had your respective groups of friends, the connection you had formed between you was something different, you could tell your things without the fear of feeling judged, you just let off all that pressure in your chests and both knew you had needed it a long time ago.

    your hearts felt much lighter and when saw each other you could have a respite from the stifling world around you. that room was special to you and your hearts.

    you learned a lot about him and he about you.

    they were small things but it really made a difference.

    "you have something to do?"

    you were ready to leave after spending another afternoon with heeseung, this time wanting to teach him how to play the piano, you still didn't give up even though he told you that he prefers to listen to you instead of learning it.

    "not really, why?" the last thing you wanted to do was go home.

    "perfect then" heeseung just smiled at you as he gently grabbed your wrist to drag you across the school to the exit.

    you only left him because it was one of the few times you could see a really genuine smile on his face and you didn't want to ruin that, you smiled too.

    "where are we going?"

    you received no response and just let him lead you to wherever he was taking you.

    you looked down for a second and looked at heeseung's hand he was carrying you with, it was hurt.

    with your free hand you caressed it a little without even thinking about it, you wanted to ask him what had happened to him but when he tightened his grip on your wrist you understood that he didn't want to talk about it.

    you learned that from heeseung too, when his body stiffened or he just held your hand tightly out of the blue, it was because he didn't really want to talk about it.

    you stopped in front of a convenience store, he let go of your wrist and you felt a little sad because of the sudden cold you felt in your hand.

    "did you bring me here just because you were hungry?" he just turned his face to smile at you and both entered.

    you always see heeseung eat ramen, it was rare to see him eat anything else, but you noticed that he always chooses spicy flavors.

    it was hard to tell what else he liked besides ramen, but at least now you knew that spicy was his favorite. you saved that information for when you wanted to buy him something.

    you weren't hungry but still heeseung kept insisting on buying something because he refused to eat alone.

    and now that you remember, he always waited for you to be with him to take out of his backpack what he had bought to share it with you. maybe he didn't like to eat alone.

    "I'll buy you these, I know they're your favorites" he pulled a small package of mochi from a shelf and you couldn't refuse.

    you couldn't say no to him or the mochi.


    everything had been going well for a few weeks, until heeseung wanted to do something different.

    "today I want to get some fresh air... is it okay if we go to the rooftop?"

    that music room had been the only place in the whole school you used to get together to hang out, although you shared some classes you never had the opportunity to talk because of your friends, besides the fact that exam week was approaching and the teachers didn't stop giving more homework to study, you just shared a few glances and smiled at each other, that's why you thought it would be a good idea to get out of the routine a bit so you accepted his offer and walked together towards the stairs that led to the rooftop.

    heeseung stopped abruptly in the middle of them making you almost hit your face against his backpack, you looked at him confused.

    "what's wrong?"

    "nothing" he smiled at you and kept walking as if nothing.

    you stayed stunned for a few seconds without moving, losing yourself in the little patch you gave him and that he still kept in his backpack, you ignored the strange feeling that traveled through your body, that was heeseung's first smile that didn't even had a single trace of sadness.

    your stomach flipped.

    you shook your head, he opened the heavy door for both. you closed your eyes tightly as you felt the sun hit your face, surprised that no one was there, both approached the edge of the rooftop that was protected by bars, trying to avoid any possible accident.

    you took a deep breath letting out a long sigh at the same time and couldn't help but laugh at that.

    and your heart skipped a beat without you letting it when you looked into his eyes.

    and in that moment you knew you were fucked.

    you knew his bambi eyes by heart as well as all his face, hair, body and his typical smile that lacked happiness, but you never saw him smile like a few minutes ago, you never saw him in the sunlight with its rays illuminating his face, now it shone much brighter and you discovered some details that you never knew were there at all, heeseung was always attractive but when you were with him you thought of so many other things that you never gave yourself the pleasure of observing him carefully.

    you noticed the piercings he had in his ear, they were just as delicate as him, some marks on his face that were not visible in the dark, his eyelashes, the mole that was near his eye, and you also noticed his injured lip.

    you worried about him but you didn't want to meddle too much, if he hadn't mentioned the subject to you before it was because he didn't want to talk about it.

    still you were sure that he noticed the concern in your expression.

    suddenly heeseung moved away from you to be able to sit in a shaded area, with his back against the fence and you had no choice but to follow in his footsteps, you hugged your backpack to be more comfortable and you were ready to get lost in the sky but his soft voice distracted you.

    "I'm tired more than usual today, is it okay if I use your shoulder as a pillow?" you cursed your heart for starting to beat faster at that question, and you were getting scared by that weird feeling in your stomach that was getting bigger but you nodded anyway.

    when you felt his head on your shoulder with his hair caressing your neck that tickled you, a wave of heat went through your entire spine.

    you knew it.

    you had fallen in love with lee heeseung.

    and you felt bad for doing it, you felt that you had broken his trust, you didn't want him to see you as someone who took advantage of the state of vulnerability in which both of you were. you wanted to throw up, you wanted to run out of there and not speak to him again until you put your feelings in order.

    or until you no longer felt anything for him.

    even though the very idea of ​​walking away from him was stupid, you knew you could never do it.

    a small noise that came out from heeseung's mouth stopped all your thoughts.

    he had fallen asleep, now his face was much more relaxed and you couldn't help but stay several minutes admiring his beauty, when all his features weren't puckered he was much prettier, a fleeting thought about kissing him crossed your mind and you quickly took your eyes off him of him, you were so stupid.

    by that time you would have run away to your house but you didn't want to wake him up, surely he hadn't been sleeping well the last few days, you could see the dark circles under his eyes and how he was nodding off in class struggling to stay awake.

    you were worried, but you would talk to him another time.

    from that day it became more and more difficult for you to be near him, although at the same time you couldn't help but pay more attention to him than before.

    that's how you realized that he really enjoyed music a lot, now you wanted to show him your favorite songs and have him do the same with you. you knew in his free time he learned to play the guitar due to the small wounds on the tips of his fingers, and so you could name thousands of things you discovered about him that you previously overlooked.

    for a few days you didn't want to be with him because of that strong pressure in your chest that you felt just by seeing him, you made up excuses to be able to leave much earlier than usual or you weren't even able to speak normally with him like before.

    "hey, do you want to do something after school?"

    you weren't doing anything in particular, the day was gray and you were just enjoying each other's company, you touching the piano keys from time to time, not playing any particular piece.

    "uh, I don't think I can. I have to... do something." you couldn't even look him in the eye.

    "oh okay, can you tomorrow? i want to show you something" you felt bad for lying to him, you didn't want to do it but being close to him turned your whole world upside down.

    you saw the excitement in his eyes at mentioning that and your heart ached, your conscience would feel worse than you imagined later.

    "I'm sorry, I don't think I can either… not this whole week actually" you bit your lip, the look he gave you only made you feel worse. "look at the time! I have to go" you rushed to get up.


    "i will see you later!"

    you literally ran away from there, you put your hand on your chest trying to make your heartbeat not hurt so much.

    most were in class so you stopped in an empty hallway and with most of its classrooms empty, you leaned your back against the wall throwing your head back.

    you wanted to cry.

    you didn't even know what to do, lying to heeseung made you worse than you expected, your body and mind also suffered a lot because of that and being away from him was worse for both of you, but you didn't even like the feeling he left on your body, as if you had run a whole marathon just by thinking about him.

    was this ok?

    you laughed to yourself, you didn't even know what you meant by that question.

    was it okay to walk away from heeseung like that? was it okay to want to erase all those feelings that you had saved? was it okay to be in love with him in the first place, knowing that neither of you was alright? why did you feel like you were taking advantage of his vulnerability? he was your friend because you both helped each other and found comfort in each other.

    it wasn't right to feel that way about heeseung.

    did you even know how he saw you? like a friend? a random girl he hung out with every afternoon? someone he could lean on because you were more pathetic than him?

    you hugged your legs hiding your face between your knees, letting the tears come out, you were no longer able to contain them any longer.


    your body gave a small jump at the sudden voice, you raised your head trying to wipe away your tears as fast as you could.

    but you stopped when you saw who she was.

    it was yuna. your friend. she was standing just a few feet away from you.

    "are you okay? what happened?" she immediately reached down and held your hands in hers.

    when you felt her warmth you wanted to cry again, you had forgotten the good friends you had because of everything that was going on in your head, you felt like a lousy friend.

    you didn't deserve any of that.


    "why do you apologize?" you closed your eyes, trying not to keep crying.

    but yuna wrapped her arms around your body, hugging you. and you could only sob louder.

    you had needed that so much.

    you didn't know how long you stayed like that, didn't even care if someone saw you either, at that moment you just wanted to stay in yuna's arms and never leave again.

    but you had to do it, when your breathing normalized and the tears stopped coming out of your eyes as if they were waterfalls, you loosened the grip you had on her clothes and moved your face away from her chest.

    "do you want to talk about it?" you nodded without thinking. many thoughts crossed your mind in that second but you weren't able to say no.

    you tried to explain everything to her as best you could, from the moment you met heeseung, how over time you got closer and closer, the moment you realized you fell in love with him and how you were ignoring him now.

    it was there that you realized that your whole friendship with heeseung was almost like a secret, even if you never intended it to be.

    "and I don't know what to do now, I feel like this broke his trust, he told me his problems and worries because he wanted me to help him, and I fall in love with him? I'm so tired of feeling like my heart is going to explode in anytime when I'm with him, I really don't want to tell him but I also don't want to keep ignoring him and make him feel like he's alone."

    yuna nodded to all your words, she listened to you carefully from beginning to end, she didn't interrupt you at any time and you were grateful for that.

    letting go of all that was like taking a great weight off your shoulders, even your heart didn't hurt so much anymore.

    "are you really in love with him? or do you just think you are because he makes you feel good?" you frowned at her question.

    "I'm definitely in love with him, I don't think my whole world turns upside down just because he comforts me" you were sure of your words.

    "and then? why do you care so much if you're taking advantage of his trust? It's not like that y/n, just by talking about him your eyes shine and I can hear the love you feel for him" you looked into her eyes, she held your hand one more time "listen, I understand that you might be confused by the situation but you definitely didn't take advantage of anything, you also forget that you're vulnerable, besides didn't you tell me that you even hung out outside of school, doing normal things? I don't think you realized that you two are actually teenagers who enjoy each other's company without the need to feel like all your encounters are a therapy session" you both giggled at that "also, nobody ever chooses who to fall in love with, right?

    you nodded at her question "thank you very much yuna, seriously" you couldn't help but hug her again.

    "It's nothing... besides, you've been acting weird and ignoring us so I assumed something was wrong with you, so I'm happy you told me all this"

    you wanted to beat yourself up at her words, you had been ignoring one of the most important people to you and now you're doing it to heeseung because you can't put your feelings in order.

    "I'm so sorry" tears appeared at the edge of your eyes again but yuna just laughed at you.

    "you don't have to worry, much less cry" with her hands she wiped away any tears that dared to come out "you just have to put all your feelings and thoughts in order. and next time try not to push people away from you, okay? that will only make things worse"

    she always found the right words to tell you, you were very grateful to have her as a friend.

    "and don't forget that eventually you'll have to tell heeseung how you feel. as hard as it is and even if he rejects you, I know you'll feel better later"

    you didn't want to think about that at the moment, it was already too much for you in one day and you just wanted to get home to sleep.

    "I don't promise anything"

    you both got up from the floor sharing one last hug, and just at that moment the bell rang for the last class of the day.


    the next day you avoided heeseung every time you saw him in class or in the hall, you still felt overwhelmed by all your feelings and although you already had your thoughts a little clearer, you still had to think a little more.

    and you knew that being with heeseung would ruin everything.

    you were spinning in your head for hours, your lips were already bleeding from how much you had bitten them and your body already felt exhausted even though not even half the day had passed. you were still undecided, but you ended up deciding not to go to the music room that afternoon.

    maybe that was a mistake.

    you didn't want to see him, you could hardly think straight and you were convinced it was for the best.

    but now you couldn't stop thinking that heeseung might be feeling abandoned, you were seeing each other every day for months without fail, it had become normal for you and you enjoyed each other's presence even if you didn't say a single word for hours , you knew what he thought about being alone, and now the guilt was eating you alive, you were questioning if it would have been better to have seen him that day and declare yourself once and for all, even with the fear of being rejected impregnated deep inside your heart.

    you could hardly sleep that night, the only thing you could think about was him and you only wished for the hours to pass so you could talk to him.

    and so it was, the next day came and you didn't want to wait to talk to him so you tried it in class but he was with his friends and at no time did he turn to see you.

    guess you deserved it.

    but you were determined, so the only thing you could do at the moment was wait until the usual time when you went to the music room.

    you were walking slowly now, wishing time would stop so you could breathe, but you couldn't take it back now. thousands of possible scenarios about what could happen went through your head and you memorized what you wanted to say.

    but it was all in vain, he wasn't there.

    your heart ached as if it had been hit, your stomach began to turn nonstop and everything you had eaten that day began to rise up your throat. you wondered if heeseung felt that way when he didn't see you there yesterday.

    even though yuna made you realize it, it took a little more time for your head to understand, but now you could say it with total certainty, it wasn't bad to be in love with lee heeseung.

    even so you still didn't want to tell him, but just thinking about the reaction your body had when you didn't see him there made you wonder if it would get much bigger if you kept keeping your feelings to yourself and swallowing the thousands of words you wanted to say to him.

    you left the room to start looking at the others to see if he wasn't there. all you wished for was that he was still in school and not gone.

    half an hour later and still no sign of heeseung, you went through most of the floors and halls but didn't find him or his friends to ask them if they knew anything, you were worried that he went home and you were about to give up but the moment you started to walk towards the exit, the rooftop came into your head.

    you've never been so happy to see that brown hair and tall figure of him. he was standing looking at the sky next to the fence.

    "heeseung?" he heard you but still didn't move, he didn't even move his eyes to look at you.

    you resisted the desire you had to hug him and took steps forward until you were in front of him. you stayed for a few seconds looking at his exposed neck before gently touching his shoulder.

    his gaze stopped focusing on the clouds in the sky to settle on your eyes, your whole body felt weak and your heart wanted to come out of your chest.

    you could never get used to that, to everything that heeseung provoked in you just by looking into your eyes.

    "hey" all the things you wanted to say were erased from your mind, now you didn't know what words to say and you felt awkward.

    "did you finally decide to stop ignoring me?" his question took you by surprise.

    "I wasn't..." you felt bad for lying again. you should stop doing it.

    "yeah, whatever you say" he let out a bitter laugh and you just watched his expression carefully, he was hurt.

    "I'm so sorry" it hurt you to see him like that, it hurt you to think that heeseung believed that you didn't want to be with him anymore, or that you left him alone.

    "what happened? did i do something to upset you?" he looked away and now you felt a lump in your throat that wouldn't let you talk.

    "no! It's not that... I could never be upset at you heeseung, it's just..." you couldn't finish your sentence, and you didn't want to keep lying.

    "you left me alone yesterday, i was waiting for you" you saw how the tears came to his eyes, and that was your last straw.

    "I'm really sorry, I never meant to do this but it's just-"

    "it's okay, you don't have to explain anything to me" he stopped you from confessing all your feelings towards him, you thought that you would manage to get rid of the knot in your stomach but it seems that it wasn't time yet "and you don't have to lie to me either, just... if something's wrong try talk to me next time, okay? I don't want you to lock yourself and keep me away when you're not good"

    his hands caressed yours carefully and you intertwined your fingers with his. you wanted to laugh at that moment, how were you going to be able to tell him that you were in love with him now? that you wanted to run away because you felt you were taking advantage of him? that you couldn't stand your foolish heart going crazy in his presence?

    "yes, next time I will, I promise" you let out a big sigh.

    "are you okay now?" his concern just made you want to cry.

    "yes, i'm sorry again"

    he didn't say anything, he just stared at your linked hands, and from one second to another you had your head resting on his chest, with his arms enclosing your waist in a soft and warm hug.

    you hugged him a little tighter, not wanting even an inch to separate you. you inhaled his scent, the one you liked so much, you never wanted to let go of him.

    you wanted to feel the warmth of his body against yours forever, to feel his arms caressing your waist, you wanted his scent to stay on you, you wanted to hear his heartbeat.

    you wanted to be with him forever.


    the following days continued as before, the only difference now was that now you had heeseung's number, which he had given it to you "in case something happened" and you spent class chatting about everything and anything, both had already received detention for being with the cell phone instead of paying attention to the class.

    even now before entering the first class shared in the morning, he would approach you to give you a small chocolate or some sweet and each time it was a different one, sometimes he would leave it on your desk too.

    "why are you doing this?" you asked him one morning that he gave you a chocolate with peanuts, one of your favorites.

    "because I want to" he shrugged "besides chocolate reminds me of you"

    you were embarrassed to think that maybe he said that because he realized how much you liked to buy yourself a chocolate to eat between classes or when you did homework.

    when you met again hours later you thanked him and he asked for your opinion on a score from 1 to 10, and so he learned what kind of flavors were your favorites.

    and you repaid him by buying him ramen from a store near your house every afternoon.

    you were in the last class of the day, for some reason today you felt more tired than usual, you even almost fell asleep on your books if it wasn't for yuna who kept you awake by touching your shoulder whenever you had your eyes closed for more than two minutes.

    the school bell finally rang and you let out the biggest sigh of all, you stretched out on your chair while you watched as yuna was already on her way to the door, she waited for you to be ready, but you didn't even have the chance to get up.

    heeseung sat next to you, right where yuna was before and without saying a single word to you he put his arms around your waist while he rested his head on your chest. all the heat of your body was concentrated in your face and you could see how yuna was making fun of you from the door, she greeted you with her hand while you made all possible signs for her to come help you but you were ignored.

    you tried to breathe normally to calm down, you didn't want heeseung to realize how fast your heart was beating even though you were sure he already heard it.

    when heeseung settled better that's when you passed your arms over his body, caressing his back and playing with his hair from time to time, his eyes were closed and you did the same.

    you were enjoying the moment so much, and adding the tiredness you felt, you almost fell asleep right there, in the empty room, listening to the other's breathing while the sunset painted the whole place.

    "can I walk you home today?" his voice made you open your eyes, remembering that you were not in the comfort of your room.


    It was hard for both but finally you separated, at that moment you hated everything in the world for not being able to stay like this as if nothing else existed.

    but now that you think about it, he had never asked you that, when it got too late you left but you never knew if he did too or if he stayed a while longer.

    you could see it in his face, you also noticed his body language and you thought that maybe that day he just needed someone's company much more than other days. you smiled at him with a playful little tap on the shoulder. ready to go.

    heeseung hated that people showed him compassion, he knew that you realized something was wrong and if you were someone else he would have thought that the smile you gave him was pity but he knew it wasn't, after all you were the one only person who could understand it.

    the way home was much quieter than you expected, heeseung was always able to come up with topics of conversation out of nowhere or make jokes about anything, but today there was something different about him.

    though you chose to ignore it.

    and maybe you should have asked, you should have done a lot of things at that time. but you didn't.

    "thank you for walking me home today heeseung"

    "it's nothing" you smiled sincerely at him and he did the same "see you later"

    but you noticed a change in his eyes, and when you saw his back move away from you you wanted to run after him, you didn't want to leave him alone. something was happening.

    but what would you do then? would you let him into your house? that would only be hell because of your parents, you could barely stand being there, you didn't want to drag him down with you.

    you had to repress the desire to shout his name so he wouldn't leave, and when you couldn't see him anymore you wanted to hit yourself with the first thing you found.

    it was always the same. you were always too coward to do what you really wanted out of fear, you wished you could be different, you wished you could run after heeseung and tell him everything you kept in your heart.

    but you couldn't. because you were a coward and you always will be.


    heeseung didn't go to school that day and he didn't answer your messages either, you were still worried about him but he didn't show any signs of life until now.

    you wanted to leave him for today, maybe he was busy or had something important to do, you also remembered that he mentioned something about a field so there was a possibility that he went, right?

    but the days went by, the worry was eating your mind and the nerves were about to drive you crazy, you needed to know about him, anything was fine. you would have already gone to his house to see if he was okay but you didn't know his address.

    you didn't know what to do, you couldn't even concentrate in class anymore and you kept leaving him messages but he didn't even see them.

    "y/n can you please calm down?" yuna was worried about you, she had seen the dark circles under your eyes and every day it was getting worse.

    "I can't do that, I haven't heard from heeseung for over a week and the last time I saw him... he wasn't well"

    she was silent, she wished she could help you but what could she do? not even you who were close to him knew.

    "wait... why don't you ask his friends? they might know something, or they might know where he lives"

    you didn't have time to think that you had already run away, yuna had shouted your name but that didn't matter to you, besides it was recess so you could easily find them.

    when you were finally able to see two of his friends, you mustered all the courage in the world to get closer and remember their names.

    "hey, sorry, I know you guys don't know me but has anyone heard about heeseung? I haven't heard from him for days"

    they both looked at each other and then returned their gaze to you.

    "he actually hasn't been replying to our messages either" the one you thought was named sunghoon told you.

    "excuse me, but what is your name?" that was jay, you knew it from his glasses.

    "I'm y/n" you saw how they both looked at each other again, if you weren't so worried you would have been embarrassed.

    "oh I see, I'm sorry but we don't know anything about him either"

    "I understand..." you had to do it "you... you don't know his address? I really need to see him" your hands were shaking and you kept biting your lip.

    "oh yeah, just... take care of him, okay? we're worried too"

    it didn't take long for them to give it to you and when you made sure to thank him at least ten times, you almost ran out of school, you still had classes and you knew your parents would kill you as soon as they found out but you couldn't care less.

    his house was a bit far from the school but in less than you expected you were already at his door. you stopped for a few minutes as you leaned on your knees, your chest rising and falling trying to catch your breath.

    you raised your chest and took a deep breath. you rang the doorbell at least 3 times but nobody came out, you had been so lost in your thoughts that you didn't realize that the door had been open all that time.

    you didn't know whether to go in but the gut feeling you had since the morning made you act without thinking.

    at first glance there was no one, you knew what you were doing was wrong and you just wanted to take a look and then leave and you would try to come another day, but the place was messy as if there had been a big fight and your concern only increased.

    you slowly entered a room that was completely dark.

    and that's where you saw him.


    you immediately approached him, he was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall, you could hardly see his face but as soon as he heard your voice he raised it.

    "what are you doing here?"

    "what do you mean? you've been missing for days, I didn't know anything about you and you didn't answer my messages, not even your friends knew what was going on with you... I was worried"

    "I'm sorry... but you didn't have to bother, really"

    you took his hands in yours, which you noticed were rough and his knuckles scraped, when your eyes got used to the darkness you could see his face well. you covered your mouth with one of your hands to avoid letting out a scream, you had a lump in your throat and the tears already wanted to come out of your eyes.

    his face was very injured, his lip and one of his eyebrows were split, both of his cheeks and one of his eyes had very large bruises and he still had dried blood on various parts of his face and even on his clothes too.

    "heeseung what... what happened to you?" you were scared to hear his answer, but he didn't say anything. "tell me something please, is this why you didn't go to school?"

    if that was the reason you didn't even want to imagine how his face had been days before, thousands of things were happening through your body, on the one hand you didn't want to know what happened because you knew you would end up throwing up due to anguish.

    "can I hug you?" his voice come out so weak and carried so much pain that you felt your heart breaking into little pieces.

    you didn't hesitate and you already had his body wrapped in your arms, you closed your eyes tightly wishing that all this was a bad nightmare.

    "you didn't reach out to me" he started to cry in your arms, you felt how his hands tightened your clothes not wanting to let you go "you left me alone that day and I... I needed you"

    you hated that, you hated that heeseung blamed you for whatever happened, but he was right. you knew there was something wrong with him that day but you ignored it, you didn't go running after him, you let him go and now you don't know what happened, he was like this because of you.

    nothing could break your heart more than knowing that you were a horrible person who abandoned someone who needed her.

    who abandoned the person you loved.

    your tears fell nonstop, ending up on heeseung's hair and body. you felt so bad, you were always a coward, and what use had that been to you? you only missed out on things you really wanted and worst of all, you hurt the people you loved the most.

    you would never forgive yourself for that.

    you both stayed crying in each other's arms for a long time, you didn't even know how long you had been like that but your body already felt numb from the position you were in.

    when heeseung was able to calm down, he abruptly separated from your body, wanting to get up but he couldn't.

    "you can leave me alone now, get out of here"

    you wanted to hug him again but he moved your hands away from his body.

    "I'm so sorry heeseung" you looked him in the eyes hoping he wanted to listen to you "I knew there was something wrong with you that day but I didn't do anything for you, I didn't even ask if you needed help and I... I'm so sorry" you had to take a few seconds for the lump in your throat to go "but I'm not going to leave you alone now, not again, I can't afford to do it after seeing what happened when I was a coward for not going after you"

    he didn't say anything, he didn't even look up at you. you dried the tears that were still falling, you would do everything possible to be by his side.

    "at least let me heal your wounds... please" you begged, though you weren't just referring to the ones on his face.

    that moment was becoming eternal, his silence was slowly killing you. but when he nodded you took quick steps out of the room trying to find the bathroom and find whatever it was that you could help ease the pain.

    when you returned to the room he was sitting on his bed, you went straight to the curtains to open them and let the light into the place.

    you stood in front of him and you had to swallow hard when you saw him again more clearly, he was worse than you imagined. from the box you took out a small cotton ball to which you put alcohol and gently put it on his injured lip, he hissed due to the pain and ran his face away from your hand.

    "I'm sorry"

    "It's ok" this time heeseung stayed still closing his eyes letting you do your thing, from time to time you could see him frown when you put a lot of pressure on the wounds and you had to be apologizing all the time "why are you crying?"

    you brought one of your hands to your cheeks and they were wet, you hadn't even noticed.

    you didn't want to answer, you knew that if you opened your mouth everything would be much worse and you couldn't control yourself.

    heeseung slowly passes his arms over your waist to get you closer to his body, positioning you in the space between his legs, you were like that for a while until the position began to be uncomfortable for his neck, so he brought his hand up to your leg wanting to lift it and you instantly understood what he wanted. now you were sitting on his lap and he was fighting the urge to lay his head against your chest but he knew you couldn't heal him that way.

    you were more nervous than before, your hands were shaking and your heart betrayed you in the silence, it was difficult not to look at his lips without wanting to kiss them and the closeness between your bodies didn't help.

    "haven't you told your friends about this? they can help you" you decided to break the silence so as not to be tempted to kiss his lips, you also felt your heartbeat reaching his ears telling him all your secrets.

    if you could do something, anything, to help him you would, you would have offered him to stay in your house for a while if he was okay with that but you knew that the situation in there wasn't much better.

    "no... I never told anyone"

    the cold breeze that entered through the window made your body shiver and at the same time took away all the tension you contained. it hurt to imagine all that he had to suffer alone.

    but it wasn't going to be like that anymore, now you were there and you would do anything to help him.

    "you should do it... I know you hate talking about your problems, I'm the same, but heeseung... you need help, you have to get out of here"

    "and what can I do? they are my parents and I can't do anything for myself"

    at that point you had already finished with all his open wounds, now it was time to put ointment on the bruises.

    "we'll ask your friends for help too, they care about you, I can tell" As much as he disliked the idea, he knew you were right, it was time to tell them.

    you remained in silence again, you felt like his gaze was on you making the simple task of moving your hand impossible. when you finally finished with his face you wanted to get away from him but heeseung tightened his grip on your waist.

    "can I kiss you?"

    you widened your eyes in surprise, you swore they could have gotten out of place, did you hear that right? you felt your cheeks turn red and heeseung's free hand was slowly climbing your neck.

    "hm?" now he was looking at your lips with no shame, waiting for your answer.

    "what?" the sudden ringing in your ears prevented you from thinking clearly. everything felt like a fever dream.

    "I asked...can I kiss you?" his voice got deeper and the look in his eyes only made you fall for him even more.

    now his hand was ending its journey on your cheek and you nodded slowly.

    maybe time stopped when his lips met yours but the flutters only intensified. your heart pounded in your chest as you felt your body go numb. you could only focus on how soft you felt against his mouth, how addictively he invaded all your senses.

    this was so unreal, if it was a dream you never wanted it to end. but you confirmed again that it wasn't when you felt his fingers dance on your waist. you curled your fingers through his hair as you gripped his shirt tightly, not wanting him to pull away from your body.

    If there was one thing you hated at that moment, it was having to part from lack of air.

    you looked into each other's eyes as you always did, as you had done thousands of times, but only now did both noticed the particular brightness they contained. you couldn't help but giggle when you saw him, his lips shone and his cheeks, despite the injuries, had a cute pink color.

    you wanted to go back in time to change everything, so as not to have to see his face in that state in that intimate moment that you wanted to keep forever.

    your head couldn't understand how with each passing second you fell more and more in love with lee heeseung.

    "I've been wanting to do this for a long time" he hugged you and let his head rest on your shoulder as you stroked his hair lovingly.

    "really?" you would never have thought that heeseung would reciprocate your feelings, you still felt dizzy and could only think of the ghost of his touch on your lips.

    "yeah... but i was too scared to do it" you let out a small laugh, because that was the same reason you didn't.

    you stayed like that for a few more minutes, just enjoying the other's touch, wanting to unite as one.

    "I can hear how fast your heartbeat is going, so cute" he chuckled softly embarrassing you at how obvious your body was near him.

    "shut up" you hit him playfully on the shoulder and he grabbed your hand to guide it to his chest, you could feel how his heart wanted to come out of there just like yours.

    "I'm in love with you" he gently kissed your cheek "from the moment I heard you play the piano" he kept spreading kisses all over your face.

    you closed your eyes tightly for a few seconds, how could he be so cute? wait, since he heard you play the piano? that was the first time you had seen each other.

    "I'm in love with you too. from the moment we went to the rooftop" you saw him smile from ear to ear. you were so happy to finally see his real smile that you couldn't help but laugh a little.

    "since that time and you never told me?" he pretended to be angry and his lips formed a pout, to which you stole a small peak.

    "you didn't say anything either"

    "true... but now I will" you turned your head in confusion "can I... be your boyfriend?" you've wanted to hear those words for a long time. and your heart seems to too.

    "yes, only if you want to be mine" both laughed slightly, without taking your eyes off each other.

    "deal" you couldn't say anything more because his lips interrupted you "now I will never leave your side"

    heeseung kept his eyes half open, sneaking a guilty peek at you every time he came back for air, just to make sure this wasn't a product of his imagination.

    "never do, please"

    both still had many things to fix, but now you just wanted to be happy next to each other trying to recover all the happiness you couldn't have in years, although you had been since you met but were too stubborn to realize it.

    your souls had finally found the comfort they needed so much and your hearts joined as one like your lips did.

    and his lips were soft despite being bruised, you found yourself loving them just the same, loving their shape and taste.

    and even up to that point both of you were still learning things about each other and about yourselves.

    permanent taglist: @soobnny @ja4hyvn @yizhoutv @heejaies @jungwoniics @soobin-chois @w3bqrl @jakeyuni (send ask to be added!)

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    See Right Through Me. Profiles 2:



    Summary: Kwon YN is invisible in the eyes of her classmates. They spill secrets with her there. Any cheating secrets she tells Yuna. Who uses her popularity to expose it. When YN finds out a secret about Lee Heeseung. YN goes straight to him and now she's fake dating Lee Heeseung?.

    Pairing: Lee Heeseung x f! Reader.

    Taglist: OPEN @ourschan @jakesim-p Send an ask/reply to be added.

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    See Right Through Me. Profiles 1:

    Masterlist. Next>>

    Summary: Kwon YN is invisible in the eyes of her classmates. They spill secrets with her there. Any cheating secrets she tells Yuna. Who uses her popularity to expose it. When YN finds out a secret about Lee Heeseung. YN goes straight to him and now she's fake dating Lee Heeseung?.

    Pairing: Lee Heeseung x f! Reader.

    Taglist: OPEN @ourschan @jakesim-p Send an ask/reply to be added.

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    20.01.22 Rival Love

    •Capa para uso proprio

    Não reposte, não plagie e, em caso de inspiração, dar os créditos

    Abre a imagem para mais um teco de qualidade

    ! Quando postar coloco o link ¡

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    ☆ the hates everyone except you trope | park jay

    RELEASE DATE : JANUARY 23, 2022 @ 10:30 EST

    "hey! focus on the assignment!" "well stop being so fucking pretty and i might be able to!"

    pairing : lip piercing!badboy!jay x good girl! reader

    summary : being the smartest one in your whole year had its perks, but it meaning that you would have to tutor the students that were behind in class was definitely the ultimate con- except for it allowing you to get to know the school’s bad boy in a way no one else has before.

    includes smut, fluff & angst

    ☆read the other volumes?

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    Fanta Laranja E Cheetos Flamin Hot

    • capa de fanfic para pedido pessoal

    Fanfic atualmente disponível no Spirit Fanfics.

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    #enhypen#jake sim #capa de fanfic #capa para doação #capa para social spirit
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    See Right Through Me Masterlist.

    Summary: Kwon YN is invisible in the eyes of her classmates. They spill secrets with her there. Any cheating secrets she tells Yuna. Who uses her popularity to expose it. When YN finds out a secret about Lee Heeseung. YN goes straight to him and now she's fake dating Lee Heeseung?.

    Pairing: Lee Heeseung x f! Reader.

    Genre/Tropes: fake dating, humour, angst, fluff.

    Not me thinking up another idea 😂. As a Heeseung bias it hurt that I hadn't written a smau with Heeseung as the male lead so here it is.

    Schedule: Undecided. I'm still writing.

    Taglist: Open. @ourschan @jakesim-p @jongsaengseong Send an ask/reply to be added to the taglist.

    ★Enhypen Masterlist★

    ±Main Masterlist±

    Profiles 1.

    Profiles 2.

    Chapter 1.

    Chapter 2.

    Chapter 3.

    Chapter 4.

    Chapter 5.

    Chapter 6.

    Chapter 7.

    Chapter 8.

    Chapter 9.

    Chapter 10.

    #enhypen imagines#enhypen fanfic#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen scenarios#enhypen fic #lee heeseung x reader #lee heeseung x you
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    in a field of dandelions. — yjw.

    pairing: non-idol!jungwon x gn!reader

    sypnosis: jungwon adores flowers yet in a field of dandelions, he'd much rather stare at the prettiest rose he's ever seen.

    content/genre: inspired by ruth b's dandelions, mutual pining? (it's not explicitly mentioned if they're dating or not), pure fluff

    warning/s: none

    wc: 0.8k

    JUNGWON SAT AGAINST THE TRUNK OF THE TREE, rays of sunlight from the gaps in the leaves of the willow tree weaving into his hair, creating a shine which resembled one of a halo. He caressed the field beneath him. It was damp from the dew drops that formed on the blades of grass yet he didn’t mind sitting on it. To his right was a pretty little dandelion, the yellow of it’s petals a stark contrast to the black material of his jeans. He plucked it from the ground and brought it closer to him. An observant look crossed his face.

    The boy had an affinity for flowers. Always so delicate and beautiful, each one with it’s own unique meaning. Jungwon wondered if the gods have created anything more lovely than nature when a sound akin to a chorus of angels rang throughout the field.

    Looks like he has his answer.

    A small smile graced the boy’s lips, cheeks reddening as he looked up from the flower he held in his palm. There, a few feet away was the prettiest flower Jungwon had ever seen. His eyes landed on Y/N, clutching their stomach as they laughed at a failed cartwheel attempt from Jay. His heart felt like a thousand butterflies, trapped in a cage and wanting to escape the longer he stared at them.

    Not that he was complaining at all.

    Y/N looked like a renaissance painting. They were— are ethereal, Jungwon thought. The dandelions scattered around the field made them look like something you’d only find in Greek Mythology.

    Jungwon wanted to press pause on life. He’s not one to waste time on trivial things but god, he’d gladly throw away every passing minute of his life just to sit under the shade, simply listening to Y/N’s laughter. He’d be willing to spend hours counting every single mole on their body and he'd give anything just to listen to how they got the tiny scar over their left eyebrow even if he’s heard it so many times before.

    Y/N threw their head back, glancing over at the boy under the tree. The two made eye contact, golden flecks reflected in their eyes; Jungwon swore he saw forever in them, as cheesy as that was. The laughter died down yet the warm smiles on both of their faces never left.

    At that moment, it was only them in the flower field. No words said, but a mutual understanding and a look of adoration was shared between the two. Jay’s blabbering, Sunoo and Riki’s bickering, Jake and Sunghoon’s intense arm wrestling match and Heeseung’s guitar; everything was reduced to background noise. The minute their eyes met, there was no one else but them, together.

    Jay noticed the sudden inattentiveness of Y/N. Shooting a look of playful disgust at them, he stood up and made his way over to the bickering duo. As much as he tells the two that he despised their obliviousness and sickly sweet flirting, he can’t help the wide grin on his face as he shakes his head.

    It was almost comical, yet poetic how long the two stared at each other, unmoving. Y/N was the first to break eye contact. They started picking dandelions, trying to weave them together. Jungwon noticed how gentle they were with their hands, as if the most fragile object in the world was in the palm of their hands. He wouldn’t be surprised if they were an angel in a human disguise.

    Y/N stood up, walking over to the willow tree with their poorly made flower crown. Jungwon raised an eyebrow at this, the corner of his lips curling up into a teasing smile while patting the ground beside him. They rolled their eyes as they sat down.

    “It’s not the best, I’ll admit. What’s important is that I tried my best.” They giggled as he placed the circlet atop Jungwon’s messy mop of black hair.

    He didn’t say anything in reply, merely taking their hands into his and tracing the ridges on their palm.

    Their hands were always so delicate and beautiful.

    He softly chuckled, bringing their hand up to his lips and leaving a fleeting peck on the tips of their fingers. “I love it. It’s very pretty, Y/N. Maybe it’s a little wonky, but it’s perfect nonetheless. Much like yourself.” He let go of their hand and ruffled their hair, earning him a shove in the shoulder.


    “What! It’s the truth!” He tutted, wagging a finger in front of their face while laughing.

    Among the billions of people on this earth, they felt as if the entire universe revolved around them and only them. What a pretty picture it was— two souls intertwined under a tree together, their laughter blending in a beautiful harmony, a song written by love.

    And under the shade of the willow tree, both Jungwon and Y/N whispered into the wind. A silent prayer to be each other’s red rose in a field of dandelions, a quiet wish to be each other’s eternal love.

    © hyuckslytherin on tumblr.

    this is dedicated to @soobnny, thank you for being one of my inspirations to actually start posting works (special thanks to tlof, i took a little bit of inspiration from it for the jungwon + flower concept). stay safe, healthy and happy, sue! <3

    #enhypen scenarios #enhypen x reader #enhypen fluff#enhypen fanfic#enhypen oneshot#enhypen drabbles #jungwon x you #jungwon x reader #jungwon fluff#yang jungwon #yang jungwon x reader #yang jungwon x you #yang jungwon fanfic #enhypen imagines
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  • iioki
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    winter is ours.

    nishimura ni-ki x reader

    genre : fluff, bestfriends to lovers, highschool au

    word count : 0.3k (rlly short ik kasjjsjsjs also no proof read ya)

    taglist : @soobin-chois @lumixen @staysstrays @p-rincess-minki

    You and Riki started as friends. During your friendship, many people had told you that he liked you. You never believed it, though, because if he liked you, you'd want him to be the one to say it to you.

    You were just sitting at your desk one day when a hand slammed on your desk. You look up to seeing your best friend, Riki.

    "Well hello there, Mr." You said as you pressed your cheek against your palm.

    He chuckled lowly and sat at your desk. You hit his back and told him that he couldn't sit there, but he refused to listen and stayed there.

    Suddenly, he grabbed your arm and led you outside. As he was dragging your wrist, you kept hitting his shoulder.

    "Riki! Where are you taking me?" You yelled at him.

    He just looks back at you and puts his index finger up to his mouth. Once he stops, you notice that he brought you outside the campus.

    It was winter. The leaves on the trees were missing. The roads filled with snow. You looked up to see the tree you and Riki had been going to. It had almost no leaves left, and it was already being filled with snow.

    You released the breath that you didn't know you were holding. You then looked at Riki, but to your suspense, he was already looking at you.

    Blood crept up your cheeks, as you opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Riki held both your hands and took a deep breath.

    "Y/N, I like you. Please go out with me." He says with his eyes closed tightly.

    Your eyes dilated, as you released a shaky breath. You opened your mouth again, this time words coming out.

    "Riki. I... Of course." You reply, smiling fondly at the boy in front of you. His eyes suddenly opened wide, as he smiled lovingly at you.

    He hugged you tight, and that was when you two decided that winter was yours and his.

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  • missmadwoman
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Afterglow Part Twelve.

    Check out Profiles 2 + Character introduction since these are new characters.



    "It's all on me, just don't go. Meet me in the afterglow."
    Summary: It's been 2 months since your break up with your boyfriend. It was not pretty, neither of you has contacted each other since. That is until a thread you make about rating your ex's using Taylor Swift songs reaches him.
    Pairing: Park Sunghoon x female reader.
    Taglist: [Open] @hiqhkey @mykalon @jakesim-p @wanlore @rielleluvs @enxnesblog @ourschan {just ask or reply, whatever you want.}

    Authors Note: What do y'all think of the new characters???

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    I’m Vana

    I post Kpop related stuff such as images and stories and other non-kpop things

    I stan:




    Red Velvet



    Chung ha




    A lot of other groups and soloist:>

    Other artists I like: The Weeknd, Kali Uchis, Arctic Monkeys, Doja Cat, Melanie Martinez and The Neighborhood.

    I like rnb and Alternative Rock

    I like writing and watching YouTube videos

    My fav show is The Rain hehe

    Fav color:pink???red,black and white

    Nice to meet you🤍

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  • yunkifoldr
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    𝐇𝐀𝐋𝐅 𝐀 𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐍𝐈𝐔𝐌 ㅤㅤan enhypen historic!au series.

    in the midst of a conflict between nations, you find yourself falling in love. but what's the worst-case scenario possible, you ask? all of it. as an uncontrollable love begins, seven different stories with seven possible outcomes make up a new chapter in the history. this is the moment where the love of your life bursts forth, radiant than the sun and stars.
    release date : unknownㅤㅤupdates : possibly slow
    warnings : will soon be addedㅤㅤtaglist : open, send me an ask or comment here in this post regarding which member you'd like to be tagged to. can be specific members only and can also be all of them.


    “ i love you, more than i think i could love in billions of lifetimes. ”

    at first, he initially considered you as a threat, but before you knew it, you were being doted on by the most popular man in gyeonggi-do. you two get close enough as a result of his helpful and loving nature, as you easily take on the position of his 'little sister.', but was it really enough for you? … and for him?
    pairings : knight!heeseung x princess!reader
    tropes used : enemies to lovers, brother's best friend

    read here.


    “ even if i had known you were my enemy from the start, i still would've fallen for you. ”

    he's a tactless grump who was also brash and assertive, and he's surprisingly awkward around women. he's a man who wants vengeance on the crown prince you have been serving. the two of you, on the other hand, are becoming extremely close. you may not realize it, but your love was never meant to be.
    pairings : combatant!jay x minister!reader
    tropes used : rivals to lovers, forbidden love

    read here.


    “ i will use my lifetime, all of them, just for you. you're my only light. ”

    the truth behind the man who calls himself a demon out for revenge, is that he is no demon at all, soon finding out that he is the gentlest of them all. but do not be deceived, he is someone who's filled with deep resentment, and there is no end to the lengths he would go to exact his revenge.
    pairings : demon-human!jake x spy!reader
    tropes used : rivals to lovers, secret relationship

    read here.


    “ you really are a fool. but it's too late to stop this now, so i guess i'll be staying with you starting tonight. ”

    you were commanded to live under the care of ambitious, determined, and a competitive warrior. despite his every effort to push you away, you can't help but want to bridge the gap between you two. once a cold and distant man, now had his invisible walls broken by yours.
    pairings : warlord!sunghoon x royal chef!reader
    tropes used : strangers to lovers, slowburn

    read here.


    “ even though i am new to love ... i assure you, i will devote myself onto learning how i will love you right. ”

    a brilliant aide who exceeds at strategizing, too immersed to say the least that he forgets to look after himself. his kind demeanor and effortless sensuality makes him very appealing. your first task as a chatelaine was to look after him, and before you knew it, you were completely captivated by all his sides; the angel, the strategist, the warlord, and his true identity; being himself.
    pairings : strategist!sunoo x head of the medical household!reader
    tropes used : friends to lovers, first love

    read here.


    “ too late, i've caught you now and i'm never letting you go. ”

    a prince who loves a good thrill as much as a good battle. someone with a free spirit, his natural curiosity drawing him to you from the very start. though impossible to keep up with, his unwavering resolve and spellbinding words draw you closer together. despite the differences, your attraction to each other is undeniable.
    pairings : crown prince!jungwon x commoner!reader
    tropes used : arranged marriage, strangers to lovers

    read here.


    “ screw the world that refuses to see us, i'll love you no matter what, i'll always recognize who you really are. ”

    his reputation for being a strange crown prince rings throughout okayama. he's someone chaotic, friendly, and someone who knows how to truly have fun. you two hit off right away, but you soon find out that all of it was just a ‘mask’. feeling betrayed, you start to wonder– is there a reason why he has to pretend?
    pairings : soon to be emperor!riki x entertainer!reader
    tropes used : childhood best friends, friends to lovers

    read here.

    © yunkifoldr, 2022ㅤ|ㅤmain masterlist

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