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  • nikiskies
    03.12.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    [12:23 a.m] → "We're about to close," Sunoo popped, sliding into the booth opposite yours. "Want me to accompany you to your dorms? It's late, and I don't feel comfortable letting you walk back alone."

    You glanced at him, your eyes droopy and strained from the several hours of screen time you'd had that day. Your midterms were approaching faster than ever, causing the campus library to be packed with students struggling to cramp as much studying as they could.

    Not wanting to revise amongst stressed students and having your own anxiety spiked up, you'd chosen to come to the cafe your best-friend, Sunoo, worked at.

    Your gaze flitted to your surroundings, then landed on your wrist watch. You hadn't even realised you were the only one left and that it was way past midnight already.

    "You have an early morning class tomorrow," you pointed out as you shut down your laptop and began packing your stuff. "You need to go home and sleep. Don't worry about me."

    Sunoo snorted and rose from his seat. "I'll always worry about you."

    Before you could reply, he snatched your backpack from your hand and slung it over his shoulder. "Let's go. I'm coming along."

    In other circumstances, you would've smacked him for not listening to you, but you were so tired. Plus, having Sunoo walk you back to your dorms sounded like the best idea you'd heard that week. Maybe you could loop your arm through his and lean on him for support.

    "Fine," you mumbled, causing a victorious grin to stretch the corners of his lips. You wondered how he had the energy to be so enthusiastic at this time of the night.

    The two of you made your way to the door, and you waited patiently as he locked the cafe.

    "Hold this," Sunoo instructed, handing your backpack to you again. You raised an eyebrow in confusion, considering how he had practically yanked it out of your grip before, but took it nonetheless.

    Bending at his knees, your best friend motioned for you to climb on his back. "Get on."

    "Sunoo," you whined, "you don't need to do this. I'm perfectly capable of walking."

    "You look half-dead," he deadpanned. "I'd rather pick you up right now than wait for you to collapse on the way. It'd be much harder to carry you if that happened."

    You laughed. "Stop exaggerating."

    "Stop downplaying your exhaustion. You're working too hard; let me help you out."

    You glared at him in annoyance. He met your gaze head-on, daring you to deny his claim. Sometimes, you hated how well he knew you. There was virtually nothing you could hide from him. Finally, you sighed, caving. "Okay."

    Shrugging your backpack on, you put your arms around Sunoo's neck and jumped on his back. His hands were under your knees immediately, and he hoisted your body to hold you better.

    Tightening your grip around him, you buried your face in his nape and whispered, "Thanks."

    Sunoo hummed. "Get some sleep, yeah? I'll wake you up once we reach."

    You smiled and closed your eyes shut, nuzzling the crook of his neck. You didn't know what you would have done without the boy there to support you and help you out during hard times. Sunoo truly was your tether to all things good, pulling you out when you were so close to drowning.


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  • markxdino
    03.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    the fake boyfriend › nineteen! your mom😜

    synopsis › childhood friends turned to enemies. as simple as it sounds, you never thought you'd ever see sim jaeyun anymore until college happened and now you were bunking in the same dorm as him. oh and apparently he wants to use you to make his ex jealous, what will you do?

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  • freckledwinterfalls
    03.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Puppy Love

    ♡ Teaser~

    You met him in a dog park, quickly falling in love with his beautiful border collie. And it didn't take long at all for you to fall even harder for him.

    The mini-series will be primarily sfw. Nsfw chapters will be posted on a separate account, and are not necessary to the storyline.

    rated PG/PG-13 for sfw chapters

    rated 18+ for optional nsfw chapters

    warnings: cursing, slight angst, (n)sfw, sexual jokes


    “Look out!” someone shouted behind you, and you turned to see what the commotion was all about. 

    “Duck!” a boy yelled. You started to hide behind the back of the bench upon which you were seated, but too late. The rubber ball smacked your cheek, bouncing off to land at your feet.

    “Ow!” That thing had hurt. One thing was for sure -- the boy had quite an arm. You cradled the side of your face as a beautiful cream-colored border collie raced up to you, grabbing the red ball in its jaws. 

    “I’m so sorry,” the boy exclaimed, trotting up. Honestly, you could only stare at him, clutching your cheek in shock. “Are you alright?” he demanded, sincere concern etched across his sharp features. “Did I hurt you?”

    His face was drawn in worry, his hands wringing themselves as he came to a hesitant stop before you. He just looked so much like a puppy himself, and looked so naive and guilty-faced that you couldn’t help it. You burst out laughing, still holding the stinging spot on your face. 

    The boy’s posture visibly relaxed, and he began to laugh with you, crouching down to pat his dog on its sleek head. 

    “I’m okay,” you chortled. "Thanks for asking, though."

    "I really am sorry," he said again, eyes sheepish. 

    "No worries."

    The border collie wagged its tail excitedly, looking from you to its owner. 

    "And who is this lovely creature?" you cooed, crouching down to scratch its ears. 

    The boy smiled, patting his pup's head. "This is Layla."

    You looked up from the beautiful dog to smile at her owner, and it suddenly hit you that your faces were awfully close. 

    Don't blush, don't blush, you thought frantically, glancing bashfully back down at Layla's innocent countenance. 

    "What's your name?" you asked him, mustering up every ounce of courage you possessed. 

    "Me?" His eyes curled up into little crescent moons that made your stomach flip with joy just to see them. "I'm Jake."

    join the taglist in advance!

    copyright 2021 to @sunshinelixie-lee. all rights reserved. theft, reproduction, and translation of all works are strictly prohibited without the author's express permission.

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  • enhasfever
    03.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    7:25 - 𝐾.𝑆𝑁

    ➪ pairing: sunoo x fem!reader

    ➪ genre(s): angst

    ➪ tw: none

    ➪ wc: 0.5k

    sunoo takes a deep breath to calm the butterflies he feels in his stomach as you take a seat next to him. you smile sweetly to acknowledge his presence before you begin unpacking your art materials for the project you're both working on. sunoo smiles back and folds his hands in his lap to keep himself from fidgeting too much as he watches you empty out your pouch.

    "hey, y/n?" he asks, gaining a brief glance from you and a short hm? in response. "there's something that's been on my mind a lot lately and i really think i should talk with you about it."

    you glance up once more, though this time your gaze lingers longer as a look of concern crosses your pretty features. sunoo has to remind himself to breathe again as he becomes enthralled by your effortless beauty and the way you absolutely glow in the sunlight pouring in through his bedroom window. you look ethereal, like an angel sitting at the end of his bed.

    sunoo swallows thickly and shifts around a bit before he finally works up the nerve to begin his confession. "we've been best friends for ages so i feel like i can tell you this and it won't be awkward even if things don't go as planned." he takes another deep breath to settle the ever rising butterflies he feels and glances up to meet your curious gaze. it's now or never. "y/n, i like–"

    your phone buzzes in your lap and your eyes dart down to glance at the lit up screen. sunoo watches as your eyes grow round with excitement and a shrill squeal leaves your lips as you hurriedly pick the device up into your hands. his heart stops in his chest as another excited shriek emits from your mouth, and then you're bouncing in your spot with uncontrollable elation with the most heartbreaking words uttering from your lips.

    "oh my god, sunghoon finally asked me out! he wants to meet at the cute little café after classes tomorrow!"

    sunoo's heart sinks deep in his chest and he fights with everything in him to force a smile as he accepts you in a tight hug that you initiate upon celebration. he forcefully blinks back the tears that begin blurring his vision before releasing you from the embrace.

    "that's great, y/n, i'm happy for you." he forces his voice an octave higher so as to achieve the positive demeanor he was trying to fool you with, and sadly it works.

    "thanks, sunoo, i'm so excited!" you gush as you hastily type back a reply, then you drop your phone into your lap and train your attention back on him. "what were you about to tell me?"

    sunoo purses his lips in an act of ponder before he shakes his head. "i don't remember." he watches as you brush it off and you both begin to work on the project together, though he's unable to concentrate knowing that the giddy smile you wear on your face the entire time is caused by someone else.

    © enhasfever

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  • reinahwanggg
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    {12:36 P.M}

    you put your hand on your waist and shake your head as nishimura continues to laugh heartily.

    "come on riki, it's almost time for you to go, let me finish fixing your tie." you ask the laughing boy before you.

    his laughter dies down as he walks up to you with a smile on his face.

    "i'm still nervous. it's practically consuming me at this point." he says after a moment of silence, and you look him in the eyes to see the excitement swirling around the nerves that cause his iris to shake.

    "this is gonna sound stupid ㅡ"

    "anything you say sounds stupid."

    "fight me, fight me right now."

    he just laughs once again. you calm him down once more and continue to speak.

    "as i was saying. this is gonna sound stupid, but don't be nervous nishimura. everything's going all according to plan, and there are many people out there dying to see you. you're gonna be a-okay."

    although you said that, he didn't seem so convinced, he inhaled and exhaled a few times before answering you.

    "but what if i mess up? i've been practicing so much, what if i mess up?"

    "there's nothing to worry about. even if you mess up with the smallest of details, they are still gonna love you. it's fine. you're gonna kill it okay?"

    "i'm gonna kill it. okay got it. i'll take your word for it." nishimura says, shaking his hands off and smiling at you as you finish with his clothes.

    he looks at you in the eyes to see if you were 100% supportive, and once he finds it, riki smiled brightly. he then takes his hands and holds onto yours, commanding your attention.

    "i love you."

    "that's kind of gay riki."

    "iㅡ why are you like this?"

    "sorry. let's try this again." nishimura laughs and shakes his head.

    "i love you."

    "and i love you. now go out there. the boys are waiting." you say, turning him around and pushing him out of the dressing room.

    as you both exit, he turns back around and places his lips on your forehead, conveying his love for you through his actions. the ones he couldn't convey with words. you go to your designated spot as the boys all walk up to their youngest.

    they brush off his suit and smile in his face, talking before it's time. you felt eyes on you, so you look up to see jungwon, with disappointment heavy on his features and sadness swimming in his eyes.

    when nishimura hugs him, he smiles and looks away.

    and then the music starts,

    and you look to see the person that your best friend of 15 years was going to marry. you smile as you watch them walk down the aisle, in preparation to take your love away.

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  • sankyeom
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    children of divorce chapter nineteen: he's always sus

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    #pairing: lee heeseung x kim y/n (she/her pronouns, sunoo’s older sister)

    #summary: months after your breakup with heeseung, your friend groups are tired of avoiding each other. to reunite your previously happy family, they join forces to get the two of you back together again. let’s just say that things don’t exactly go according to their plan.

    #update schedule: every four days at 3pm pst

    #tag list: closed! you can check if you’re on my tag list at the bottom of the series masterlist or here

    tag list: @sunlightwoo @cb97curls @softforqiankun @yeonluv @sunzwoo @uwu0clock @allyg-onz @haknyeoms @haknyeomz @lilacdreams-00 @binniebutter @ju-kev-nyeon @deobienthusiast @starstrucklampzipperfreak @linhyyboo12 @blancaatherosee @ateezcity @lilacarat @ncvltrtchnlgy @ninjapandasanchia @peachhyun @cixrosie @nycol-ie @manutuankim @wooyoung-a @geniejunn @multihoe-net @90s-belladonna @hyuckworld @cumicumisworld

    #enhypennetwork#enhypen#enhypen imagines #enhypen fake texts #enhypen social media au #enhypen texts #enhypen social au #enhypen fanfic#heeseung imagines #enhypen x reader #heeseung x reader #enhypen scenarios#heeseung scenarios#enhypen drabbles #enhypen x you #fic: children of divorce
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  • nightmar6ss
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    [ 10.24AM, DECEMBER 3RD ]

    "Y/N where the hell have you been?" Sunghoon approached me quickly as he held on me shoulders, panting. He probably ran around just to find me.

    "Please just leave me alone" I cried out, feeling my heart clench.

    My heart was officially broken, and nothing could fix it.

    He could though.

    Yang Jungwon, the cause of my heartbreak.

    "I am not leaving you alone! You disappeared when you heard that he likes someone else. So what if he does? Win his heart Y/N, you have to keep trying" he yelled at me, staring into my eyes as he did so.

    I knew this hurt him as well, I knew he liked me. So why did he pursue me to keep trying for Jungwon? Why did he still like me even though he saw me breaking down over someone else?

    "Sunghoon..." I weakly let out as he pulled me into his embrace, patting my back softly.

    "Shh.. it's okay to cry Y/N. I know you're probably wondering why I'm doing all this. Well it's because i want you to be happy, even if it breaks my heart into pieces. Please don't feel bad for me and just be happy.. and if he rejects you, I'll be waiting here to mend your heart. You're the only 'Heather' for me." He whispered in my ear, only for me to hear.

    My hands clenched his shirt and I cried harder in his arms, being completely vulnerable in front of him.

    "I'm so sorry Hoon" my voice now broken because of my sobs, I looked up into his eyes. "You deserve better." I let out and let my hands fall to my sides, walking away from Sunghoon and trying to recollect my thoughts that were all over the place.

    I walked out of school, bumping into a bunch of kids in the way but I didn't even apologize as I was too dazed to notice any of my surroundings.

    I slowly went over to my school's stadium, keeping my head low as I didn't want anyone to look into my bloodshot eyes.

    "Y/N!" I heard a way too familiar voice call my name. Oh no, here come the tears.

    We locked eyes for the first time in a while and I stood there frozen, not knowing what to do. I wanted to run away but I couldn't, I was helpless.

    "Where have you been loca?" He laughed at his little joke as I scrunched my nose, shaking my head in disbelief.

    "Sorry I was too busy with exams. How are you doing though?" I kept my voice strict and cold, catching him off guard as he wasn't used to me being like this. But what could I do? I wanted to keep a distance between us, at least till I got over him.

    "I'm sure you're doing well! You're smart~ and I'm okay actually. Today is the day I'll be giving my sweater to the one I love truly" he smiled at the mention of that person. She must be special, I thought.

    "Ah, there she is!" His eyes followed her figure tenderly, a huge smile displaying on his lips.

    She's got you mesmerized

    "She's pretty."

    While I die.

    "It's time oh my god" he took a big breath and walked over to her quickly with a sweater in his hands, giving her his cloth and hugging her lovingly.

    Why would you ever kiss me?

    He kissed her cheek and held her hands in his, looking into her eyes oh so affectionately.

    I'm not even half as pretty

    You gave her your sweater, it's just polyester

    I remembered that one time he gave me his sweater because no one else did, i was so flustered and happy at the time but now I realize it was an act of pity.

    I thought he liked me, that's why he kissed my hand and giggled but turns out he already had someone else in his heart.

    But you like her better

    Wish I were HEATHER.

    #jungwon imagines #jungwon x reader #jungwon #enhypen x oc #enhypen x gender neutral reader #enhypen #enhypen x reader #heeseung#sunghoon#jake enhypen#sunoo enhypen#niki enhypen #jungwon x you #jay enhypen#enha imagines#enha headcanons
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  • raspberrygyus
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ❛❛ 𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛 ❜❜ 23 Strings of blood

    (Warning: Intense g/ore.)

    The location Y/N sent ended up leading Sunoo to an abandoned warehouse. Why she was there in the first place, he had no idea. The further he drove away from the bustling lights of the suburban city, the more he was starting to doubt if the location had somehow been the right one.

    He still couldn’t ignore her request, and at this point, he could be led to heavens-knows-where and still be determined to keep Y/N safe.

    But the thought that perhaps this was someone else pulling a nasty prank or even some twisted bastard trying to misguide him could be a very real possibility, and if the stalker that Y/N told him about had her kidnapped, he would walk to fire to get her back.

    Regardless, he drove on, hoping that he would see Y/N and not some strange person waiting for him at the destination point.

    As Sunoo for out of the car to investigate the area, and hopefully look for Y/N, there was a rustle around the bushes areas that surrounded the warehouse. It was a strange place to build something like this, for sure. Or maybe it was so badly taken care of that the owner just simply decided not to keep up the maintenance.

    As Sunoo for out of the car to investigate the area, and hopefully look for Y/N, there was a rustle around the bushes areas that surrounded the warehouse. It was a strange place to build something like this, for sure. Or maybe it was so badly taken care of that the owner just simply decided not to keep up the maintenance.

    As Sunoo for out of the car to investigate the area, and hopefully look for Y/N, there was a rustle around the bushes areas that surrounded the warehouse. It was a strange place to build something like this, for sure. Or maybe it was so badly taken care of that the owner just simply decided not to keep up the maintenance.

    As Sunoo for out of the car to investigate the area, and hopefully look for Y/N, there was a rustle around the bushes areas that surrounded the warehouse. It was a strange place to build something like this, for sure. Or maybe it was so badly taken care of that the owner just simply decided not to keep up the maintenance.

    It was a real possibility, after all.

    His thoughts were cut short when he came face to face with a man whose face was covered up with a mask. Perhaps he was in the wrong place?

    There was no indication.

    “Where have you taken Y/N?”

    Though Sunoo wasn’t screaming out his demands, his words were thickly coated with rage. He had hoped that he would be able to reason with the man in front of him, but in the back of his mind, someone who would go that far had little need for morals, normalcy, and any semblance of sense.

    It was an obsessive stalker he was dealing with. Maybe he had already known what was coming, but he couldn’t help but hope that Y/N would still be okay. In hindsight, she might have been, if this stalker prioritized her safety over all else.

    “What makes you think I’ve taken her?”

    The masked man’s voice was unknown to Sunoo, but it was deep and velvety, the smooth tone almost lulling one to sleep without much effort. But the tension in the air around them made it ridiculously hard to even relax, and every fibre of the violinist’s being was on high alert.

    “I’ll ask you again, what have you done with Y/N?”

    There was a heavy pause before the masked man chuckled, almost mockingly.

    “You’re so trusting, dear violinist. So utterly in love with her,” he said, “I guess that’s one thing we have in common.”

    Sunoo did not utter a single word, for there was no reason to entertain the masked man.

    “But as you know, there can only be one in her life, and you, my dear violinist, are an utter eyesore.”

    Eyesore? Him?

    The subtle rage had slowly erupted into more genuine fury, though not at the claim that he was an eyesore, something about the masked man’s tone made Sunoo’s skin crawl.

    He took a step forward, trying to figure out how he was going to get himself out of this, and maybe find Y/N after this.

    And the masked man beckoned him closer.

    But the faintest pain he felt on his cheeks stopped him in his tracks. Something had cut him, and he wasn’t even aware of what. Sunoo lifted his hands up to his face and was horrified to see his own blood on his hands.

    What had cut him?

    “Surprised?” The tone was mocking, still. “It’s a special setup I created just for you, dear violinist.”

    The dear violinist was starting to really piss him off.

    “The area here is covered with hair-thin wires, one false move, and you could lose a limb,” the masked man said, finally.

    “But don’t worry, if you don’t struggle, there wouldn’t be much cutting I’d have to do.”

    There was one lingering question in Sunoo’s mind—what did the masked man mean when he said don’t struggle, and why did it have such devastating implications?

    The masked man seemed to nod in Sunoo’s direction, and before the young violinist could figure out that it was indeed not for him, a pair of hands had come up behind him and started choking him with a thick rope.

    So that was what he meant—

    But there was no time for that. As the young violinist struggled against the rope and the assailant behind him, his fingers had caught the razor-sharp wires that the masked man was talking about.

    And was cleanly sliced off.

    “No more violin playing for you, it seems.”

    The pain had kicked him into overdrive, and as adrenaline coursed through his body, he only struggled more fiercely. But the consequences had been too much for the young violinist who had very little experience against harsh situations like these.

    Though he was willing to survive, he was fighting a losing battle.

    Little by little, the flesh on his fingers, arms, and legs had all somehow caught on the wires, and though not all of his limbs were cleanly sliced off, pieces of clothing, skin and flesh littered around him.

    All while an unknown assailant was choking him to death.

    As his vision blurred, Y/N’s face popped up in his mind. The only regret he had was that he didn’t listen to her…if he had stayed with her, perhaps he would see her again.

    Little by little, the life in the young violinist’s eyes faded, and as he struggled one last time, he lost his consciousness and fell limp against the assailant behind him.

    He supposed that the one last piece he played on Christmas Eve was indeed his swan song.

    It was Christmas when the police were made aware of a crime scene through an anonymous tip. The local police precinct, with Chan in tow, had found the body of the world-famous violinist—or what was left of it, anyhow. The other detectives figured that it was a clean decapitation, but…it clearly meant something.

    Placed against the corpse’s chest, was a single violin with one string intact, the rest of the strings were severed and ripped apart, and the bow in the young man’s hand was broken into two pieces.

    It was a sight that nobody would ever want to see.

    Written across the wall above where the body was found, were letters, making up a coherent sentence:

    “Will you love me now?”

    ▾ SYNOPSIS y/n is a girl who lives a mundane life as a university student. however, things started to deviate from her sense of normalcy—gifts start arriving at her door, creepy messages bombard her phone, and the constant feeling that she's being watched. she enlists the help of her best friend, jake, and as time passes, both of them realize that this is the work of an obsessive stalker with a motive. time is running out and things are spiring out of control—will y/n be able to take back the life she once had?

    Note: I hope you were as grossed out as I was while writing this chapter. Or maybe just unsettled, like I was. The main reason why I used pronouns and descriptive titles for Sunoo is due to my own personal issues lol I’m squeamish.

    Also, I think I’m gonna refrain from writing gore (or at least excessive gore) after watching Hellbound and playing through the Tsurumi Island quest yells.

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  • jayflrt
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    𝐍𝐎 𝐍𝐔𝐓 𝐍𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐌𝐁𝐄𝐑 03. heeseung touches grass (REAL)

    SUMMARY ▸ four men suppressing their carnal instincts for thirty days doesn’t sound plausible, but it’s no nut november, so victory is crucial. yet, there’s only one obstacle keeping lee heeseung, park jongseong, sim jaeyun, and park sunghoon from their prize: you. game on, boys.

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    TAG LIST ▸ @msxflower @baekhyunstruly​ ​@mykalon​ @heelariously​ @hobistigma​ @jjun4thitboy​ @liliansun​ @emobeomgyu​ @w3bqrl​ @yeonjunsleftboob​ @undeadbots​ @sheepgardenenha​ @domojoo​ @meijiamikas​ @rikisnuggie​ @jongsaengseong​ @pixyseeun​ @woniebae​ @rielleluvs​ @softforqiankun ​@3ggieyolk​ ​@ryu-naa​ @from-xero​ @baekhyuns-lipchain​ @misfitsjy​ @outrobegins​ @mishtidoie​ @primorange​ @blank-velvet​ @kyleeanne​ @wonkiluvr​ @yourlocalhotgf​ @unipanda1006​ @rikisnotforsale​ @flameykeese​ @yougeans​ @mybabywearschanel​ @s2elf-z​ @httpheeseung​ @hvunvely​ @mildlystupid​ @violevantae​ @pr3ttyf4ce​ @person-standing​ @youreverydayzebra​ @rikibae​ @gu8ki​ @minatagramm​ @niikipuff​ @rinyx​

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  • tuvaidk
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago


    ✎ coming soon

    Lee Heesung

    ✎ coming soon

    Park Jay

    ✎ coming soon

    Sim Jake

    ✎ coming soon

    Park Sunghoon

    ✎ coming soon

    Kim Sunoo

    ✎ coming soon

    Yang Jungwon

    ✎ coming soon

    Nishimura Riki

    ✎ coming soon

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  • auraelia-lia
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Prompts- send me a prompt and the genre from which u took it along with any member of BTS, TXT or enha

    Soft angst

    "Am I too late?"

    "please, look at me"

    "you. . . you never had a problem with it before"

    "I'm . . . just disappointed"

    "Do you have to go?"

    "Don't leave me, please"

    "I need you"

    "I'm glad they make you happy"

    "Did you ever mean anything you said?"

    "Am I just a joke to you. . ?"

    "I did. . . I did love you"

    "don't give me space, that's the last thing I want from you"


    "Can we just stay in bed?"

    "your so damn beautiful baby. I can't believe your all fucking mine"

    "I'm tired just cuddle me"

    "stop whining you big baby"

    "stop moving! I'm almost done"

    "another kiss?"

    "oh just shut up and kiss me"

    "god, I miss you so much"

    "you know I'll always be there for you, right?"

    "open up babe, I'm out with your favourite pizza"

    "dance with me"

    "your hearts beating real fast" -"yeah, cuz of you"

    "I'm only doing it because your cute"

    "quit staring at me, I can't keep messing up my sentences because of you"

    "I like the way your hand fits mine"

    "my friends get annoyed by how I talk about you all the time"


    "you need to sleep"- "I am not human therefore I require no sleep"

    "are you implying that you want to kiss me?"

    "damn baby, that was hot"

    "it's cute that you tried to protect me and all, but your like a foot shorter than me y'know"

    "do you think ants see us as giants?" - "are you drunk?"

    "your really lucky your cute."

    "are you flirting with me?"

    "oh fuck me." - "gladly, sweetheart"

    "are you okay?" - "can you kiss it better"

    "you have really pretty eyes"

    "you'll catch me?" - "always"

    "is it so hard to see that I'm in love with you?"

    "don't say that"

    "you knew, yet to chose to be with me"

    "because I love you!"

    "na uh, you ain't leaving without giving me a hug"

    "your so warm"

    "is that my shirt?"

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  • enhacademy
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Character Intros: Jay + Cali Ver.

    ↳ Genre(s): Angst, Fluff

    ↳ Warnings: Implied Toxic Relationships

    ↳ Summary: Learn about EA characters Jay & Cali!

    ↳ Written By: Gypsie ( @enhasfever )

    ↻ Cali — 5:30 AM, Monday

    the rhythmic beeping of her phone alarm stirred cali from her restless slumber and she reached out blindly to grab the noisy device. after successfully silencing the alarm, she squinted against the bright light of her phone screen and briefly glanced through the notifications littering her lock screen that she'd missed overnight, none of which she deemed important enough to tend to at the moment.

    she pushed herself into a sitting position in her bed and let the silky covers pool at her waist, a chill running down her spine as the warmth of her covers left her at once. she swung her feet over the side of the bed where they were promptly inserted into her favorite pair of slippers before she fully rose from the bed. taking the fuzzy blanket she kept folded on the chair next to her nightstand, she wrapped herself in it to preserve any leftover warmth and shuffled tiredly downstairs.

    "cali, there you are!" her mother exclaimed exasperatedly, halting in her steps in the center of the vast living room with her hands placed on her hips. "you should've been up half an hour ago, we need to be out of here by six if we plan to catch our flight on time."

    cali glanced warily at her mother from across the room, her brows furrowed as she only then took the time to notice the multiple suitcases stacked near the door. her heart dropped into her stomach. "what do you mean?" she pried, her voice raising an octave as the bad feeling festering in her gut grew by the second.

    her mother blinked silently and fixed a look of vexation at her disheveled state. "we're leaving for tahiti today," she articulated in a way that implied that cali should've already known this information.

    cali began shaking her head in denial as tears began brimming at her waterline. "what? no, that trip was booked for next month!" just as the panicked cry left cali's lips, her father shimmied past her with a few pieces of luggage, himself. "dad, you said they weren't sending you out there until next month!"

    "honey, your mother and i both reminded you numerous times that plans have been rescheduled. it was your responsibility to pack your things," he countered, seeming not at all concerned for cali's lack of knowledge on the change.

    "if you wouldn't spend so much time with your nose in your phone, then maybe you would've actually heard us all those times we kept reminding you," her mother surmised with a shrug of her shoulders.

    hot tears rolled freely down cali's flushed cheeks as she watched her parents begin to gather up the luggage near the door to take to the awaiting car outside. "maybe i wouldn't spend so much time on my phone if my parents actually spoke to me from time to time," she lamented, her voice wobbling slightly as she stormed further into the living room. "you only acknowledge my existence when i do anything that benefits you and makes you look good!"

    "that's enough, cali," her mother scolded. "you can act like a brat all you'd like, but this is on you for not being prepared. maybe you can come with us next time." cali watched with a seething glare as her mother lifted the handle to her suitcase and began to roll it towards the opened front door. "have a good first day of school and don't wreck the house, we'll be back in three weeks. we love you!"

    before cali knew it, the door closed behind her parents and she was left in an empty, quiet house alone with nothing but her own snivels to occupy the space. cali threw herself onto one of the three pristine white sofas and sank deep into the cushions as her shoulders wracked with her sobs. she took a few minutes to compose herself before pulling her phone out from under the blanket she'd wrapped herself in and navigated straight to her contacts.

    she selected the person whom she needed to speak to and pressed the phone to her ear, sniffling one last time as the ringing began. four rings later, his groggy voice echoed on the other end of the line. "yeah?"

    "i need you to drive me to school today," she sighed shakily, a pout forming on her chapped lips.

    "just get your parents to take you." the irritation in his voice didn't go unnoticed by cali and she had to swallow down another lump that began to form in the back of her throat.

    "they just left to tahiti for the next three weeks," she deadpanned in response, the usual hostility beginning to come back to her as she gradually grew angrier at the situation she was left in. she hated how quick and easy it was for her parents to reduce her to a hollow, sobbing mess and she hated even more when anyone outside of her household witnessed her in her time of weakness. she was not weak.

    a long sigh drew from the other line and it was quiet for a few beats as light shuffling could just barely be heard. "fine, be ready by seven or you'll have to take the bus."

    cali's nose wrinkled up at the thought of being stuck on that migraine on wheels for who knows how long until they'd reach the school. "okay," she agreed. "thank you, jay."

    "yeah, sure." the conversation ended at that and cali rose from her slouched position on the sofa to rush around the house, ensuring that she would be ready on time.

    ↻ Jay — 6:00 AM, Monday

    jay hung up the call and planted his face into his pillow, letting out a despaired groan as the hand that hung over the side of his bed dropped his phone to the carpeted floor below. he couldn't even be granted a solid week to grieve over the breakup before cali was pestering him again. he should've expected as much, it had been happening for over a year by this point.

    shooting his group chat a message asking for thoughts and prayers for the day ahead after retrieving his phone from the floor, jay lifted himself from the coziness of his bed which could've been enjoyed for half an hour longer if he hadn't been summoned. stumbling his way out of his room and down to the kitchen, he was met with bright lights and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

    "hi, honey," his mother greeted with a small concerned frown, "what are you doing up this early?"

    "i, uh, gotta drive someone to school today," jay answered vaguely as he shuffled over to the coffeemaker to pour himself a much needed cup of the caffeinated beverage. he brushed back his mess of dark locks as he continued to make his drink, hoping and praying to any higher power that his mother would just leave it at that.

    "is it cali?" she asked knowingly, and jay visibly cringed as he sat the coffee pot back down. a frustrated sigh left her lips as jay slumped over to where she sat at the dining room table with a look of shame etched on his face. "sweetheart, you've got to stop letting her walk all over you like this."

    jay shook his head adamantly. "we're not back together, she just needs a ride to school and that's it," he explained between tentative sips.

    "she can drive herself, can't she?" his mother scoffed dismissively.

    "no, she doesn't have a license," jay countered tiredly.

    "because you do everything for her, right?"

    jay glanced up to meet his mothers disapproving expression and a small pang of guilt bloomed in his chest as he quickly lowered his gaze back to his coffee cup. "it's just for today, i'll make sure she gets someone else to take her for the next three weeks..."

    "three weeks?" her eyebrows shot up.

    "her parents left her home alone...again." jay's shoulders slumped and his mother let out another disapproving sigh, but she didn't push the subject any further which jay was grateful for.

    jay took his time in getting ready, hoping to prolong the time before he'd have to allow his ex-girlfriend into his car willingly. at five minutes until 7:00, jay gathered up his school things and left the house with a kiss to his mother's cheek before starting on the drive to cali's house. she was already waiting outside on her porch by the time jay pulled up the long driveway and he took in a deep breath to calm his nerves as she began to approach the car.

    cali slid into the passenger's seat wordlessly and the car was suddenly filled with the familiar scent of her that had jay's stomach twisting. a tense silence filled the air between them as he then continued on towards their school, neither speaking nor sparing the other so much as a brief glance. cali stared out of her window and jay kept his eyes on the road straight ahead the entire ride there.

    after parking in an available spot in the student parking area, jay turned the car off but neither one of the two made any move to exit the vehicle. the same tension filled the enclosed space and jay fidgeted uncomfortably, his hands fiddling with the keyring he now held.

    "can you take me back home, too?" cali asked quietly.

    jay nodded wordlessly and spared a glance in her direction, his attention immediately being caught by the ring adorning her finger that was glinting in the sunlight. his eyes traveled to his own hand where a matching ring decorated one of his digits, as well. that twisting feeling in his gut only intensified and he began to chew on the inside of his cheek anxiously.

    "do you have someone to take you tomorrow?" he finally managed to ask. this time, cali answered wordlessly with a shake of her own head. "can you find someone?" again, she shook her head negatively. jay let a deep sigh draw from his lungs before he began to gather up his things. "we'll talk about it later, we should get going so we're not late."

    cali, too, began to gather her school materials and exited the car as quickly as she had entered it. she walked a little ways ahead of jay where she met with her best friend near the main doors. jay began to mentally prepare himself for a long year ahead.


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  • agoldsunsword
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago


    [PROFILE. O2. 10 shades of black]

    10 shades of black (there’s only 5 of them but we don’t need to remember that)
    senior in high school. a maverick debater from a young age and tells people that there’s ‘more to him than debating’, but flaunts his debating awards and successes at every chance he gets. best friends with jay (like very close friends) and shares everything with him...but has a matching pfp with sunghoon. traitor much.
    senior and is the only one doing textiles in his group. is definitely mentally stressed but says otherwise. literally put the milk the in bathroom cupboard and no one in his group is over that, and it’ll forever haunt him. jake’s his bestie and the only time they aren’t joined at the hip is when they’re doing their separate roles in society
    senior and doesn’t know what he’s doing. teases and makes fun of jake every. single. day. doesn’t matter if he’s literally just breathing. did beg- force- jake to match pfps with him (yeah, it wasn’t willingly) and jay still doesn’t know this. has a ‘banter-fights’ with jay a lot (but we all know that there’s true feelings behind this /j?)
    the only junior in the group and still gets made fun mercilessly (it’s sad, really). does taekwondo and is one hell of a prodigy. his embarrassing past traumatises him way too much and doesn’t allow anyone but his friends to tease him about it. people? love? his? cheeks? why? he doesn’t know.
    oldest senior and literally acts like a child. but when he needs to be mature, he is. so i guess we stan convenient maturity. co-captain of the dance team (with side character baek-seong) and his reflexes are godly. if you’re not aware of his existence, you’re considered a lowlife and a rock inhabitant.

    taglist;; @hakuyeo @mykalon​ still open!!

    a/n;; sorry for the one day late post. your enby was shitting tears, screaming, scraping paint off walls, so they weren’t able to post on wednesday. but i mean, two consecutive days with posting,,, win win ig? anyways, enjoy people!!

    << pr. O2 >>
    #enhypen#enhypen fanfic#enhypen ff#enhypen oneshot#enhypen imagines#enhypen angst#enhypen romance #enhypen sm au #enhypen timestamps#enhypen imagine #enhypen social media au #enhypen au#enhypen jake #jake x reader #heeseung x reader #jay x reader #sunghoon x reader #sunoo x reader #jungwon x reader #niki x reader #jake imagines#jake imagine #txt x reader #txt sm au #txt romance#txt angst #txt social media au
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  • juoirs
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    YOU MANIAC! minju’s children (profiles)

    previous ⊹ next

    kim minju, year 2 nursing student — goes to belift uni, parents owns kim’s books (a bookstore), the mother of the group

    ahn yujin, high school junior — goes to starship high, works at kim’s books during weekends, knew minju through work and y/n through minju, the baby of the group

    y/n l/n, year 2 fashion student — goes to belift uni, friends with minju since middle school, the rebellious child of the group

    synopsis when a distressed sunghoon desires to win back his ex, he uses a strategy that’s widely used in movies and books — fake date someone to make her jealous and want him back. (un)fortunately, you happen to be the one sunghoon chose to fake date.

    taglist! (open)

    #enhypen fluff#enhypen angst #enhypen social media au #enhypen x reader #enhypen x you #enhypen x female reader #enhypen x y/n #sunghoon fluff#sunghoon angst #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon x y/n #sunghoon x you #sunghoon imagines #enhypen socmed au #enhypen sns au
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  • juoirs
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    YOU MANIAC! 박성훈

    synopsis ⊹ after a distressed sunghoon fails to win back his ex, you offer to help him make her jealous. how? by being his fake girlfriend.

    pairing ⊹ park sunghoon x reader

    genre ⊹ humor, angst, fluff

    starring ⊹ enhypen, kim minju, ahn yujin, you

    warnings ⊹ reader uses she/her pronouns, cussing

    disclaimer! this story is completely fictional and does not depict how these idols act in real life.

    — send an ask to be added to the taglist!


    ( ! ) . . . teaser

    ( profiles )

    ♥︎ minju’s children / jay’s parasites

    ( 1 ) . . .

    ( 2 ) . . .

    ( 3 ) . . .

    more to be added . . .

    #enhypen social media au #enhypen socmed au #enhypen social au #enhypen sns au #enhypen x reader #enhypen fluff#enhypen angst #enhypen x y/n #enhypen x female reader #enhypen x you #sunghoon social media au #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon x you #sunghoon x y/n #sunghoon imagines#sunghoon fluff#sunghoon angst#enhypen imagines
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  • juoirs
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    YOU MANIAC! ( ! ) . . . teaser

    previous ⊹ next

    synopsis when a distressed sunghoon desires to win back his ex, he uses a strategy that’s widely used in movies and books — fake date someone to make her jealous and want him back. (un)fortunately, you happen to be the one sunghoon chose to fake date.

    taglist! (open)

    #enhypen fluff#enhypen angst #enhypen social media au #enhypen imagines #enhypen socmed au #enhypen sns au #enhypen x y/n #enhypen x female reader #enhypen x you #sunghoon fluff#sunghoon angst #sunghoon social media au #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon x you #sunghoon x y/n
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  • hakuyeo
    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    1; war!

    where you declare war against yang jungwon, except, it's a war of love!
    everyone knows how much chemistry you and jungwon have, though what happens if the other student council members start to get suspicious of their sudden passive-aggressiveness? will they pry or will they watch the chaos unfold?
    ignore timestamps!!

    prev ; next ; masterlist

    written part under the cut!!

    "jungwon?" you huff at the sight of the stuco president already filling up paperwork shortly after you had seen the tweet. "where'd bahiyyih go?" you ask, his gaze never leaving the overwhelming amount of work on his desk. "she had classes. do you need anything?" you couldn't help but feel guilty with the amount of work he had to do, so as any vice president would do,

    "no. i just wanted to check up on you." you decide to save the teacher's request for you to remind him later. you gave him a small reassuring smile and helped him sort out the paperwork.

    you? checking up on him? somehow the simple gesture of yours sent jungwon's heart soaring through the clouds. he shakes his head in disbelief, trying hard to convince himself that it was nothing but a friendly act.

    in your perspective, jungwon disliked you. just like now, it seemed as if he had grimaced at you after you had mentioned checking up on him. you try to keep a confident front even though you felt him stealing glances at you, as if he was judging you.

    after you had sorted and filled out some papers, you sit down on your assigned seat and sigh. you were always irked by how jungwon looked at you, like you had done innumerable crimes in a span of a minute. you think back to the countless interactions you had with him to remember if you had done anything wrong, and unfortunately for you, you still had no idea why he was suddenly acting that way.

    you never really had the chance to see jungwon from other people's perspective, as it was difficult for you to communicate. it was even more difficult if you had to ask someone what they thought about jungwon, fearing that it would be too out of the ordinary. the lack of insight doesn't help at all when you're confused as to why he would dislike you.

    "y/n?" your trance got interrupted by jungwon, a sheepish smile tugging on your lips. "sorry, got a bit distracted there." he just nods and once again, the room was filled with unbearable silence.

    your previous thoughts had sparked a certain determination in you. not only would you make jungwon like you, you set a goal to make him fall in love with you!

    after you catch sight of him finally done working, you stand up and approach the door. "ms. lee said we'll have to be in charge of the upcoming festival." you hear him sigh in visible frustration. "and as vice president, i'll be assisting you throughout the whole process." you take advantage of the festival planning to spend more time with jungwon, certain that you would make him fall for you within those days.

    "you wouldn't mind, would you? after all," you turn to jungwon, presenting a sly smirk that tugged on the side of your lips. "you are the student council president." you taunted, letting out a small chuckle as you left the room. jungwon froze and stared at the spot where you previously were in complete and utter disbelief.

    and that was when you had declared war against jungwon, except, it was a war of love!

    a/n: lmfao jungwon is having war between himself and y/n🕴🏻someone save the poor boy,,,

    taglist! [open! send an ask to be added! (✿◠ᴗ◠)] @amakumos @studioreader @ja4hyvn @tlnyjoong @nyfwyeonjun @msdumpling

    #AND SO IT BEGINS HUHEHE #enhypen au#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios #enhypen x reader #enhypen fluff#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen crack #yang jungwon x reader #jungwon x reader #yang jungwon scenarios #jungwon fluff #jungwon x you #jungwon x y/n #STATEMENT: imperceptible!☕
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  • emeraldenha
    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    chapter 16 | “ignorance is bliss”

    w/c: +0.7k

    “are you feeling any better?” jake asks as you step into the passenger seat.

    “yeah,” you manage to give him a faint lopsided smile. “thanks for calming me down last night. it means a lot to me.”

    “never hesitate to come to me for help,” jake says seriously, steering out of your driveway. “we’re friends; I’ll be here whenever you need me.”

    his words are extremely heartwarming but they also sadden you. friends. were you really not there all the times when heeseung needed you? why did he never share with you his own struggles? did he fear that you were incapable of being the supportive figure he was to you? as much as you wanted to reflect over the text messages he sent, it pained you that he thought you didn’t trust nor care about him. you did. you know more than anything that you did.

    “wait,” you straighten up in your seat upon seeing jake detouring from the route to your school. “where are we going? school was the opposite way.”

    “we’re stopping by somewhere real quick,” jake assures. “we’ll be on time; I promise you.”

    “are we picking up sunghoon?” you try to guess.

    “nope,” he shakes his head cutely. “this will be even better.”

    after a few minutes, jake parks outside of a house you’ve never seen before. he waves at the figure bouncing out the front door, kim sunoo in a puffy winter jacket that swallowed his torso like a marshmallow. however, jake’s widespread grin instantly slips into a deadpanned expression at the sight of sunghoon tailing sunoo’s tracks.

    “who invited you?” jake interrogates sunghoon once the boy climbed into the backseat.

    “asked myself the same question,” sunoo says before greeting you by ruffling your hair from behind. “I happened to mention that I’d be riding with you guys today, and next thing I know, this menace is barging into my house.”

    “you guys never show me any love!” sunghoon dramatically grabs a fistful of his shirt right over where his heart would be. “aren’t you at least glad to see me, y/n?”

    “sure, sunghoon,” you say emotionlessly, laughing when his face showed disappointment. “I’m kidding! the more the merrier.”

    when you had already arrived at school and entered the main hallway, you look behind you to see riki who had just come in. his eyes soon meet yours and he gestures you to stay where you are. the boys caught up in their conversation, funnily about you, fail to notice your steps become out of sync with theirs as you wait for riki to walk alongside you.

    “what’s got them so riled up this early?” riki questions in amusement.

    “apparently they’re debating who should be the leader of this so-called ‘y/n protection squad’ they’ve created,” you shake your head as you reiterated the events. “it’s really more of a petty fight for some pride and bragging rights but at least I’m a little flattered.”

    “they still talk about that stuff?” he scoffs in disbelief.

    “don’t you see their daily arguments all over twitter?” you say, laughing under your breath as you watched the three bicker ahead of you.

    “probably,” riki shrugs. “but ignorance is bliss.”

    you both stop when you reach your designated classrooms. when asking where his class was, he only pointed to the door next to yours. you wonder if you’ve ever seen him while exiting class before, but your mind draws blank. you wonder what it would’ve been like to notice him sooner.

    “so I’ll see you at lunch?” you extend the already brief conversation, your feet feeling glued to the tiled floor.

    “that’s the plan,” he surprises you with a cheeky wink. “see you there, y/n.”

    the way he says your name before he waves goodbye practically leaves you stunned. it’s just the sound of your name, but there’s something about the way he says it that gives you cheesy butterflies. the excitement of his tone, the warmth in his deep voice, the attentive eye contact he always makes with you.

    it had felt like ages since you’ve last fallen in love with a moment, but as you’ve always done, you willingly cherish it along with the person.

    prev || masterlist || next


    summary: after all your years of pining for your best friend, Yang Jungwon, you suddenly catch him with his secret girlfriend… which happens to be your other best friend. deciding to forgive and forget, you heartbrokenly cut all ties and fall back into your habits of self isolation. however, that doesn’t go as planned when Nishimura Riki approaches you with an almost-confession and a stolen keychain.
    taglist (OPEN): @pebbypenny @hoodiebangtan @jakes-tummy @ncityy04 @clear-color-hair @hrtattcker @anuisamazing @desitr98 @a-vian @urresidentdrugdealer @studioreader @aria-grace-scott @s0ngk4ng @httpsoa @sunvishine @lomlyeonjun @haechans-sunflower @unipanda1006 @angel-ishere @hyuckslytherin @pixyseeun @minyoongisbigassfeet @giyyuzz @ncthpen @rikisnotforsale @uhhalexwashere @renjunvibes @meiiiwa @acciomylove @wiltingdaisies @xetherealbeautyx @tomorrowbymoa-together @leeis @mildlystupid @ryumiko221 @kyleeanne @iamnotgrootforiamthor @soobnny @ddeonubaby @ohmy-fandoms @c0nvers3h1gh @yeetjake @yeonjunsleftboob @junhyukiscute @nvm @justanotherimaginesaccount @pixisvng bolded accounts couldn’t be tagged!
    #enhypen#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen x reader #enhypen niki#nishimura riki #niki x reader #enhypen imagines
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  • linoragi
    02.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    twenty-four. / twenty-five. — the one where it's "peaceful". / twenty-six.

    for me. — k. sunoo

    ✴︎ synopsis: to sunoo, you were just a random girl in one or two of his classes who happens to be friends with his friends while to you, sunoo was the guy who you’ve been swooning over for a year or so. now, with you tweeting about your crush on him on the wrong account, sunoo has just one question. you’re the one who confessed to him, so why the hell is he the one chasing (literally and figuratively) you?

    ✴︎ pairing: sunoo x fem!reader

    ✴︎ content/genre: smau, college au, fluff

    ✴︎ warning(s): swearing, always,, sorry sjsj,, y/n being sad

    ✴︎ note: half until 30 omg i still rlly cant believe i reached this long. also,, someone asked for a sunoo hcs, but i havent done it yet,, i'll try tomorrow hehe <3 along with the riki imagine hehe

    ✴︎ taglist: @tomorrowbymoa-together @icywhatim @giyyuzz @ncityy04 @goldenhypen @yougeans @hobistigma @ja4hyvn @nyfwyeonjun @big-fool-energy @amakumos @pixyseeun @angel-hyuckie @meiiiwa @jvnsun @aria-grace-scott @msxflower @pebbypenny @isaluv @snowfalltxt @dinosdance @m1ng-how @taylorswifeyyy @tobiosbbyghorl @urresidentdrugdealer @acciomylove @leeis @yizhoutv @chirokookie @apricottulips @jay-durian @studioreader @euphorencia @hibuki-chan @mildlystupid @tenten-67 @hiqhkey @wh4txium1n @uhhalexwashere @sunswonie @ahnneyong @clarakyunisageek

    #pls be patient with me hehe :( ily all <3 #enhypen imagines#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fluff #enhypen socmed au #enhypen smau #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen x reader #sunoo imagines#sunoo scenarios#sunoo fluff #sunoo soft hours #sunoo smau #sunoo x reader
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