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  • missmadwoman
    22.01.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    See Right Through Me. Profiles 1:

    Summary: Kwon YN is invisible in the eyes of her classmates. They spill secrets with her there. Any cheating secrets she tells Yuna. Who uses her popularity to expose it. When YN finds out a secret about Lee Heeseung. YN goes straight to him and now she's fake dating Lee Heeseung?.

    Pairing: Lee Heeseung x f! Reader.

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  • sankyeom
    21.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    sorry, i'm an anti-romantic chapter eleven: you’re down BAD

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    #pairing: park sunghoon x reader (she/her pronouns)

    #summary: after years of casual dating and never committing to relationships, your friends challenge you to fall in love. which is why you seek out park sunghoon, the campus heartbreaker, to pretend to break your heart. little do you know: his reputation is a complete lie.

    #update schedule: every four days at 3:00pm pst

    #tag list: 4 spots left! send me an ask or leave me a comment if you want to be tagged. you can check if you’re on my tag list at the bottom of the series masterlist or here

    tag list: @sunlightwoo @cb97curls @softforqiankun @yeonluv @sunzwoo @uwu0clock @allyg-onz @haknyeoms @haknyeomz @lilacdreams-00 @binniebutter @ju-kev-nyeon @deobienthusiast @starstrucklampzipperfreak @linhyyboo12 @blancaatherosee @ateezcity @lilacarat @ncvltrtchnlgy @ninjapandasanchia @peachhyun @cixrosie @nycol-ie @manutuankim @wooyoung-a @geniejunn @junjungsunwoo @todorokiskitten @littleaprilcherryblossom @outroeuphoria

    #enhypen#enhypen imagines #enhypen fake texts #enhypen social media au #enhypen texts #enhypen x reader #enhypen scenarios #enhypen x you #enhypen drabbles #enhypen socmed au #enhypen sns au #enhypen social au #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon imagines#sunghoon scenarios #sunghoon x you #fic: sorry i’m an anti-romantic
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  • cersworld
    21.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    the return of a shawty

    cast: idol!jungwon x reader ft. enhypen, txt, etc.

    what happens when yang jungwon has to go back to school? will he make friends or will he hate everyone and hide in a little corner every chance he gets to get away from everyone? all we know is that he will, most definitely, get kicked where the sun doesn't shine.

    warning(s): vivid mentions and descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks, trespassing, misgendering, illegal and unprofessional tattoos and piercings, vivid mentions and descriptions of suicidal thoughts and ideation, etc.

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    taglist: @ily-cuz-i @enhacolor @beomsun @lumixen @chillfilms @aksemy @hwalllllllelujah @ja4hyvn @higamersitsbarney @yvesismywife @lunaflvms @angel-hyuckie

    "guess who's back~" yelled an excited jungwon as he slammed the classroom door wide open, way too hyped for six in the morning on a monday.

    he waltzed into the room, only to stop half-way, arms freezing midair as his smile dropped and eyes widened. instead of making eye contact with y/n, he was met with the sight of three girls sitting at their tables, munching on identical bags of chips and sipping at bottles of coke.

    the girls silently stared as jungwon awkwardly shuffled in the doorway, dropping his arms and clearing his throat as he tried to come up with an excuse for….whatever that was.

    "ohh, um, aha, wrong room, sorry." he chuckled awkwardly  slowly backing out of the room, haha! yang jungwon you're so smart! dare i say, a genius perhaps?

    however, he was quickly snapped out of his self-absorbed thoughts when he turned around and ended up bumping into someone. he pulled back, apologising profusely before making eye contact and freezing. wow… when did they get so…

    "jungwon!" you squeaked, completely forgetting about the three girls in the room as you pulled him in for a hug, wrapping your arms around his waist as he patted your head  before relaxing into your touch and leaning his head on top of yours, closing his eyes. 

    "i missed you so much!" he mumbled, squeezing you harder, seeming to have forgotten about the three girls as well.

    the three girls who were now gaping at the sight in front of them, eyes wide as they silently glanced at each other in shock. what the FUCK?!

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  • missmadwoman
    21.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    See Right Through Me Masterlist.

    Summary: Kwon YN is invisible in the eyes of her classmates. They spill secrets with her there. Any cheating secrets she tells Yuna. Who uses her popularity to expose it. When YN finds out a secret about Lee Heeseung. YN goes straight to him and now she's fake dating Lee Heeseung?.

    Pairing: Lee Heeseung x f! Reader.

    Genre/Tropes: fake dating, humour, angst, fluff.

    Not me thinking up another idea 😂. As a Heeseung bias it hurt that I hadn't written a smau with Heeseung as the male lead so here it is.

    I'm still figuring things out and I don't know when I'll get round to posting profiles or even anything to do with this but it will happen.

    Taglist: Open. @ourschan @jakesim-p Send an ask/reply to be added to the taglist.

    ★Enhypen Masterlist★

    ±Main Masterlist±

    Profiles 1.

    Profiles 2.

    Chapter 1.

    Chapter 2.

    Chapter 3.

    Chapter 4.

    Chapter 5.

    Chapter 6.

    Chapter 7.

    Chapter 8.

    Chapter 9.

    Chapter 10.

    #enhypen imagines#enhypen fanfic#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen scenarios#enhypen fic #lee heeseung x reader #lee heeseung x you
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  • sunootonin
    21.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    𝐒𝐈𝐌𝐏 𝐅𝐎𝐑 [𝐑𝐄𝐃𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐃]♡19. jay why papi

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    #THIS IS A FILLER CHAPTER BUT NEXT WILL BE INTERESTING I PROMISE 😔 #enhypen#jake enhypen#enhypen fics#enhypen smau#kpop boys#sim jaeyun#kpop smau
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  • httpheeseung
    21.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    ASAP! - 2: random lab partners

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    taglist (open!): @mochisnlix @mina-yoo334 @babygay-stay @enhacolor @heatrache @luvddeonu @yvesismywife @duolingofanaccount @mitsukifilms @lunaflvms @bigtittietoji @nrksrealgf @lisooqueens @sunoope @yurazuyori @hiqhkey @rikithoughts @yogurteume @ilyrk @amakumos

    #enhypennetwork#enhypen smau #enhypen x reader #enhypen fic#enhypen fluff#sunoo smau #sunoo x reader #sunoo fic#sunoo fluff#jungwon smau#jungwon fic #jungwon x reader #jungwon fluff #ni ki smau #ni ki x reader #ni ki fluff #ni ki fic
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  • 0912005
    21.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    𝐛𝐮𝐛𝐛𝐥𝐲 — 𝗄𝗂𝗆 𝗌𝗎𝗇𝗈𝗈

    pairings: bf!sunoo x gn!reader

    genre: angst, fluff, comfort

    warnings: mentions of toxic teacher, crying, school stress, stress, overworking, reader is really tired of school.

    wc: 0.5k

    rating: pg

    lilys n0te: hey everyone! finally a long awaited sunoo fic :0 this is inspired by my own life. this happened to me just yesterday, but i had no sunoo to comfort me. but i did have @hirokari @atrirose @whatsa-bi-as and i love you guys o much. thank you guys ily sm <3 the paragraph sunoo told y/n is the words of comfort hiro told me and im so so so grateful for it. the knee caps one was jj 💀 but ilu guys muah. hope you guys like this fic <3 please do drop in some feedback!!

    permanent taglist [send an ask or dm me to be added!]: @wonjaems @penny-quinn @sweetrainwrites @azure-arcanum @dimplehyunn @cahiwo @i2gyus @0x1lovebot @dosiedior @enhacolor @pockyandme @jungwoniics @freckledwinterfalls @baekhyunstruly @goldenhypen @heelariously @navsnct @yurazuyori @odetoyeonjun @uanel @liliansun @w3bqrl @amakumos @mygnolia @sunflower-euphro @sjyuniverse @wonyofanclub @softforqiankun @abdiitcryy @dyzennie @yenart @missmadwoman @ja4hyvn @tomorrowbymoa-together @rutowonz @gyuwrites @verifiedsunghoonsimp @lomlyeonjun @youreverydayzebra @soobin-chois @ilandsghost @itaintlavuu

    sunoo knew something was wrong.

    you weren’t being yourself today. with half hearted smiles and talks, you weren’t at all your usual bubbly self.

    after dinner, he decided he was going to talk to you about it. the two of you were on the couch, you were scrolling through your phone. he decided to take that opportunity.

    “hey y/n… baby are you okay? you dont seem so cheerful today.. do you wanna talk about it?”, he slowly scooted closer to you, not wanting to think he was prying. you looked at him with teary eyes. you really weren’t okay.

    “no im not sunoo. today was the worst day i had. school was terrible and you know how my math teacher is. she had to make everything worse and give me double the work she gave everyone else. and ive been so tired lately and i just… i just dont know what to do anymore. i really want some time away from… all this.”

    it broke his heart seeing you like this. he’d noticed how tired you were becoming, stressing yourself over all your schoolwork. your math teacher was the absolute worst. she would always pick on you for no reason. she had taken a dislike to you since the first day, always trying to embarrass you in front of the class and whatnot. it was practically not allowed for a teacher to do that but nobody cared.

    sunoo was enraged. he wanted to take her knee caps.

    “bubs.. trust me when i say this: you trying your best will pay off. your teacher mistreated you and its amazing how you did not blow a fuse because i know i would have. its amazing how patient you and and how you're keeping up so well. really, these may sound like empty words but truth be told im so proud of you for making it through and handling this situation so well,, especially under the stress of a bad week. you’re so strong for this and i love you so much. and you know im always here for you right? im always ALWAYS here for you. okay? so please dont take what she says to heart. shes a trash teacher and i hope she gets what she deserves for not treating her students right.”, he was hugging you, telling you all these words softly and wiping your tears away. it hurt him so much to see you like this.

    he was going to make sure your teacher was going to regret what she did. but for now, his main priority was you.

    “cmon.. lets go make you something to eat and lets cuddle while watching our beloved summer again.” he said, taking you in your arms, all the while pressing soft kisses to your forehead. he knew how vulnerable you were right now. he wanted you to know he was always there for you. and he did.

    he spent the whole night hugging you tight, and whispering sweet words of reassurance in your ears, and you felt so much better with him by your side.

    he always made things better. he always made sure you were your happy, bubbly self.

    “i love you sunoo. i dont know what i’d have done without you. im so grateful for you.”

    “i love you too y/n. now watch the drama!! they’re about to kiss again!!”

    and just like that, he kept you happy, as he liked.

    ©09120005 on [tumblr]

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  • soobnny
    21.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    maybe love can finally stay — lee heeseung. exes to lovers.

    synposis. love retests the waters when you and your ex-boyfriend heeseung finally talk about why you broke up in a beach house reunion after putting your love to a rest four years ago (2k words)

    warnings. none

    It’s 2am and you can’t sleep.

    It may or may not be because of the simple fact that you were in a beach house, seven years later in a reunion with your old friends from high school. 

    And it wouldn’t have been any trouble - it all should’ve been fine. Except for the minuscule detail that your ex-boyfriend whom you’ve known for almost the entirety of your life was present.

    Inarguably, you should’ve been able to move on by now, but how can you when everything you see is the slightest reminder of what could have been?

    He’s almost everywhere, on the tabloids, on your television, even your co-workers are talking about him, and you find that you can’t escape someone who had claimed a huge part of your life since your first year of high school.

    The cool breeze of the ocean is enough to calm your raging thoughts for now. 

    The moon has quietly taken over the skies, offering you company as you sink into the cold sand, settling with the sound of the waves crashing into the tides. The air is cooler and the breeze stirs your thoughts away for a moment, lulling them to sleep and giving you a short moment to breathe.

    Soft whispers are being carried by the wind, and the moon is asking if you’re okay as if it can feel the sharp pain in your sternum. And you want to tell her that nothing’s been fine for a while, and you miss the time when the blanketed sky didn’t remind you of Heeseung’s arms the night he had kissed you for the first time.

    It only reminds you of him. 

    Through nights like this, Heeseung would’ve held you safely in his arms, kissing you over and over under the endless skies and the twinkling stars. His mouth would’ve spoken words of comfort, and you wouldn’t have been feeling this way.

    And you think the moon is calling you stupid for being hung up on the boy you’d broken up with years ago, but you reason with her. You ask her, how could one not have loved the greatness in his eyes.

    And as if she was granting you one final wish, quiet footsteps are heard, contrasting the crashing of the waves. You think you might be losing your mind when the silhouette draws closer and it reminds you of the familiar form of someone you had once called your lover.

    Barely seeing through the darkness, you feel your chest tighten from the way his eyes are so easy to recognize, even in the inky night, and it’s still able to peek through the wall you’d been desperately trying to put up the moment you laid eyes on him again. You couldn’t move, not when he’s moving to sit beside you with his knees brought up to his chest.

    “Look, you don’t have to talk to me. We’re all leaving tomorrow, and we can just forget we ever saw each oth-”

    “I couldn’t sleep.” is all he says.

    He doesn’t tell you that the reason why he can’t sleep is that, through nights of endless stars, he’s reminded of you. He’s reminded of the times he’d tried to reach out after the breakup. The unanswered calls and the unreturned efforts of seeing him when he came home from Seoul.

    He’s reminded of when all he could do was chase the love he no longer had.

    He breathes intensely, sitting there on the sand, the ocean and the moon and the sky blurring into the background the moment he finally looks at you - the way he’s been avoiding in fear of losing his composure. You don’t catch the way he’s gazing at you as if you weren’t real. 

    The last time he saw you were through blurry eyes and broken stares, almost four years ago. No one can blame him for thinking that the sight of you so near him might as well be a figment of his imagination.

    “Guess your thing for the ocean never left, huh?” 

    Heeseung’s almost relieved at the thought of constancy. He couldn’t explain the immense emotions that coursed through his veins at the thought that he still knew you. Even after all these years. 

    Sure, you walked with a broader back now, a new sense of confidence surging through you, and you might have new sleeping patterns, new routines, new taste in music, but you still loved the ocean the same. You still wore your hair up the way you liked when you were with him, still leaving out the peas in your vegetables. 

    Love was still the same.

    “Are you okay?” 

    He loses himself in your words, and he’s not sure if it’s from the way you said it, but something about the way you were looking at him, with the softest look he’s seen in a while, gives him the confidence to answer your question.

    It’s a question he’s heard plenty of times before. It was one his friends (and his members later on when he had told them about you) had religiously asked him when you two had broken up. It’s a question he’s never learned to properly answer, stemming from when he’d overwork himself back in high school, he’s still being asked now. And he still doesn’t have an answer.

    But he gives one for you. Albeit not accurately. 

    Heeseung can’t tell you that his soul is not satisfied that it has lost you. It’s not right if he says he’s been wondering, for the past four years, if things would have been easier if you were still by his side. Would it be okay if he told you that there’s been a burn settling in his heart that only started sparking again the moment he saw you at the reunion? Could he say he’s been wondering why you two didn’t last?

    “I will be.” It’s an honest answer. 

    Heeseung knows he’d be fine in time. And you agree silently with his words, mirroring his position and bringing your legs towards your chest, chin tucked gently on it as the wind continues to blow through the two of you.  

    “Why didn’t you fight harder?”

    He catches you off guard, and it’s a question you thought you always knew the answer for. And the look he gives you is almost as if he’s not expecting an answer, just pleading for relief. Anything to finally explain why it had ended the way it did.  “I didn’t want to get in the way of your dreams.” It was the memorized answer sitting in the back of your head, but Heeseung’s pleading eyes weren't satisfied.

    The break in his voice didn’t disguise the pain he was feeling. Then again, It’s the first time you two had talked about it after the breakup. “You were part of my dream, you know that. We could’ve pushed through anything.” 

    “I didn’t want it to come to the point where you’d have to choose between being an idol and me. I already knew your answer. And pushing through everything seemed so difficult at the time.” Your voice was a whisper, even when Heeseung needed it to be shouted at him. 

    “I never said it’d be easy to overcome, but I knew that if we tried, we would’ve been able to make it. You could’ve waited.”

    “I didn’t want to put my life on hold. I didn’t know when you were going to come back, or if we’d be the same when you were away in a different city with a completely different lifestyle than mine.” You think he’s said enough, Heeseung’s let out everything he needed to tell you, but you didn’t know the last pain you’d have to suffer was reserved for today.

    “I was going to ask you to marry me.” 

    And the thought that you’d let marriage with Heeseung slip away as quickly as you did with your relationship absolutely breaks you, especially when he’s looking directly at you, shedding tears he wasn’t aware were rolling down his cheeks. The crack in his voice tampered with the peace the evening breeze was trying to offer to the both of you.

    “I’m sorry.” 

    You’re made aware of everything you’d decided to let go the moment you walked out on him four years ago and a sob itches at your throat for the life you could’ve had. When the first set of tears escape your eyes, Heeseung’s quick to pull you in his arms, hands finding the familiar path of your back and tracing the patterns he knew were quick to calm you down.

    “I didn’t mean for us to end like this.” The words he’s hearing from you are heartbreaking. You sound utterly horrendous, defeated even. “For what it’s worth, I didn’t think we’d end like this either. I just thought we would never end. I thought we’d be able to do anything, follow each other through everything, and that’s that.” 

    Your heart is a large weight in your chest, and you think the weight of it would drag you straight down to the bottom of the water and drown you. It hurt you to know he was so willing to make things work with you.

    “I’m so sorry.” He shushes you, bringing your cheeks in his hands and using his thumb to wipe away the tears that refuse to stop running.

    “I’m proud of you, you know, for all that you’ve accomplished. I just want you to know that I’m so proud of you for reaching your dreams.” It’s the only time you’ve said those words out loud and it almost felt cathartic to finally be able to tell him how proud you are of him, especially with how much effort he’d put into his passion. 

    It's the first smile of the night, even when it’s mixed with messy tears and puffy eyes, and he smiles right back at you. Heeseung’s glad that, in a way, your heart still thinks about him. And he's left to wonder if you notice the way he kisses the necklace you had bought him on your first year anniversary every time he’d perform - without a fail. His lips always make contact with the metal, a reminder of the person who stuck with him through cruel training and took care of him when he overworked himself.

    The feeling of you close and the sight of a smile on your lips is something Heeseung never wants to go away. “I wish we could start over. But the universe just doesn’t work that way, huh? Soon, we won’t see each other. We’ll leave this place, and that’ll be it.”

    “But what if we could try again? What if this time we wouldn’t end?” 

    You notice how his eyes travel from your eyes to your lips, then back at your eyes. And the sight of his quivering lips, the most vulnerable you’ve seen him, has you sucking your breath. 

    “Do you think we’d be able to make it?”

    The thumping of your heart grows louder when he’s leaning in, and you can feel the moon and the wind trying to calm the both of you down. When his forehead touches yours, you’re convinced you no longer knew how to breathe. “We’re worth a try.”

    When his hand finds home on your cheeks for the second time that night, your eyes flutter closed and you allow your lips to meet in a slow burn of yearning. It’s slow, and deep, every possible emotion expressed in the way you two were kissing each other. Your touches take precedent in both your minds until all you know is each other.

    In the distance somewhere, someone is singing at the two lovers, kissing under the same night that had blanked the same trees when they shared their first kiss, the same endless stars, the same people (albeit a little grown now). 

    In the distance, hope is revisited, and love gets a second chance.

    note. posting something before exams next week :] 

    permanent taglist. @giyyuzz @ja4hyvn @candidupped @ily-cuz-i @amakumos @clarakyunisageek @hyuckslytherin @soobin-chois @jjunis @clar-iii @yjwfav @acciomylove @ferxanda @hakuyeo @sqnwo (send an ask to be added!)

    #enhypen x reader #kflixnet#ficscafe #k-radio! #heeseung x reader #heeseung x you #heeseung x y/n #lee heeseung x you #lee heeseung x y/n #lee heeseung x reader #angst#heeseung oneshots#heeseung fanfic#written#fluff#reader insert#enhypen fanfic#enhypen oneshot #heeseung long fic
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  • luvarots
    21.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    XOXO | 016. yeonjun’s senses

    XOXO, kim sunoo

    ☁︎·̩͙✧ in which y/n sends sunoo a love letter, him thinking it’s childish he politely rejects her, but why is it when y/n gets the lead in the school play he starts feeling jealous knowing there’s a kiss at the end.

    — genre: classmates to lovers, highschool au, smau, attempt at humor, fluff

    — pairing: sunoo x fem!reader

    — warnings: swearing, i know nothing about theatre bare with me please LMAO

    — status: ongoing

    — release date: january 3rd 2021

    — taglist (CLOSED): @hyuzeri i @sbnchaos @schoobs @ja4hyvn @mitsukifilms @seventeeneration @pixyseeun @enhacolor @msxflower @woopetals @nova-bi @hiqhkey @acciomylove @chirokookie @hugs4sieun @cbgdoll @kurodach @jaywonlix @joti17 @xoxojayd3n @goddaughtersyndrome @versaceofficiall @yvesismywife @90sni-ki @ikyk-leeknow

    — a/n: yeonjun’s senses are tingling

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  • cersworld
    21.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    jungwon the demon, sunoo the grandpa

    cast: idol!jungwon x reader ft. enhypen, txt, etc.

    what happens when yang jungwon has to go back to school? will he make friends or will he hate everyone and hide in a little corner every chance he gets to get away from everyone? all we know is that he will, most definitely, get kicked where the sun doesn't shine.

    warning(s): vivid mentions and descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks, trespassing, misgendering, illegal and unprofessional tattoos and piercings, vivid mentions and descriptions of suicidal thoughts and ideation, etc.

    prev masterlist next

    taglist: @ily-cuz-i @enhacolor @beomsun @lumixen @chillfilms @aksemy @hwalllllllelujah @ja4hyvn @higamersitsbarney @yvesismywife @lunaflvms @angel-hyuckie

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  • meraniki
    21.01.2022 - 19 hours ago



    ⌦ the fact that there are 400+ lovely people gathered in this humble abode of mine, i can't even find words to express. thank you for supporting me on my journey, either as a mutual, a reader, or a lurker — i appreciate every single one of you. as another way of expressing my thanks, expect continuous bite-sized drabbles written by me and curated by you in this event! 🎉

    「 EVENT STATUS ! 」

    SLOTS: 6/10 slots filled. (details below!)

    1ST SLOT: ni-ki + paint me naked by ten.

    2ND SLOT: heeseung + someone like u (interlude) by ariana grande.

    3RD SLOT: jake + sunkissed by khai dreams.

    4TH SLOT: ni-ki + enchanted by taylor swift.

    5TH SLOT: jungwon + cornelia street by taylor swift.

    6TH SLOT: jungwon + say you love me by jessie ware.

    7TH SLOT: available!

    8TH SLOT: available!

    9TH SLOT: available!

    10TH SLOT: available!

    「 HOW TO JOIN ! 」

    ⌦ the rules are simple: send me a member + one or several lines from a song of your choice. your song can be of any genre and language, what matters is the theme or concept you'd like to go with! (e.g. "can i get a drabble for heeseung + [lyrics] from [song] by [artist]? thank you!" — as an example.)

    ⌦ i will pick a genre and write a drabble based on your submission. please note that the lyrics you choose will be automatically used as the prompt for your drabble!


    ⌦ the submissions will be closed once all slots are filled. everyone is welcomed to join, no matter publicly or anonymously!

    ⌦ songs with horror/thriller/mystery themes are allowed. however, i am more experienced with writing drama/angst/fluff, but i'll try to write requests related to these themes as best as i can!

    ⌦ before submitting, please make sure your chosen song does not contain NSFW or inappropriate elements. i am a minor, and submitted songs that contain sexual themes will be automatically rejected!

    ⌦ posts related to this event will be tagged under song-inspired drabbles 🎬.

    ˗ˋˏ READY TO PARTICIPATE? then, head over to my inbox before the slots run out! ˎˊ-

    © meraniki. do not repost, plagiarize and translate. likes and reblogs are extremely appreciated! thank you for your support.

    #enhypen x reader #enhypen heeseung x reader #enhypen jay x reader #enhypen jake x reader #enhypen sunghoon x reader #enhypen sunoo x reader #enhypen jungwon x reader #enhypen niki x reader #enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fluff#enhypen angst#enhypen drabbles#enhypen timestamps#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen au#enhypen fic #enhypen fic angst #enhypen fic fluff #[ library's special: events! 🎈 ] #song-inspired drabbles 🎬
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  • seungstarss
    21.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    𝗣𝗥𝗢𝗩𝗘 𝗜𝗧 ☆ !!

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  • cersworld
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    riki's invasion tactics

    cast: idol!jungwon x reader ft. enhypen, txt, etc.

    what happens when yang jungwon has to go back to school? will he make friends or will he hate everyone and hide in a little corner every chance he gets to get away from everyone? all we know is that he will, most definitely, get kicked where the sun doesn't shine.

    warning(s): vivid mentions and descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks, trespassing, misgendering, illegal and unprofessional tattoos and piercings, vivid mentions and descriptions of suicidal thoughts and ideation, etc.

    prev masterlist next

    taglist: @ily-cuz-i @enhacolor @beomsun @lumixen @chillfilms @aksemy @hwalllllllelujah @ja4hyvn @higamersitsbarney @yvesismywife @lunaflvms @angel-hyuckie

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  • sunoona
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Dancing with the enemy

    agent!jay x agent!reader 

    Prompt: “You’re dance in a room filled with your enemies”,, spy au? 

    Warnings: Urg idk rly,, maybe just hot possibly evil agents

    PSA: I apologise in advance about my writing. I am dyslexic so I may make some mistakes with spelling, grammar, or accidentally miss out words. I will try to fix all my mistakes, but I’m not great on picking up on them. I also havent written a one shot in a while so im not sure on my flow ^-^

    Word count: 1600+ words

    The sound of your heels was loud against the marble floor. Too loud? You could not tell. Maybe it was your paranoia getting the best of you. But no one looked at you as though you where out of place, so you carried on. You observed every detail of every person you saw from behind your mask. Each person wore a different dress or suit, most of a darker colour like yours. Each face carried an elegant mask, if not hiding their faces then sat upon their heads. Many of them you did not recognise, but also many you did.

    Although you had seen many faces in your life, you would always recognise the face of an enemy.

    Now they surrounded you. Every corner you turned you saw one. If they had not tried to kill you, you had tried to kill them. But, it was exactly what you had expected though, as you made your way through the E.S.S. New Years ball. 

    You yourself were top undercover agent of their enemy agency the Y.I.S.

    All you had to do was listen and not get caught. As soon as you had any information. Leave.

    You’d done it plenty of time. Escaping every one. Today would be no different.

    You walked into the grand main hall; you stifled a laugh at the formality of it all. For a group that you saw as no more than troublemakers and crooks, they really took appearance seriously. The room was so grand there was no need for extra decorations, the ceiling painted with cherubs and goddesses. Funny really as no one here was going to heaven.

    You kept to the side of the hall, keeping out of sight but looking out for any of the more ‘influential’ members of the agency. It didn’t take long until you caught a gimps of one of their more popular members. Kim Sunoo.

    After years of sneaking about them you had not only picked up on faces, but names too. Sunoo was a master of disguise. His duality made him a great actor, a trick you’d begun to notice a pattern of. He stood with two others. One, a smaller girl you recognised but did not know the name of. She had her linked with Sunoo’s and seemed to spend most of her time looking up in awe of the pink haired boy. 

    The other you did know the name of. 


    One of their youngest agents, he was sneaky and agile. An agents you had to be most aware off. He had a talent for moving through the shadows unnoticed- much like you. Therefore, you both were well aware of each other’s existences. It was best to avoid him, if anyone were to recognise you, it was sure to be him.

    Instead, you walked across the hall, over too a trio who caught your eye. Park Sunghoon, Sim Jake, and Park Jay. Or the 02z, as they liked to call themselves. All three were note-worthy agents. They had managed to work their way up the agency together.

    As you moved closer you managed to hear their conversation:

    “Monday, right? Isn’t that too soon?” your ears pricked up as Sunghoon spoke. “If anything, it’s not soon enough. They still have Agent Jungwon and we need to retaliate somehow” Jay spoke, you could feel anger radiating through his voice.

    Perfect. This was exactly what you needed to hear. 

    It was true. Currently locked up at the Y.I.S. base was one of their leaders. Yang Jungwon.

    You tried to supress my smirk.

    “It’s the perfect plan. We give them exactly what they gave us. A burning down building and years-worth of damage.” Jake laughed after he spoke.

    You knew exactly what he spoke of. Two years ago you hand helped to blow up the main entrance to the E.S.S. base after they killed 3 of Y.I.S.’s top agents on a mission. You’d never forget it. It was one of the agency’s greatest achievements.

    But for now, you’d heard enough. The longer stayed here the longer you’d be in danger of being spotted. Instead you moved to leave but a hand stopped you. Looking up and your shoulders stiffened as you met Jay’s eyes.

    “Have you happened to see Heeseung around?” he asked, his voice was calming when he spoke. One of his many charms. 

    You looked away, his gaze was strong as he waited for a response.

    “No sorry. If I see him about I will tell him you were looking for him”, he nodded his gaze still following you as you tried to rush back into the crowd.

    You had to get out, making it beeline for the door. But as you reached the centre of the crowd the music changed and as most people began to partner up for the next dance they blocking your previously inconspicuous path.


    You turned back, too check if Jay was still there. But no. Sunghoon and Jake now stood alone. You glanced around for a way through the crowd. Spotting a small gap through. You were going to have to walk the long way round if you wanted not to be spotted.

    You kept an eye out for Jay and calmly walked round the crowd.

    The exit was just in reach, smirking at the thought of other successful mission.

     Until you felt a presence behind you and a hand fell on your waist.

    You froze.

    “Now where do you think you are going” a familiar voice breathed against your ear as it spoke, sending shivers down your spine.

    You turned calmly to face the man. Park Jay. And gulped at the lack of distance between the two of you.

    Too close.

    “I was just going for a breath of fresh air” you lied.

    “Oh really?” he smirked, “I don’t think you are… y/n.”

    You felt your eyes widened at the sound your name leaving his mouth.

    “I think you must have me mistaken for someone else, now if you’ll excuse me.” you turned to make your leave but his hand grabbed your wrist before you could get away.

    “I’m not a fool y/n” he pulled you closer, “I’m well aware of you and your role at your agency” His face was colder now, a bitterness and anger in his eyes.

    His very pretty eyes- you looked away. 

    Everyone around you was too focused on dancing or watching said dancing to notice the little scene the two of you had created.

    You glanced back to see a smirk reappearing on his face.

    “Say, y/n. Maybe I’ll let you go free. If you shared a few dances with me”

    You tried to fight the feeling in your stomach as you processed what he said. He lent back in, close to your ear,

    “Otherwise, I’ll blow your cover to everyone here”

    Your stomach twisted.

    “Fine. One dance”

    “We’ll see” he winked as he pulled you away from the exit back to the centre of the room.

    He bowed politely, not waiting for you to return the gesture, instead he pulled you in. One hand gently placed on your waist, the other holding your hand. You could feel your face growing flushed as the dance began. Spins and sways went by and naturally you began leaning in closer to Jay’s chest, until all you could smell was his cologne. Slowly you began to forget the reason for your presence at the ball, instead you enjoyed the dance and the feeling of being held in Jays arms. Loosing track of how many songs had passed.

    You looked up at Jay. His dark brown eyes were already staring at you. Butterflies erupted in your stomach. You had never cared to pay so much attention to his face, but the longer your eyes trailed each detail of his the more you felt captivated by his looks. His sharp jawline and pink lips, you wanted to lift you hand up and brush it through his brown hair that was streaked with green highlights.

    All the while, he stared at you. He had the entire dance. He felt like he couldn’t look away. He was aware you should have handed you over by now, but he wanted too keep you too himself more. 

    He took his hand out of yours, bringing it to your chin.

    Your eyes snapped back up too his. You felt him begin to lean in. 

    Something in you snapped, you opened your mouth slightly, as if to say something, but you couldn’t bring yourself to walk away. He raised his eyebrow, as if he could read your mind. You closed your mouth, not moving away. Instead you found yourself moving closer too.

    Your lips crashed in the middle; you closed your eyes as you melted deeper into the kiss. It was wrong, so wrong. But you didn’t want to stop. Your lips moved in unison with filled with a sort of desperation.

    It felt perfectly wrong.



     You pulled away suddenly. You had to get out of here. You had no clue who could have been watching you then.

    You glanced around frantically, and then back to Jay, a smug look on his face.

    “I’ll see you around y/n.”

    And with that you took off. You rushed towards the door. You didn’t care who saw you, you just had to get out.

    Your lips felt warm from the kiss, the thought of which just made your rosey cheeks redder.

     As soon as you reached the outside you hailed a cab and left.

    Back inside Heeseung approached Jay.

    “So you finally found yourself a girl” he teased. Jay laughed in response. “it was y/n wasn’t it”

    “it was indeed” jay spoke with a smile.

    #wooo my first enhypen fic #and yes that is me linking arms with my beloved sunoo <3 #thanks to my mums on twt for giving me both the inspo and motivation to write this #love you nina and minnie #i hope this is adequate #sunoona.oneshots #enhypen#park jay #i cba tagging
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    hi so uhh.. i got shadowbanned and this is just a shameless promotion of the posts i posted when it happened (which was twice lmao lets gaurr) 💥

    be ours

    through ups and downs

    he’s here [mild yjw, sjy nrk heavy]

    i-land: fire

    my other works cause why not

    #kang della #8th member of enhypen #enhypen 8th member #enhypen added member #enhypen eigth member #enhypen female addition #enhypen female member #enhypen ff#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios#enhypen imagines #enhypen poly fic #enhypen poly#enhypen oc #enhypen female oc #enhypen x oc #kpop added member #kpop oc
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    Dream in a dream

    twenty-seven ― [Kneecopter]

    | masterlist | << twenty-six || twenty-eight >> |

    summary: With assignments, studying and exams piling up, the reoccurring dream you had since you were young starts to hunt you back in uni. A young boy now a young adult your age, you wander if he was real or just a fragment of your imagination.

    @jongsaengseong​​ @enha-pen​@giyyuzz @luvrseung​ @yukii0-0​ @lokideadontheinside​ @gu8ki​ @missmadwoman​ @youngestdelacour​ @staysstrays​ @woniewhite​
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    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    w/c. 1.1k

    An unsettling feeling surrounded the empty fields of the campus as the majority of the students were busy following other lectures– blades of grass moved gently ever so often due to the light wind.

    Y/n followed the pebble path which lead to the annex building where the club rooms were– hands gripping tightly the straps of her bag while eyeing the few students outside like her.

    Her phone suddenly vibrated in the pocket of her jeans, making her halt for a moment. On the display appeared Jake's contact which left a puzzled expression on her face as the two were about to meet in no time.

    Nonetheless she still answered the call, back on her way.

    "Jake? Hello?"



    The speaker emitted a static sound but it was impossible that the phone couldn't connect; it's not like they were in the middle of nowhere and the university provided them with multiple wi-fi spots.

    "Sim Jaeyun!" Y/n toned up her voice, confusion plastered on her face.

    "Y/n! Sorry, I don't know what happened." He replied suddenly, making the girl flinch.

    However there was something in his voice that made her a little concerned.

    "Jake, what's wrong? I'm on my way, like two seconds and I–"

    "Thank God you're coming, I was starting to feel sick standing in this hallway completely alone."

    Y/n sighed rolling her eyes. "You called me because you were getting scared?"

    "No! No, no, that's not why I called you, I..."

    Silence followed and Jake couldn't seem to make up an excuse. The truth was that the boy not only felt frightened by the disquieting place, but he thought to have seen a shadow pass by, just at the end of the corridor.

    Y/n remained in silence the whole time, still walking towards the club room.

    Jake sighed. "It's just that nobody's here yet and I wanted to know where were y–"


    Jake saw his life flash before his eyes, a hand flew on his chest, right where his heart was beating erratically.

    "Are you out of your mind!?" He shouted angrily.

    Y/n tried to hold back her laugh, excusing herself for the jump scare she gave the boy.

    While Jake kept on lecturing her that she shouldn't do such a thing ever again, three other familiar faces entered the building.

    "Hello!" Chaeryeong's voice boomed in the huge hallway– waiving her hand up to greet the two who snapped their heads towards them in unison, quieting down suddenly.

    "Is everything alright?" As they walked closer, Jay questioned the two, eyeing them suspiciously.

    Both of them shrugged their shoulders like nothing happened and apparently it was enough for the others to go with it and move on.

    Jay took out the key to open the door of the club room and Jake looked around the hallways in search of something, which didn't come unnoticed by someone.

    Once they settled in, they wasted no time in taking out pen and paper– displaying the disturbing tweet on their phones, ready to uncover the mysterious message.

    "So..." Chaeryeong began, her voice came out like a whisper not knowing how to proceed.

    "Heeseung said they weren't phone numbers. That's a first." Sunghoon spoke, leaning forward on his chair.

    They sat at the circular table in the middle of the room. It wasn't spacious, however the big window on the left with beige curtains made the light delicately filter through it and gave the room a comforting feeling.

    What made the room interesting were the posters of previous articles written by the club which were either highly criticized or highly acclaimed by the many students of the university.

    The blue club was mainly formed with the entertaining purpose of giving the university something to talk about, something unique that other universities didn't have.

    It started off as a joke, many years after the construction of the big gothic edifice, when a few people began to experience sinister things.

    They decided to form the club as an investigative team to uncover the mysteries of the university.

    However, even if a lot of things happened after, during the years, the club was lead to be just a fun writing activity, with the theme being obviously the paranormal.

    Yet the students who joined the club were always the most curious as to all the unanswerable events. And you know how they say... curiosity killed the cat.

    "Why are these numbers so odd..." Y/n whispered to no one in particular, squinting her eyes at her phone.

    Next to her sat Jake, looking the most distressed out of everyone present.

    "Why do you look like you've seen a ghost?" Sunghoon ultimately asked irritated, after subtly observing the boy looking around the room in discomfort while bouncing his knee up and down out of nervousness.

    Jake glared at him, chuckling tensely at his question.

    "Maybe I have?" He spoke uncertain, rethinking about what he thought to have seen while waiting in the hallway.

    The room grew quiet and a sudden breeze made the group shiver.

    "Who opened the window?" Y/n asked hugging herself, feeling colder each minute it passed.

    "No one?" Jay gave his answer more as a question, skeptical about what was taking place at the very moment.

    He stood up from his seat, stepping towards the window. He drew the curtains just to reveal nothing but the window being closed, overlooking at the empty lawn.

    "Okay... let's get back to the message..." Chaeryeong demanded softly, shifting anxiously in her seat.

    Everyone nodded beginning to look down on their phone again.

    The clicking sound of the pen was the only thing audible inside the room.

    Almost an hour had passed and none of them had been able to crack the code of the message.

    Y/n exhaustedly put down her pen, sighing loudly.

    "We're wasting time."

    "Then what are we supposed to do? We don't even know what to search!" Sunghoon spoke, the thrill of uncovering the conundrum was slowly morphing into something annoying.

    After a while Y/n's eyes lit up.

    "Remember what Heeseung said?" The girl confidently began, switching the open apps from twitter to the phone app.

    "What are you doing?" Jake asked moving his chair closer to her, peeking to see what she was busy doing on her phone.

    "Heeseung said they weren't phone numbers so why..." Jay who was standing up, walked behind her, looking down at the screen of her phone.

    His eyes widened in realization– mouth agape he spoke shocked. "No way..."

    Y/n's eyes quickly darted back and forth form her phone to the piece of paper, scribbling as fast as she could.

    Once she was done everyone looked at what she had wrote confused.

    Nonetheless they were left impressed and astonished at the same time, finally encouraged by the new disclosure.

    "I think we have something."

    % . . masterlist ! previous ! next

    SYNOPSIS. a hunted university, an investigative journalism club and a lot of mysteries. a great journey awaits the new recruits of the blue hyacinth club. will the they be able to solve the paranormal events of hyacinth university with the obstacles another club is going to give them? but most importantly, will they be able to protect you? trust me, get comfortable and grab some popcorns.

    TAGLIST OPEN 🏷 !! for those who want to join the taglist you can either send an ask, reply to this post or message me ♡

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    𝐒𝐈𝐌𝐏 𝐅𝐎𝐑 [𝐑𝐄𝐃𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐃]♡ 18. again i Feel speciarr

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    taglist : OPEN! ask or reply to be added![ @dosiedior @enhacolor @jihyoscrown @tyongsbbfish @ily-cuz-i @acciomylove @kac-chowsballs @aahooheee @lokideadontheinside @jakesim-p @ja4hyvn @hiqhkey @aeonghaseyo @missmadwoman @lunaflvms @c9tnoos @annoyingbitch83 @vantxx95 @aria-grace-scott @awkwardnesshabitat ]

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    cast: idol!jungwon x reader ft. enhypen, txt, etc.

    what happens when yang jungwon has to go back to school? will he make friends or will he hate everyone and hide in a little corner every chance he gets to get away from everyone? all we know is that he will, most definitely, get kicked where the sun doesn't shine.

    warning(s): vivid mentions and descriptions of anxiety and panic attacks, trespassing, misgendering, illegal and unprofessional tattoos and piercings, vivid mentions and descriptions of suicidal thoughts and ideation, etc.

    prev masterlist next

    taglist: @ily-cuz-i @enhacolor @beomsun @lumixen @chillfilms @aksemy @hwalllllllelujah @ja4hyvn @higamersitsbarney @yvesismywife @lunaflvms @angel-hyuckie

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    I wanna read a really sad enhypen fic but I cant find any. Anyone help? Please,

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