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  • trashiju
    27.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    ## enha locs !

    I would kiss you 🎐 but my heart and lips belong to 중원

    Heeseung keeps me safe, he's my home.

    Hey! stop talking about Sunghoon, he's my bf, dummy++

    감사합니다, 활기찬! 🌷 you deserve a special flower!

    Kissing Sunoo? that's my job!!

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    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ꭎꬺ𐐼 ᦸɬ𐑦ᨾꭎᦸɬ𐐼 ɗᦸ թɾᦸçҩ ᦸꬺ ꭎꬺ ɕҩɾ𐐼çãҩ ᥬ᳢ɾ𐑦ҩ,ɾᦸꬺҩ᥎𐑦ɗ𐐼 թҩɾ ꭎꬺ ɕ𐐼ᥣҩɾ ɗᦸઢɕҩꪀჩᦸɕ𐑦ɗҩ,ᦸꭎ ɬᦸꪀჩҩ ᥎ҩɕê,᥎ҩɕê ꪀãҩ ᦸઢɬá, ᥎ҩɕê ꪀãҩ ᦸઢɬá à ᥎ᦸꪀɗ𐐼,᥎ҩɕê ꪀãҩ ᦸઢɬá à ᥎ᦸꪀɗ𐐼,ꪀãҩ թҩઢઢҩ ᥎ᦸꪀɗᦸɾ

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  • theebaragi
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Love? Love! Fighting!!

    Pairing: Jake x fem!Reader SMAU

    Summary: Jake is finally moving back to Korea after spending 5 years in Brisbane Australia to spend his senior year at Belift Academy. After one faithful meeting on a train with his new schools top student Kim (Y/n) he decides to make her his rival. Swearing to not be second in his class he also refuses to acknowledge his growing crush on his self declared rival. In other words he will NOT confess first. But you know what they say: All is fair, and Love is war.

    Featuring: ENHYPEN, JUSTB, Wonyoung, TXT and ITZY

    Warning(s): cursing, light angst, Idk y/n and Jake are kinda stupid and the others argue about Genshin and like shoujo anime will be updated if there is more

    A/n: I was originally gonna post this mid November but I kinda wanna start already 😭. Just think of it as my 100 followers celebration AU! This is also my poor attempt at doing strangers to friends from friends to enemies to enemies to lovers so let’s see where this goes 🤔

    Status?!: on-going updated: Weekly

    Taglist?: Send an ask to be added it’s open 🎉

    •Time stamps and dates are not important •

    Love? Love! Fighting!! Teaser (Nov 5)

    Rugby team profiles | Student Council besties profiles

    Scene 1: Exchange Student

    Scene 2: That’s him?!

    Scene 3: So not cool

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  • saturnznct
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    finding out you’re pregnant | enhypen x reader

    ahh thank you so much anon for my first ever enha request!! i really hope you like these!! much love <3

    ❥ warnings: sickness, fainting, mentions of s3x, suggestive, accidental injury, head injury, blood, injections, hospitals

    enhypen masterlist (lnks will be added later)


    ❥ jungwon

    Jungwon always looked so longingly at families. Even in the early days of your relationship, he made it quite clear that wanting kids was a deal breaker. There was nothing more that he wants than a little family to love and support.

    You were married for two years before you started talking about trying for a baby. You had spent some time together outside of the newlyweds stage, really beginning to settle into home life and your daily routine together. You were living comfortably, so in love and full of affection for each other.

    After a while though, Jungwon felt as though there was something missing. Don’t get him wrong, he was extremely happy- coming home to you was the greatest part of his day. 

    Eventually, he began noticing the sense of longing he felt seeing families on the street with their children and babies. Maybe that was the thing that was missing. A baby.

    Jungwon was never nervous about bringing it up with you. He’s always been open with you about what he wants and how he’s feeling, so this was never going to be any different.

    ‘I’ve been thinking recently,’ Jungwon states one night while you’re cuddling on the sofa watching TV.

    ’About what?’ You hum, half expecting some cheesy comment in the form of ‘you’ or ‘how pretty you are.’

    ‘I want to have a baby with you.’

    You feel your stomach pinch as if you’d just fallen several stories.

    ‘You want to start trying now?’ You sit up slightly, his arms unravelling from around your middle and slipping down to lay loosely around your waist.

    ‘I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently,’ Jungwon admits, ‘I… see families, and I feel quite jealous and I want what they have. In the mornings when you’re sitting up in bed with your tea or your coffee I just picture you and our baby, and I just want to start our family so badly.’

    For a few moments you’re silent, mulling over his words. Of course you want a baby too, but is now the right time?

    ‘I really have thought about it,’ Jungwon adds, ‘we have more than enough room in the house, we have the money, there’s a clinic not far from here, there’s a great hospital about twenty minutes away, good schools in the area, there’s also a playground a ten minute walk away. Did you know that?’

    ‘You really did your research,’ you murmur.

    ‘I wanted to be sure,’ Jungwon smiles sheepishly, ‘show you that I’m ready if you are.’

    ‘Ok,’ you nod, prompting Jungwon’s eyes to widen, ‘let’s have a baby.’

    ‘Really?’ Jungwon’s voice does up about two octaves, ‘I mean- you’re sure, right?’

    ‘Yes,’ you giggle, ‘I feel confident about it because I’m doing it with you, Wonie.’

    Next thing you know, his lips are on yours and he’s lifted you up, parading you out of the living room.

    The next several months are chaotic.

    Buying pregnancy tests with your groceries, recieving random packages with pregnancy books Jungwon had ordered, finding yourself reading TTC forums, grabbing every opportunity possible to try and just dealing with the general hiccups that come with trying to have a baby.

    For six months, nothing really happens. Every so often you’d receive a slight sliver of hope in the form of your period being slightly late, but then it would come nonetheless, dampening your mood. But then eventually, it doesn’t come. You’re a week and a half late. 

    ‘I come bearing more tests,’ Jungwon enters the bathroom carrying a paper shopping bag. Surprisingly, you had actually run out before you’d realised your period was so late., so Jungwon had to speed off to the store quickly.

    ‘I drank like two litres of water,’ you giggle, ‘pass them here.’

    You quickly tear open the box, pulling out the two tests. You don’t need to read the instructions anymore, you’ve done it so many times. You don’t care that Jungwon is in the room while you pee on the stick, you’ve known each other for too long and you’re far too in love for it to matter.

    ‘And now we wait,’ you announce, hitting start on the two minute timer.

    ‘I have a good feeling this time around,’ Jungwon grins, shifting around in his place, antsy.

    ‘I really hope you’re right,’ you respond, fiddling with your fingers.

    ‘Isn’t it weird how our little baby could be growing inside of you right now,’ Jungwon gushed, gently pulling you into his arms. You settle quickly, head resting against his neck against the warmth of his skin.

    ’It’s hard to imagine,’ you admit, ‘but I like the thought. A lot.’

    ‘I can’t wait to hear their little gurgles, or their little laugh, or their voice when they start talking.’

    ‘Cute,’ you say aloud, picturing those moments in your head. 

    ’Don’t be so nervous, baby,’ Jungwon kisses the side of your head, ‘no matter what happens, we’ll support each other.’

    The timer goes off quicker than you anticipate, scaring the both of you and prompting you both to jump.

    You grab the tests before Jungwon can react, holding them tightly in your hand so that you couldn’t see the results. 

    ‘Are you ready to look at them?’ Jungwon asks tentatively, ‘because truthfully, I’m kind of losing it here.’

    ’Me too, honestly…’

    ‘Countdown from three?’ Jungwon suggests, which you nod at. 

    ’Three, two, one-‘

    You flip the tests over. You both read the words instantly, but they take a few moments to sink in.

    ‘I knew it!’ Jungwon shrieks, reading the eight letter word displayed on the mini screen.

    ‘I’m actually pregnant,’ you stammer, ‘we’re having a baby.’

    ‘There’s a baby in there!’ Jungwon exclaims, pointing at your stomach.

    ‘Oh my God, I’m so happy,’ you sob, collapsing in his arms.

    ‘I’m the happiest man on earth, pretty girl,’ Jungwon leans down to press a kiss to your lips, ‘I love you, forever.’

    ‘I love you too,’ you smile, ‘and our baby.’

    ❥ heeseung

    ‘Why today, no, why today,’ you grumble.

    You’re in the bathroom of your hotel suite, your four best friends just several metres away.

    ‘Y/N!’ One hollers, ‘are you done yet? We need to get you dressed, stat!’

    It’s your wedding day. Yours and Heeseung’s wedding day. It’s early in the morning, and you’ve already eaten your breakfast, well, as much as you could stomach, and your friends were itching to get you dressed and dolled up.

    But you weren’t thinking about that. You were thinking about the possibility of the potential baby growing inside of you.

    You’d been feeling weird the last few days. You were worried that it was potentially the copious amounts of alcohol you’d been surrounded with (but hadn’t consumed) over the last few days, or just cold feet due to the wedding, but your physical symptoms were becoming too hard to ignore.

    ’One minute!’ You call back, desperately waiting for the two minutes to be over already.

    ‘Hurry up!’ Another one of your friends yells, and you hear the echos of laughs and giggles from outside.

    Eventually, the two minutes are over, and you instantly flip over the test.

    Pregnant. 1-2. 

    ‘Brilliant,’ you mutter.


    ‘I’m coming out now!’ 

    You flush the toilet, to seem as though you’ve actually gone, and stand up to face the mirror. 

    ‘Ok. We’ll worry about this tomorrow. Today is about your wedding,’ you recite, waving your hands in front of your face a couple of times to put your brave face on.

    You push your pregnancy to the back of your mind while your friends help you get dressed, doing your hair and helping you into your wedding dress.

    ‘You look so beautiful Y/N,’ your best friend hugs you from behind in the mirror, ‘glowing, even.’

    The rest of the day goes off without (and with) a hitch. The day is so perfect. Heeseung looks so gorgeous in his suit, his vows are so beautifully written and they touch your heart in ways he couldn’t even imagine. It feels so simple, the way you slide rings onto each others fingers, becoming husband and wife.

    The reception, big party afterwards is just as fun. The two of you dance together all night, occasionally being stolen by one of your parents or one of the members (Heeseung and Jay’s slow dance was easily the funniest thing you’ve ever witnessed) and you even manage to stomach your dinner. 

    Eventually, you say goodbye to your guests, and head up to the large honeymoon suite you’d booked, prior to your flight in the morning.

    ‘My feet are absolutely killing me,’ you complain, flopping down onto your back on the bed.

    ‘I’m sure I can help you with that,’ Heeseung grins, disappearing into the bathroom in search of some oil or cream.

    You stare at the ceiling, ignoring the dull ache that’s spread throughout your body. You have no idea what to do. When even is an appropriate time to bring it up?

    ‘Here we are,’ Heeseung returns holding a hotel sized bottle of something in his hands.

    He sits down on the footrest at the bottom of the bed, hiking up your dress to your mid calves.

    ‘What a day, huh?’ Heeseung gently unclips your shoes, tossing them behind him.

    ‘Those are expensive!’ You giggle, and he kisses your ankles in retaliation. 

    ‘Your dress will be on the floor soon anyway,’ he snorts, and you kick your feet, ‘ok, ok, calm down baby! Just relax.’

    The two of you sit in comfortable silence, music gently playing in the background while he massages away the knots in your feet and lower legs. After a while, he decides he’s finished, and kisses up your dress to your neck.

    ‘You’re so pretty,’ he hums, ‘no, not pretty, ethereal.’

    ‘Big word for you there,’ you chuckle, ‘and you’re not too bad yourself.’

    ‘I’ve said this so many times,’ he sits back, admiring you still in your dress, ‘I can’t wait for life now. We’ll come home in three weeks time and then there’s life with you forever. And we’ll have our big house and hopefully we’ll have some babies-‘


    In your mild panic, Heeseung notices the way that your face drops.

    ‘Are you okay?’ 

    ‘Me?’ You squeak.

    ‘Yeah, I thought I’d lost you there for a second,’ Heeseung is still holding you, ‘cause, I wasn’t insinuating we had to have kids now, if you’re not ready-‘

    ‘It’s not that-‘

    ‘Because, I didn’t mean that at all. I would wait years and years if that’s what you want. Because I love you, Y/N.’

    ‘I love you too,’ you swallow the lump in your throat, entertaining him for a few moments as he stole kisses.

    You push him away, ‘I have to tell you something.’

    ‘What’s the matter?’ He gently brushes your hair behind your ear, as he usually did to comfort you. 

    ‘I’ve been feeling a bit off recently,’ you explain, ‘I thought maybe I was just nervous.. you know, about the wedding.’

    ‘You’re not regretting anything-‘

    ‘NO, no, Heeseung, I would never. What I’m trying to say, is- is that- I’m pregnant.’

    Heeseung’s grip on you immediately softens, ‘wait, really?’

    ‘Yeah, I found out this morning,’ you give a weak smile, ‘was a bit of a shock, I’ve got to admit.’

    ‘You’ve probably been worrying about it all day,’ Heeseung draws soft circles on the satin covering your waist.

    ‘No, I was more distracted by Jay’s drunk dancing to be fair,’ you chuckle.

    ‘Yeah, I can see how that would be distracting,’ Heeseung laughs, ‘but this is such amazing news darling, I’m so happy, really.’

    ‘What a day, huh,’ you giggle, echoing his earlier sentiment.

    ‘You’re perfect,’ his hands wander down to your hips, ‘I love you and our baby so so so much.’

    ❥ jay

    You had never once talked about children. 

    You and Jay were a couple who lived very much in the moment. When you made plans, they rarely exceeded past the span of the year. Mostly it was planning trips away together, whether it was somewhere close like Jeju Island or somewhere far like Paris, Jay loved planning trips with you and spoiling you to death.

    This time around, Jay had surprised you with a trip to Hawaii for your anniversary. You had no idea you were going until the day before, and once you arrived you couldn’t believe what your boyfriend had pulled off for you. The hotel suite was huge, the resort was beautiful, and every little surprise topped the last.

    Your actual anniversary went off without a hitch. You spent the morning together in bed, cuddling and just enjoying the other’s presence. You ordered breakfast as room service, and ate it together in bed as well. The rest of your day was perfect, you had a picnic on a small quiet beach, and rented paddle-boards, which Jay fell off of multiple times despite trying to convince you he was an expert.

    The evening was every bit as magical as the day. Jay treated you like a princess, making a huge fuss over you and your red dress which he bought you. He had somehow rented out an entire restaurant, and you ate your meal surrounded by candles. Afterwards, you watched the stars together from the swinging chair on your balcony, before enjoying some alone time.

    However, the next morning, there was the complete opposite feeling. 

    Jay awakens to the sound of you darting into the bathroom.

    ‘Y/N? Are you alright?’ Jay asks, appearing in the doorway behind you seeing you slumped over the toilet.

    ‘I don’t feel well,’ you croak, ‘I feel like I’m going to be sick.’

    ‘I’ll get some wat-‘

    Before he can even finish his sentence you’re vomiting, and he’s rushing forwards to hold back your hair.

    ’Shh, just get it all out baby,’ he rubs circles onto your back.

    You spend about two hours sitting by the toilet with Jay, going through periods of intense sickness with no obvious real reason. 

    ‘I think maybe you ate something bad,’ Jay suggests, running his fingers through your tat-filled hair.

    ‘I have no idea what’s wrong,’ you rasp, ‘I don’t know if it was dinner last night or what, but I just don’t feel right at all.’

    ‘I think we should take you to the hospital,’ Jay makes more of a statement than suggestion, so you know right then that he’s taking you to the hospital.

    ’No, this is America, you’ll have to pa-‘

    ‘I don’t care. I’m worried about you, and you probably have food poisoning. You’re seeing a doctor.’


    A few hours later, you’re in a hospital, across from a doctor. 

    ’So you’ve been vomiting intensely all morning?’ The doctor asks, to which you both nod.

    ‘I just woke up and was being sick for maybe two or three hours.’

    ‘When you woke up?’ The doctor raises an eyebrow, which prompts you to furrow your own. 


    ‘Ok, I think it’s best that I check your blood pressure, just to see whether you’re dehydrated or not.’

    You squeeze Jay’s hand while the device tightens around your arm, taking a reading. 

    ‘No, you don’t seem dehydrated at all… you said you were a couple, right?’

    You and Jay exchange a glance, but nod.

    ‘Is there any chance Y/N could be pregnant?’

    You and Jay look at each other with wide eyes. The thought hadn’t even crossed your minds. 

    ‘Well, I mean,’ Jay shrugs, ‘we have.. in the last few weeks.. had a few opportunities for that, I guess.’

    Normally you’d get embarrassed and swat at him but you’re just so shocked at the idea of it.

    ‘I’m going to take some blood for a blood pregnancy test, if that’s okay with you. I would maybe suggest taking some store bought test kits if you want to find out sooner.’

    So you do. On the way back from the hospital, you and Jay buy three different kinds of tests, hurrying back to the hotel room to take them.

    ‘Are you okay?’ Jay asks when you’re in the car together.

    ‘I’m okay,’ you whisper, ‘do you want kids, Jay?’

    ‘I do,’ he gulps, swallowing the lump in his throat, ‘I just want you to be ok, more than anything else.’

    ‘Just a bit nervous,’ you admit, ‘if I am pregnant, our lives would have to change a lot. It’s going to be a bit of a shock.’

    For a few moments, he takes your hand in his, ‘and I’m so prepared to sacrifice anything I have to for our baby. But lets just take the tests first, okay?’

    You take one of each type of test once you get back to the hotel room. Jay helps you figure out the instructions, as well as setting and watching the timers. You nearly jump out of your skin when the first timer goes off. 

    ‘Are you ready?’ Jay lays his hand over the test.

    ‘Ready as I’ll ever be.’

    ‘Okay, before anything happens, I love you, always, no matter what,’ Jay reassures you, placing a hand on your knee and rubbing circles.

    ‘I love you too,’ you say, ‘but I’m getting desperate now. Turn it over before I go mad.’

    Jay promptly turns the test over.

    Pregnant 1-2.

    ‘Oh my God,’ Jay pulls you into his lap, pressing kisses all over your cheek, ‘we’re going to have a baby.’

    ❥ jake

    Jake was the best partner anyone could ever ask for. Sweet, affectionate, attentive and most of all, filled with love for you.

    You had been together for a long time, having met when you were in your last year of university, and Jake was in the middle of his first contract with Enhypen. Now seven years later you were engaged, settling into your first house which you had just recently bought together.

    Everything was perfect. Everything was going exactly as planned. 

    Until now.

    ‘No, no, no,’ your legs are bouncing uncontrollably in anxiety as you stare at the positive pregnancy test. 

    You and Jake had agreed several times in the past that you wanted to have kids once you were married. Two, maybe three, at least one of each. You were both very plan-orientated people who have a lot of reason and meaning behind your plans. For example, waiting until you were married and fans had fully accepted your relationship to have babies. For the safety of your future family.

    Now, you were completely regretting keeping going a few weeks earlier when you’d ran out of protection.

    You swallow the lump in your throat, knowing Jake could arrive home any minute. You walk into your shared bedroom, shoving the tests into the bottom of your underwear drawer.

    You return downstairs to where dinner was nearly finished cooking in the oven, thankfully not burned during your bathroom break. 

    ‘Oh hi Layla,’ you murmur to the dog laying on her bed, kneeling down to pet her, ‘you’re going to be such a sweet big sister.’

    You just start laying out the plates and cutlery when Jake arrives home.

    ‘Baby?’ He calls, kicking off his shoes and dumping his bag at the door.

    ‘I-I’m in the dining room! Dinner!’

    Jake appears in the doorway after a few seconds, swiftly approaching you and softly wrapping his arms around you from behind. 

    ‘Ugh, I’ve had such a long day. I’ve been looking forward to coming home to you for hours,’ he kisses your shoulder, taking your hands and fiddling with your engagement ring.

    ‘I’ve had a long day too,’ you hum, melting into his touch, ‘let’s just eat dinner, ok?’

    ‘You’re incredible,’ Jake says as you walk into the kitchen to retrieve the food, ‘you do so much for us.’

    ‘It’s only dinner,’ you chuckle, ‘anyway, making it was a good distraction.’

    ‘A distraction?’ Jake begins digging into his food the second you lay his plate down, ‘from what?’

    ‘Jake, I, uh-‘ you stumble over your words a bit, struggling to find the right thing to say.

    ‘Is everything alright, love?’ He looks concerned, eyebrows knitted together, ‘whatever’s the matter, you can tell me, you know you can.’

    ‘I know,’ your eyes begin filling with tears, and Jake reaches across the table to grab onto your hand, ‘it’s just… probably not exactly what you want to hear.’

    ‘You’re not breaking up with me are you?’ he’s clearly joking, but you shake your head profusely.

    ‘No, no, if anything it’s the opposite of that.’

    You wrack your brains, trying to think of a way to ease him into the information.

    ‘Remember, about a month ago, when we’d ran out of condoms, and it was like two in the morning so we couldn’t really go out and get any more and so we just thought fuck it, it’ll be fine?’

    Jake stares at you for a few seconds as if he’s trying to read you.

    ‘Yeah, I do,’ he says slowly.

    ‘I’m pregnant, Jake,’ you sob, ‘I know we wanted to wait and I’m so, so, sorry-‘

    ‘No, no, no, come here,’ Jake gets up from his chair and crouches down beside you, ‘don’t be sorry.’

    He holds you, rocking you side to side in the way he knows comforts you. He brushes the hair away from your face so that he can look into your eyes.

    ‘You want to have the baby?’ Jake checks. You nod, any other option not even crossing your mind.

    ‘Good. We’re in this together, okay? I’m not upset, if that’s what you’re worried about. We’ll be fine. Our family will be safe. Let’s be excited.’

    You smile, finally allowing yourself to imagine your new life with your little baby.

    ‘Now,’ Jake announces after a few minutes, ‘I now have two humans to protect, so please eat your dinner baby. For my other baby.’

    And it begins.

    ❥ sunghoon

    ’This is so random,’ you complain, ‘I can’t believe you have me doing this here.’

    ‘And what about it?’ Sunghoon shrugs, ‘we can’t go home for another five or six hours. And I want to know now.’

    You and Sunghoon had been trying to have a baby for a couple of months now. You were still technically newlyweds, rings still as glittery as the day you slid them on each other’s fingers, your house still in perfect condition, no wear or tear in sight. 

    Today, Sunghoon had decided to bring you along to the rehearsal for Enhypen’s upcoming concert in Seoul. It was very much an all day thing, filled with constant booming music and costume changes, so you were thrilled to have Sunghoon to yourself during the lunch break.

    During that time, you casually mentioned that you’d missed a period, and suddenly you were taking a pregnancy test in a disabled toilet in the depths of the arena. Why did you let Sunghoon convince you to carry around tests in your makeup bag?

    ‘I hope you have more patience when you have to deal with our child,’ you roll your eyes.

    ‘Are you finished?’ Sunghoon hears you finish using the toilet.

    ‘I think so,’ you shut the plastic caps on both of the tests with a click, and Sunghoon turns around.

    ‘Are you alright?’ Sunghoon asks as you stand up, lazily wandering over to him and falling into his arms. 

    ’Tired,’ you mumble, ‘I feel like I’ve had the life sucked out of me.’

    ‘Pregnancy symptoms,’ Sunghoon teases, wrapping you in his arms and kissing your head gently.

    You don’t even have the energy to respond with words, only a loud yawn.

    ‘Let’s sit down for a few minutes,’ Sunghoon suggests, sensing your need to sit.

    You quickly wash your hands and exit the bathroom, and Sunghoon quickly sinks down onto the floor of the corridor, inviting you to sit between his legs.

    ‘It’s so quiet,’ he comments.

    ’There’s nobody around,’ you smile, ‘I can’t believe I might find out I’m pregnant in an arena.’

    Sunghoon stifles a laugh, ‘it’s a funny story. I’m sure our boy or girl would love it.’

    ‘Would you want a boy or a girl?’ You ask, wondering if he had a preference.

    ‘I don’t mind either way,’ he moves his head so his chin is resting on yours, ‘a girl would be nice though. A little version of you. Another pretty girl for me to spoil the hell out of.’

    ‘You could spoil a son,’ you point out.

    ’A little girl is a bit different though. She would be like my little princess. Ugh, it makes my heart seize up.’

    ‘Are they gonna skate?’ You quip, and Sunghoon laughs and kisses the top of your head.

    ‘I’ll think about it.’

    ‘They’ve got good genes for it.’

    ‘How about a singer?’

    ’They’ve got good genes for that too.’

    Sunghoon sighs, ‘I hope you are pregnant.’

    ‘Me too,’ you smile, ‘not that I haven’t enjoyed trying. It’s still a bit stressful though. Hoping it’ll work.’

    Sunghoon shifts against the wall so that he can see your face.

    ‘I hope you haven’t been worrying too much,’ he presses a kiss to your forehead, ‘no worrying allowed.’

    ‘How can I not worry about something I want so badly?’

    ‘Well you might not have to worry if this comes back positive.’

    ’How long left on the timer?’ You ask.

    ‘Fourty seconds,’ Sunghoon checks his phone.

    ‘Longest two minutes of my whole life,’ you chuckle.

    ’Tell me about it.’

    Another few moments of silence passes.

    ‘What if I’m not pregnant?’ You tentatively bring up your fear.

    ’Then we try again,’ Sunghoon replies simply, ‘we keep trying.’

    ‘I just hope you’re not disappointed if I’m not actually pregnant.’

    ‘I would never be disappointed with you. If you aren’t pregnant, that’s not your fault-‘

    Beep beep.

    ‘Okay,’ you sit bolt upright, switching off the deafening sound blaring from your phone, ‘moment of truth.’ 

    ‘Before we look, I just want you to know that I love you, so much, forever,’ Sunghoon kisses your lips softly, and while you do very much enjoy kissing your husband, you were itching to look at the test. 

    ‘I love you too… I can’t wait for any longer.’

    ‘Let’s look on three, okay?’

    ’Three, two, one-‘

    The two of you gawp at the tests.

    One showed the word ‘pregnant’ in bold, another showing two prominent red lines, and a final test showing a plus sign.

    ‘Holy shit,’ Sunghoon whispers, ‘you’re pregnant.’

    ‘I’m pregnant,’ you echo, ’Sunghoon, we’re going to be parents. We’re going to have a family.’

    You practically jump on him in a hug while he attacks you in kisses, all over your face and neck.

    That night, Sunghoon performed the concert with the biggest smile on his face.

    ❥ sunoo

    ‘Are you alright?’ Sunoo asks you for the umpteenth time that evening.

    You were at a HYBE related event, something to the tune of a slightly obnoxious garden party to celebrate some company related feat that supposedly must be celebrated. 

    ‘I’m fine Sunoo,’ you insist, despite the way your stomach is turning.

    ‘If you say so,’ he kisses the side of your head gently, before squeezing your waist, ‘maybe lay off the wine for tonight.’

    ‘I haven’t had any!’ You swat at his arm, ‘probably just my period or something.’

    ’Sunoo! Y/N!’

    ’Hyung, hi!’ Sunoo exclaims at the sight of his friend and label mate.

    ‘How are you two?’

    ‘I’m great,’ Sunoo smiles his signature beautiful smile, ‘Y/N isn’t feeling too well though.’

    ‘Really?’ Soobin’s eyes widen, ‘you should really go and sit down, there’s water here too..’

    ‘I’m really fine,’ you shake your head, ’Sunoo is just being a tad dramatic.’

    ‘Still, there could be a medic about somewhere since it’s such a big event-‘

    ‘I’m ok, honestly,’ you laugh, trying to convince yourself, ’Sunoo could go get me some more water though.’

    Sunoo laughs at your attempt to be cute, and goes to grab another glass of water for you. 

    Time passes slowly. You try to ignore the dizziness that just won’t go away but you can’t, it’s impossible. The heat probably doesn’t make it any better, the throngs of people, idols, employees and company officials packed together.

    You’re stood up, having a conversation with a few members of Seventeen when you feel like you can’t stand anymore. 

    ’Sunoo,’ your head has dipped into the crook of his neck at this point, seeking some sense of ground, ‘I don’t feel well at all.’

    ‘You look pale, Y/N,’ Vernon comments.

    ‘Come on, I’ll help you sit,’ Sunoo starts, but as soon as you move, you’re on the floor.

    When your eyes peel open, you’re very aware of the sound of an engine running, and the sound of Sunoo’s voice. 

    ‘Oh, hi Y/N, nice to have you with us,’ an unknown voice says brightly.

    You turn your head to the source to see a woman sitting beside Sunoo. 

    ‘What’s going on?’ You manage, although it comes out quite muffled.

    ‘You’re in an ambulance, sweetheart. You collapsed,’ Sunoo explains, reaching out for your hand.

    ‘You gave your lovely fiancee here a bit of a shock,’ the paramedic adds, motioning to Sunoo, ‘how are you feeling?’

    ‘My throat is dry,’ you croak, ‘my head hurts.’

    ‘I still have water,’ Sunoo hands you the paper cup, which you quickly down the contents of.

    ’Thank you love,’ you mumble.

    ‘We’re nearly at the hospital now, Y/N,’ the paramedic tells you.

    Once you’re admitted, you enjoy a few minutes being poked and prodded at by an honestly very lovely nurse.

    ‘Your blood sugar is a bit low,’ she says looking at your first blood test, ‘have you eaten much?’

    ‘Not really,’ you shift in your bed, ‘it feels like I throw up everything I eat recently.’

    The nurse hums, writing stuff down, ‘are your periods pretty regular? When was your last one?’

    ‘My last period,’ you look to Sunoo, trying to make sense of the question, ‘maybe like… a month, a month and a bit..’

    Sunoo squeezes your hand reassuringly, mouthing a silent ‘it’s ok.’

    ‘Is there any chance you could be pregnant?’

    ‘Woo?’ You call out his name almost as a reflex, the question from the nurse causing shock to bloom in your chest.

    ‘I mean, we try our best to prevent it, but it, but I guess there is a sliver of a chance,’ Sunoo answers for you, sensing your nervousness.

    ‘We are preemptively doing a pregnancy blood test at the moment just in case, but it may take some time to come back. Although, for now I’ll leave you two to talk.’

    The nurse promptly leaves the room, and the two of you fall into silence.

    ‘Pregnant, huh?’ Sunoo murmurs, slight smile on his face.

    ‘It’s not definite,’ you mumble, ‘even so, what then?’

    Sunoo sticks out his bottom lip, ‘it would be fun, wouldn’t it? Having a little one in the house.’

    ‘Sunoo, we’re not even married yet,’ you sigh, ‘your company-‘

    ‘Will be fine,’ he breaks into his adorable smile that you love so much, ‘many idols have children-‘

    ‘But your fans-‘

    ’They’ll live,’ Sunoo chuckles, kissing your hand gently, ‘you would be happy to have a baby, right?’

    ‘I would,’ you finally admit, ‘a little boy or little girl… with your eye smile.’

    ‘Exactly,’ Sunoo smiles.

    ‘It would be quite awkward if I wasn’t pregnant now,’ you chuckle, before the nurse appears in the doorway once again.

    ’I guess you don’t have to worry about that then. The results came back pretty quick. Congratulations, Y/N, you’re about six weeks pregnant.’

    ’Sunoo,’ you begin, but he’s already smothered you in a hug, attacking your cheeks with kisses.

    ‘Baby, we’re going to have a baby,’ Sunoo cries.

    ‘I can’t believe I had no idea.’

    ‘Sometimes it takes your hormones regulating themselves to give your symptoms a kick,’ the nurse explains.

    ’This is so exciting!’ Sunoo is almost in tears now, and you’re pretty close to it too, ‘we’re going to need to prepare-‘

    ❥ niki

    (i’m sorry if this is terrible I wrote this when I had a migraine lol)

    ‘So what happened?’ The emergency room nurse questions, taking out a pen and beginning to write your words down.

    ‘I don’t even know,’ you shake your head, ‘I think I tripped over my own feet and just went flying down the stairs.’

    Niki is sitting beside you, stroking your hand with his thumb. He’d rushed straight there when you called him to let him know you’d hurt yourself, and he was visibly extremely concerned.

    ‘And you hit your..’

    ‘I think my knee bounced off the wall and maybe my shoulder and then I landed on my ankle and smacked my head off the floor. at least that’s what I remember. And that’s what hurts.’

    ‘Right, ok,’ the nurse notes, ‘did you hit your head quite hard?’ 

    ‘I think so. It was bleeding a little bit when I touched it at first. It hurts so so much.’

    ‘Alright, I’ll have to confer a bit with my colleagues but I imagine that we’ll likely keep you in for observation, start you on some painkillers and likely run some blood tests to make sure you don’t have any internal injuries or bleeding.’

    Once the nurse leaves, you turn to Niki.

    ‘Sorry for making you leave the studio so early,’ you whine, ‘another instance of my clumsiness I guess.’

    ‘You’re in the hospital,’ Niki hums softly, ‘I don’t care if I have to miss a month of practice to be here with you.’

    ‘I’m so tired,’ you complain, trying to turn onto your side but failing after a shooting pain flares up in your knee.

    ’Careful, don’t move love,’ Niki rests his hand on your hip, ‘it’s ok.’

    ‘I love you,’ you mumble, ‘thank you for being here for me.’

    ‘Always,’ Niki kisses the back of your hand.

    A few moments later, another nurse enters the room.

    ‘Hey Y/N, I’m Nurse Lee, I’m here to take your blood for the blood test.’

    ‘Hi,’ you whisper nervously.

    Niki squeezes your hand, knowing how much the needle would be freaking you out.

    ’I promise I’ll try and make it be as painless as possible,’ the nurse smiles.

    Throughout the procedure, Niki has tight ahold on your spare hand, letting you use his as a sort of stress ball when you feel the stinging of the needle.

    ‘You did so well, Y/N, that’s all done now,’ the nurse gently places a plaster over the injection site, ‘we’ll likely see results within a few hours.’

    And you and Niki are alone again.

    ‘You were so brave,’ he kisses over the bandage, ‘do you want me to go to the store? Get you a drink or some food?’

    ‘You could sneak in some McDonald’s,’ you grin cheekily, prompting Niki to roll his eyes.

    ‘I’ll try my best.’

    Around forty five minutes later, Niki returns, McDonald’s stuffed into his bag, excited to be the doting and providing boyfriend. However, once he entered your room, you were fast asleep.

    ‘I guess it’s cold Mcdonald’s for you,’ he chuckles, ‘sleep well.’


    ‘Wake up, sleepyhead,’ you wake up to Niki stroking your hair.

    ‘Huh?’ You attempt to stretch, but your shoulder doesn’t allow it.

    ’The nurse is here.’

    Your eyes peel open fully now, and you take in the sight of the nurse standing in the doorway.

    ‘Hi,’ you awkwardly laugh.

    ‘I was just coming to give you the results of your blood test,’ she explains, walking further into the room to stand at the end of your bed.

    ’Thankfully it’s lots of good news,’ the nurse smiles, and you physically see Niki sight in relief. 

    ’There’s no internal bleeding or injuries detected whatsoever. Although I do have one question.’

    ‘What is it?’ You ask, eyebrows furrowed.

    ‘You are aware you’re pregnant, right?’

    ‘What?’ Your eyes are wider than they’ve ever been before, ‘are you sure?’

    ‘Yes, you are very much pregnant.’

    ‘What do you mean, very pregnant?’ Niki questions, squeezing your hand to let you know that you don’t even need to worry.

    ‘Your HGC levels indicate you’re around fourteen to sixteen weeks pregnant, give or take. Did you really have no idea?’

    ‘No, I haven’t been sick or anything, and I’m on birth control so its not like I noticed a missed period… Wait, is the baby ok? I don’t know if I landed on my stomach or not-‘

    ‘We will have to conduct an ultrasound to make sure,’ the nurse nods, ‘but we are fully prepared to take you up as soon as you’d like.’

    You and Niki exchange a glance.

    ‘Now, please,’ you whisper, suddenly terrified for the baby you didn’t even know existed until two minutes ago.

    You’re wheeled up to the maternity ward elsewhere in the hospital.

    ‘Are you ok?’ Niki mouths from beside the bed while the ultrasound technician gets ready for you.

    ‘Worried,’ you mouth back.

    ‘Me too.’

    The ultrasound technician is a lovely middle aged woman who promptly gets you prepped, knowing the state of panic you were in. The gel was cold, but it was nice against the pain of your other injuries.

    You and Niki stare in awe at the screen as the outline of your baby comes into fruition.

    Niki tries to silence his cries, partly overwhelmed and thick with worry.

    ’There they are,’ the technician narrates, ‘they’re looking quite big. I’d say you were about fifteen weeks.’

    ‘Do they look… ok?’ Niki asks tentatively. 

    Suddenly a rush of a thumping sound echoes around the room, and you feel a wave of relief crash over you.

    ’There’s the heartbeat. Your baby is looking very healthy.’

    ’Thank God,’ Niki turns to you, ‘I can’t believe we’re going to be parents.’

    ‘Neither can I, I’m really going to have to be more careful of the stairs from now on.’

    Niki laughs, ‘I love you.’

    ‘I love you too.’

    #jungwon x reader #heeseung x reader #jay x reader #jay park x reader #jake x reader #jake shim x reader #jake sim x reader #sunghoon x reader #sunoo x reader #niki x reader #enhypen x reader #dad!enhypen #dad!jungwon #dad!heeseung #dad!jay #dad!jake #dad!sunghoon #dad!sunoo #dad!niki #enhypen fluff#jungwon fluff#heeseung fluff#jay fluff #jay park fluff #jake sim fluff #sunghoon fluff#sunoo fluff#niki fluff
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  • enhypenwriters
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Masquerade

    ☆Pairing: Heeseung X Reader

    ☆Genre: Fluff

    ☆Warnings: None

    ☆Word Count: 711

    ☆Synopsis: What will happen at a Halloween Masquerade?


    “I’m so excited!” you said. “Me too! Oh I wonder if will be any hotties there?” Your friend said as your put finishing touches on your makeup. You rolled your eyes, “Is that all you think about?” You joked. “Obviously.” She said laughing. You and your friend had been invited to a Halloween Masquerade Ball. This was the first time your town held an event like this. Everyone dressed up but the twist was everyone wore some type of mask, so you didn’t know who anyone was unless you asked them.

    The Ball was being held in the old mansion near the edge of town. It had been around for as long as you can remember but no one lived there and it never in the market. When you walked up, you felt a chill run through your body. There was definitely a spooky vibe to it. You choose be a princess this year. Your dress was long and flowly.


    After being there for about an hour, you started to get bored. You had lost your friend earlier to some guy she met. You saw some other friends and caught up for a bit. You left the main ball room and decided to explore. You found a staircase and walked up. The house seemed to be good shape. Most of the rooms still had furniture and white cover over it.

    As you walked through one of the halls, you heard a noise behind you. You halted in your steps. You closed your eyes slowly turned around with the fear being of meeting who know what. “Hi.” A soft voice said. You opened your eyes and were met with a guy about your age. He was dressed as what you thought was maybe a prince. He didn’t have a mask on so you got to see all of his very handsome features.

    “Uhh…hi…I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to intrude up here.” You said nervously. The guy smiled, “I don’t mind. Are you here with the party?” He asked. You nodded, “Yeah…you?” “Something like that.” He chuckled. “I’m Y/N by the way.” “Heeseung.”

    You and Heeseung walked around the upstairs and talked. He was very sweet. The two of you found an empty dance studio in on third level. As the two of you walked in Heeseung asked “Would like to dance?” “Sure…but there’s no music?” Heeseung walked to an old record player siting in a corner. A slow song started filling the room. Heeseung stood in the middle with his hand out. “You should know I don’t know how to dance.” You said sheepishly. “Don’t worry, I’ll lead.” The dance was magical. The whole time, you felt like you were floating on a cloud. When the song ended, you saw Heeseung’s eyes staring deeply into yours. You closed your eyes and leaned closer to him and felt his soft lips on your. As you pulled away, you saw that Heeseung’s cheeks had turned a bright pink.

    Suddenly, Your phone rang making the two of you jump. You ran over and pick it up. “Y/N where are you?” You heard your friend say. “Oh I’m sorry. I kinda went exploring but I’ll be down in a minute.” “Alright, I’ll be by the big stairs.” She said. You hung up and turned to Jake, “Umm…I have to go. I’m sorry.” “It’s okay.” Heeseung said gently, “I’ll walked you down.”

    When you arrived at the top of the big stairs, you saw your friend at the bottom. “I’ll leave you here, okay?” Jake said. “Okay. Thank you for tonight. It was really nice meeting you.” You said. Heeseung smiled and gave you a kiss on the cheek.

    “Y/N!” Your friend excitedly said, “I have to show you something.” She stepped up to you can took your hand. “So, you know how we have been wondering about the history of this house?” You nodded. “Well, they found a an old painting of the family that used to live here.” She said as you guys walked. “Apparently this house have been empty for 100 years and the last family that was here died suddenly from an unknown illness.”

    You went into another room adjacent to the ballroom. “Look.” Your friend said point up. When you looked up at the painting, there you saw…Heeseung.

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  • softforqiankun
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    second chances | twenty one

    previous | next

    pairing; lee heeseung x female reader, ft second lead jay park x female reader

    warnings; swear word

    genre; comedy, fluff

    taglist; @staysstrays @iminchaosnow @preciousdeerchild @fylithia @wooyoung-a @katyasrussianaccent @geminirules @lix-freckle3 @bluejayjay @blossomnct @shrutiajit @itsyaapollochild @witheeseung @seungstarss @meiinumaki @dreamyeyes26 @punneysushi01 @gtfovi @hrrhmay @soobnny @zhaixiaowen @leagreenly @grassbutneo @aurumness @minkyunheewon @milkycloudtyg @youreverydayzebra @itsamemarioo @liliansun @msxflower @wangzhang @enhacolor @enhappenstance @freessaaenhaa (bold cannot be tagged) @nyfwyeonjun

    a/n: enjoy this cute little chapter 💞

    #kpopscape#multifandomnet#kwritersworldnet #prism.nw #enhypen fanfic#enhypen fanfiction #enhypen sm au #enhypen social media au #enhypen fluff #enhypen fake texts #enhypen fic #lee heeseung x female reader #jay park x female reader
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  • pyeonhoon
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Filthy ~ heehoon smut

    ~pairing : heeseung x sunghoon x fem!reader

    ~genre : smut

    ~contains : threesome [i mean im really into something like this and many more so], no aftercare, just fem!reader pleasing the boys,mommy kink??

    ~note : MDNI TY

    ~word count : 1.3k (i thinks it's long enough)

    ~likes and reblogs are very appreciated<3

    ~im a new writer and inexperienced in this kind of things so hope you like it

    can someone help me how to add the read more sign something like that ty

    "hmm ahh hyung yes right there fuck!!"

    "you like that huh" "ahh fuck yes!more please!" sunghoon moaned

    being so vocal for the two of them was never a problem tho, they both sounds good as always

    this is what you always hear when you go home from school as espected to live with two horny a$$ boys so what's the reason of not being horny as well

    i mean being surrounded with two handsome hot as hell boys would be that one girl's dream and you have it, as long as they pay their part then its fine

    you know its bad that you always think about them while touching yourself imagining that it was their hands and it made your fingers 3x good as hell

    It was just kinda disappointing that they always have each other to get their self off to while you're there sprawled out in your bed like a spider that was dead for years, listening to their moans while working your fingers between your legs trying to catch your high like a bitch

    you accidentally moaned out kinda loud that you think maybe the two boys heard(which they do) but being drowned to the pleasure you didn't hear and notice the door opening while two heads popped inside

    trying to catch your high you tried to be quiet by covering your mouth with your hands as much as possible but feeling so good like that is maybe impossible to happen

    it was a good sight for the two boys on the door feeling their cocks hardened again seeking for release

    That's when heeseung decided to talk and make everything clear

    "ehmm" heeseung faked cough and enough a word to make the girl awake to reality and tried to cover herself

    "umm what....are you doing??" sunghoon asked cheeks began to blush as of

    being shy from the sudden view

    "uhh nothing........" you replied breaking your stare from the two while trying to cover up yourself "why are you two even here?" you questioned being so shy all of the sudden

    "uhh can y'all.....leave?"

    "why would i?"

    "why would i?"

    the both asked

    "and just leave you like this?? honestly I'll be lying if i didn't say that you're hot" sunghoon said while biting his lower lip

    "i mean you have two handsome boys ready to catch you everytime you want, why still trying to go solo?"

    "don't you want us to pleasure you??" heeseung asked while walking near the bed and sitting at the edge of it

    "uhhmm it's-it's not like that i mean i didn't want to interrupt-"

    "well you're not interrupting anything....we would be grateful if you join us" heeseung said quietly looking to his lap while fidgeting his hands showing some innocent tricks to make her agree

    "or maybe you wanted us to join you don't you princess??" sunghoon said locking the door and walking near the two showing some dom behavior and hovering above the girl while maintaining eye contact but you was first to brake it

    being silent makes the boy sit in front of you while staring at your face for the max of 2 minutes

    "oh are you shy now??" sunghoon said to heeseung making the boy look at him so fast that you thought it breaks his spine

    "pardon?? watch your mouth little boy, you don't know what you're saying once you're under me"

    that made the boy go silent

    "uhh so.....what do you think?" heeseung looked up to you with bambi eyes(pleading eyes in long justkidding) while rubbing your legs so gentle

    that made you think that its fine to give away and live your life to the fullest at the moment cause once you agree you're the one who's gonna feel full, infact you're already needy so why miss the chance getting pleasured by the one's who made your imagination juicy to the max

    (sjdkdbjsks $0R1 hahaha why am i laughing anyways)

    "...okay" you said looking to the boy

    "really??ok then do you want to guide us or something" sunghoon asked while his eyes twinkling with such excitement

    "can i be the one in charge?"

    "sure use us as much as you want princess we're yours after all" sunghoon said while looking at you with pleading eyes telling you to fuck them already

    "lay down for me like a good pup then"

    you said letting your imagination run wild

    as sunghoon fastly lay down on his back

    and heeseung as if sensing your betrayal touch you on your hips while kissing your neck trying to cup your boobs

    "nuh uhh did i allowed you to touch me babe? no right? so sit down there and watch like a good boy you are" you point in the sofa in front of the bed

    he whined as protest but still sit there watching intently trying not to touch himself cause he wanted to cum SO BAD

    back on you, you climbed on sunghoon lap while staring at him he holds you at your waist and you grabbing him by his hair, latching your lips after whispering to him 'im gonna ruin you so bad' while he whines at the kiss getting much harder than before

    you savoured every moment and part of his mouth, inserting your tongue in him tasting him like sweet marshmallows that make him thrust up in your core, releasing needy whimpers you still try to calm your nerves

    climbing down to his sweatpants palming him

    "mhmm just fuck me already mommy please i need you" he sobs wanting to feel more pleasure

    that lit a fire inside you and slide down his sweatpants not shocked that you didn't see any underwear either

    "what a bad boy aren't we?? walking around without underwear tsk tsk" you turn around to heeseung "should i make him cum or no?" you asked innocently at the needy boy thrusting up his hips to nothing

    sunghoon looked at heeseung with pleadingly eyes wanting for release 'please' he mouthed

    "yes, let him cum"

    "ok then" as you spit saliva at his hardened member looking at it as it drip down slowly making the boy hiss

    pumping him immediately after, aiming for its head as it turns preety pinkish for the sensitivity

    "hmm a-ahhh" he brokenly moaned out and grabbed the sheets feeling lightheaded at the pleasure he's receiving "f-feels good mommy nghh"

    he continuedly moans feeling a peek of heaven making his hips thrust up to the hand faster than before

    "nghh mommy im c-cumming fuckkk mmmm ahh" sunghoon moaned on as you sucked his head while pumping your hands faster than before

    a few minutes later he popped a string of curses while releasing his seed to your mouth, feeling his tip hitting your throat satisfied him

    "mhmm fuck mommy mommy that's so good shit ahh" you heard a high pitched moan from the boy

    as he calmed down from his high you turn your head behind you seeing a stressed heeseung wanted to feel pleasure too

    "it hurts, please mommy i need youu please pretty pleaseeee" he pleaded to the girl making her smile

    "come here" you pat beside sunghoon

    as he runs so fast good thing he didn't trip lol

    you undress his lower half and seeing his long size and reddened tip makes you shy for a little, you swear something like this was never appetizing to you til now

    seeing his tip leaking precum was so mhmm

    you really had this urge to taste him so sudden

    "don't be shy...suck please" he whines

    without second thought you take a mouthful of his cock sucking and bobbing your head faster, tasting him better

    "ahhmm that's good mommy feels so good"

    he moaned while stretching his head backwards

    you let go with a pop "oh i bet it does" sucking him again until he reaches his climax

    after some minutes "uhh ahmm yes mommy fuck right there yes don't stop don't stop please ahhh im cumming im cumming mommy n-nghh" he released his seed deep on your throat as you milk him clean and let go with a pop

    "mhmm you two taste good, maybe someone special can taste that everyday not gonna lie tho" you said while cleaning your mouth while two boys in front of you panting and tired from the recent climax



    "still want more"


    sorry for wrong grammar

    English is not my first language so i still hope you like it after brainstorming for half an hour for this hahaha

    again likes and reblogs are highly appreciated tyyyy<33

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  • theebaragi
    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Scene 43: Not for Sale • Epilogue

    Upon hearing the bell ring Y/n rushed out of the class with her things heading towards the cafeteria. Upon reaching it she looks around for Jay.

    “Y/n?!” She looks towards the sound the voice and sees her boyfriend.

    She runs towards him and engulfs him in a hug. “Hey honey. I missed you.”

    Jay laughed hugging her back. “You saw me at lunch.”

    “Yeah but that was hours ago.” She frowns looking up at him. “What did you have for me?”

    “Look around.” Y/n looks around realizing where they are.

    “Oh my gosh wait.” She releases them from the hug. “This is where you confessed to me.” She laughs. “You know when you asked me out I thought I was going to die?”

    Jay grabs her hands intertwining them. “I thought so too.”

    “So why did you ask me to come here?”

    “Y/n when I asked you here it was the start of the best days of my life. And I hope everyday in the future I can spend it with you.”

    Y/n gives Jay a quick peck. “ I hope so too Jay.”

    Jay lets go of her hand pulling a box out of uniform pocket. He puts it out in front of her. “Here.”

    Y/n smirks slowly opening the box. “What is this?”

    “Finish opening it sweets and you’ll see.”

    Y/n carefully opens the box revealing two beautiful beaded bracelets. The letters on them having both of their nicknames for each other.

    “Honey? These are so cute oh my gosh I love it.” She pulls out the sweets bracelet and puts it on her wrist. “Did you make this?”

    “I may or may not have taken a extra class with Mr.Hong and Mr.Jung to get bracelet making courses.” He takes out the honey bracelet and places it on his wrist. “I’m glad you like it.”

    Y/n giggles and moves to hold the hand that his bracelet is on. She lifts their intertwined hands looking at the bracelets and how good they look on them. “Honey look we match.”

    Jay kisses her cheek leading her. “Let’s go home sweets.”

    She walks with him away from the side cafeteria door. Where their complex love story began and hopefully will never end.

    “I love you Jay.”

    “I love you more Y/n”


    Previous | End!

    ♡ ྀSummary: Y/n’s class is doing favors for various students during their school festival but what happens when Jay Park, member of the campus famous 02z, asks her for something that's a little bit more than she can handle?


    A/n: And we have reached the end of Jay and Sweets story! Thank you to everyone who has support this series. It’s been such a long journey from the first teaser of this series and a whole month later here we are at the finish line. I’m sad for it to end but as they say all good things must come to an end. To be quite honest when I first thought of Favors I didn’t think anyone would like it and to be met with so much love and support was so incredible so I’m so happy you all have enjoyed it. I hope that I can create more works for you all in the future. This may be the end of Favors but it’s just the beginning of me sharing my works to all of you! Once again thank you so much!

    To my lovely taglist I hope you enjoyed the series as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you all so much for signing up to be apart of this ride and overall being so responsive to this series. I’m so grateful to y’all ❤️❤️: @fiantomartell @lokideadontheinside @acciomylove @ncityy04 @blossomnct @softsakusas @kac-chowsballs @msxflower @whoe-dis @dear-dreamie @rein-deer-stuffs @youreverydayzebra @pixyseeun @kingkaithekiwi @kyleeanne @enhacolor @shynypeacekitten @meiiiwa @liliansun @leefelix-gf

    If you guys have any questions, comment, concerns, or criticisms about Favors please feel free to send an ask!

    Sincerely, B ❤️

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  • cherrycoree
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago
    ━━━ [ 19:30 ] : Jay
    ೫˚ Warning: Swearing
    ೫˚ Enha!Jay X Fem!Reader
    ೫˚ Masterlist: Click here!

    You wish the world functioned this way, that each person’s life had a unique soundtrack playing in the background because, truth be told, music made even the most ordinary things seem absolutely wondrous.

    That’s exactly what you think as your earphones blast a melodious tune and you softly smile at a few leaves flowing in the breeze, painting the park a gorgeous shade of orange.

    Fall was the time of the year when you felt at peace, at home. It was almost as if you were reliving the beautiful memories you associated with the season — the moment that you found out that the heavens were going to grace you with a lovely (now, leaning more towards monstrous) younger sibling and that you were going to attend your dream university were just a few instances that came to mind.

    But, nothing compared to meeting the boy you deemed to be your ‘soulmate’.

    He was the annoyance you felt whenever he poked your arm in the middle of a lecture, teased you for disliking ketchup, braided your hair despite your obvious protests and interrupted your study sessions by taking you on a car ride at two in the morning. However, he was also the contentment you felt whenever he pointed out something you had missed during a lecture, whenever he made sure to steer clear of ketchup while ordering food from a restaurant, whenever his fingers handled your velvety strands gently because he was scared that he might unconsciously hurt you and whenever he made sure to play only your favourite songs on your 2 a.m. car rides.

    He made you happy.

    So, it’s no surprise that your chapped lips stretch to form a joyous grin when a warm cloth is draped around your (freezing) neck. You angle your head to stare at the boy of your dreams, Jay’s eyes glazed with immense concentration as he tugs at the two ends, causing you to stumble closer.

    The song comes to a stop since your earphones are carefully pulled out.

    “You get cold easily y/n, what are you doing here?”

    You’re almost ridden with guilt at the sight of his concerned pout, but it doesn’t stop your stomach from twisting into a billion knots. Why is he absolutely adorable even when he’s worried?

    God, he’s worried. About me, out of all people.

    “I just wanted to get away from campus for a bit,” you respond, expertly masking your emotions as you always do whenever your heart starts to dangerously beat a little faster. “How did you find me?”

    “I came here to meet up with Ryujin,” you ignore the way his tone changes when her name tumbles out of his mouth, the kind of tone people would use to conceal a secret crush ,“otherwise I wouldn’t have found you and you would’ve gotten sick.”

    You wouldn’t mind being sick if it meant that Jay didn’t have to get together with Ryujin to do whatever they were planning to do. And soon, your eyebrows immediately scrunch together because you hate the fact that you’re thinking such absurd thoughts about Ryujin, the life-of-the-party, the one someone would go to whenever they needed advice, the one someone would search for in a large crowd of people, the one someone would gawk at because she’s just so fucking pretty.

    She’s the type of warm-hearted girl that Jay deserves.

    Not you. Never you.

    “Here she is, I’ll see you later y/n!”

    You wish that each person’s life had a unique soundtrack because then, at least there would’ve been something to fill the silence other than your heart breaking at the sight of Jay’s handsome smile while running towards Ryujin, who greets him with an equally stunning one of her own.

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  • enhypenfanbase
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    The leisure of a cup of coffee after eating~☕ (with jake,heeseung)

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  • minhoon
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    who in enha hyung line would find piercings(nose piercing, belly piercing. basically any kind of piercing) hot? for me personally, I think it would be either jay or jake. maybe both lol. but Jake would LOVE tongue piercings

    #enhypen smut #enhypen jake smut #enhypen jay smut #enhypen heeseung smut #enhypen sunghoon smut #jay smut#sunghoon smut#heeseung smut#jake smut #enhypen hard hours
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    211026 | Jay via Weverse posts

    The leisure of a cup of coffee after eating~☕ (with jake,heeseung)

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  • skyepsh
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    pagpapanggap — park jongseong

    A jay x oc filo smau wherein...

    Eli and duke (jay) are identical twins, but duke is in a critical condition wherein he's close to dying. as he doesn’t want to leave his girlfriend behind, he asks his twin brother, Eli, to pretend to be him and as grey's (OC) boyfriend.

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  • jakes-tummy
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    Chapter 17 [can we talk?]

    Masterlist || Next

    PHILOPHOBIA / ˌfɪl əˈfoʊ bi ə /

    a fear of falling in love. It can also be a fear of getting into a relationship or fear that you will not be able to maintain a relationship.


    YN is a love cynic and Heeseung is a hopeless romantic who's crazy about his best friend. He knows her past, and he understands, but he can't help the part of him that wants to help heal her heart.

    @acciomylove @liliansun @killyoselff @verifiedsunghoonsimp @c9tnoos @msxflower @rein-deer-stuffs @elicheel @jongsaengseong @mymeloem19 @punneysushi01

    #enhypen smau #enhypen x reader #philophobia au #enha heeseung x reader #heeseung x reader #kpop smau #enhypen heeseung x reader #lee heeseung x reader
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    Chapter 16 [blue moon] (small written excerpt included)

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    You continue to meet up with Jay for the next couple of weeks regularly. Your pillow talk always allowed you to speak as best friends as if you didn't just sleep together. However, unbeknownst to you, someone had taken notice of your newest fling.

    PHILOPHOBIA / ˌfɪl əˈfoʊ bi ə /

    a fear of falling in love. It can also be a fear of getting into a relationship or fear that you will not be able to maintain a relationship.


    YN is a love cynic and Heeseung is a hopeless romantic who's crazy about his best friend. He knows her past, and he understands, but he can't help the part of him that wants to help heal her heart.

    @acciomylove @liliansun @killyoselff @verifiedsunghoonsimp @c9tnoos @msxflower @rein-deer-stuffs @elicheel @jongsaengseong @mymeloem19 @punneysushi01

    #philophobia au#enhypen smau #enhypen x reader #enha heeseung x reader #heeseung x reader #lee heeseung x reader #kpop smau
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    HAVE WE MET BEFORE? — 16: newborn squirrel


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    TAGLIST (closed!): @youreverydayzebra @rae-blogging @so-jays @icywhatim @sseyk @iuwon @gyuuss @yeoforce @bluhr @heebabyy @spoooooooooooon @athena103 @tyongolden @yjwfav @baekhyunstruly @enhacolor @fiantomartell @eternallyhyucks @junityy @changmin-wrlds @luv3iza @yyxy27 @bbyenha-hyung @rinyx @fairybinie @moondust-zia @w3bqrl @whoe-dis @yougeans @witheeseung @baekhyunstruly @msxflower @mykalon @a-vian @tyongishs @chuntians @hobistigma @ddeonuism @banana-boat-doodoodododo @elicheel @primorange @dear-dreamie @ncityy04 @kyleeanne @nyfwyeonjun @yoonkeehoe @choisanzs @guroyeu @liliansun @hoewithnojams

    SUMMARY: Popular girl L/N Y/N has everything she could ever want. She’s got perfect grades, perfect friends, and she’s sure her crush likes her back. Everything goes astray, however, when one of her old summer flings suddenly shows up as a new student.

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  • mapofthysoul
    26.10.2021 - 12 hours ago
    🍵 when you wear their clothes

    - [📚], [🧸], bf!enha x reader, school-mate!sunoo x reader, warnings; none.



    came back from the convenience store

    went to the kitchen to make some ramen

    noticed that you weren’t there

    calls out for you, “y/n?”

    goes to your bedroom

    finds you laying on the bed in his clothes, HIS CLOTHES

    screaming internally

    thinks you look adorable ^~^


    you guys were cuddling on your bed

    was scrolling through his phone

    saw a picture of a girl wearing her boyfriend’s hoodie and found it absolutely adorable

    suddenly gets up, goes to his closet, picks a hoodie and comes back to you

    “here y/n, wear this.”

    hands you a gigantic hoodie

    lowkey dying inside once you put it on 🥰

    “you should definitely start wearing my clothes more often.”


    you guys were on a walk in a park nearby his house when it suddenly started to rain

    you both ran to his house- now soaking wet

    obviously you had to change your clothes

    “you can pick anything from my closet!” he yells from the other side of the staircase before walking into the kitchen

    you took one of his shirts (wich was obviously gigantic on you) and just wore some shorts you had left at his house last time you were there

    was downstairs making hot chocolate for you guys

    as soon as he saw you walking down the stairs, his heart melted sksjsksk

    calls you smol😡

    rushes to you and gives you the biggest hug

    can’t stop looking at you


    came home from dance practice to see you dancing infront of the tv

    giggles, decides not to disturb you

    then he notices that you’re wearing HIS favourite hoodie???

    “it looks better on me.” he scoffs to himself a little annoyed that you stole his hoodie !;&:&&:

    finally admits that it looks better on you

    goes into the living room and back hugs you, taking in the scent of your hair and some of his own cologne that was on the hoodie

    gets clingy because you feel warm #^~^#

    feels safe w you

    tells you how much he loves you

    showers you with little kisses all over your face


    he had a crush on you

    every day at lunch break, he would catch himself staring at you, just admiring you from afar, laughing along with your friends

    it was a free period and your friends were teasing you about how sunoo was staring at you during lunch break

    you excused yourself to the restroom and stomped out of your classroom, annoyed at your friends going on about it for the past 15 minutes

    but of coarse, you’re y/n and you’re living the y/n life, and as soon as you walked out, sunoo just happened to be walking passed

    but the plot twist is that he had a small carton of banana milk in his hand :0 and he spilt it all over you as you had bumped into eachother 😭

    looks at you, then the empty carton of banana milk, then at your uniform and back at you

    starts blushing because your face was pretty close to his

    apologises about a million times and gives you his spare hoodie he kept in his locker


    invited you for a sleepover!

    while you guys were chilling and eating some snacks, you started feeling a little cold

    you slightly shivered and he noticed it

    “oH mY GoSh y/N aRe YoU cOLd!?!?”

    rushes to his room and goes straight to his closet

    comes back, grabs you and MAKES you wear the hoodie 😖

    once it’s on you, puts the hood over your head and pulls the strings

    your face = now gone

    calls you cute (you are🙄)

    squeezes you


    he wasn’t that into affection :(

    probably only holds your hand or occasionally hugs you because he’s sHy😾

    you told him you wanted his hoodie

    “you have your own.” hmph

    sad y/n activated

    feels bad so he gets all his hoodies and throws them at you


    you only took one because you didn’t plan to get killed by heeseung today

    when he looked at you after you put it on he had a mini heart attack

    “actually, you should wear my clothes often.”

    after that he started giving you tons of his clothes to wear because he became addicted to seeing you in his clothes <3


    please like and/or reblog :>

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