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  • ddeonuism
    25.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    Jay // GQ Magazine (behind)
    #enhypen#enhypennetwork#park jongseong#enhypen jay #DJGKHFKJGHDFHG LITERALLY NO WORDS FOR THIS MAN WTF
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  • enhab-hjbtpst
    25.10.2021 - 40 minutes ago


    [ Dimension: Dilemma ]

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  • enhab-hjbtpst
    25.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago


    [ Dimension: Dilemma ]

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  • enhab-hjbtpst
    25.10.2021 - 44 minutes ago


    [ Dimension: Dilemma ]

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  • enhab-hjbtpst
    25.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago


    [ Dimension: Dilemma ]

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  • enhab-hjbtpst
    25.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago


    [ Dimension: Dilemma ]


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  • enhab-hjbtpst
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    [ Border: Hakanai ]

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  • princesunghoon
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    211025 | ENHYPEN x GQ Korea Magazine via YouTube

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  • minheeology
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    listen to :: multiply by woodz

    [10:37 pm]

    you could faintly hear the music playing from sunghoon’s car as the two of you danced beside it. you had been driving when it had started to rain, and sunghoon suddenly remembered when you’d told him that you’d always wanted to dance in the rain like people do in romcoms. despite you telling him you could do it some other night, he refused to miss the chance to fulfill your wish.

    and so, there you were, slow dancing with sunghoon.

    it felt almost unreal that you got to be in this moment, here, with him. you kept stealing glances at him, not understanding how you got so lucky as to be here with him. how you were so lucky to call him yours.

    he is so beautiful, you’d look at him forever if you could.

    as the song came to an end, sunghoon finally looked down at you. his hair was sticking to his forehead, wet from the rain. even with his slightly disheveled state, there was a giant smile on his face.

    "i love loving you, y/n. i'm so lucky to love you."

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  • hime98
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Upper side dreamin' fanchat AAAA

    I'm excited for the performance! this is one of my fave jam this album 😭❤

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  • nikieskoo
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ACT FIVE: cat fights and the flight of y/n

    previous | act five | next | smau m.list

    taglist (open): @wonjaems @dimplehyunn @lomlyeji @sweetrainwrites @penny-quinn @kittiesandsunshine @youngiez @azure-arcanum @sunshinelixie-lee @sungookie @jongsaengseong @ddeonuism @c9tnoos @heelariously @hyunsuks-beanie @softforqiankun @banana-boat-doodoodododo @yougeans @yeonwon @nyfwyeonjun @maeumiluv @stayarmysstuff @ncityy04 @freessaaenha @hoonbokki @odxrilove @woniebae @bangcrispychannie @meraniki @mykalon @zhaixiaowen @im-just-trying-to-survive-man @punneysushi01 @enhacolor @sugawarasrose @kac-chowsballs @diestheticu @tomorrowbymoa-together @shdowhuntr @jenwonie @msxflower @kyleeanne @junityy @cha-raena @jkjkseo (those which are in bold couldn’t be tagged :(( )
    synopsis: your brother and heeseung have been friends since you can remember. your brother had made it very clear that you were off limits, but what happens when you return from australia to attend the same university as heeseung AND work the same part time job with him? falling in love with your brothers best friend sounds rather….cliché doesn’t it?
    vivis thoughts: y/n and heeseung gon meet soon 😳👀
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  • haechanhues
    25.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    it was once a love triangle that you walked away from. you find you must make a choice once again. however, tensions will rise as a third guy is added to your already complicated predicament.

    chapter one: first day and there’s already problems

    masterlist | prev // next

    taglist : @softforqiankun @penny-quinn @youreverydayzebra @p2arks @hobistigma @studioreader @ncityy04

    #enhypenwriters#enhypen fic #enhypen jay fic #enhypen sunghoon fic #enhypen jake fic #enhypen angst #enhypen angst fic #enhypen jay angst #enhypen sunghoon angst #enhypen jake angst #enhypen scenario#enhypen imagines #enhypen social au #enhypen jay social au #enhypen jake social au #enhypen sunghoon social au #enhypen x reader angst #enhypen x reader #enhypen x reader social au #enhypen x reader fic
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  • simpforsung
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    character profiles & descriptions part 4

    “blackpink” (who aren’t blackpink in this fic!)

    4/15th’s of y/n’s protection squad and jake’s anti’s



    - mum of the group who doesn’t act like the mum of the group, but is

    - takes part in teasing friends but still protects them if she sees that they’re getting a bit sad

    - one of the sweetest souls

    - got into HYBE for winning every single science competition ever

    - majors in chemistry, part of the dance team, 1/17th of the photography club


    - resident it girl who everyone also has a crush on

    - extremely attractive but also VERY talented

    - looks mean, baby irl

    - got into HYBE for not only her grades, but her singing and rapping

    - perfection in human form

    - majors in music, part of the dance team, 1/17th of the photography club


    - boho chic queen who everyone wants to be

    - everyone wants to either be her, or be her friend

    - known for her cute and approachable personality, although no one ever tries to approach her

    - she’s too pretty

    - amazing at the guitar

    - ongoing joke that she came out the womb playing it

    - majors in accounting, part of the dance team, 1/17th of the photography club



    - that one that everyone begs to make a youtube channel to post videos of her dancing

    - also a sweetheart and a big baby

    - always laughing or crying because she’s laughing too much.

    - girl crush

    - majors in dance, co. vice captain of the dance team, 1/17th of the photography club

    also, yes writing “lilisa” was on purpose HAHAH it’s a mix of “lil” and “lisa” but using one l :)
    previous next masterlist
    storyline: HYBE university is the top ranked university in korea, known for its academics, prestige, emphasis on extracurriculars, and low acceptance rate. you and your friends are the most popular students at your university (and even online), mostly because you all major in different things, ace all your classes, are all attractive, and still find time to do extracurricular activities together. infamous for forming the photography club which is the only club with over 70% of students sending in applications, famous for their work (don’t tell anyone but, the club was literally just an excuse for the group to go into a room during lunch breaks and get aircon, but you’re all actually really good at photography and post photos to better the illusion of actual work being done in the club). here’s the journey of a group of 17 normal kids who came together to form the chaos that is your friendship.
    taglist (send an ask to be added <3) : @mykalon
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  • hime98
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    yO calling all ENGENES!!!

    HELP US VOTE ENHYPEN in AAA. It'll only take a minute i promise (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


    USE ALL YOUR GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS h03s ╰(*´︶`*)╯ let's gaur!!!

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  • lurastrotia
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    iland jay

    ‘like or reblog if you save’

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  • mapofthysoul
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    🍵 when you have an anxiety attack.

    - [📚],[🧸], bf!enha x reader, warnings; none.



    knows exactly what to do

    holds your hand and starts counting

    12345…678910 take a deep breath in, 12345 hold and 12345…678910 out

    takes you into his arms and holds you until you’re calm

    tries to make sure you feel safe


    does everything he can do to make you feel better

    lots of reassurance

    takes you in for a long hug

    follows you walking around in circles

    wants to know what caused the anxiety attack but won’t force you to tell him if you don’t want to talk about it


    hates seeing you like this because he’s used to the happy and cheerful version of you :(

    comforting words, his smile and bear hugs

    extremely happy when you finally manage to calm down

    wants to know the exact reason as to why you went into that state


    leaves the room

    pours you a glass of water

    brings you a notebook and a pen because he knows you would rather write down how you’re feeling than talk about it

    gentle back rubs to keep you calm and know that he’s right there supporting and comforting you


    hugs you and doesn’t let go

    soothing words while hugging you

    “it’s alright, love.” “shh it’s okay, i’m right here.” “don’t worry, everything is gonna be just fine.”

    might be a bit cheesy but he knows it works :)


    very worried

    feels bad that he doesn’t understand what you’re going through

    does research on it

    apologises for not being much help

    cuddles you and tries to make you feel better after


    starts rubbing your shoulders and neck

    a bit awkward, but you know he’s trying his best to help

    takes your hand and makes you stand up

    starts walking around the house with you

    notices that it’s working and is relieved

    wouldn’t ask about what caused it incase it triggers you to get anxious again


    please like and/or reblog <3

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  • 01-02-1991
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


    feat. ot7 enha!!

    add-ons. fluff, stickers, and thats probably all

    note. the stickers are like the ones on ningning in the pic, basically some playtime w them

    ⌗ HEESEUNG : didnt know what he came here for, but he doesnt regret coming over anyway. as you come in the living room, a bag of assorted stickers ready to be put on all around his face “what are you doing?” he eyes you while squinting as you immediately sat down on his lap, a wide smile plastered on your face. “adding cute stickers to make you look cute”. “aren't I cute already?” he pouts.

    ⌗ SUNGHOON : wasnt really a fan of someone getting too close to him. but as soon as he notices how you grasp his chin with your soft fingers while focused on his face, he thanks every god watching for letting him see your face up close. he doesn't even notice the repetitive calls of his name until you stop his train of thoughts with a quick peck on the lips. he tries to stop the smile forming on his face “can you put more? this is actually fun, not gonna lie” but you knew that was an excuse to stare at you for longer.

    ⌗ JAY : was an obviously playful person to be with. from dad jokes that make him laugh, watching people trip on air, or his inside jokes, you and his friends unfortunately had to watch them all. and one day, as usual, with the two of you bored and have nothing to do. him sitting peacfully on the couch until he feels a hand stick something on his chin. “y/n what are you doing..” “IM DECORATING YOU! it looks peeeerfect”. he shooks his head, a chuckle erupting from his lips after.

    ⌗ JUNGWON : eats peacfully, whilst his hand scrolls endlessly on the phone. “wonnie wonnie! look!” he turns around, seeing a handful of stickers piling up on your hand. he smiles warmly “what's those for pretty?” “i wanna add them on you <3” raising a brow, he grabs a little piece before placing them onto the tip of your nose, placing a kiss after. “well if its you putting them on me, I wouldn't mind”

    ⌗ JAKE : notices the devious smirk on your face as he sneaks a glance at you who's hiding something behind. “what are you planning..” he sighs, and at the same time gives you a playful glare. “c'monnn, its fun you knowww” groaning, he pulls you onto his lap, wrapping his arms around your waist in the process. “its embarrassing..” he hides his face on the crook of your neck. ruffling his hair, you insisted “its not, you afraid the members would tease you?” and you recieve nothing but a nod from him in reply.

    ⌗ SUNOO : was no doubt, excited. him being (one of) the most energetic members in the group, he totally was excited to post this on his ig story after. with a closed eye smile, he reaches out for a heart shaped sticker, placing it softly onto your cheek. surprised, you let out a laugh before putting a similar one on his forehead after. he doesn't realize that you pulled out your phone, capturing a perfect candid picture of his bright smile with a dimple. “you look cute babe..”

    ⌗ NI-KI : would be very casual about it. he trusts you, so he lets you decide what to do with his face now that you have full control over him. placing down his phone by the side of his bed, he watches you barge in the room, throwing yourself on his bed. “so, what do you say? want me to put one on you?” watching you do things freely in his room, picking different stickers that would look cute on his face, he doesn't even notice that he was staring at you in awe. shaking his head as he comes back to reality, he boops your nose gently “I'm putting one on you and you put one on me. deal?” he chuckles, receiving an enthusiastic nod from you after.

    reblogs are highly appreciated as always!!

    #WOOOO I FINALLY FINISHED AFTER A WEEK OF THIS #ROTTING IN MY DRAFTS AHHH #i might make a tokyo rev and txt version???? who knows #enhypen fluff #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen #enhypen x y/n #enhypen x you #enhypen x gender neutral reader #lee heeseung x reader #heeseung x reader #park sunghoon x reader #sunghoon x reader #park jay x reader #jay x reader #jake sim x reader #jake x reader #yang jungwon x reader #jungwon x reader #kim sunoo x reader #sunoo x reader #nishimura riki x reader #ni ki x reader
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